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H      isa 

^M            HARVARD 

^^^_     COLLEGE 
^^^B     LIBRARY 








OF    DR.  R.  M.  WHITE 


REV.    ROBERT    HOLT,   M.A. 


VOL.    I 


\^All  rights  reserved"} 





I  ■•' 



The  OrTQulum  was  first  edited  from  the  original  Manu- 
ript  in  ihe  Bodleian  Library,  and  enriched  with  Notes  and 
I  Glossary  by  Robert  Meadows  White,  D.D.,  late  Fellow  of 
St.  Mary  Magdalen  College,  and  formerly  Professor  of 
Anglo-Saxon  in  the  University  of  Oxford,  In  this  new 
edition  the  Editor  has  carefully  corrected  the  Text  by  eol- 
ith the  MS.  in  the  Bodleian  Library:  he  has  revised, 
somewhat  to,  the  Notes— both  those  to  the 
and  to  the  Glossary :  he  has  verified  every 
reference  m  the  Glossary;  corrected  very  numerous 
and,  he  trusts,  has  made  some  useful  additions 
U  it.  Bat,  chiefly,  he  has  spared  no  time  or  labour  in 
(evising  the    cognate   words'   in   Anglo-Saxon    and  other 

'  The  following  are  among  the  chief  authorities  which  he  lias  availed 
udf  of  (or  this  putpiue :- — 
Baiwanh'i   Anglo-Suoa    Diction-       Kdiiiul;  Hctqe.  1S66. 

PIsiL-Deulsdi  Dictionary;  J.  F.  Dan- 

Lcxican  Friiicum;  HdbensiiiB0ustus). 

H»gB!Cora.  .874. 
M.  M.  Ccr.  t  UsDcclce  (G.  F.)  iSm-«i. 
O.  H.  Gcr, ;  Graff's  Spraduchali. 
CJowory    lo    Ulfilai;    Galidenu    uixl 

Daniih-EngUsh  Dic^onatyJ  Femdl  og 

Swedith-Edgli&h  Dictionary;  Wid^rtn. 

I  pobJisbtd Jas  Tar  a£  completed  at  the 
at  of  Ibc  learned  Prnfenar's  death. 

M  L&dda  Anglo-SBXonici&  cnliec 

,  edit,  a  LBdorioi  EtmOUero.  Pb 

J)rt  QnedJiittlurgii  et  Liptltf.  1851, 
'—    ■-     rderAogeUidBischenDich 

M.    Caswl  UDd  GOuingen ;  Geocg 
RWixud.  sXi-tt- 

Pamlonua  ;  3  vols.  ed. 


languages,  and  largely  ajj/fing  to  tfaem;  thus  endeavourinl 
to  make  this  pan  of  the  w<»k  as  perfect  and  complete  i 
possible.  How  £u-  he  mar  hape  sacceeded  in  what  he  h^ 
proposed  to  himsdf,  he  most  leave  to  the  judgment  i| 
otheiS.  In  many  places  additions  made  by  himself  ha^ 
been  inclosed  within  square  brackets,  generally  with  111 
initials  added;  so  that  the  Editor  of  the  former  editio^ 
might  not  be  held  responsible  by  any  one  Ux  what  w^ 
reaDy  his  aum:  but  the  corrections  throughout  the  who^ 
work,  and  the  additions  to  the  dossazy,  were  so  nume 
and  extensive,  that  it  was  found  impossible  to  follow 
plan  in  every  case,  at  least  without  quite  disfiguring 
book.  Rather  than  do  this,  he  preferred  leaving 
alterations  and  additions  made  in  this  edition  to  be 
seen  only  by  comparing  it  with  the  original  edition. 

The  Editor  desires  gratefully  to  record  his  obligations  f 
his  much-valued  friend  Dr.  Bosworth,  the  late  veneraU 
Professor  of  Anglo-Saxon,  for  assistance  cheerfully  rendere 
him  with  respect  to  several  of  the  cognate  words  added  I 
the  Glossary :  and  also  to  the  Rev.  John  Earle,  M.A.,  nor 
a  second  time  Professor  of  Anglo-Saxon  in  the  Univerat? 
for  kindly  revising,  and  adding  somewhat  to  the  completi 
ness  o^  the  continuation  of  Dr.  White's  History  of  Angk 
Saxon  Literature,  which  in  this  edition  is  brought  down  I 
the  present  time. 

HiLLESDEN  Vicarage  ; 
Oct,  II,  1878. 


It  has  been  the  fate  of  Anglo-Saxon  learning,  i 
iliest  undisputed  facts  of  its  revival  in  this  country,  to  have 
id  aliemate  periods  of  cultivation  and  neglect.  The  pos- 
Hion  by  the  monks  of  Tavistock  of  a  fount  of  Saxon  type, 
lithe  issue  of  books  from  a  Saxon  press,  would  appear  lo 
K  on  tradition  alone,  there  being  no  surviving  evidence  of 
le  quality,  extent,  or  even  existence  of  their  productions. 
Ik  honours  of  the  first  revival  of  Anglo-Saxon  learning  at 
le  commencement  of  the  Refornaation  appear  to  be  justly 
red  between  the  royal  antiquary  John  Leland,  and  his 
od  Robert  Talbot,  in  the  reign  of  Henry  the  Eighth,  and 
ahew  Parker,  raised  to  the  primacy  on  the  accession  of 
tea  Elizabeth.  The  two  former  take  the  lead  as  collectors 
fMSS.,  and  the  lailer  in  giving  to  the  world  the  first 
men  of  Anglo-Saxon ',  and  the  first  book  known  to 
ȣ  been  printed  in  that  language  in  England.  The  well- 
rected  exertions  of  the  Archbishop,   through  his  agents 

Atioak  entitled  'The  Defence  of  Priests'  Marriages,'  written,  as 
snpposes,  dlhcr  by  Sir  Rd.  Morysoa  or  John  Ponet  Bishop  of 
iltl,  both  of  whom  died  ia  eidle  at  Strasbui^,  wa^  piinted  with 
e  It;  Parker  io  ii6a.  In  a  few  copies  of  this  work,  intended 
JJy  for  pTKents,  are  'enlargements  in  which  some  of  the  sdic- 
'  according  to  Strype,  "are  set  down  in  the  Saxon  tongue." 
'i  L.  of  Abp,   Parker,  b,  ir.  c.  xIt,  vol.  ii.  pp.  445-451. 


both  in  this  country  and  abroad,  led,  as  is  well  known^ 
the  discovery  and  preservation  of  many  invaluable  mod 
tnents  and  remains.  While  securing  these  from  furt] 
dispersion  by  providing  for  their  being  deposited  in  th 
public  library,  and  in  that  of  Corpus  Christi  College  S 
Cambridge,  his  employment  and  patronage  of  conlemporarid 
produced  important  fruits.  To  the  labours  thus  encourag^ 
of  John  Joscelyn,  the  Primate's  secretary,  of  William  Lanj 
barde,  record-keeper  of  the  Tower  of  London,  and  of  Foi^ 
the  Martyrologist,  we  owe  the  first  editions  respectively  q 
^Ifric's  Paschal  Homily",  with  his  two  Epistles  to  Wulfstafl 

'  The  Paschal  Homily  and  Epistles  of  ^Ifric,  with  the  Lord's  Prajg 
from  the  6th  chap,  of  St.  Matthew,  preceded  by  w.  1, 8,  g,  and  followf 
by  the  Creed  and  nine  connnandments  from  the  Decalogue,  as  prefixed  jj 
the  copies  of  Alired's  Laws,  the  whole  being  accompanied  with  d 
Engli^  Ironslalion,  are  contained  in  a  book  which  bears  this  tia 
'  A  Teslimonie  of  Anlitjyilie,  shewing  the  auncient  fayth  in  ihe  Chntq 
of  England  touching  the  sacrament  of  the  body  and  bloude  of  the  Lon 
here  publikely  preached,  and  also  receaued  in  the  Saxons  tyme,  aboli 
6oo.  yearea  agoe.  Jiremie  6.  Goe  into  the  slreetes,  and  inquyre  for  U 
olde  way;  and  if  it  be  the  good  and  ryght  way,  then  goe  therin,  Qm 
ye  mays  finde  rest  for  your  soules.  But  they  say  :  we  will  not  waUa 
therein.  Imprinted  at  London  by  John  Day,  dwelling  ouer  Aldersgaa 
beneath  S.  Martyns.  Cum  priuilegio  Regiie  Maiestatis.'  The  book  j 
printed  without  date,  but  Wanley  in  bis  Catalogiie,  p.  33I),  places  ittj 
1567,  and  Strype  about  15G6.  "The  following  title  at  p.  ig  is  prefixeJ 
to  the  Homily,  '  A  Sermon  of  the  Paschall  Lambe,  and  of  the  saci3 
mentall  body  and  bloud  of  Christ  oitr  Sauiour,  written  in  Ihe  olA 
Saxon  tonngue  before  the  Conqnest,  and  appoynted  in  the  reigne  of  th, 
Saxons  to  be  spoken  unto  the  people' at  Easter,  before  they  should! 
receaue  the  Communion,  and  now  tirsl  translated  into  ou. 
Englishe  speche.'  The  authorship  of  the  preface  is  attributed  by  st 
to  Joscelyn,  but  by  Strype  to  Parker ;  it  contains  however  ; 
scarcely  consistent  with  that  peculiar  reserve  and  humblemindedn^ 
which  distmguished  the  Archbishop.  We  are  told  at  fol.  3. 
'diuerse  of  these  bookes  (of  sermons)  haue  bene  deliuered  i 
handes  of  the  moste  reuerend  father,  Matthewe  Archbyshop  of  CanteJ 
burye,  by  whose  diligent  search  for  such  writings  of  historye.  and  othJ 
s  of  antiquilie,  as  might  reueale  vnto  ts  what  hath  ben  tt 


hop  of  York,  and  Wulfsine,  Bishop  of  Shirbume,  of 
Irs  of  several  Saxon  kings',  and  of  the  Gospels  in 
tod  English  *.     The  selection  of  these  works  for  the 

inr  churcli  in  England  from  tyme  to  tyme,  these  thynge^  that 
made  knowen  vnlo  thee,  do  come  to  lyghl.'  The  learned 
I  of  Magdalen  College,  in  his  noles  on  JEUnc\  Epistles. 
1  hJB  '  Scriplomm  Ecdesiasticonim  Opuscnla,'  considers  Foie 
as^sted  in  the  composition  of  the  prelace.  His  words  are, 
fo  in  Maityrologio  Joannis  Foxi,  quod  pleraque  hornm  ^lirid 
tnin  pnestat,  les  eiedem  oarrentur.  et  in  rebus  nortandis  ratia 
;cuin  hac  pr^atione,  nulla  tamen  facta  ejus  meatione,  fert  mea 
[mim  Foium.  qui  favente  archiepiscopo  anno  1571  Evangeli- 
^rpretalionem  Saxonicam  typis  imprituendam  curavit,  pix- 
qnidem  partim  conscripsisse.  Qain  et  extant  in  Martyrologio 
■  Foxi  ;  ''  There  is  yet  rcmainiDg  one  certain  piece,  a  fragment 
bite  of  Elfricus,  in  the  library  of  Worcester,  wherein  so  much 
Ih  agaioit  the  matter  of  trnosubstantiiilion  we  found  (iwi 
!)  in  the  middle  of  the  said  Latin  Epistle  utterly  rased  out, 
po  letter  nor  piece  of  a  letter  doth  there  appear."  Fcod 
K.  vol.  ii.  p.  37S.  edit,  aoo.  16S4.  Confer  verba  Priefationis 
jAatiquilalU,  fol.  4.  b.  etfol.  5.  a."  The  editor  of  the  'Testi- 
I  litatjngat  the  end  of  the  book  that  he  took  the  commandments 
1 1«WE  of  Alfred,  notes  the  omission  of  the  second,  but  it  is 
Ite  tliat  he  does  not  add  the  13rd  ver,  of  the  loth  cbap.  of 
Vhicb  appears  in  tbe  Archxoaomia  and  in  subsequent  editions 
t%  laws  as  the  tenth  commandment.  John  Day,  a  native  of 
I  in  Suffolk,  the  prmter,  having  been  employed  by  the  Arch- 
i  cnt  Saxon  types  in  brass,  till  then  unknown,  proimbly  used 
khe  first  time  in  the  pages  of  this  book.  v.  Preface  to  Asset 
Jrjpe's  Life,  b.  iii.  c.  xv.  vol.  i.  p.  473.  and  his  '  Observations,' 
i*ol.  ii.  p.  4gi ;  Scr.  EccL  ii.  p.  1 79 ;   and  editor's  '  Notes'  at 

laws  ajc  those  of  lae,  Alfred.  Alfred  and  Guthrum,  Edward 
i,  Edward  and  Guthrum.  jEthelston,  Edmund,  Edgar,  Ethelred, 
Bte.  They  were  published  in  a  4to  volume,  with  a  Latin 
B,  aoi)  entitled  '  Afeaiohouia,  sive,  De  priscis  Anglorum 
liliri.  sermonc  Anglico,  vctuslate  Antiquissimo,  aliquot  abhinc 
bscripti.  atque  Dnncdemum,  magno  inrisperitomm.  etamanlium 
lis  omnium  commodo.  ti  tetiebris  in  lucem  vocali.  Gulielmo 
D  tntcrptBl&     Londini,  ei  olficina  Joaimis  Daii  An.  1,^68.' 

1  of  the  fower   Euangelistes.  translated  in  the  olde 
£  Latin  into  the  vulgar  toung  of  Ibu  Saxons,  newly 


Bof  I 


press  out  of  the  documents  u-hich  had  been  colIecte<^ 
ever  may  be  the  critical  value  of  Lambarde's  contril 
distinguishes  the  first  restoradon  of  Anglo-Sason  learn 
a  testimony  lo  the  purity  of  the  reformed  faith, 
patriotic  offering  to  the  institutions  of  the  country.  ' 
year  1587  a  Sason  charter  of  William  the  Conquerfi 
printed  in  Holinsheds  Chronicles,  but  from  this  di 
1623  there  followed  an  interval  of  comparative  neglec 
roaster-mind  had  been  withdrawn  on  the  decease  of 
bishop  Parker,  and,  notwithstanding  the  eststence 
Antiquarian  Society'  but  recently  foimded  by  the 
bishop,  no  patron  of  equal  energy  and  learning  hi 
appeared.  Some  continental  scholars  indeed,  stini 
probably  by  the  search  for  MSS.  abroad,  and  by  the 
which  had  been  published  in  England,  already  turnet 
studies  in  a  similar  direction.  In  1597  we  find  Bonaven 
Vulcanius  editing  from  the  Planlin  press  at  Leyden 
anonymous  treatises  °  on  the  Language  and  Alphabet  of 

collected  onl  of  Anndent  Monumeales  of  Che  sajd  Saxoi 
published  for  teatimODie  of  the  same.  (.■.)  At  Lohdon.  Primed  by 
Doye,  dwelling  ouer  Aldersgate,  IS?!.  Cum  Priuilegio  Kegi! 
talis  per  DecennluiD,'  Prefixed  is  a  Dedicatioa  to  Queeu  Elizi 
consisting  of  ten  pages,  written  by  Foxe. 

'  V.  a  note  in  '  Letters  of  Eminent  Literary  Men.'  p.  100,  in 
Sir  H.  Ellis  traces  the  origin  of  the  present  Society  of  Aotiqua 
literary  meetings  held  by  H.  Wanley  and  others  in  1707,  as  she( 
eictracts  Irani  Harleian  MS.  7055. 

•  'De  literis  et  Lingua  Gelatum  siye   Gothonim.     Item  De 
Lombardids.      Quibus  accessemnt   Specimina  variar 
quaium  Indicem  pagina  que  Pnefalionem  seguitur  o^tendiC. 
Bon.  Vvlcanio  Brigensi.     Lugduni  Balavorum,  Ex  ofBdna  P! 
Apud  Franciiicum  kaphelenginm.  KcitoTn.'    Archbishop  Us 
letter  addre^ed   to  F.  Junius,   printed  at   p.  14  of  bis  '  G 
Gothicum,'    at  the  end   of   the  remarks   on   Ihe  Gothic   al[ 
disposed  to  attribnte  at  least  the  first  of  these  tieati 
Morellon,  secretary  lo  CardinaJ  Granvelle.  and  the  rcpnted 
of  the  Codex  Argenteus,  thus  concurring  with  Vulcanius 


with  versions  of  the  Angel's  Salutation  of  the  Virgin, 
ignificat,  the  Song  of  Simeon,  and  the  Lord's  Prayer 
he  Codex  Argenteus,  then  preserved  in  the  Abbey  of 
n  in  Westphalia.  To  these  he  added  the  Ust  of  Teutonic 
which  Busbequius,  when  resident  at  Constantinople  as 
gador  from  Germany,  found  current  in  the  Tauric 
mese.  Among  other  matter  follows  King  Alfred's 
K  to  the  Bishops  of  his  kingdom,  prefixed  to  his  Para- 
of  St.  Gregory's  Pastoral  Care,  and  addressed  in  this 
Wulfsige,  Bishop  of  London.  For  the  last  ex- 
vrhich  is  printed  in  Roman  type,  with  an  English 
lear  translation,  Vulcanius  seems  to  have  been  in- 
to Archbishop  Parker,  who  published  in  1574  the 
at  the  end  of  his  edition  of  Asser's  History  of  Alfred, 
imden  saw  reason  to  fear  that '  in  few  yeares  devour- 
le  would  utterly  swallow  the  studie"  of  Saxon  antiqui- 
fete  which  he  endeavoured  to  avert,  first,  by  reprinting 
collection  of  English  Historians,  Alfred's 
,and  secondly,  by  pubUshing  in  1605  'Remaines  con- 

pposed  aclbor  at  fol.  4.  a.  of  his  preface.  It  may  be  observed 
esbact  b  llie  secood  treatise,  headed  '  Satutatio  Angelica,' 
gf  ibe  Salutslion  by  the  Angel,  and  of  part  of  the  Saluta.lion  by 
I.  ftom  St.  Luke  i.  tt.  28,  42.  The  extracts  from  the  Codex 
It  axe  in  several  places  inaccurate,  instancea  occurring  where 
istaken,  and  the  initial  syllables  of  words  transferred  to 
Dg  them.  As  these  iaaccuracies  are  oot  found  among  the 
'  they  were  probably  occasioned  by  a  faulty  transcript,  v. 
[o  Turkey,  translated  from  the  La.tin  of  A.  G.  Busbequiiu, 
Dccn.iv,  and  Ulfilas,  Lipsiic,  1843,  Prolegom.  p.  xii. 

work  published  in  thai  year  at  Frankfort,  under  the  titl^  I 

Nonnannica,  Hibeinica,  Cambrica,  a  veteribus  scripts:  es  I 

ECT  Menevensis,  Anonymus  de  vita   Guliclmi  Conqucstoris,  1 

"Walsyogham,  Thomas  de  la  More,  Gulielmus  GemitiMnsii,  I 

KPleriiiue  nunc    primum    in    lucem    edici, 

xii  PREFACE. 

cerning  Britaine,'  in  which  appears  a  chronological  series 
versions  of  the  Lord's  Prayer®,  with  incidental  notices 
Anglo-Saxon  sources  of  names  of  persons  and  families 

•  It  may  be  fit  to  notice  here  that  Jerome  Megiser,  who  published 
Frankfort  in  1593  forty  versions  of  the  Lord's  Prayer,  and  in  1603 11 
versions  of  the  same,  thus  heads  the  Welsh  version,  *  Anglo  Saxooi 
seu  lingua  Vallica  et  vetere  Britannica;'  but  I  am  informed  by  \ 
Coxe  that  the  A,  S.  version  of  the  Prayer  is  omitted  in  both  editions.       ^ 

*°  Camden  professes  to  have  taken  the  first  of  the  versions  of  i 
Lord's  Prayer  (p.  22)  *  from  the  ancientst'  that  he  could  find,  'wiiij 
about  900  yeare  since,  about  the  yeare  of  Christ  700,  found  in  ancj 
Saxon  glossed  Evangelists,  in  the  hands  of  his  *  good  friend  M. 
Bowyer,  written  by  Eadfride  the  eight  Bishop  of  Lindisfeme,  (\ 
after  was  translated  to  Durham,)  and  divided  according  to  the  an( 
Canon  of  Eusebius.*  Sir  Frederick  Madden,  in  a  letter  to  Sir  H. 
has  the  following  notice  of  this  MS.,  now  in  the  Cotton  Library 
D.  iv),  and  called  St.  Cuthbert's  Gospels,  from  its  having  been  writted 
honour  of  that  Saint ;  and  also  called  the  *  Durham  Book,*  front, 
having  been  deposited  with  the  monks  there  some  time  after  its  remdl 
from  Lindisfame :  '  The  Latin  Text  of  St.  Cuthbert's  Gospels  is 
the  Vulgate  of  St.  Jerome,  and  must  have  been  written  between  698 
721,  during  which  period  Bishop  Eadfrith  held  the  see  of  Lindisi 
The  Northumbrian  gloss  was  added  ajier  the  volume  had  been  bi 

to  Durham,  which  took  place  about  875 I  am  inclined  to 

that  the  date  of  950  will  approximate  more  closely  to  the  period 
the  version  was  made  than  any  other.'  v.  *  Letters,*  No.  cxiv. 
Having  observed  considerable  variation  between  the  version  as  pril 
by  Camden  and  that  given  by  Wanley  in  his  Catalogue  from  the 
source,  the  editor  requested  Sir  F.  Madden  to  favour  him  by  col 
the  two  texts  with  that  in  the  original  MS.  The  following 
containing  a  valuable  testimony  to  Wanley's  accuracy,  as  well 
suggestion  for  a  title  of  the  MS.  more  correct  than  that  of  the  *  Di 
Book,*  is  inserted  here  by  Sir  Frederick  Madden's  kind  permission. 

British  Museum, 

23  March,  1851 
Dear  Sm, 
I  HAVE  compared  the  texts  of  the  Lord's  Prayer  given  by  Wanley  j 
Camden  with  the  Cotton  MS.  Nero  D.  iv,  and  the  result  proves  (1 
might  have  been  expected  from  Wanley's  knov/n  accuracy)  that 
right  to  a  letter,  whereas  the  transcript  in   Camden  is  falsified 
corrupted.    Of  course  no  reliance  can  be  placed  on  other 



B  notices,  taken  in  connection  with  the  more  copious 
bgies  of  names,  titles,  and  ofGces  given  by  Richard 

f  him.     In  regard  to  the  dite  of  ihe  Lindisfame  Gospels,  in 

Sit  to  be  between  698-711,  the  periad  when  Eadfrith  was 
avoid  all  coQtroversy,  but  I  must  admit  tliac  Selden,  Smith, 
\  and  others  suppose  tha,t  Eadfrilh  wrote  the  volume  when  he 
Im^  numi.  and  previous  lo  St.  Cuthbert's  death,  which  took 
687.  The  latter  part  of  this  hypothesis  I  am  not  disposed  to 
to  as  the  volume  is  stated  expressly  to  have  beeu  execaled  in 
*f  Sainl  Cnthhert,  it  is  not  prahahle  to  hare  been  undertaken 
\i  view  till  after  bis  decease.  The  chronology  is  therefore 
^  between  the  year  687  and  711,  the  date  of  Eadfrith's  death. 
■Id  his  successor  was  not  made  Bishop  till  724,  and  1  conceive 
hmst  bave  added  the  orasments  of  the  volnme  at  the  same 

i  look  into  Raine's  History  of  Northi  Durham,  vol.  iv.  p.  67, 
,'see  a  statement  put  forth  that,  although  this  precious  MS.  was 
ff  by  the  monks  in  thdr  flight  &om  Ijndisfame  10  Durham,  yet 
^  taken  back  when  the  I'riory  was  colonited  anew  at  the  close 
tltfa  oentury.  Rhine's  words  are,  '  At  length  it  (the  MS.) 
burium  with  the  other  treasures  of  the  Church,  and  there  it 
I  nntil  Lindisfame  rase  again  from  its  ashes,  and  became 
ky  a  colony  of  monks ;  when  it  was  carried  back  to  its  origiaal 
U  i^ularly  formed  aji  item  in  the  Inventories  of  the  Priory  of 
bid  until  the  Dissolution.'  This  statement  seems  to  be  borne 
t  entry  in  on  Inventory  of  the  Priory  in  the  year  1,16^.  in  which 
ke  is  described  as  '  I.iber  Sancti  Cntbherti,  qui  demirtua  tral  in 
Ind  Raine  further  argues  that,  had  the  volume  been  kept  at 
kt  the  period  of  the  Reformation,  it  would  not  have  been  token 
W  the  other  MSS.  which  still  remain  in  that  noble  library. 
hnrf-  tiiEie  it  must  he  allowed  that  there  are  some  difficulties  in 

tthis  statement.  Turgot  expressly  stntes  that,  when  he  wrote 
00).  this  volume  was  then  preserved  in  the  church  ot  Durham; 
Hte  *  Index  Reliquiarum  Ecclesix  Dunelmensis,'  printed  by 
k>5]cnd,  to  Eedn,  p.  740,  and  drawn  up  in  1371,  we  find,  •  llera, 
fa  Culhbirli,  cum  texlu  Evangelianim.'  In  the  MS.  also  of  the 
r  i>KH(JHiMut  Eccleax,  MS.  Cotton,  Claud.  D.  iv,  Turgofs 
1,  and  a  hand  of  Ihe  15th  century  notes  in  the  margin, 
Ethel  wold  us  episcopi  leKturo  Evangeliurum 
I,  ^  nimc  tti  inlo'  reliquias  Danalmms.  feceruiil,'  I  must 
a  open  to  further  proof  on  either  side,  but  I  am  of 
o  consideration  the  fact  of  ihe  MS.  having  been 


Verstegan  in  the  'Restitution  of  Decayed  Intelligence' 
grounds  were  laid  for  a  vocabulary  of  our  mother-tongi 
The  Saxon  press  in  England  had  now  ceased  to  lend  its  i 
to  the  student,  but  means  were  still  in  progress  for  resadi 
the  language  from  oblivion.  At  a  period  when,  as  BishI 
Gibson  observes,  'little  assistance  could  be  expected  fid 
conversation  in  a  study  which  few  regarded,'  the  philologi^ 
and  antiquarian  tastes  of  Sir  Henry  Spelman  were  attain! 
maturity.  The  zeal  and  pecuniary  resources  of  Sir  Ro1j( 
Cotton  were  at  the  same  time  devoted  to  the  collection*' 
those  materials  for  investigation,  which  so  eminently  cond 
his  name  with  the  literary  archives  of  the  nation. 

The  second  revival  of  Anglo-Saxon  learning  is  usofl 
assigned  to  William  LTsle  of  Wilburgham,  by  his  public 
tion  in  the  year  1623  of -^Ifric's  Treatise  on  the  Old  fl 
New  Testament,  with  a  reprint  of  the  Paschal  Homily  and  i 
Epistles  to  Wulfstan  and  Wulfsine.  In  noticing,  this,  1 
most  important  public  ^'^  record  of  Llsle's  enterprise 

written,  illuminated,  and  bound  at  Lindisfame,  and  the  probability 
having  been  restored  to  its  original  place  of  deposit,  the  more 
designation  of  this  volume  would  be  the  Lindisfame  Gospels,  and  n< 
Durham  Gospels.     I  have  only  to  add,  that  through  the  liberality 
present  Bishop  of  Durham  this  invaluable  MS.  is  about  to  be  res 
externally  to  its  pristine  state  of  splendor,  *  gihrinad  miS  golde  T 
gimmum :  sec  miS  sulfre  ofer  gylded.' 

Believe  me,  dear  Sir, 

Yours  very  faithfully, 
Rev.  R.  M.  White.  F.  Madden. 

^^  *  A  Restitution  of  Decayed  Intelligence  In  Antiquities.      Coi 
ing  the  most  noble  and  renowned  English  Nation.     By  the  studiei 
travaile  of  R.  V.    Dedicated  unto  the  King*s  most  excellent  Maj< 
4to.  Antv.  1605. 

"  A  passage  following  ver.  6  of  the  25th  chap,  of  Genesis,  as 
the  Book  of  Job,  were  printed  by  Thwaites  in  the  •  Heptateuch* ; 
L'Isle's  transcript  of  the  Cott.  MS.  Claudius,  B.  4.    The  Song  of 
at  Exodus  XV.  2-19.  was  printed  also  from  a  transcript  by  L'Isle, 


»».  we  have  his  own  authority  for  recognising  ihe  co- 
BtioD  of  the  two  antiquaries  above  mentioned '^  The 
of  Sir  R-  Cotton,  through  the  liberal  spirit  of  its 
was  from  the  first  the  frequent  and  cherished  resort " 
the  Saxon  scholar;  nor  was  it  less  accessible  when, 
;  passed  by  will  into  the  hands  of  his  son  and  grand- 
lio  inherited  his  antiquarian  tendencies,  it  received 
Inible  augmentations  by  gifts  and  purchases  ".  The  early 
of  Sir  H.  Spelman's  studies  were  not  appreciated  as 
tf  deserved,  for  we  find  that,  when  the  first  part  of  his 
Bfueological  Glossary  was  completed,  the  offer  of  the 
It  the  merely  nominal  estimate  of  five  pounds,  which  he 
!lf  fised  as  an  equivalent  for  his  labours,  met  with  no 
use;  and  when  produced  at  last  in  1626,  at  his  own 
ise.  it  remained  unsold,  till,  as  his  biographer  informs 

i  ■  D.  85.  For  other  warlis  of  LTsle  still  in  MS.,  nnd  con- 
'  iianslations  into  EJigtish  of  ^Ifric's  abridgment  of  the 
!.  n,  wilh  various  other  transcripts,  v.  Wnnley's  Catal.  pp.  69, 

W«iing  more  able  through  use  I  tooke  heart  to  put  forth  and 
•td  the  deep  nmonE  the  meere  Saxon  monuments  of  my  worthily 
tal  kinsnan  Sir  H.  Spelman,  my  honorable  friend  Sir  Rob. 
B,  aed  of  oar  libraries  in  Cambridge,'  Preface  to  L'Isle's  ■  Sajon 
he;  fol.  8.  a. 

?.  LMlere  of  E.  L.  M.  Nos.  Mtu— i«y,  nivii,  jhviii.  ii.,  111.111, 
■    lo    Sit    R.    Cotton    by    Speed,    Camden,   and    Archbishop 

T.  Letters,  &c  No.  lfi.  Wheloclc.  writing  to  Sir  Symonds 
W  in  1639.  and  incidentally  mentioning  his  reception  by  Sir 
■  Cotton,  son  of  Sir  Robert  C„  says,  '  he  is  of  a  very  sweete  de- 
rc  and  takes  it  an  honor  to  himselfe  and  familic,  to  serve  oar 
Mtd  leonied  gentrie,  with  his  rare  Antiquities,  and  that  in  Lis 
■nc'  V.  also  Letter.  No.  lviii.  In  No.  cm,  written  15  May, 
10  H-  Wanley  by  Dr.  Thomas  Smith,  one  of  the  deprived  Fellows 
^•hm  College,  subsequently  a  non-juror,  and  a  frequent  resident 
ifctaily  of  Sir  John  Cotton.  Acknowledging  the  receipt  of  a  MS. 
1  lo  Sir  J.  CoHon  by  Wanley,  he  observes,  '  His  library,  as  you 
-as  iledgned  chiefly  to  be  a  depositoiy  of  Saxon  monuments, 
a  witlTuilyeB  relating  lo  our  English  History.' 

■atvi  PREFACE.  ■ 

us,  'two  booksellers  in  1637  took  it  off  his  hands".'  % 
his  resources  were  abundant,  and  his  suggestions  and  c^ 
tributions  towards  the  formation  of  a  Monaslicon  Ang 
canum,  his  edition  of  the  first  volume  of  Councils  A 
Synods,  as  well  as  his  treatises  on  the  Original  of  Feuds,  { 
Ancient  Charters,  and  on  other  subjects  of  national  interfl 
evince,  if  not  a  complete  knowledge  of  the  Saxon  longu^ 
least  the  industry  and  discernment  with  which  his  favoui 
studies  were  conducted.  Within  a  short  period  before 
death  we  find  him  taking  steps  to  found  a  lecture  at  C) 
bridge,  for  the  '  study  of  Saxon  learning  and  Uie  Old  Chu 
History  and  Creed  of  England.'  The  appointment  is  I 
not  to  have  been  raiified  by  the  University,  and  the  sal 
of  Whelock  and  Somner,  the  successive  and  only  occupa 
of  the  chair,  was  paid,  probably,  by  the  family  of  their  va 
able  patron  after  his  decease^'. 

»  The  firet  part  of  the  Glossary  ended  with  the  letter  L.     After  J 
lestoialioD  of  Chatles  II.  the  MS,  copy  of  the  rest  of  the  Glo£!:ary,H 
in  tke  possession  of  Charles  Spelman,  -Sir  Henry's  gra 
trusted,  at  Arcbinshop  Sheldon's  solicitation,  to  Sir  W.  Dugdn 
lEvision.     Il  was  published  in  16G4,  and  a.  suspicion  was  ailerwar 
tertamed  that  Dugdale  had  made  insertions  of  his  own,  but  a 
without  fonndaiion.     The   MS-  ending  with  the  word  Rial 
Henry  Spelman's  handwriting,  and  now  in  the  Bodleian  Library,  ■ 
sponds  with  the  printed  book  ;  and  in  a  letter  to  C,  Spelman.  whi 
been  seen  by  Gibson,  Dugdale  notices  only  having  marked  the  o 
the  press,  and  introdnced  loose  papers  left  by  the  author  withoc 
tions  for  the  proper  place  of  their  insertion.     The  genuinenes! 
work  may  therefore  be  reasomibly  inferred,  at  least  as  £ 
Riola,  the  rest   having  been   lost  before  the  MS.  was  placedfl 
Bodleian.    To  the  second  volume  of  the  Councils,  which  w 
in  1^64,  Dugdale  was  the  chief  contributor.     In  a  Utter  to 
he  af&rms  that  'out  of  zoo  sheets  in  the  book,  not  above  57] 
his  grandfather's  collecting,'  It  appears  also  from  the  Catalogue  M 
tents,  where  Dugdale's  additions  are  marked  with  an  asterisk,  if 
of  2g^  entries  19  a  were  contributed  by  him,  and  101  by  Sir  H.Spi 

"  For  an  account  of  the  proposed  endowment  of  this  lectll 
Kemble's  Letter  in  Michel's  Bibliothiqne  Anglo-Sajoi 

PREFACE.  jcrif 

The  names  of  Sir  John  Spelman,  Selden,  Merie  Casaubon, 
ihe  two  SpeJman  Professors,  will  recall  the  services  done 
Anglo-Saxon  literature  at  a  period  when  the  political 
■ggles  of  the  nation  absorbed  its  interest,  and  directed  its 
til  into  channels  unfavourable  for  learned  research.  Yet 
was  a  period  when  light  was  now  for  the  first  time 
ira  on  some  points  of  faith  and  docmne  as  held  by  our 
m  forefathers.  In  Sftelman's  Psalter'",  at  the  end  of 
I  Psalm  are  added,  from  the  original  manuscript,  Latin 
ers,  in  which  there  is  an  absence  of  al!  appeal  to  the 
Wrcessory  influence  of  the  Virgin  and  of  Saints,  and  also 
any  invocation  of  the  maierial  cross  on  which  our  Lord 
The  Saxon  homilies,  from  which  Whelock  has 
bted  various  extracts  in  bis  edition  of  Beda '",  serve 
to  shew  a  remarkable  freedom  from  errors  into 

Pllblisliei]  hy  Sir  John  Spelman  with  the  failowing  title :  '  Psaller- 

lOavUia  Latino-Sflsonit-um  velus.    A  Johanae  Spelmanno  D.  Hen. 

'  tnin.      E.  vctustisiimo  e);cmplari  MS.  m  Bibliotheca  ipsius  Hen- 

tatB  trihos  aliis  non  mnlto  minus  vetustia  collalum.     Loniiini, 

:b«t  K-  Bndger.  1640.' 

Whelock    published  at  Cambridge  in  1644  Bedn's   Ecclesiastical 

with   AUred's  version,  accompanied   with  notes  and  a  map, 

title  '  Anglo-Saxon-um   llepC  arclua,'  containing   the  Salon 

I,  engraved  by  W.  Hole.     In  his  notes  appear  extracts 

of  j^lfric  and  of  others,  with  a  Latin  tmnslation.    To 

idcd.  with  a  distinct  title-page,  a  Chranide.  written  in 

end  of  the  year   1070,  and    continued   in  Latin   to   the 

of  St.  Anaelm  to  the  pHoiacy  of  Canterbury  in  lOij.i.    In 

'Whelock  also  published  a  new  edition  of  Lambacde's  Arclixo- 

■ritli  ltl«  Canons  of  King  Edgar  and  of  j^Ifric,  the  laws  called 

the  Confcisor's.  and  those  of  WilUam  I-  and  Henry  I.     At  the 

_  tiro  Bhoit  Glossaries,  of  which  the  first  contains  miscellaneons 

r,  tl»e  latter,  taken  from  a  MS.  formerly  in  St.  Augnsline's  Monas- 

Canleibiiry,  enplsins  lenns  and  phrases  occurring  in  the  A.  S. 


which  the  Roman  Catholic  Church  has  fallen.  At  d 
period  also  important  additions  were  made  to  the  facilitj 
for  the  study  of  the  language.  The  composition  of  GlossatJ 
and  Grammars  had  not  escaped  the  attention  of  Joscelyi 
and  Laurence  Nowell;  their  MS.  collections,  still  extant 
the  Bodleian  and  Cottonian  Libraries,  evince  their  desire 
remove  difficulties  from  the  path  of  the  student.  The  c 
ertions  made  by  Nowell  for  this  purpose,  as  well  as  1 
designs  for  an  improved  topography  of  the  three  kingdom 
and  the  aid  with  which  he  furthered  the  studies  of  othci 
particularly  of  the  editor  of  the  Archaeonomia  ^^,  have  secur 

20  The  following  is  the  heading  of  the  Bodl.  MS.  NE.  D.  i.  24.  D 
tionariolum,  sive  Index  Alphabeticus  Vocum  Saxonicarum  (ni  fallf 
omnium,  quas  complectitur  Grammatica  clarissimi  viri  Dni  yoannis  J 
selini.  Wanl.  Cat.  p.  loi.  The  Grammar  here  alluded  to  ismentioil 
by  Hickes  in  the  preface  to  his  A.  S.  Grammar  as  having  escaped  I 
search  which  he  had  made  for  it  in  several  libraries.  The  Cottod 
MSS.  Titus  A.  XV.  and  Titus  A.  xvi.  contain  two  parts  of  a  GloHi 
thus  described  in  Wanley's  Catal.  p.  239 :  Titus  A.  xv.  '  Codex  ckt 
in  Quarto  per  Joannem  Josselinum  et  Johannem  Parkerum  D.  Mai 
(ut  videtur)  scriptus.  In  quo  continetury  I.  Prima  pars  Dictionarii 
onico-Latini,  nempe  a  littera  A,  ad  litteram  L  inclusive.  Collect! 
Glossariis,  Legibus,  et  Versionibus  Evangeliorum,  Regula  S.  Bene 
Pastorali  S.  Gregorii,  Homil.  -^Ifrici ;  et  aliis  scriptis  Saxonicis. 
A.  XVI.  Codex  chartaceus  in  Quarto  qui  est  superioris  Cod.  pars  altera  ; 
tinens  voces  Saxonicas  a  littera  M.  ad  litt.  Z.  inclusive.^ 

^*  V.  Bodl.  MS.  Seld.  supra,  63.     *  Dictionarium  Saxonico-At 
Laurentii  Noelli,  et  ah  Auctore  Guil.  Lambardo  dono  datum*    In  a 
letter  written  to  Sir  Wm.  Cecil,  afterwards  Lord  Burghley,  dated  l| 
L.  Nowell  expresses  his  hope  of  constructing  new  geographical 
England  if  favoured  by  the  Secretary's  patronage.     He  writes,  * 
te,  vir  honoratissime,  cum  cseteris  omnibus  honestarum  artium 
mentis,  turn  praecipue  Geographicis  tabellis  mirum  in  modum  delect 
Animadverti  porr6,  eos  qui  hue  usque  Angliae  describendae  proi 
susceperunt,  tibi  usque  quaque  non  satisfecisse  ....  Spero  profect 
(si  modo  tua  in  hac  re  mihi  affulserit  benevolentia)  regionem  n< 
non  modo  simul  universam  sed  et  partes  ejus  omnes,  et  singulas 
vincias  ita  depicturum,  ut  posthac  non  erit  opus  in  hoc  negotium 
aut  laboris  aut  sumptus  conferre/  &c.     V.  Letters  of  E.  L.  M.  No.! 


.high  rank  among  the  earliest  Sasonists.  Prepar 
llossaries,  as  we  learn  from  the  correspondence  of  Sir 
pelman.  Sir  W.  Boswell,  and  Dugdale,  were  also  made 
UsAe,  Sir  Symonds  D'Ewes'-,  and  others. 

Ellis  in  a  note  onlhis  letter  o1]=er«es,  'The  CoUonian  MS.  l>o- 
a  ivni.  fol,  97^123,  contains  a  series  of  maps  of  the  three  kiiig- 
diawn  by  Nowcll  with  peculiar  neatness,  but  upon  Coo  suiatl  a. 
ibr  seryiceable  Dse.  England  is  depicted  in  thirteen  maps  ;  Scotland 
idand  in  three  each.  In  mo^t  of  the  English  countieE  the  names 
axi  are  expressed  in  Suon  characters  :  the  loo^ludes  and  latitudes 
A  aa  tbe  sides  of  the  maps.'  • 

Sr  Wm.  Boswell,  writing  from  the  Hague  in  1636  to  Sir  S.  D'Ewes. 
ions  a  transcript  of  'a  Saxon  vocabulary,  collected,'  he  adds, '  out 
;foiir  Evangelists,  and  one  or  two  other  small  things,  printed  in 
Umgne,  but  farr  sbort  of  a  Dictionarie  with  (our  honorable  friend) 
homas  Cotton,  made  by  Jocelinis(Secretarie  soaielimetoMathewe 
Er,  Archbishop  of  Canterbury,  and  compiler  of  Antiquitates  Eccle^ie 
amc^),  and  one  of  another  Dictionarie,  which  I  did  think  Mr. 
;  of  the  Isle  of  Ely  twbom  I  think  you  know  to  be  estraofdiuarily 
H  in  tbal  language)  would  have  printed  long  since,  of  hi^  avm 
nag.'  Letters,  No,  lui.  In  Letter  lv.  dated  Barbacnn,  i8  Sep, 
Sir  H.  Spelman  tells  Whelock  that  '  his  socne,  after  the  Psnlter 
ti,  ihould  put  forth  the  Grammar '  which  Sir  H.  bad  by  him.  He 
'Ibr  the  Oictionary.  Mr.  de  Laet  of  Leiden  in  the  Low  Countries 
r  busy  about  one,'  but '  I  am  not  willing  that  it  should  be  done  by 
Igcr,  and  we  here  (to  whoroe  it  more  particularly  belongtlh)  be 
mjtud.  I  have  therefore  written  to  him,  that  we  have  here  in 
nd  some  Dictionaries  MS.  already  of  very  goad  use,  done  by 
that  language,  and  many  other  Collections  by  other 
iD  which  I  endevour  to  get  drawn  into  one  Body ;  and  that 
may  be  more  compleat,  hitve  desired  bis  conjectanea  and 
I  in  the  business.'  The  intention  of  printing  this  Dictionary 
Bp,  as  Sir  H,  EHii  inforois  us,  De  Liet  resigning  the  task  to 
D'Ewes.  Mr.,  afterwards  Sir  Wm..  Dugdale,  in  a  letter  (No. 
10  Sir  S.  D'Ewes  dated  2  Jan.  1649,  after  noticing  the  errors  of 
tnuon  trBDScribers  in  the  compjlatioti  of  Domesday  Book,  writes, 
.e  now  thai  you  have  the  advantage  of  that  honest  man  Mr.  Sumner 
Ipe.  you  will  speede  llie  impression  of  your  Saxon  Lexicon  and  the 
Those  noe  doubt  will  goe  of  ranch  better,  though  the  tiroes 
(ll2n   BwiJa.  which  you  know  was  ]>rinted  io  the  heat  of  the 


The  reprints  of  the  treatises  by  Camden  and  Versteg 
indicate  a  popular  current  setting  in  towards  Anglo-Sj 
studies,  although  no  improved  effort  had  hitherto  been  r 
available  for  its  direction.  The  Glossary  of  Spelman, 
sisting  of  commentaries  rather  than  of  precise  definitio 
words,  is  better  adapted  for  the  historian  of  the  constiti: 
and  the  legal  archaeologist,  than  the  learner  who  s 
elementary  instruction.  No  other  Glossaries  of  any  e? 
and  comprehensiveness  then  existed,  and  little  aid  coulc 
derived  from  those  found  at  the  end  of  the  Anglo-S? 
laws,  or  from  the  collection  of  Old  German  words  w 
Meric  Casaubon  took  from  the  Epistles  of  Lipsius, 
appended  to  his  treatise  on  the  Saxon  tongue,  with  the  n 
and  illustrations  of  Somner  ^*.  The  want  of  a  lexicogra 
would  not  be  less  regretted,  when  Francis  Whyte  in 
treatise  on  the  '  Sacred  Law  of  the  Land  ^*,'  while  lam 
ing  the  undeserved  neglect  of  the  '  Saxon  English  ton| 

*'  Camden's  'Remaines'  were  reprinted  at  London  in  1629, 
1657,  and  often  afterwards.     The  first  edition  of  Verstegan*s  Tr( 
has  been  already  noticed ;  the  second  was  printed  at  London  in  i 
a  third  also  at  London  in  1634 ;  a  fourth  in  8vo  in  1653. 

^*  Meric  Casaubon,  son  of  Isaac  Casaubon,  was  bom  at  Geneva  2 
1599,  and  having  come  with  his  father  into  England  in  1610,  afterv 
received  his  education  at  Christ  Church  College  in  Oxford,  whe 
took   the  degree  of   M.  A.  in    162 1,  and   gained   the  reputatio 
extensive   learning.      Among  many  other  works    he    published 
following  on  the  Saxon  language,  which  he  sought  to  connect 
closely  with  Greek  roots.     An  index  of  the  words  so  treated  is  giv 
the  end  of  the  book.     *  Merici  Casauboni  Is.  F.     De  Quatuor  Lii 
Commentationis,   Pars  prior ;    Quae,    De   Lingua   Hebraica :    et 
Lingua   Saxonica.    Londini.      Typis  J.   Flesher,   A.  D.    1650.' 
Appendix  from  Lipsius  consists  of  72  pages,  and  is  entitled,  *  Guil 
Somneri,  Cantuariensis,   ad  verba   Vetera   Germanica,   a    V.  CI. 
Lipsio,  Epist.  Cent.  m.  ad  Belgas,  Epist.  xliv  coUecta ;  NotceJ 

^  *  For  the  Sacred  Law  of  the  Land.     By  Francis  Whyte.  Mr) 
yfMfifx-fiv,    London.     Printed  for  W.  Lee,  D.  Pakeman,  and  G.  B 

PREFACE.  xxi 

pealed  '  ils  fulnesse,  goodnesse,  and  worth,'  its  independ- 
on  foreign  aid  for  the  general  purposes  of  society, 
its  fitness  especially  for  the  service  of  the  theologian. 
student  had  therefore  reason  to  hail  with  peculiar  in- 
it  the  fruit  of  Somner's  labours,  when  in  1659,  nearly  a 
iniry  after  the  appearance  of  ^Ifric's  Homily,  he  pro- 
id  the  first  Sason  Dictionary,  accompanied  with  a  Latin 
English  translation,  and  the  Latin  and  Sason  Grammar 
Glossary  of  ^Ifric  "*. 

jnong  the  leading  antiquaries  at  this  time  was  a  scholar, 
I,  though  a  German  by  birth,  had  long  become  domiciled 
England,  and  acquired  there  his  taste  for  the  study  of  the 
irthem  tongues,  which  he  afterwards  pursued  widi  the 
^nce  characteristic  of  his  countrymen".     Distinguished 

Didionariam  Saxoni co-Latino- Anglic um.  Sic.  (a\.  OKinii.  1659. 

Fctncis  Jonius.  who  was  born  at  IieiUdt)erg  ill  1589,  passed  his 
FfOBlh  in  HoDand,  his  father  having  bten  called  ia  159]  to  till  the 

of  Divinitj  ProfcKor  at  Leydcn.  About  the  year  1609  Junius 
A  •»  Ft«ace.  and  in  i6ao  first  came  over  to  England.     In  the  next 

tm  the  reconunendation  o(Aiiilrewes,  Bishop  of  Winchester,  and 
i  tbea  Bishop  of  St.  David's,  he  wa^  taken  as  tibrariim  into  the 
f  <rf  Thomas  Howard,  Earl  of  Anindel  and  Surrey.  Afler  a  re- 
ce  of  thirty  years  in  England  he  retumed  to  Gennsny,  prosecuting 
nt  intenoiisioii  bis  study  of  the  Northern  languages.  In  1674  he 
wd  to  Euglajid  10  examine  Anglo-^axon  MSS.  in  the  Cotlonian 
J,  and,  having  passed  two  years  in  Oxford,  retired  to  the  house  of 
■nliew  Isaac  Vossius,  Canoa  of  Wind  sor,  vhere  he  died  m  [he  Sgth 
af  his  Bge,  and  was  buried  in  the  Catlcgiate  Chapel  of  St.  George. 
■OBieiit  with  the  following  inticription  was  erected  by  the  Uni- 
y  of  Oxford  (0  hi^  memory  :— M.  S.  Francisco  Jiuiio  Francisci  Junii 
icls  FUio,  Nobilitate  Generis,  InlEgritate  Motum,  Et  Omnigeni 
rtn»  CoDspicuo  Viro ;  Nato  Heidclbergiie  Anno  Salutis  udlxxiix. 
Pter  Oniiein  iiCtalem  Sine  Querela  Aut  Injuria  Cujusqnam  Mudi 
M»  Et  Sibi  Vicavit.  Universitas  Oxoniensis,  Cui  Scripta  Et  Mono. 
1  Labom  Sui  Morieus  Pene  Nanageaarius  Commisit,  In  Orati 
a  SigniAcationem  Lubens  Meriloque  Titalum  Posuit.  Anno 
BVUI.  The  ttiith  of  the  above  character  is  attested  by  Grscvius 
I  Ii(c  of  Junius,  and  by  his  friend  Janus  Vlitins  in  the  foUowine 


I  li.  I  II  III    j ,« ,i-'-     ^    •  r  : 

nil    ill         ill  .!•'',      •■'I'TIi-  t 


..I     '.    ■!        Ill    III      |l.        ■•,! 

■II    iii'il   |.',     I  :  'i' 

• .« .'•^- 

«   'in     I  HI    1  .1-.     j  f   ■  ■      I       ;;•   '•••■^  '••    —  .  ■-^,— 

I    iililliill^     I'.f*"'  'i'.     ••',         llir.ll.        ""•         

I  (ill  1 1 'I       I  i.iii'|i:i'r      ;::;:n.       .-L       I"  »*•«»•  - -_ 

N.'n    |-ii|iiil,   '.iinrffv;     \,'.'..\,i      z.T\        ■-■-  - .. - 
'  '■  .1     .  li    mill  li  III  I'm  I  ■    \     *•••.',•"•      j-^:       -"i-^   ..  .. ._ 

•■      li»    llii     .M«i'«i  ',»j'*"i»    'I^f.-a-'-       — .  ,.. 

I  ■  •  I    I  III!  «i|   jiiM  {lit  '•«■.::  ly."' 

»     HI    iliiil    lil.ilii  I    ■.'■T.'«'j  ■•.!;,     TL.i.Zj         •    — 

I '  •mil  mini    iiiitniir.     i  j»t-!i::i;-'Tii-     —--. 
II....    I  .  ._ii.    Iilmli    l:i  ■.»••!    C""a,'"'.:;ii    ^■■••.- 
\    .    II    i.l  I  .    \iMiil    \ti,-.;\   lJit:!.i.Iii     i;.zj."- 
»  .    •    ii  \  il        IS'riiii    I ;' ten.    'illl'     T*.----         -,«»> 

!  .  .iiiiHi     »i  ii  •.  Iiii    l;il*or  uTjiir  iiiir*t.i 

\     i".     I.      .■■  I»..  Ill     l'\    » ii;»  \iir.,  .MS  j-rtfixei    :>■    i--      " 

\ii.  ■      I  \       il  .•    i.iiMiiiiA    I  iri:i'/iR'/..    \\\    1      -      -.-    ., 

\  p, .  "ii    II'.'.-  '.i-i   l".'»i       llr.l    nl   WiiiO'.or.  F-triT..  r-^-.  -    ••!• 

\'u    .•  I   .  il    M*'   .'i  »   iilniiur.  I'araiihr£.st.    ri'«\-   -'    *-.  ~ 

I  il'ii  \    iliii«  \i  *    i.'.iiuil\   li.liMijM'il  If)  Arch ?i:f,rj-«-    !':;:._-   i- 

II  III  ii« 'mmi'ii  I  i.M  In  «<  .■  Ill  I'l'iupiliii'j  bis  A.  S.  l..*:;;i;-:.  "T 
w.i.   iiiiiuMil  y\\s\\  II'   himu'.  I'v  tin-  Archbi&hoT..  ziri.  r::  .? 

\ni  If*  II"  I  il«« «  \\\\\\  ilu.i    \  .'»  |ii;iM'rs  from  :hi  C.*i':.  "•> 
\    li       rill   mil  J     I    ii«!!.«\\  .    »  .\»lmt»iiis  Monachi  I'irtrjhrir.f: 

I II  111-  .,»,  :ii  |M.t  I  ipn  uiMii  'Mil*-  Tajiinn'  Hi>toriaruirj.  r,:.i,i: 
Mi>\  XnjMi' 'm^imui  i"  I  i»i".i  iijU.  ii  iiunc  primuxn  edi:^  i  :':^ 
Inimv  I".  !■         \in-fil»'«'  nm  u»  ,  . 

-  I  hi-  hi  .1  I  .liiiiMi  .»!  i!u'  »  o.l.A  Vis'/'iitfus  was  published  rv  ' 
wiili  ihi'  \\\y\  K\\  '.\  ii.iMMiipi'  l»>  IViuT.  The  transcrir:. 
ii»!iil«.  I  will)  till-  IimIi*\  \\n-.  t.»Iv»i»  to  I'psala  by  the  Cov.::i 
iJnili.  pt  n  h,  i|  iM  ilu>  hu*>\!uiii  in  i;o.*  « lost  roved,  with  c:he 
mMi  piiipiiM  III  i|i:»i  ,ii\.  ilu'  liiuiM'  .iihl  library  of  Olaus  Ku 
riif  inlliMnii;-  1.  ihi-  ii|li«  ol  Juiiiiis's  iiiition  :  '  (^Hiatiior  D.  > 
•  l-iinn- I  lintiiin  \  i-i-.ioi  I's  poi;mtinu.v  iliuv.  Goihica  s 
Atij;Ki  .*  ■iMHiii  I  i,»iimiin  ill.ini  i\  vtlolu'irimo  Codicc  Argentei 
piinunn  ilipmiii  ii  I  i  im  r.rus  liiiiiu.^  I*".  K.  Ilanc  autom  ex  Cck 
M'S'-i.  i-iiiliiii.  I  nil  iiil-iiin  .  imnli  i-iiiaxil  Thoinas  M.ireschallus.  A 


Iut  onlf  to  the  philologist,  but  also  to  the  biblical 
Wrce  of  investigation  hitlierto  unattainable.     A 
tution,  cheerful  temper,  and  methodical  arrange- 
""teisure  and  study,  peculiarly  fitted  him  for  the  arduous 
(he  Glossartst,  and  enabled  him  to  avail  himself  of 
^portunity  of  research  into  many  dialects  of  the  Gothic  j 
)f  languages,  both  in  iheir  ancient  and  then  existing  I 
The  evidence  and  value  of  his  labours  are  establ-  ■ 
not  only  in  his  own  published  works,  and  his  critical 
on  the  productions  of  others,  but  also  in  his  co!- 
of  original  MSS.,  careful  transcripts,  and  voluminous 
ries  '*,  in  the  composition  of  which  he  passed  many 
>f  an   unusually  protracted  life.     The  treasures  thus 
sd  by  one  who  knew  their  importance  were  not  destined 
person.     His  attachment  to  a  spot  which  had  been 
iqnent   scene   of  his  studies,  and   in  which   he    had 
with  learned  friends  and  associates,  led  him  to  (is  on 
dteian  Library  as  the  final  depository  of  his  literary 
DS.     The  bequest  which  enriched   our   academical 
with  some  noble  monuments  of  our  land's  language. 

jam  Obscrvalioncs  in  ulramqae  Versionem  subnectuntur.  Ac- 
Clossanmn  Gotbicnin  :  cai  prccmittitnr  AlpliabeCum  Gotbicum, 
B,  &c.  opera  ejusdeoi  Francisci  Juoii.  Dortlrecli,  iSGj '  (Ams- 
11,1684):   1  V0II.4I0.  V.  ■Prolegomena'  to   '  Ullilas.'  Lip^ifo. 

i,  3.  'Primnm  vbIuhuh  Glo5sarii  Qujnque  Linguanuo  Seplen- 
on,  au*u  d.  Junii  ccHpitim.  Ab  A.  ad  S.  incluiM.  Jun.  3. 
■  velHnMn  ejusdiin  Glossarii  mmu  aliaia.  Viroruniqui  tlttm 
iAhm  iOMHi  14  volunamisi  descriplum  kabelvr  in  Bibliolhica  Bod- 
■ftr  CodSea  ad  tarn  i  Rtvmmda poire  Joanne  FeWa  Kfhcaponoit  iia 
A  Ugaloi.  Jan,  4.;.  Elymologicon  AnglicsDum  ifuohu 
Kin  ilimriptiim.  a  quo  eliam  fiiii  eompilaluni  opus  hie  ilaber- 
aSiuimma.'  V.  also  a  list  of  printed  books,  including 
Lnodon.  1598.  Somner'c  A.  S.  Lexicon,  Whelock's  Beiia, 
,S.  PSaller,  and  other  works  with  MS.  notes  by  Jnoius, 
'  "  p.  lOI-loj,  308.  3JI.  323,  &c. 

xxii  PREFACE. 

as   the   first   to    make  known   the   earliest  of    our    nati 
Christian  poets  ^^,  Francis  Junius  contributed  to  raise  t 
estimate  already  formed  of  Anglo-Saxon  genius;    and, 
the  editor  of  the  earliest  monument  of  Germanic  literature 

verses,  added  beneath  the  portrait  of  Junius  engraved  by  M.  Burgh 
from  the  original  by  Vandyck  in  the  Bodleian  Library : 

Qui  priscas  patriae  linguas,  linguisque  decorem 

Reddidit,  ingenuo  hoc  Junius  ore  fuit. 
-^thereas  tranquilli  animi  sed  pingere  dotes 
Non  potuit,  quamvis  nobilis  arte,  manus. 
Junius  himself  unostentatiously  records  his  difficulties  as  a  Glossa: 
in  the  preface  to  the  Moeso-Gothic  Glossary,  where  he  also  introdu 
the  graphic  epigram  of  Joseph  Scaliger : 

Si  quem  dura  manet  sententia  Judicis,  olim 
Damnatum  senimnis  suppliciisque  caput : 
Hunc  neque  fabrili  lassent  ergastula  massi. 
Nee  rigidas  vexent  fossa  metalla  manus. 
Lexica  contexat.     Nam  csetera  quid  moror?   omnes 
Psenarum  fades  hie  labor  unus  habet. 

V.  the  Life  of  Junius  by  Grsevius,  as  prefixed  to  the  *Et)miologic 
Anglicanum.'  v.  also  keimhlia  literaria,  by  P.  Colomies,  p.  I 
Utrecht,  1669,  and  Pote's  Hist,  of  Windsor,  Eton,  1749,  p.  366. 

**  The  original  MS.  of  Csedmon's  Paraphrase,  now  in  the  Bodle 
Library  (Jun.  xi.),  formerly  belonged  to  Archbishop  Usher,  and  1 
lent  to  Somner  for  his  use  in  compiling  his  A.  S.  Lexicon.  The  J 
was  afterwards  given  to  Junius  by  the  Archbishop,  and  published 
Amsterdam  together  with  three  A.  S.  prayers  from  the  Cott.  MS.  Jd 
A.  II.  The  title  is  as  follows:  Cgedmonis  Monachi  Paraphrasis  pod 
Genesios  ac  prsecipuarum  Sacrge  Paginae  Historiarum,  abhinc  al 
M.LXX.  Anglo-Saxonice  conscripta,  et  nunc  primum  edita  a  Frandl 
Junio,  F.  F.     Amstelodami  1655. 

^  The  first  edition  of  the  Codex  Argenteus  was  published  by  Juni 
with  the  aid  of  a  transcript  made  by  Derrer.  The  transcript,  wh 
together  with  the  Codex  was  taken  to  Upsala  by  the  Count  de 
Gardie,  perished  in  the  fire  which  in  1 702  destroyed,  with  other  v\ 
able  property  in  that  city,  the  house  and  library  of  Olaus  Rudbl 
The  following  is  the  title  of  Junius's  edition :  '  Quatuor  D.  N.  ] 
Christi  Euangeliorum  Versiones  perantiquae  duoe,  Gothica  scil. 
Anglo-Saxonica :  Quarum  illam  ex  celeberrimo  Codice  Argenteo  fll 
•orimum  depromsit  Franciscus  Junius  F.  F.     Hanc  autem  ex  Codid 

SS.  coUatis  emendatiiis  recudi  curavit  Thomas  Mareschallus,  Angl 

PREFACE.  xxiii 

opened,  not  only  to  the  philologist,  but  also  to  the  biblical 
lolar,  a  source  of  investigation  Litherto  unattainable.  A 
idv  constitution,  cheerful  temper,  and  TnethoJical  arrange- 
Bilofleisure  and  study,  peculiarly  fitted  him  for  the  arduous 
li  of  the  Glossarist,  and  enabled  him  to  avail  himself  of 
By  opportunity  of  researcb  into  many  dialects  of  the  Gothic 
ock  of  languages,  both  in  their  ancient  and  then  existing 
nis.  The  evidence  and  value  of  his  labours  are  eslabl- 
kd,  not  only  in  his  own  published  works,  and  his  critical 
Jllces  on  the  productions  of  others,  but  also  in  his  col- 
Hion  of  original  MSS.,  careful  transcripts,  and  voluminous 
loesaries '",  in  the  composition  of  which  he  passed  many 
ars  of  an  unusually  protracted  life.  The  treasures  thus 
Hissed  by  one  who  knew  their  importance  were  not  destined 
f  disfiersion.  His  attachment  to  a  spot  which  had  been 
t  frequent  scene  of  his  studies,  and  in  which  he  had 
ied  with  learned  friends  and  associates,  led  him  to  fix  on 

Bodleian  Library  as  the  final  depository  of  his  literary 
ions.     The  bequest  which  enriched   our   academical 

ives  with  some  noble  monuments  of  our  land's  language, 

.  etiam  Observationes  in  clramque  Versionem  subnculuntur,  Ac- 
a  GlOBsaiiuin  Golhicum:  cui  prsranittilur  Alphahelum  Gothicum. 
Mm.  &c.  (iperi  ejnsdetn  FraQciaci  Jnnii.  DardrecCi,  1665'  (Ams- 
■mi.  1684):   a  voU.  4to.  V.  'Prolegomena'  to   'Ulfilas,'  Lipsiie, 

Jnn.  i.  '  Primmn  uo/Hmm  Glossarii  Quinque  Liiiguarum  Scpten- 
■linin.  mdne  cl.  Junii  tcriplum.  Ab  A.  ad  S.  indutivt.  Jun.  3. 
ittatn  volomin  ejusdem  Glossarii  numn  alitna.  Viniriimqui  idnm 
r^ktim  laiiai  lo  voluimnibus  dtitripium  httbilvr  in  Bibliulheca  Bod- 
■,  aUrr  CeditK  ad  tam  i Rnsrmdopalri  JoanneFdia  Epitcoponon  ila 
m  OxMiienai  ligaioi.  Juii.  4.  j.  EtytnologicoD  Anglicanum  duabui 
Jnnii  monu  destrlpium,  a  quo  itiam  J«il  comp'datuin  opai  hoc  eiotor- 
maau  H  Bdliumum.'  V.  also  a  lisl  of  printed  booki.  including 
Ktt.  cd.  London,  J598.  Somner's  A,  S.  Lexicon,  Whelock's  Beda, 
■nn'a  A.S.  Psalter,  and  other  worliE  willi  MS.  nolea  by  Jumus, 
il»y's  CoUl.  p.  101-103,  30S,  ill.  32J,  &c 


as  well  as  with  ample  materials  for  the  elucidation  of  : 
different  stages  and  kindred  tongues,  serves  to  justify  tl 
fame  of  Junius,  and  the  grateful  regard  in  which  his  memo 
is  held  in  Oxford. 

Hitherto  the  sister  University  had  supplied  the  field  \ 
Saxon  learning  with  its  principal  labourers.  But,  owii 
probably  at  first  to  the  example  'and  personal  influence  k 
Junius,  and  after  his  death  to  the  interest  which  the  acquil 
tion  of  his  library  had  excited,  Oxford  towards  the  close « 
the  seventeenth  century  began  to  present  a  busy  scene  « 
Saxon  study.  Already  had  Dr.  Marshall,  while  in  retiremei 
in  Holland,  become  known  as  the  editor  of  the  Anglo-Saxc 
Gospels,  which  are  printed  in  parallel  columns  with  tl 
Moeso-Gothic  version  published  by  Junius  ^\  and  as  dl 
author  of  valluable  notes  with  which  both  versions  are 
companied.  Having  afterwards  become  Rector  of  Lim 
College,  Marshall  had  the  credit  of  promoting  the  labours' 
his  fellow-collegian  George  Hickes.  We  are  told  by  Wj 
ley^^  that  he  also  collated,  apparently  for  the  press, 
transcript  which  Junius  had  made  from  the  Cottonian 
of  Alfred's  paraphrastic  version  of  Orosius  with  anot 
copy  in  the  Lauderdale  library  ;  and  Hickes  *'  intimates 
he  had  also  undertaken,  at  the  request  of  Bishop  Fell, 
Anglo-Saxon  Grammar;  but  both  these  designs  were 
terrupted  by  his  death. 

In  1678  appeared  anonymously,  under  the  care  of  sol 
members  of  University  College,  a  Latin  translation  of 
John  Spelman's  Life  of  Alfred^*.     Among  the  extracts 

^^  V.  note  29. 

^  V.  Wanley's  Catal.  pp.  85,  303. 

^  V.  Instit.  Grammat.  A.-Saxon.  Oxon.  1689,  Pref.  fol.  i.  a, 
Wanley's  Catal.  p.  102. 

**  This  work  was  translated  into  Latin  by  Obadiah  Walker,  Ml 
of  University  College  (1676—1688),  and  published  with  the  folld 


Appendix  are  added  a  brief  Chronicle  of  the  West- 
on Kings,  and  also  the  narrative  of  ihe  voyagers  Ohlbere 
1  Wulfstan,  which  Alfred  inserted  in  his  version  of  the 
listory  of  Orosius.  An  insight  was  thus  obtained  into  the 
terms  in  use  among  the  Anglo-Saxons  and  the 
iwledge  of  Northern  Europe  to  which  they  had  at  that 
c  attained. 

Tile  necessily  for  an  Anglo-Saxon  Grammar  now  became 
more  urgent  from  the  increase  of  sludenis,  and  the  pro- 
«  of  further  accessions  to  Northern  literature.  No  result 
I  issued  from  the  preparations  already  noticed  as  made  for 

I  purpose  by  Sir  H.  Spelman  and  Dr.  Marshall,  and  no 
Bonable  hope  could  be  entertained  for  the  discovery  of 

ilyn's  MS.  Grammar,  after  the  unsuccessful  search  made 
'Dr.  Hickes.  It  was  left  therefore  lo  Hickes  to  reduce  into 
the  structure  and  peculiarities  of  the  Anglo-Saxon 
as  it  was  understood  in  his  day.  In  this  work"', 
kh  he  composed  in  Latin  and  published  in  i68g,  the  ele- 
of  Mceso-Gothic  Grammar  are  found  in  juxta-posidon 

-page:  iElfredi  Magni  Anglorum  Regis  Invictissimi  Vita  Tribus 
Is  C«mp[ehcn»i,  A  Clarissimo  Dim.  Jobamie  Spelman  Heniici  F. 
SBi  Anglice  consctipla,  deia  Laliae  redditK.,  et  Antmtalionibus  il- 
ita  Ab  vM&edi  in  Collegio  Magnas  AuIk  Universitatis  Oionienais 
nb.  Oxoaii  E  Tbeatro  SUeldonkno.  Arma  Dam.  «,jxva\.  The 
bat  MS.  was  afterwards  pnhlislied.  with  additionE,  by  Thomaa 
»e.  at  Oiford,  mdccu.  The  nirr^tive  of  Obthere  a.nd  Wulfstan 
been  Irnn&laled  into  English  as  early  as  ijgS,  and  introduced  by 
grd  Uokluj'l  into  his  'Voyages  and  Discoveries  of  the  English 
in.  made  by  sea  and  overland."     Loud.  1598.    v.  Wanlcy  Catal. 

II  Uars  two  lille-pageB.  Uie  first  be:ing  '  Institutiones  Grammaticae 
'  >-SaXOaic9e  e(  Moeao-Gotbicse.    AuctoreCecrgio  Hickesio  Ecdesiie 

cauiE  f  rMbylerO.  Oxonix.  ETIieHlro  Sheliloaiano  i68g.  Typi& 
HIE.*  The  secrnid  title-page  gives  a  more  enlarged  statement  of 
BoOWnla  :  '  Institutiones — Presbytero.  Grammaticfe  Lilandicx 
Iphi  Joim  Catnlogui  Librorum  Septentrionalium.  Aiicedit  Edvaidi 
nli  Eiymolo^con  BritBRBicum.    Oxonix  &c.' 


with  those  of  Anglo-Saxon;  but,  though  the  former  isof  1 
utility  to  the  philologist,  yet  the  differences  which  exist  in 
structure  of  two  languages  belonging  to  separate  division 
the  same  branch  will  scarcely  justify  such  an  arrangemen 
least  if  we  bear  in  view  the  benefit  of  the  student.  Th( 
tempt  however,  if  not  successful,  evinced  courage  and  indi) 
in  an  undertaking  in  which  the  author  had  no  coadji 
guide,  or  precedent. 

The  Sheldon  press  at  Oxford  was  now  employed  by  S( 
zealous  members  of  Queen's  College.  Of  these,  Nico 
and  Gibson  had  been  associated  in  studies  of  which,  ^ 
raised  afterwards  to  the  Episcopal  bench,  they  became  ear 
and  judicious  patrons.  The  former  had  been  employei 
Bishop  Fell  in  transcribing  for  the  press  the  Northern  C 
saries  left  in  MS.  by  Junius  ^®,  and  was  actively  engage 
preparing,  with  the  same  object,  the  Anglo-Saxon  Chron 
then  only  known  by  the  defective  edition  of  Whelock,  v 
the  duties  of  the  Archdeaconry  of  Carlisle  occasioned  hi 
moval  from  Oxford.  The  Saxonists  at  Queen's  College, 
seem  to  have  been  less  desirous  of  the  reproduction  of  foi 
works  than  of  the  publication  of  MSS.  hitherto  inedited 
trusted  to  Gibson  the  care  of  the  Chronicle  after  Nicolson 
through  want  of  leisure,  abandoned  it.  The  Cottonian 
Bodleian  Libraries  furnished  him  with  the  chief  source 
the  work,  which  appeared  in  1692*^,  accompanied  wi 

^  V.  MS.  note  by  Wanley  in  a  copy  of  Nicolson*s  Historical  Lil 
now  in  the  Bodleian,  p.  43. 

^  The  principal  MSS.  used  by  Gibson  were  Bodl.  Laud.  E.  8c 
Cott.  Domit.  A.  viii.  The  Laudian  MS.  is  mentioned  by  Wan! 
ending  with  the  year  1 144,  but  this  seems  a  mistake  for  1154,  with 
year  Gibson's  edition  ends,  the  last  events  mentioned  being  the  de; 
Stephen,  and  the  accession  of  Henry  II.  These  entries  correspon( 
cisely  both  in  the  date  and  the  narrative  with  the  original  MS.,  ' 
Gibson  professes  to  have  followed  from  the  year  1070  to  the  end. 
penberg  states  of  this  MS.  that  it  was  written  in  the  abbey  of 

PREFACE.  xxvii 

Latin  translation,  and  lUuslraCed  with  liislorical  a.nd 
ological  notices  of  interest  and  value.  After  an  interval 
E  years  we  find  Edward  Thwaitea  conducting  a  class  of 
n  Saxon  scholars  at  Queen's  ColJeg'e,  and  hastening  for 
advantage  the  publication  of  a  Vocabulary  on  which 
n  had  been  for  some  time  engaged.  The  Vocabulary 
]0l  eventually  appear  till  the  year  1701  '*,  but  the  delay 
ed  to  increase  its  usefulness,  through  the  augmentations 
fa  it  received  from  the  MSS.  of  Junius  and  the  additions 

gi,  originally  brought  down  lo  the  year  lua,  and  conlinued  with 
Ndnnamsnis  in  language  and  orthography  tu  1154.  The  Cotton. 
I  greatly  abridged  and  Normaniied,  though  containing  agcounts 
>  in  some  other  copies.  Gilison  tells  05  in  his  Preface  that  this 
d  heen  collated  by  Junius  with  Whdock's  edition,  with  a  view, 
:onsider5,  for  publication.  Another  MS.  used  by  Gibson,  which  he 
Vishes  by  the  title  Cant.,  and  mentions  us  having  been  given  by 
shop  Land  to  the  Bodleian,  seems  to  be  identical  with  the  Lan- 
IS-  G.  36.  It  ends  with  the  year  977,  and  is  considered  by  Wanley 
iBscript  of  the  Cotton  MS.  Tiber.  A.  >-i.  Gibson's  edition  of  the 
Ihron.  has  two  title-pages ;  the  first  and  ehortei  is, '  ChronicoQ 
mm.  Ek.  MSS.  Codicibus  Nunc  Primum  Integnm]  Edidit  Ac 
D  fedt  Edmundus  Gibson  A,  B.  h  CoUegio  Regmie.  Oxonti,  E 
s  Sbeldoniano  A.D.  kdcicii.'  The  second  title-page  bears  a 
atement  of  contents : '  Chronicon  Saxonicum.  Sen  Annates  Renun 
lis  Pnecipne  Gestarum,  A  Christo  nato  ad  Annum  usque  ucliv. 
,  BC  jam  demum  Latinitate  donati.  Cum  Indiee  Rerum  Chrono- 
,  AcceduDl  ReguliC  Ad  Investigandas  Nomlnum  Locorum  Origines. 
■ninum  Loconim  Ac  Virorum  In  Chronico  Mctnoratoram  Explic- 
PpecA  et  Studio  Edmnndi  Gibson  A.  B.  &c'  V.  Wanky's  Catal. 
I,  84,  a  JO,  and  'A  History  of  England  under  the  Anglo-Saxon 
Translated  from  the  Gennan  of  Dr.  J.  M.  Lappenberg,  I'or.  F.S.A. 
r  of  the  Archives  of  the  City  of  Hamturg.  By  Benjamin  Thorpe, 
With  additions  and  corrections  by  the  Author  and  Translator. 
I  vetnoacs.  London :  John  Murray,  Albemarle  Street,  hdcccxlv,' 
(y  Intiod.  pp.  xxxix,  &c. 

tTocnbulirium  Anglo -Saxonicum,  Lexico  Gnl,  Somncri  magna 
■tKitius.  Opera  Thomte  Benson  Art,  Bac.  i  Collegio  Kigina. 
,  E  Theatio  Sheldoniano,  An,  Dom.  m.dcc.i.  Impcnsis  Sam. 
i\  Bo3J-  Walford  ad  insigne  Principis,  in  ecemeterio  D.  Pauli' 


«it  tlid  editor.  In  the  mean  time  Thwaites  did  not  relax 
hU  labours,  contributing  in  1698  the  aid  of  his  pen  ai 
couiiKcl  to  Christopher  Rawlinson,  the  editor  of  Alfred's  ve 
nion  of  Boethius^®  on  the  Consolation  of  Philosophy,  ai 
printing  in  the  following  year  -^Ifric's  abridgment  of  d 
Pentateuch,  the  Book  of  Joshua,  and  that  of  Judges,  ti 
gether  with  the  Book  of  Job,  a  poetical  fragment  of  Judit 
and  the  supposititious  Gospel  of  Nicodemus*^     In  tha 

''••  The  Anglo-Saxon  text  was  transcribed  by  Junius  from  the  Bo< 
MS.  NE.  C.  3,  II,  and  collated  by  him  with  the  Cotton.  MS.  Otho- 
vi,  which  Wanley  considered  to  have  been  written  during  or  very  so 
after  the  reign  of  Alfred.  It  was  destroyed  in  the  fire  at  Ashbumhl 
House,  Oct.  23,  1 73 1.  From  the  transcript  (Jun.  12)  Christopher  R» 
linson,  Gentleman  Commoner  of  Queen's  College,  published  the  voUil 
above  mentioned  at  his  own  expense,  with  the  addition  of  a  Prayer 
A.  S.  from  the  Bodl.  MS.,  and  with  various  readings  and  the  Boetl 
metres  in  verse  from  the  Cotton.  MS. :  '  An.  Manl.  Sever.  Boethii 
solationis  Philosophiae  Libri  v.  Anglo-Saxonice  Redditi  ab 
Inclyto  Anglo-Saxonum  Rege.  Ad  apographum  Junianum  expi 
edidit  Christophorus  Rawlinson,  e  Collegio  Reginge.  Oxonise,  E  Tl 
Sheldoniano,  mdcxcviii.  Sumtibus  Editoris,  Typis  Junianis.'  Pi 
is  an  engraving  by  M.  Burghers  of  the  Vandyck  portrait  of  Junius. 
Wanley's  Catal.  pp.  64,  85,  217. 

***  The  text  was  published  under  the  title  of  *  Heptateuchus, 
Job,  Et   Evangelium   Nicodemi;    Anglo-Saxonice.      Historise  Ji 
Fragmentum ;  Dano-Saxonice.    Edidit  nunc  primum  ex  MSS.  codi( 
Edwardus  Thwaites,  h  Collegio  Reginse.     Oxoniae,  E  Theatro  Shel^ 
iano.  An.  Dom.  mdcxcviiI  (1699).    Typis  Junianis.'     The  BodL 
Laud.  E.  19.  supplied  the  text  of  the  Heptateuch;  the  Book  of  Job  ^ 
published  with  some  passages  in  Genesis  and  Exodus  from  LTsle's 
script  mentioned  at  note  12.     The  *  Judith '  from  a  transcript  by  Jt 
(Jun.  MS.  105)  of  the  Cotton.  MS.  Vitell.  A.  xv.  x.  fol.  199;  and 
Gospel  of  Nicodemus  from  the  Junian  transcript  (Jun.  MS.  74) 
MS.»  in  the  Public  Library  at  Cambridge,  collated  by  Junius  with 
Cott.  MS.  Vitell.  A.  xv.  x.  fol.  199.   The  last-named  MS.  is  errom 
stated  by  Thwaites  in  his  address  to  the  reader  as  belonging  to  C| 
College  in  Cambridge ;  the  correction  now  given  being  on  Wanb 
authority.     V.  Catal.  pp.  67,  97,  152,  219. 

*  *  Cod.  tnetnbr.  in  fol.  niin.  circa  teinpus  Conquisitionis  Anglice  scriptus^  in 
^4ibentur  I.  Evangelia  &c.   II.   Pag.   344.  Gesta  Salvatoris  nostril  sive  PscB 
vangelium  Nichodemi.'  \ 

PREFACE.  xxix 

mcs   two  important  additions  were  made  to  the  few 
Iglo-SaxoQ  works  which  had  hitherto  appeared  in  print. 
The  commencement  of  the  eighteenih  century  is  memor- 

0  the  annals  of  Anglo-Saxon  learning  by  the  publication 
'the  Thesaurus  of  Northern  IJi:erature".     This  elaborate 

c  of  Dr.  Hickes,  the  result  of  many  years  of  anxious 
Iwill  be  most  truly  appreciated  if  we  bear  in  mind  the 

The  Thesaurus  was  published  in  :7Q5  with  the  following  general 
tud  a  dedication  lo  George,  Hereditary  Prince  of  Denmark  and, 

1  of  Anne,  Queen  of  England^  'AntiiiDse  LiteratnrEe  Septentrio- 
lUbri  Duo.  Quorum  Primus  Georgii  Hickesii  S.  T.  P.  Linguarnm 
,  Septentrional ium  Thesaunira  Grammatico-Crilicum  et   Archseo- 

^^nua.  Ejosdem  de  antiqnie  IJleratnrEe  Septentrionalia  Ulilitate  Dis- 
liooem  Epi^tolarem.  £t  Andreie  Foimtaiiic  Eguitia  Aarati  Numit^ 
iSaxonica.  et  Dano-Saxonica  complectitur.  Alter  continet  tlitmfredt 
H  Libronim  Vnt.  Septcnlrionalium ,  qui  in  Anglia  Bibliorh.  extant, 
gnm  Hiatorico  Criticum ;  necnon  multonim  VtU.  Codd  Seplen- 
■liacD  alibi  extantium  notitiann,  cum  totius  operis  Eex  Indicibus. 
(C.  E  Thealto  Sheldanianq,  Ad.  Dam.  mdocv."  The  firet  book 
tx  of  three  parts,  each  with  a  separate  title-page,  bearing  the  dale 
IL  The  first  part  contains  an  A.  S,  and  M.  Gothic  Grammar ;  the 
I,  a  Ftanco-Theotiic  Grammar  :  the  third,  the  Icelandic  Grammar 
Dolpb  Jonas,  augmented  by  Hickes.  This  book  is  closed  by  an 
ilary  Dissertation  on  the  use  of  the  Northeni  Languages,  with  the 
IDCCiii,  and  a  Treatise  on  Anglo-Saxon  and  Anglo-Danish  Coins. 
i^dfew  Fount^ne,  Student  of  Christ  Church,  Oxford.  The  title- 
I  of  this  Treatise  is  dated  Mnccv.  The  second  book  consists  of  the 
ppie  of  Northern  Books  and  MSS..  drawn  up  by  tl.  Wanley  in 
■b.  and  trftnilated  into  Latin  hy  E.  Thivniles.  When  bound  in 
BTOlDRies.  the  first  volume  ends  with  the  F.-Theotisc  Grammar; 
I,  with  the  Treatise  on  Coins,  and  the  third,  with  a  List  of 
«  and  Patrons  of  the  Work.  An  abridgment  of  the  Thesaurus 
n  Latin  tiy  Wotlon,  and  published  in  170B.  1  ' 
)f  written  by  Hickes,  and  a  tract  on  Saxon  Money  by  Thwailes.  It 
illtervwds  translated  into  English  by  Maurice  Shelton.  of  Ban- 
g  Hall  in  Suffolk,  and  published  in  1735.  E.  Thwailes  in  171I 
■kA  &om  the  Latin  text  of  the  Thesaurus  a  compendium  of  A.  S. 
■■r.  with  notices  of  the  several  dialects  as  determined  by  Hiclces, 
whli  the  Runic  and  M.  Gothic  Alpbabets.  &e.    v.  Nichols's  Uter. 


opportunities  at  the  command  of  the  author.  Few  origii 
productions  in  the  Gothic  tongues  had  then  been  ma 
known ;  the  knowledge  of  comparative  etymology  was  of  t 
most  limited  kind ;  on  the  continent  investigations  into  t 
origin  and  affinities  of  current  languages  were  very  ran 
prosecuted,  while  in  this  country  materials  for  a  philologi( 
work  of  the  kind  could  only  be  acquired  at  considerable  e 
pense,  and  by  researches  that  needed  no  slight  perseveran 
and  physical  exertion.  Fortunate  in  the  talent  and  diligen 
of  Thwaites  *^  and  Wanley,  the  author  of  the  Thesaurus,  wi 
the  materials  before  him,  had  yet  the  difficult  task  of  d 
crimination,  selection,  arrangement,  and  adaptation.  Wh 
lamenting  the  absence  of  scholars  who  had  preceded  hi 
in  a  successful  prosecution  of  the  same  studies,  he  felt  1 
own  deficiencies  and  the  frequent  want  of  that  friendly  ai 
impartial  co-operation  which  stimulates  labour,  corrects  I 
judgment,  and  improves  the  fruits  which  it  assists  in  produ 
ing.  When  we  consider  the  Thesaurus  as  formed  under  tl 
peculiar  difficulties  here  noticed,  yet  presenting  a  storehoti 
of  valuable  literary  records,  and  a  grammatical  system 
various  dialects  both  of  the  Germanic  and  Scandinavi 
branches  of  the  Gothic  tongues,  we  may  be  inclined  to  wond 
less  that  Hickes  has  erred,  than  that  his  errors  are  so  few. 
the  light  which  his  work  has  held  out  to  the  student  t 
not  always  been  cast  in  the  right  direction,  yet  it  has  serv 

^  Hickes  bears  the  following  testimony  to  the  aid  afforded  by  Thwai 
in  preparing  the  Thesaurus  for  the  press :  * .  .  .  ille  (Thwaitesius)  c 
literarum  Arctoarum  scientia,  quas  cum  Grsecis  et  Latinis  conjung 
non  dedignatus  est,  turn  summo  ingenio,  et  honestate  vitse  mihi  chai 
et  jucundus,  schedas  nostras  tam  imprimendas,  quam  impressas  revisen 
et  corrigendi,  ut  et  typographos,  chalcographosque  quotidie  dirigd 
instituendique,  quinque  annorum  cura,  et  diligentia  de  codice  nostro. 
meruit,  ut  si  ilium  mecum  ejusdem  auctorem,  cujus  adjutor  maxifl 
fuit,  prgedicarem,  id  tantum  facerem,  quod  sine  arrogantia  sibi  assumi 
et  jure  suo  quodammodo  vendicare  posset.*    Thes.  Prsefat.  iv.  v. 

PREFACE.  xxxi 

^cken  his  energies,  and  in  maintaining  its  position  for 
than  a  centuiy,  as  a  beacon  amidst  mucti  prevailing 
Scurity,  has  been  instrumental  in  saving  the  Northern 
Iguages    from    that  wreck  to  which  popular  neglect  and 

rence  might  otherwise  have  consigned  them. 
The  contribution  to  the  Thesaurus  by  Wanley,  consisting 
1  historical  catalogue  of  Northern  MSS.,  then  known  to 
.contained  in  England,  preserves  its  interest  and  value  at 
epresent  day.  Acting  on  the  instructions  of  Dr.  Hickes  ", 
tks  left  on  record  not  merely  an  enumeration  of  MSS., 
I  critical  notices  of  their  conienls,  and  a  mass  of  varied  in- 
Hoition  which  cannot  fail  to  improve  the  taste  as  well  as 
Ksen  the  toil  of  the  Saxon  student.  From  a  list  of  the 
■noters  of  the  Thesaurus,  given  at  the  end  of  the  last 
nmc**,  if  numerical  evidence  be  here  admissible,  we  may 

b-a  letter  lo  H.  Wanley,  datecl  A.D.  1699,  Hickes,  aUuding  to  the 
nms,  says,  "I  pray  you,  when  you  are  al  Cambridge,  lo  let  in- 
Bi  ToKim  that  my  Book  is  advanced  to  the  Iv.  sheet.  Ttiat  its 
a  cost  will  at  least  be  a  gnuiey'in  the  leaser  paper,  that  its  title 
be  Linguamm  vetirum  Srplenlnoaaliiim  Thesaurus  Graminalieo' 
Ha  *t  Arthaotagicui,  ajid  that  you  da  not  doubt  but  that  it  wilt 
er  llie  expectation  of  those  leameil  meD  who  have  been  pleased  to 
irage  it.  .  .  .    I  advise  you  lo  keep  company  with  Done  but  men 

uning  and  reputation ; to  behave  yourself  upon  the  place 

condor,  caution,  and  temperance:  to  avoid  compotntioiis ;  to  go 
■d  iu  good  time,  and  rise  in  good  Lime;  to  let  them  see  you  are 
n  tlut  observes  honres  and  discipline  :  to  make  mncb  of  yourself; 
Vknt  nothing  thsl  is  fit  for  you ;  and.  dayly  lo  pray  to  God,  with- 
rbame  nothing  can  be  successefull  and  prosperous,  to  blesse  you 
bealth,  lo  prosper  your  handywork.  ...  In  taking  the  Catalogue 
•  pot  the  b^inaing  and  ending  of  every  Tract  and  Homily,  the  first 
,  entire  sentence,  and  the  whole  period,  when  they  are  not  too 
Letters  of  E.  L.  M.  oxviii.  In  iiis  Preface,  p.  iv,  he  thus  writes 
Id  illo '  (Caulogo  Codd,  Vett.  Seplent.)  ■  coniicicndo  Hum- 
Wanley,  divini  ingcnii  hominis,  et  illustrandis  antiquis  liteiis 
,  BOdulio,  manu,  opera  usus  sum." 

list  contains  more  than  370  uames,  among  which  we  find 
>\A  Tcmson  and  Sharpe,  Bishops  Compton,  Lloyd,  T.  Sprat. 

^^xJi  PREFACE. 

!,^  rn  M'^nio  notion  of  the  encouragement  which  Anglo- Sax 

V  ,\-.:os  ihen  received.     In  the  list  might  possibly  have  be 

k\;*.\*.  she  partial  friend  and  the  generous,  if  not  leam< 

•\;;-on,  strangers   to   the  work,  though   willing   to   aid 

';N*u''r  ;  but  tlie  distribution  of  the  volumes,  even  in  a  limit 

;^.^.^>o.  could  scarcely  fail  to  draw  attention  to  the  subje< 

— .;:;or  Ix^vond  the  sphere  of  the  secluded  student  and  aa 

...„v.      It  is  hence   no   unreasonable   inference,   that  t] 

Vhv'saunis  tended  to  stimulate  inquiry  into  the  early  anna 

,^t*  our  country,  as  well  as  of  its  language,  and  subservi 

A  Jviior  knowledge  of  the  religious  creed  and  civil  institutior 

,-»♦'  our  ancestors.     The  publication  of  the  work,  it  is  cleffl 

w,is  followed  by  more  energetic  exertions  among  Angta 

Saxon  scholars,  and  although,  as  well  after  as  shortly  befflrt 

;:s  ;i|>|)carance,  important  works  were  projected  and  abanl 

,louod  *^  yet  to  those  which  subsequently  passed  through  '^ 

IVlrtwncy,  Hough,  Humphreys,  Fowler,  Nicolson,  T.  Smith ;  152  of  1 
\'lo!i;y.  including  deans,  archdeacons,  parochial  incumbents,  and  otl 
i-^  i>f  the  laity,  including  34  noblemen,  and  140  baronets,  knights, 
country  gentlemen.   There  are  also  the  names  of  four  ladies,  y\z.  Rel 
Mnrohioncss  of  Worcester,  Lady  Anna  Mason,  Catharine  Bovey, 
Su>!«nna  Hopton.     The  only  foreigner  whose  name  appears  among 
i%mroiis  is  Christopher  Leyoncrona,  ambassador  from  Charles  XII. 
of  Sweden.    In  addition  to  the  above  are  given  the  names  of  12  d( 
and  capitular  bodies,  the  Society  of  the  Middle  Temple,  London, 
Colleges  in  the  University  of  Oxford.  8  Colleges  and  4  Halls  in 
of  Cambridge,  and  St.  Mary  Winton  College  at  Winchester. 

**  The  following  are  the  principal  works  here  alluded  to  : — (i)  i( 
W.inlcy's  Abridgment  of  Somner's  Diet.  MS.  Harleian,  3317.  (2)  i( 
.Anglo-Saxon  Charters  in  the  Cotton.  Library,  by  Dr.  T.  Smith; 
tif  K.  L.  M.  cv.    (3)  1698.  Orosius  by  Thwaites  ;  Gent.  Mag.  May  183 
(4)  i699'    Orosius,  by  W.  Elstob  ;    MS.  Lansd.  373;   Thesaur. 
Kpist.  p.  98:    Tetter  from  E.  Elstob  to  Thoresby,  May  6,   1709, 
Thoresby  Correspondence.    (5)  1 705.  A.  S.  version  of  Bible  by  W 
l^'tter  of  Nicolson  to  Wanley,  Aug.  20,  1705.  MS.  Harl.  3777. 
162.    (6)  1705.  A.S.  Laws  by  W.  Elstob  ;  MSS.  Harl.  3780,  Art.  \\ 
""   <.    (7)  1705-  Csedmon  by  Hickes,  MS.  Harl.  mentioned  in  no.; 
1709.  Psalter  by  E.  Elstob;   Letter  to  Thoresby,  Oct.  10,  ij 

PREFACE.  xxxiii 

greater  degree  of  usefulness  was  imparted  by  ihe  more 
character  which  distinguished  them. 
■Occasional  recourse  was  now  had  to  a  practice  which  had 
for  some  time  lost  sight  of,  but  which  is  weE  caJculated 
iKoder  philological  studies  more  popular  and  attractive. 
ner  editors  of  Anglo-Sason  works  since  the  year  1623 
eiiiier  translated  their  authors  into  Latin,  or  had  given 
text  unaccompanied  with  any  translation.  It  must  be 
iwed  that  the  adoption  of  a  classical  language  as  the 
lium  of  translation  may  serve  to  awaken  the  notice  of 
learned,  anO  to  meet  the  demand  which  a  sustained  at- 
ion  to  the  study  of  our  mother-tongue  would  occasion 
1  among  foreign  and  native  scholars.  But  the  practice 
Apen  to  defects  impeding  the  progress  of  a  national  interest 
ards  the  study  of  the  principles,  the  advancement,  and 
^neral  history  of  the  language.  We  should  also  fail  to 
liie  ihe  application  of  one  of  the  great  charms  and  uses 
ibilology,  by  losing  all  opportunities  of  any  comparative 
oTlhe  changes  in  feature  and  structure  which  are  deve- 

IJIJ.  Enelish-Saxoti  Homilies  by  E.  Elstob.  Two  atlempts  at 
"ntioo  were  made,  the  tiiet  with  the  title,  '  Elfilci  Homilix.  eilit. 
iMofc.  (fol.  Oian.  1715.')  Of  this  attempt  onl;  36  pages  were 
d.     A  second  attempt  was  made  under  Ihe  title.  '  The  EngUsh- 

I  Uanilies  of  i^Ifric.  Archbishop  of  Canlerbuiy,  who  flourished 
!]Klt«  end  of  the  lenlh  century  and  the  beginning  of  Ihe  eleventh, 
a  Gomse  of  Sennons  collected  out  of  Ihe  writings  of  the  ancient 
Palbers.  coDtaioing  the  Doctrines  &c.  of  the  Church  of  England 
( the  Normwi  Conquest,  and  shewing  its  purity  fram  many  of  those 

II  lanoTatJons  and  coriuptions  which  were  afterwards  introduced 
te  Church.  Now  fir*t  printed  and  Irnnblated  into  the  language  of 
esent  limes  by  Elizabeth  Elstob.'    MSS.  Lansd.  370-4.  V.Ptcface 

tlomilies.  ed.  B.  Thorpe.  Pref.  ii.  and  note  i.  (10)  Some 
I  ■Cierwacds  G.  Ballard,  a  Clerk  of  Magdalen  College,  transcribed 
km  njTaiciillj  for  the  press.  The  MS.  is  now  in  the  library  of  the 
lA  A[i!ii|uaties,  through  the  gift  of  Bishop  Lyltelton,  to  whom  it 
\trrr.i  tc<jucBtlied .  V.  Nichols's  Anecd.  iv.  115.  l>3,  119,  and 
13.  and  a.lso  Thorpe's  Caedmon,  Pref.  p.  vi. 

xxxiv  PREFACE. 

loped  through  its  progressive  stages.  Nor  could  justice  I 
rendered  to  the  talents  of  our  native  writers,  their  powers  < 
pleasing  the  imagination  as  poets,  or  their  usefulness  as  hii 
torians  or  homilists,  where  their  thoughts,  or  record  of  evenl 
and  doctrines,  are  transmitted  through  a  language  betwee: 
which  and  the  Anglo-Saxon  there  exists  so  great  a  dissimi 
larity  in  genius,  idiom,  and  structure.  We  may  therefor 
better  appreciate  the  judgment  which  led  Archbishop  Parkei 
Foxe,  and  L'Isle  to  use  the  vernacular  tongue  of  their  da; 
for  the  purpose  of  translation ;  and  if  we  regret  the  contrar 
as  having  been  till  recently  the  prevailing  practice,  we  sha] 
be  less  disposed  to  deny  the  credit  of  taste  and  discernmen 
to  the  few  who  have  formed  the  exception.  Of  these  the  firs 
who  claims  our  notice  is  William  Elstob,  a  nephew  and  pupi 
of  Dr.  Hickes,  who,  when  Fellow  of  University  College,  wrot 
a  Latin  version  of  the  Sermon  of  Bishop  Lupus  *^,  inserted  ii 
the  Thesaurus.  He  afterwards  contributed  an  English  trans 
lation  of  the  *  Hours  of  Prayer '  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  Churd 
appended  to  a  controversial  work^'^  published  in  1705  byDi 

^  The  Sermon  and  translation,  accompanied  with  etjrmological  aof 
historical  notes,  and  a  Latin  letter  to  Hickes,  dated  1701,  are  printed! 
the  Dissert.  Epist.  pp.  98-106,  from  the  Junian  transcript  (Jun.  MS 
102)  taken  from  the  Cotton.  MS.  Nero  A.  i.  xxiii.  fol.  113.  entitled 
*Sermo  Lupi  ad  Anglos  Quando  Dani  Maxime  Persecuti  Sunt  Eo^ 
Quod  Fuit  Anno  Mlo  xiv  Ab  Incamatione  Dm  Nri  Ihv  Xpi.*  The  M^ 
in  the  library  of  C.  C.  College,  Camb.  (s.  18.  xxxix.  fol.  82)  h«l 
*Sermo  Lupi  &c.  Quod  Fuit  Anno  Mlo.  vini.  ab  Incamatione  &«! 
The  Ration  MS.  (Jun.  99.  xxiii.  fol.  84.  b.")  has,  *  Item  Sermo  &( 
Quod  Fuit  In  Dies  ^thelredi  Regis.'  It  is  not  ascertained  over  "wh^ 
see  Lupus  presided,  but  there  are  reasons  given  in  Wanley's  Catal.  pi 
140-143.  for  identifying  him  with  Wulfstan,  Archbishop  of  Yorkij 
Bishop  of  \yorcester  from  1002  to  1023.  i 

*^  '  Several  Letters  which  passed  between  Dr.  George  Hickes  audi 
Popish  Priest'  &c.  1705.    In  the  Preface  Hickes  observes,  'The  curioi 
who  delight  in  such  ancient  Monuments,  are  beholden  to  the  RevcM 
nd  Learned  Mr.  Wm.  Elstob,  formerly  Fellow  of  University  Colk 
)xon,  and  now  Rector  of  St.  Swithen's  London,  for  the  translation 



[icles.  His  sister,  Elizabeth  Eislob,  published  in  1 709  the 
lomily  on  llie  Birth-day  of  St.  Gregory  with  an  English 
■anslation,  and  «'as  the  first  to  render  in  English  the  rudi- 
lenis  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  tongue".  A  compendium  of 
■Tammar"  taken  from  the  Thesaurus,  and  published  aiiony- 
lonsly  at  Oxford  in  1711,  is  usually  assigned  to  Edward 

Tew  jfears  elapsed  before  several  works  were  reproduced, 
S  peculiar  interest  of  which  merited  the  pains  bestowed 
pOQ  them.     The  Memorials  and  Canons",  as  well  as  the 

■-A  ihe  Houis  of  rraycr.J  and  I  think  myself  obliged  lo 
^'  L  !i<]i  I  !  I'h  \  \  1:11  iks  for  his  ag^istance  in  tlib  and  another  (preater 
p.  ■■        I       -,    p.gS." 

I  I  I  liSiinon  Hqnnily  On  The  Birlh-Day  of  St.  Gregory; 

tA....t:i "1  II        li   I iic  English-Saxon  Church,  Giving  an  Accoum  cif  the 

'    '  f  English  from  Pngnnism  to  Chrisiianity.    Translated 

»  Modern  English,  with  Notes,  &c.  By  Eliz.  Elstob.  London ;  Printed 

ff.  Bowycr.  mdcoii.'  8vo.    It  seeras  lo  have  been  taken  from  the 

;10ll,  MS.  Vifdl.  D.  ivii,  fol.  101.  b-    V.  Preface  10  Homily,  p.  Ivi. 

'The  Rudiments  Of  Grammar  For  The   English-SaKon  Tongue, 

Mpren  in  English:   With  An  Apology  for  the  Study  of  Northern 

'  les.    Being  reiy  useful  towards  the  understanding  our  ancient 

Poets    and    other   Writers.       By    Elizabeth    Elstob.    London. 

d  by  W.  Bowyer:  And  Sold  by  J.  Bowyeral  the  Rose  in  Ludgate- 

ti  and  C.  King  in  Westminster-hall,  1715.'    4to. 

•  '  Grammnlica  Anglo-Saxonica  ex  Hickesiano  Lijiguanim  Septoi. 

Thesauro     Exceipta.      Oxonio:    E.  Thealro    Sheldooiano 

J),  ItDCCIl.' 

^^^'A  Collection  of  all  the  Ecclesiastical  Laws,  Canons,  Answers, 
Setcripts,   with    other    Mcmorinls    concerning    Ibe    GOTemmEin. 
idpliac,  and  Worship  of  the   Church   of  England,  fiom  Us   Erst 
Bdation  lo  the  Conquest,  that  have  hitherto  b 
In  and  Saxonlc  Tongues.    And  of  all  the  Caiim 
■    ■     '     1  made  since  Ihe  Conquest  and  befoq 
jr  National  Council,  or  in  the  Provint 
k,that  have  hitherto  been  pubti^h'd  ii 
Dilated  into  English,  with  Ej[ilaii 
id  and  Athene  as  were  ilio 
^Vicu  of  Cranbrook   in   tlif 
S  voU,  8vo.    V.  also  For 


\  General  History  "  of  the  Church  of  the  An^lo-Sasoni 

L  Ecclesiastical  and  Civil  Laws,  their  National  Counci 

^^H  Synods ",  were  edited  with  a  more  careful  attention 

^^^B  confidence  of  the  scholar. 

^^^1  At  this  time  also,  through  the  diligence  of  Thomas 

^^^H  whose  various  works  throw  much  light  on  the  langui 

^^^H  well  as  the  history  of  our  country,  further  service  was 

^^^^  ferred  on  Anglo-Saxon  studies.    To  him  we  owe  the  pul 

^^^H  tion  ^  of  the  Dering  transcript  of  the  '  Textus  Roffei 

^^^H  ■■'  Historic  Eccleaiastica:  Genlis  ADglorum  libri  Quinque,  Aacto 
^^^^B'  Soncto  et  Venerabili  BiEde  Fresbytero  Anglo-Snxone.  Una  Cum  reliqi 
^^^H  ejus  (iperibuE  Historicis  in  unum  VolumEU  Collectis.  Cura  et  Stnij 
^^^H  Johannia  Smith  S.  T.  P.  Et  Ecclcsix  Duaelmensis  Hon  it^  priil^ 
^^^^B    CBJiDuici.     CanCabrigiEe,  Typis  Academicis  UDCCXiii,  : 

^^^P       »   L   '  Leges  Anglo-Saxonics  Ecclesiasticx  et  CEviles.     Acccdij 

Leges  Edvardi  Latinie,  Golielini  Conquestoris  GallQ-Nonnaunicse, 
Henrici  1.  Latlufe.  Subjun  gnntur  Domini  Henr.  Spelmat 
Legum  Veteruro  Statutorum  RegnL  Angliic,  quie  ab  ingressu  C 
usqne  ad  acnum  nonum  Henr.  III.  edita  sunt.  Toti  open  p 
Dissertatio  Epistolaris  Bdmadnm  Revereadi  Domini  Guillelmi 
sorii  EpiscopE  Derrensis  De  Jure  Feudali  Veterum  Saxonum.  C 
Codd.  MSS.  contulit,  Notaa,  Versionera,  et  Glossariui  '\  '  ~ 
Wilkios,  S.  T.  P.  Canonicua  Canluariensis,  Reverendissimo'  in  Chi 
Patri  ac  Domino  Guil.  Divioa  Providentia  Archiepiscopo  Cantnaol 
Sec.  &c  3L  Sacris  Domestids  et  Biblioth.  Landini:  Tjpia  Guil.  F 
impensis  Rob.  Gosling  ad  Portum  Medii  Templi  BibliopolzE.  w 
fell.  IL  'Coacilia  Magnas  Britannia  et  Hibernite  a  Synodo  Va 
mensi  A.  D.  ccoctlvi.  ad  Londinensem  A.  D.  cioqccivit.  Acco 
Constitationea  Et  alia  ad  Historiam  Ecclesiie  Anglicans  Spectaol 
Davids  Will(insS.T. P.  ArchidiacoQO  Soffolcensi,  et  Canonico  C  ' 
ensi,  coUecta.  Loodini,  Sumptibus  R.  Gosling  in  vico,  dicli 
Street;  F.  Gyles  in  vico,  dicto  Flolbom;  F.  Woodward  int 
Templj  portas,  Fleet-Street ;  et  C.  Davia  in  vico,  dicto  Paternoster  J 
Mnccxxjivii.'    4  voll.  foil. 

"  'Teitns  RoBcnsis.  Accedunt,  Professionum  antiquorum  Al| 
Episcopomm  Canonici  ObedientiS  ArchiepiscopiE  Caa^' 
ensibus  prrestand^  et  Leonard!  Hutteni  Disserlatto,  Anglici 
dc  Aotiquitatibus  Oiohieheibdi.  E  Codictbus  MSS.  Jescripsit  ei 
Tho.  Heamiua.  Oxonii.  E.  Thentro  Sheldoniano  h.dcc,xx.'  Thefl 
tuB  de  Ecclesia  Roffensi,'  which  is  still  preserved  in  the  Library  m 
Delta  and  Chapter  of  Rochester,  seems  to  have  been  first  c 

,  PREFACE.  xxxvii 

^valuable  MS-  of  the  rath  cenlury,  compiled  under  Uie 
rection  of  Bishop  Eamiilph,  and  containing  not  only  many 
niters  and  documents  connected  with  the  city  and  see  of 
:liester,  but  also  the  only  early  record  yet  known  of  the 
rs  of  ihe  Kentish  Kings  Eihelbirht,  Hlothhscre  and  Eadric, 
Wihtred.  In  1723  Hearne  edited  the  Charlulary  of  the 
kirch  of  Worcester  ",  which  its  sub-prior  Hemming  com- 
by  command  of  Wulstan  the  second  Bishop  of  that 
,  Three  years  afterwards  the  same  laborious  antiquary 
Jied  tlie  fragment  of  the  narrative  of  the  death  of 
Ifihtnoth,  the  heroic  ealdorman  of  Northumbria,  whose  fall 
i.  battle  with  the  Danes  under  Olaf  Tryggvason  near 
llliion  in  Esses,  in  the  year  991,  has  furnished  us  with  one 
the  most  spnited  poems  "*  of  our  forefathers. 
B,  LnmLarde.  who  in  1576  published  in  his  Perambuktion  of  Kent 
Will  of  Byrlhric  and  ^Ifswylbe,  ami  an  account  of  Repairs  of 
ioter  Bridge.  From  this  MS.  also  were  published  the  Laws  of 
llneti  by  Spclroan  (Concil,  Tom.  i.  p.  194);  an  account  of  Ordeal 
K  Browne  in  ifi^n,  among  the  additional  matter  which  appears  in 
"  ion  of  the  *  Fasciculus  Reniro  Expctendarum,  ac  Fugiendamm'' ;' 
Laura  of  >«thdbiiht,  and  of  Hlothhsere  and  Eadric,  as  wtll  as 
U  of  B-  and  ^1.,  with  other  extracts,  by  I^ickes  in  his  Diss. 
PP-  43i  51.  53:  69.  The  above-mentioned  Laws  were  repricled 
in  his  Histoiy  of  Kent,  in  1719,  pp.  401-410.  Dr.  Wilkins 
jiawie  use  of  Ihe  T.  R.  in  his  editiou  of  the  A,  S.  laws,  in  coUatmg 
Ifc  Ihe  Conon.  MS.  Jol.  C,  ii.,  which  is  apparently  the  transcript 
rhy  F.  Tale  in  1589.  V.  Wilkins's  Pref.  and  Wanley's  Catal.  pp. 
»7J.  308.  Sir  F.  Madden  informs  me  '  that  Hearne  in  his  edition 
loch  of  the  mailer  printed  by  Lamljarde,  Spelman,  and  others, 
■bnJgcis  Ihe  I^atin  charters  of  late  dale,  and  that  it  is  not  true 
iBIi  Tanner  and  the  Harl.  Catalogue  so  state  it)  that  Hearne 
i  from  the  Hntl.  MS.  65J3,  as  that  MS.  contains  only  the  Anglo- 
l«*s  from  the  Trxim,  and  does  not  at  all  correspond  with  the 
gi»en  by  Hcame  of  the  Dering  transcript,  from  which  his 
was  made.' 

P  llcmingi  Chartnlarium  ElcclesiK  Wigomensis  ,  . ,  desctipsil  edidit- 
tTbo.  He«ne.  Oiouii  1733,  1  voU.  Svo. 

'Pdnlcd  u  prose  without  translation  in  the  appendix  to  Heame's 
t(ByOilhvinu»GfaIiua.)  'Colonia  w.n.MXV," 



For  a  Iv^ng  period  no  original  work  of  any  extent  in  Angle 
:si\on  employed  the  care  of  our  philologists,  whose  lab( 
:r  :^v*  middle  of  the  last,  as  had  been  the  case  in  that  of 
L^n.\^ling  century,  were  given  to  the  compilation  of  Dictic 
iricis  which  have  had  their  share  in  fixing  the  standard  of  i 
Ft^iilish  language,  or  in  aiding  the  acquisition  of  the  kn( 
kxl^o  of  its  various  stages.  The  *  Etymologicon  Anglicanuml 
^m' Junius,  a  work  of  great  erudition  and  research,  after 
nuining  long  in  manuscript,  found  at  length  an  editor 
Kdward  Lye,  who,  acting  under  the  impulse  of  a  sj 
Muvircd  with  the  tastes  and  zeal  of  the  compiler,  succeec 
in  bringing  it  through  the  press,  augmented  by  the  addit 
k>f  an  Anglo-Saxon  Grammar  and  by  such  original  matter 
his  own  reading  had  enabled  him  to  supply  ^.  Opportunit 
were  incidentally  afforded  for  a  philological  comparison 
ihe  English  language  from  the  age  of  Alfred  to  that  of 
heth  in  the  historical  sketch  which  Samuel  Johnson  pre! 
Jo  the  first  edition  of  his  Dictionary^"'.     With  more 

txlition  of '  Johannis  confratris  Glastoniensis  Chronicon/  1726,  from 
Colt.  MS.  Otho  A.  xii,  which  was  afterwards  destroyed  by  the  firti 
1 731.   V.  Wanley's  Catal.  p.  232  ;  '  lUustr.  of  A.  Saxon  Poetry/  pp. 
oiul  Ixxxvii-xcvi ;  and  '  Analecta  A.  Saxonica/  pp.  1 21-136. 

*"  Francisci  Junii  F.  F.  Etymologicon  Anglicanum.     Ex  Aut( 
ilescripsit  et  accessionibus  permultis  auctum  edidit  Edwardus  Lye 
Ecclcsise   Parochialis  de  Yardley-IIastings  in  agro  Northamptc 
Rector.     Proemittuntur  Vita  Auctoris  et  Grammatica  Anglo-Saxc 
Oxonii.     E  Theatro  Slieldoniano  mdccxliii. 

"  '  A  Dictionary  of  the  English  Language  in  which  the  words 
deduced  from  their  originals  and  illustrated  in  their  different  signific 
by  examples  from  the  best  writers.     To  which  are  prefixed  a  Histc 
the  Language,  and  'an  English  Grammar.     By  Samuel  Johnson  A.l 

two  Volumes.     '  Cum  tabulis  animum premit  et  deserta 

tas.*     Hor.  [Ep.  11.  2.  110-118.]  London,  Printed  by  W.  Strahan, 
J.  and  S.  Knapton ;  I.  and  T.  Longman ;  C.  Hitch  and  L.  Hawes| 
Millar ;    and   R.   and   T.   Dodsley,  mdgclv.*     Johnson  has  taken 
extracts  in  illustration  of  the  English  language  from  the  following  aut 

PREFACE.  xxxix 

earing  on  the  acquisition  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  tongue  a 
t  this  time  undertaken  by  Edward  Lye,  under 
difficulties  which  might  have  discouraged  a  less  ardent 
iaxonisL     He  was  not  indeed  unprepared  for  the  struggle, 

FT  he  had  already  found  his  countrymen,  like  aliens  in  iheir 
Uherland,  toiling  in  the  study  of  the  language  and  laws  of 
dier  nations  to  the  neglect  of  (heir  own  early  annals  and 
isiitutions.  Cheered  by  the  timely  patronage  of  Archbishop 
eck^  he  prosecuted  the  work,  to  ils  completion ;  but  the 
:  sheets  were  scarcely  ilirough  the  press,  when  sinking 
nder  the  exertion  of  over-wrought  energies  he  left  at  his 
1  his  MSS.  to  the  care  of  Owen  Manning,  under  whose 
Bponsibihly  the  Lexicon  was  published  in  1772'",  a  Lexicon 

U  held,  notwithstanding  some  defects  in  critical  knowledge, 
S  valuable  for  a  faithful  adherence  to  the  orthography  of  the 
lamples  and  citations. 

In  the  following  year  the  Royal  Paraphrase  of  the  historian 
Irosins,  which  from  the  days  of  Junius  had  been  frequently 
eitined  for  the  press,  appeared  in  print;  its  editor  Dmnes 

-I .  Alfrrf's  Boelhius.    1.  A.  S.  aod  WicHBite  versions  of  the 

orallel  enlumns.    5-6.  Spedineiis  of  A.S.  poetr}'  and  prose, 

e  A.S.  Chronicle  from  I135-]  140,  and  the  Legend  of  St. 

'.  Robert  of  Gloucester.    8.  Sir  J.  Mandeville.    9,  Gower. 

irand  Cotville  in  psralltl  columns.     11.  LjiigaU. 

14.  Sir  T.  More.     15.  Skelton.    16.   Earl  of  Suirey. 

1%.  Sir  T.  Wilson  (i5S3,) 

'  'IMctionaHnRi  Saxonico   et  GothUo-Latinum.    Aucloie   Edvai 

^  Rcelore  de  Vanilef^Has  lings  in  Agro  Norlhant.    Accedunt  Fra^- 

'■»  Veisionla   UlphilaiiEC  Pauli   Epistolie  ad  Romanes,  et  DECuon 

Eula  quadani  Angla-Saxoniuu.    Kdidit,  nontiullis  vocabulis  auxit, 

iB&i  eiemplis  illaitravit  ct  Graimoaticain  utriuaque  lingua  pnemisit, 

I  MftDoing,  S.  T,  B,  Canoa.  Lincoln,  Vicanua  de  Godelming  et 

tf  de  PcpeiharoU'  in  agro  Surrei-tnsi.  iiecnon  Reg.  Socict.  Anliqu. 

iciiis.      Londini,  1771.'     i  voll.  fol.     V.  Thorpe's  Tronslat' 

:*s  A.S.  Grsromar.  Pref.  li,  and  Halbertsma  on  the   Friesic 

c,  in  Boiwortlj's  A.  S.  DicL  Pief.  xxxviii.  ed.  Load.  183B. 


Barrington  adding  an  English  version,  with  the  geograp 
notes  of  John  Reinhold  Forster  and  a  map  illustrative  o 
work  ".  It  is  probable  that  the  importance  of  this  pro 
tion,  which  is  justly  recognised  by  the  antiquary  of  the  pn 
day,  was  appreciated  by  the  countrymen  of  Alfred,  while 
learned  in  the  records  of  calamities  detailed  by  the  hisU 
a  lesson  of  submission  to  the  disastrous  results  of  foi 

The  publication  of  Orosius  was  followed  by  treatises 
varied  extent,  and  notices  in  historical  works,  on  sufc 
connected  with  the  polity  and  language  of  our  forefat 
Critical  researches  into  the  rich  stores  of  MSS.  hitherto  u 
amined  were  also  commenced  by  a  scholar,  in  the  pag« 

"  '  The  Angla-SaionVersioa  From  the  Historian  Orosios.  By, 
the  Great.  Together  with  an  English  Translation  From  the  i 
Saxon.  London,  Printed  by  W.  Bowyer  and  J.  Nichols  ftc.  mdco 
Barrington  used  a  transcript  copied  b^  W.  Elstob  from  a  I 
transcript  made  by  Junius  {Jun.  MS.  1 5)  from  the  Cotton  MS.  Til 
V.  note  45  and  Nichols's  Liter.  Anecd.  iv.  pp.  115,  113,  139.  Th 
*  De  misetia  Mundi,'  given  to  the  History  of  Orosius.  may  afford 
clue  to  its  A.  S.  title  Ormala  or  SornaOa,  which  seems  conoected 
the  adj.  earm,  'miserable,'  snp.  larmast,  Boeth.  38. 1.  M.  G.  am 
nrfriDiAi,  i  Cor.  xv.  19.  This  derivalton.  I  lind,  is  also  given  i 
Bibl.  Lat.  of  Fabricius,  who  quotes  G.  Eccardus  as  deriving  Oi 
from  Gothic  armat  (?),  'miseieri,'  and  also  adds  several  meauii 
proposed  by  others.  V.  Art.  Orosius  in  BibL  Lat.  and  in  Bayle'a 
and  Crit.  Diet.  London,  mdcc3. 

■  (1)  17?4-  Second  volume  of  Henry's  Hist,  of  Gt.  Britain.  ( 
4I0.  I7?"-i?93-  (a)  1775,  Ibbetsoo's  ■Dissertations  on  the  Fold 
and  Boclande  of  the  Sajtons ;  privately  printed:'  snd  ed.  in  1781, 
'  the  Judicial  Cnstoms  of  the  S.  and  Norman  Ages,'  and  ■  tlie  NbI 
Assemblies  under  the  S.  and  N.Govemmeni,'  (3)1775-  Strutt's-E 
Angel-cynnan.'  3  vols,  410.  (4)  '  77^-  A  Letter  to  J.  Dunning  by 
Tooke.  Diversions  of  Purlcy;  isl  part,  1786.  i  vols.  179S.  (5) 
Will  of  King  Alfred.  (6}  1789.  ■  De  .^l&ico  Dorober.  ArchJepU 
Commentttrius,"  a  MS.  work  by  E.  Rowe-Mores,  pnblished  by 
Thorkelio.  410.  V.  also  Lemon's  '  English  Etymology' ..."  froo 
Savon  and  other  Northern  Tongues."    XjoaAioa,  1 783, 

"REPACK.  xli 

Fsubsequent  editions  of  the  'History  of  tlie  Anglo- 
'  ihcir  habits,  institutions,  and  literature  received 
£  and  critical  illustration. 

I  the  close  of  the  last  century,  the  provision  which  had    ' 
made  by  Dr.  Richard  Rawlinson  in  1755  for  the  endow- 
jpf  an  Anglo-Saxon  lecture '''  in  the  University  of  Oxford 
jeffect,  by  the  appointment  in  1795  of  Charles  Mayo, 
)r  of  St.  John's,  as  the  first  professor.     Independent  of 
pdow-ment,  but  auxiliary  to  its  object,  a  valuable  library    , 
"  them  literature  "  was  bequeathed  by  Richard  Gough    , 
[University  in  the  year  1799,  in  trust  for  the  professor's 
IThe  restrictions  accompanying  the  tenure  of  the  office 
r  disadvantages,  but  are  not  such  as  to  weaken  the 
I  due  from  its  holders   to    the    expectations   of  that 
1  body,  to  whom  they  owe  their  position  for  fulfilling 
ihes  of  their  founder.     The  labours  of  Ingram  and 

btorj'  of  the  Anglo-Saxons,  ty  Sharon  Turner.  X/Ondan,  1799- 

E  Dr.  RiLwluisDii's  Will  and  Endowment,  Loadon,  1755,  and  the 

B  given  in  the  Appeodii  No.  i.  lo  Ingram's  I.  L,     The  Ejidow- 

Idaled  Aug.  11.  1750.    By  Rawlinsoo'E  Will,  dated  June  1,  1753. 

|is  charged  on  lands  in  Lancashire  to  maintain  one  A.  S.  Leclure 

aswship  ia  the  University  of  Oxford.     By  ist  codicil,  dated 

175a,  the  election  Is  vested  in  Convocation,  the  oifice  lo  be 

very  ten  years  \  and  the  several  CoUeges  to  enjoy  it  in  suc- 

I  Si,  John's,  his  own.  College,  having  the  first  and  every  iifth 

t  Professor  '  lo  be  a  regular  not  created  graduate,'  and  "to 

ft  bachelor*  as  long  as  he  holds  the  appointment.     By  the 

kdl,  dated  July  15,  1754,  '  No  native  of  Scotland.  Ireland,  or 

ttttioiu  abroad,  and  no  present  or  future  member  of  the  Kuyal    ^ 

Hrian  Societies,'  to  be  eligible,    By  4th  codicil,  July  14,  17SS.    I 

■  of  office  is  limited  to  five  years.     [These  restrictions  arc  now 

L  R.HO 

I  Catalogue  of  the  Books  relating  to  British  Topography  and 
td  Northern  Literature,  bequeathed  to  the  Bodleian  Library  in 
r  uiMCXCii  by  Richard  Cough,  Esq.   F.  S.A.  Oxford,  at  the 

xlii  PREFACE. 

Conybeare  may  be  allowed  to  testify  a  zeal,  not  altogeth 
unsuccessful,  to  that  end. 

The  Inaugural  Lecture  ^  of  Professor  Ingram,  publish 
in  1807,  contains  a  comprehensive  and  eloquent  stateme; 
of  the  exertions  to  which  our  mother-tongue  had  been  i] 
debted  for  its  encouragement,  and  of  the  claims  which 
asserts  to  the  notice  of  European  scholars.  Led  through 
love  of  early  folk-lore  to  acquire  a  familiar  knowledge  c 
most  of  the  branches  of  our  national  antiquities,  he  passa 
a  long,  but  not  idle,  interval  in  preparing  for  the  press  hi 
edition  of  the  Saxon  Chronicle^*.  The  sources  whid 
he  consulted  serve  to  secure  a  faithful  record  of  annal 
considered  to  be  unrivalled  in  value  among  the  historica 
collections  of  Northern  Europe. 

The  '  Illustrations  of  Anglo-Saxon  Poetry  ®*,'  which  origin 

**  *  An  Inaugural  Lecture  on  the  Utility  of  Anglo-Saxon  Literatnrt 
to  which  is  added  The  Geography  of  Europe,  By  King  Alfred,  includiflj 
His  Account  of  the  Discovery  of  the  North  Cape  in  the  Ninti 
Century,  By  the  Rev.  James  Ingram,  M.  A.  Fellow  and  Tutor  i 
Trinity  College,  Oxford,  and  Anglo-Saxon  Professor.  Oxford,  At  d| 
University  Press  for  the  Author,  Sold  by  I.  Cooke  and  J.  Parkd 
Oxford,  &c.  1807.*  j 

^  *  The  Saxon  Chronicle,  vi^ith  an  English  Translation,  and  Nod 
critical  and  explanatory.  To  which  are  added  Chronological,  Tod 
graphical,  and  Glossarial  Indices ;  a  short  Grammar  of  the  Anglo-SaJBj 
Language;  a  new  Map  of  England  during  the  Heptarchy;  Plates] 
Coins,  etc.  By  the  Rev.  J.  Ingram,  B.  D.  4to.  London.  1823.*  ItshJ 
be  added  that  Miss  Gurney  had  anticipated  the  Professor  by  a  litdl 
English  translation  of  the  Chronicle,  printed  for  private  distributiottl 
Norwich  in  1819.  1 

^  '  Illustrations  of  Anglo-Saxon  Poetry.     By  John  Josias  Conybe* 
M.  A.   &c.     Late   Prebendary  of  York   and  Vicar   of  Bath  Eastfl 
Formerly  Student  of  Christ-Church,  and  successively  Professor  of  ArU 
Saxon  and  of  Poetry  in  the  University  of  Oxford.     Edited  together 
Additional  Notes,  Introductory  Notices,  &c.     By  his  brother  Will 
Daniel  Conybeare,   M.A.  &c.  Rector  of  Sully.     London,  Printed 
Harding  and  Lepard,  Pall  Mall  East.  1826.*     The  groundwork  of 
poem   of  Beowulf  is  possibly  of  a  date  anterior  to  the  arrival  of 

PREFACE.  xliii 

in  the  terminal  lectures  delivered  by  Professor  Cony- 
between  the  years  r8o8  and  1813,  evince  the  acuieness 
a  mind  able  to  grapple  with  a  subject  all  the  dilTicuitics  of 
och  have  not  yet  been  satisfactorily  overcome.  In  his 
rspicuous  detail  of  the  laws  of  Anglo-Saxon  verse  the 
tor  critically  discusses  the  nature  of  its  rhythm  and  cadence, 
properties  of  its  alliterative  metre,  and  that  singular  appo- 
ion  of  sentences,  resembling  the  parallelisms  of  Hebrew 
hich,  though,  as  it  would  appear,  systematically 
Opted,  had  yet  escaped  the  notice  of  former  writers.  The 
nples  produced  to  substantiate  the  original  remarks  of 
Professor,  as  well  as  the  supplemental  notices  of  his 
ated  relation  and  editor,  contain  extracts  from  the  poems 
CEedmon,  and  Beowulf,  and  from  the  'Exeter  Book,'  the 
Bietils  of  which  were  now  for  the  first  lime  made  more 
lerally  known  10  Northern  scholars.  The  insight  thus  ob- 
led  into  the  metrical  system  of  our  forefathers  imparts  a 

ill  Ihis  country,  but  the  present  form  of  the  poem  a  not 

Ik  of  a  date  eailier  than  the  tenth  century,     A  Lronscript 

poem,  which  is  contamed  in  the  Colt.  MS.  Vitellius  A.  xv,  was 

by  Thorkelin  in  r^SG,  and  was  ready  with  a  Latin  transktlon  and 

for  pulilicatiOD  in  1S07,  when  the  whole  was  dcslioyed  al 


llTig  publUhed  a  Duiish  paraphrase  of  the  poem  -a 
Bid)  by  himself  and  Rask,  al  Thackelio's  text,  the  &ulliucss  of 
Ehithrou^h  the  ciicumstances  above  mentioned,  was  almost  unavoid- 
k  The  corrections  were  fnuiid  to  agree  very  closely  with  the  original 
1  The  ExtlM  Book  is  a  MS.  containing  a  miscellaneous  collection 
.$,  poetry,  and  still  remains  at  Exeter  with  other  MSS,,  being  part 
te  cullectioD  presented  by  Bishop  Leolric  to  the  library  of  his 
lednl  In  Oic  eleventh  century.  Some  of  the  volumes  are  now  in  the 
IcBui  Lilinry.  and  others  in  (he  library  of  C.C,  C  Cambridge. 
■nllionhi]'  of  the  poetry  in  the  E.  B.,  as  well  39  of  Llinl  ia  the 
ks  VeroelicDsis,'  is  altribulcd  by  Kerable  to  Cyncwulf.  ahbot  uf 
rterau|;h  or  M>xlam»tede.  who  died  in  1014.  v.  Fref.  to  Cod.  Vcrc. 
.  amJ  fCrmble'b  letter  to  Michel. 



greater  interest  to  those  national  productions,  in  whic^ 
poet  gave  to  the  range  of  his  thoughts  a  freedom  i 
boldness  denied  to  the  more  servile  movements  of  a  q 

During  its  recent  and  active  revival  Anglo-Sa:{on  litera 
has  become  more  justly  appreciated,  although  such  i 
has  not  been  attained  without  struggles  remarkable  for  ti 
occasion  which    called   them   forth,  and  the  source  of  the 
encouragement  which  they  elicited. 

The  labours  of  our  earliest  Saxon  scholars,  as  well  as  (^ 
their  successors,  were  not  indeed  uncheered  by  the  patronagf 
of  those  among  their  countrymen  who  through  their  attaiw 
ments,  inclination,  and  influence  were  best  able  to  bestowitj 
but  the  preceding  remarks  may  tend  to  shew  at  what  distal^ 
intervals  the  patron's  aid  was  given,  how  much  was  accoia 
plished  by  unbefrieiided  authors,  and  how  many  works  wefl 
abandoned  through  the  indifference  with  which  the  projeifl 
for  their  publication  were  received.  Prospects  scarcely  tei 
discouraging  followed,  while  the  cultivation  of  the  study  W 
passing  into  channels  through  which  hitherto  it  had  been  bi 
sparingly  conducted.  Till  the  commencement  of  the  presa 
century  conrinental  scholars  had  been  rarely  led  in 
tensive  investigation  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  tongue,  or  the  puS 
lication  of  its  literary  remains.  The  list  of  its  chief  promota 
is  almost  exhausted  by  the  names  of  Vulcanius,  De  I 
Schilter,  Wachter,  Ihre,  and  Adelung".    But  on  the  publid 

"  I.  '  Joatmis  Sdiilteri  JC"  ollin  Argentoralensis  Thcsauros 
taliim     Tentanicaram,     Ecclesiastidium,     Civiliam,     Littei 
Tomis  Tribus.    Primus  Sacra   cantinet  Monuments:  Fraui 
manaica,  Saxoaica :  Biblica  et  Eccle^aslica.    Alter  Civilia ; 
Tertiu^  Glossarium  Teutouicum,  Sec     OpuB  diu  de&idei 
AalDgraphis   B.  Auloris   datum  e  Mnseo  Joannia    Chrii 
JC",  etSjndici  CampoduDcnsis.     Acceduut  passim  Air 
menta  insignia  Vetu£lisEima ;  novitec  post  Schilteruiu 

PREFACE.  xlv 

Ion  of  the  'Deutsche  GraTtiinatik '  by  Grimm  in  iSis,  and 
f  the  '  Artgelsaksisk  Sproglasre"'  by  Rask  in  1817,  it  was 
ividenl  to  our  philologists,  not  only  that  the  language  of  our 
ibrefalhers  was  receiving  close  attention  on  the  continent. 
It  that  its  future  importance  would  be  tnalerially  affected  by 
e  views  which  the  authors  of  the  above-mentioned  works 
had  propounded  oa  the  affinities  of  the  Gothic  tongues.    The 
prindples  of  comparative  etymology  were  developed  at  large 
the  second  edition  of  the  'Deutsche  Grammatik™,'  the 
iblicalion  of  which,  from  the  commencement  in  1S22,  ex- 
Bended  over  a  period  of  fifteen  years.     These  principles  were 
^B||fayed  in  readjusting  the  grounds  on  which  etymological 
^^^^B)ns  had  so   long  rested,  and   in   substituting  fresh 
^^^HpK  and  accessories  constructive  of  a  new  standard  of 
^HSV^cat  criticism '°. 

Lods  inserta:  turn  Vironim  doclamm  eroendatianes,  Vcrsioaes, 
cms  cxquisitLE.  UlmEe,  Sninplibus  Danielis  Bartholoinrei,  et 
DCCXiviii.'  3  Toll.  fol.  II.  '  Glassaiium  Getmanicum,  cotitin- 
otigines  et  ajitr  qui  tales  tolius  Ungux  Germanicic.  ct  omnium  pene 
bnloiuin.  vigcDtium  et  desilormn.  Opn9  Bipactitum  et  qoinqne 
Lbys  iiiElructuiii  Jobannis  Gcorgii  Wachleru  Lipsia^  Apnd  Joh. 
r.  Gledilschii  R  filium,  wnccimvii.'  1  voll.  fol.  III.  'Glossariain 
quo  lam  hodiemo  usu  frequentata  vocabula,  qnam 
l^nm  palriaram  tabnlis  nliisque  ktl  medii  scriptis  obvia  eiplicantar, 
B  dialcctis  cognalis.  Mceso-Gothica.  Anglo-Saxonica.  Alemannico, 
ndiea  ceterisquc  GothlcFe  et  Celticic  originis  iUustrantur.  Auctore 
Itnne  Ihre.  Upsali:e.  Typis  Edtnannianis  Anno  hdcclxii.'  fol. 
■Milliridales  odet  allgemeine  Sprachenkuade  mil  dem  Vatet  Uoser 
^irachprcibc  in  bey  nahe  flinfhundcrt  Sprachen  und  Mundarten, 
.  Johann  Chrisloph  Adelung.  ChurfUrstl.  Skchsischem  Hofrath  und 
Et-Sbtiolhekar.     Berlin.  i3o6.'     4  vols.  Bvo. 

'  '  AnE*'^*'^'*''  Sprogliere  tiUgemcd  en  liort  L^aebog  ved  R.  K. 
fc.    Slcrcblialm.  1S17.' 

'  'Deutscbi:  Gtsmmatik  Ton  Dr.  Jacob  Grimm  Kurhess.  Biblio- 
ar,  Mehc,  CeL  Ges.  Milgl.  Zweite  Ani^gabe.  Gottingen.'  iSl), 
6.(831.  1837.     4  vols.  8to. 

'  TTte  following  statement  of  the  propositions  on  which  this  system 
s  it  abridged  Tiom  the  ootice  of  it  which  is  quoted  from  Kemble's 


1  i83M 
larch  M 

:  presf? 


works  illustrative  of  our  language  and  institutions, 
these  the  student  gladly  hailed  the  English  translatil 
Rask's  Anglo-Saxon  G-rammar,  the  circulation  of  whicn 
been  chiefly  confined  to  Denmark ;  the  valuable  compila 
in  the  '  Analecla  Anglo-Saxonica;'  and  the  critical  e 
of  the  poem  of  Beowulf,  put  forth  in  1835  and  1 
marked  with  the  historical  and  philological  research  j 
command  of  its  learned  and  zealous  editor. 

While  these  works  were  ])assing  through  the  presf^ 
unaided  by  the  patronage  of  the  public,  it  was  felt  by  tli 
most  conversant  with  the  literary  claims  of  the  Anglo-Sax 
that  theycouldnot  render  justice  to  such  claims,  while,  am 
the  responsibQiries  of  editorial  labour,  they  depended  so 
for  encouragement  on  the  capricious  tenure  of  popular  favi 
So  far  back  as  the  year  1830  patriotic  appeals  on  1 
our  early  vernacular  literature  were  addressed  t 
and  influential  Institutions,  and  to  those  existing  Sodj 

A  Seleclion  in  Prose  and  Verse  from  Anglo-Saxon  Anthors  oCm 
Ages  :  with  a  Glossary.  Deigned  chiefly  as  a  hrst  Book  for  Stud 
London,  183+.'  Svo.  XII.  'The  Anglo-Saxon  Translation  of  the 
mance  of  ApoUonins  of  Tyre,  npon  which  is  founded  the  pLi 
Pericles  attributed  to  Shaltspeare,  from  a  MS.  in  the  libtary  of  C.  ( 
Cambridge,  with  a  Literal  Translation,  &c.  By  Benjamin  TTk 
London,  1834.'  XIII.  'King  Alfred's  Anglo-Saxon  Version  of 
Metres  of  Boethius,  with  an  English  Translation  and  Notes,  bj 
Rev,  S.  Pox,  &c.  London,  1835.'  XIV.  ■  The  Anglo-Saxon  Chu 
its  History,  Revenues,  and  general  Character.  By  Heniy  Soamea,  ) 
Chancellor  of  St.  Paul's  Cathedral,  London:  Parker."  ist  Edit.  l( 
'  I.  'Record  Commission,'  fir5t  issued  iBoo,  renewed  1806,  1 
1809.  1811,  1815,  iSjl,  a.nd  since  dissolved.  :.  'Materials  fm 
History  of  Great  Britain,  inclnding  A,  S.  Chronicle  to  the  year  ic 
not  published.  3. 'Appendix  Ryrner'sFiedera!'  containing  A) 
Saxon  remains  discovered  abroad;  not  published.  3.  'Ancio  '' 
and  Institutes  of  England,  &c.,  with  compendious  Glossary, 
by  command  of  his  late  Majesty  King  WillJam  IV.,  under  the  S 
of  the  Commissioners  on  the  Public  Records  of  the  Kingdom,  id 
fol.  and  Svo.   The  last  two  works  were  edited  by  B.  Thorpe.  Esq.  ^ 


PREFACE.  xlix 

were  more  irmnedialely  ioterested  in  the  investigation 

itiquarian    subjects.      A   national    feeling  being   thus 

kened,  the  impulse  hence  received  was  soon  recognised 

formation  of  other  Societies  of  kindred  views,  and  in 
satisfectory  results  of  their  patronage  '*, 

ion,  through  the  zeal  of  their  Secretary,  C.  P.  Cooper,  Esq,,  we 
the  knowledge  of  the  exiBlence  of  many  valuable  Anglo-Saxon  MSS. 
materials  for  English  History  preserved  in  foreign  libraries,  v.  Cod. 
I.  Pref.  note  6.  II.  Sodety  of  Anliqaaries.  This  Society,  the 
oes  of  whose  '  Arcbaologia. '  contain  some  valuable  conlributions 
..S.  philology,  on  the  recommendalion  of  a  select  committee  ap- 
ted  by  resolutions  contirroed  March  17th,  1S31,  undertook  the  pab- 
of  the  following  works  in  enCDoragemenC  of  A.  S.  and  early 
literature.  The  works  were  issued  as  follows,  1. '  C^mon's 
rical  Paraphrase  of  parts  of  the  Holy  Scriptures,  in  Anglo-Saxon; 
no.  English  Translation,  Notes,  and  a  Verbal  Index.  By  Bea- 
Thorpe,  F.S.A.  Honor.  Member  of  tbe  Icelandic  Liter.  Soc.  of 
London;  printed  for  the  Society  of  Antiquaries,  1831.' 
kldez  Eioniensis.  A  Collection  of  Anglo-Saxon  Poetry,  from  a 
tBcript  ia  the  Library  of  lie  Dean  and  Chapter  of  Exeter ;  with  an 
llh  Translation.  Notes,  and  Indices.  By  Benjamin  Thorpe,  F.S.A. 
Xxwdon:  published  for  the  Sodety  of  Antiquaries.  1842.'  3. 
unon's  Brut.'  V.  note  77.  HI.  '  Libri  Psalmorum  Versio  Antiqua 
Paca^^rasi  Anglo-Saxon ica  partim  solnla  oratione.  partlm  metrice 
None  primnm  e  Codidbtis  MS.  in  Bihliotheca  Regia  Parisi- 
to  descrlptdt  et  edjdit  fienjamlii  Thorpe,  S.A.S.  £ic.  Oxonii, 
ipqgrapheo  Academia;,  udcccxiiv.'  IV.  In  1838  (he  Council  of 
I^al  Society  of  Literature,  which  bad  been  founded  in  1815,  nn- 
nk  Ibe  pnblication.  in  a  series  of  volumes,  of  a  Biography  of  the 
MTT  Character  01  ihe  United  Kingdum.  arranged  in  chronological 
r.  IVo  volumes  have  appeared;  to  the  first  of  which  is  prelixed 
Kltaj  on  the  State  of  Literature  and  Learning  among  the  Aoglo- 
Ba,'  iTom  Ihe  able  pen  of  Thomas  Wright,  Esq.,  the  editor  of  the 
Be*: — '  Bittgraphia  Literaria  Brilanuica.  Anglo-Saxon  Period, 
lav  1841.'  'B.  L.L.Anglo-Norman  Period.  London,  1846.'  The 
fwn'od  extends  from  Cildas.  a.d.  ^},o  to  Wulstan,  1095.  The  A.N. 
'  CKlcnds  ihiDi  Guy  bishop  of  Amiens,  1076,  to  Stephen  de  Lang- 

L  Suilees  Society,  established  1834,  Among  the  publications  cf 
ty  is  the  following :  '  Anglo-Sajon  and  Early  English  I'aalter ; 
printed  from  the  MSS.  in  the  British  Museum,  London."  vol.  i. 


The  field  of  Anglo-Saxon  philology  now  found  its 
labourers  in  this  country  associated  in  friendly  and  ho 
able  rivalry  with  the  enlightened  scholars  of  Denmarl 
Germany.  Entire  works  hitherto  but  imperfectly  edit< 
known  only  through  extracts  and  incidental  notices, 
made  accessible  to  the  scholar  through  the  careful  la 
of  our  most  experienced  Saxonists.  Under  such  aus 
the  poetic  element  in  our  national  genius,  as  exhibit( 
productions  of  a  narrative,  devotional,  or  traditional 
racter,  received  its  due  share  of  critical  attention.  Nc 
diligence  and  judgment  have  been  bestowed  on  the 
lication  of  charters  and  other  documents,  which  throw 
on  popular  manners  and  customs,  and  on  the  working  c 
social  machine  through  its  varied  conditions  of  public 
domestic  life.  Nor  have  subjects  of  higher  import 
practical  tendency  been  forgotten.  The  Legislation  o 
Witena-gemot  and  the  Homiletic  teaching  of  the  Ai 
Saxon  Church  have  been  presented  to  us  through  two  o 
most  valuable  works  of  the  Saxon  press,  which  testi 
correctness  of  text  the  intelligence  and  care  with  which 
have  been  edited.  The  theologian,  it  is  true,  will  disc 
errors  and  inconsistencies  in  the  Homilies  of  -^Ifric,  bi 
will  admit  them   also  as  a  depository  in  which  impo 

1843.  vol.  ii.  1847.  Edited  by  J.  Stevenson,  Esq.  V.  note  76 
Camden  Society,  founded  1838.  This  Society  has  published  th 
lowing  among  other  works  :  *  Promptorium  Parvulorum.*  V.  no 
III.  Historical  Society  of  England.  '  Codex  Diplomaticus  -^vi  Saa 
Opera  J.  M.  Kemble,  M.A.  London,  1839 — 1848.*  6  voll.  8v 
Philological  Society,  including  some  of  our  principal  A.  S.  scholai 
for  some  time  held  meetings  in  London,  and  printed  many  va 
papers  on  the  English  language.  It  appears  also  from  a  recent 
munication  to  the  Athenaeum  that  a  Philological  Society  was  forn 
Cambridge  so  long  ago  as  1830,  and  that  some  of  the  speculations 
members  were  printed  in  the  Philological  Museum  for  1832,  18; 
Athenaeum,  March  13, 1852. 


bolh  of  a  moral  and  doctrinal  kind  have  been  pre- 
At  the  same  lime  the  statesman  will  not  fail  to 
cognise  in  the  'Ancient  Laws  and  Institutes  of  England' 
rude  germ  of  much  of  her  constitutional  polity,  and  the 
rce  from  which,  '  as  from  springs  of  wholsome  waters, 
streames  of  her  later  laws  have  spread  ".' 
The  revival  of  Anglo-Saxon  learning  has  thus  tended 
Lterially  to  increase  the  facilities  for  its  cultivation,  as  well 
its  value  and  usefulness,  Our  vernacular  literature  has 
ED  enriched  by  accurate  editions  of  its  earliest  productions, 
a  our  mother-tongue  raised  to  a  position  in  which  it  fulfils 
important  part  in  elucidating  the  history  and  affinities  of 
DTOpean  languages'^ 

**  v. '  On  the  Sacred  Law  of  the  Ijuicl.'    Addrtss  '  To  ihe  Reader/ 

In  addiliom  lo  the  works  mentioneJ  at  notes  71—74,  the  follon-ing 
be  named,  as  lending  among  others  to  thew  the  coiilinueii  attention 
lo  Anglo-Saxon  both  in  this  conntry  and  oa  the  continent.  Among  , 
bColal  works: — I.  ' Allsachasche  nnd  AngelsScbsische  Spraeh- 
)bn.  Herausgegehen  iind  mit  einem  erldarenden  Verzeichniss  der 
^■^Mchsischen  Worier  versehen  von  Heinrich  Leo.  Halle,  1838.' 
'SiingeiB  Weitfahrt.  Xdhelstans  Sieg  bei  Btunanburg.  Angel- 
lUch  uod  deulsch  von  Ludwig  Ettmijller.  Ziirich,  18,19.'  HI'  '^oL  7 
le  'Bibliothek  der  gesammlen  deutschen  National- Literatur  von 
3lteslen  bis  auf  die  neuere  Zeit,'  viz.  'Diedeutschen  Abschwbrnngs-, 
idKns-,  Beicht-,  imd  Bedformeln  vom  achten  bis  mm  zwoKteii  /ahr- 
l^erf.  Nebfit  Anhiingcn  und  SchrirtnBchbLldungen.  Herausg.  von 
,y,  Massmano.  Qnedlinbnrg  und  Leipzig,  1839,'  IV.  'Andreas 
■  "Tene.  Herausgegehen  von  Jacob  Giimm.  Cassel,  18+0.'  The 
Ms'  is  called  by  Kemble  'A  Legend  of  St.  Andrew;'  and  the 
*  bj  Thorpe  "  The  Invention  of  the  Cross.'  The  volume  is  ac- 
nied  by  an  Introduction  and  copious  notes.  The  text  is  extracted 
Dr.  Lappenberg's  copy  of  the  Vercelli  Poems,  printed  by  the 
d  Commission.  V.  note  73,  and  Kemble's  preface  to  the  edition 
e  'Codci  Vereellcnais '  mentioned  below.  Among  works  in 
^uuli— I.  'A  Dictionary  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  LangUaeSp  conlaining 
:  Accentuatiop,  the  Grammatical  Inllections,  Ihe  Irreguiar  Words,  the 
Term*  r^^m  the  ether  Gothic  LanEuages,  the  meaning  of  the 


Much  care  has  also  been  bestowed  through  the 
illustrating  later  periods  of  our  language,  its  dialectic 

A.  S.  in  English  and  Latin,  serving  as  a  Dictionary  of  E.  an 
well  as  of  L.  and  A.  S.  With  a  preface  on  the  Origin  and  Co 
the  Germanic  Tongues,  a  Map  of  Languages,  and  the  Essentia 
Grammar.  By  the  Rev.  J.  Bosworth,  LL.D.  Dr.  Phil,  of  Le 
London,  Longman,  &c. ;  Talboys,  Oxford ;  Stevenson,  Cambri( 
The  student  will  find  in  this  most  useful  work  an  abstract  of  E 
Grammar  and  of  Grimm's  Declensions  and  Conjugations. 
Anglo-Saxon  Church,  &c.  By  Henry  Soames,  M.A.  &c.* 
1838  :  3rd  edit.  1845.  III.  *  Da  Halgan  Godspel  on  Englisc. 
version  of  the  Holy  Gospels,  edited  from  the  original  Manusc 
Benjamin  Thorpe,  F.S.A.  &c.  London,  1842.'  small  8vo. 
lecta  Anglo-Saxonica,  anew  Edition  with  Corrections  and  Impr 
By  B.  Thorpe,  &c.  London,  1846.'  V.  'The  Origin  of  the 
Germanic,  and  Scandinavian  Languages  and  Nations,  with  a  : 
their  early  Literature,  and  short  Chronological  Specimens  « 
Saxon,  Friesic,  Flemish,  Dutch,  German  from  the  Moeso-Got 
present  time,  Icelandic,  &c.,  by  the  Rev.  Jos.  Bosworth,  D.  D. . 
8vo.  This  is  a  reprint  of  the  Preface  to  the  Dictionary  aire 
tioned.  VI.  *  A  Compendious  Anglo-Saxon  and  English  D 
By  the  Rev.  J.  Bosworth,  D.D.  &c.  London,  1849.'  VII. 
Ecclesiae  Dunelmensis.  Nunc  primum  typis  mandatum.  Print 
Surtees  Society,  1840.'  VIII.  iElfric  Society  founded  1842,  a 
gestion  of  Mr.  Thorpe,  for  the  Illustration  of  A.S.  and  Earb 
Philology.  The  works  already  printed  for  the  Society  are  th 
ing :  I .  '  The  Homilies  of  the  Anglo-Saxon  Church.  The  ; 
containing  the  Sermones  Catholici,  or  Homilies  of  vElfric. 
Original  Anglo-Saxon,  with  an  English  version.  By  Benjamii 
F.S.A.  London,'  vol.  i.  1844.  vol.  ii.  1846.  2.  'The  Poet 
Codex  Vercellensis,  with  an  English  Translation.  By  J.  M 
M.A.  London,  1843.  Part  i.'  The  Vercelli  poems  are  six  ii 
They  form  part  of  the  contents  of  a  volume  discovered  at  'V 
1832  by  Dr.  Blum,  and  were  soon  afterwards  printed  by  th 
Commission  in  Appendix  B.  to  Ryraer's  Foedera.  They  are  in 
Saxon  dialect,  and  the  authorship  of  them  is  ascribed  by  Keml 
Cynewulf  mentioned  at  note  66.  The  volume  forms  the  fifth  nun 
Society's  publications,  and  contains  the  Legend  of  St.  Andrew 
sion  of  the  Mermedonians.  3.  *  The  Dialogue  of  Solomon  and 
with  an  Historical  Introduction.  By  John  M.  Kemble,  M.  A. 
Coll.  Camb.  &c.  London,  1848.'  The  volume  contains  also 
verbs  of  Alfred,*  '  Anglo-Saxon  Apothegms,'  *  Proverbs  of  Hen 
XI.  'Promptorium  Parvulorum  sive  Clericorum,  Lexicon  Anglo 

progressive  changes  as  effected  by  foreign  elements 
and  influence". 
The  publicaitOD  of  tbe  Ormuliun,  wliicli  presents  among 

■Fratre  GoJfrido  Grammalico  dicto  e  Predicatoribus 
I^iscopi,  Northtolciensi,  A.  D.  circa  mccccxi,.  Olim  e  Pynsonianis 
I,  BQDC  ab  iategro,  cooimealariolis  subjectis.  ad  Gdem  codicTTm 
AlbettasWay.  Tomus  Prior.  Lnndini ;  so  mptj  bos  Socie  talis 
1844.'  [Theremainiiig  volumes  httveaincebeenpublishcd.] 
which  the  tent  15  formed  is  Ihe  Harleian  MS.  221. 
h  owntioDed  by  V-'iLoley  in  a  Utter  to  Dr.  Chirietl,  d^led  Camb.  OcL 
1699,  as  'an  aotieaC  Lat.  Engl.  Dictionary,  contaioiog  the  words  of 
EaUern  English,  whereby  Mr,  Benson  may  secure  many  old  words 
H  bang  buried  in  the  grave  of  everlibting  oblivion.'  Letters  of 
L.  M.  p.  293.    [See  also  Note  1 16.] 

""  I.  'The  Ancient  Romance  of  Ilaveloc  the  Dane,  accompanied  by 
Fltndi  lexl,  with  an  Introduction.  Notes,  and  Glossary.  By  F. 
Idea.  Esq.  F.A.S.  &c.  Prioted  for  the  Roxburgh  Club,  London. 
L*  IL  •  The  Towneley  Mysteries.  London,  J.  B.  Nichols  and 
to."  Printed  for  the  Snrteea  Society  in  JB36,  from  a  MS.  volume 
O^rcd  al  Toivneley  Hall  in  Leicestershire.  It  is  accompanied  by  a 
[InH  very  uiiefnl  Glosiiary.  III.  'A  History  of  EnglLh  Rhythms, 
Edwin  Guest,  Esq.  M.A.  Fellow  of  Caius  CoEege,  Cambridge. 
kn,  rickcHng,  iSjS."  3  vols.Svo.  IV.  'The  Political  Songs  of 
IumI.  6wm  the  Reign  of  John  tn  that  of  Edward  11.  Edited  and 
tdned  by  Thomas  Wright.  Esq.  M.A.  &c.  of  Trinity  College,  Cam- 

fe.  Ijondon,  printed  for  the  Camden  Society.  tSjQ.'  V.  '  The 
nlon  Romances,  The  Early  English  Metrical  Romances  of  Ferce- 
Inunlitu.  Eglamour,  and  Degtevant.  selected  from  Manuscripts  at 
»k  uid  Cambridge.  Edited  by  J.  O.  Huliiwell,  Esq.  F.R.S,  Sec 
don,  prioied  lor  the  Camden  Society.  1S44.'  VL  '  Keliquix  Antiqune. 
ft  Eroni  Ancient  Manuscripts,  illustrating  chiefly  Early  E^llah 
nlDtc  and   the  English  LanguiLge.    Edited  by  Thomas  Wright, 

,  M.A.  F.S,A..  and  James  Orchard  Halliwell.  Esq.  F.R.S.  &c 
ton.  J.  R.  Smilh.  1845.'  a  vols.  8vo.  VII.  ■  Lajamon's  Brat,  of 
nitie  at  Britain  ;  A  Poetical  Semi-Saion  Paraphrase  of  the  Brtil  of 

ff.  Now  lirst  published  from  the  Cottonian  Manuscripts  in  the 
kb  Umcum,  aeconnpanied  by  a  Literal  Tianslalion.  Notes,  and  a 
anmlial  Glossary.    By  Sir  F.  Madden,  K.  H.  Keeper  of  the  MSS. 

Ac  British  Museum,  London;  published  by  the  Society  of  An- 
rfciof  I.Kii'lon,  |84J'."  3  vols.  8vo.  VIIL  '  Popular  Treatises  ou 
OE.  *rillen  during  the  Middle  Ages  in  Anglo-Saxon,  Anglo-Noi> 
»!  English.    XiUltd  by  T.  Wright.  Esq.'  8vo. 



other  points  of  interest  many  peculiarities  of  orthoj 
phraseology,  and  construction,  will  tend,  it  is  hoped, 
illustration  of  the  English  language  in  one  of  its  raoi 
markable  stages  and  dialects.  The  original  MS. 
of  a  single  folio  volume,  is  preserved  among  the  juniaij 
collection  in  the  Bodleian  Library".  An  entry  on  the  second 
fly-leaf  of  the  volume  shews  that  it  was  purchased  in  1659' 
by  Janus  UUdus '",  a  friend  of  Junius,  and  a  scholar  of  varie 

■">  JUQ.  MS,   1. 

"  Incorrectly  stated  by  Wanley  as  1651,  and  by  Guest  as  1656. 

"  Janns  Ulilius  or  Vlitius  iVan  Vliet)  was  bom,  probably  at 
Hague,  in  lOio.  He  was  intimate  with  most  of  the  dislinguis 
scholars  of  his  time.  When  on  a  visit  in  Engladd  in  164I.  where^d  himself  with  others  in  Ihe  pleasures  of  [he  chace,  he  fanned 
project  of  editiug  some  of  the  Latin  poets  who  have  wiitten  on  hnnCi 
and  OD  his  return  into  Holland  published,  with  commentaries,  at 
Elzevir  press  in  1645,  bis  '  Venatio  Novantiqua,'  1 3mo,  which  conti 
the  poems  of  Gratius  Faliscns.  Calpumius,  and  Nemesianus,  A  rep 
appeared  in  1S53,  under  the  title  ■  Auctores  rci  venatica:  antiqui.'  wit 
new  dedication  and  an  appendix  called  'Secundee  Cuias.'  In  1718: 
peared  an  edition  of  the  '  Poetie  Latini  Rei  TenaticB  Scriplo 
coiici  Antiqui,'  pjblished  by  Burman  at  Leyden,  with  Ihi 
Ulitius  and  others.  Ulitius  was  the  author  of  several  othei 
which  we  need  only  notice  the  poetical  Epistle  dedicatoij  to 
de  la  Gardie,  prefixed  to  the  Mceso-Gothic  Glossary  of  Juniiu 
Morley  addressed  to  him  two  Latin  letters",  dated  from  Bredi 
and  published  in  1683  in  London.  They  were  translated  inti 
and  published  anonymously  in  1707''.  Ulilius  was  appointed 
rick  Henry  Prince  of  Orange  to  the  office  of  '  Greffier '  or  Kegist 
Breda,  and  has  left  tour  volumes  filled  with  official  proceedings, 
died  at  Breda  in  1666,  in  the  57th  year  of  his  a|^.     The  (oUt 


and  erudition.  It  is  possible  that  the  volume  fonnerly 
longed  to  some  religious  fraternity  in  England,  and  during 
plunder  of  monasteries  at  the  period  of  the  Reformation 
mnd  its  way  abroad  with  other  literary  treasures  of  a.  similar 
of  which  a  large  traffic  was  then  made  on  tlie  sordid 
of  bulk  and  measure  ".  Thus  happily  escaping 
loble  fate,  it  would  have  passed  in  the  interval  sue- 
through  the  hands  of  owners  who  knew  its  value 
library  of  tlie  Dutch  philologist  at  Breda.  But  the 
itry  above  noticed  rather  suggests  the  probability,  that 
liet  became  the  owner  through  the  necessities  of  one  of 
>ae  English  exiles,  who  had  sought  in  Breda  a  refuge  from 
!  political  escitement  then  prevailing  in  this  country.  On 
:  death  of  VTict  in  1666  his  library  was  sold  by  auction  at 

xdote  will  prove  Ihe  esteem  in  which  Ulitius  was  held  by  his  learned 
Itemporaries,  as  well  as  the  liltle  value  they  placed  on  the  5tudy  of 
ir  own  language.     Nicolas  Heinsius  having  in  th?  coarse  of  his  cor- 
e  with  him  addressed  one  of  his  letters  '  Vlitio  anliquitatis 
un  barbarx  quun  erudite,  peritis^mo,'  received  a  reply  with 
t  /bllowing  superEcription,  '  Heinsio  viro  uti  latino  gnBcaicjue  anti- 
sEUis  indagatori  sludiosissimo,  ita  patrii  avilique  semionis  incorioso.' 
^Kiq;Ta[di.  Uoiverselle  Anc.  et  Mod.  &.c.  k  Paris,  t8j7.  ad  v.  Ulitius. 
'Nener  had  we  bene  offended  for  the  !oase  of  our  lybraryes, . . .  yf 
dlicTe  Tnonumentes   and  moste   aotable  norkes  of  our  excellent 

ttn  had  bene  reserved A  gteate  nomlire  of  them  whych  pur- 

N(I  those  fidperatycyouse  mansyons  (monasteries)  reserved  of  those 
!liye  bakes,  some ...  to  scoure  iheyr  candelstyckes,  and  some  to 
be  llieit  boolcs.  Some  Ihey  soide  to  the  grossers  and  sope  sellers, 
I  Wne  they  sent  oner  see  to  Ibe  bokebynders,  not  in  aniall  nombre, 
I  at  tfmes  whole  shyppes  full,  to  the  wonderjnge  of  foren  nacyons. 
I,  llic  vn^uersytees  of  Ibys  realme  are  not  all  dere  in  this  detestable 
L..  ■  I  Itnowe  a  mcrchauDt  man,  whych  shall  at  thys  tyrae  be  name- 
ICtfaal  boughte  Ihe  contenles  of  two  noble  lybraryes  fnr  iLshyllynges 
oe,  a  ^Atnc  it  is  to  be  spoken.  Thys  stuffe  hath  he  occupycd  in  the 
Ir  of  f^ye  paper  by  Ihe  space  of  more  than  these  x  yeares,  and  yet 
hlh  store  yoough  for  as  many  yeares  to  come.'  v.  Bnyle's  Preface  to 
■sbTi  ■  Newe  years  gyft,'  fol,  4.  a,  b.  m  "  The  Lives  of  Leiand,  &c. 
Ibtd,  1781.'   1  vols,  6vo. 


the  Hague,  as  appears  by  a  sale-catalogue  bound  up 
other  catalogues,  and  preserved  in  the  Museum  of 
Bodleian  ^^.  Having  failed  to  meet  with  any  allusion  tc 
Ms.  either  in  the  controversial  letter  of  Bishop  Morley  c 
the  dedicatory  verses  prefixed  to  the  Moeso-Gothic  Gloss 
the  editor  had  recourse  to  the  sale-catalogue  just  noti 
and  found  under  the  head  of  *  Libri  miscellanei  in  folio ' 
following  entry  in  old  Dutch:  *  107.  ISen  ouUt  SioeeD 
(&^XXi%t^  in  ^atqnement  ge^cj^uben  iDoecik  obet  De  1£l 
g^elium*  ^/  As  there  is  a  corresponding  entry  of  the  nun 
*  107'  on  the  first  fly-leaf  of  the  MS.,  there  can  be  no 
ficulty  in  identifying  the  *  old  Gothic  book'  with  the  Horn 
of  Ormin.  We  may  conjecture  that  Junius,  who  was  resic 
in  the  Netherlands  at  the  time  of  his  friend's  death,  atter 
the  sale  at  the  Hague,  and  then  became  the  purchaser 
volume  which  forms  one  of  the  most  valuable  of  his  d( 
tions  to  the  Bodleian. 

It  is  probable  that  the  earliest  printed  notice  of 
Ormulum  in  this  country  occurs  in  the  Catalogue  of  Nc 
ern  Books  appended  by  Hickes  to  the  first  edition  of 
Anglo-Saxon  Grammar,  in  which  it  is  described  as  a  B 
of  Semi-Saxon  Homilies  on  the  first  chapter  of  the  Go 
of  Saint  Luke,  in  a  dialect  verging  towards  the  Old  En§ 
or  rather  the  Scotch  tongue  ®^.     Tanner  in  his  Catalogu 

^  Mns.  Bodl.  iii.  4to  i.  *Catalogus  variorum  ac  Insignium  Libn 
in  quavis  Facultate  et  Lingua,  Doctiss.  Viri  D.  D.  Jani  Ulitii  J.  C.  1 
Bredanse  Graphiarij  &c.  Quorum  Auctio  habebitur  in  Officina  Ge 
Ameling  Bibliopolae ;  op  de  Groote  Zael  van't  Hof :  Subsigno  Fort 
Die  12  Julii  1666.     Hagse  Comitis,  1666.'   v.  p.  11. 

^  In  modem  Dutch,  *  Een  oud  Zweedsch  of  Gothisch  op  Parke 
geschreven  Boek  over  het  Evangelie,'  An  old  Swedish  or  Gothic  Bo> 
the  Gospel^  written  on  parchment. 

**  *  Liber  oblongus  Ormulum  inscriptus,  continens  Sermones  J 
Saxonice  in  primimi  caput  Luc<b, — Locutio  plane  divergit  ad  Vet 



inian   MSS.  describes  it  as  a   Harniony  of  Gospel 

y,  with  Latin  Texts,  and  an  Old  English  or  Scotch 
lentaiy.  Hickes  afterwards  made  use  of  the  MS.  for 
tesaurus,  for  the  purpose  of  illustrating  the   dialect,  1 

be  calls  in  one  place  Da  no-Norm  an -Sax  on,  and  in  I 

Nonnan-Saxon,  and  Anglo-Norman.  Wanley,  keep- 
I  view  the  plan  laid  down  for  him  by  Hickes  for  his 
ice  in  collecting  information,  evidently  took  some 
to  examine  the  MS.  more  closely  than  had  hitherto 
loiie.  After  describing  it  as  a  Book  of  Nonnan-Saxon 
lies  or  Paraphrastic  Lectures  on.  the  Gospels  and  the  \ 
)f  the  Apostles,  he  first  gives  the  commencement  and  j 
part  of  the  Dedication.  He  then  proceeds  to  add  a 
bolice  relating  to  the  Texts,  with  an  extract  from  the 
le  and  the  beginning  of  each  Homily,  according  to  the 
It  fragmentary  state  of  the  MS.,  noting  each  hiatus  as 
Brs".  Neither  Hickes  nor  Wanley,  however,  appears 
K  recognised  the  metrical  forrrt  of  the  work,  as  all 
DO  of  it  is  omitted  in  the  chapters  of  the  Thesaurus 

treat  of  the  poetry  of  the  different  dialects,  and  the 
ts  quoted  by  them  are  throughout  printed  as  prose. 
jlhe  exception  of  a  quotation  and  some  philological 
^a,  by  which  we  find  that  Junius  in  preparing,  and 
b  editing,  the  Etymologicon  Anglicanum"  had  con- 

ihe  pages  of  the  Ormiilum,  no  further  attention  was 
I  to  it  till  it  received  the  critical  notice  of  Tyrwhitt  in 
Bay  on  the  Language  of  Chaucer.  To  this  scholar  we 
ke  discovery  of  its  metrical  properties,  but  he  failed 

K  «u  potics  Seaticam  Linguam.'  V.  'Instit.  Gmniiii.  A.  Suon. 

^.'  p.  144  of 'Catal.  Libr.  Seplent.' 

tHeiaur.  Vol.  1.  pp.  88  n.  i,  138,  165.  166,  and  Wanley's  CalaL 

** — t^^gl  ad  ?v.'i-opslcr'imd  '  Wennchell.' 

peculiarities  in  iS 

Iviii  PREFACE. 

to  comprehend  the  purport  of  certain  peculi 
orthography".  Baber,  in  the  account  of  '  Saxon 
English  Versions  of  the  Scriptures,'  prefixed  to  his  editioi 
of  Wicliffe's  New  Testament,  marlts  the  Ormulum  as  '  on< 
of  ihe  earliest  of  those  paraphrases  of  the  Bible  whSd 
were  shackled  with  poetry,  and  frequently  violated  Scriptun 
facts",'  The  editor  of  the  'Illustrations  of  Anglo-Saxot 
Poetry,"  in  his  Essay  on  the  '  later  English  AUiteratiw 
Metres,'  allows  the  Homilies  of  Ormin  to  be  '  interesting,  ai 
exhibiting  a  species  of  blank  verse  destitute  alike  of  rini^ 
and  alliteration,'  but,  like  Tyrn-hitt,  he  has  overlooked  ibj 
value  of  the  author's  orthographical  accuracy".  ' 

The  fullest  amount   of  extracts  which  have  been  xaaUSA 
public  since  the  time  of  Hickes  appears  in  the  selectioBl 
in  the  '  Analecta  Anglo-Saxonica,'  and  in  the  '  History 
English  Rhythms'".'     Through  these  cKtracls  the  style,  tl 
orthography,  and  the  metre  of  the  Ormulum  have  been  rfl 
dered  familiar  to  the  student,  with  the  advantage  of  a  corrW 
neas  of  test  which  both  Hickes  and  Wanley  failed  to  give. 

From  the  above,  which  contain  the  principal  notices" 

"  Vii.  the  practice  of  doubling  the  consonant  under  certain  l 
ditions.  V.  '  The  Canterbury  Tales  of  Chaucer.  To  which  are  adi 
An  Essay  upon  his  Language  and  Versificstion,  an  Introductory] 
course,  and  Notes.  London,  1775.'  5  vols.  8yo,  v.  vol,  vi.  p.  64, 
note  6i,  and  p.  9R.  n.  Ci). 

«  V.  'New  Testament  by  John  Wicliffe,  with  an  Historical' 
count,  Sic    By  the  Rev.  H.  Baber,  M.  A.  &c.  London,  18  lo,"    I 

*■  V.  'Illuslrations,  4c.' p-lxvii. 

"  V.  Anal.  A.  S.  Pr.  p.  ix,  and  pp.  i;i— 178;  and  Hist  ol 
Rhythms,  vol.  ii,  pp.  loS — jig, 

•'  V.  also  Prefiice  to  Bosworth's  A.  S.  Did.  p.  mtiv.  Turner'*  I 
ofEng.  Middle  Ages.  b.  ix.  i.vol.  v,  pp.435,  436;  Wright's  '  A.  NoB 
Period,'  &c  pp.  4,l6.  438  ;  the  '  Hist.  AccuunI  of  the  English  ver^ta 
Ihe  SS.'  prefixed  to  Baiter's  Hexapla.  p.  4;  and  Pre/ace  to  the  Claie4 
edition  of  Wicliffe's  Bible.    In  the  Preface  last  mentioned  it  is  obw 

PREFACE.  lix 

)  MS.  to  the  present  time,  we   may  obtain   a   general 

Ige  of  its  contents,  under  sifeh  modifications  as  the 

sal  of  the  volume  has  since  supplied.     It  may  hence  be 

aibed  as  a  series  of  Homilies",  in  an  imperfect  state, 

1  in  metre  without  alEteration,  andj  except  in  very 

1,  also  without  rhyme" ;  the  subject  of  the  Homilies 

■  supplied   by  those   portions  of  the  New  Testament 

h  were  read  in  the  daily  service  of  the  Church. 

r  the  personal  history  of  the  author  no  record  remains 

TOnd  the  bare  statement  coiitained  in  the  Dedication  ''*,  in 

ich  he  informs  us  that  his  baptismal  name  was  Ormin, 

1  that  he  was  a  Canon  Regular  of  the  Order  of  Saint 

^Stine.      He  adds,  that  at  the  request  of  his  brother 

er,  also  an  Augustinian  Canon,  he  had  composed  these 

niBes  in  English  for  the    spiritual  improvement  of  his 

ntrymen.     His  plan  is,  first  to  give  a  paraphrastic  version 

t  Gospel  of  the  day,  adapting  the  matter  to  the  rules  of 

C  »«TSC  wth  such  verbal  additions  as  were  required  for  that 

He  then  adds  an  exposition  of  the  subject  in  its 

jhlr  valaable  as  it  {the  OnmUiim)  is  in  a  pMlalogical  point  of 
■1.  never  proceeding  probably  beyond  the  original  copy  of  the 
\\  could  have  been  of  Utile  or  no  use  in  religious  teaching." 
e  terra  '  Homilies '  is  here  used  lo  designate  these  compositions 
1,  from  the  author  having  himself  emplo/ed  it  in  the  aoisl  text, 
o  puchali  sequitur  ducentesima  prima  Omelya.' 
'.  Dedie.    11.    173,    176:    Pref.  103,    106,   where  the  rhymes  re- 

e  •  lede '  and  ■  Jicde,'  and  '  ledc '  and  ■  dede ; '  also  at  Dedic. 

cuis  the  following  rhyme  to  the  ear  only,  ■  torncnn '  and 

I.  7 — 10,  and  IJ3,  114.    The  abridged  name  of  Orm  was 
ihly  taken  occasionally,  as  was  the  ca^  in  A.  S.  times,  when  sach 

»  S«ebcorhi,  Beda's  E.  H,  ii.  fi.     Totta  for  Torlilhelm  (Bp.  of 
V  "lit — 764),  V.  Cod.  Diplom  nos,  87,  gj,  99,  :o3,  andKemble's 

*  the  Names,  Surnames,  and  Nicnames  of  the  A.  S.'  in  the 

T  Volume  of  the  '  Arcbseologieal  Institute.' 



vKn't final  and  practical  bearings,  in  the  treatment  of  w! 
ho  hormws  copiously  from  the  writings  of  St.  Augustine 
.Klfiic,  and  occasionally  from  those  of  Beda*'.     Some 
ui.iv  be  formed  of  the  extent  of  Ormin's  labours  when 
consider  tliat  out  of  the  entire  series  of  Homilies,  provi 
lor  nearly  tlie  whole  of  the  yearly  service,  nothing  is 
Ivvond  the  text  of  the  thirty-second.     Whether  the  los 
jIu*  remainder  has  been  occasioned  by  negligence,  or  war 
iniseliief,  or  by  the  jealousy  of  his    contemporaries^, 
wheiher  further  portions  may  yet  lie  undiscovered  in  sc 
Knj;lish  or  foreign  library,  is  still  matter  of  conjecture. 
we  possess  more  of  the  work,  especially  had  we  the  c 
ehuling  portions  of  it,  we  might  possibly  have  obtained  sc 
rluc  to  its  date,  and  the  locality  in  which  it  was  writte 

*  In  his  quotations  Ormin  cites  the  Scriptures  as  the  *  GoddspelM 
•  si)|)  boc,*  *  ^  boc,'  and  '  J>e  Latin  boc,'  and  cites  also  other  author 
{IS  •  I'ti  boc,'  '  Latin  boc  ; '  but  he  never  names  his  authors,  in  one  inst 
only  using  the  term  *sume  wise  menn'  (1.  11214),  where  his  auth< 
in  evidently  St.  Augustine.  Extracts  in  the  notes  will  shew  in  s 
degree  the  extent  to  which  Ormin  was  indebted  to  the  Fathers  o: 
Church  for  his  matter,  which,  though  so  far  not  original,  he  at  least 
service  by  rendering  in  the  familiar  speech  of  his  day. 

»•         •  Witt  shulenn  trcdenn  unnderrfot 
■5  all  jjwerrt  ut  forrwerrpenn 
pe  dom  of  all  patt  la]?e  flocc 

patt  iss  J>urrh  m\  forrblendedd  .... 
pep;  shulenn  laetenn  hsej>elis 

Off  unnkerr  swinnc,  lef  bro))err.'  &c. — D.  73 — 86. 

•^  In  the  *  Liber  Vitse*  of  the  Church  of  Durham,  published  b) 
Surtees  Society  in  1841,  among  other  benefactors  of  the  13th  centur 
p.  48  appear  the  names  of  Orm  and  Walter  consecutively.  The 
may  present  no  more  than  a  remarkable  coincidence,  but  the  notic 
it,  when  we  know  so  little  of  the  brothers,  may  not  be  thought  im 
ant  at  least  by  those  who  claim  for  the  Ormulum  a  Northumb 
origin.  It  should  be  added  that  the  late  Mr.  Gamett  expressed  to 
editor  his  opinion,  after  examining  the  original  MS.  in  the  B.  M , 
the  entry  of  the  names  of  Orm  and  Walter,  as  well  as  of  others  1 
before  and  after  them,  was  in  the  handwriting  of  the  monk  who  ha^ 
custody  of  the  book,  and  that  it  was  not  earlier  than  a.  d.  1300. 


a  ihe  absence  of  dl  direct  information  on  these  points,  we 
e  thrown  upon  such  evidence,  in  our  attempt  to  ascertain 

1,  as  the  present  slate  of  the  JtS.  will  supply. 
If  we  consider  alone  the  charEicter  of  the  hand- writing,  the 
t,  and  ilic  material  used  by  the  scribe,  we  find  reasons  for 
jog  the  date  of  the  MS.  early  in  the  thirteenth  century, 
le  the  grammatical  forms  and  structure  of  the  language 
iSer  indicate  a  later  period.  We  meet  with  neglect  of 
T  and  number,  a  frequent  use  of  prepositions  substituted 
r  the  casal  endings  of  nouns,  and  the  rejection  of  the 
X  j^  in  all  those  parts  of  speech  which  receive  it  in  pure 
nglo-Saxon ;  the  only  instance  of  its  retention  being  found 
e  participle  %ehalenn,  which  is  occaaonally  used  as  well 
iSalmn,  In  a  few  cases  i'  is  substituted  for  this  prefix,  as 
lent,  is/amiid,  imhilk,  iu-iss.  The  aspirate,  in  words 
it  is  taken  as  an  initial  or  after  a  prefix  in  Anglo- 
i,  is  cither  transposed  with  the  letter  which  in  Anglo- 
ton  would  follow  it,  or  is  omitted  altogether.  There  is 
D  for  the  most  part  a  simplicity  in  grammatical  forms  and 
'  die  construction  of  sentences-  All  tliese  may  fairly  be 
luidered  as  phenomena  indicating  a  less  artificial,  and 
t  more  advanced,  stage  of  the  language  "*.     But  at 

TllBswefiud  I.  ftMsS""*!  A.  S.  m.  before  jisorfi!  A.S.  f.  ;  niia,  A.S,  f. 

re  iuilaa,  A.  S.  buccan,  m. ;    aunc.  ace.  before  sang,  m.  and  before 

,n.I  god  nnd  gods  ace,  i.  hetoxe  uilii ;  aness  ctiUfisa  for  A.S.  aoie 

■1  i  ka^tnt  used  ItEfore  oil'  genders ,-  ]iall  stingt  child,  and  ]m  S'"ig' 

I  &•:.;  p.  and  somiide.   i.  Theg.  s.  of  subsL  geuerallf 

ffl  til  in  hU  genders,  but  we  find  g,  s.  hrd]>err,  fadirr,  modtrr, 

prr ;   plurals    also   in  »i,  except   brf]a-i,  ckilldri,  lammbre,  mena. 

■Dine   nouQi  in  (;  Oie  pi.  of  adj.  and  part.  Dsnally  in  e;  tbe  pL 

Brbs  in  ata  or  r,  with  some  exceplions,   as   bniie]i]i,  criaiau]if, 

iiga^.go.iaahe.&c     i.  Weftadlicniss.ikaffie,  shadjafinn,  iakkl, 

fargelicnci,  gacesf^,  gescad  gelf  f&n,  gesobt,  gelame.     4.  We  also 

whii,  tehaTrftnn,  vihar,  lor  liwa,  hwil,  hwearlian,  hwier  ;  and 

.  imjfce,  io«,  ii>«iiuuii«iiii,  for  hiaford.hnesc,  hloti  behreowaisn. 

The  aiticlt  \i,  Ibougli  not  occurring  invariably,  is  generally  used  for 


the  same  time  we  must  not  forget  to  take  into  account  tl 
object  of  the  work.  Ormin's  addresses  were  directed  to  ti 
low-born  as  well  as  the  higher  classes  of  the  laity,  to  tl 
*  theow'  as  well  as  his  lord.  Such  would  more  readU 
abandon  the  strict  rules  of  grammar  than  their  superion 
and  thereby  anticipate  to  a  certain  extent  a  later  phraseolog 
and  structure.  Any  teaching,  consequently,  to  be  effects 
with  an  unlearned  hearer,  would  require  to  be  clothed  i 
such  a  garb  as  he  could  recognise,  and  in  a  style  within  fai 

If  these  points  could  not  be  attained  by  observing  th 
forms  and  structure  still  surviving  in  the  language  of  M 
day,  Ormin,  less  careful  of  grammatical  accuracy  than  < 
the  duties  of  a  homilist,  would  be  ready,  we  may  believn 
to  sacrifice  the  more  regular  for  a  simpler,  though  ma 
corrupt,  structure  and  style.  He  possibly  had  in  view  til 
condition  of  his  more  lowly  hearers,  and  the  expediency  K 
adopting  a  pronunciation  intelligible  to  them,  when  he  kj 
a  strict  injunction  on  every  future  scribe  to  preserve  dj 
orthography  of  his  Manuscript.  On  these  grounds  ^ 
peculiar  structure  of  Ormin' s  dialect  would  be  no  bar  to 
claim,  wltich  we  should  be  disposed  with  others  to  allow 
among  the  writers  of  the  early  part  of  the  thirteenth  cent 
There  seems  indeed  some  ground  for  the  conjecture  whk 
would  assign  the  date  to  a  still  later  period  in  the  centuiy! 
which  we  have  attributed  it.  In  the  year  1229  the  Coi 
of  Toulouse,  in  the  1 4th  Canon  of  its  Decrees,  stricdy 
hibited  the  laity  from  possessing  a  copy  of  the  Script 
except  the  Psalter  and  such  portions  as  are  contained 

all  cases,  genders,  and  numbers.  We  may  except  the  dat.  )>«• 
A.  S.)  in  the  corrupt  form  *  forr  Jje  naness.'  6.  We  find  also  the  ] 
J>«55,  \e^trey  )>«55»i,  of  which  forms  the  instances  in  the  Ormului 
considered  among  the  earliest. 

PREFACE.  Ixiii 

tain  books  of  Offices  of  the  Church ;  any  trans]aiion  into 
vulgar  tongue  "  being  equally  forbidden.  The  occasion 
uld  appear  to  have  been  favourable  for  the  composition 
popular  lectures  and  homilies,  a.nd  might  have  suggested 
Walter  the  iabour  which  he  imposed  on  his  brother  for 
purpose,  with  a  view  to  compensate  in  some  measure 
the  privation  of  the  Holy  Volume.  We  might  under 
;se  circumstances  not  unreasonably  account  for  at  least  a 
of  that  jealousy  and  opposition  with  which  the  work 
B  received. 

The  question  of  the  locality,  as  well  as  of  the  date,  of  the 
is  not  without  its  difficulties.  Those  who  have  paid 
intion  to  the  dialect  agree  in  assigning  it  to  one  of  the 
glian  counties,  but  they  vary  as  to  the  district.  The  late 
V  Garnett,  who  was  familiar  with  its  pages,  was  of  opinion 
the  Ormulum  was  written  a  hundred  miles  or  upwards 
;  south  of  Durham,  and  considered  Peterborough  not 
unlikely  locality"*.'  Latham  classes  it  among  '  Norlhum- 
m'  productions  '"^.  Guest,  taking  a  lower  range  of  limit, 
inclined  to  fix  on  some  county  north  of  Thames,  and 
ih  of  Lincoln,'  and  resting  on  the  probability  that  the 
nside,  which  contains  the  same  permutation  of  the  th  as 
Ormulum,  was  written  by  one  of  the  monks  of  Peter- 

'Prehibemusetiara,  ne  libros  veteris  lestamenti  aiit  novi  laid  permit- 
■r habere:  niu foite pgnltetium,  vel brevia.rium proDivinis ofEciis, aut 
■  besliEMsriae&c.;  sed,  nepramiuos  libros  habeanl  in  vulgari  traiu- 
)MCtisiimi  inhibemuE,'  Maosi,  CoaciL  Collect.  Cone.  Talos.  c.  14. 
iJl.  p,  198. 

'  Exlract  froin  a  note  to  the  editor.  '  Dec.  7lh,  18+7.' 
*Tlie  chief  woiks  illustrating  the  Old   English  dialects,  are,    i. 
■ "         z.  Ilavclok  the   Dane — North  Lincoliukin. 
-Glouciilmhire,      4.  Wycliffe — Norrkumkrian, 
TortlaimMan.    6.  York  Mysteries — Tvrlahiri.   7,  Cursor 
S.  Cursor  yiaaii— Midland  vinion,    9.  Sir 


borough,  adds,  '  it  is  by  no  means  unlikely  that  Ormin  li\ 
in  one  of  the  neighbouring  counties.  The  critics,  who  ma 
him  a  native  of  the  east  of  England,  though  they  guessed 
the  dark,  may  not  have  guessed  wrongly ^°^/ 

The  evidence  of  an  Anglian  origin  seems  supported  < 
the  following  grounds,  first,  the  tendency  to  reject  W< 
Saxon  forms,  and,  secondly,  the  prevalence  of  Scandina 

1.  In  vowel  sounds  we  find  a  preference  for  the  simj 
instead  of  the  complex,  and  the  close  instead  of  the  op 
vowels  ^^^. 

2.  The  purity  and  number  of  the  Scandinavianisms  i 
remarkable.     They  are  found  not  only  in  the  vocabula: 
but  also  in  the  termination  of  substantives,  the  phraseolo^ 
and  the  mode  of  computing  time^°*.     Ormin's  dialect, 
these  instances  at  least,  could  scarcely  be  intelligible  in  a 

*<*  Hist,  of  E.  Rhythms,  vol.  ii.  pp.  209,  409. 

^^^  As  in  the  use  of  a  for  ea,  a  for  tfo,  e  for  a,  0,  ea,  and  *o,  e.  g.  c 
wharrfenn^  seofen,  sefenn,  "peode^  manne^  ec,  ehhtCy  lede,  for  eall^  kweorfi 
seofan,  ]>eoda,  manna,  eac,  eahta,  leode.  A  remarkable  instance  of  t 
preference  of  e  for  eo  will  be  found  in  the  omission,  nearly  uniform,  o 
in  the  latter  part  of  the  MS.  in  the  inserted  leaves,  and  in  the  Ded.  m 
Pref.,  as  in  the  forms  lede,  ]?ede,  werelld,  &c.,  the  0  having  been  writl 
in  the  above  words  and  in  others  in  the  first  part  of  the  MS.,  afterwai 
erased,  and  then  rewritten.  In  these  last-named  instances  the  o  has  be 
retained  in  printing,  in  order  to  preserve  the  orthography.  Perhaps  IJ 
o  was  rejected  as  not  essential  for  pronunciation.  Cf  our  word  pta^ 
and  V.  Facsimile  No.  2  for  instances  of  the  o  rewritten  over  erasures 
col.  85,  lines  2,  7,  and  8,  in  heoffness  and  home, 

^®*  e.  g.  ajiedd,  brixle,  haT^herr^  rowwst,  scaldess,  wary  &c.,  at  qferrdoM^ 
hof,  the  terminations  -/«SS^  and  -sunnd^  the  particle  summ  and  occ  in  i 
phrases  '  swa  summ,  and '  055  occ  ass,'  and  the  phrases  haUffeor]>e,  wU 
occurs  twice,  expressing  3^,  where  the  West  Saxons  would  have  jdal 
the  ordinal  first  in  the  sentence,  and  have  written /tfor))e  healf.  V&bi 
in  the  Glossary  the  word  *  Uppbrixle '  should  not  strictly  have  n 
printed  as  a  compound  word,  but  as  Upp  brixle,  the  former  being  i 
Icelandic  adverb  upp,  rendered  *  in  totum   by  Haldorsen.  1 


Hct  where  there  was  not  a  strong  infusion  of  Norwegian 
I  Danish  blood.  Some  of  the  fonns  and  infiesions  would 
lamiliar  to  a  Northumbrian,  as  the  use  of  J^o  for  Ihiy,  the 
nitive  termination  in  e,  the  omission  of  a  iinal  i  in  the 
ond  person  of  verbs,  and  the  change  of  ]j  into  /  after 
Of  these  dialectic  distinctions  and  peculiarities,  however, 
instances  are  rare "",  nor  are  there  any  traces  at  all 
the  termination  j-  in  the  plural  of  verhs,  a  characteristic 
kh  marks  a  northern  origin,  as  evidenced  in  the  tests 
Uie  Lindisfarne  and  Rushworth  Gospels.  On  the  other 
there  is  an  occasional  correspondence  with  the 
i  found  in  the  Promptorium  Parvulorutn,  the  compo- 
gn  of  an  Easl-Anglian  autlior  of  the  i^th  century.  If 
above  evidence  be  of  value,  considering  the  existing 
icnliies  attending  the  local  classification  both  of  MSS. 
I  of  dialects,  there  would  seem  to  be  more  than  con- 
ral  grounds  for  placing  Ormin's  hearers  in  some  district 
Uie  East  coast  of  England,  where  the  dialect  would 
influenced  by  their  Norihumbrian  and  East -Anglian 
jbbours.  The  locality  of  Peterborough  would  not,  on 
it  grounds,  be  inadmissible. 
min,  wlio  is  considered  to  be  the  first  of  our  English 
[g  who  has  imitated  the  Latin  rliythms,  has  composed 
Bomilies  in  verses  of  fifteen  syllables,  in  two  scclions 
[Uished  by  the  metrical  point  which  is  placed  at  the 

The  infioilive  in  t  has  not  been  observed  in  more  thon  two  jn- 

1i.  in  lOftHl^kf,  at  1.  8030,  and  la  loin,  which  is  wrillen  in  Ihe 

b  of  col.  130.    V.  Notes  al  II,  9S.11-93J4  and  Addit.  anJ  Correct. 

~i    ThcomistiioQ  of  1  in  the  and  pers.  of  verbs  occurs  probably  not 

ban  ioat  limn,  viz.  in  2  p.  pr.iaminiKM,  at  I.  11130.  and  in  1  p.p. 

trb   sobsl.  nl  II.  13R04.  14379.  14335,    [See  at>o  1  p.  pr.  mihiuia 

B»,  R.II.j  The  ebanye  of  ))  into  (  after  js  occurs  in  the  phrase* 
VU.  )vii  ti  beltte,  )u.i  le  mEire,  but  in  other  instances  Ihe  |)  when 

'y  placed  remains  unchanged,  ai  reclta  Jwcr,  1.  i;oi,  bedtss  JuM, 
tl  til  fialt,  1641 ,  &c. 



end  of  the  eighth  syllable  or  fourth  foot.  The  verses  ha 
been  printed  by  Tyrwhitt  and  Guest  in  one  line,  and  1 
Thorpe  in  the  Analecta,  in  consequence  of  the  narrowne 
of  the  page,  in  two  lines.  The  distinction,  according 
Guest,  rests  on  the  use  of  rhyme,  and  therefore  in  strictne 
the  long  line  is  more  correct  for  unrhymed  metre,  and  tl 
couplets  for  that  in  which  final  rhyme  is  employed,  as  ; 
those  hymns  of  our  Church  service  which  are  written  ; 
*  common  metre '°V  The  editor  has  risked  the  adoptk 
of  the  couplet  for  the  greater  convenience  of  the  readc 
without  violating  the  nature  and  smoothness  of  the  rhythi 
the  pause  at  the  end  of  the  alternate  lines,  which  correspoi 
in  length  with  the  first  section  of  the  complete  verse,  beiii 
equivalent  to  the  metrical  point.  Several  expedients  wool 
seem  to  have  been  adopted  by  the  author  for  the  prescTH 
tion  of  his  rhythm:  i.  the  pronunciation  of  every  syllab 
except  in  certain  cases  ^^'^;  2.  the  coalition  of  some  vowi 
at  the  end  of  a  word  with  the  initial  vowels  of  words  til 
succeed  them  in  the  same  sentence  ^^^ ;  3.  that  disregard  I 
casal  endings  of  substantives,  adjectives,  and  pronoi 
which  has  been  already  noticed  as  indicating  progr< 

^««  V.  Hist,  of  E.  R.  book  iii.  c.  vi. 

'®^  The  exceptions  are,  i .  the  elision  of  e  final  when  followed 
vowel  or  aspirate,  as,  He  sennde  uss  sone  kiss  word,  &c.    Introd.  8j.i 
the  pronunciation  of  eo  as  one  syllable,  as  I.  8571,  *  pa  shulenn 
heore  kinn;*  3.  the  pronunciation  of  Aaron,  both  as  a  dissyllable 
trisyllable,  v.  11.  293,  295,  299. 

^"8  The  coalition  of  letters,  or  crasis,  takes  place  in  the  foUowii 
stances;  e.g.  of  final  e  with  a,  as  ]>aldef  namm;  e  with  «,  hel,  (hci 
))et,  e  with  0,  noff,  (ne  off,)  e  with  w,  nunnderstandenn,  e  wilh  K 
naffde,  (ne  hafe,)  &c.  with  <c,  noefre.     The  exceptions  are,  •j^tff'  )>» 
&c.  1.  4664.     -J  he  iss,  &c.  8595,  wass  he  aid,  8599  :  o  with  1,  as  S^f 
5^0  i(t  once  occurs  as  J>att  sho  itt,  1.  1804.  «fec.,  0  with  u.  tunnderrstam 
tunnbindenn :  u  with  i,  as  J)ut,  (|)u  itt,)  but  not  in  1.  962,  nu  icr 
coalesces  once  with  /,  as  l>e5S^   Cl>e55  itt),  Ace  Jj^ss^  rihht  ndi 
wisstenn,  1.  197 16. 

PREFACE.  Ixvli 

kut  which  seems  connected  with  the  attention  which 
i  paid  to  rhyihm,  and  may  also  liave  had  some 
Fsimplifying  the  structure  of  his  dialect.  There  are 
changes  also  occurring  in  prepositions  and  adverbs, 
Idch  appear  to  have  been  used  or  omitted  according  as  Uie 
ijlhm  or  metre  might  require '". 

The  following  peculiarities  seem  chiefly  to  relate  to  pro- 
Wiciaiion  and  orthography,  but  they  could  scarcely  exist 
hhout  affecting  in  some  degree  also  the  rhythm, 

,  The  duplication  of  letters  forms  a  leading  feature  in 
K  Omiulura,  and  is  systematically  observed  tliroughout  the 
It  consists  in  doubling  the  consonant  after  a  short 
wcl "°,  when  found  in  the  same  word '".  A  practice  so 
uual  was  not  unobserved  by  a  scholar  so  well  versed  in 
5.  as  Wanley,  but  he  only  incidentally  and  briefly  notices 
U  one  of  which  Ormin  was  singularly  fond '".     Thorpe, 

g.  fra  maim  to  manne,  1.  iiiig:  loking,  8449;  to  kinge,  8370: 

'•]'773<  to  grunde,  I1J47  :  0  Iai3frrha.ltf,  2369  ;  0  failert  hallfe, 

Gocless  hus.  6^5  :  iim  Kuae.  21:3 :  oET  skp,  i<|Oj;  off  slcepe, 

ijMllicredd  folic,  1587'!;  I'atllairede  folic.  7440:  alt  inn,  ugie  j 

IM,  lajjg;  off.  offe;  wharofT,  igfitji ;  wheeroffe,  13704;  of  wilesh- 

,14416;  off  witejliunnge.  iffii?- 

p.e.  sflor  a  vowel  which  in  Onnin's  time  wa?  pronoimeed  sJ[ort: 
Ine  arc  many  words  in  Ihe  Ormulum  in  wUidi,  after  a  vowel  which 
lobe  tiymtdngicallyihon.  Ihc  consonant  is  no/doubled;  eg.  ange, 
"  idenn.  grand  (cf  gninndwall.  11.  i  J.ira,  1.1383).  mikeil.  ringenn. 
n,  welidenn  ;  and  again,  there  are  tome  words  in  which  the  con- 
ii  doubled  after  a  vowel  tiymologiaally  long,  as.  iitler,  hallshenn, 
nn,  prltnmse^snedd,  shammfasst.  unnheiisummnesse.   wissdom. 

g.  Ormin  writes  fmennde.  thousand,  iw'n,  wine,  with  the  single 

ml.  the  preceding  Towel  being  long,  but  JiiiSi.  thus,  and  blinaean, 

_e.  with  the  double  consonanL  the  prectding  vowel  being  short, 

IuirII)'  he  substitutes  the  usaal  mark  of  a  shoit  syllable,  as  in 

>.  wliienn.  elsneheie  written  kinne,  sinne,  winnenn. 

dupliciliQs  lilleiis  is  |,sc.  Oiicinus)  ntititiGe  fuit  delectalus.' 

Catiil,  p-  is6. 


Ixviii  PREFACE. 

in  a  note  in  the  Analecta,  seems  to  have  discerned  the  tr 
purport  and  benefit  of  this  peculiarity,  when  he  observes  tt 
it  affords  a  clue  *  to  the  pronunciation  of  our  forefathers/ 

2.  We  also  find,  with  some  exceptions,  the  change  oft] 
initial  J?  into  /  after  words  ending  in  d,  dd,  /,  and  //.  E 
ceptions  occur  in  compounded  words,  or  when  a  word  wi 
the  initial  ]>  is  separated  by  the  metrical  point  from  th 
which  precedes  it,  or  lastly,  in  some  instances,  when  it  tak 
the  vowel  u  after  the  )?,  as  in  \>u  and  "^urrh  "'. 

3.  There  are  certain  marks  employed  by  Ormin,  the  u 
of  which  it  is  not  easy  to  determine,  especially  as  they  a 
not  consistently  observed.     These  marks  take  the  form 
the  acute  accent,  and  are  found  single,  double,  and  thre 
fold,  whether  followed  by  a  vowel   or  consonant.     Wb 
single,  they  may  possibly  denote  either  a  long  syllable  ' 
accent;  when  repeated,  they  may  possibly  mark  a  word 
emphatic,  or,  if  it  be  formed  of  two  coalescing  syllables,  tb 
may  serve  to  distinguish  it  in   such  cases   from  a  mon 
syllable.     The  threefold  repetition  of  the  stroke  is  not 
obvious  purport,  particularly  when  it  is  placed  over  a  syllat 
which  elsewhere  takes  two  marks  "*. 

"'  The  following  may  suffice  as  instances  of  these  changes  and  t 
exceptions,  -j  tohh  ]>ati  tiss  ElysabseJ),  Horn.  1.  303  ;  -j  ice  itt  ha.(eforr)i 
te,  Ded.  25  ;  J>u  \fohhiesst  tatt,  Ded.  17  ;  *J  tuss  \>u  mihht  te  loeorelld^ingpi 
61 10 ;  >urrh  fuUuhht  i  ^urrh  trowwJ>e,  D.  4  ; 
•]  ass  affterr  J)e  Goddspell  stannt 

\>aei  tatt  te  Goddspell  menej>}>.        D.  33,  34, 

And  again, 

All  J>urrh  me  sellfenn,  manis  word  < 

J>e  rime  swa  to  fiUenn.         D.  43,  44. 

The  rare  instances  where  the  j)  is  changed  into  /  after  words  eiuiiiif 

5s  have  been  already  mentioned  in  note  105. 

"*  The  following  are  some  of  the  cases  above  referred  to,  in,  an, 
enn,  Isetenn,  for  onn,  f6r  till,  mot,  ut  off,  utnumenn,  ut  off,  shot 
Shott  forrhall,  set  o,  set  forr,  set  alls,  set  tanne,  Marse,  Marse. 




peculiarities  above  enumerated,  both  as  ref^ards  the 
last  noticed  and  the  duplication  of  the  letters,  have, 
pgrapliical  grounds,  been  retained  in  the  printed  text. 
he  preparation  of  the  Glossary  great  care  has  been 
tJ  give  a  copious  vocabular)-,  a  register  of  grammatical 
and  also  instances  of  peculiarities  of  construction ; 
CCS  in  all  cases  being  made  to  the  lines  in  the 
Hon,  Preface,  and  Introduction,  and  to  the  page  and 
I  of  the  Homilies.  Norse  and  Danish  forms  have 
ided  to  those  taken  from  the  Anglo-Sason  and  other 
I  of  the  language,  as  tending  in  some  degree  to 
Ow  far  the  influence  of  Scandinavian,  as  well  as  our 
jdialects,  has  prevailed  in  the  composition  of  the 

llMceso-Gothic  fr^ments  of  Ulfilas  have  also  supplied 
unities  of  etymological  comparison  with  the  forms 
[in  the  earliest   extant   specimens   of  the  Germanic 

of  the  Gothic  family  of  languages  "'. 

L  chief  authorities  ha™  been.  r.  Bosworth's  A.S.  Diet.  2. 
\  lilandico-Latino-Danicum  Biomoais  HBldorsonii  ex  Muiu- 
Li  Anm-Magnrauii  cuta  K.  K,  Kaalfii  edilura.  Pijefalus  est 
Hiivnin:.  1814.'  3  voll.  4I0.  3,  Promptoriiim  Parvuloiuui, 
g  the  only  portion  yet  published. 
xaaples  are  lalten  from  the  following  valuable  work,  in 
o  have  accomplished  what  Raak  dcEpsired  of 
n  he  (lecland  in  the  Preface  to  the  A  S.  Grammiir  that '  it 
0  form  from  the  Old-Saion,  the  Ftisic,  the  Francic,  the 
[^  And  the  Mrfso-Gothic  a  complete  grammaT,  niiiuh  less  a 
■  UltiUs,  Vetcris  et  Non  Testamenti  Ver^ionsis  OothiciE 
B  quae  luperiunl  ad  fincm  codd,  cuKtii^ta  Laitinilate  donala 
lecritica  imlrucla  conjunclis  cnria  edidemnl  H.  C.  De  Gabe- 
r.  J-  I^be,  Adjectse  sunt  Tabula:  duLC  lapide  express^, 
d  Fi  Brockhaus,  1843.'  There  is  another  title-page  in  addi- 
e  above,  odftpled  to  the  first  volume,  which  contains  tbe  Text, 
e  titl^-IMfies  alw  adapted  to  the  t&t  and  md  paits  of  the^^econd 
TODtain  respectivL'ty  the  Glossary  and  Grammar,  the  tot- 
«  dale  of  1S43,  the  latter  that  of  1846. 


The  Notes  on  the  work  contain  quotations  from  autt 
which  would  appear  to  have  been  consulted  by  Ormin,  s 
also,  when  legible,  the  erased  portions  of  the  MS.  whi 
though  fresh  matter  has  been  in  some  instances  substitu 
for  them,  yet,  as  presenting  us  with  the  first  thoughts  of  i 
author,  have  been  considered  of  sufficient  interest  to 
recorded.  The  Notes  on  the  Glossary  have  afforded 
opportunity  for  hazarding  some  etymological  remarks,  w 
occasional  illustration  from  modem  terms  and  phraseoloj 
In  the  course  of  those  remarks,  as  well  as  in  the  interpr 
ation  of  his  views  of  the  vocabulary,  grammatical  structu 
and  dialect  of  the  Ormulum,  the  editor  cannot  presume 
have  escaped  errors,  the  liability  to  which  has  been  increas 
through  the  want  of  any  other  copy  of  the  Homilies,  whi 
might  have  thrown  light  on  obscurities  in  language  » 
construction.  For  such  errors  he  throws  himself  on  t 
indulgence  of  the  candid  reader,  with  the  compensatn 
hope  that  the  following  pages  will  supply  to  the  philolQg 
materials  for  investigating  one  of  the  most  remarkal 
dialects  of  the  English  tongue  "^. 

"^  The  following  work  appeared  too  late  for  ^y  use  to  be  made^ 
it   in   the   Glossary:  *Vorda  Vealhstod  Engla  and  Seaxna.     Lob' 
Anglosaxonicum  ex  Poetarum  Scriptorumque  Prosaicoram  operibns  i 
non  Lexicis  Anglosaxonicis  coUectum,  cum  Synopsi  Grammatica  cL 
Ludovicus  Etmiillerus,  Ph.  Dr.  &c.  «&c.   Quedlingburgii  et  Lipsise,  l^j 
I  vol.  8vo.     The  same  author  published  in  the  preceding  year  *] 
and  Seaxna  Scopas  and  Boceras.   Anglosaxonum  Poetae  atque  Scrij  _^ 
Prosaici,  quomm  partim  Integra  opera,  partim  loca  selecta  collegi^  4 
rexit,  edidit  L.  Etmtillenis,  &c.  Q.  and  L.  1850/    The  above  fonnii 
28  and  29  of  the  *  Bibliothek  der  gesammten  deutschen  National-Ii| 
atur,  &c.'     There  have  been  also  published  abroad, recently ;  i.  •Qj 
mon's  des  Angelsachsen  Biblische  Dichtungen.     Herausgegeben  ¥QH 
W.  Bouterwek.     Elberfeld,  1847,1848.'  8vo.    2.  *  Ein  Angelsachj 
Glossar  Von  K.  W.  Bouterwek,  &c.  1850.'  8vo.     3.  *Vergleid 
Worterbuch  der  gothischen  Sprache  Von  Dr.  Lorenz  Diefenbad 
Frankfurt  a.  M.  2  voll.  1851.     A  new  edition  of  Johnson's  ColU 

The  editor  has  now  the  welcome  duty  of  returning  his 
and  respeciful  thanks  to  the  Delegates  of  the  University 

jjEthe  Canons  of  the  Church  of  England,  a  work  already  noticed  us  of 
ndh  Talne  to  Iho  ecclesiaalical  historian,  as  well  as  to  the  AngloSanon 
t,  has  been  recenllj'  published  by  J.  H.  Parker,  Oxford,  tinder  the 
revisioti  of  the  Kev.  John  Baion.  M  A.  late  Michel  Fellow  of 
s  College  Much  interest  seems  also  to  have  been  raised  in 
Uncrics  by  the  works  of  Louis  F.  Klipslein,  f'h.  D.  of  the  University 
t  Ghasen,  who  has  been  employed  in  publishing  in  New  York  an 
I  Aa^ltt-Saion  Course  ofStudy,"  consisting  of,  i.  An  A.S.  Gtamroar; 
a,  Anslecta  Anglo-Saxonica,  with  an  Introdactory  Ethnographieal 
nji.  &C.;  3.  (fifties  Homily  on  the  Biithday  of  St.  Gregory,  &c.  ; 
•J^.  txinKti  from  the  A.S,  Gospels.  &c. ;  5.  '  Da  Malgau  Godspel  on 
«ni;nsc,*  icprinlcil  from  Thorpe's  edition. 

[The  following  are  among  the  principal  Anglo-Saxon  Works,  or  Works 
*       '  1  Anglo-Saion,   whicb   have   been  published  in  this  and  in 

e  the  date  of  the  <irst  edition  of  the  Ormulum,  to  the 

n«  Gospd  acearding  to  Si.  Mallhta  in  Anglo-Saxon  and  KorlhtanbriaH 
I,  Synoptically  arranged,  with  Collations  of  the  test  Manuscripts. 
for  the  Syndics  of  the  University  Press,  Cambridge ;  1858, 
by  John  M.  Kemble  and  completed  by  Charles  Hardwick.] 
'  lafio-nf  and  RuAtmrlk  Goipils.  'Now  hrst  printed  from  the 
MSS.  in  the  British  Museum  and  the  Bodleian  Library.'  Edited 
Sunees  Society  : — St.  Matthew  by  the  Rev.  Joseph  Stevenson, 
1854 ;  St.  Mark,  St.  Luke,  and  St.  John,  by  George  Waring,  Esq., 

Al/rtft  AagloSamn  PViion  0/  flit  Cemptndious  Hillary  of  iht 
tfOrositii:  containing — i.  Facsimile  Specimens  of  the  Lauder- 
d  Cotton  MSS.  a.  A  Preface  describing  these  MSS.  &c.  3.  An 
iction— on  Orosius  ojid  bis  Work.  4.  The  AngloSaxon  Text. 
and  Various  Readings.  6.  A  literal  Eiigli^ih  Translation,  with 
7.  Mr.  Hampson's  Essay  on  King  Alfred's  Geography.  8. 
of  Europe,  Asia,  and  Africa,  according  to  Orosius  and  Alfred. 
185b.  London,  John  Russell  Smith,  Soho  Square,  and  Messrs. 
and  Co.,  Paternoster  Row. 

Fragmnli.  I.  Fncsimile  of  some  leaves  in  Saxon  Hand- 
on  Saail  iSwi'SAwt,  copied  by  Bhotoiincography  at  the  Ordnance 
Offic«,  Southampton ;  and  published  with  Eluddations  and  an 
II.  Leaves  from  an  Anglo-Sason  Translation  of  the  Life  of 
ia  SgyfiHaca.  with  a  Translation  and  Notes,  and  a  Fhotoiinco- 
Fcii3imile  executed  al  Ihc  Ordnance  Survey  Office,  Southamptiin. 

Ixxii  PREFACE. 

Press,  for  taking  upon  themselves  the  responsibility  of  the 
publication  of  the  work,  especially  under  the  circumstances. 

By  John  Earle,  M.A.,  Rector  of  Swanswick,  late  Fellow  and  Tutor  of" 
Oriel  College,  and  Professor  of  Anglo-Saxon  in  the  University  of  Oxford. 
London,  Longman,  Green,  Longman,  and  Roberts.    1861. 

The  Anglo-Saxon  Chronicle,  according  to  the  several  original  ttuthoridt^ 
edited,  with  a  Translation,  by  Benjamin  Thorpe,  Member  of  the  Royal  i 
Society  at  Munich,  &c.  &c. — Published  by  the  authority  of  the  Lords 
Commissioners  of  H.  M.'s  Treasury,  under  the  direction  of  tl^e  Master  ; 
of  the  Rolls.    1861. 

The  Gothic  and  Anglo-Saxon  Gospels  in  Parallel  Columns  with  ik$ 
Versions  of  Wycliffe  and  Tyndale ;  Arranged,  with  Preface  and  NotO^ 
by  the  Rev.  Joseph  Bosworth,  D.D.,  F.R.S.,  F.S.A.,  Professor  of  Ang^o-  1 
Saxon,  Oxford:   assisted  by  George  Waring,  Esq.,  M.A.,   of  Trinitf  ^ 
College,  Cambridge,  and  Magdalen  Hall,  Oxford.   1865.   London,  J<diii  j 
Russell  Smith,  Soho  Square.  j 

Two  of  the  Saxon  Chronicles  parallel,  with  Supplementary  Extracts  from  I 
the  others.  Edited,  with  Introduction,  Notes,  and  a  Glossarial  Index,  hf  \ 
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millan  and  Co. 

A  McBso-Gothic  Glossary,  with  an  Introduction,  an  Outline  of  Moesf^  , 
Gothic  Grammar,  and  a  List  of  Anglo-Saxon,  and  Old  and  Moden  j 
English,  words  etymologically  connected  with  Moeso-Gothic.    By  Rer. 
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An  Icelandic-English  Dictionary,  Based  on  the  MS.  Collections  <rf  die' 
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With  an  Introduction  and  Life  of  Richard  Cleasby,  by  George  Webbft^ 
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Macmillan  and  Co.  I 

A  Comparative  Grammar  of  the  Anglo-Saxorf  Language,  by  Profissd^' 
March,  of  Lafayette  College,  U.S.     London,  Triibner.  i 

The  Gospel  according  to  St.  Mark  in  Anglo-Saxon  and  Northumbrim^ 
Versions.  Edited,  for  the  Syndics  of  the  University  Press,  Cambridgv^ 
by  Rev.  W.  W.  Skeat,  M.A. 

King  Alfred's  West-Saxon  Version  of  Gregory's  Pastoral  Care.  Edite^i' 
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Beowulf  A  Heroic  Poem  of  the  Eighth  Century  (Anglo-Saxon  Terf 
and  English  Translation),  with  Introduction,  Notes,  and  an  AppoodnE* 
By  Thomas  Arnold.  MA.,  University  College,  Oxford.  8yo.  Longmill 
and  Co.,  London,  1876. 



)idable  delay.  His  best  ackno-wledgments  are  also 
he  Reverend  B.  BandiDel,  D.D.,  BodJey's  Librarian, 

uait  of  Wiliiam  conctrmug  Pitrt  Ikt    Phtimiaa.     By  William 
Edited,  with  Noles,  by  W.  W.  SUcat.  M  A.   Extra  f<ap.  8vo. 
xfbnl,  al  the  Clarendon  Press;  London,  Macmillan  and  Co. 
!*•  Ploagkmm'i  Crtde.     Ediled  (for  Ihe  Early  English  Test 
.y  W.  W.  Skeat.  M.A.  i85;. 

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I  only  printed  as  far  as  A— F  at  the  lime  of  Profesior  Boa- 
aih  in  May,  1376.  niid  has  not  yet  l>een  published.] 
ui  Dagi,  Dt  Die  yudieii.  An  Old  English  Version  of  the  Ijilin 
ribed  to  Bede.  Edited  (with  otber  short  poems)  from  ihe 
S.  in  the  Library  of  Corpus  Christi  College.  Cambridge,  by 
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ext  Society. 

fir  rte  Biginner  in  Angle-Saxon,  comprising  a  short  Grammar 
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1^  according  m  Si.  yohn  U  Anglo-Saxon  and  Northumbrian 
Edited,  for  the  Syndics  of  the  University  Press,  by  W.  W. 
1,,  Professor  of  Anglo-Saxon  in  the  University  of  Cambridge. 

Smfts  IVidiid.    Two  Anglo-Saxon  Poems,  with  Danish    I 
d  Notes  by  F.  Schttldemose,    8vo.     Copenli.  1851. 
F  M  ipto  Cyieviilfiis  paila  Aiiglo-Saxonicus  iradidirii; '  von  H. 

Halle.  1857. 
idt.    Menologium  Eccles.  Anglo -Sixonica:  poeticum  ed.  et 
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IfU  AngUhSaxotdca  manimam  Jmrlttn  intdila,  publicovit  C.  G. 
410.    ElbeKeld,  l8j8. 
•AdtrA  ngiUnchiiH,  in  A  HgihOcIa,  mil  ITibiriiruing,  ErlaiUir- 
vHtt^ar  Gloisar.    v,  R.  Schmid,     2nd  ed.    Koy.  Svo,    LcipZ. 

■m  dir  AngiUaehitn.itbtntat.    VonC.W.M.  Crein. 
;.  1659. 

vu  e/  King  Waldiri's  Lay,  a  hithetto  unknown  Old-English  I 
e  8th  Century,  belonging  lo  the  Saga-cycliu  King  Thtodric  J 
i-  [i860]  first  publishi  from  the  originals  of  the  I 

Ixxiv  PREFACE. 

for  his  courtesy  in  affording  every  facility  of  access  to  th 
literary  stores  over  which  he  presides ;  to  Benjamin  Thorpe 
Esq.,  for  the  revision  of  the  transcript  of  the  MS.,  and  fo 
valuable  aid  in  the  Notes  on  'the  Glossary;  to  Sir  Frederic] 
Madden,  Keeper  of  the  MSS.  in  the  British  Museum,  for  hi 
interesting  communication  inserted  in  the  preface;  and  tt 
the  Reverend  H.  O.  Coxe,  M.A.,  one  of  the  Sub-librariani 
of  the  Bodleian,  for  the  benefit  of  his  experience  and  jud^ 
ment,  ever  promptly  and  cheerfully  rendered  on  all  occasioni 

9th  century.  Roy.  8vo.  On  fine  paper,  with  4  photographic  facsimikSi 
15  shiUings,  On  common  paper,  without  facsimiles,  7  sh.  and  6  pence. 
By  George  Stephens,  Esq.,  F.S.A.,  Professor  of  Old-English,  and  of  the 
English  Language  and  Literature,  in  the  University  of  CheapinghaveiL 
Denpiark,  &c.  «&c.  To  be  had  of  J.  R.  Smith,  Soho  Square,  London; 
Michaelsen  and  Tillge,  Cheapinghaven,  and  all  booksellers. 

The  Old-Northern  Runic  Monuments  of  Scandinavia  and  England^  HO* 
first  collected  and  deciphered.  By  Prof.  George  Stephens,  F.S.A.  la 
Two  Parts :  Part  I,  1866  ;  Part  II,  1868.  Folio.  London,  JohnRusseD 
Smith  ;  Cheapinghaven,  Michaelsen  and  Tillge. 

F.  Dietrich.  Kynewulfi  poetce  atas  anigmatum  fragmento  0  eoSn 
Lugdunensi  edito  illustrata.     4to.     Marburg,  1 860. 

Bibliothelt  der  Angelsdchsischen  Poesie  in  Kritisch  bearbeiteten  TeztOi 
und  mit  vollstandigem  Glossar  herausgegeben  von  C'  W.  M.  Grei^ 
Dr.  Phil.    Cassel  und  Gottingen ;  Georg  H.  Wigand.  1861-64. 

Sprachschafz  der  Angelsdchsischen  D/cA/^rbearbeitetvon  C.  W.  M.Grd» 
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Beovtdf.     Mit.  Glossar  v.  M.  Heyne.     8vo.     Paderb.  1863. 

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Worterbuch  von  C.  W.  M.  Grein.     8vo.     Cassel,  1867. 

Etymologic che  Angelsfichsisch-Englische  Grammatik,  v.  J.  Loth.  8*< 
Elberfeld,  1870, 

Angelsdchsisches  Glossar,  von  H.  Leo.  Vol.  I.  Roy.  8vo.  Hi 
1872.  Left  completed  by  the  Author  at  his  death,  and  published 
1877  under  the  care  of  Moritz  Heyne. 

Anglo-Saxon   Prose  Authors.     Edited  by  C.  W.  M.  Grein.     VoLj 
Alfrik  de  Vetere  et  Novo  Testamento,  Pentateuch,  Joshua,  Juc 
Job.     8vo.    Cassel,  1872.     R.  H.] 



daring  the  progress  of  the  work  through  the  press.  The 
editor,  in  conclusion,  would  not  do  justice  to  his  own 
feelings,  nor  to  the  memory  of  an  accomplished  scholar  and 
Idnd-hearted  man,  if  he  omitted  to  state  that  he  has  been 
much  indebted  to  the  late  Reverend  R.  Gamett,  Assistant- 
Keeper  of  the  Printed  Books  in  the  British  Museum,  for 
SQggestions  in  the  early  pages  of  the  Glossary,  being  but  too 
conscious  that  its  value  would  have  been  greatly  increased, 
could  he  have  enjoyed  the  advantage  of  his  friend's  counsel 
till  its  completion. 

Sltmbrtoge  Rectory, 
June  i8,  1852. 


The  MS.  consists  of  a  single  folio  volume  in  an  obloi 
form',  written  on  parchment,  for  the  most  part  in  a  p 
culiarly  bold  and  firm  hand,  which  from  the  numero 
erasures  would  appear  to  be  that  of  Ormin.  A  second  hai 
appears  to  have  been  used  in  the  marginal  corrections  ai 
in  the  transcript  of  some  of  the  inserted  leaves;  a  third 
supplying  the  MS.  note  at  the  fiftieth  Text,  and  also  Tej 
at  the  respective  Homilies;  and  a  fourth  in  a  margir 
addition  at  col.  230.  The  three  last-mentioned  hands  ha 
been  further  described  in  the  notes  ^.     The  lines  are  writt 

^  *  Libronim  Manuscriplonim  Bibl.  Bodleianse.  Classis  Nona.  ] 
Unguis  septentrionalibus  Codices  cxxi  quos  huic  Academise  Morie 
legavit  Vir  Venerabilis  et  vetenim  Europse  Dialectonim  Instaural 
felix  PVanciscus  Junius  F.  F.  51 13.  (MS.  Jun.  i.)  Liber  oblong 
Ormulum  inscriptus,  continens  Harmonicon  Historise  Evangelic 
cujus  Textus  Lat.  et  Commentat.  in  veteri  Anglica  seu  potius  Scoti 
lingua.  Paginas  continet  426.  Folio  memb.  Ad  fineni  apponunt 
quarundam  vocum  Etymologise.  Prsefigitur  Alphabetum  Runicum  cu 
hac  notula,  *  Jani  Ulitii  Bredae,  1659/  Extract  from  *Catalogi  Librorn 
Manuscriptorum  Angliae  et  Hibemise  in  unum  collect!  cum  Indi 
Alphabetico.   Oxonise,  E  Theatro  Sheldoniano,  An.  Dom.  1697.*  p.  a^i 

^  At  the  word  wennchell  in  col.  85  of  the  MS.,  where  that  wordocca 
for  the  first  time,  a  late  hand  has  refierred  to  col.  *  1 75  ; '  at  col.  l\ 
is  another  reference  to  *85  m*  (iddle)  and  '214  m,'  and  at  314^ 
*  175   t\op)   and  '340  m.'     At   340  is  the  following  note  interlia 
also  in  the  same  hand,  *  hac  ipsa  columna  bis  occurrit  sicuti  et  proxii 
All  these  references  having  been  made  to  the  word  wennchell^  whicfcj 
underlined  at  col.  340,  point  to  the  hand  as  being  probably  that  ofij 
the  editor  of  the  Etymologicon  Anglicanum,  whose  remarks  on  the  wc 
wennchell  have  been  mentioned  in  the  Notes  on  the  Glossary  at  1.  33 


ktinuously  as  prose,  the  sections  of  each  being  separated 
If  the  metrical  point. 

The  leaves  of  the  MS.  vary  in  length  from  13  to  so 
iches,  and  in  breadth  from  4  to  8  inches.  The  cover  or 
ig  is  of  common  pasteboard,  and  is  2dJ  inches  long 
■{  wide.  The  leaves  are  altogether  90  in  nmnber.  Of 
bese  the  first  two,  which  are  fly-leaves,  have  been  already 
Dliced  [v.  p.  liv.  and  p,  Ivi].  It  may  only  therefore  be 
ttessary  to  add.  that  the  second  fly-leaf  [v.  Facsimile,  No.  r] 
Dntains  a  Rmitc  alphabet  in  lai^e  and  small  letters,  with 
s  contractions  in  that  character,  and  with  the  two  words 
and  Anun  iltustralin^'  the  letters  in  both  sizes.  Over 
,  of  the  letters  in  this  alphabet,  with  the  e.iception  of  the 
six,  and  also  over  the  contractions,  are  written  the  cor- 

B  letters  in  EngUsh.  There  have  been  written 
\  over  the  first  six,  but  they  have  been  since 
'fir  the  Runic  letters  forming  the  words  Est  and 
tten  'Alphabetum  Anglicum,'  referring  either  to 
1  of  English  letters,  or,  which  seems  more  prob- 
ifwe  may  judge  from  their  position,  to  the  characters 
lich  ibe  word  Amen  is  inierpreted,  and  which  are  placed 
Icl  with  the  Runic  characters  forming  that  word. 
Od  Uie  seven  following  leaves'  and  in  the  first  page  of 
I  eighth  are  written  those  portions  of  the  MS.  which, 
Ugh  not  marked  with  any  separate  heading  by  the  scribe, 
»,  for  convenience  of  reference,  been  distinguished  in  the 

Tltc  first  7  lEavea  are  thns  >ppropnB.led.  The  first  4  pages  and 
mpart  of  the  %'Ca.  contain  Che  Dedication.  Of  IhcsE  the  ist  and 
iHgcs  with  the  upper  part  of  ibc  jtb  are  in  one  column,  the  3rd  and 
u  3  columns  each.  The  lower  part  of  the  f^th  and  the  whole  of  the 
bfijHowinB  'o  the  end  of  Ihe  lath,  with  the  lower  part  of  the  14th, 
alB  the  Latin  tells,  Of  these  the  lower  part  of  the  jth.  the  whole 
leftlh.  pBil  of  the  mh,  and  pari  of  the  nth,  are  in  i  columns;  the 
Bih.  9th,  loth,  wiih  paitii  of  the  nth  and  well  as  the  Ioh 
of  llle  14th,  have  one  column.  The  i.^tli  pBge  and  upper  part  of 
rfili  contain  the  Preface,  each  in  one  column. 


Glossary  as  the  Dedication,  Texts,  Preface,  and  Introduction 
The  Dedication  commences  the  work,  and  extends  to  343 
lines.  The  Latin  Texts  still  remaining  have  been  numbered 
as  242  by  the  scribe,  but  altogether  amount  to  243,  the 
number  198  having  been  written  p.  m.  both  before  and  after 
No.  199.     The  Preface  contains  106  lines,  beginning, 

piss  boc  iss  nemmnedd  Orrmulum 

and  ending, 

purrh  j)ohht,  J)urrh  word,  J)urrh  dede. 

These  seven  leaves  have  been  written  either  in  one  or  two 
columns,  apparently  for  the  economy  of  space.  Then  follow 
81  leaves,  of  which  two  are  imperfect*,  and  79  entire. 

The  Homilies  are  preceded  by  the  short  Introduction 
above  noticed,  which  is  contained  in  108  lines,  beginning, 

All  mannkinn  fra  })att  Adam  wass 

and  ending, 

To  ^arrkenn  Cristess  we^Jess;  * 

The  Homilies  are  written  in  double  columns  throughout 
which  have  been  marked  by  a  late  hand  in  Arabic  numerals; 
the  whole,  taking  into  account  the  defective  state  of  the  MS., 
amounting  to  426  columns.  There  appears  however  one 
exception  to  the  accuracy  of  this  calculation,  the  particulait 
of  which  are  detailed  in  the  note  on  1.  127 19. 

There  is  also  another  series  of  figures,  written  in  Roman 
numerals,  in  a  hand  which  would  seem  to  be  of  very  eailpl 
date,  if  it  be  not  that  of  the  author.  These  figures  are  nim 
in  number,  and  are  found  respectively  between  the  followingl 

*  Viz.  the  leaf  mentioned  in  the  notes  at  11.  17331-17398,  and  thfllt 
containing  the  fragments  at  the  end  of  the  printed  text  in  vol.  ii.    F< 
an  account  of  a  small  fragment  of  a  leaf,  v.  the  note  at  1.  12  719. 
is  also  a  small  fragment  at  col.  180,  on  which  the  letters  i  .  .  so 

OF  THE  MS.  Ixxix 

imns  in  the  MS. :  No.  I.  between  coll.  i,  2 ;  No.  11.  tuattl- 
111.  between  77,  j8;  IIII.  between  125,  iz6  ;  V.  between 
174;  VI.  between  217,218;  VII.  between  265,266; 
31.  between  309,  310  ;  IX.  between  373,  374, 
:sicles  liie  leaves  which  form  the  MS.  in  its  original  state, 
;  have  been  Inserted  in  different  parts  of  the  volume 
ily-nine  leaves,  containing  corrections  and  additional 
,er.  References  to  their  insertion  and  contents  have 
en  given  in  the  Notes. 

The  letters  which  are  used  in  (he  MS.,  and  of  which  a 
will  be  found  in  Facsimile  No.  2,  may  require  a  few 
(narks.  Great  pains  have  been  taken  to  procure  accurate 
3  of  the  letters,  and  of  a  portion  of  ihe  Latin  tests,  as 
of  the  work. 

G.  Two  forms  of  the  letler  g  have  been  used  by  Ormin, 
:tly  to  express  the  hard  strong  sound,  the  other 
Ld  of  that  letter.  But  it  is  singular,  that  for  this 
for  the  soft  sound  a  letter  resembling  the 
:on  J,  while  for  the  hard  sound  he  employs  a  new 
■,  chiefly  formed  by  the  addition  of  a  short  stroke 
meeting  the  horizontal  line  with  the  bend  in  the  curved 
of  the  other  character  [v.  Facsimile  No.  3.]  In  the 
Ited  text  the  soft  sound  is  represented  by  the  A.  S.  letter 
Md  the  hard  sound  by  the  modem  form  of  the  letter. 
!  fomi  of  the  capital  letter  representing  the  soft  sound 
!rs  in  the  MS,  only  in  size  from  that  of  the  small  letter. 
I  is  never  found  as  an  initial  letter  before  consonants, 
wry  rarely  after  liquids,  perhaps  not  beyond  the  follow- 
instances ;  in  burrh^ess  and  rolhjenn,  the  usual  forms 
%  bunjhesa  and  folljhenn ;  and  in  Ihude,  which  only 
ITS  once,  at  1.  8142. 

I.  By  reference  to  the  Facsimile  it  will  be  seen  that  this 
T  lakes  three  forms.  The  variation  is  observable  chieUy 
re  the  second  r  is  placed  over  that  which  is  written  on 
line  of  the    MS.     Hence   the    character   has   become. 


through  the  change  from  the  Anglo-Saxon  p,  identical,  c 
nearly  so,  with  the  modern  form  of  the  letter  r. 

p,  S.  Both  these  characters  are  used  by  Ormin  to  expre 
the  thy  but  the  S  does  not  occur  probably  more  than  i< 
times  throughout  the  volume.  It  is  found  in  the  foUowii 
words,  [besides  others,  R.  H.]  which  are  also,  and  mo: 
frequently,  written  with  the  J?,  viz.  8a,  conj.  and  pronou 
tSatt,  conj.  and  pron.  Se,  pron.  Sejj,  tSejjre,  pron.  Sing,  Sia 
tSohhtess,  forrtSi,  otSerr,  sellSe,  switSe.  If  we  may  judj 
from  the  position  of  the  S,  which,  in  the  greater  number  \ 
instances,  is  used  when  the  form  of  the  letter  in  the  woi 
immediately  above  would  have  interfered  with  the  form  of 
we  may  consider  that  Ormin  employed  the  S  on  no  defini 
principle  of  orthography,  but  to  avoid  obscurity  in  his  pei 
manship.  An  instance  of  such  obscurity  occurs  at  lii 
1 658 1,  which  is  explained  in  the  Notes.  The  only  deviatic 
from  the  use  of  the  J?  appears  to  be  in  the  word  Elyzabae^ 
at  col.  4,  and  line  231,  where  the  letters  ih  are  written  1 

The  usual  marks  of  contraction  are  found  over  syllabli 
that  take  the  m  or  n^  and,  in  some  instances,  over  those  thi 
take  r.  Two  different  letters  are  sometimes  found  on  OB 
stroke,  as  the  /  and  d  in  the  word  child.  A  similar  mode  c 
repeating  the  sa?ne  letter  takes  place  occasionally  in  tl^ 
letters  d,  h,  s,  /,  p,  j,  and  ]>. 

These  deviations  from  the  usual  mode  of  writing  adoj 
by  Ormin  were  occasioned  probably  by  a  wish  to  econoi 
time  and  space,  and,  if  that  be  so,  we  are  indebted  to 
patience    and    liberality  for    their   comparatively  rare 
currence.  I 

The  A.  S.  letters  J?  and  p,  and  also  the  character  ^  (atiA 
are  written  in  some  places  in  the  margin,  but  it  is  diffical 
to  say  with  what  view,  unless  as  some  guide  to  the  reader,  CI 
as  a  private  memorandum  of  the  scribe. 


'■''Km  attempts  at  the  illumination  of  capital  letters 
[n  the  voSume.  They  are  found  in  ihe  following  in- 
I.  In  A  in  the  word  Affterr,  col.  aog.  I.  8347. 
the  word  pe,  erroneously  written  by  the  scribe  for 
erased  lest,  at  col,  227. !.  gi6i.  3.  In  p  in  patt,  col. 
■  9335-  4-  I*^  ^  '"  Annd,  in  erased  text,  col,  256. 
J7.  5.  In  A  in  Affterr,  col,  354.  1.  I55.l8.  6.  In  A 
err,  col.  39a,  I.  17888.     7,  la  A  in  Annd,  in  col.  390. 

Col.  391.  1.  17984.  In  the  first  stroke  of  the  ^ 
I  letter  H  in  He,  which  formed  the  upright  stroke  of  R, 
!t  of  ihat  letter  having  been  obliterated,  and  Ihe  cross 
I  well  as  the  right  stroke  of  the  H  written  over  ihe 
B  in  black  ink.   Al!  these  initial  letters,  with  the  portion 

letter  H  mentioned  in  No.  8,  have  been  written 

A  entry  in  a  late  hand  £ 
lo  the  effect  that  the  frf 
appear  that  the  portio 

Test  xsxii.  of  the  series  of  ] 
ment  ended  at  that  Test,  it  1 
now  remaining  corresponds  J 
Ik  extent  of  the  volume  as  it  was  then  known. 
[re  seems  therefore  no  reason  to  doubt  that  the  MS. 
into  the  possession  of  the  University  in  its  present 
ted  Slate.     The  short  Glossary  mentioned  by  Tanner 
ger  exists,  nor  is  there  a.ny  recollection  or  trace  of  it 
lord.     It  may  possibly  have  related  to  several  words 
have  been  underlined  in  the  latter  pages  of  the  MS,, 
ght  have  been  already  missing  before  Wanle/s  time, 
makes  no  mention  of  it  in  his  account  of  the  MS.,  an 
not  probable,  had  be  found  it  at  the  end  of  the 
it  came  under  his  notice  for  description. 


Table  shewing  the  number  of  Latin  Texts,  the  Para; 
of  each,  and  the  Homilies,  stUl  extant. 

Latin  Text  I.  Fuit  in  diebus,  &c. 
Paraphrase  perfect. 
Begins  1.  109.  An  preost  was  onn  Herodess  dass- 
Ends  1.  196.  'j  ec  ])urrh  halis  bisne  ;  • 

II.  Dixit  Zachaiyas,  &c.  wanting. 

Par.  perfect. 
B.  197.  pa  sessde  Zacariass  Jmss — 
E.  240.  Till  hae])inng  butenn  chilldre. 

Homily  on  I.  and  II.  imperfect. 
B.  255.  piss  Goddspell  sess))  Jatt  Sannt  Johan^ 
E.  1797.  Wi))J>  preostess 

III.  Missus  est,  &c.  wanting. 
Par.  wanting, 

IIII.  V.  below. 
Par.  imperfect, 

B.  1798 ijatttime— 

E.  1 81 2.  patt  waere  onn  hire  streonedd. 
Horn,  on  L.  T.  III.  perfect. 
B.  1817.  Me  mine))))  l)att  ice  sessde  suw- 
E.  2684.  Hesbesst  off  alle  shaffte. 

IIII.  Exurgens  Maria,  &c. 

Par.  V.  above. 

Horn,  imperfect, 
B.  2685.  Itt  ses5>  ))att  Sannte  Marse  f6r- 
E.  2874.  *j  soKasst  lufe  *)  troww[)je]  .  .  . 

V.  L.  T.  Par,  and  Horn,  wanting. 

TABLE  OF  LATIN  TEXT?,  &*c.        Ixxxiii 

VI.  Cum  esset  desponsata,  &c.  wamting. 
Par.  watuing. 

Horn,  imperfect, 

B.  2875 *  dene  iinnwemeddnesse — 

£.  3269.  All  massdenn  ]>weorrt  ^t  clene ;  • 

VII.  Exiit  edictum,  &c. 
Par.  perfect. 

B.  3270.  An  Romanisshe  Kaserrking — 
E.  3387.  All  St  oflf  ])e55re  sihh))e. 

»in.  Pastores  loquebantur,  &c.  wanting. 
^91.  perfect. 
^'  33B8.  Ya.  hirdess  tokenn  sone  Jmss — 
E-  3425.  Whas  moderr  sho  wass  wurrj^enn. 
Horn,  on  VII.  and  VIII.  perfect, 
B.  3494.  Forr))rihht  anan  se  time  comm — 
E  4009.  To  brukenn  heoffness  blisse. 

Am  [gen.] 

IX-  Postqnam  consummati  sunt  dies,  &c.  wanting. 
Par.  wanting. 
Horn,  imperfect. 

B.  4010.  *j  forr))i  wass  itt  upponn  himm — 
^  6393«  1  wass  Rachsel  sehatenn 

^'  Cum  natus  esset,  «&c.  wanting. 
Par.  is  partly  given  after  P.  of  T.  viii.  in  the  following  lines, 
B.  3426.  Annd  o  J>att  illke  nahht  tatt  Crist — 
E.  3489.  Till  heoffeimrichess  blisse  . 

It  is  apparently  resumed  in  its  proper  place  at  T.  x.  but  is 
B.  6394.     .     .     .     ledenn  hemm  ]?e  wesse  rihht — 
E.  6513.  Jiff  ]>att  he  mihhte  hiram  findeim  . 
nom.  imperfect. 
B.  6518.  Herode  king  bitacne})})  uss — 

E.  7570.  Att  ure  lifess  ende. 

Amsen ;  • 

Postquam  impleti  sunt  dies,  &c. 
*ar.  perfect. 

B.  7571.  FoiT)>rihht  se  time  comm  j^aerto — 
E.  7630.  Wurrjishipe  i  eche  wuUderr . 

f  2 

Ixxxiv        TABLE  OF  LATIN  TEXTS,  &*c. 

XII.  Erat  Joseph  ^  Maria,  &c.  wanting. 
Par.  perfect, 

B.  7631.  Josaep,  swa  summ  ]>e  Goddspell  sess)>— 
E.  7696.  T  full  off  Godess  wille ;  • 
Horn,  on  XI.  and  XII.  imperfect. 

B.  7701.  Rihht  o  )>att  dass  )>att  Crist  wass  oflf — 
E.  7999.  1  forr 

XIII.  Ecce  Angelus,  &c,  wanting. 
Par.  wanting. 

Horn,  imperfect. 
B.  8000.     ...    he  woUde  litell — 
E.  8346.  To  winnenn  Cristess  are  . 


XIIII.  Defuncto  autem  Herode,  «&c. 
Par.  perfect. 

B.  8347.  Affterr  l)att  tatt  Herode  Kmg— 
E.  8390.  Oflf  Nazarse}>ess  chesstre. 
Horn,  perfect. 
B.  8395.  Rihht  o  ))att  ser  wass  Crist  full  neh — 
E.  8878.  Beon  borrshenn  J)urrh  hiss  are. 


XV.  Cum  factus  esset  IHC,  &c. 
Par.  perfect. 

B.  8879.  AfTterr  ]>att  tatt  te  Laferrd  Crist  — 

E.  8978.  T  god  onn  alle  wise. 
Horn,  imperfect, 

B.  8983.  |?att  Jesu  Cristess  kinness  menn — 

E.  9122.  Beon  borrghenn  J)urrh  hiss  are. 

Ain[aen] ;  - 

XVI.  Anno  quintodecimo,  &c. 

Vzx.  perfect.     It  is  preceded  by  a  preface  from  1.  9123  to  1.  5 

B.  9161.  pe  Goddspell  se55]>  J>att  Sannt  Johan — 

E.  9330.  ^r  |?an  he  borenn  wsere. 
Hom.  perfect,  including  XVI.  and  XVII. 

B.  9335,  patt  Sannt  Johan  swa  swi}5e  sung. 

E.  10256.  Att  ure  lifess  ende. 

Amoen ;  • 

XVII.  Venit  Johannes  Baptista,  &c.  wanting. 
Par.  and  Hom.  included  in  P.  and  H.  of  XVI. 

TABLE  OF  LATIN  TEXTS,  &>c.         Ixxxv 

XVIII.  Miserunt  Judei,  &c. 
Par.  imperfect.    It  is  preceded  by  a  preface  from  1.  10257  to  1  10272. 
B.  10273.  *J  t^SS  ^  tokenn  sandemnenn — 
E.  10290.  Nass»  namm  I  nohht  profete  . 

Horn,  imperfect. 
B.  10291.  -J  tatt  teS5  sessdenn  to  Johan —  ] 

E.  10647.  A — butenn  ende  bnikenn. 


XIX.  Venit  IHC  a  Galilea.  &c. 
^^.  perfect. 

B.  10648.  Unnderr  )>a  dashess,  alls  uss  sessj) — 
E.  10683.  -}  cweme  onn  alle  wise. 
Horn,  imperfect. 
B.  10688.  pe  Laferrd  Crist  comm  till  ]je  flumm — 

*  •  •  •  «  •  • 

E.  1 131 8.  To  bnikenn  eche  blisse. 

Amsen ;  • 

XX,  Ductus  est  IHC  in  desertum,  &c. 
Par.  perfect. 

B.  11319.  Forr)>rililit  se  Jesuss  fullhtnedd  wass — 
E.  11398.  -J  tokenn  Crist  to  ])eowwtenn. 
Hem.  imperfect. 
B.  1 1403.  patt  ure  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist — 

;         E.  12565.  To  winnenn  eche  blisse. 

■:  XXI.  Altera  die  vidit  Johannes,  &c, 
I      Par.  pirfect. 

B.  12566.  Affterr  J)att  Jesuss  fandedd  wass — 

E.  12617.  Crist  Godess  Sune,  off  heoffne. 
Horn,  imperfect f  vide  note  at  1.  12  719. 

B.  12622.  patt  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste  cneow — 

E.  1 27 19.  Ace  all  wi|>))utenn  sinne. 
■  ....... 

XXII.  Altera  autem  die  stabat,  &c. 
^^.  perfect. 
B.  12720.  pseraflfterr  onn  an  o])err  dass — 
E.  12827.  pe  manness  Sune  stishenn. 
J    Hom.  perfect. 

B.  12832.  Johan  J>e  Goddspellwrihhte  seS5]> — 
£.  '3999.  Att  ure  lifess  ende. 


Ixxxvi       TABLE  OF  LATIN  TEXTS,  &*c. 

XXin.  Nuptie  quidem  facte  sunt,  &c. 
Par.  ptrfKt, 
B.  14000.  Uppo  l^e  J>ridde  dass  bilammp — 
£.  14077.  Allmahhtis  Godess  mahhte. 
Horn,  ptrfect, 
B.  1408a.  Crist  comm  till  ]>att  bridale  himm  sellf — 
E.  15537.  Att  ure  lifess  ende. 

Amsen  ;  • 

XXIIII.  Prope  erat  Pasca  Judeonim,  &c. 
Par.  perfect, 
B.  15538.  Affterr  }jatt  tatt  te  Laferrd  Crist— 
E.  1 5631.  He  sahh,  -j  cnew,  *j  cu[)e. 
Horn,  perfect. 
B.  15636.  patt  Jesu  Crist  stah  dun  inntill — 
E.  16607.  Off  all  >att  he  forrbede))]). 

Amxn ;  • 

XXV.  Erat  homo  ex  Phariseis  Nichodemus,  &c. 
Par.  of  XXV.  perfect. 

B.  16608.  An  mann  amang  Judisskenn  ])ed  — 

E.  167 1 1.  Wei  mushe  wurr^enn  borrshenn. 
Par.  of  XXVI.  perfect. 

B.  16712.  Swa  lufede  J)e  Laferrd  Godd — 

E.  1675 1.  T  l)urrh  hiss  hellpe  forj^edd. 
Horn,  of  XXV.  imperfect. 

B.  16756.  Jriss  Nicodem  J)att  onn  anahht  — 

E.  17492.  Upp  inntill  heffness  blisse. 

Amaen  ;  • 

XXVI.  Sic  Deus  dilexit  mundum,  &c. 
Par.  follows  that  of  T.  XXV. 
Horn,  perfect. 

B.  17493.  Purrh  J?att  te  Laferrd  sessde  ]7uss — 
E.  17886.  To  winnenn  Cristess  are. 

Amaen ;  • 

Then  follows  in  18  lines  an  account  of  a  journey  of  our 
Galilee,  noticed  here  by  Ormin  either  through  a  mistake,  in  su] 
apparently  without  Scripture  authority,  that  such  a  journey  toe 
after  the  conversation  with  Nicodemus  at  Jerusalem  (Homs.  xj 
John  iii.  1-2 1 ),  and  before  the  departure  into  Judea  (Hom.  xxv 
iii.  22),  or  in  anticipation  of  the  journey  in  Galilee,  the  events  c 
are  detailed  in  Hom.  xxx.  (John  iv.  i.) 

TABLE  OF  LATIN  TEXTS,  ^c.       Ixxxvii 
[.  Postea  venit  Jlic  in  Judeam  terram,  &c. 

B.  17906.  Annd  si]>])enn  comm  ])e  Laferrd  Crist— 
£.  17983.  Iss  Godd  so])fasst  i  spseche. 

[.  Quern  exiim  misit  Deus,  &c. 
I  Bar.  perfect. 

B.  17984.  He  ])att  wass  hiderr  sennd  ]mrrh  Godd — 

E.  1 800 1.  "J  Godess  rihhte  wraeche. 
[Horn,  of  L.  T.  XXVII.  imperfect. 

B.  18006.  Firrst  birr  J)  uss  lokenn  whatt  bihallt — 

£.  1849 1.  1  ^^^^c  ^^^  ^iss  ^^^c* 

[Horn,  of  L.  T.  XXVIII.  wanting. 

u  In  principio  erat  Verbum,  && 
fhr.  wanting. 
|Hom.  imperfect. 

B.  18492.    .     .     .    Drihhtin  unnderrstanndenn — 
E.  19550.  *3  off  Johan  Bapptisste. 

Jfic  andiens  quia  murmurabant,  &c. 
B.  1955 1.  Affterr  ])att  ure  Laferrd  Crist — 
E,  19584.  Forr  l^essre  nij)  to  kelenn. 
niien  follows  the  account  of  the  imprisonment  of  John  by  Herod,  as 
fcn  by  St.  Luke  iii.  19,  20,  from  1.  19585  to  1.  196 10. 
'ftom.  perfect. 
B.  1 96 1 5.  Nu  birr))  uss  lokenn  whatt  bihallt — 
E.  1 98 1 8.  Jsen  himm  "j  ssen  hiss  lare. 

L  Herodes  misit  t  tenuit  Johannem,  &c. 
^Jlie  author  seems  here  to  have  harmonized  Mark  vi.  17-20,  with 
iii.  19,  20. 
'•  p^f^ct. 

B.  1 98 1 9.  Herode  Kmg  off  Galile — 
E.  1 99 1 4.  1  forJ>enn  hire  wille. 
■^om.  imperfect. 

B.  19915.  1  her  mann  unnderrstanndenn  mass — 
E.  19993.  Acab  >e  Ju 


Venit  Jhc  in  civitatem,  &c. 

Table  shewing  the  number  of  Leaves  of  the  MS.  remainii 

and  of  those  that  are  wanting. 

Columns  remaining.       Leaves.            i 

Columns  wanting.      Leaves. 

1 —  12  =  12  or   3 

13 —  28  =  16  or   4 

29 —  44»i6  —  4 

45-  52-8—2 

53-  68  =  16—  4 

69—  76==  8—2 

77—  96  =  20—  5 

97—104=  8  —   2 

^05— 136  =  32  —  8 

137—144=  8—  2 

145—156  =  12—  3 

157— i6o«  4—  I 

161 — 180  =  20 —  5 

181 — 204=24  —  6 

205 — 220=16  —  4 

221 — 224=  4 —    I 

225—236=12—  3 

237—244=  8—  2 

245—256  =  12  —   3 

257—260=  4—  I 

261 — 276  =  16—  4 

277 — 280=  4 —  I 

281 — 296  =  16  —  4 

297—300=  4—  I 

301 — 380  =  80  — 20 

399—406=  8—  2 

383—398  =  16—  4 


407 — 426=20 —  5 

108  »  27 

316  =  79 

Total  of  columns  entire 

316=5  79leai?« 


2^    I 


108=  27 

Total  of  cols,  as  marked  by  Arabic  numerals  426  « 107 

Summary  of  Leaves  remaining. 

Fly  leaves 2 

Dedication,  Latin  Texts,  and  Preface  7 

Introduction  and  Homilies 79 

Imperfect  leaf,  containing  columns  381 ,  382 i 

Ditto  at  the  end  1 


Inserted  leaves 29 

Total 119 









































FAC-SrMILE     OF     LATIN     TEXT. 



Nu,  bro)?err  Wallterr,  bro)?err  min 

Aflfterr  pe  flaeshess  kinde; 
■3  bro))eiT  min  i  Crisstenndom 

pnrrh  fiilluhht  •]  j^urrh  trowwjje; 
-}  bro}>err  min  i  Godess  hus,  5 

2?t  o  J)e  pride  wise,. 
purrh  )>att  witt  hafenn  takenn  ba 

An  rejhellboc  to  folljhenn, 
Unnderr  kanunnkess  had  -^  lif, 

Swa  summ  Sannt  Awwstin  sette;  10 

Ice  hafe  don  swa  summ  pu  badd, 

■3  for])edd  te  )?in  wille, 
Ice  hafe  wennd  inntill  Ennglissh 

Goddspelless  halljhe  l^re, 
Affierr  ))att  little  witt  p2Ltt  me  15 

Min  Drihhtin  hafe])]?  lenedd. 
pu  )K>hhtesst  tatt  itt  mihhte  wel 

Till  mikell  frame  turmenn, 
2iff  Ennglissh  folic,  forr  lufe  off  Crist, 

Itt  woUde  jeme  lemenn,  20 

1  foUjhenn  itt,  -5  fiUenn  itt 
Wi]>J>  )K>hhty  wi]?]?  word,  wi)?])  dede. 

▼OL.L  B 


•5  foiT)?i  jermdesst  tu  Jjatt  ice 

piss  werrc  )?e  shollde  wirrkenn ; 
^  ice  itt  hafe  forjjedd  te, 

Ace  all  Jjurrh  Cristess  hellpe; 
^  unne  birrj)  ba)?e  J)annkenn  Crist 

patt  itt  iss  brohht  till  ende. 
Ice  hafe  sammnedd  o  j^iss  boe 

pa  Goddspelless  neh  alia, 
patt  sinndenn  o  })e  messeboe 

Inn  all  }>e  ^er  att  messe . 
^  ajj  afFterr  Jje  Goddspell  stannt 

patt  tatt  te  Goddspell  mene)?J), 
patt  mann  birrf)  spellenn  to  fe  folic 

Off  Jjej^re  sawle  nede; 
^  jet  taer  tekenn  mare  inoh 

pu  shallt  taeronne  findenn, 
Off  J)att  tatt  Cristess  halljhe  )?ed 

BirrJ)  trowwenn  wel  ^  folljhenn. 
Ice  hafe  sett  her  o  Jjiss  boe 

Amang  Goddspelless  wordess, 
All  )?urrh  me  sellfenn,  manij  word 
I '      pe  nme  swa  to  fillenn ; 
Ace  Jju  shallt  findenn  Jjatt  min  word, 

Ejjwhaer  J)aer  itt  iss  ekedd, 
Majj  hellpenn  Jja  Jjatt  redenn  itt 

To  sen  ^  tunnderrstanndenn 
All  Jjess  te  bettre,  hu  J^ej^m  birrf) 

pe  Goddspell  unnderrstanndenn ; 
3  forrJ)i  trowwe  ice  Jjatt  te  birr]> 

Wel  J)olenn  mine  wordess, 



Ejjwhaer  )?aer  Jju  shdlt  findenn  hemm 

Amang  Goddspelless  wordess. 
Forr  whase  m8t  to  laewedd  folic  55 

Larspell  ofif  Goddspell  tellenn, 
He  mot  wel  ekenn  mani^  word 

Amaiig  Goddopelless  wordess. 
n  ice  ne  mihhte  -nofafat  min  ferrs 

A32  wipp  Goddspelless  wordess  60 

Wel  fillenn  all,  •]  all  forr})i 

Shollde  ice  wel  ofifte  nede 
Amang  Goddspelless  wordess  don 

Min  word,  min  ferrs  to  fillenn. 
-^  te  bitaeche  ice  off  })iss  boc,  65 

Heh  wikenn  alls  itt  semej?)?, 
All  to  Jjurrhsekenn  illc  an  ferrs, 

•5  to  Jmrrhlokenn  ofFte, 
patt  upponn  all  fiss  boc  ne  be 

Nan  word  jaen  Cristess  lare,  70 

Nan  word  tatt  swife  wel  ne  be 

To  trowwenn  ^  to  folljhenn. 
Witt  shulenn  tredenn  unnderrfSt 

^  all  J)werrt  ut  forrwerrpenn 
pe  dom  off  all  J)att  la)?e  flocc,  75 

patt  iss  ))urrh  nif)  forrblendedd, 
patt  taele)?Jj  }>att  to  lofenn  iss, 

purrh  ni})full  modijnesse. 
pejj  shulenn  laetenn  haefjelij 

Oflf  unnkerr  swinnc,  lef  brojjerr;  So 

^  all  Jjegj  shulenn  takenn  itt 

Onn  unnitt  ^  onn  idell; 

B  2 


Ace  nohht  ]7urrh  skill,  ace  all  ]}urrh  ni]>, 

^  all  Jjurrh  J^ejjre  sinne. 
^  unnc  birr]}  biddenn  Godd  tatt  he 

Forrjife  hemm  here  sinne; 
•3  unnc  birrj)  bajje  lofenn  Godd 

Off  l^att  itt  wass  bigunnenn, 
^  l^annkenn  Godd  tatt  itt  iss  brohht 

Till  ende,  J?urrh  hiss  hellpe; 
Forr  itt  ma^  hellpenn  alle  J?a 

patt  bli]7elike  itt  herenn, 
^  lufenn  itt,  ^  folljhenn  itt 

Wijjjj  Jjohht,  wiJ>J}  word,  wiJ>J}  dede. 
^  whase  wilenn  shall  ]}iss  boc 

Efft  ojjerr  sij)e  writenn, 
Himm  bidde  ice  J)att  he!  write  rihht, 

Swa  summ  J?iss  boc  himm  taechejjj), 
All  Jjwerrt  fit  aiOfterr  Jjatt  itt  iss 

Uppo  Jjiss  firrste  bisne, 
Wijj]?  all  swillc  nme  alls  her  iss  sett, 

Wijjjj  all  se  fele  wordess; 
^  tatt  he  loke  wel  ])att  he 

An  bocstafF  write  twi^ess, 
Ejjwhaer  Jjaer  itt  uppo  J)iss  boc 

Iss  writenn  o  J>att  wise. 
Loke  he  well  J?att  het  write  swa, 

Forr  he  ne  majg  nohht  elless 
Onn  Ennglissh  writtenn  rihht  te  word, 
\1     patt  wite  he  wel  to  soJ?e. 
^  jiff  mann  wile  wltenn  whi 

Ice  hafe  don  Jjiss  dede, 


Whi  ice  till  Ennglissh  hafe  wennd 

Goddspelless  hall^he  lare; 
Ice  hafe  itt  don  forrJ>i  }>att  all  115 

Crisstene  follkess  berrhless 
Iss  lang  uppo  J>att  an,  J>att  te^g 

Goddspelless  halljhe  lare 
Wi}>Jj  fulle  mahhte  folljhe  rihht 

purrh  Jjohht,  J?iirrh  word,  J)urrh  dede.         120 
Forr  aU  J?att  aefre  onn  erj>e  iss  ned 

Crisstene  folic  to  folljhenn 
I  trowwJ>e,  i  dede,  all  taechej)]?  hemm 

Goddspelless  hallghe  lare. 
^  forrJ)i  whase  leme}>J>  itt  125 

^  foUjheJjJ?  itt  wiJ>J>  dede, 
He  shall  onn  ende  wurr}>i  ben 

pnrrh  Godd  to  wurr})enn  borrghenn. 
^  tserfore  hafe  ice  turrnedd  itt 

Inntill  Ennglisshe  spaeche,  130 

Forr  })att  I  wollde  blij)elig 

patt  all  Ennglisshe  lede 
Wijjjj  aere  shollde  lisstenn  itt, 

Wi}>Jj  herrte  shollde  itt  trowwenn, 
WiJ)Jj  tunge  shollde  spellenn  itt,  135 

WiJ>J?  dede  shollde  itt  foUjhenn, 
To  winnenn  unnderr  Crisstenndom 

Att  Godd  soj)  sawle  berrhless. 
■3  jiflf  Jje^j  wilenn  herenn  itt, 

^  folljhenn  itt  wij>jj  dede,  140 

Ice  hafe  hemm  hollpenn  unnderr  Crist 

To  winnenn  )?e^re  berrhless. 



Uss  wrat  te  posstell  Sannt  Johan, 

purrh  Halij  Grastess  lare, 
patt  he  sahh  upp  inn  hefFne  an  boc 

Bisett  wiJ>J>  seffne  innse^jless, 
^  sperrd  swa  swij>e  wel  ]?att  itt 

Ne  mihhte  nan  wihht  oppnenn, 
Wijjjjutenn  Godess  halljhe  Lamb 

patt  he  sahh  ec  inn  heflfne. 
^  ]?urrh  "Jja  sefFne  innsejjless  wass 

Rihht  swij>e  wel  bitacnedd 
patt  sefennfald  godlejjc  ]?att  Crist 

Uss  dide  J>urrh  hiss  come; 
^  tatt  nan  wihht  ne  mihhte  nohht 

Oppnenn  J>a  seflfne  innsejjless, 
WiJ?J?utenn  Godess  Lamb,  ]?att  comm, 

Forr  J>att  itt  shollde  tacnenn 
patt  nan  wihht,  nan  enngell,  nan  mann, 

Ne  naness  kinness  shaflfte, 
Ne  mihhte  Jjurrh  himm  sellfenn  ]?a 

Seflfne  godnessess  shaewenn 
O  mannkinn,  swa  Jjatt  itt  mannkinn 

Oflf  helle  mihhte  lesenn, 
Ne  gifenn  mannkinn  lusst,  ne  mahht, 

To  winnenn  heflfness  blisse. 

3  all  all  swa  se  Godess  Lamb, 
All  J3urrh  hiss  ajhenn  mahhte, 

LihhtUke  mihhte  ■]  wel  inoh 
pa  seflfne  innsejjless  oppnenn, 


All  swa  \>e  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist,  2S5 

All  Jjurrh  his  ajhenn  mahhte, 
Wijjjj  Faderr  ^  wij?]?  Halij  Gast 

An  Godd  ^  all  an  kinde, 
All  swa  rihht  he  lihhtiike  inoh 

^  wel  wij?]?  alle  mihhte  290 

0  mannkinn  Jjurrh  himm  sellfenn  f)a 

Seflfne  godnessess  shaewenn, 
Swa  Jjatt  he  mannkinn  wel  inoh 

Off  helle  mihhte  lesenn, 
3  gifenn  mannkinn  lufe  ^  lusst,  295 

^  mahht  ^  witt  ■]  wille, 
To  stanndenn  inn  to  cwemenn  Godd, 

To  winenn  heffness  blisse. 
;j  forr  ]?att  halig  Goddspellboc 

All  Jjiss  godnesse  uss  shaewej?)?,  300 

piss  sefennfald  godlejjc  Jjatt  Crist 

Uss  dide  jjurrh  hiss  are, 
ForrJ^i  birr]?  all  Crisstene  folic 

Goddspelless  lare  folljhenn. 
;j  taerfore  hafe  ice  turrnedd  itt  305 

Inntill  Ennglisshe  spaeche, 
Forr  )?att  I  woUde  blij^elij 

patt  all  Ennglisshe  lede 
WiJjJ)  aere  shoUde  lisstenn  itt, 

WiJ)]?  herrte  shoUde  itt  trowwenn,  310 

WiJjJ?  tunge  shollde  spellenn  itt, 

WiJ?J?  dede  shollde  itt  folljhenn, 
To  winnenn  unnderr  Crisstenndom 

Att  Crist  soJ>  sawle  berrhless . 


^  Godd  Allmahhtij  jife  uss  mahht 

^  lusst  ^  witt  ^  wille, 
To  foUghenn  )?iss  Ennglisshe  boc 

patt  all  iss  hali;  lare, 
Swa  Jjatt  we  motenn  wurr})i  ben 

To  brukenn  heffness  blisse. 

Am[aen].     Am[gen].     Am[aen]  ;• 
Ice  ]?att  tiss  Ennglissh  hafe  sett 

Ennglisshe  menn  to  lare, 
Ice  wass  Jjaer  Jjaer  I  crisstnedd  wass 

Orrmin  bi  "name  nemmnedd . 
^  ice  Orrmin  full  innwarrdlij 

WiJ>Jj  muj?  ^  ee  wiJ>J>  herrte 
Her  bidde  })a  Crisstene  menn, 

patt  herenn  o]?err  redenn 
piss  boc,  hemm  bidde  ice  her  J>att  tejj 

Forr  me  })iss  bede  biddenn, 
patt  brojjerr  J>att  tiss  Ennglissh  writt 

Allraeresst  wrat  3  wrohhte, 
patt  broJ>err  forr  hiss,  swinnc  to  laen 

So]?  blisse  mote  findenn. 



pa  Goddspelless  alle  f>att  ice  335 

Her  o  f>iss  boc  ma^j  findenn, 
Hemm  alle  wile  ice  nemmnenn  her 

Bi  J^ejjre  firrste  wordess. 
^  tile  wile  ice  settenn  to, 

To  don  guw  tunnderrstanndenn,  340 

Hu  fele  sinndenn  o  ]?iss  boc 

Goddspelless  unnderr  alle. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   I.        [i.  5.] 

Fuit  in  diebus  Herodis  regis  Judee  sacerdos  quidam  nomine 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  II.        [i.  18.] 

Dixit  Zacharyas  ad  Angelum,  Unde  hoc  sciam  ?  ego  enim 
sum  senez. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  III.        [i.  26.] 

Missus  est  Angelus  Gabriel  a  Deo  in  civitatem  Galilee. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  IIII.        [i.  39.] 

Exsurgens  Maria  abiit  in  montana  cum  festinatione. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   V.        [i.  57.] 

Elysabeth  impletum  est  tempus  pariendi,  ^  peperit  filium. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   VI.        [i.  18.] 

Cum  esset  desponsata  mater  Jesu  Maria  Joseph,  antequam 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   VIL        [ii.  1.] 

Exiit  edictum  a  Cesare  Augusto,  ut  describeretur. 


SECUNDUM  LUCAH  VIII.        [u.  15.] 

Pastores  loquebantur  ad  invicem,  Transeamus  usque  Beth' 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  IX.        [ii.  21.] 

Postquam  consummati  sunt  dies  octo  ut  circumcideretuf 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   X.        pi.  1.] 

Cum  natus  esset  Jesus  in  Bethleem  Jude  in  diebus  Herodis. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   XI.        [ii.  22.] 

Postquam  impleti  sunt  dies  purificationis  Marie  matris  Jliu. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   XII.        [ii.  33.] 

Erat  Joseph  3  Maria  mater  JHu  mirantes  super  his. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   XIH.        [ii.  13.] 

Ecce  Angelus  Domini  apparuit  in  sompnis  Joseph  dicens, 
Surge  3  accipe  puerum  3  matrem  ejus  3  fiige  in  Egyptmn. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   XIIII.        [ii.  19,  20.] 

Defuncto  autem  Herode,  ecce  Angelus  Domini  apparuit  in 
sompnis  Joseph  in  Egipto  dicens,  Surge  3  accipe  puerum  ] 
matrem  ejus,  3  vade  in  terram  Israel. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   XV.        [i^.  42.] 

Cum  factus  esset  Jesus  annorum  duodecim  asscendentibu! 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   XVI.        [iii.  1.] 

Anno  quinto  decimo  imperii  Tyberii  Gesaris,  procurante. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   XVII.         [iii.  1,  2.] 

Venit  Johannes  Baptista  predicans  in  deserto  Judee, 
dicens,  Penitentiam. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   XVIII.        [i.  19.] 

Miserunt  Judei  ab  Jerosolimis  sacerdotes  3  levitas  a 


SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   XIX.         [Hi.  13.] 

Venit  Jesus  a  Galilea  in  Jordanem  ad  Johannem  ut  bap- 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   XX.        [iv.  1.] 

Ductus  est  Jesus  in  desertum  a  Spiritu  ut  temtaretur  a 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   XXI.        [i.  29.] 

Altera  die  vidit  Johannes  Jfim  venientem  ad  se,  -y  ait,  Ecce 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   XXII.        [i.  35.] 

Altera  autem  die  itermn  stabat  Johannes  3  ex  discipulis 
ejus  duo. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   XXIII.        [ii.  1.] 

Nuptie  facte  sunt  in  Ghana  Galilee,  3  erat. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   XXIIII.        [ii.  13,  14.] 

Prope  erat  Paska  Judeorum  3  ascenndit  Jesus  Jerosolimam 
]  invenit  in  templo  vendentess  boves,  3  oves,  3  columbas. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   XXV.        [iii.  1.] 

Erat  homo  ex  Pharyseis  Nicodemus  nomine,  princeps. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   XXVI.        [iii.  16.] 

Sic  Deus  dilexit  mundum,  ut  Filium  suum. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  XXVII.        [iii.  22.] 

Postea  venit  Jesus  in  Judeam  terram,  3  discipuli  ej'us,  et 
iOic  morabatur,  et  baptizabat. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   XXVIII.        [iii.  34.] 

Quern  enim  misit  Deus,  verba  Dei  loquitur,  non  enim  ad 
mensuram  dat  Deus  Spiritum. 


In  principio  erat  Verbum,  3  Verbum  erat. 


SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  XXX.        [iv.  1.] 

Jesus  audiens  quia  murmurabant  Pharysei  quod  baptizarety 
reliquit  Judeam,  3  ivit  in  Ga[li]leam  cum  discipulis  suis. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  XXXI.      [Marc.  vi.  17.] 

Herodes  misit  3   tenuit  Johannem,  ^   ligavit  in  carcere 
propter  Herodyadem. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   XXXII.        [iv.  5.] 

Venit  ergo  Jesus  in  civitatem  Samarie,  que  dicitur  Sycar. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   XXXIII.        [iv.  43.] 

Post  duos  autem  dies  abiit  de  Samaria  3  venit  in  Galileam. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   XXXIIII.        [iv.  46.] 

Erat  quidam  regulus  cujus  filius  infirmabatur. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   XXXV.        [iv.  14,  15,  16.] 

Regressuss  est  Jesus  in  virtute  Spiritus  in  Galileam,  1  fami 
exiit  per  universam  regionem  de  illo,  ;j  ipse  docebat  in  sin- 
agogis  eorum,  3  magnificabatur  ab  omnibus,  1  venit  Nazaret, 
3  intravit  secundum  consuetudinem  suam  die  sabbati  in  syn- 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   XXXVI.        [iv.  13.] 

Et  relicta  civitate  Nazaret,  venit  3  habitavit  in  CafEtmaum 
maritimam  in  finibus  Zabulon  3  Nepthalim. 

SECUNDUM   MARCUM   XXXVII.         [i.  23,  24.] 

Et  erat  in  synagoga  eorum  homo  in  spiritu  immundo  3  ex- 
clamavit  dicens.  Quid  nobis  3  tibi  Jliu  Nazarene  ? 


SECUNDUM  LUCAM   XXXVIIL         [iv.  38.] 

Surge  ns  autem  Jiis  de  synagoga  introivit  in  domum  Sim(m 
socrus  autem  Simonis  tenebatur  magnis  febribus,  ;jc.  \ 




SECUNDUM  LUCAM   XXXIX.        [v.  1.] 

Factum  est  autem  cum  turbe  irruerent  ad  eum,  ut  audirent 
'wbum  Dei,  3  ipse  stabat  secus  stagnum  Genesaret. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   XL.      [iv.  23.] 

Circuibat  Jesus  totam  Galileam  docens  in  sinagogis  eorum. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   XLI.        [iv.  1,8.] 

Ambulans  Jlis  juxta  mare  Galilee  vidit  duos. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   XLII.        [ix.  9.] 

Et  cum  transiret  inde  Jesus,  vidit  hominem  sedentem  in 
teioneo  Matheum  nomine. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  XLIII.        [ix.  18.] 

Loquente  Jesu  ad  turbas,  ecce  princeps  imus  accessit,  •] 
^rabat  eum  dicens,  Domine,  filia. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   XLIIII.        [ix.  27.] 

Transeunte  inde  Jesu,  secuti  sunt  eum  duo  ceci,  clamantes 
3  dicentes,  Fill  David. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   XLV.        [ix.  35.] 

Circuibat  Jesus  civitates  omnes  3  castella,  docens  in  syn- 
agogis  eorum. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  XLVI.    [v.  1,  2.] 

Erat  autem  die^  festus  Judeorum,  3  ascendit  Jesus  Jeroso- 
tjhnam.    Erat  autem  Jerosolimis  probatica  piscina  quinque 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   XL VII.        [v.  16.] 

Propterea  persequebantur  Judei  Jiim,  quia  hec  faciebat  in 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   XLVIII.        [v.  ?0.] 

Non  possum  ego  a  memet  ipso  facere  quicquam,  sed  sicut 
ndk)  judico ;  3  juditium  meum  justum  est. 

VOL.  L  C 


SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   XLIX.        [vi.  1,  2.] 

Abiit  Jiis  trans  mare  Galilee  quod  est  Tyberiadis,  ]  sequ( 
atur  eum  multitudo  magna. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM  L.        [v.  1.] 

Videns  autem  Jfts  turbas  asscendit   in  montem,  ]  c 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LI.        [v.  13.] 

Vos  estis  sal  terre ;  quod  si  sal  evanuerit. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LII.        [v.  20.] 

Nisi  abundaverit  justitia  vestra  plus  quam  Scribarum. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LIII.        [v.  25.] 

Esto  consentiens  adversario  tuo  cito,  dum  es  in  via  cun 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM  LIHI.        [v.  31,  32.] 

Dictum  est  antiquis,  Quicunque  dimiserit  uxorem  suan 
illi  libellum  repudii.  Ego  autem  dico  vobis,  Quia  onmij 
dimiserit  uxorem  suam  excepta  fornicationis  causa  facit 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LV.        [v.  43.} 

Audistis  quia  dictum  est,  Diliges  proximum  tuum,  et 
habebis  inimicum.  Ego  autem  dico  vobis,  Diligite  inii 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LVI.        [vi.  2.] 

Cum  ergo  facis  eleemosynam  noli  tuba  canere  ante  te. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   LVII.        [vi.  9.] 

Pater  noster  qui  es  in  celis  3  cetera. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LVIII.        [vi.  14,  16.] 

Si  autem  dimiseritis  hominibus  peccata  eorum,  3  ca 
cum  autem  jejunatis,  nolite  fieri  sicut  ypocrite,  tristes. 


SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LIX.        [vi.  22.] 

J^     Lucerna  corporis  tui  est  oculus  tuus. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LX.        [vi.  24.] 

Nemo  potest  duobiis  dominis  servire. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXI.        [vii.  1.] 

NolJte  judicare,  ut  non  judicemini. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXII.        [vH.  15.] 

Attendite  a  falsis  prophetis,  qui  veniunt  ad  vos. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXIII.        [viii.  1,  2.] 

Cum  autem  descendisset  de  monte,  secute  sunt  eum  turbe 
nnlte ;  3  ecce  leprosus  veniens  adorabat  eum  dicens,  Domine, 
«  vis,  potes  me  mundare. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXIIII.      [viil.  18,  19.] 

Videns  autem  Jlis  multas  turbas  circum  se,  jussit  ire  trans 
fretom,  1  accedens  unus  scriba  ait  illi,  Magister,  sequar  te 
^Docimque  ieris. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXV.        [viii.  23,  24.] 

Ascendente  Jliu  in  naviculam  secuti  sunt  eum  discipuli  ejus 
3  ecce  motus  magnus  factus  est  in  mari. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXVI.        [viii.  28.] 

Et  cum  venisset  trans  fretum  in  regionem  Gerasenorum 
occurrenmt  ei  duo  habentes  demonia. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXVII.        [ix.  1,  2.] 

Ascendens  Jfis  in  naviculam  transfretavit,  3  venit  in  civit- 
atem  suam.    3  ecce  offerebant  ei  paraliticum. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXVIII.        [x.  1,  2.] 

CoiiTOcatis  duodecim  discipulis  suis,  dedit  eis  potestatem 
l^pirituum  inunundorum.  Duodecim  autem  Apostolorum  nom- 
[in  sunt  hec. 



SECUNDUM  HATHEUM   LXIX.        [x.  5.] 

Misit  Jlis  Apostolos  suos  ad  predicandum  dicens,  In 
gentium  ne  abieritis,  3  c. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXX.        [x.  16.] 

Ecce  ego  mitto  vos  sicut  oves  in  medio  luporum,  1 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXI.        [x.  26.] 

Nichil  opertum  quod  non  revelabitur,  ;j  occultum  quo< 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXII.        [x.  34.] 

Nolite  arbitrari  quia  venerim  pacem  mittere  in  terran 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXIU.        [iv.  23.] 

Quanta  audivimus  facta  in  Cafamaum,  fac  i  hie  in 
tua.  (ix.  10.)     Reversi  sunt  Apostoli  a  predicatione. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXIIII.        [vii.  11.] 

Ibat  Jesus  in  civitatem  que  vocatur  Naym. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXV.        [xiv.  1.] 

Intravit  Jiis  in  domum  cujusdam  principis  Farysi 
sabbato  manducare  panem,  i  ipsi  observabant  euro. 

SECUNDUM   MARCUM  LXXVI.        [ix.  16.] 

Respondens  imus  de  turba  dixit,  Magister  attuli  filium 
ad  te  habentem  spiritum  mutum. 

SECUNDUM   LUCAM  LXXVII.        [x.  1,  2.] 

Post  hec  autem  designavit  Dominus  3  alios  septu 
duos,  1  dixit  illis,  Messis  quidem  multa. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   LXXVIII.        [vii.  36.] 

Rogabat  Jlim  quidam  Fariseus  ut  manducaret  cum 
ingressus  domum  Farisei  discubuit,  3  ecce  iftulier  que  e 
civitate  peccatrix. 


SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXIX,        [xi.  2,  3.] 

Johannes  autem  cum  audisset  in  vinculis  opera  Christi, 
mittens  duos  de  discipulis  suis  ait  illi,  Tu  es  qui  venturus  ? 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXX.        [xi.  11.] 

Amen  dico  vobis,  Non  surrexit  inter  natos  mulienim  major 
Johanne  Baptista. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXXI.        [xL  25.] 

In  illo  tempore  respondens  Jiis  dixit,  Gonfiteor  tibi,  Pater, 
Domine  celi  ;j  terre. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXXII.        [x.  17.] 

Reversi  sunt  autem  septuaginta  duo  cum  gaudio  dicentes : 
Domine  etiam  demonia  subiciimtur  nobis  in  nomine  tuo. 

SECUNDUM   LUCAM  LX XXIII.        [vi.  1.] 

Factum  est  autem  cum  transirent  per  sata  in  sabbato  vell- 
ebant  discipuli  ejus  spicas,  i  manducabant. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXXIIII.        [vi.  6.] 

Factum  est  autem  ut  intraret  in  synagogam  in  sabbato  3 
doceret^  3  erat  ibi  homo,  1  manus  ejus  dextra  arida. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXXV.        [xii.  14.] 

Ezeuntes  autem  Farisei  consilium  faciebant  adversus  eum 
quomodo  eum  perderent. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXX VI.        [xi.  14.] 

Erat  Jfis  eiciens  demonium,  1  illud  erat  mutum.    "^  cum» 
cjedsset  demonium. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXXVII.        [xii.  30.], 

Qui  non  est  mecuin,  contra  me  est,  3  qui  non  colligit 
mecum,  spargit 


SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXXVIII.        [xii.  38.] 

Responderunt  ei  quidam  de  Scribis,  ;|  de  Fariseis  dicentes 
Magister,  volumus  a  te  signum  videre. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXXIX.      [xi.  27.] 

Loquente  Jliu  ad  turbas,  extollens  vocem  qnedam  mtilie 
de  turba  dixit  illi,  Beatus  venter. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXXX.      [viii.  4,  5.] 

Gum  turba  plurima  conveniret,  ^  de  civitatibus  proper 
arent  ad  eum,  dixit  per  similitudinem :  Exiit  qui  seminat. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  LXXXXI.        [xiiL  24.] 

Simile  factum  est  regnum  celorum  homini  qui  seminav 
bonum  semen  in  agro  suo. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM  LXXXXII,        [xiii.  31.] 

Simile  est  regnum  celorum  grano  sinapis  ;j  cetera. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM  LXXXXIII.        [xiii.  44.] 

Simile  est  regnum  celorum  thesauro  abscondito  in  agro. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM  LXXXXIIII.        [xiii.  53,  54.] 

Cum  consummasset  Jlis  parabolas  istas,  transiit  inde. 
veniens  in  patriam  suam  docebat  eos  in  synagogis  eorum. 

SECUNDUM   MARCUM   LXXXXV.         [vi.  17,  21.] 

Herodes  misit,  ^  tenuit  Johannem,  ^  vinxit  eum  in  carcei 
propter  Herody  uxorem  Philip  fratris  sui,  quia  duxerat,  ;j  cui 
dies  opportunus  accidisset. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   LXXXXVI.         [xiv.  13.] 

Cum  audisset  Jlis  quod  decollatus  est  Johannes,  recessit  i 
naviculam  in  desertum  locum  seorsum  ;|  turbe  multe  venerut 
ad  eum. 



Snbiit  ergo  in  montem  Jlis  ;j  ibi  sedebat  cum  discipulis  suis. 
autem  proximum  Pasca. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  LXXXXViiL      [Marc.  vi.  47.] 

Cum  sero  factum  esset,  erat  navis  in  medio  marl,  3  ipse 
in  terra. 


Altera  die  turba  que  stabat  trans  mare  vidit  quia  non  erat 
alia  navicula  nisi  una. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  C.        [vi.  27.] 

Operamini  non  cibum  qui  perit. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CI.        [vi.  37.] 

Omne  quod  dat  mihi  pater,  ad  me  veniet. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CII.        [vi.  41.] 

Murmurabant  ergo  Judei  de  illo  quia  dixisset:   Ego  sum 
panis  qui  de  celis  descendi. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CHI.        [vi.  51.] 

Ego  sum  panis  vivus,  qui  descendi  de  celis. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CIIII.        [vi.  54.] 

Amen,  Amen,  dico  vobis :  Nisi  manducaveritis  carnem  Filii 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CV.        [xiv.  34,  35.] 

")  cum  transfretassent,  venerunt  in  terram  Genesar  3  cum 
cognovissent  eum  viri  loci  illius. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CVI.        [xv.  1,  2.] 


Tunc  accesserunt  ad  eum  ab  Jerosolymis  Scribe  et  Fa- 
risei  dicentes :  Quare  discipuli  tui  transgrediuntur  traditiones 
poBtram  suorum  ?  non  enim  manus  lavant  cum  panem  manduc- 


SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   CVII.        [xv.  21,  22.] 

Egressus  inde  Jlis  secessit  in  partes  Tyri  ;j  Sidonils.    3 
mulier  Cananea. 

SECUNDUM  MARCUM  CVHI.        [vii.  31.] 

Exiens  de  finibus  Tyri  venit  per  Sydonem  ad  mare  Gi 
inter  medios  fines  Decapoleos. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CIX.        [xV.  29,  30.J 

Ascendens  Jlis  in  montem,  sedebat  ibi.  "3  accesserur 
eum  turbe  multe  cum  multis  infirmis. 

SECUNDUM   MARCUM  CX.        [viii.  1,  2.] 

Cum  multa  turba  esset  cum  Jliu  nee  haberent  quod  mar 
arent,  convofcatis  discipulis,  ait  illis :  IVf isereor  super  tur 
quia  ecce  jam  triduo  sustinent. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXI.      [xV.  39.] 

Et  dimissa  turba  ascendit  in  naviculam,  3  venit  in 

SECUNDUM  MARCAM  cxii.       [viii.  22,  23.] 

•J  veniunt  Bethsaydam,  ^  adducunt  ei  cecum,  3  roga 
eum,  ut  eum  tangeret.    Et  apprehendens  manum  ejus. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXIU.        [xvi.  13.] 

Venit  Jesus  in  partes  Cesaree  Phiiippi. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   CXIIII.        [xvi.  20.] 

Tunc  precepit  discipulis  suis  ut  nemini  dicerent  quod  e 
xpc  Jiis. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXV.        [xvi.  24.] 

Si  quis  vult  post  me  venire,  abneget  semetipsum  ]  tc 
crucem  suam  3  sequatur  me. 


SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXVI.        [xvii.  1,  2.] 

;|  post  dies  sex  assumpsit  Jfts  Petnun  ^  Jacobum  3  Jo- 
hannem,  ;|  ducit  eos  in  montem  excelsum  seorsum,  3  trans- 
fignratus  est  ante  eos. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXVII.        [xvii,  10.] 

Interrogaverunt  Jftm  discipuli  ejus  dicentes:  Quid  ergo 
Scribe  dicunt  quod  Heliam  oporteat  primum  venire  ? 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   CXVIII.        [xvii.  14.] 

Cum  venisset  Jlis  ad  turbam,  accessit  ad  eum  homo  genibus 
provolutus  ante  eum  dicens,  Domine,  miserere  filio  meo,  quia 
lunaticus  est. 

SECUNDUM  MARCUM   CXIX.        [ix.  29.] 

Inde  profecti  pretergrediebantur  Galileam,  nee  volebat 
quenquam  scire. 

SECUNDUM  MARCUM  CXX.        [ix.  37.] 

Respondit  illi  Johannes  dicens :  Magister,  vidimus  quendam 
in  nomine  tuo  eicientem  demonia. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXXI..        [xviii.  1.] 

In  ilia  hora  accesserunt  discipuli  ad  Jesum  dicentes:  Quis, 
putas,  major  est  in  regno  celorum  ? 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXXH.        [xviii.  15.] 

Si  autem  peccaverit  in  te  frater  tuus,  vade  3  corripe  eum 
inter  te  et  ipsum  solum. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXXIII.        [xviii.  19.] 

Iterum  dico  vobis,  quod  si  duo  ex  vobis  consenserint  super 
terram  de  omni  re  quaomque. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXXIIII.        [xviii.  23.] 

Ideo  assimilatum  est  regnum  celorum  homini  regi,  qui  voluit 
rationem  ponere  cum  servis  suis. 


SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   CXXV.        [xix.  1,  2.] 

^  factum  est  cum  consummasset  Jlis  sermones  istos,  mi- 
gravit  a  Galilea,  ;j  venit  in  fines  Judee  trans  Jordanem.  3 
secute  sunt  eum  turbe  multe,  3  curavit  eos  ibi. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   CXXVI.        [xix.  13.] 

Tunc  oblati  sunt  ei  parvuli  ut  manus  eis  imponeret,  3 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXXVII.        [xix.  16.] 

Tunc  unus  accedens  ait  illi:  Magister  bone,  quid  boni 
faciam,  ut  habeam  vitam  etemam  ? 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   CXXVIII.        [xiX.  27.] 

Ecce  nos  reliquimus  omnia,  -]  secuti  sumus  te ;  quid  ergo 
erit  nobis  premii  ? 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   CXXIX.        [xx.  1.] 

Simile  est  regnum  celorum  homini  patrifamilias,  qui  exiit 
primo  mane  conducere  operarios  in  vineam  suam. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  cxxx.       [x.  23,  24,  25.] 

^  conversus  ad  discipulos  suos  aliquanto  ait :  Beati  oculi  qui 
vident  que  vos  videtis.  Dico  autem  vobis  quod  multi  pro- 
phete  1  reges  voluerunt  videre  que  vos  videtis,  3  non  viderunt, 
3  audire  que  auditis,  3  non  audierunt.  3  ecce  quidam  legis- 
peritus  surrexit. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CXXXI.         [x.  38.] 

Intravit  Jlis  in  quoddam  castellum,  3  mulier  quedam  Martha 
nomine  excepit  ilium  in  domum  suam. 

SECUNDUM   LUCAM  CXXXII.        [xi.  37,  c8.] 

Rogavit  Jlim  quidam  Faryseus  ut  pranderet  apud  se,  ]  in- 
gressus  discubuit.  Phariseus  autem  cepit  intra  se  reputans 
Hirpre,  quare  non  baptizatus  esset  ante  prandium. 


SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CXXXIII.        [xii.  13,  14.] 

Ait  autem  quidam  ei  de  turba :  Magister,  die  fratri  meo,  ut 
dividat  mecum  hereditatem.  ^  ille  dixit  ei ;  Homo,  quis  me 
constituit  judicem  aut  divisorem  super  vos  ? 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CXXXIIII.        [xii.  32.] 

Nolite  timere  pusillus  grex,  quia  complacuit  Patri  meo  dare 
Tobis  regnum. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CXXXV.        [xii.  35.] 

Sint  lumbi  vestri  precincti  g  lucerne  ardentes  in  manibus 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CXXXVI.        [xii.  45.] 

Quod  si  dixerit  servus  ille:  Moram  facit  dominus  venire, 
1  ceperit  percutere  pueros  ;|  ancillas. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CXXXVII.        [xiii.  1.] 

Aderant  autem  quidam  ipso  in  tempore  nuntiantes  illi  de 
GalileiSy  quorum  sanguinem  Pilatus  miscuit  cum  sacrificiis 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CXXXVIII.        [xiii.  6.] 

Dicebat  autem  banc  similitudinem.  Arborem  fici  habebat 
quidam  plantatam  in  vinea  sua. 

SECUNDUM   LUCAM  CXXXIX.        [xili.  31.] 

In  illo  tempore  accesserunt  quidam  Faryseorum  dicentes 
illi :  Exi  3  vade  bine,  quia  Herodes  vult  te  occidere. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CXXXX.        [xiv.  12.] 

Cum  facis  prandium  aut  cenam,  noli  vocare  amicos  tuos, 
ncque  fratres  tuos,  neque  cognatos,  neque  vicinos  divites. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CXLL        fxxii.  2.] 

Simile  factum  est  regnum  celorum  homini  regi,  qui  fecit 
Boptias  filio  suo. 


SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CXLII.        [xiv.  26.] 

Si  quis  venit  ad  me  ^  non  odit  patrem  suum  aut  matrem,  i 
uxofem,  1  filios,  ;|  fratres,  i  sorores. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CXLIII.        [xv.  1,  2.] 

Erant  autem  appropinquantes  ei  puplicani  3  peccatores  ut 
audirent  ilium.  Murmurabant  autem  Farysei  ;j  Scribe  dicentcs, 
quia  hie  peccatores  recipit,  ;|  manducat  cum  illis. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CXLIIII.        [xV.  11,  12.] 

Homo  quidam  habuit  duos  filios,  3  dixit  adolescentior  ex 
illis  patri :  Pater,  da  mihi  portionem  substantie  que  me  con- 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CXLV.        [xvi.  1.] 

Homo  quidam  erat  dives  qui  habebat  villicum,  3  hie  diflFam- 
atus  est  apud  ilium,  quasi  dissipasset  bona  illius. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CXLVI.        [xvi.  19.] 

Homo  quidam  erat  dives,  3  induebatur  purpura  3  bisso. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CXLVII.        [xvii.  5,  6,] 

Dixerunt  Apostoli  Domino:  Adauge  nobis  fidem.  Dixit 
autem  Dominus:  Si  habueritis  fidem  sicut  granum  synapis, 
dicetis  huic  arbori  moro :  Eradicare. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   CXLVIII.        [vii.  2.] 

Erat  autem  in  proximo  dies  festus  Judeorum  Cenofegya. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   CXLIX.        [vH.  14.] 

Jam  autem  die  festo  mediante  ascendit  Jlis  in  templum. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   CL.        [vii.  32.] 

Audierunt  Farysei  turbam  murmurantem  hec,  j  misenmt 
principes  3  Farisei  ministros  ut  apprehenderent  Jlium. 


SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CLI.        [viii.  1,  2,  3.] 

Jlis  autetn  perrexit  in  montem  Oliveti,  3  diluculo  venit  in 
templum,  3  omnis  populns  veniebat  ad  eum,  3  ipse  sedens 
docebat  eos.  Adducunt  autem  Pharisei  mulierem  in  adulterio 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   CLII.        [viii,  12.] 

Iterum  locutus  est  Jlis  dicens:  Ego  sum  lux  mundi;  qui 
sequitur  me  non  ambulat  in  tenebris,  sed  habet  lumen  vitae. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CLIII.        [viii.  21.] 

Dixit  ergo  iterum  eis  Jlis:  Ego  vado  3  queretis  me,  3  in 
peccato  vestro  moriemini. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   CLIIII.        [viii.  46.] 

Quis  ex  vobis  arguet  me  de  peccato?  Si  veritatem  dico, 
quare  non  creditis  mihi  ? 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CLV.        [ix.  1,  2.] 

J  preteriens  Jlis  vidit  hominem  cecum  a  nativitate.  3  in- 
terrogaverunt  eum  discipuli  ejus,  Rabbi,  quis  peccavit,  hie  aut 
parentes  ejus,  ut  cecus  nasceretur  ? 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   CLVI.         [ix.  39.] 

Dixit  eis  Jlis:  In  juditium  ego  in  hunc  mundum  veni,  ut 
qui  non  vident,  videant,  3  qui  vident,  ceci  fiant. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   CLVII.        [x.  1.] 

Amen,  Amen,  dico  vobis:  Qui  non  intrat  per  hostium  in 
ovile  ovium,  sed  ascendit  aliunde,  ille  lur  est  j  latro. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   CLVIII.        [x.  11.] 

Ego  sum  pastor  bonus.     Bonus  pastor  animam  suam  dat 
pro  ovibus  suis. 


SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM  CLIX.        [x.  17.] 

Propterea  Pater  me  diligit,  quia  ego  pono  animam  meam  1 
iterum  sumo  earn. 


SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   CLX.        [x.  22,  23.] 

Facta  sunt  autem  Encenya  Jerosolimis,  et  hiems  erat  3 
ambulabat  Jlis  in  templo  in  porticu  Salomonis. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   CLXI.        [xx.  17,  18.] 

Ascendens  Jlis  Jerosolimam  assumpsit  duodecim  discipulos 
sues  secreto  3  ait  illis :  Ecce  ascendimus  Jerosolimam,  i  Filius 
hominis  tradetur  principibus  sacerdotum,  ;j  scribis,  ;j  con- 
demnabunt  eum  morte. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CLXII.        [xviii.  35.] 

Factum  est  autem  cum  appropinquaret  Jerycho,  ceois 
quidam  sedebat  secus  viam,  mendicans. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CLXIII.        [xix.  1,  2.] 

;)  ingressus  perambulabat  Jerycho.  ^  ecce  vir  nomine 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CLXIIII.        [xix.  11,  12.] 

Hec  illis  audientibus,  adiciens  dixit  parabolam  eo  quod 
esset  prope  Jerusalem,  3  quia  estimarent  quod  confestim 
regnum  Dei  manifestaretur.  Dixit  ergo:  Homo  quidam 
nobilis  abiit  in  regionem  longinquam  accipere  sibi  regmunl 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   CLXIIIII.         [xi.  1.] 

Erat  autem  quidam  languens  Lazarus,  a  Bethanya  de  cas- 
tello  Marie  j  Marthe  sororis  ejus. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM  CLXVI.        [xi.  47.] 

GoUegerunt  ergo  Pontifices  ;j  Farysei  concilium  j  dicebant: 
Quid  faciemus,  quia  hie  homo  multa  signa  facit  ? 


SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM  CLXVII.        [xii.  1.] 

Ante  sex  dies  Pasche  venit  Jlis  Bethanyam. 


Cum  appropinquaret  Jlis  Jerosolimis  ;j  venisset  Bethfage 
ad  montem  Oliveti. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CLXIX.        [xix.  41,  42.] 

Cum  appropinquaret  Jfts  Jerosolimam  videns  civitatem  flevit 
super  illam  dicens :  Quia  si  cognovisses  i  tu. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CLXX.        [xii.  24,  25.] 

Amen  Amen  dico  vobis;  Nisi  granum  frumenti  cadens  in 
terra  mortuum  fuerit,  ipsum  solum  manet. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM  CLXXI.        [xii.  37,  38.] 

Cum  autem  tanta  signa  fecisset  coram  eis,  non  crediderunt 
in  eum,  ut  sermo  Ysaye  prophete  impleretur  quem  dixit : 
Domine,  quis  credidit  auditui  nostro  ? 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CLXXII.        [xii.  44,  45.] 

Dixit  Jlis  turbis  Judeonun :  Qui  credit  in  me,  non  credit  in 
me,  sed  in  eum  qui  misit  me.  3  qui  videt  me,  videt  eum  qui 
misit  me. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXIII.        [xxi.  10.] 

Cum  intrasset  Jlis  Jerosolimam,  commota  est  universa  civitas, 
dicens :  Quis  est  hie  ? 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXIIII.        [xxi.  18,  19.] 

Mane  autem  revertens  in  civitatem  esuriit.    3  videns  fici 
I     arborem  unam  secus  viam  venit  ad  eam,  ;j  nichil  invenit  in  ea, 
nisi  folia  tantum. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CLXXIIIII.        [xx.  1,  2.] 

Factum  est  autem  in  una  dierum,  docente  illo  populum  3 
^ngelizante,  convenerunt  principes   sacerdotum    3    scribe 


cum  senioribus.    3  aiunt  dicentes  ad  ilium :  Die  nobis  in  qua 
iwtestate  hec  facis. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXVI.        [xxi.  28.] 

Quid  autem  vobis  videtur  ?  Homo  quidam  habuit  duos  filios 
3  accedens  ad  primum,  dixit :  Fili  vade  hodie  operari  in  vinea 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   CLXXVII.        [xxi.  33.] 

Homo  erat  paterfamilias  qui  plantavit  vineam  ;j  sepem  cir- 

cumdedit  ei. 


SECUNDUM  MATHEUM   CLXXVIII.       J^xxii.  15,  16.] 

Turx  abeuntes  Pharisei  inierunt  consilium  ut  caperent  Jfim 
in  sermone.    *]  mittunt  ei  discipulos  suos  cum  Herodianis. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXIX.      [xxii.  23.] 

In  illo  die  accesserunt  ad  eum  Saducei  qui  dicunt  non  esse 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   CLXXX.         [xxii.  34.] 

Pharysei  autem  audientes  quod  silentium  imposuisset  Jfe 
Saduceis  convenerunt  in  unum. 

SECUNDUM   MARCUM  CLXXXI.        [xii.  41.] 

Kt   sedens  Jesus  contra  gazofilatium  aspiciebat  qnomodo   ; 
tiirba  jactaret  es  in  gazofilatium.  = 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM    CLXXXII.         [xxiii.  1,  2.] 

Tunc  locutus  est  Jlis  ad  turbas,  ]  ad  discipulos  suos,  dicens: 
Super  chathedram  Moysi  sederunt  Scribe  et  Farisei. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM    CLXXXIII.         [xxiii.  13.] 

Ve  autem  vobis  Scribe  et  Farysei  ypocrite,  qui  claudiW 
regnum  celorum  ante  homines. 


:uNDUM  LUCAM  CLxxxiiii.      [Matt.  xxiu.  23,  Lu.  xi.  42.] 

e  vobis  Scribe  ^  Farysei  ypocrite  qui  decimatis  mentam  ;j 
m  ;|  omne  holus,  i  preteritis  juditium  3  caritatem  Dei, 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXXIIIU.        [xxili.  27.] 

e  vobis  Scribe  ;j  Farisei  ypocrite,  quia  similes  estis  sepul- 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXXVI.        [xxiii.  34.] 

leo  ecce  ego  mitto  ad  vos  prophetas,  ]  sapientes,  3  scribas 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXXVII.        [xxiv.  1.] 

egressus  Jlis  de  templo  ibat,  3  accesserunt  ad  eum  discip- 
;jus,  ut  ostenderent  ei  edificationes  templi. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXXVIII.         [xxiv.  14.] 

predicabitur  hoc  evangelium  regni  in  toto  orbe,  in  testi- 
lium  omnibus  gentibus,  3  tunc  erit  consummatio. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CLX XX Villi.        [xvii.  20.] 

Qterrogatus  autem  a  Faryseis  quando  venit  regnum  Dei, 
)ondit  eis  3  dixit:  Non  venit  regnum  Dei  cum  observa- 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CLXXXX.        [xxi.  25.] 

'Irunt  signa  in  sole  ]  luna,  3  stellis. 

SECUNDUM  MARCUM   CLXXXXI.         [xiii.  33.] 

/idete,  vigilate,  i  orate,  nescitis  enim  quando  tempus  sit. 

SECUNDUM   MATHEUM   CLXXXXII.        [xxiv.  42,  43.] 

Vigilate  ergo,  quia  nescitis  qua  hora  dominus  vester  ventu- 
s  sit ;  illud  autem  scitote,  quia  si  sciret  paterfamilias. 

VOL.  I.  D 



Tunc  simile  erit  regnum  celorum  decern  virginibus. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CLXXXXHII.        [xviii.  1,  2.] 

Dicebat  autem  ^  parabolam  ad  illos,  quoniam  oporte 
semper  orare,  i  non  deficere,  Judex  quidam  erat  in  quadan 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CLXXXxniii.      [xviii.  9, 10.] 

Dixit  autem  ^  ad  quosdam  qui  in  se  confidebant  tamquam 
justi,  1  aspemabantur  ceteros,  parabolam  istam.  Duo  ho- 
mines ascendenint  in  templum  ut  orarent. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXXXVI.        [xxv.  14,  15.] 

Homo  quidam  peregre  proficiscens  vocavit  servos  suos,  1 
tradidit  illis  bona  sua,  i  uni  dedit  quinque  talenta. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXXXVII.        [xxv.  31,  32.] 

Cum  venerit  Filius  hominis  in  majestate  sua,  ^  omnes  angeli 
cum  eo ;  tunc  sedebit  super  sedem  majestatis  sue,  3  congregab- 
untur  ante  eum  omnes  gentes,  3  separabit  eos  ab  invicem 
procul ;  sicut  pastor  segregat  oves  ab  hedis. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CLXXXXVIII.        [xxi.  37,  38.] 

Erat  autem  Jlis  diebus  docens  in  templo,  noctibus  vero 
exiens,  morabatur  in  monte  qui  vocatur  Oliveti,  maneqoe 
confluebat  ad  eum  omnis  populus  in  templo  audire  eum. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CLXXXXVIIIL        [xxvi.  1,  2.] 

Factum  est  autem  cum  consummasset  Jlis  sermones  hos 
omnes,  dixit  discipulis  suis:  Scitis  quia  post  biduum  Pasclia 
fiet,  1  Filius  hominis  tradetur  ut  crucifigatur. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CLXXXXVIIL  (sic  MS.)        [xxiu  1,  2.] 

Appropinquabat  autem  dies  festus  azimorum   qui  didtar 
Pascha,  i  querebant  principes  sacerdotum  i  Scribe  quwnodD  J 
eum  interficerent. 


SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CLXXXXX.        [xxil.  7.] 

Di't  autem  dies  azimorum  in  qua  necesse  erat  occidi 


agno  paschali  sequitur  ducentesima  prima  Omelya. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM   CCII.        [xxlL  14,  15.] 

iim  facta  esset  hora,  discubuit,  i  xii  Apostoli  cum  eo,  3 
:  Desiderio  desideravi  hoc  Pascha  manducare  vobiscum. 

SECUNDUM  LUCAM  CCIII.        [xxii.  24.] 

a  est  autem  contentio  inter  eos,  quis  eorum  videretur 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCIIII.        [xiii.  1.] 

IS  Jlis  quia  venit  hora,  ut  transeat  de  hoc  mundo  ad 
\y  cum  dilexisset  suos  qui  erant  in  mundo,  in  finem 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCIIIH.        [xiii.  16.] 

n.  Amen  dico  vobis :  Non  est  servus  major  domino  suo, 
Apostolus  major  eo  qui  misit  ilium. 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM   CCVI.        [xiii.  33.] 

li,  adhuc  modicum  vobiscum  sum ;  queretis  me,  3  sicut 
deis,  quo  ego  vado,  vos  non  potestis  venire. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   CCVII.        [xiv.  1.] 

turbetur  cor  vestrum;   creditis  in  Deum,  3  in  me 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCVIIL        [xiv.  15,  16.] 

igitis  me,  mandata  mea  servate ;  ^  ego  rogabo  Patrem, 
Paraclitum  dabit  vobis. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCVIIII.        [xiv.  23.] 

is  diligit  me,  sermonem  meum  servabit,  3  Pater  mens 
;um,  1  ad  eiun  veniemus. 

D  2 


SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCX.        [xv.  1,  2.] 

Ego  sum  vitis  vera,  i  Pater  meus  agricola  est.  Omnem 
palmitem  in  me  non  ferentem  fructum,  toilet  eum. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCXL        [xv.  7.] 

Si  manseritis  in  me,  i  verba  mea  in  vobis  manserint ;  quod- 
cunque  volueritis  petetis,  3  fiet  vobis. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCXII.        [xv.  12.] 

Hoc  est  preceptum  meum,  ut  diligatis  invicem,  sicut  dilexi  \ 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCXIU.        [xv.  17,  18.] 

Hec  mando  vobis  ut  diligatis  invicem.  Si  mundus  vos  odit, 
scitote  quia  priorem  me  vobis  odio  habuit. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCXHII.        [xv.  26.] 

Cum  autem  venerit  Paraclitus,  quern  ego  mittam  vobis  a 
Patre,  Spiritum  veritatis. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCXIIIII.        [xvi.  5.] 

Hec  autem  ab  initio  non  dixi  vobis,  quia  vobiscum  enun. 
3  nunc  vado  ad  eum  qui  me  misit,  3  nemo  ex  vobis  interrogat 
me,  Quo  vadis  ? 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM   CCXVI.        [xvi.  16.] 

Modicum,  3  jam  non  videbitis  me. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCXVII.        [xvi.  23,  24.] 

Amen,  Amen  dico  vobis ;  si  quid  petieritis  Patrem  in  nom- 
ine meo,  dabit  vobis.  Usque  modo  non  petistis  quicquam  ia 
nomine  meo. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCX VIII.        [xvii.  1.] 

Hec  locutus  est  Jlis,  1  sublevatis  oculis  in  celum,  dixit  ; 
Pater,  venit  hora,  clarifica  filiom  tuum,  ut  filius  tuus  darificet 



SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  ccxvnii.       [xvii.  II.] 

a  COS  in  nomine  tuo  quos  dedisti  mihi, 

t    JOIIANNEM   CCXX.         [xviij.   1.] 

Hec  cum  disisset  Jlis,  egrcssus  est  cum  discipulis  si 

SKCUNDl'M  MARCUM  CCXXl.        [xvi.  1.] 

Maria  Magdalene,  ]  Maria  Jacobi,  ]  Salome, 
DiMa,  at  venientes  unguerent  Jesum;  - 

SECUNDUM   JOHANNEM  CCXSII.        [jut.  11.] 
Maria  stabat  ad  monumentum  foris  plorans. 

SECUNDUM  MATHEUM  CCXXIII.        [sxviii,  8,  S.] 
Eiiemnt  de  monumento  cum  timore  ■]  gaudio  magno  curr- 
itess   nuntiare   discipulis   ejus.     "J   ecce   Jts   occurrit   illls, 
^etas,  Avete. 

SKOINDCM  MATHEUM  ccxxim.       [xKViii.  II.] 
Cum  autem  mulieres  abissent,  ecce  qnidam  de  castodibus 
renerunt  in  civiCatem,  3  nuntiaverunt  priacipibus  sacerdolum 
omnia  que  facta  fuerant. 

SiCCUNDilM  LUCAM  ccxxiim.       [xiiv.  13.] 
Ecce  duo  ex  discipulis  Jesu  ibant  ipsa  die  in  castcllum. 


Cum  esset  sero  die  illo,  una  sabbatorum. 

SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCXXVII.        [xxi.  1.] 
Postea  manifestavit  se  iterum  Jtis  ad  mare  Tybcriadis. 

SECUKttUM  JOHANNEM  CCXXVIIl,        [sxi.  15.] 

Cum  ergo  prandissent,  dixit  Jlls  Symoni  Petro;   Synion 
diligis  me  plus  his? 


SECUNDUM  JOHANNEM  CCXXVIIII.      [xxi.  19,  20.] 

Dixit  Jlis  Petro :  Sequere  me.  Conversus  Petrus  vidit  illunr 
discipulum  sequentem  3c. 

SECUNDUM  MARCUM  CCXXX.         [xvi.  14.] 

Novissime  autem  recumbentibus  illis  undecim  apparuit  Jiis, 
1  exprobravit  incredulitatem  eorum,  ^  duritiam  cordis. 

DE  ACTIBUS  APOSTOLORUM  CCXXXI.        [cap.  1.] 

Quomodo  discipuli  Jesu  cum  virgine  Maria  regressi  sunt  in 
Jerusalem  mox  postquam  Dominus  receptus  est  in  celum. 

ccxxxii.      [cap.  2.] 

Quomodo  Spiritus  Sanctus  venit  super  Apostolos  in  Unguis 

ccxxxiii.      [cap.  3.] 

Quomodo  Petruss  et  Johanness  asscendentes  in  templum  ad 
horam  orationis  nonam  sanabant  claudum. 

ccxxxiiii.      [cap.  5.] 

Quomodo  Ananyas  3  Saphyra  uxor  ejus  perierunt  propter 
fraudem  pecunie  sue  quam  fecerunt  non  homini  sed  Deo. 

ccxxxv.      [v.  18,  19.] 

Quomodo  Apostoli  per  Angelum  educti  sunt  de  carcere,  ] 
jussi  predicare  in  templo. 

ccxxxvi.      [cap.  6.] 

Quomodo  Apostoli  ordinaverunt  septem  diaconos,  quorum 
unus  erat  prothomartyr  Stephanus. 


ccxxxvii.      [cap.  8.] 

Quomodo  Samaritani  susceperunt  fidem  per  predicationem 
Filippi,  qui  erat  unus  ex  vii  diaconibus  quos  Apostoli  ordinav- 



erant  in  primitiva  Ecclesia,  3  quomodo  susceperunt  Spiritum 
Sanctum  per  impositionem  manus  Petri  1  Johannis,  3  quo- 
modo Symon  Magus  traditus  erat  eteme  dampnationi  per 
maledictionem  Petri,  eo  quod  volult  per  pecuniam  emere  sibi 
dona  Sancti  Spiritus. 

ccxxxviii.      [cap.  9.] 

De  conversione  beati  Pauli  Apostoli,  ^  quomodo  predicabat 
Jiideis  quia  Jesus  est  Filius  Dei.  Quare  voluerunt  eum  occid- 
ere,  sed  evasit  manus  eorum,  3  venit  Jerosolimam  videre 
Apostolos,  1  ibi  disputavit  cum  Grecis ;  3  non  valentes  ei  re- 
sistere  voluerunt  eum  occidere,  ^  evasit  quia  Apostoli  duxerunt 
eum  Cesaream,  inde  venit  Tarsum.  In  diebus  illis  erat  pax 
in  ecdesia  in  terra  Jerusalem,  ^  in  Galilea,  ^  in  tota  Samaria, 
3  ecdesia  crevit  cotidie  per  gratiam  Sancti  Spiritus. 

ccxxxix.      [cap.  9.] 

De  miraculis  Petri  in  Lydda,  ^  in  Joppe,  1  quomodo  exivit 
de  carcere  Herodis  per  Angelum. 

CCXL.      [capp.  13,  14.] 

De  miraculis  Pauli  in  Pafo  provintia,  3  in  Lycaonia  pro- 
rintia,  3  quomodo  voluerunt  ibi  in  Listra  offerre  ei  sacrifitia 
quasi  esset  deus,  quia  sanavit  claudum.  (xiv.  12,  &c.)  "^ 
quomodo  venerunt  eodem  die  Judei  de  Antiochya,  3  accepta 
licentia  a  principibus  civitatis  lapidaverunt  Paulum^  3  extra 
arbem  ut  mortuum  traxerunt,  sed  regressus  in  civitatem 
itenim  predicavit.  Inde  venit  Macedoniam,  ^  ibi  in  villa  que 
vocatur  Filippus  liberavit  virginem  phitonissam,  (xvi.  16,  &c.) 
]  ibi  graviter  verberatus  3  vulneratus  trusus  est  in  carcerem, 
sed  ipso  soluto  ;j  carcere  reserato  per  Angelum  noluit  exire, 
sed  expectavit  custodess,  qui  videntes  miraculum  crediderunt 
in  Xpnu    Inde  venit  Athenas  (xvii.  15.)  3  convertit  ad  fidem 


beatum  Dionisium  ^  alios  multos  Grecos.  Inde  venit  Efesum 
(cap.  19.)  1  ibi  baptizavit  xii  viros  3  dedit  eis  Spiritum  Sanctum 
per  manus  impositionem ;.  3  multi  suscepenint  fidem  per 
miracula  que  ibi  fecit,  (xx.  6.)  Inde  venit  Troadem,  1  ibi 
resuscitavit  mortuum  Ewwticum  nomine. 

CCXLI.       [x.  1,  &c.] 

De  sancto  Petro  quomodo  venit  vas  ad  eum  plenum  bestiis, 
^  quomodo  convertit  Cornelium  3  multos  alios  Gentiles  quibus 
3  dedit  Spiritum  Sanctum. 


Quomodo  Petrus  venit  Antiochiam  3  sanavit  ibi  magnam 
turbam  languentium,  ^  fuit  ibi  Patriarcha  septem  annis ;  deinde 
posuit  ibi  alium  Episcopum  3  recessit  predicare,  ;j  predicavit 
per  biennium,  deinde  venit 




piss  hoc  iss  nemmnedd  Orrmulum 

ForrJ>i  J>att  Omn  itt  wrohhte, 
■]  itt  iss  wrohht  off  qiia]>J)rigan, 

OIF  Goddspellbokess  fowwre; 
Off  qua]>]>rigan  Amminadab,  5 

Off  Cristess  GoddspeUbokess . 
Forr  Crist  magj  ))urrh  Amminadab 

Rihht  full  wel  ben  bitacnedd; 
Forr  Crist  toe  dsej?  o  rodetre 

All  wiJ?J>  hiss  fulle  wille .  lo 

'^  forrjji  J>att  Amminadab 

O  Latin  spaeche  iss  nemmnedd 
0  Latin  boc  Spontaneus, 

3  onn  Ennglisshe  spaeche 
patt  weppmann  )?att  summ  dede  do]?  15 

Wijj]?  all  hiss  fulle  wille, 
Forrjji  majj  Crist  full  wel  ben  Jjurrh 

Amminadab  bitacnedd; 
Forr  Crist  toe  daej?  o  rodetre 

All  wi)?J>  hiss  fulle  wille.  20 


patt  wajjn  iss  nemmnedd  quaJ?J?rigan 

patt  hafeJ?J>  fowwre  wheless ; 
3  Goddspell  iss  )?att  wajjn,  forr)?i 

patt  itt  iss  fowwre  bokess; 
•j  Goddspell  iss  Jesusess  wajjn 

patt  gaj?  o  fowwre  wheless, 
ForrJ>i  Jjatt  itt  iss  sett  o  hoc 

purrh  fowwre  Goddspellwrihhtess . 
•]  Jesuss  iss  Amminadab, 

Swa  summ  ice  hafe  shaewedd, 
Forr  Jjatt  he  swallt  o  rodetre 

All  wij?)?  hiss  fuUe  wille . 
3  Goddspell  forr  J>att  illke  )?ing 

Iss  Currus  Salomoniss, 
Forr  )?att  itt  i  )?iss  middellaerd, 

purrh  Goddspellwrihhtess  fowwre, 
WajjneJ?)?  so)?  Crist  fra  land  to  land 

purrh  Cristess  Lerninngcnihhtess, 
purrh  )?att  tejj  i  J?iss  middellgerd 

Flittenn  ^  farenn  wide, 
Fra  land  to  land,  fra  burrh  to  burrh, 

To  spellenn  to  ]?e  lede 
Off  soJ>  Crist  ^  off  Crisstenndom, 

3  off  J?e  rihhte  laefe, 
•j  off  J?att  lif  J?att  ledej?)?  menn 

Upp  inntill  heffness  blisse . 
purrh  swillc  J?ej5  berenn  Haelennd  Crist 

Alls  iff  Jjejj  karrte  waerenn 
Off  wheless  fowwre,  forr  \>zXX.  all 

Goddspelless  halljhe  lare 


Iss  —alls  ice  hafe  shgewedd  juw, 

O  fowwre  Goddspellbokess . 
;)  forrjji  majj  Goddspell  full  wel 

Ben  Salemanness  karrte, 
piss  iss  to  seggenn  opennlij  55 

pe  Laferrd  Cristess  karrte . 
Forr  Jesu  Crist  Allmahhtij  Godd, 

patt  alle  shafifte  wrohhte, 
Iss  wiss  l^att  soj^e  Salemann 

patt  sette  gri)?)?  onn  er)?e  60 

Bitwenenn  Godd  ;)  menn,  )?urrh  )?att 

He  jafF  hiss  lif  o  rode, 
To  lesenn  mannkinn  j^urrh  hiss  d;^]? 

Ut  off  j>e  defless  walde. 
3  forrJ>i  majj  so)?  Crist  ben  wel  65 

purrh  Salemann  bitacnedd, 
Forr  Salomon  iss  onn  Ennglissh 

patt  mann  )?att  so)?  sahhtnesse 
^  trigg  ;)  trowwe  gri)?)?  3  fri]?)? 

Rejjse)?))  bitwenenn  lede,  70 

^  folljhe})]?  itt  wi)?)?  all  hiss  mahht, 

purrh  jjohht,  Jjurrh  word,  )?urrh  dede  . 
All  j>uss  iss  J>att  halljhe  Goddspell, 

patt  iss  o  fowwre  bokess, 
Nemmnedd  Amminadabess  wajjn  75 

3  Salemanness  karrte; 
Forr  )?att  itt  wajjne)?)?  Crist  till  menn 

purrh  fowwre  Goddspellwrihhtess, 
Rihht  alls  iflf  itt  waere  )?att  wajjn 

patt  gaf)  o  fowwre  wheless .  80 


•3  tuss  iss  Crist  Amminadab 

purrh  gastlij  witt  jehatenn, 
Forr  )?att  he  toe  o  rode  dae}> 

Wij>}>  all  hiss  fulle  wille. 
•3  Salomon  he  nemmnedd  iss, 

Swa  summ  ice  hafe  shsewedd,  . 
Forr  }>att  he  sette  griJ?J)  ;)  fri}>]> 

Bitwenenn  hefFne  "3  er})e, 
Bitwenenn  Godd  ;)  menn,  }>urrh  J>att 

patt  he  toe  daej>  o  rode, 
To  lesenn  mannkinn  }>urrh  hiss  dae]> 

Ut  off  ]7e  defless  walde . 
^  all  ]>uss  ]7iss  Ennglisshe  hoc 

Iss  Orrmulum  jehatenn, 
Inn  qua]?}7rTgan  Amminadab, 

Inn  Currum  Salomonis . 
J  off  Goddspell  ice  wile  juw 

Jet  summ  del  mare  shaewenn; 
Jet  wile  ice  shaewenn  guw  forrwhi 

Goddspell  iss  Goddspell  nemmnedd. 
"3  ec  ice  wile  shaewenn  juw 

Hu  mikell  sawle  sell)?e 
J  sawle  berrhless  unnderrfo)> 

Att  Goddspell  all  )?att  lede, 
patt  folljhe)?J>  Goddspell  Jjwerrt  St  wel 

purrh  f>ohht,  Jjurrh  word,  J>urrh  dede. 


*  All  mannkinn,  fra  }>att  Adam  wass 
purrh  Drihhtin  wrohht  oflf  eor)?e, 
Anan  till  J^att  itt  cumenn  wass 

Till  Cristess  daef>  o  rode, 
All  for  till  helle  forr  j>att  giUt  5 

patt  Adam  haffde  gilltedd, 
purrh  J>att  he  Godess  bodeword 

Forrlet  forr  iTtell  nede. 
Forr  wel  he  mihhte  lokemi  himm, 

3iff  }>att  he  woUde  himm  lokemi,  lo 

Fra  pdXi  anlepi^  treo  )7att  himm 

Drihhtin  forrbodemi  haffde, 
paer  j>aer  he  fand  oflf  oJ?re  treos 

Full  gode  treos  inojhe. 
]  forrJ?i  j>att  he  brace  onnjaen  15 

Drihhtin  all  hise  ]?annkess, 
Forrjji  wass  mikell  wrseche  sett 

Onn jaen  Jjatt  woh  mpp  rihhte . 
Forr  )?att  wass  mikell  wrseche  wiss 

patt  all  folic  for  till  helle,  20 

To  ben  a  butenn  ende  Jjaer 
Forr  aness  maimess  gillte. 
]  itt  wass  )?ohh  full  mikell  rihht, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  so})e, 
patt  all  folic  wass  forrgillt,  ]?urrh  J?att  25 

patt  Adam  wass  forrgilltedd . 
Forr  all  folic  wass  j?att  illke  streon 
patt  Adam  hafifde  strenedd, 

♦  Col.  I.  MS. 


•]  all  folic  wass  forrJ>i  forrgillt 
paer  Adam  wass  forrgilltedd 

Adam  wass  wurrj^enn  deofless  peoww 

purrh  )?att  he  dide  hiss  wille, 
^  all  f>att  streonedd  wass  )?urrh  himm 

Wass  streonedd  to  )?att  illke, 
To  ben  unnderr  deofless  })eowwdom,  35 

To  farenn  all  till  helle. 
•j  tatt  wass  rihht  tatt  mannkinn  wass 

Unnderr  J?e  deofless  walde, 
All  swa  summ  Adam  wurr}>enn  wass, 

patt  haff'de  hemm  alle  streonedd,  40 

3  all  se  iss  her  bitwenenn  }>e 

-^  tin  eorjjlike  laferrd; 
Forr  all  swa  summ  J)u  })eowwtesst  himm, 

Swa  shall  )?in  sune  himm  )?eowwtenn, 
Butt  iff"  he  wurr)?e  lesedd  ut  45 

Ofl"  hiss  }?eowwdomess  bandess. 
Nu  mihht  tu  sen  J?att  tatt  wass  rihht 

patt  mannkinn  for  till  helle, 
All  aff"terr  J?att  tatt  Adam  for, 

patt  haffde  hemm  alle  streonedd ; 
•j  alle  forenn  all  forr]?i 

Till  helless  J?eossterrnesse, 
ga  }?a  J?att  waerenn  gode  menn, 

ga  J?a  J?att  waerenn  ille . 
paer  waerenn  fele  gode  menn       ,  55 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 


patt  cwemmdenn  Godd  j>urrh  halij  lif, 

•]  )?urrh  unnshajjijnesse, 
3  tohh  ne  mihhte  nani^  mann 

purrh  hise  gode  dedess  60 

Utbresstenn  off  J^e  deofless  band, 

;)  ut  off  helle  walde . 
Ace  son  se  tfme  comm  )?aerto 

patt  Godd  itt  wollde  betenn, 
Godd  raew  off  mann,  ^  tatt  forrJ?i  65 

patt  he  wass  wrohht  off  eor)?e . 
Off  all  Jjatt  enngleflocc  f>att  fell    ' 

Off  heoffness  serd  till  helle 
Ne  raew  himm  nohht,  swa  j^att  he  Jjejjm 

Fra  pine  wollde  lesenn;  70 

ForrJ?i  f>att  tejj  ne  gilltenn  nohht 

purrh  flseshess  nnntrummnesse, 
Ace  }>urrh  J?att  laj?e  modijlejjc 

patt  comm  all  off  hemm  sellfenn, 
Forrjji  ne  rgew  himm  nohht  off  hemm,  75 

Ne  nohht  off  here  pine; 
Ace  Drihhtin  raew  off  mann,  forrjji 

patt  he  wass  wrohht  off  eor]?e . 
J  son  se  time  comm  |)aerto 

patt  Godd  uss  wollde  lesenn  So 

Ut  off  J?e  laj?e  gastess  band, 

Ut  off  }>e  deofless  walde. 
He  sennde  uss  sone  hiss  word,  hiss  witt, 

Hiss  Sune,  hiss  mahht,  hiss  kinde, 

*  Col.  a. 


To  takenn  ure  mennissclejjc, 
To  wurr]?enn  mann  onn  eorJ>e, 

To  lesenn  mannkinn  j^urrh  hiss  dae]? 
Ut  oflf  J?e  deofless  walde. 


Ace  juw  birr)?  unnderrstanndenn  her 

patt  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste 
Wass  borenn  i  )?iss  middellaerd 

purrh  Godess  lefe  wille, 
To  cumenn  for)?  bitwenenn  menn, 

To  spellenn  ^  to  fullhtnenn 
Biforenn  Crist  Allmahhtij  Godd, 

To  jarrkenn  hise  wejjess. 
Rihht  swa  summ  bidell  birr)?  ben  sennd, 

To  jarrkenn  j  to  grejjjjenn 
Onnjsen  hiss  laferrd  taer  )?3er  he 

Shall  cumenn  swij?e  newenn, 
Rihht  o  f>att  wise  comm  Johan 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
To  jarrkenn  foUc  onnjaeness  Crist, 

To  takenn  vi\\>\>  hiss  lare. 
J  her  ice  wile  shaewenn  juw 

Hu  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste 
Wass  sennd  )?urrh  Godd  biforenn  Crist, 

To  jarrkenn  Cristess  we j jess;. 



uit    in   diebus   Herodis   Regis  Judee    sacerdos   quidam 
line  Zacharias. 

An  preost  wass  onn  Herodess  dajj; 

Amang  Judisskenn  f>eode,  no 

^  he  wass,  wiss  to  fulle  sof>^ 

gehatenn  Zacarige, 
^  hafFde  an  dnhhtig  wif,  f>att  wass 

Off  Aaroness  dohhtress; 
^  jho  wass,  wiss  to  fiille  so)),  ^  115 

Elysabae})  jehatenn. 
^  tejj  waerenn  biforenn  Godd 

Rihhtwise  menn  j  gode. 
Forr  eggjjerr  here  ^ede  swa 

Rihht  affterr  Godess  lare,  120 

patt  nan  mann  nohht  ne  fand  onn  hemm 
To  taelenn  ne  to  wregenn, 
*  Noff  whatt  menn  mihhtenn  habbenn  nif> 
Ne  wraf>f>e  jaen  heore  owwf>err. 
•3  swa  ]?ejj  leddenn  heore  lif  125 

Till  f>att  tejj  waerenn  aide, 
patt  naffdenn  J^e^j  Jjurrh  ]?ejjre  streon 

Ne  sune  child,  ne  dohhterr, 
Forr  ^ho  wass  swa  bifundenn  wif 

patt  jho  ne  mihhte  taemenn.  130 

^  forr  f)att  he  wass  Godess  preost 
To  Jjeowwtenn  i  f>e  lemmple, 

*  Col.  3. 

VOU  I-  E 


Att  aenne  time  whanne  hiss  lott 

Wass  cumenn  upp  to  }>eowwtenn, 
He  toe  hiss  reclefett  onn  hand,  13 j 

3  jede  innto  f)e  temmple. 
All  ane  shridd  wif))?  halij  shrud 

gede  he  till  Godess  allterr, 
Forr  f>aer  to  Jjeowwtenn  Drihhtin  Godd 

O  f>att  Judisskenn  wise;  140 

3  all  f>e  folic  Jjaer  ute  stod 

patt  while  onn  heore  bene . 
3  Godess  enngell  comm  himm  to 

O  rihht  hallf  bi  }?att  allterr, 
patt  hemm  wass  sett  )?urrh  Godess  ae  145 

To  f>eowwtenn  J?aer  wif>f>  recless. 
3  he  warrf)  drefedd  "]  forrdredd 

Off  f>att  he  sahh  Jjatt  enngell; 
3  Godess  enngell  sejjde  himm  to 

Forr  }?att  he  woUde  himm  frofrenn;  150 

Ne  dred  te,  Zacanje,  nohht, 

NofF  me,  nofF  mine  wordess, 
Forr  Godd  AUwaeldennd  hafej?})  herrd 

J  jatedd  tme  beness. 
J  nu  ]5e  shall  Elysabaef>  ,        155 

pin  wif  an  sune  childenn; 
J  tu  shallt  nemmnenn  himm  Johan, 

J  tu  shallt  habbenn  blisse. 
3  o]?re  unnfaewe  shulenn  ec 

Full  glade  3  blij^e  wurr]?enn,  itej 

Forr]?i  })att  he  shall  borenn  ben 

J  cumenn  her  to  manne . 


Forr  he  shall  ben  utnumenn  mann 

Inn  halij  lif  j  laefe, 
Ne  shall  he  drinnkenn  naenne  drinnch  165 

patt  drunnkennesse  folljhe}>}>. 
^  he  be}>  full  off  Halij  Gast 

get  inn  hiss  moderr  wambe; 
^  he  shall  turrnenn  mikell  flocc 

Off  f>iss  Judisskenn  J^eode  170 

Till  Godess  Sune  Jesu  Crist, 

•j  till  f)e  rihhte  laefe; 
^  he  shall  newenn  cumenn  forf> 

Till  mannkinn  her  o  life 
Biforenn  Crist  Allmahhtij  Godd,  175 

To  jarrkenn  hise  wejjess; 
^  he  shall  newenn  cumenn  for}> 

Biforenn  Cristess  come 
Rihht  i  Jjatt  illke  gode  gast 

3  i  Jjatt  illke  mahhte,  180 

patt  Helyas  shall  cumenn  efft 

Biforenn  Cristess  come; 
•]  he  shall  newenn  cumenn  forf> 

To  turrnenn  3  to  wendenn* 
pe  suness  Jjurrh  hiss  halljhe  spell  185 

Till  f>ejjre  faderr  hente; 
^  he  shall  turrnenn  Jjurrh  hiss  spell 

pe  trowwfjelaese  leode 
Till  all  }>e  rihhte  witt  off  Jja 

patt  all  rihhtwise  waerenn;  190 

*  Col.  4. 

E  2 


•j  he  shall  newenn  cumenn  forJ> 
Biforenn  Cristess  come, 

To  jarrkenn  her  onngaeness  Crist 
All  }>werrt  ut  halij  leode, 

purrh  fulluhht  j  f>urrh  halij  spell, 
J  ec  Jjurrh  halij  bisne;- 

pa  se^^de  Zacariass  }>uss 

Till  Godess  enngell  sone; 
purrh  whatt  majj  ice  nu  witenn  }nss 

patt  itt  me  mughe  wurrf>enn? 
Witt  sinndenn  off  swillc  elde  nu 

patt  witt  ne  mughenn  taemenn. 
3  Godess  enngell  sejjde  f>uss 

Till  Zacarije  efFt  s6ne; 
Witt  tu  f>att  ice  amm  Gabriael 

patt  aefre  3  a&fre  stannde 
Biforenn  Godd,  to  liitenn  himm, 

To  lofenn  himm  "j  wurr}>enn; 
;)  hiderr  amm  ice  sennd  to  }>e, 

piss  blisse  f>e  to  kij^enn. 
J  fra  ]5iss  dajj  \>m  shallt  ben  dumb 

Till  }?att  itt  shall  ben  for}>edd, 
Forrf>i  J)att  tu  ne  wolldesst  nohht 

Nu  trowwenn  mine  wordess, 
patt  filledd  shulenn  ben  f>urrh  Godd 

Att  heore  rihhte  time. 
J  all  \>t  folic  J)aer  ute  abad, 

3  Jjuhhte  mikell  wunnderr 


Forrwhi  }>e  preost  swa  lannge  wass 

patt  dajg  att  Godess  allterr.  220 

3  tanne  comm  he  si]5}>enn  fit 

All  dumb  ^  butenn  spaeche, 
;]  toe  to  becnenn  till  f>e  folic, 

^  space  he  nohht  wi}>}>  tunge. 
;]  ta  }>ejj  wisstenn  sone  anan  225 

Fori  whatt  he  dwelledd  hafFde; 
pejj  wisstenn  patt  himm  wass  patt  dajj 

Summ  unncup  sihhpe  shaewedd. 
;j  Zacarije  for  himm  ham 

Aflfterr  pa  dajhess  sone.  230 

;j  sippenn  warrp  Elyzabaeth 

Off  himm  pmrh  Godd  wipp  childe ; 
3  jh^  forrhall  fif  monepp  wel, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  sope, 
■]  tuss  jho  sej^de  inn  hire  pohht  235 

Off  hire  daeme  sellpe; 
*puss  hafepp  Drihhtin  don  wipp  me, 

purrh  hiss  orrmete  millce, 
patt  ice  ne  beo  mang  wimmannkinn 

Till  hsepinng  butenn  chilldre .  240 

Her  endenn  twa  Goddspelless  puss, 

;j  uss  birrp  hemm  purrhsekenn. 
To  lokenn  tejj  laerenn  uss 

Off  ure  sawle  nede . 
Her  habbe  ice  shaewedd  juw  summ  del  245 

Hu  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste 

*  Col.  5. 


purrh  Godess  jife  streonedd  wass 

Off  faderr  3  off  moderr, 
Onnjaeness  kinde  Jjohh  swa  }>ehh, 

Forr  ba)?e  waerenn  aide.  250 

J  her  ice  wile  shaewenn  juw 

Off  Jjise  twa  Goddspelless, 
Hu  mikell  god  tejj  laerenn  juw 

Off  jure  sawless  nede;. 

piss  Goddspell  sej5}>  }>att  Saiint  Johan  255 

Wass  her  to  manne  streonedd 
Upponn  Herode  kingess  dajj; 

;)  tatt  wass  Godess  wille; 
Forr  Godess  Gast  itt  haflfde  sej^jd 

purrh  hiss  profetess  tunge,  260 

Full  mikell  fresst  biforenn  J^att 

patt  Crist  coram  her  to  manne, 
patt  Godess  folic,  Judisskenn  folic, 

patt  Godess  lajhess  heldenn, 
k%%  sholldenn  habbenn  allderrmenn  265 

J  kingess  off  hemm  sellfenn,* 
Aj5  -  till  ]?att  Godess  Sune  Crist 

Himm  shoUde  onn  eor)?e  shaewenn . 
3  swa  itt  wass  ajj  -  till  J^att  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne .  270^ 

Forr  aj5  J^ejj  haffdenn  allderrmenn 

J  kingess  off  hemm  sellfenn. 
Till  f>att  Herode  wass  hemm  sett 

Hae]?ene  mann  to  kinge, 


purrh  Rome  burrjhess  Kaserrking,  275 

patt  taer  wass  oferrlaferrd . 
^  o  f>att  illke  Herodess  dajj 

Comm  Jesu  Crist  to  manne, 
Hallf  ger  aflfterr  f>att  Sannt  Johan 

Wass  borenn  off  hiss  moderr.  280 

;j  swa  wass  filledd  opennlij 

patt  word  tatt  aer  wass  cwiddedd, 
patt  Godess  folic,  Judisskenn  folic, 

patt  Godess  lajhess  heldenn, 
Ajj  sholldenn  habbenn  allderrmenn  285 

;)  kingess  off  hemm  sellfenn, 
Ajj  — till  Jjatt  Godess  Sune  Crist 

Himm  shollde  onn  eorf>e  shaeweim;. 
^  ec  }>iss  Goddspellwrihte  sejjf>, 

patt  Zakari^ess  macche  290 

Elysabaef>  wass  an  wifmann 

Off  Aaroness  dohhtress. 
^  Aaron  wass  J^e  firrste  preost 

Off  Issraaele  f>eode, 
3  Aaron,  f>att  sejjf>  so]?  boc,  295 

Wass  Moysaesess  broj^err. 
^  Moysaes  wass  haefedd  mann 

Off  Issraaele  J^eode, 
3  Aaron  wass  haefedd  preost 

Amang  Judisskenn  J^eode.  300 

J  tiss  wif  wass  off  J^ejjre  kinn, 

Swa  summ  f)e  Goddspell  ki}?ej?f>. 
3  tohh  ))att  tiss  Elysabaef>, 

patt  we  nu  maelenn  ummbe, 


Wass  Jjuss  off  Aaroness  kinn,  305 

pohh  sejj}>  f>e  Goddspellwrihhte 
patt  jho  wass  Sannte  Marje  sibb^ 

pe  Laferd  Cristess  moderr, 
patt  wass  off  PaviS  kingess  kinn^ 

^  Davi)?  king  J?ohhwhe}>}>re  310 

Nass  nohht  off  Aaroness  kin 

NofF  Aaroness  birde, 
*]  forr  Jjatt  all  iss  f>werrt  fit  so}?, 

J  all  fjwerrt  fit  to  trowwenn, 
patt  stannde]?}?  o  }>e  Goddspellboc  315 

patt  Jjwerrt  fit  nohht  ne  lejhej)}>, 
Uss  birrj?  herofFe  witenn  wel 

•3  seon  ^  unnderrstanndenn, 
patt  Davi}>  kingess  kinness  menn 

Off  weress  o]?)?r  off  wifess  320 

Wif))?  Aaroness  kinness  menn 

Off  si]?re  waerenn  sammnedd, 
To  streonenn  streon,  to  wurr]?enn  sibb 

WiJ?]?  kingess  3  wif)]?  preostess. 
Tacc  nu  f>iss  streon  f>att  tuss  wass  sibb         325 

Wi]?J?  preostess  •]  wij?)?  kingess, 
3  let  itt  streonenn  streon  inoh 

All  i  ]5att  illke  birde, 
All  all  swa  summ  itt  streonedd  be 

Off  kingess  3  off  preostess,  330 

J  let  itt  si]5]?enn  streonenn  for}> 

Elysabaef>  to  manne, 
3  let  itt  si}?f>enn  streonenn  forl> 

pe  lafdij  Sannte  Marje; 

m^                         HOMILIES. 


3  tacc  hemm  ba)>e  ut  off  fiatl  streon 


-y  ejjjjerr  sibb  wij)|j  o)»err, 

-^  ejjJ>eiT  streonedd  i  fiiss  lif 

Off  kingess  ~^  off  preostess ; 

^  lacc  fje  Laferd  Jesu  Crist 


purrh  Sannte  Marje  hiss  moderr. 


pait  hall^he  streon  ])att  streonedd  wass 

Off  kingess  -^  off  preostess, 

patt  streon  fiatt  wass  Allmahhtij  Godd, 

1  King  off  alie  kingess, 

]  Preost  off  alle  preostess  ec, 


■^  Shippennd  allre  shaffite, 

-y  lac  to  wurffienn  offrcdd  her 

0  rodetreowwess  alllerr, 

To  lesenn  mannkinn  ])urrh  hiss  d:e]? 

Ott  off  |3e  deoflesa  walde, 


-\  forr  to  sahhtlenn  hemm  lowarrd 

Hiss  Faderr  upp  off  heoffne. 

patt  all  wass  WTa}>  wi)jf>  alt  mannkinn, 

^  haffde  itt  all  forrworrpenn 

Xll  fra  jpatt  Adam  Godd  forrlet, 


]  toe  himm  to  fie  deofell. 

1  foirjji  wass  \z  Laferrd  Crist 

Off  preostess  kinn  onn  eorjie, 

Forr  Jjatt  he  wollde  wurrfienn  lac 

pait  preostess  unnderrfangenn, 


^  cc  forr)>i  fiatt  he  wass  Preost 

Haefedd  off  alle  preostess, 

To  biddenn  forr  hiss  ajhenn  folic 

Upponn  hiss  Faderr  are;- 





^  ec  ))iss  illke  Goddspell  sejjj?,  365 

Swa  aumm  je  littlaer  herrdenn, 
patt  ZacarTe,  Godess  preost, 

;)  jho  f>att  wass  hiss  macche 
Waerenn  rihhtwise  3  gode  menn 

Biforenn  Godess  ejhne.  37P 

J  juw  majj  ben  ]?iss  illke  word 

God  lare  hu  juw  birr))  libbenn . 
*  He  sejjde  f>att  tejj  waerenn  ba 

Biforenn  Godd  rihhtwise. 
3  tatt  wass  alls  he  sejjde  }>uss  375 

WiJjJ?  all  full  openn  spaeche, 
pejj  ba]5e  samenn  cwemmdenn  Godd 

purrh  heore  rihhtwisnesse . 
^  swa  ne  don  nohht  alle  f>a 

patt  folljhenn  rihhtwisnesse,  380 

Ne  cwemenn  Jjejj  nohht  alle  Godd 

Wi]?]?  heore  rihhtwisnesse. 
Forr  mann  majj  findenn  i  J?iss  lif 

Bitwenenn  uss  inojhe 
patt  ledenn  hemm  swa  daernelij;  385 

Biforenn  menness  ejhne, 
patt  mann  hemm  hallt  forr  g6de  menn 

3  forr  full  wel  rihhtwise, 
3  sinndenn  ]5ohh  biforenn  Godd 

Unngode  ^  unnrihhtwise ;  39^ 

Forrjji  J^att  tejj  forr  idell  jellp 

^  all  forr  menness  spaeche 

*  Col.  6. 


Shaeweim  biforenn  o}>re  menn 

Godnesse  ^  rihhtwisnesse, 
^  sinndenn  ]?olih  swa  Jjehh  i  jjohht  395 

•j  ec  i  daeme  dedess 
Biforenn  Drihhtin  fule  menn, 

purrh  sinness  unnclaannesse . 
Ace  }>a  f>att  all  forr  lufe  off  Godd 

Aj2  folljhenn  rihhtwisnesse  400 

Biforenn  menn,  bihinndenn  menn, 

O  dajjess  *]  o  nihhtess, 
^  nohht  forr  eorf>li2  lofF,  ace  all 

Forr  heofennlike  mede, 
pa  sinndenn  wiss  biforenn  Godd  405 

Rihhtwise  menn  j  gode, 
^  shulenn  habbenn  heore  Isen 

Forr  heore  rihhtwisnesse, 
A  butenn  ende  blisse  inoh 

Wif>}>  alle  Godess  enngless.  410 

3  jet  tiss  Goddspell  sejjjj  off  hemm, 

Forr  uss  Jjurrh  hemm  to  laerenn, 
patt  ejjj^err  heore  jede  swa 

Rihht  affterr  Godess  lare, 
patt  fand  mann  nan  f>ing  upponn  hemm        415 

To  wrejenn,  ne  to  taelenn, 
Noff  whatt  menn  mihhtenn  habbenn  nif), 

Ne  wraf)f>e  jaen  heore  owwf>err. 
;j  her  ]5U  mihht  nu  sen  J^att  tejj 

Full  cweme  waerenn  baj^e  420 

Biforenn  Godd  inn  heoffne,  -3  ec 

Biforenn  menn  onn  eorj^e . 


^  tu  shallt  findenn  swillke  nu 

Bitwenenn  uss  well  faewe; 
Forr  swa  we  don  unnhajherrlij  425 

Whattse  we  don  to  gode, 
J  swa  we  dcm  itt  wij>])  unnskill 

patt  itt  majj  anngrenn  o}>re. 
Ace  swa  ne  didenn  nohht  ta  twa 

patt  we  nu  maelenn  ummbe;  430 

Forr  fand  mann  nan  }>ing  upponn  hemm 

patt  mihhte  ohht  anngrenn  o}>re; 
*purrh  whatt  tu  mihht  nu  sen  }>att  tejj 

Rihhtwise  ;)  gode  wserenn. 
3  swa  ]?ej2  leddenn  heore  lif  435 

Till  }>att  tejj  waerenn  aide, 
patt  nafFdenn  Jjejj  nan  child  till  }>a; 

J  tatt  wass  Godess  wille . 
Forr  Godd  itt  hafFde  lokedd  swa 

patt  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste  440 

patt  time  shollde  streonedd  ben 

patt  waere  onnjaeness  kinde, 
patt  hise  frend  mihhtenn  off  himm 

All  f>ess  te  mare  blissenn, 
•;)  tatt  te  folic  all  J^ess  te  bett  445 

Hiss  lare  shollde  folljhenn, 
purrh  f)att  tatt  tejj  himm  sholldenn  sen 

Ben  borenn  her  to  manne 
purrh  Godess  wille,  "j  Jjurrh  hiss  mahht^ 

3  nohht  f>urrh  moderr  kinde.  450 

*  Col.  7. 


Forr  3;ho  wass  swa  bii^denn  wif 

patt  nafFde  gho  nohht  taemedd, 
^  3;ho  wass  f>a  swa  winntredd.  wif 

•3  off  swa  mikell  elde, 
patt  naffde  ^ho  nan  kinde  ]7a  455 

Onn  hire  forr  to  taemenn. 
■3  forrf>i  wass  itt  all  }>urrh  Godd 

patt  ^ho  wass  j?a  wi]?}>  childe, 
Forr  J?att  ^ho  shollde  childenn  an 

Utnumenn  child  to  manne.  460 

piss  gode  mann,  J?iss  gode  prest, 

patt  we  nu  maelenn  ofFe, 
Wass,  alls  I  seggde  nu  littlaer, 

gehatenn  Zacaryas; 
^  he  wass,  alls  ice  hafe  sejjd,  465 

God  prest,  3  Godd  full  cweme. 
;)  he  wass  i  f>att  shifFtinng  sett 

patt  nemmnedd  wass  Abya, 
Forr  prestess  }>anne  j  daecness  ec 

Shiflftedenn  hemm  bitwenenn  470 

Whillc  here  shollde  serrfenn  firrst, 

Whillc  si]5j?enn  i  f>e  temmple . 
^  he,  f>iss  Zakaryas,  wass 

Bitwenenn  o}>re  prestess 
I  Jjatt  shifftinng  to  serrfenn  sett  475 

patt  nemmnedd  wass  Abya, 
Affterr  an  haefedd  prest  tatt  wass 

Off  Aaroness  chilldre. 


patt  ta  bi  name  nemmnedd  wass 

Abyu}>}>  of>f>r  Abyas. 
Unnderr  all  }>alde  lajhess  fresst 

Waerenn  alle  J)e  prestess 
Off  twejjenn  prestess,  j  tatt  an 

Off  f)a  twe^jenn  wass  nemmnedd 
Eleazar,  ^  Ytamar 

Wass  he  }>att  o}>err  nemmnedd. 
^  ta  twa  prestess  waerenn  A- 

-aroness  suness  baj)e. 
3  talde  lajhess  presteflocc 

Comm  all  off  f>a  twa  prestess ; 
Forr  Drihhtin  haffde  Jeanne  sett, 

patt  nan  ne  shollde  wurrj)enn 
pa  sett  to  wurrjjenn  prest,  butt  iff 

He  prestess  sune  waere. 
^  alle  ]?a  prestess  J?att  off 

pa  twejjenn  prestess  comenn, 
Shifftedenn  hemm  bitwenenn  }>a 

Wif))?  lott,  whillc  shollde  serrfenn 
AUmahhtij  Godd  att  allterr  firrst, 

Whillc  si]?]?enn  i  Jje  temmple, 
3  Davif))?  king  hemm  haffde  sett 

I  lotess  fowwre  ^  twenntij, 
patt  illc  an  shollde  witenn  wel 

Whillc  lott  himm  shollde  rejgsenn, 
To  cumenn  inntill  gerrsalaem, 

To  serrvenn  i  f>e  temmple. 
paer  waerenn  fowwre  3  twenntij  menn 

patt  waerenn  haefedd  prestess. 


^  off  illc  an  off  alle  )>a 

Comm  an  god  flocc  off  prestess,  5  lo 

Spningenn  off  himm,  strenedd  j^uirh  himm, 

^  wass  hiss  bird  jehatenn .  • 

^  iwhillc  an  serlepess  off 

pa  fowwre  •]  twenntij  hirdess 
Wass  nemmnedd  affterr  an  mann  off  515 

pa  fowwre  3  twenntij  prestess 
patt  waerenn  haefedd  prestess  off 

pa  fowwre  •]  twenntij  hirdess. 
^  illc  an  hird  serlepess,  off 

pa  fowwre  and  twenntij  hirdess,  520 

Wisste  full  wel  whillc  k)tt  an,  off 

pa  lotess  fowwre  3  twenntij, 
Himm  badd  ben  bun  his  sefennnahht 

To  Jjewwtenn  i  J>e  temmple. 
Forr  illc  an  hird  wel  wisste  inoh,  525 

WheJ?]5r  itt  to  serrfenn  shoUde 
Prest  senndenn  i  f>e  firrste  lott, 

Of>f>r  i  J?att  comm  J^aeraffterr, 
OJjjjr  i  f)e  J?ridde  lott,  oJ?f>r  i 

pe  ferj)e,  of>]?r  i  f)e  fifte.  530 

•]  off  ]5a  fowwre  •]  twennti^  menn, 

patt  waerenn  haefedd  prestess 
J  allderrmenn  ^  hirdess  off 

pa  fowwre  j  twenntij  gengess 
patt  waerenn  prestess,  Drihhtin  Godd  535 

To  jjewwtenn  wukemalumm, 
Off  J?a  twa  si}?e  twellfe  menn 

Wass  an  Abyas  nemmnedd 

1 6  ORMULUM. 

0)?J?r  Abyud,  3  inn  hiss  bird 

Wass  Zakaryass  fundenn, 
J  off  hiss  kinn  an  hali^  presty 

^  Drihhtin  Godd  full  cweme. 
J  i  Jjehhtennde  lott  comm  Jjiss 

Abyj^ess  bird  to  serrfenn, 
To  findenn  prest  biss  sefennnabbt 

To  )?ewwtenn  i  )?e  temmple. 
■]  a55  whannse  )?att  piesteflocc, 

patt  fowwre  3  twenntij^  waerenn, 
Ann  si})e  })ewwtedd  baffdenn  all 

Abutenn  i  })e  temmple, 
Aj5  haffde  j^e^j  off  wukess  J)a 

Ribbt  fowwre  3  twenntij  filledd« 
1  ^SS  l^^SS  tokenn  efft  forrnon 

To  serrfenn  wukemalumm. 
J  juw  birrj?  wltenn  })att  te  king 

pa  fowwre  j  twennti^  birdess 
Todaeledd  haffde  })ane  o  twa, 

To  settenn  twe^jenn  birdess, 
An  bird  tatt  off  Eleazar 

Wass  sprungenn  j  was  strenedd. 
An  o)?err  )5att  off  Ytamar 

Wass  strenedd  her  to  manne. 
J  t-^txx  bird  ^  ejj)?err  bus 

Todseledd  wass  )?obhwbe)?]3re 
Onn  birdess  ribbt  sextene,  3  ec 

Onn  birdess  twijjess  fowwre, 
J  tatt  bird  tatt  todseledd  wass 

Onn  birdess  ribbt  sextene, 


All  ))att  hird  off  Eleazar 

Wass  strenedd  her  to  manne;  570 

]  tatt,  forr  )?att  Eleazar 

Sextene  suness  haffde, 
]  off  illc  an  serlepess  wass 

An  hird  to  manne  strenedd. 
;j  tatt  hird  tatt  todaeledd  wass  575 

Onn  hirdess  twijjess  fowwre. 
All  )?att  hird  wass  J^urrh  Ytamar 

To  manne  onn  er}?e  strenedd; 
;j  tatt,  forr}?i  }?att  Ytamar 

Rihht  ehhte  suness  haffde,  580 

3  off  illc  an  serlepess  wass 

An  hird  to  manne  strenedd; 
•]  ta  sextene  }?att  Ele- 

-azar  her  haffde  strenedd, 
pa  hirdess  )?att,  witt  tu  full  wel,  585 

Haffdenn  an  hird  onn  haefedd, 
Haffdenn  an  haefedd  hird  tatt  wass 

Abufenn  alle  Jx))?re, 
Alls  iff  itt  waere  laferrdflocc 

Offr  alle  )?o)?re  flockess.  59° 

^  tatt  tatt  swa  wass  haefedd  hird, 

patt  hird  wass  i  ]?att  time 
Nemmnedd  Eleazaress  hus, 

Eleazaress  hewenn. 
J  all  se  itt  for  onn  o)?err  hallf  595 

Inn  Ytamaress  chilldre. 
Forr  Ytamaress  hird  wass  ec 

patt  illke  wise  daeledd 

1 8  ORMULUM. 

Onn  hirdess  ehhte,  sej^j^j?  J)e  hoc, 

3  haffde  an  hird  onn  hsefedd, 
•J  haflfde  an  haefedd  hird  tatt  wass 

Abufenn  alle  J^oJ^re, 
Alls  iflf  itt  waere  laferrdflocc 

Oflfr  alle  )7o)?re  flokkess. 
3  tatt  tatt  swa  wass  haefedd  hird, 

patt  hird  wass  i  }?att  time 
gehatenn  Ytaraaress  hus, 

3  Ytamaress  hewenn. 
■]  illc  an  hird  wass  nemmnedd  aj^j^ 

Bi  name,  inn  all  f)att  time, 
Aflfterr  summ  aj^ell  mann  3  god 

patt  i  f)att  hird  wass  haefedd. 
J  illc  an  hird  wel  wisste  inoh 

Whillc  lott  badd  hise  prestess 
I  Godess  temmple  serrfenn  Godd. 

3  a555  comm  Zacaryas 
Unnderr  f)ehhtennde  lott  wi)?}?  lac 

To  )?ewwtenn  i  )?e  temmple. 
J  o  J?att  illke  wise  comm 

Aj5  daekenn  aflfterr  daekenn, 
All  aflfterr  }?att  his  lott  himm  fell 

To  f)ewwtenn  i  }?e  temmple. 

*  patt  Godess  enngell  Gabriael 
Comm  dun  o  Godess  hallfe 

*  Col.  7. 1.  35. 


I  Godess  hus,  wi}?)?  Godess  word,  625 

O  rihht  hallf  bi  J)att  allterr 
paer  Z2LC3inaSf  Godess  preost 

Wipp  recless  }?eowwtenn  shollde, 
patt  wass  full  wel,  forr  itt  wass  don 

All  all  se  Drihhtin  wollde.  630 

Forr  he  comm  dun  inpp  Godess  word, 

To  ki)?enn  itt  onn  eor}?e, 
patt  Cristess  bidell  Sannt  Johan 

pa  shoUde  cumenn  newenn 
Innto  }>iss  lif  biforenn  Crist,  635 

To  j^anrkenn  hise  wejjess 
Biforenn  himm  }>att  shollde  ben 

Haefedd  off  alle  preostess, 
^  oflfringlac  rihht  god  inoh 

AfFterr  hiss  Faderr  wille,  640 

To  lesenn  mannkinn  punh  hiss  daej) 

Ut  off  pe  deofless  walde, 
Swa  f)att  mann  mihhte  winnenn  her 

To  brukenn  eche  blisse, 
*  patt  ej^^haer  upponn  halij  boc  645 

Iss  }?iuTh  rihht  hallf  bitacnedd . 
J  foTTpi  shulenn  alle  )?a 

patt  shulenn  habbenn  blisse 
Tosamenn  stanndenn  att  te  dom 

O  rihht  hallf  bi  ]>e  Deme,  650 

Bi  Jesu  Crist  o  Domes  dajj 

paer  he  shall  all  folic  demenn; 

♦  Col.  8. 

F  2 


Forr))i  ))att  hemm  )?urrh  }?att  rihht  hallf 

Shall  ben  full  wel  bitacnedd, 
patt  hemm  bej)  j^arrkedd  }?urrh  Drihhtm 

To  brukenn  eche  blisse;. 
J  son  se  Zacari^e  sahh 

patt  enngless  brihhte  leome, 
He  warr)>  forrfgeredd  3  forrdredd, 

Swa  summ  f^e  Goddspell  ki]7e]>]7. 
■3  Godess  enngell  toe  himm  ))aer 

To  beldenn  ^  to  frofrenn. 
Forr  ure  wrecche  kinde  iss  swillc  ' 

patt  itt  majj  ben  forrfaeredd, 
giflf  f)att  itt  ohht  faerlike  se)> 

pe  wHte  off  ennglekinde. 
^  Godess  enngell  iss  full  meoc, 

3  milde,  ^  soflfte,  ^  blif)e, 
To  beldenn  j  to  frofrenn  }?e, 

giflf  he  }?e  se}?  forrgloppnedd . 
Ace  deofell  iss,  J?att  witt  tu  wel, 

Off  grimme  j  ni}?full  herrte ; 
Forr  jiflf  he  sej?  }?att  mann  iss  ohht 

Forrfaeredd  off  hiss  sihhj^e. 
He  wile  himm  faerenn,  jiflf  he  ma^^ 

3  skerrenn  mare  3  mare. 
Ace  whas  itt  iss  )?att  waepnedd  iss 

Wi)?}?  fiille  trowwfje  o  Criste, 
pohh  J>att  he  se  )?e  la)?e  gast, 

Niss  he  rihht  nohht  forrfaeredd^ 
patt  Godess  enngell  Gabriael 

Till  Zacanje  sejjde, 


Witt  tu  }?att  Drihhtin  hafe}?}?  herrd 

J  ^atedd  tine  beness, 
;j  tatt  tin  wif  Elysabae}?  685 

pe  shall  an  sune  childenn, 
patt  sejjde  he  ful  iwiss  forr)>i 

patt  ta  wass  cumenn  time 
patt  Drihhtin  woUde  lesenn  fit 

Hiss  folic  off  deofless  walde,  690 

patt  Zacariass  Godess  preost, 

^  of)re  gode  preostess, 
J  mani^  hali^  Isewedd  mann 

O  Drihhtin  haflfde  bonedd. 
Fonr  alle  )?a  f)att  cwemmdenn  Godd  695 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
pejj  alle  baedenn  innwarrdlij^ 

Wi}?))  bedess  j  wi}?))  dedess, 
patt  Drihhtin  shollde  lesenn  hemm 

Ut  off  }?e  deofless  walde .  700 

♦  :i  ta  wass  cumenn  time  to 

patt  Godd  hemm  wollde  lesenn. 
J  forr}?i  se^sde  Gabriael, 

pu  shallt  an  sune  streonenn; 
Fonr  J>att  hiss  sune  shollde  ben  705 

Biginning  oflf  Jjatt  blisse . 
Forr  att  te  come  oflf  Sannt  Johan 

Bigann  all  ure  blisse, 
All  Jjatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Comm  till  mannkinn  onn  eor)?e,  710 

*  Col.  9. 


^  bohhte  J>urrh  hiss  a^hen  daej> 

Mannkinn  fra  deofless  walde. 
Forr  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste  comm 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
To  kif^enn  to  }?e  folk  f)att  Crist 

pa  shollde  cumenn  newenn. 
J  swa  bigann  att  Sannt  Johan 

pe  Laferrd  Cristess  come, 
"3  all  )?att  blisse  )?att  uss  comm 

purrh  f)att  he  comm  onn  eor)?e. 
patt  Godess  enngell  sejj^de  himm  Jjaer, 

Whatt  name  he  shollde  settenn 
Uppo  }?att  illke  child  tatt  he 

pa  shollde  newenn  strenenn, 
patt  wass  till  all  ]?e  childess  kinn 

Wurr}?shipe,  ^  tatt  unnlitell; 
Forr  )?att  te  Laferrd  Godd  himm  sellf 

Himm  sejjde  }?urrh  hiss  enngell, 
patt  he  )?a  shollde  streonenn  child, 

3  hu  he  shollde  itt  nemmnenn, 
patt  wass  wurr)?shipe  inoh  till  menn, 

J  ec  full  openn  takenn 
patt  heore  streon  wass  Drihhtin  leof 

get  3er  itt  waere  streonedd. 
J  himm  wass  ec  f)att  name  sett 

Forr  mikell  })ing  to  tacnenn; 
Forr  affterr  })att  ice  seggenn  majj, 

Johan  onn  Ennglissh  spaeche 
Bitacne})]?  uss  })att  )?ing  )?att  iss 

All  affterr  Godess  wille. 


;]  swa  wass  }>att  la  fill  iwiss 

All  aflfterr  Godess  wille, 
patt  Sannt  Johan  wass  streonedd  ta 

purrh  faderr  3  }?urrh  moderr, 
patt  time  }?att  tejj  waerenn  ba  745 

Winntrede  menn  -3  aide. 
3  tekenn  )?att  tatt  jho  wass  aid 

get  wass  jho  swa  bifundenn, 
patt  jho,  swa  summ  itt  wollde  Godd, 

Ne  mihhte  nSfrser  taemeim;  750 

3  forr)?i  wass  itt  ful  iwiss 

All  Jjurrh  Drihhtiness  wille, 
patt  tej^j  swa  late  mihhtenn  child 

I  mikell  elde  streonenn. 
*3  tatt  tiss  illke  Sannt  Johan,  755 

patt  wass  swa  late  streonedd, 
Wass  filledd  oflf  })e  Frofre  Gast 

get  inn  hiss  moderr  wambe, 
Swa  summ  J^e  Goddspellwrihhte  sejjj? 

patt  Jjwerrt  ut  nohht  ne  lejhe)?)?,  760 

patt  sell)?e  jaflf  himm  Drihhtin  Godd 

Affterr  hiss  ajhenn  wille; 
■J  forr)?i  wass  itt  mikell  rihht 

patt  he  Johan  wass  nemmnedd, 
patt  tacne})J)  all  )?att  )?ing  )?att  iss  765 

All  affterr  Godess  wille . 
3  tatt  he  si)?})enn  )?urrh  hiss  spell, 

3  })urrh  hiss  halljhe  bisne, 

♦  Col.  10. 


Droh  swij>e  mikell  folic  till  Godd 

J  till  )?e  rihhte  laefe,    - 
Son  summ  he  }>e^m  bigann  oflf  Godd 

To  spellenn  ^  to  fullhtnenn, 
patt  sell}?e  jafF  himm  Drihhtin  Godd 

Affterr  hiss  aj^henn  wille; 
•3  forr)?i  sette  himm  Drihhtin  Grodd 

To  ben  Johan  jehatenn, 
patt  tacne)?)?  all  ))att  f)ing  }?att  iss 

All  aflfterr  Godess  wille. 
3  Godess  enngell  sejj^de  J>aer 

Oflf  Sannt  Johan  jSt  mare, 
Till  ZacarTje  )?aer  he  stod 

All  shridd  att  Godess  allterr. 
He  sej^jde ;   ^  tu  shallt  oflf  f>att  child 

Habbenn  gladdshipe  3  blisse. 
■J  tatt  wass  witerrlike  soj? 

patt  Godess  enngell  sejjde. 
Forr  Jjatt  wass  to  )?att  gode  preost 

Well  swi)?e  mikell  blisse, 
patt  Drihhtin  himm  onn  elde  jaflf 

Swa  mahhtij  child  to  streonenn. 

J  jet  tatt  enngell  sejjde  himm  J)aer, 
patt  o})re  menn  unnfaewe 

Well  glade  j  bli}?e  sholldenn  ben 
Ec  oflf  })att  childess  come; 

J  tatt  wass  so)?,  forr  mani  mann 
Wass  oflf  hiss  come  bli}?e; 


Forr  )?att  he  wass  }?e  firrste  mann 

patt  brohhte  word  onn  eorjje, 
patt  mannkinn  shollde  newenn  ben 

Utlesedd  fra  J>e  deofell,  800 

3  winnenn  heoflfness  kinedom 

purrh  clene  lifess  waepenn. 

•]  jet  he  sejjde  f)uss  till  himm; 

patt  child  tatt  tu  shallt  streonenn 
Shall  ben  biforenn  Drihhtin  Godd  805 

Full  mahhtij  mann  ^  maere, 
Ne  shall  he  naefre  drinnkenn  drinnch 

patt  drnnnkennesse  foIljhe}?J). 
*piss  sejj^de  Godess  enngell  f>9er; 

■3  uss  birr))  alle  trowwenn,  810 

patt  he  forrwarrp  forr  lufe  off  Godd 

All  jjwerrt  fit  gluterrnesse, 
He-J>att  wass  full  off  Halij  Gast 

^r  f)ann  he  borenn  waere; 
Forr  Halij  Gast  forrsej?  -3  fle)?  S15 

p\^'errt  fit  all  })att  iss  sinne. 
J  Gabriael  space  j?aer  off  )?iss 

Till  Zacarije,  ^  sejjde; 
•]  he  bej?  full  oflf  Halij  Gast 

get  inn  hiss  moderr  wambe.  820 

•]  sone  summ  he  cu)?e  ben 

Himm  ane  bi  himm  sellfenn, 

•  Col.  II., 


He  flaeh  till  wesste  fra  J?e  foHc, 

Forr  )?att  he  noUde  gilltenn, 
Ne  forrj^enn  J^urrh  an  idell  word 

To  maelenn  her  o  life. 
J  i  )?e  wesste  f)aer  he  wass 

Hiss  fode  wass  unnome, 
Forr  nass  nan  esstemete  ^aer 

patt  foU^he)?)?  gluternesse; 
Ne  J}aer  ne  fand  he  naenne  drinnch 

patt  drunnkennesse  folljhe}?)?; 
■J  tohh  he!  owwhar  funde  }?aer, 

Ne  wollde  he!  naefre  cunnenn, 
Forr  he  wass  filledd  all  j^urrh  Godd 

Oflf  Halij  Gastess  drinnchess. 

■J  Godess  enngell  sejj^de  off  himm 

get  tuss  till  Zacanj^e; 
J  he  shall  turrnenn  }?urrh  hiss  spell, 

J  Jjurrh  hiss  hall^he  bisne, 
Well  mikell  flocc  till  J>ejjre  Godd 

Off  Israaeless  chilldre. 
J  tatt  he  dide  ful  iwiss, 

Son  summ  he  toe  to  spellenn, 
He  turrnde  mikell  folic  till  Godd 

ga  laewedd  folic,  55a  laeredd, 
purrh  fulluhht  -3  }?urrh  halij  spell, 

■J  )?urrh  hiss  halljhe  bisne; 
Forr  }?urrh  }?att  he  wass  halij  mann 

Onn  alle  kinne  wise, 


He  jaff  hemm  bisne  god  inoh 
To  lufenn  Godd  ^  dredenn. 

*]  jet  space  Godess  enngell  fniss 

Till  Zacarije  ^  sejjde; 
]  tatt  child,  tatt  tu  streonenn  shallt,  ^i,^ 

Shall  cumenn  her  to  manne 
Biforenn  Crist  rihht  i  )?att  gast, 

J  i  f)att  illke  mahhte, 
patt  Helyas  shall  cumenn  efft 

Biforenn  Cristess  come.  860 

;j  tatt  wass  witerrlike  so}?, 

Forr  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste 
Comm  forrj?  biforenn  Jesu  Crist 

Att  Cristess  forrme  come; 
;j  Helyas  shall  cumenn  efft,  865 

Onn  Anntecristess  time, 
Biforenn  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

Att  Cristess  lattre  come . 
•^  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste  comm 

Biforenn  Cristess  come,  870 

pa  Crist  A^ass  her  all  gilltelaes 

Wi)?J)  wojhe  demmd  to  dae)?e; 
3  Helyas  shall  cumenn  efft 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
pa  Crist  shall  demenn  all  mannkinn  875 

All  rihht,  J  nohht  wifjj)  wojhe . 

*  Col.  12. 


■J  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste  comm 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
pa  Crist  comm  hiderr  dun,  hiss  folic 

To  lesenn  ut  off  helle; 
J  Helyas  shall  cumenn  eflft 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
pa  Crist  shall  cumenn  efFt,  hiss  folic 

To  ledenn  inntill  heoflfne. 
puss  comm  Johan  biforenn  Crist 

All  o  )?att  illke  wise, 
patt  Helyas  shall  cumenn  eflft 

Biforenn  Cristess  come. 
1  e^St^err  wass  wi}?)?  o)?err  lie 

get  onn  an  o)?err  wise, 
Forr  baj?e  leddenn  usell  lif 

I  m^tess  "3  i  claj?ess, 
J  ba}?e  flujhenn  fra  J?e  folic 

Utt  inntill  wilde  wesste, 
J  leddenn  })aer  full  halij  lif, 

Forr  swa  to  winnenn  blisse, 
-)  ba)5e  hemm  fell  to  J?olenn  wa 

purrh  ifell  wifess  irre 

fK  •  •  •  •  • 

t      "J  till  uss  sellfenn  bajje, 
•3  Godd  off  heffne  ajj  wollde  himm  sellf 

pa  belless  herenn  ringenn, 
Whannse  \>t  preost  wass  shridd  taerwijjj? 

To  gan  till  Godess  allterr, 

*  Coll.  13 — 28  wanting.  f  Col.  29. 


To  )?eowwtenn  ^  to  wurr}?enn  Godd 

Wi)?)>  bedess  ^  wij?))  lakesS.  905 

3  mikell  ned  wass  himm  f)att  Godd 

pa  belless  herrde  ringenn, 
patt  he  ne  felle  J^aere  dged 

purrh  Godess  wra)?))e  j  wrseche; 
Forr  jiflf  ]>att  Godd  ne  mihhte  nohht  910 

pa  belless  herenn  ringenn, 
Whannse  }?e  preost  wass  shridd  taerwij?)? 

To  gan  till  Godess  allterr, 
Godd  wollde  himm  wrekenn  o  }?e  preost, 

Swa  Jjatt  he  swelltenn  shollde,  915 

Forrjji  J>att  he  ne  namm  nan  gom 

To  fillenn  all  hiss  wikenn. 

Nu,  laferrdinngess,  loke  we 

Whatt  tiss  majj  uss  bitacnenn. 
Ha  mikell  god  itt  Isere]?])  uss  920 

Off  ure  sawle  nede . 
pe  bellediaem  bitacne)?)?  juw 

patt  drgem  )?att  j^uw  birr}?  herenn, 
Whannse  J)e  preost  juw  telle)?)?  spell 

Biforenn  Godess  allterr;  925 

3  jiff  he  nohht  ne  spelle)?)>  juw 

pe  Goddspellbokess  lare, 
He  falle}>]>  wisslij  forr  )>att  gillt 

I  Godess  wraj>))e  ^  wraeche. 
All  swa  summ  ]>att  Judisskenn  preost  9.^0 

purrh  Drihhtin  shollde  swelltenn, 


giff  )?att  he  waere  reckelaes 

To  ringenn  hise  belless. 
Nu  loke  jure  preost  tatt  he 

guw  blifjelike  spelle, 
patt  he  juw  illke  Sunenndajj 

Att  allre  laeste  laere, 
Off  all  hu  juw  birr))  ledenn  juw 

3  lefenn  uppo  Criste, 
3  lufenn  Godd  3  lufenn  mann 

J  Godess  lajhess  haldenn; 
■]  juw  birrj?  swi)?e  blij^elij; 

guw  turrnenn  till  hiss  lare, 
3  haldenn  itt  j  foUjhenn  itt 

Ajj  afFterr  jure  mihhte. 
Nu  -  jiff  J?att  jure  preost  ^  je 

puss  farenn  juw  bitwenenn, 
pa  majj  ben  god  till  jure  preost 

J  till  JUW  sellfenn  baf)e, 
patt  tatt  Judisskenn  preost  wass  swa 

Bihenngedd  all  wij?)?  belless, 
J  tatt  himm  wass  swa  mikell  ned 

patt  Godd  hemm  herrde  ringenn. 

3  off  )?att  preostess  shulldrelin, 
J  off  hiss  breostlin  bafe, 
*  J  off  f)a  twellfe  namess  ec 
patt  waerenn  don  J^aeronne, 

*  Col.  30. 


Summwhatt  ice  habbe  shaewedd  juw 

Till  jure  sawle  fode, 
JfF  }jatt  je  wilenn  folljhenn  itt,  960 

;j  juw  till  frame  turmeim. 

]  nu  ice  wile  shaewenn  juw 

Summ  del,  wi}jj>  Godess  hellpe, 
Ofif  Jjatt  Judisskenn  follkess  lac 

patt  Drihhtin  wass  full  cweme,  965 

3  mikell  hellpe  to  }je  folic, 

To  laeredd  3  to  laewedd, 
Biforenn  Jjatt  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne. 
Ace  nu  ne  gejjneJ)J>  itt  hemm  nohht  970 

To  winnenn  eche  blisse 
pohh  patt  tejj  stanndenn  daj^  3  nihht 

To  peowwtenn  Godd  3  lakenn; 
For  all  itt  iss  onnjseness  Godd 

pohh  patt  tejj  swa  ne  wenenn,  975 

Forrpi  patt  tejj  ne  kepenn  nohht 

Noff  Crist,  noff  Cristess  moderr. 
3  tohh  swa  pebh  nu  wile  ice  juw 

Off  pejjre  lakess  awwnenn, 
Hu  mikell  god  tejj  tacnenn  uss  980 

Off  ure  sawle  nede ; 
Fori  all  patt  lac  wass  sett  purrh  Godd, 

Forr  patt  itt  shollde  tacnenn, 
Hu  Cristess  peoww  birrp  lakenn  Crist 

Gastlike  i  gode  paewess,  985 


Wi}?]?  all  ]7att  tatt  bitacnedd  wass 
purrh  alle  {'e^^re  lakess. 

patt  follkes  lac  wass  shep,  j  gat, 

•3  oxe,  "3  cullfre,  ^  turrtle, 
1  tejjre  lac  wass  bule,  ^  lamb, 

*3  buckess  twa  togeddre, 
^  recles  smec,  "j  bulltedd  brged 

patt  bakenn  wass  inn  ofne, 
3  smeredd  wel  wi}jj>  elessew 

^  makedd  fatt  ^  nesshe; 
;)  o})err  stund  tatt  lac  wass  braed 

All  Jjeorrf  wiJ>J)utenn  berrme; 
^  oJ>err  stund  itt  bakenn  wass 

Full  harrd  ^  starrc  inn  ofne; 
^  o)?err  stund  tatt  lac  wass  brennd 

^  turrnedd  all  till  asskess. 
*  1  3.JJ  wass  sallt  wi}jj>  iwhillc  lac 

Biforenn  Drihhtin  oflfredd; 
^  tatt  wass  don,  J^att  witt  tu  wel, 

Forr  mikell  }jing  to  tacnenn. 
All  fjejjre  lac  wass  swillc  ^  swillc, 

Forr  ojjerr  Jjing  to  tacnenn, 
patt  uss  iss  swifje  mikell  ned 

To  folljhenn  ^  to  trowwenn; 
Forr  uss  birrj?  nu  biforenn  Godd 

Offrenn  f)a  lakess  alle, 

♦  Col.  31. 


Kihht  o  ]7att  wise  J^att  uss  iss 

Bitacnedd  fmrrh  J?a  lakess;* 
^  witt  tu  J>att  an  wajheriflft 

Wass  spredd  fra  wah  to  wajhe,  1015 

Biforenn  an  allterr  J>att  wass 

Innresst  i  J^e^jre  minnstre. 
patt  wajheriflft  wass  henngedd  taer, 

Forr  J>att  itt  hidenn  shollde 
All  f)att  tatt  taef  wi}j}jinnenn  wass  1020 

Fra  laewedd  folic  ^  laeredd, 
Wijjjjutenn  jjatt  te  bisscopp  sellf, 

WiJjJ)  blod  ^  ec  wi}jj>  recless, 
J)aer  shollde  cumenn  o  }je  jer 

Ann  sijje,  ^  all  himm  Sne.  1025 

;)  enngless  comenn  oflfte  Jjaer, 

^  wiJ>J>  Jje  bisscopp  spaekenn 
0  Godess  hallfe  off  manijwhatt, 

Himm  3  hiss  folic  to  frofrenn . 
3  bi  J>att  allterr  stodenn  ajj  1030 

patt  foUkess  halijdomess, 
patt  waerenn  inn  an  arrke  }jaer 

Wei  J  wurrjjlike  jemmde . 
3  taer  oferr  }jatt  arrke  wass 

An  oferr werrc  wel  timmbredd,  1035 

patt  wass  Propitiatoriumm 

O  Latin  spaeche  nemmnedd, 
Off  J>att  word  tatt  o  Latin  iss 

Nemmnedd  Propitiari, 
patt  ma^;^  onn  Ennglissh  nemmnedd  ben      1040 

Millcenn,  ^  sha&wenn  are, 

OL.  I.  G 


Forr  whase  doJ>  hiss  are  o  J>e 

Tibi  propitiatur, 
Affterr  J^att  itt  majj  wel  inoh 

Ben  sejjd  o  Latin  spseche. 
^  taer  uppo  J)att  oferrwerrc 

pejj  haffdenn  liccness  metedd 
Off  Chenibyn,  -j  haffdenn  itt 

O  twejjenn  stokess  metedd. 
All  ennglejjeod  todaeledd  iss 

O  nijhenn  kinne  J>eode; 
^  Chenibyn  ^  Seraphyn 

Sinndenn  }ja  twejjenn  J>eode, 
patt  sinndenn  Drihhtin  aUre  nest, 

^  hehjhesst  upp  inn  heoffne. 
^  off  Jjatt  an,  off  Chenib)m, 

pejj  haffdenn  liccness  metedd 
Uppo  Jjatt  oferrwerrc  J>att  wass 

Abufenn  f)arrke  timmbredd. 
J  att  te  minnstredure  wass 

An  allterr  J)aer  wi}jj?utenn; 
J  bi  f)att  allterr  wass  J>e  lac 

O  fele  wise  jarrkedd 
*  purrh  preostess,  alls  uss  sejjj?  soj)  boc, 

Off  Aaroness  chilldre . 
^  o  f)att  allterr  haffdenn  jjejj 

Glowennde  gledess  jarrkedd. 
^  off  }?att  errfe  })att  taer  wass  ' 

Drihhtin  to  lake  jarrkedd, 

♦  Col.  32. 


Himm  toe  Jje  bisscopp  off  J>e  blod,  1070 

^Swa  summ  hiss  boc  himm  tahhte. 
^  gledcss  inn  hiss  reclefatt 

He  toe  Jwer  o  })att  allterr, 
"]  dide  recless  inn  inoh 

Drihhtin  })aerwi})J>  to  Jjeowtenn,  1075 

Ajj  whann  he  shollde  ganngenn  inn 

Upp  to  Jjatt  oJ>err  allterr, 
patt  wass  ajj  aeness  o  f>e  ^er, 

^  ajj  himm  seUf  himm  ane, 
Forr  mikell  })ing  to  taenenn  uss  1080 

patt  uss  birrjj  alle  trowwcnn. 
He  toe  J)e  recless  •]  te  blod 

^  jede  upp  to  ]?att  allterr 
patt  wass  wijjjjinnenn  wajherifft, 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd,  1085 

•]  tanne  brennde  he  recless  f>aer, 

To  )jeowwtenn  Godd  tocweme, 
Swa-Jjatt  taer  wass  swa  mikell  smec 

Off  recless  att  tatt  allterr, 
patt  all  he  wass  himm  sellf  f>aer  hidd  1090 

^  lokenn  J>aer  wif>}?innenn ; 
-]  toe  himm  })a  J>att  illke  blod 

patt  he  J>aer  haffde  gre^fjedd, 
patt  blod  tatt  he  fjaer  haffde  brohht, 

^  warrp  itt  taer  wij?}?  strenncless,  1095 

E^i^whaer  uppo  f>att  halljhe  bord, 

^  ejjwhaer  o  f>att  allterr . 
^  si}>}>enn  jede  he  })e}jenn  St 

To  strennkenn  i  f>e  kirrke 

G  2 


Wi}j}jutenn  J)ejjre  wajherifft, 

Swa  summ  hiss  boc  himm  tahhte. 
1  si}jj>enn  comm  he  tiU  Jje  folic 

^  wessh  himm  hise  claj>ess, 
Ace  J>ohh  swa  Jjehh  he  wass  all  dagj; 

Unnclene  anan  till  efenn. 
Nu  habbe  ice  shaewedd  juw  summ  del 

Off  }ja  Judisskemi  lakess, 
patt  Drihhtin  toe  full  aedmodlij 

Biforenn  Cristess  c5me, 
J  oflf  }jatt  preost  tatt  tanne  wass, 

^  off  Jjatt  bisseopp  baj^e. 
J  ec  ice  habbe  sbsewedd  juw 
*  Summ  del  off  J^e^jre  wikemi, 
J  nu  ice  wile  shaewenn  juw 

All  Jjatt  whatt  itt  bitacnejjj), 
•3  hu  itt  majj  juw  turrnenn  all 

Till  jure  sawless  hellpe, 
3  hu  je  mujhemi  lakemi  Godd 

Gastlike  i  gode  Jjsewess, 
Wif>)>  all  )>att  Judewisshe  lac 

patt  ice  juw  habbe  shaewedd; 
Forr  suw  birr}?  nu  biforenn  Godd 

Oflfrenn  f>a  lakess  alle, 
All  o  }>att  wise  f>att  ^w  iss 

Bitacnedd  )>uiTh  )>a  lakess. 
pa  lakess  mihhtenn  clennsenn  hemm 

Off  sakess  "j  off  sinness, 

*  Col.  33. 


;)  gladenn  Godd,  jifF  }?att  he  wass 

Hemm  wraJ>J>  forr  heore  gillte. 
;)  witt  tu  wel  Jjatt  Latin  boc  1130 

Full  witerrlike  uss  kijje}?}?, 
Whillc  lac  wass  ofFredd  forr  Jje  preost, 

Whillc  forr  J>e  bisscopp  ofFredd, 
;j  whillc  wass  ofFredd  Forr  }?e  Folic, 

To  clennsenn  hemm  ofF  sinne.  1135 

pe  ramm  wass  ofFredd  Forr  }?e  preost, 

To  clennsenn  himm  ofF  sinne, 
;)  Forr  }?e  bisscopp  wass  }je  callF 

Oflfredd  o  I>ejjre  wise,  . 
;)  Forr  }?e  Folic  wass  ofFredd  bucc,  1140 

Drihhtin  to  loFe  ^  wuirj^e, 
patt  he  }?ejjm  Jjurrh  hiss  mildherrtlejjc 

ForrjaeFe  Jjejjre  gilltess. 
Her  habbe  ice  shaewedd  f>rinne  lac 

Forr  f)rinne  kinne  leode,  1145 

Forr  bisscopp  ^  Forr  unnderrpreost, 

J  Forr  }je  Follkess  nede . 
;)  ure  LaFerrd  Jesu  Crist 

Badd  hise  bedess  J^rijess, 
Biforenn  fjatt  he  takenn  wass  1150 

J  najjledd  uppo  rode. 
^  taer  he  badd  Forr  alle  Jja 

patt  onn  himm  sholldenn  leFenn, 
Forr  biscopp  ^  Forr  unnderrpreost, 

^  ec  Forr  laewedd  leode;  1155 


1  mare  wass  hiss  bede  wurrj> 

pann  alle  j^e^re  lakess. 
To  lesenn  "j  to  cleimsenn  menn 

Off  alle  kinne  gillte, 
^  tohh  swa  }?ehh  wass  }>ejjre  lac, 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
Drihhtin  full  cweme  inn  alle  ]7a 

patt  Godess  lajhess  heldenn . 
•3  nu  ice  wile  shaewenn  juw, 

WiJ?f)  min  Drihhtiness  hellpe. 
All  hu  je  mujhenn  lakenn  Godd 

Gastlike  i  gode  Jjaewess, 
Wi})J?  all  J?att  Judewisshe  lac 

patt  juw  her  uppe  iss  shgewedd;* 
Jiff  }?att  tu  folljhesst  soJ>  meoclejjc 

J  soj>  unnshaf)ijnesse, 
pa  lakesst  tu  Drihhtin  wijjj>  shep 

Gastlike  i  J?ine  Jjaewess, 
*  Swa  Jjatt  itt  majj  wel  hellpenn  J?e 

To  winnenn  Godess  are ; 
Fori  shep  iss  all  unnskaj>efull 

^  stille  der  ^  li}?e, 
•3  make)?}?  itt  nan  mikell  brace 

Jiff  mann  itt  wile  bindenn, 
Ne  forrjjenn  )?3er  mann  cwelle]?J?  itt 

Ne  wi}))?ref)})  itt  nohht  swif)e . 
^  forrf)i  sejjf)  Jjatt  Latin  boc, 

patt  }?werrt  ut  nohht  ne  lejhe}?)?, 

♦  Col.  34. 


patt  lire  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Inn  lire  mennisscnesse  1185 

Toe  }7ildilis  wij>}jutenn  brace, 

patt  mann  hinim  band  wi}?]?  wo^he, 
Rihht  all  swa  summ  ]?e  shep  onfo}> 

Meoclij,  J?att  mann  itt  elippej)}?; 
;)  jiflf  Jju  ewennkesst  i  Jje  sellf,  1190 

•3  laeresst  me  to  cwennkenn 
Inn  me  -  galnessess  fule  stinnch 

3  hire  fiile  lusstess, 
^  folljhesst  ajj  claennessess  slo}?, 

J  laeresst  me  to  folljhenn,  1195 

pa  lakesst  tu  Drihhtin  wi}?]?  git 

Gastlike  i  j>ine  }?aewess, 
Swa  -  J?att  itt  majj  wel  hellpenn  J>e 

To  winnenn  Godess  are  ; 
For  gat  iss,  J>att  witt  tu  full  wel,  1200 

Gal  deor,  ^  stinnkej?}?  fule, 
^  forr)?i  tacne)?J?  itt  full  wel 

Galnessess  hate  stinnchess. 
^  forr})i  sinndenn  alle  }?a 

patt  shulenn  inntill  helle  1205 

Effnedd  wi})}?  g»t,  :)  nemmnedd  git, 

O  Goddspellbokess  lare, 
ForrJ?i  })att  sinness  fule  stinnch 

Shall  shaedenn  hemm  fra  Criste . 
^  jifF  J?u  folljhesst  skill  ^  shaed  1210 

J  witt  i  gode  Jjaewess, 
3  hafesst  jet,  tohh  }ju  be  Jung, 

Elldernemanness  late, 


J  hajherrlike  ledesst  te 
J  daflftelike  j  fajjre, 
^  ummbej>ennkesst  ajj  occ  ajg 

Hu  )7U  mihht  Drihhtin  cwemenn, 
3  lufenn  himm  "j  dredenn  himm 

^  hise  lajhess  haldenn, 
WiJ?J>  oxe  lakesst  tu  Drihhtin 

Gastlike  i  }?ine  }?aewess, 
Swa-Jjatt  itt  majg  wel-hellpenn  J?e 

To  winnenn  Godess  are. 
Forr  oxe  gaj?  o  clofenn  f5t 
^  shaedejjj)  hise  clawwess, 
purrh  whatt  he  tacne}jj>  skill  ^  shaed 

1  witt  i  gode  J>3ewess. 
^  oxe  ganngeJ)J)  hajhelij 
;)  aldelike  lateJ?J>, 
*  ^  jifej?}?  bisne  off  f)att  te  birr]? 
All  hajhelike  ^  fajjre 
J  dafFtelike  ledenn  f)e, 

Wi})})utenn  brace  ^  braf)}je, 
;)  shsewenn  jet,  tohh  f)u  be  Jung, 

Elldememanness  late . 
^  oxe  chewwejjj)  J>aer  he  ga)> 

Hiss  Glide,  ^  taer  he  stanndef)J>, 
;)  chewwejjj?  forrjjenn  J?aer  he  lij>, 

Forr  })e  to  jifenn  bisne, 
patt  te  birrf)  ummbejjennkenn  ajj 
3  chewwenn  i  }jin  heorrte 

*  Col.  35. 


Hu  Jju  mihht  cwemenn  Jjin  Drihhtin, 

;)  winnenn  eche  blisse. 
])uss  ]?u  mihht  lakenn  Drihhtin  Godd 

Wi})J>  oxe  i  gode  Jjaewess,  1245 

Jiff  J>u  Jje  ledesst  all  wi}jj>  skill, 

^  hajhelike  ;]  fajp'e, 
;)  ummbej^ennkesst  nihht  ^  dajj 

Hu  Jju  mihht  Drihhtin  cwemenn. 
J  jiff  })u  firrj)resst  fremmde  menn  1250 

Ajj  affterr  f>ine  fere, 
^  ant  te  sellf  ajj  milde  *]  meoc^ 

^  all  wijjjjutenn  galle, 
Wi]j}>  cullfre  lakesst  tu  Drihhtin 

Gastlike  i  J>ine  J>3ewess,  1255 

Swa  }?att  itt  majj  wel  hellpenn  )>e 

To  winnenn  Godess  are. 
Forr  cullfre  iss  milde,  *]  meoc,  ^  swet, 

^  all  wi})f)utenn  galle, 
•^  fedej>f>  ojjerr  cullfress  bridd  1260 

All  alls  itt  waere  hire  ajhenn. 
;)  jiff  f)u  ledesst  clene  lif, 

•j  murrcnesst  i  })in  heorrte, 
patt  tu  swa  lannge  dwellesst  her 

Swa  ferr  fra  Godess  riche,  1265 

•^  jeomesst  tatt  tu  mote  sket 

Uppcumenn  inntill  heoffne, 
Upp  till  J>i  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist, 

To  lofenn  himm  ^  lutenn, 
Wi})]?  turrtle  lakesst  tu  J?in  Godd  1270 

Gastlike  i  }jine  Jjaewess, 


Swa  J?att  itt  majj  wel  hellpenn  J>e 

To  winnenn  Godess  are. 
Forr  turrtle  ledejjj?  charij  lif, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  so}?e, 
Forr  fra  j^att  hire  make  iss  daed 

Ne  kepeJ)J>  jho  nan  ojjerr, 
Ace  serrjhefjj)  ajj  forr}?!  }?att  jho 

Ne  majj  hin^J^  nowwhar  findenn 
J  jiff  J>att  tu  forrlangedd  arrt 

To  cumenn  upp  till  Criste, 
*  "3  nohht  ne  chesesst  oj^err  Godd 

To  folljhenn  ne  to  j^eowwtenn, 
Wijjjjutenn  Crist  tatt  wass  j  iss 

pin  Drihhlin  ^  tin  haefedd, 
pa  lakesst  tu  gastlike  Godd 

Wif)})  turrtle  i  J?ine  }?aewess. 
J  jiflf  })u  cwennkesst  i  f)e  sellf 

All  J?werrt  ut  modijnesse, 
^  laeresst  oJ)re  all  swa  to  don 

purrh  lare  ^  ec  J?urrh  bisne, 
Wi}jf)  bule  lakesst  tu  }jin  Godd 

Gastlike  i  J?ine  J)aewess, 
Swa  fjatt  itt  ma^  wel  hellpenn  Jje 

To  winnenn  Godess  are. 
Forr  bule  latej?}?  modilij, 

^  beref)})  upp  hiss  haefedd, 
3  drifef>f)  ojjre  nowwt  himm  fra 

J  hallt  himm  all  forr  laferrd. 

*  Col.  36. 


;j  jiff  J>u  cnawesst  rihht  tin  Godd,  1300 

•3  herrcnesst  hise  spelless, 
;)  lej^esst  all  fin  herrte  onn  himm, 

^  foUjhesst  himm  ^  bujhesst, 
;)  forr  }?e  lufe  off  himm  forrsest 

Haejjene  Goddess  alle,  1305 

3  ant  te  sellf  ajj  milde  ^  meoc, 

;)  soffte,  ^  stille,  3.  li)>e, 
Wi}}]7  lamb  }>u  lakesst  tin  Drihhtin 

Gastlike  i  )>ine  }?aewess, 
Swa  }?att  itt  majj  wel  hellpenn  )>e  13 10 

To  winnenn  Godess  are. 
Forr  lamb  is  soffte  j  stille  deor, 

3  meoc,  "3  milde,  3  li)>e, 
;)  itt  cann  cnawenn  swif)e  wel 

Hiss  moderr  f>aer  jho  bl3ete}j];>  13 15 

Bitwenenn  an  Jjusennde  shep, 

pohh  }jatt  tejj  blaetenn  alle. 
3  all  swa  birrj)  J?e  cnawenn  wel 

pin  Godd  "j  all  hiss  lare, 
3  all  forrwerrpenn  haeJ?enndom  1320 

^  of)re  Goddess  alle, 
Swa  summ  )?e  lamb  flef>  oJ?re  shep, 

3  folljhef)})  aj3  hiss  moderr. 

pe  Judewisshe  foUkess  hoc 

Hemm  sejjde,  })att  hemm  birrde  1325 

Twa  bukkess  samenn  to  )?e  preost 

Att  kirrkedure  brinngenn; 


^  tejj  J?a  didenn  blijjelij, 

Swa  summ.Jje  boc  hemm  tahhte, 
^  brohhtenn  twejjenn  bukkess  )>3er 

Drihhtin  J^aerwi}?]?  to  lakenn. 
^  att  te  kirrkedure  toe 

pe  preost  ta  twejjenn  bukkess, 
•]  o  J?att  an  he  le^de  Jjaer 

All  }?e^re  sake  ^  sinne, 
^  l§t  itt  eomenn  for}?wiJ?}?  all 
*  Ut  inntill  wilde  wesste ; 
J  toe  ^  snajj  Jjatt  oJ>err  buec 

Drihhtin  f>aerwij?j>  to  lakenn. 
All  J>iss  wass  don  forr  heore  ned,  i 

;)  ec  forr  ure  nede; 
Forr  hemm  itt  hallp  biforenn  Godd 

To  clennsenn  hemm  off  sinne, 
^  all  swa  majj  itt  hellpenn  )>e, 

Jiff  }?att  tu  willt  [itt]  foU^henn .  n 

Jiff  Jjatt  tu  willt  full  innwarrdlij 

WiJ?})  fulle  trowwjje  lefenn 
All  fjatt  tatt  wass  bitacnedd  taer, 

To  lefenn  j  to  trowwenn, 
pa  majj  f)att  trowwjje  firrj^renn  J>e  ^ 

To  winnenn  Godess  are. 
pa  twejjenn  bukkess  tacnenn  uss 

An  Godd  off  twinne  kinde, 
patt  iss  Jje  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist, 

patt  iss  off  twinne  kinde. 

♦  Col.  37. 


Forr  Jesu  Crist  iss  ful  iwiss 

SoJ>  Godd  i  Goddcunndnesse, 
J  he  iss  ec  to  fulle  soJ> 

So)>  mann  i  mennisscnesse ; 
Forr  Crist  iss  baj>e  Godd  ^  mann,  1360 

An  had  off  twinne  kinde, 
•3  tiss  binjj  trowwenn  iwhillc  mann 

patt  jeome}jJ>  Godess  are. 
An  bucc  rann  }?aer  awejj  all  cwicc 

WiJ>J>  all  J>e  follkess  sinne,  1365 

3  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse  wass 

All  cwicc  ^  all  unnpinedd, 
p3er  Crist  wass  uppo  rodetreo 

Najjledd  forr  ure  nede. 
^  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse  cwicc  1370 

:)  all  wi})}?utenn  pine 
Barr  ure  sinness  f)a&r  awejj, 

paer  Cristess  mennisscnesse 
Drannc  daef)ess  drinnch  o  rodetreo 

Forr  ure  wojhe  dedess.  1375 

;j  all  swa  summ  jjatt  ojjerr  bucc 

Toe  }j3er  wij?)?  d3e)?ess  pine. 
To  wurrjjenn  }jaer  Drihhtin  to  lac 

Forr  all  }je  follkess  sinne, 
All  swa  toe  Cristess  mennisscle^jc  1380 

Wijjj?  dae)?ess  pine  o  rode, 
Porr  jjatt  he  wollde  wurrjjenn  )?aer 

Offredd  Drihhtin  to  lake, 
Porr  uss  to  clennsenn  Jjurrh  hiss  daej? 

Off  sinness  unnclaennesse .  13^5 



-^  all  swa  summ  J^att  cwike  bucc 

Comm  inntill  wUde  wesste, 
All  swa  comm  Cristess  Goddcunndle^c 

All  cwicc  upp  inntill  heoflFne, 
patt  wass  biforenn  Cristess  dae}> 

Swa  summ  itt  wesste  waere, 
Forrj?!  fatt  baj)e  enngless  ^  menn 

Itt  hafFdenn  aer  forrworrpenn . 
Forr  enngless  hafFdenn  heoffness  aerd 

Forrlorenn  all  wif>f>  rihhte; 
Forr  f>att  tejj  wolldenn  effnenn  henmi 

gaen  Godd  Jjurrh  modijnesse; 
Forr  whatt  te^  fellenn  sone  dun 

Oflf  heoffne  unntill  helle 
Till  eche  wa,  forrf>i  })att  te^ 

Forrwurrpenn  eche  blisse. 
^  alle  f>a  f>att  fellenn  swa 

pejj  sinndenn  laf>e  deofless, 
-\  stanndenn  inn  J^urrh  hete  ^  ni]? 

To  scrennkenn  menness  sawless. 
Ace  ]?u  mihht  werenn  ]?e  fra  Jjejgm 

purrh  rihhte  laefe  o  Criste, 
^  ]5urrh  Jjatt  weorrc  f>att  taer  tolij) 

Wif)f>  Jesu  Cristess  hellpe. 
^  ure  twejjenn  forrme  menn, 

patt  Drihhtin  shop  off  eorf>e, 
Forriurenn  ec  forr  heore  gillt 

Wi]5f>  rihht  dom  heoffness  blisse, 

*  Col.  38. 


purrh  J>att  tej;^  forr  J>e  deofless  raj> 

Drihhtiness  raj>  forrwurrpenn ;  141 5 

^  all  forr})i  wass  heoffness  aerd 

Swa  summ  itt  wesste  waere, 
Forrjji  fatt  baf>e  enngless  ^  menn 

Itt  haflfdenn  aer  forrworrpenn . 
^  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse  comm  1420 

Cwicc  inntiU  heoffness  wesste 
Wif)j3  ure  sinne,  i  f>att  tatt  Crist 

Toe  daej>  forr  ure  sinne, 
All  all  swa  summ  J^att  bucc  attrann 

Ut  inntill  wilde  wesste  1425 

All  cwicc,  ^  barr  awejj  wif>))  himm 

pe  follkess  sake  ^  sinne. 
3  jiff  J)att  iss  Jjatt  tu  willt  nu 

Wijjjj  fuUe  trowwjje  lefenn, 
patt  Crist  iss  baf>e  Godd  ^  mann,  1430 

An  had  off  twinne  kinde; 
-^  jiff  f>att  iss  f>att  tu  willt  nu 

Wif>]5  fulle  trowwjje  lefenn, 
patt  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse  wass 

All  cwicc  ^  all  unnpinedd,  1435 

paer  Crist  wass  daed  o  rodetreo 

Forr  all  mannkinne  nede; 
3  jiff  f>att  iss  ]5att  tu  willt  nu 

Wif>f>  fulle  trowwjje  lefenn, 
patt  Crist,  taer  he  wass  o  J^e  treo  1440 

Najjledd  forr  ure  nede, 

•  Col.  39. 


Drah  harrd  ^  hefij  pine  inoh 

purrh  fife  grimme  wundess, 
pa  mihht  tu  lakenn  ]>in  Drihhtin 

Gastlike  i  soj^fasst  laefe,  1445 

Wij?)?  all  f>att  te  to  trowwenn  wass 

purrh  ]?a  twa  bukkess  tacnedd. 
^  jiflf  f>u  cwemesst  tin  Drihhtin 

Bi  dajjess,  ^  bi  nihhtess, 
Wi)?)?  fassting,  ^  wijjj)  bedesang,  1450 

Wi)?)?  cnelinng,  ^  wi)?J)  wecche, 
pa  lakesst  tu  wif>)?  recless  swa 

pin  Godd  i  ]?ine  f>aewess, 
Swa  Jjatt  itt  majj  wel  hellpenn  )?e 

To  winnenn  Godess  are.  1455 

Forr  all  all  swa  summ  recless  smec 

Iss  swet  biforenn  manne, 
All  all  se  iss  swet  biforenn  Godd 

pe  gode  manness  bene. 
J  jifF  f>in  herrte  iss  arefull,  14^ 

•j  milde,  ^  sofFte,  ^  nesshe, 
Swa  ]?att  tu  mihht  wel  arenn  himm 

patt  iss  gaen  f>e  forrgilltedd, 
J  all  forrjifenn  himm  full  neh 

pe  rihhte  domess  wraeche,  ^4^5 

Aj2  whannse  )?u  forrjifesst  tuss 

pin  wra]?)?e  ^  ec  ]?in  wraeche, 
A55  f>anne  lakesst  tu  Jjin  Godd 

Gastlike  i  )?ine  Jjaewess, 
Wi]5f>  laf  )?att  iss  wi)?J)  elesaew  '^'^ 

All  smeredd  wel  ;j  nesshedd. 



pe  rihhte  dom  iss  starrc  ^  harrd 

^  all  jje  rihhte  wraeche, 
Swa  summ  itt  waere  scorrcnedd  laf 

patt  iss  wi)?f>utenn  cnimmess.  1475 

J  are  ^  millce  ^  mildherrtlejjc 

^  rihht  fori^ifenesse, 
patt  iss  ]7att  laf  ]?att  smeredd  iss 

Wi)?}>  elesaew  ^  nesshedd . 
J  jifF  ]?att  tu  willt  makenn  laf,  1480 

pu  f>resshesst  tine  shaefess, 
^  sif>]?enn  winndwesst  tu  ]?in  corn, 

3  fra  jje  chaff  itt  shaedesst, 
^  gaddresst  swa  Jje  clene  corn 

All  fra  jje  chaff  togeddre,  1485 

^  grindesst  itt,  ^  cnedesst  itt, 

■]  harrdnesst  itt  wij^  haete ; 
•j  tanne  mahht  tu  ))in  Drihhtin 

Lakenn  ]?3erwi})}>  tocweme, 
Jiff  f>att  tu  ledesst  halij  lif  1490 

I  jjohht,  i  word,  i  dede. 
;)  tu  mihht  ec  gastlike  laf 

Onn  o)?err  wise  jarrkenn, 
;)  lakenn  f>in  Drihhtin  ))aerwi}>}> 

Well  swi)?e  wel  tocweme.  1495 

Jiff  f>att  iss  ]5att  tu  J^urrh  )?in  spell 

Till  rihhte  laefe  turrnesst 
patt  jflocc  f>att  wass  toskejjredd  aer 
*  purrh  fele  kinne  dwilde, 

*  Col.  40. 

I.  H 


pa  )?resshesst  tu  J>m  com  wij)}>  flejjl, 

I  jjatt  tatt  tu  Jjejjm  shaewesst, 
Hu  sinnfull  lif  )>ejj  leddeim  aer, 

;j  hu  f>ejx  cwemmdenn  deofell, 
;j  hu  f>ejj  haflFdenn  addledd  wel 

To  drejhenn  eche  pme, 
3  hu  J^egjm  haffde  Drihhtin  all 

Forr  heore  woh  forrworrpenn ; 
Wif>j3  swillc  f>u  fresshesst  wel  Jjc  folic, 

^ifif  ]?att  tu  ]7uss  hemm  tselesst ; 
Forr  jiflF  fu  shaewesst  me  min  woh 

^  taelesst  mine  weorrkess, 
^  seggesst  swillc  ^  swillc  wass  f>u, 

pu  f>resshesst  me  wiJ)J>  wordess. 
•j  jiff  f>u  shaewesst  hemm  oflf  Godd 

•j  off  hiss  aeddmodnesse, 
Hu  wel  he  takef)f>  ajj  wi}>}>  J>a 

patt  sekenn  Godess  are, 
3  jiff  f>u  shaewesst  hemm  whatt  laen 

Iss  jarrkedd  hemm  inn  heoffne, 
giff  f>att  tejj  takenn  Crisstenndom 

^  Cristess  lajhess  haldenn, 
J  spedesst  wif>))  f>in  spell  swa  wel 

patt  tej5  itt  unnderrfanngenn, 
•j  turrnenn  till  f>e  Crisstenndom 

^  till  f>e  rihhte  laefe, 
^  shsedenn  fra  )?att  haej^enn  folic 

patt  Godd  iss  all  unncweme, 
Forr  )?att  itt  iss  J^att  illke  chaff 

patt  helle  fir  shall  baernenn, 


pa  winndwesst  tu  J>in  Jjrosshenn  com,  1530 

3  fra  Jje  chaflf  it  shaedesst, 
^  gaddresst  swa  f>e  dene  com 

All  fra  J>e  chaff  togeddre . 
Forr  Jnirrh  J>att  tatt  tu  laeresst  hemm 

To  ben  sammtale  ^  sahhte  1535 

To  Jjeowwtenn  an  Allmahhtij  Godd 

WiJ}f>  anfald  rihhte  Isefe, 
^  ajx  to  ben  ummbenn  J)att  an 

To  winnenn  eche  blisse, 
purrh  J)att  tu  aammnesst  hemm  i  Godd,        1540 

pu  gaddresst  com  togeddre. 
Annd  Jjurrh  Jjatt  tu  primmsejjnesst  hemm, 

;)  spellesst  hemm,  ^  laeresst 
All  to  forrwerrpenn  modijlejjc, 
-.    ^  harrd  '\  grammcunnd  herrte,  1545 

^  ajx  to  foUjhenn  so}>  meoclejjc 

Wi})f>  luffsumm  aeddmodnesse, 
paer  Jjurrh  f>u  brekesst  wel  J^in  com, 

^  grindesst  itt  ^  nesshesst. 
;)  f>urrh  jjatt  tatt  tu  fuUhtnesst  hemm  1550 

^  unnderr  waterr  dippesst, 
pu  sammnesst  all  f>in  mele  inn  an 

•j  cnedesst  itt  togeddre, 
Swa  f>att  te^^j  shulenn  alle  ben 

An  bodij  -3.  an  sawle.  1555 

"3  Jesu  Crist  himm  sellf  shall  ben 

Uppo  jjatt  bodij  haefedd, 

*  Col.  41. 
H  2 


To  fedenn  ^  to  fosstrenn  hemm^ 

To  steoreim  3  to  berrjhenn. 
3  )?mTh  )?att  tatt  tu  laeresst  hemm 

To  f>olenn  illc  unnsell)>e 
Wi)?)>  innwarrd  heorrte  3  so]>fasst  Jnld, 

All  forr  jje  lufe  off  Criste, 
All  forr  J^att  lufe  J^att  iss  hat 

I  Cristess  fjeowwess  heorrte, 
paer  Jjurrh  Jju  bakesst  Godess  laf 

^  harrdnesst  itt  })urrh  haete, 
purrh  f>att  tu  harrdnesst  hemm  wi}>}>  spell 

To  f>olenn  illc  unnseolljje 
Wif>))  sojjfasst  f>ild,  all  forr  J>att  fir 

patt  sojjfasst  lufe  folljheJ>}>. 
Forr  sofjfasst  lufe  bserne]5}>  ajj, 

Loo  jiff  )?t3  mihht  ohht  findenn, 
J  whsers  itt  iss  itt  harrdnef>}>  all 

pe  gode  mamiess  heorrte, 
To  Jjolenn  wi)?]?  fuUfremedd  J>ild 

All  )?att  tatt  iss  unnselljje. 
•j  sone  summ  f>in  laf  bej?  wel 

All  grejjj^edd  tuss  3  jarrkedd, 
pa  mahht  tu  lakenn  Godd  wij>)>  all 

Gastlike  wel  tocweme. 
Forr  Drihhtin  take)?f>  seddmodlij 

Wi}))>  )?a  Jjatt  till  himm  turmenn, 
3  jiff  J)u  ledesst  clene  lif 

Onn  alle  kinne  wise, 
pa  lakesst  tu  J>in  Drihhtin  swa 

Gastlike  i  J>ine  Jjaewess, 


Wi})f>  }>errflinng  braed  swa  J>att  tu  mihht 

Drihhtiness  are  winnenn. 
Forr  ]5errflinng  brsed  iss  dene  brad,.  1590 

Forr  fatt  itt  iss  unnberrmedd, 
-^  itt  bitacne]?)?  dene  lif, 

-^  alle  dene  f>aewess, 
^  clene  }>ohht,  "^  dene  word, 

-^  alle  dene  dedess.  1595 

J  jiff  f>in  heorrte  iss  harrd  ^  starrc, 

•^  stedefasst  o  Criste, 
To  Jx)lenn  forr  jje  lufe  off  himm 

All  f>att  tatt  iss  to  drejhenn^ 
pa  lakesst  tu  ]?in  Drihhtin  swa  1600 

Gastlike  i  J>ine  J^aewess, 
Wi}>J)  fasst  ^  findij  laf  ^  hand 

Wi)>})innenn  ^  wif>)?utenn, 
Swa  Jjatt  itt  ma^^j  wel  hellpenn  }>e 

To  winnenn  Godess  are .  1605 

•]  jiff  f>u  mihht  forrwerrpenn  her 

pi  faderr,  ^  ti  moderr, 
;)  wif,  ^  child,  j  hus,  ^  ham, 

■;)  freond,  ^  land,  ^  ahhte, 
:)  all  forrwerrpenn  her  ]?werrt  St  1610 

Bitwenenn  menn  to  biggenn, 
J  ledenn  harrd  ^  halij  lif 

All  ane  i  wilde  wesste, 
;j  pinenn  ]?aer  ]?i  bodij  a 

WiJ?f)  chele  -^  f>risst  j  hunngerr,  161 5 

Wijjf)  fasstinng,  ■]  wif>]?  swinnc  j  swat, 

Wif)f>  bedess,  ;j  wi)?]?  wecchess. 


pa  mihht  tu  lakenn  swa  ]?in  Godd 

*  Gastlike  i  })me  Jjaewess 

Wi})}>  lac,  }>att  all  J^werrt  ut  beoJ>  brennd      i6 

Drihhtin  to  16fe  j  wurrjje, 
Swa  Jjatt  itt  beoj?  f>e  rihht  inoh 

To  winnenn  Godess  are. 
Forr  f>u  ne  mihht  nohht  ledenn  her 

Na  bettre  lif  onn  eorJ>e,  i6 

pann  iss  f>att  tu  J>weorrt  fit  forrse, 

J  all  Jjwerrt  fit  forrwerrpe 
All  weorelldlike  lif  j  lusst, 

^  fle  fra  menn  till  wesste, 
1  tser  wijjjj  hand  3  haHs  lif  16. 

Beo  jeormfull  Crist  to  cwemenn. 
Forr  swillc  lif  iss  all  }>werrt  St  daed 

Fra  weorelldshipess  lusstess, 
;)  itt  iss  turrnedd  all  J^urrh  fir 

Off  sojjfasst  lufe  o  Criste  163: 

Till  dusst,  forrjji  Jjatt  swillke  menn 

So]?fasst  meocnesse  folljhenn. 
-^  ajj  wass  sallt  wi)?}>  iwhillc  lac, 

Forr  f>att  itt  shollde  tacnenn, 
patt  all  ]?att  tu  willt  offrenn  Godd,  1^40 

giff  f>att  itt  shall  himm  cwemenn, 
All  birrj)  itt  offredd  ben  wi)?}>  skill, 

3  all  wif))?  luffsumm  heorrte, 
Swa  )?att  itt  be  clennlike  don, 

Off  rihhtbijetenn  ahhte,  ^^^ 

»  Col.  42. 

HOMILIES.  5  5 

Swa  J>att  te  Lafexrd  Jesu  Crist 

SwStlike  itt  unnderrfannge . 
piss  wass  bitacnedd  }>urrh  )>e  sallt 

patt  ure  mete  swete)?, 
Jiff  f>att  iss  Jjatt  mann  wile  itt  don  1650 

Wi)?)>  witt  -^  skill  )?serinne. 
Forr  witt  j  skill  iss  wel  inoh 

purrh  salltess  smacc  bitacnedd, 
^  tatt  foiTf>i  Jjatt  witt  ;)  skill 

Iss  god  inn  alle  ]?inge,  1655 

All  swa  summ  sallt  iss  swij^e  god 

paer  })3er  itt  tobilimmpe]?)?  ; 
^  all  forrJ>i  wass  aefre  sallt 

Wif>f)  alle  lakess  offredd, 
ForrJ>i  })att  nohht  ne  majj  ben  don  1660 

Allmahhtij  Godd  tocweme, 
But  iff  itt  be  wi)?)?  witt  ^  skill 

J  luffsummlike  forJ?edd. 
All  Jjuss  J>u  mahht  nu  lakenn  Godd 

Gastlike  i  J^ine  ]?aewess,  1665 

Wif>f)  all  }?att  lac  }?att  offredd  wass 

Biforenn  Cristess  come. 

Ice  sejjde  juw  nu  littlser  her 

Biforenn  o  J^iss  lare 
Summ  del  off-J^att  an  wajherifft  1670 

Was  spredd  fra  wah  to  wajhe, 
Biforenn  an  allterr  f>att  wass 

Innresst  i  J^ejj^re  minnstre, 



Amang  J^e  Judewisshe  folic, 

Biforenn  Cristess  come; 
^  ec  ice  sejjde  Jjatt  itt  wass 

paer  henngedd  i  J)att  htme, 
Forr  )?att  itt  hidenn  shollde  }>»! 

All  fatt  taer  wass  wif>})innenn 
Fra  laeredd  ^  fra  laewedd  folic, 

Annd  all  fra  f>ejxre  sihhj>e, 
Wi]5f>utenn  f>att  te  bisscopp  sellf, 

Wi]5f>  blod  ^  ec  wi)?)?  recless, 
paer  shollde  Jjeowwtenn  o  }>e  jer 

Ann  si)?e  j  all  himm  ^ne; 
^  ec  I  sejjde  littlaer  her 

Biforenn  o  })iss  lare, 
patt  bi  J>att  allterr  stodenn  a 

patt  follkess  halijdomess, 
patt  wserenn  inn  an  arrke  jjaer 

Wei  -j  wiirrf>like  jemedd ; 
J  tatt  taer  wass  an  oferrwerrc 

Oferr  f>att  arrke  timmbredd; 
J  tatt  tej5  ec  abufenn  f>att 

Hemm  haffdenn  liccness  metedd 
Off  Cherubyn  j  Seraphyn, 

Off  twejjenn  ennglej^eode ; 
•j  tatt  te  bisscopp  o  Jje  jer 

Ann  si}?e  j  all  himm  ane 
Comm  J?iderr  inn  to  Jjeowwtenn  Godd, 

Wij?)?  blod  3  ec  wif>}>  recless; 


•  Col.  43. 


J  tatt  he  brennde  reccless  Jjser 

Swa  mikell  att  tatt  allterr, 
patt  all  he  wass  hidd  wiJ)J)  J>e  smec, 

Forr  mikell  J?ing  to  tacnenn;  1705 

3  tatt  he  warrp  sij)]5enn  f)e  blod 

Wif>]5  strenncless  o  J>att  allterr, 
;)  o  }>att  bord,  7  siJ)J)enn  Jwer 

Wif>J>utenn  i  ]>e  minnstre; 
;j  tatt  he  comm  himm  siJ>J)enn  fit  17 10 

-^  wessh  himm  hise  cla)?ess ; 
;)  tatt  he  wass  unnclene  f)ohh 

patt  dajj  anan  till  efenn; 
All  f)is§  ice  sejjde  juw  littlaer 

Her  uferr  mar  a  litell;  17 15 

;)  tiss  me  birrj)  nu  shaewenn  juw 

Whatt  itt  juw  majj  bitacnenn, 
;)  whaerwi}?]?  itt  ma^j  fesstnenn  juw 

Inn  jure  rihhte  Isefe. 

All  Jjatt  tatt  wass  bitacnedd  tser  1720 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
All  wass  itt  filledd  iwhillc  del 

purrh  Crist  i  Cristess  time . 
3  jure  preost  itt  awwne]?}?  all, 

Ajj  whanne  he  singef)}?  messe  1725 

paer,  ]?aer  he  Cristess  flaesh  j  blod 

Hanndle]?f),  hall jhe}?J?,  ^  offref)}? . 
pe  Laferrd  Crist  himm  sellf  wass  uss 

purrh  f>att  bisscopp  bitacnedd. 


Forr  Crist  iss  bisscopp  god  J>werrt  fit  173° 

To  berrjhenn  hise  leode, 
^  hise  clajjess  J>att  he  wessh 

Tacnedenn  Cristess  J>eowwess, 
patt  Crist  himm  sellf  her  wasshej>}>  a;^;^, 

Forr  he  forrjifeJ>)?  siimess .  ^735 

*  J  tatt  bisscopess  reclefatt 

Wass  an  full  openn  takenn 
Off  Cristess  bodij,  }>att  wass  full 

Off  Goddcunndnessess  mahhtess, 
Rihht  all  swa  summ  itt  waere  full  ^74° 

All  off  glowennde  gledess, 
To  baernenn  all  J)att  ifell  iss 

Awejj  inn  hise  )?eowwess . 
patt  recless  J^att  te  bisscopp  f>3er 

Biforenn  allterr  brennde,  i745 

patt  recless  J^aer  to  fulle  so}> 

Wass  brennd,  forr  to  bitacnenn 
pa  bedess,  Jjatt  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Forr  hise  ]?eowwess  biddej>}> 
Upponn  hiss  faderr  heofennking,  i75° 

patt  he  f>ejjm  jife  blisse. 
3  tatt  tser  comm  swa  mikell  smec 

Ut  off  f>att  brennde  recless, 
patt  all  f>e  bisscopp  wass  f>aer  hidd 

^  lokenn  f>aer  wi})J?innenn,  i755 

patt  miccle  smec  tacnede  J^ej^jm, 

J  uss,  ^  alle  )?eode, 

»  Col.  44. 


patt  Cristess  halljhe  bede  majj 

Towarrd  hiss  faderr  for)>emi 
Unnsejjenndlike  mare  inoh  ,  1760 

pann  ani^  wihht  ma^^  ]7ennkenn. 
Ne  forrfenn  Godess  enngle|)eod 

Ne  majj  nohht  unnderrstanndenn 
Hu  mikell  Cristess  bede  majj 

Towarrd  hiss  faderr  spedenn,  1765 

patt  he  forrjife  Cristess  hird 

All  J?ejjre  sake  ^  sinne, 
;)  hellpe  J^ejjm  J^urrh  hiss  godle^^jc 

To  winnenn  eche  blisse. 
patt  blod  tatt  Jjurrh  f>e  bisscopp  wass  1770 

paer  o  jja  }>ingess  strennkedd, 
patt  blod  tacnede  Cristess  blod 

patt  jotenn  wass  o  rode . 
patt  oferrwerrc  f>att  timmbredd  wass 

Abufenn  Godess  arrke,  1775 

patt  oferrwerrc  tacnede  wel 

pe  Faderr  upp  off  heffne, 
Forr  Jjatt  te  Faderr  eche  Godd 

Iss  oferr  crisstnedd  lede, 
To  frofrenn  ^  to  beldenn  itt,  1780 

To  laerenn  ^  to  gaetenn; 
;)  crisstnedd  ]?ed  iss  i  ]?iss  lif 

Unnderr  J?e  Faderr  are, 
J  itt  iss  Godess  arrke,  "3  iss 

All  full  off  halijdomess,  1785 

All  full  off  gode  3  clene  menn 

patt  sinndenn  Godd  full  cweme. 


patt  allterr  f>att  tatt  errfeblod 

Wass  ejjwhaer  strennkedd  onne, 
patt  allterr,  wiss  to  fulle  so}>, 

Tacnede  Godess  enngless, 
Forr  Godess  enngless  berenn  ajj; 

Upp  till  ]5e  Faderr  sihhf>e 
patt  lac  f>att  ure  preostess  her       i 

Halljhenn  o  Godess  allterr, 
3  forrf>i  J>att  tejj  sinndenn  2. 

WiJ?))  preostess     .... 

t i  f>att  time 

WiJ)J)  hire  mejhe  Elysabaef>, 

Swa  summ  f>e  Goddspell  kif>e})J?; 
Forr  Jjatt  jho  wollde  abidenn  f>aer 

Elysabaef>ess  time 
Off  hire  child  tatt  jho  wass  wij)]?, 

patt  jho  itt  shoUde  childenn. 
^  affterr  J?att  itt  borenn  wass 

J  cumenn  her  to  manne, 
paerafFter  for  J^e  laflfdij  ham 

Till  Nazaraefjess  chesstre, 
•]  jede  ]?3er  wi)?)?  hire  child 

All  all  se  fele  mone]?, 
Alls  iff  itt  waere  an  oj^err  child 

patt  waere  on  hire  streonedd . 

*  Coll.  45 — 52  wanting.  f  Col.  53. 


Her  endenn  j?uss  Goddspelless  twa 

-^  uss  birrj?  hemm  j?urrhsekenn, 
To  lokenn  whatt  tejj  laerenn  uss  1815 

OIF  ure  sawle  nede. 
Me  minej?}?  j?att  ice  sejjde  juw 

Nu  littlaer  o  )>iss  lare, 
patt  (jodess  enngell  Gabriael 

Wass  sennd  till  Zakarije,  1820 

To  ki)>enn  himm  )>att  he  Johan 

Bapptisste  shoUde  streonenn. 
^  ec  ice  sejjde  juw  )>att  he 

Wass  sennd  till  Sannte  Marje, 
To  ki)>enn  )>att  jho  shollde  ben  1825 

Oflf  Halis  Gast  wi)>}>  childe . 
Whaer  summ  we  findenn  o  j?e  boc 

Enngell  bi  name  nemmnedd, 
Wei  birrj?  uss  lokenn  j?aer  whatt  uss 

patt  name  majj  bitacnenn;  1830 

Forr  niss  himm  naefre  name  sett 

Butt  iff  itt  shule  tacnenn, 
Whatt  weorrc  himm  iss  f>urrh  Drihhtin  sett 

To  for)>enn  her  onn  eorf>e . 
Forr  Michaael  bitacnef>)>  uss,  1835 

Affterr  }?att  ice  majj  seggenn, 
Whillc  iss  wif>f>  Godd  all  efennlic 

Onn  alle  kinne  mahhte, 
Niss  nani  j?ing  f>att  mujhe  ben 

Wif>f)  Godd  off  efenn  mahhte;  1840 

patt  name  wass  himm  sett  f>urrh  Godd, 
Forr  l>att  he  shollde  fihhtenn 


Onn^aen  an  drake  3  cwellenn  himm 

pmrh  heofennlike  mahhte; 
^  tatt  wass  don  forr  ]>att  itt  uss 

Full  wel  bitacnenn  shoUde, 
patt  Godess  Sune  shollde  wel 

pe  deofell  oferrswifenn . 
Annd  Raphaael  bitacne)>J>  uss, 

Aflfterr  j?att  ice  majj^  seggenn, 
Drihhtiness  hall^he  laechedom 

^  sawless  ejhesallfe; 
patt  name  wass  himm  sett  J>urrh  Godd, 

Forr  J>att  he  wollde  himm  senndenn 
Wij?j?  heofennlike  laechedom 

To  laechenn  Tobess  ejhne. 
piss  Tobi  wass  an  halij^  mann 

Amang  Judisskenn  }?eode, 
^  he  wass  aeness  wurr)>enn  blind, 
*  Swa  summ  itt  Drihhtin  wollde . 
^  Drihhtin  sennde  Raphaael 

Hehenngell  dun  off  heoffne, 
Wi)>)>  heofennlike  laechedom 

To  jifenn  himm  hiss  sihhj>e; 
^  tatt  wass  don  forr  }?att  itt  uss 

Full  wel  bitacnenn  shollde, 
patt  Drihhtin  shollde  jifenn  uss 

God  sawless  ejhesihhjje, 
purrh  Crisstenndomess  laechecrafft, 

J  )>urrh  Jje  rihhte  laefe, 

*  Col.  54. 


^  )>urrh  j?att  werrc  j?att  taer  tolij?, 

•]  jjurrh  }>att  gode  wille . 
3  Gabriael  bitacnej?)>  uss 

Onn  Ennglissh  -  Godess  strenncj>e, 
;j  swa  wass  he  nemmnedd  j?urrh  Godd,         1875 

Forr  j?att  itt  tacnenn  shollde, 
patt  himm  wass  sett  j?urrh  Drihhtin  Godd 

To  kij?enn  3  to  shaewenn 
Till  Zacartje  Godess  preost, 

^  ec  till  Saiinte  Marje,  1880 

patt  Godess  Sune  Jesu  Crist, 

purrh  hiss  goddcunnde  strenncj?e, 
Uss  shollde  inn  ure  mennissclejjc 

pe  deofell  oferrswifenn  ;• 
piss  Goddspell  sejjj?  j?att  Gabriael  1885 

Comm  till  J>e  laflfdij  Marje, 
Affterr  j?att  tatt  Elysabae}> 

Wass  wurrj?enn  aer  wi)>f>  childe; 
^  ec  itt  telle)>f>  j?att  he  comm 

Rihht  i  J>e  sexte  mone)>)>,  1890 

patt  wass  i  Marrch,  ace  Marrch  wass  j?a 

Neh  all  gan  ut  till  ende ; 
Forr  )>att  wais  o  {je  fifte  dajj 

Att  twenntij  dajhess  ende 
Off  Marrch,  j?att  Sannte  Marje  warr}>  1895 

Off  Halis  Gast  wi}>}>  childe . 
J  i  j?att  illke  mone)>  eflft, 

^  tatt  daj5  i  j?e  mone}?)>, 
Wass  nre  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Sacclaes  o  rode  najjledd.  1900 


^  Marrchess  nahhtess  wannsenn  ajj, 

^  Marrchess  dajhess  waxenn ; 
;)  Crist  ras  upp  off  daej?ess  slap, 

Forr  dde]7ess  nahht  to  wannsenn, 
•]  forr  to  ^^ifenn  hise  freond 

So)>  sawless  lihht  3  leome, 
patt  leome -j?att  hemm  waxe)>)>  ajj^, 

giflf  Jjatt  tejj  rihht  itt  follj^enn . 
•]  Crist  wass  borenn  i  J>iss  lif 

Wijjjjinnenn  gojess  mone)>J>, 
Ace  all  )>att  mone)>}5  wass  )>att  dagj 

Full  neh  gan  3t  till  ende; 
*  Forr  fjatt  wass  o  Jje  fiflfte  daj^ 

Att  twenntij  da^^hess  ende 
Off  gol  -  Jjatt  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne ; 
J  o  f>att  dajj  biginne)>j?  uss 

pe  dajjess  lihht  to  waxenn, 
J  uss  comm  sof^fasst  lihht  fjurrh  Crist 

Swa  summ  je  littlaer  herrdenn . 

patt  Godess  enngell  Gabriael 
Comm  till  )>e  laflfdij  Marje, 

I  Jjatt  Galilewisshe  burrh 

patt  Nazarae)>  wass  nemmnedd, 

patt  wass  swa  don,  forr  )>att  itt  uss 
God  selljje  shollde  tacnenn; 

*  Col.  55. 


Forr  Nazarae]>es6  name  iss  uss 

Onn  Ennglissh  nemmnedd  blosstme. 
;j  tiss  bilammp  well  swij?e  wel 

Till  ure  laffdij  Marge;  1930 

Forr  J>aer,  Jjaer  jho  }?urrh  Dribhtin  warr)> 

Off  Halis  Gast  wi}>j?  chUde, 
paer  toe  jbo  blosstme  off  Godess  Gast 

Lmi  all  unwemmedd  wambe; 
-^  taer,  )>aer  ure  Laferrd  Crist  1935 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 
paer  brohhte  jho  j?att  wasstme  forj? 

Off  all  unnwemmedd  wambe, 
patt  wasstme  }5att  iss  lifess  braed 

Onn  eor)>e  ^  ec  onn  heoffne.  1940 

J  juw  birr)>  witenn  )>att  jho  wass 

Weddedd  }?urrh  Godess  wille 
Wij?)>  an  weppmann  off  hire  kinn, 

patt  Josaep  wass  jehatenn. 
Forr  Drihhtin  haffde  Jeanne  sett  .         1945 

Amang  Judisskenn  f>eode, 
patt  nan  ne  shollde  filedd  ben 

purrh  haejjenn  macchess  maene. 
Forr  all  folic  wass  haef>ene  f>a, 

^  all  itt  wass  unnclene,  1950 

Wijjjjutenn  )>att  Judisskenn  folic 

patt  ta  wass  Gode  cweme, 
purrh  l>att  tejj  Godess  lajheboc 

Wel  stodenn  inn  to  foUjhenn; 
"]  all  forrfji  forrbaed  hemm  Godd,  1955 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd, 

3L.  I.  I 


patt  nan  off  hemm  ne  shollde  ben 

We*ddedd  wij?}?  hae}>enn  macche, 
patt  nan  ne  shollde  filedd  ben 

Wifjjj  hae)>enndom  }>urrh  macche. 
^  tatt  wass  ned  tatt  jho  wass  )>a 

W\\>]>  Godess  lajhe  weddedd; 
Forr  jiff  mann  mihhte  wurr)>enn  warr 

patt  jho  wi)>)>  childe  waere, 
^r  )>ann  jho  waere  lajhelij^ 

Weddedd  wij?}?  anij  macche, 
gho  munnde  affterr  \>t  lajheboc 

To  dae}5e  ben  istanedd. 

pe  laffdij  wass  wurr)>enn  j?urrh  Godd 

Off  Halij  Gast  wi)?}>  childe; 
*  Ace  f>att  ne  wisste  nanij  mann, 

Ne  forrf>enn  hire  macche, 
Ne  jet  te  deofell  nisste  itt  nohht 

patt  jho  wass  swa  wijjj?  childe . 
3  nollde  nohht  AUmahhtij  Godd, 

purrh  whamm  jho  wass  wi)>)>  childe, 
patt  jho,  \>2XX  all  wass  gilltelaes, 

To  daejje  waere  stanedd . 
Forr  bettre  wollde  Drihhtin  Godd, 

patt  mannkinn  nohht  ne  wisste 
O  whillke  wise  Jesu  Crist 

To  manne  borenn  waere, 

*  Col.  56. 


patt  wollde  bettre  Drihhtin  Grodd, 

Swa  summ  so]>  boc  uss  ki]>e}7}>, 
pann  ]7att  te  laffdi^  waere  shennd  1985 

^  shamedd  her  o  life, 
Swa  summ  }>att  wimmann  birrde  ben 

patt  all  forrlejenn  waere; 
^  forrj?!  wass  jho  till  Josaep 

Wi)>)>  Godess  lajhe  weddedd,  1990 

patt  j^ho  ne  waere  shamedd  her, 

Ne  shennd  oflf  unnclaennesse . 
J  forrj?i  wennde  wel  }?e  folic, 

^  swa  wennde  J^e  deofell, 
patt  jho  waere  Josaepess  wif  1995 

;)  oflf  Josaep  wijjj?  childe ; 
^  swa  comm  gho  full  wel  awejj, 

purrh  j?att  tatt  jho  wass  weddedd, 
patt  2^ho  ne  shamedd  nass,  ne  shennd, 

Ne  forr  forrlejenn  haldenn.  2000 

^  jho  wass  weddedd  ec  forrJ>i, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  soJ>e, 
Forr  j?att  itt  shoUde  unnawwnedd  ben 

J  all  unncu]>  3  daeme 
pe  laj>e  gast,  swa  j?att  he  nohht  2005 

Ne  shollde  itt  unnderrstanndenn, 
patt  jho  j?a  shollde  ben  I>urrh  Godd 

Oflf  Halij  Gast  wil>}>  childe, 
J  tatt  j^ho  shollde  childenn  her 

Allmahhti;^  Godd  to  manne .  -010 

3  tatt  wass  mikell  god  tatt  itt 

Unnawwnedd  wass  ]>e  deofell; 

I  2 


Forr  jiff  j?e  deofell  waere  warr, 

patt  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse 
Himm  shollde  ra&fenn  all  hiss  mahht, 

;)  mannkinn  St  off  helle, 
Ne  muiinde  he  naefre  letenn  himm 

purrh  rodepine  cwellenn; 
J  tanne  waere  uss  gajhennlaes 

*A11  Jesu  Cristess  come, 
Jiff  j?att  he  naere  daed  forr  uss 

To  lesenn  uss  off  pine . 

^  ure  laffdij  weddedd  wass 

get  forr  an  o)>err  nede; 
gho  wass  weddedd  forr)>i  j?att  jho 

pa  shollde  ben  wijjj?  childe, 
pohh  Jjatt  itt  nohht  ne  shollde  ben 

O  faderr  hallfe  streonedd; 
J  giff  )>att  jho  )>a  baere  child 

J  weddedd  nohht  ne  waere, 
pa  mihhte  wimmann  berenn  child 

purrh  ful  forrle jermesse ; 
J  jiff  mann  wollde  taelenn  j?att, 

J  hutenn  hire  3  Jjutenn, 
gho  mihhte  modijlike  onnjaen 

Anndswerenn  )?uss  •]  seggenn; 
pe  laffdij  Marje  jho  barr  child 

Wi)>)>utenn  weddedd  macche, 

*  Col  57. 


Kutt  tu  willt  tielenn  me, 
rr)j  ec  hire  Ueknn. 
P«o-  .«,hfite  fho  full  modijlis 

Off  hire  sinne  jellpenn, 
-\  tatt  tatt  jho  forrhoredd  wass 

purrh  fill  forrlejermesse ; 
J^uss  mihhte  jho  bitellen  wel 

3  werenn  Jiurrh  jiatt  bisne, 
Jiff  }>alt  te  laffdij  bcere  child, 

]  weddedd  nohht  ne  wsere . 
^  jho  wass  ec^jiatt  witt  tu  wel, 

Forrf)i  wi{)|)  weppmann  weddedd, 
VVi])(j  an  Jiatt  wass  off  hire  kinn, 

]  all  off  hire  birde, 
Forr  (latC  te  Laferrd  Cristess  kinn 

Onn  eor]je-o  moderr  halife 
Bi  weppmann  shollde  reccnedd  ben 

Uppwarrd  ■]  dunnwarrd  bajie. 
Forr  i  fiatt  lime,  ]  i  J3att  land 

palt  Crist  was  borenn  inne, 
Ne  talde  jjejj  nohht  tejjre  kinn 

Uppwarrd  ne  dunnwarrd  nowwJieiT 
Bi  wimmcnn,  ace  }>e3J  taldenn  ajj 

Bi  weppmenn,  alls  itt  jede ; 
1  all  forrJ)i  wass  Cristess  kinn 

Uppwarrd  ^  dunnwarrd  ba})e 
Bi  josasp  reccnedd,  ^  nohht  bi 

pe  laffdij  Sannte  Marje. 
-\  full  wel  mihbte  Cristess  kinn 

Bi  Josaep  wurr^enn  reccnedd, 


Forr  bal?e  waerenn  oflf  an  kinn, 

Josaep  ^  Sannte  Marje, 
^  forrj?i  mihhte  Cristess  kinn 

Bi  Josaep  wel  ben  reccnedd, 
Forr  Crist  wass  off  Josaepess  kinn 

O  Sannte  Marjess  hallfe. 
J  ure  laffdij  weddedd  wass 

get  all  forr  o}5err  nede; 
Forr  jho  wass  wi)?]?  an  halij  mann 

Weddedd,  forr  )>att  he  shollde 
*  Wel  gaetenn  hire  ^  hire  child, 

-^  fosstenn  hemm  ^  fedenn, 
-^  ledenn  hemm  fra  land  to  land, 

giff  j?att  tejj  flittenn  sholldenn. 
Forr  swillke  nede  wass  Josaep 

Weddedd  wi)>)>  Sannte  Marje. 
Ace  jho  wass  aefre  majjdennmann 

Fra  were  )?werrt  ut  clene, 
Biforr  }?att  jho  wij?]?  childe  wass, 

•]  whil  jho  wass  wij?}?  childe, 
;)  affterr  )>att  he  borenn  wass, 

;j  aefre  a  butenn  ende; 
"^  whase  nile  trowwenn  )>iss 

He  sla)>  hiss  ajhenn  sawle. 
Annd  tohh  swa  Jjehh  mann  wennde  inoh, 

patt  time  }?aer  i  lande, 
patt  jho  waere  Josaepess  wif, 

■]  off  Josaep  wifjj?  childe; 

*  Col.  58. 


;i  ec  j)e  deofell  wennde  swa, 
j  forrj?i  durrste  he  sij?J>enn 
Don  hise  J>eowwess  t^kenn  Crist, 

"1  na^lenn  himm  o  rode.  2100 

pe^2  wenndenn  j?att  jho  waere  wif, 

Ace  jho  wass  majjdenn  clene, 
]|  jho  wass,  alls  ice  habbe  sejjd, 
Off  Halij  Cast  wi}?}>  childe  ;• 

patt  gode  mann  j?att  weddedd  wass  2105 

Wi}>J>  ure  laffdij  Marje 
Bi  name  nenunnedd  wass  Josaep, 

Forr  j?att  itt  shoUde  tacnenn, 
patt  hiss  godnesse  shollde  ben 

purrh  Jjatt  full  mikell  ekedd,  21 10 

patt  himm  wass  jifenn  forr  to  ben 

Wif)}?  Sannte  Marje  inn  huse . 
For  all  allswa  summ  ifell  mann 

Off  ifell  take}3}>  bisne, 
All  all  swa  take)?}?  halij  mann  21 15 

Off  halijnesse  bisne . 
;j  witt  tu  }?att  hiss  halijdom 

Wass  godedd  himm  -^  ekedd, 
purrh  }?att  he  dajjwhammlike  sahh 
*pe  laffdij  Sannte  Marje,  2120 

patt  all  wass  full  off  halijdom 

Inn  heofennlike  mahhtess . 

*  Col.  59. 


-]  l^urrh  hiss  name  wass  himm  ]>iss 

Full  opennlij  bitacnedd; 
Forr  Josaep  tacne]>)>  uss  ]>att  )>ing  ai 

patt  godedd  iss  3  ekedd. 
^  ure  deore  laffdij  wass 

pmrh  Drihhtin  nemmnedd  ^lai^e, 
Forr  ]>att  tatt  name  shoUde  wel 

Bitacnenn  hire  seolI]}e;  21; 

Forr  hire  name  tacne]>]>  ass 

Saesteorme  onn  Ennglissh  spaeche, 
J  2^0  beoJ>  aefre,  3  wass,  "]  iss 

Saesteorme  inn  hali^  bisne ; 
Forr  all  swa  summ  )>e  steoressmann  211 

Ajj  loke)>Jj  till  an  steorme, 
patt  stannt  ajj  still  upp  o  J>e  lifft 

-]  swi]>e  brihhte  shineJ>J>, 
Forr  )>att  he  wile  follj^henn  ajj 

patt  illke  steormess  lade,  ^H^ 

Swa  j?att  he  mujhe  lendenn  rihht 

To  lande  wi}?}?  hiss  wille, 
All  swa  birrj?  all  Crisstene  folic 

Till  Sannte  Marje  lokenn, 
patt  stannt  vA\i\>  hire  sune  i  stall 

paer  hejhesst  iss  inn  heoffne . 
"^  iwhillc  an  Crisstene  mann, 

patt  jeomef))?  alFterr  blisse, 
BiiT}>  stanndenn  inn  affterr  hiss  mihht 

To  foUjhenn  hire  bisne, 
Swa  )>att  he  mujhe  lendenn  rihht 

Aflfterr  hiss  ajhenn  wille 



Upp  inntill  heofennrichess  aerd, 

To  brukenn  eche  blisse. 
3  hire  name  nemmnedd  iss  2155 

Laffdi^  onn  Ennglissh  spaeche, 
;]  tatt  bilimmpe)>)>  swi}5e  wel 

Till  hire  miccle  seoll)>e, 
Fori  jho  iss  allre  shaiFte  cwen 

3  laiFdij  full  off  mahhte .  2160 

patt  Godess  eimgell  Gabriael 

Coram  inntill  Sannte  Marje, 
patt  do)>  uss  tunnderrstanndenn  wel' 

patt  nass  jho  nohht  taer  ute 
I  skemmtinng  ^  inn  idellejjc,  2165 

Inn  aegaede  ^  i  lejjkess, 
Swa  summ  )>att  la)>e  majjdenn  iss 

patt  sekef))?  unnclaennesse . 
;j  Jjurrh  }?att  tatt  jho  drefedd  wass 

^  radd  oflf  Godess  enngell,  2170 

Forr)>i  }?att  he  wass  cumenn  inn 

Inn  aness  weress  hewe, 
purrh  J?att  wass  sene  witerrlij 
*  patt  jho  wass  wiss  wi)?)?  alle 
Shammfasst,  ^  daffte,  ;j  sedefuU,  2175 

^  )>weiTt  fit  wel  bifundenn . 
gho  cneow  himm  wel,  forr  he  wass  aer 

Wel  wunedd  ofFte  ^  lome 

*  Col.  60. 


To  cumenn  dun  wi}>J>  Godess  word 

To  gladenn  hire  -^  frofrenn; 
■]  tohh  ^ho  wass,  forr  )>att  he  comm 

Inn  aness  weress  hewe, 
Forrshamedd,  ^  forrdredd  off  himm, 

Forr  jho  wass  halig  ma^^denn. 
Forr  son  se  majjdenn  wurrj>ejjj>  bald, 

gho  wuiT)?e)>}>  sone  unn)>aewedd, 
Forr  kaggerrlejjc  shall  don  )>att  jho 

Shall  dafFtelejjc  forrwerrpenn . 
Full  wel  birrj>  ure  ma^jdenn  ben 

Forrshamedd,  ^iflf  mann  brinngej> 
Biforenn  hire  unnf^aewfull  word 

^  waelinng  word  )>urrh  scaldess, 
giflf  ure  laffdij  Marge  wass 

Forrshamedd  ^  forrdrefedd, 
paer  enngell  comm  wij?)>  gretinng  word 

Till  hire  o  Godess  hallfe . 
;]  forr  )>att  jho  ne  wass  naefraer 

Wijjf)  swillc  gretinnge  frofredd, 
gho  toe  wislij  to  frajjnenn  himm 

Whatt  itt  bitacnenn  mihhte. 
3  forrJ?i  )>att  he  sahh  )>att  jho 

Wass  drefedd  off  hiss  spaeche, 
He  toe  to  frofrenn  hire  anann 

Cuf>lij  bi  name,  j  sejjde; 
Ne  beo  f>u,  Marge,  nohht  forrdredd, 

pin  Godd  arrt  tu  full  deore. 
-^  si)>)>enn  seggde  he  sone  ^nan 

Wi}5)>  all  full  openn  spaeche, 


purrh  whatt  itt  shoUde  sene  ben 

patt  jho  wass  Godd  full  cweme,  2210 

He  sejjde  )?att  jho  shoUde  ben 

Off  Hali^  Gast  wi}?)?  childe, 
*■]  tatt  jho  Godess  sune  Godd 

To  manne  shoUde  childenn, 
•]  tatt  ^ho  shollde  nemmnenn  himm  2225 

Jesus,  )?att  iss,  Haelennde, 
Forr  j?att  he  shollde  himm  sellf  mannkinn 

Haelenn  off  sinnes  wunde. 
patt  Godess  enngell  Gabriael 

Till  Sannte  Marje  sejjde  2220 

Oflf  hire  sune  Jesu  Crist, 

patt  newenn  cumenn  shollde, 
patt  Drihhtin  shollde  jifenn  himm 

patt  illke  kinesaete, 
patt  DaviJ>}>  king  hiss  faderr  held  2225 

Amang  Judisskenn  )>eode, 
3  tatt  himm  shollde  hiss  kinedom 

A  lasstenn  butenn  ende 
Bitwenenn  j?att  Judisskenn  f>eod 

patt  Jacob  wass  bilenge,  2230 

patt  sejjde  he  wiss  forrf>i  )>att  Crist 

pa  shollde  newenn  turrnenn 
Judisskenn  folic  till  Crisstenndom 

purrh  hise  Leorninngcnihhtess, 
-^  brinngenn  hemm  till  heoffness  aerd,  2235 

Inntill  hiss  kineriche, 

»  Col.  61. 


3  taere  rixlenn  oferr  hemm 

Wif)f)utenn  ende  i  blisse. 
Ace  witt  tu  wel  f)att  alle  J?a 

patt  lefenn  uppo  Criste, 
Off  baf)e,-oflf  J?att  Judisskenn  )>eod, 

•^  off  haef>ene  f)eode, 
patt  witt  tu  wel,  J>att  alle  J>a 

Juw  sinndenn  her  bitacnedd, 
Ja  Jjurrh  Jacob,  ja  f)urrh  Judeow, 

Aflfterr  gastlike  lare. 
Forr  Jacob  tacnef)f)  alle  f)a, 

patt  tredenn  dun  3  cwennkenn 
All  f)att  tatt  iss  onnjaeness  Godd 

Inn  alle  kinne  sinne; 
J  Judeow  tacnef)  alle  )>a, 

patt  lofenn  Godd  3  wurrf)enn, 
J  innwarrdlike  anndgaetenn  ajj 

Wi)?f>  muf>  "^i  ec  wi)?)j  trowwfJCy 
patt  niss  nan  Godd  wiJ^J^utenn  himm 

patt  alle  shaflfte  wrohhte, 
-^  innwarrdlike  anndgaetenn  ajj 

All  jjejjre  sake  3  sinne, 
-^  stanndenn  inn  to  cwemenn  Godd 

Onn  alle  kinne  wise. 
J  swillke  sinndenn  Cristess  folic 

J  Cristess  kineriche, 
•3  Crist  shall  rixlenn  ajj  occ  ajj 

Inn  heoflfness  aerd  i  swillke;* 


patt  Sannte  Marje  sejjde  f>uss  2265 

Till  Gabriael  hehenngell, 
Hu  majj  f)iss  dede  wurrf>enn  don, 

Hu  majj  ice  ben  wif))?  childe 
Wi)?)>utenn  streon  o  faderr  hallf, 

Wif)f)utenn  iwhillc  macche?  2270 

patt  sejjde  jho  )?urrh  mikell  witt, 

Forr  f)att  nass  naefraer  wurrj?enn, 
patt  anij  wimmann  baere  child 

WiJ>f>utenn  weress  maene. 
3  jho  wass  turmedd  swa  till  Godd  2275 

WiJ?J>  bodij  •]  vn\>\>  sawle, 
patt  jho  f)urrh  macche  noUde  nohht 
*  Majjfjhadess  laen  forrlesenn ; 
^  forrf)i  wollde  jho  ben  wis 

Off  f)att  f)urrh  Godess  enngell,  2280 

Whillc  gate  jho  wi)?)j  childe  ben 

Wif)f)utenn  were  shollde. 
-]  witt  tu  wel  )?att  nass  naefraer, 

Biforenn  Sannte  Marje, 
Nan  wimmann  J?att  forr  lufe  off  Godd  2285 

I  maj3)?had  wollde  libbenn, 
3  forrJ>i  wass  jho  wurr)?  full  wel 

Utnumennlij  to  wurr)?enn 
purrh  Drihhtin  blettcedd,  ;j  to  ben 

AUwaeldennd  Godess  moderr.  2290 

]  forr  f)att  jho  wislij  bigann 

To  frajjnenn  Godess  enngell, 

*  Col.  62. 


Hu  jho  wij>f)  childe  shollde  ben 

Wi)jJ>utenn  weress  maene, 
He  toe  forrf)rihht  all  opennlij 

To  shaewenn  hu  jho  shollde, 
purrh  Godess  wille,  wurrj?enn  sket 

Off  Halij  Gast  wi}>]>  childe, 
Swa  f)att  jho  J>ohh  majjf)hadess  laen 

Ne  shollde  nohht  forrlesenn. 
Annd  tatt  jho  shollde  f)ess  te  bett 

WiJ>f>  fiille  trowwJ>e  lefenn, 
patt  jho  wel  ihihhte  berenn  child 

WiJ>f)utenn  weress  maene, 
purrh  Allmahhti^  Drihhtiness  mahht, 

patt  forf)e})J>  all  hiss  wille, 
He  sejjde  J?att  ElysabaeJ? 

Wass  wurr)?enn  )>a  wiJ?J?  childe, 
patt  ta  wass  swi})e  winntredd  wif, 

;j  kindelses  to  taemenn, 
•3  ec  )?att  wif  )?att  haflfde  ben 

Ajj  childlaes  till  J>att  time, 
J  tanne  shollde  berenn  child 

Onnjaen  wimmaness  kinde. 
-^  tatt  wass  sej^d  alls  iff  he  J>uss 

All  opennlike  sej^de, 
Ne  wen  f)u  nohht  tatt  Godd  ne  majs 

All  don  jjatt  iss  hiss  wille. 
All  swa  majj  Godd  don  j>e  full  well 

To  childenn  jaeness  kinde, 
All  all  swa  summ  Elysabaej? 

Shall  nu  ^aen  kinde  childenn. 



3  son  se  Sannte  Marje  sahh, 

patt  jho  f)a  shollde  wurrjjenn 
WiJ>J>  childe  swa  f>att  jho  f)aer)>urrh  2325 

Ne  shollde  nohht  ben  wemmedd, 
Jho  warrf)  full  blijje  sone  anan, 
*  3  sej jde  f)uss  wif)})  worde ; 
Loc  her  ice  amm  ammbohht  all  bun 

To  folljhenn  Godess  wille;  2330 

Forr  wel  jho  sahh  3  unnderrstod 

purrh  Gabriaeless  spaeche, 
patt  jho  wass  aedij  wimmann  an 

All  wimmannkinn  bitwenenn. 
pe  laflfdij  Sannte  Marje  wass  2335 

All  Godd  bitahht  wi)?)?  alle, 
^  hafFde  sett  inn  hire  )?ohht 

To  libbenn  i  claennesse, 
To  ledenn  i  clene  majj]?had 

All  hire  lif  till  ende;  2340 

Ace  jho  ne  sej^de  itt  to  nan  mann 

patt  jho  swa  wollde  libbenn, 
Ace  to  Drihhtin  jhot  haffde  sejjd 

Inn  hire  clene  wille, 
patt  jho,  -  jifF  )?att  itt  mihhte  ben,  2345 

I  majjf)had  libbenn  wollde. 
3  tatt  wass  heh  biforenn  Godd 

patt  jho  swa  wollde  libbenn, 
Forr  nass  jjatt  naefre  fundenn  ger 

Amang  wimmenn  onn  er)?e,  2350 

*  Col.  63. 


patt  ani^  wimmann  hire  lif 

I  ma^^]?had  ledenn  wollde; 
;)  taerf)urrh,  3  )>urrh  all  J?att  god 

patt  wass  inn  hire  fiindenn, 
Inn  hire  lif  f)att  all  )>werrt  St 

Wass  Drihhtin  lef  ^  dere, 
pger)>urrh  wass  jho  wel  wurrj?  to  ben 

Swa  wurr)?edd  her  onn  erj?e, 
patt  Godess  Sune  shollde  mann 

Inn  hire  wambe  wurrj?enn. 
Off  hire  flaesh,  off  hire  blod, 

Off  hire  streness  kinde . 
•3  sif)J>enn  affterr  jjatt  jho  )>uss    ' 

Wel  haffde  J>ohht  to  libbenn 
I  majjj>had  forr  J>e  lufe  off  (jodd, 

;j  forr  )?e  mede  off  heffne, 
paeraffterr  comm  J?att  hire  frend 

Hemm  tokenn  raj>  bitwenenn, 
To  jifenn  hire  summ  god  mann 

All  affterr  hire  birde. 
;)  jho  ne  wass  nohht  tger  onnjaen, 

Ace  jatte  hemm  here  wille, 
J  jatte  f)att  jho  wollde  ben 

Rihht  lajhelike  fesstnedd 
Wi)?)?  macche,  swa  summ  i  f>att  aid 

Wass  lajhe  to  ben  fesstnedd. 
J  wel  jho  f)ohhte  {)ohh  J>att  jho 

I  majj)?had  wollde  libbenn, 
giff  )?att  jho  mihhte  forJ?enn  itt 

Onn  anij  kinne  wise; 


3  all  jho  lej^de  ]>att  o  Godd 

3  onn  hiss  lefe  wille, 
patt  he  J?aeroflfe  shollde  don 

All  whattse  hiss  wille  waere; 
^  innwarrdlike  badd  jho  Godd  3385, 

Hiss  hellpe  f)att  jho  mihhte 
A  libbeim  i  clene  majjjjhad, 

•3  inn  unnwemmeddnesse . 
^  ^ho  wass  hanndfesst  an  god  mann 

patt  Josaep  wass  jehatenn;  2390 

;j  jho  bilaef  wij>)j  hire  frend 

get  aflfterr  f)att  summ  while. 
•3  i  J?att  fresst,  whil  J>att  jho  wass 

Wif)J>  hire  kinn  att  hame, 
Comm  Godess  enngell  onn  an  dajj  2395 

Till  hire  inn  hire  bure; 
3  Drihhtin  hu^e  sennde  word 

purrh  Gabriael  hehenngell, 
patt  jho  wif)f>  childe  shollde  ben, 

;j  berenn  child  to  manne.  2400 

^,  forr  f>att  jho  wel  hafFde  )?ohht 

To  libbenn  i  claennesse, 
Jho  jaflf  hehenngell  Gabriael 

Anndswere  onnjaen  3  sejjde; 
Hu  majj  ]>iss  for)?edd  ben  jjurrh  me  2405 

patt  nan  weppmann  ne  cnawe? 
Whi  jaflf  jho  swillc  anndswere  onnjaen, 

pa  Godess  enngell  sejjde 
patt  jho  wi)?})  childe  shollde  ben, 

•3  berenn  child  to  manne?  ? 

L.  I.  K 


3a  mihhte  ^ho  sket  afifterr  )>att 

WiJ>J?  hire  macche  sammnenn, 
3  cnawenn  hire  macchess  stren, 

3  wiuTf>enn  swa  wif>J>  childe, 
3  taemenn  hire  taem  wif>J?  himm 

Alls  of>re  wimmenn  taemenn? 
Whi  jaflF  jho  swillc  anndswere  onnjaen, 

Hu  majj  f)iss  forJ>edd  wurrj>eiui, 
patt  I  wif)J>  childe  mujhe  ben, 

;j  berenn  child  to  maime? 
Nu  wile  I  shaewenn  juw  forrwhi 

gho  jaflF  swillc  sware  onnjaeness; 
gho  jafF  himm  swillc  amidswere  onnjaen, 

Forr  J>att  jho  wollde  shaewenn 
patt  jho,  jifF  J>att  itt  mihhte  ben, 

Nohht  nafFde  inn  hire  wille 
To  cnawenn  anij  macchess  stren, 

Forr  swa  to  ben  wi)?J>  childe, 
To  taemenn  swa  wi)?)?  were  taem 

Alls  of>re  wimmenn  taemenn . 
paerfore  sejjde  jho  )?iss  word 

Till  Gabriael  hehenngell, 
Hu  majj  )?iss  forf)edd  ben  J^iurh  me 

patt  nan  weppmann  ne  cnawe? 
Forr  f>iss  wass  sejjd  alls  iff  jho  J>uss 

WiJ))j  o)?re  wordess  sejjde, 
Whatt  gate  majj  tec  berenn  child, 

Icc-f)att  wel  hafe  fesstnedd 
I  mine  J>ohhtess  f>att  I  nan 

Weppmann  ne  wile  cnawenn? 


Ice  hafe  fesstnedd  i  min  )>ohht 

To  libbenn  i  claennesse, 
Swa  f)att  ice, -jiff  f)att  itt  mz.%%  ben, 

Nan  macche  nile  cnawenn; 
3  nat  I  nohht  hu  J?att  majj  ben,  2445 

patt  I  majx  ben  wij?f)  childe 
I  min  majjj^had,  i  clene  bedd, 

WiJ>f)utenn  macchess  maene; 
3  bli]>elike  I  wollde  sen 

-}  witenn  f)urrh  f)e  sellfenn,  2450 

Whatt  gate  J?iss  majj  ben  f)att  tu 

O  Godess  hallfe  kij?esst. 
3  Godess  enngell  Gabrisel 

JaflF  hire  anndswere  -]  sejjde ; 
pu  best  wif))>  childe  oflf  Halij  Gast,  2455 

-}  best  tohh  majjdenn  clene. 
;)  jho  toe  wel  wif)f)  Godess  word 

To  wurr{)enn  swa  vn\>\>  childe, 
patt  jho  f)ohhwhe)?f>re  shollde  ben 

Majjdenn  all  })weiTt  St  clene.  2460 

3  jho  wharrj?  J)a  wi{)f>  childe  swa 

All  aflfterr  Godess  wille; 
3  nisste  itt  nan  lifisshe  mann 

patt  jho  wass  swa  wif>f>  childe; 
Forr  jho  ne  sejjde  itt  nanij  mann,  2465 

Ne  Godess  enngell  nowwf>eiT; 
Forr  J>att  itt  shollde  wurrj>enn  wel 

Forrholenn  wif))?  J)e  defell, 
patt  Godess  sune  shollde  ben 

Her  borenn  o  f)att  wise.  2470 

K  2 


3  hire  wambe  siJ?J?enn  toe 

To  waxenn  alls  itt  birrde, 
^  jhof  forrhall  wif)J?  alle  menn 

Wif))>  sibbe  "^  wif))>  unnsibbe. 
;)  jho  wass  sif)f)eim  aflfterr  f)att 

Brohht  ham  till  hire  macche. 
3  he  warrj?  sone  sij?f)enn  wan, 

Son  se  he  sahh  hire  wambe, 
patt  jho  wass  waxemi  summ  del  grset, 

3  tatt  jho  wass  wiJ>J>  childe, 
3  wollde  forrJ?rihht  hire  himm  fra 

All  stillelike  shaedenn. 
3  Godess  enngell  coram  himm  to 

Onn  uhhtenn  J>aer  he  sleppte, 
-y  sejjde  himm  J>att  hiss  macche  wass 

Off  HaUs  Gast  wi]>}>  childe, 
;j  badd  himm  ben  full  milde  ^  mec, 

To  lefftenn  3  to  lutenn 
patt  clene  majj  f)att  shollde  ben 

Allmahhti^  Godess  moderr. 
-]  ^ho  J>a  si)jf)enn  sejjde  himm  wel, 

All  hu  jho  fesstnedd  haflFde 
Inn  hire  Jjohht  all  hire  lif 

To  ledenn  i  claennesse; 
^  he  waiTj>  J)a  {)urrh  hire  bun 

To  libbenn  i  claennesse; 
3  ba)?e  leddenn  i  majjjjhad 

All  l^ejjre  lif  till  ende . 
J  tohh  wass  heh  ;j  soJ>  weddlac 

Haldenn  onn  ejs}>err  hallfe, 


Forr  ejjjjerr  wass  wij)f)  ojjerr  mec 

^  god  att  alle  nede. 
J  all  wass  maenelike  ]?ing 

Whatt  littless  se  J?ejj  haflfdenn; 
3  all  onn  ane  wise  fell  2505 

Till  e2Sf>err  J?ejjress  herrte, 
All  J)att  tatt  owwf)err  here  comm 

Off  sellfje  3  off  unnsellf)e.  • 
3  forrf  i  wass  bitwenenn  hemm 

Weddlac  rihht  full  wel  haldenn,  2510 

pohh  J?att  Xj^^  leddenn  here  lif 

I  ma^]>had  all  till  ende. 

*Nu  habbe  ice  shaewedd  juw  summ  del 

Off  ure  laffdij  Marje, 
Hu  jho  wass  wurrjjenn  Jjurrh  Drihhtin  2515 

Off  Hali^  Gast  wi]>f>  childe. 
Forr  jho  wass  all  Drihhtin  bitahht 

Wi]^  bodij  3  wi})f)  sawle  ; 
Forr  jho  wass,  wiss  to  fulle  soJ>, 

All  full  off  halljhe  mahhtess,  2520 

Off  herrsummlej^c,  off  rihht wislejjc, 

3  off  soJ?fasst  meocnesse, 
Off  soj?  claenle^jc,  off  god  j^geplejjc, 

Off  strenncj?e,  off  mettfasstnesse, 
Off  so)>fasst  lufe,  off  sof)fasst  J?ild,  2525 

Off  rihhtwis  swinncfullnesse . 

•  Col.  63.  line  9. 


patt  ^ho  wass  rsedi^  tunnderrgan 

Drihhtiness  will  to  folljhenn, 
patt  wass,-}>att  witt  tu  fuHwiss, 

Fullfremedd  herrsummnesse ;  2530 

J  itt  wass  ec  sof>  rihhtwisle^c, 

Forr  f)att  iss  rihht  onn  eorJ?e, 
patt  mannkinn  be  till  Drihhtin  Godd 

Herrsumm  onn  alle  wise. 
3  soJ>  meoclejjc  wass  opennlij  ^535 

Inn  hire  anndswere  shaewedd, 
purrh  f)att  jho  sejjde  f)att  jho  wass 

Ammbohht  Drihhtin  to  f)eowwtenn. 
patt  jho  wass  full  off  sof)  claenlejjc, 

patt  majj  mann  unnderrstanndenn,  '^^^ 

purrh  )>att  tatt  Drihhtin  hire  chaes 

All  wimmannkinn  bitwenenn, 
To  wurrj>enn  filledd  all  J?weorrt  fit 

I  bodij  ■]  i  sawle 
Off  Godess  Gastess  halljhe  mahht, 

To  wurrjjenn  Godess  moderr. 
pser  wass  full  sene  f)att  jho  wass 

All  full  off  sof)  claennesse, 
Forr  Drihhtin  shune})J>  alle  f)a 

patt  unnclaennesse  folljhenn  .  ^^^^ 

J  jho  wass  full  off  god  jaeplej^c, 

J  tatt  wass  full  wel  sene, 
p3er  jho  toe  onn  full  aldelij 

To  frajjnenn  Godess  enngell, 


HOMILIES.  '  87 

All  hu  ^ho  shoUde  berenn  child  2555 

*  WiJ>f)uteim  macchess  maene, 
gho,  J>att  ne  woUde  naefre  ben 

purrh  were  o  life  filedd. 
3  jho  wass  full  off  strenncf>e  3  mahht, 

To  stanndenn  jaen  J>e  deofell;  2560 

Forr  jho  tradd  deofell  unnderrfot 

pwent  St  onn  alle  wise; 
Forr  nass  nan  wimmann  borenn  her 

Biforenn  hire  o  life, 
Ne  nan  ne  wass  whil  Jjatt  jho  wass  2565 

Bitwenenn  menn  onn  eorJ>e, 
Ne  nan  ne  beof>  her  i  J>iss  lif 

Aflfterr  J?e  laflfdij  Marje, 
patt  mujhe  wurrf)enn  hire  lie 

Inn  anij  halijnesse,  2570 

Ne  tredenn  dun  f)e  deofless  mahht, 

Swa-summ  jho  tradd  wij))?  alle. 
Annd  jho  wass  full  off  mett  j  naaef) 

Onn  alle  kinne  wise, 
Swa  f)att  nan  J?ing  att  oferrdon  2575 

Ne  keppte  jho  to  foUjhenn; 
Forr  hire  f>ohht  ;j  hire  word 

;)  hire  weorrc  wass  clene, 
^  all  wiJ>J>  witt  "^i  all  wi)?f>  skill 

;)  all  wi)?J>  mettfasstnesse .  2580 

Off  soJ>e  lufe  wass  jho  full, 

3  tatt  full  wel  wass  sene 
I  })att  tatt  Drihhtin  hire  chaes 

To  wurrf)enn  Godess  moderr; 

»  Col.  64. 

S8  •  ORMULUM, 

Forr  naere  jho  nohht  Drihhtin  Godd  2585 

Swa  sellcuf)like  cweme, 
Jiff  )>att  jho  nohht  ne  waere  foil 

Oflf  soJ>fasst  lufess  mahhte; 
Forr  alle  J?a  f)att  hafeim  witt 

;]  waxenn  manness  elde,  2590 

giflf  J>att  tejj  cwemenn  Drihhtin  Godd, 

Witt  tu  J?att  tejj  himm  cwemenn 
WiJ>f)  lufe  oflf  Drihhtin  j  oflf  mann, 

3  wiJ?J>  J)e  rihhte  laefe. 
3  jho  J)att  cwemmde  himm  aUre  msest         2595 

Oflf  all  mannkinn  onn  eor)>e, 
gho  ^ass  wiss  allre  manne  mast 

Oflf  sof>fasst  lufe  filledd ; 
Forr  jho  wass  god  utnumennlij, 

J  milde  j  meoc  ^  blif)e,  2600 

ga  towarrd  Godd,  ja  towarrd  mann, 

Onn  alle  kinne  wise. 
^  jho  wass  foil  oflf  sof)fasst  J?ild 

To  f)olenn  3  to  drejhenn 
Wi)?f)  sof)  meoclegjc,  wi)?f>  witt,  wi}>J>  skill,    2605 

Illc  seollf)e  ■]  ilk  unnseollJ>e. 
J  tu  mihht  witenn  J?att  jho  wass 

Full  wel  oflf  f)ild  bifondenn; 
*  Forr  niss  nan  mahht  rihht  god  inoh 

Biforenn  Godess  ejhne,  2610 

Butt  iflf  itt  beo  Jjurrh  )?ildess  gold 

All  foil  wel  oferrgildedd . 

*  Col.  65. 


Forr  J?ild  birrf)  ben  wif)f)  iwhillc  mahht 

To  beoldenn  itt  3  strengenn,- 
Swa  ]?att  itt  mujhe  ben  till  uss  2615 

God  waepenn  jaen  J?e  deofell, 
patt  aefre  j  aefre  stanndef)]?  inn 

To  scrennkenn  ure  sawless, 
To  don  uss  to  forrgilltenn  uss 

gaen  Godd  o  sume  wise.  2620 

3  jho  wass  swinncfull,  witt  tu  wel, 

Inn  alle  gode  dedess; 
Forr  unnlusst  3  forrswundennlejjc 

Iss  Drihhtin  swij>e  unncweme, 
3  jho  wass  Drihhtin  dere  j  lef  2625 

3  cweme  onn  alle  wise; 
purrh  whatt  we  witenn  f)att  jho  wass 

Off  idellnesse  clene. 
[pohh  J?att  te]  laflfdij  Marje  wass 

Swa  sellcuf)like  wurr})edd  2630 

purrh  Drihhtin,  J?att  jho  shollde  ben 

Allmahhtij  Godess  moderr, 
Ne  toe  jho  J>ohh  nan  modijlejjc 

Off  hire  miccle  sellj>e, 
Ace  toe  to  shaewenn  sone  anan  2635 

Meocnesse  f)ess  te  mare; 
Forr  J?att  jho  wollde  jifenn  uss 

God  bisne  in  hire  sellfenn, 
Off  J?att  tatt  uss  birrf>  lajhenn  uss 

Jiff  Godd  uss  hejhejjf)  here;  2640 

Forr  wha  sitt  iss  f)att  hejhedd  iss 

purrh  Drihhtin  her  onn  eorfje, 



Himm  birr]?  himm  sellfenn  fuliwiss 

purrh  so]>  meocnesse  la^henn, 
Aflfterr  Jjatt  bisne  J?att  himm  jaflf 

pe  lafFdij  Sannte  Mai^e, 
purrh  J>att  tatt  jho  warrj?  swij?e  meoc 

Aflfterr  J?att  jho  wass  hejhedd 
;j  hofenn  upp  f)urrh  Godd,  to  ben 

AUwseldennd  Godess  moderr. 
Forr  aflfter  J>att  tatt  Gabriael 

Wass  cumenn  dun  off  heoflfne, 
To  kif)enn  J?att  ^ho  shollde  ben 

Oflf  HaUj  Gast  vf\\>\>  childe, 
gho  ras  hire  upp,  3  for  anan 

Upp  inntill  hejhe  cludess 
Till  hire  mejhe  Elysabaef), 

To  lutenn  hire  j  leflftenn. 
J  tatt  wass  wiss  soj^fasst  metle^c, 

patt  ure  laflfdij  Marje 
Swa  ferrde  till  ElysabaeJ>, 

To  lutenn  hire  ;)  leflftenn ; 
Forr  )?ohh  f)att  jho  wass  halij  wif 

pohh  wass  jho  miccle  lahre, 
pann  lu-e  laflfdij  Marje  wass 

Onn  alle  kinne  wise; 
Forr  )?att  Elysabae)?  wass  wif, 

^  Marje  majjdenn  clene; 
;)  ec  Elysabaef)ess  child 
*  purrh  faderr  streon  wass  str 

*  Col.  66. 


J  Marje  wass  o  faderr  hallf 

Wi)?)?utenn  streon  wi)?)?  childe; 
J  ec  Elysab3e)?ess  child 

Wass  mann  j  nohht  na  mare, 
J  Marjess  child  wass  mann  j  Godd  2675 

An  had  i  twinne  kinde; 
:i  forrjji  wass  Elysabse)? 

Onn  alle  wise  lahre, 
pann  ure  laffdij^  Mar^e  wass, 

•3  wel  itt  birrj?  uss  trowwenn,  2680 

Forr  jho  wass  hejhesst  i  J^iss  lif 

Off  all  mannkinn  onn  eorj^e, 
3  5ho  iss  nu  j  aefre  beoj? 

Hejhesst  off  alle  shaffte. 


xurgens  Maria  abiit  in  montana  cum  festinatione. 

Itt  sejjj?  )?att  Sannte  Marje  f6r  2685 

Wi)?}?  mikell  hih  f>att  wejje, 
J  tatt  wass  swa  J^urh  hire  don 

Forr  uss  to  jifenn  bisne, 
patt  uss  birr)?  ajj  wi]?)?  mikell  hih, 

Wi]?)3  mikell  jeorrnfuUnesse,  2690 

Folljhenn  "3  fiUenn  all  f)att  gaj? 

Till  ure  sawle  bote; 
Forr  nan  ne  majj  nohht  witenn  her 

Hu  lannge  mann  majj  libbenn, 
To  stanndenn  inn  to  cwemenn  Crist  2695 

To  winnenn  Cristess  are. 


Forr)?i  mann  birr)?  beon  jeormfull  ajj, 

Whil  )?att  mann  life)?)?  here, 
To  cwemenn  Crist  )?urrh  halij  lif, 

J  )?urrh  unnsha)?inesse,  2700 

purrh  so)?  j  rihht,  )?urrh  witt  3  skill, 

purrh  mett  j  so)?  meocnesse, 
purrh  clene  )?ohht  j  word  j  weorrc, 

purrh  lufe,  ^  hope,  j  Isefe, 
Swa  )?att  mann  mujhe  wurrpi  beon  2705 

To  winnenn  Cristess  are. 
Forr  niss  nan  time  inn  o)?er  lif 

Affterr  )?iss  lifess  ende, 
To  takenn  wi)?)?  )?e  wake  leod, 

To  fedenn  hemm  ^  cla)?enn,  2710 

To  wasshenn  hemm,  to  warrmenn  hemm. 

To  beddenn  hemm  j  frofrenn; 
Ne  nohht  niss  time  inn  o)?err  lif 

Aflfterr  )?iss  lifess  ende, 
To  gifenn  Godd  te  tende  del  2715 

_  ■ 

Off  all  )?in  ajhenn  ahhte. 
To  lakenn  Godd,  to  )?eowwtenn  Godd, 

To  sekenn  kirrke  jeome, 
To  lufenn  ^  to  folljhenn  gri)?)?, 

^  messedajj  to  freollsenn,  2720 

To  winnenn  Cristess  are  swa 

•3  eche  lifess  blisse. 
•3  forr)?i  birr)?  uss  hijhenn  her 

To  cwemenn  Crist  o  life, 
Swa  )?att  we  moten  wurr)?i  beon  2725 

To  winnenn  Cristess  are. 


^  Godd  Allmahhtij  jife  uss  swa 

To  flen  illc  hsefedd  sinne, 
Swa  }?att  we  motenn  wurr)?!  ben 

To  bnikenn  [eche]  blisse.     Amaen.  2730 

patt  tatt  te  laflfdis  Marje  for, 

Swa  summ  f)e  Goddspell  kijje)?}), 
To  spekenn  wi)?)?  Elysabaej? 

I  cludij  land  ess  munntess, 
paer  jho  wi)?)?  hire  macche  wass  3735 

Inn  an  Judisskenn  chesstre; 
patt  tacneJ)J>  uss  well  mikell  J)ing 

Oflf  ure  sawle  nede . 
Son  summ  f>e  laflfdij;  Marje  wass 

Oflf  Halij  Cast  wif>)?  childe,  2740 

Jho  ras  upp  sone  anan,  j  for 

Upp  inntill  hejhe  munntess, 
Forr  )?att  jho  woUde  lutenn  j^aer 

•3  leflftenn  hire  lahre; 
J  all  swa  birr)?  illc  mann  )?att  iss  2745 

purrh  Godess  millce  beldedd, 
3  frofredd  her  Jjurrh  Halij  Gast, 

;)  strengedd  inn  hiss  herrte, 
Swa  )?att  hiss  herrte  iss  hofenn  upp 

To  foUjhenn  Godess  wille,  2750 

All  swa  birrjj  himm  forr}?rihht  anan 

All  risenn  upp  oflf  sinne, 
^  stijhenn  ajj  fnurh  halij  lif 

Upp  inntill  he^he  mahhtess, 


J  lefFtenn  ajj  ^  lutenn  )?a 

patt  sinndenn  hise  lahre, 
^  cumenn  swa  )?urrh  halij  lif 

Inntill  Judisskenn  chesstre, . 
patt  iss  upp  inntill  lufe  ^  lusst, 

To  lofenn  Godd  ^  wurr)?enn, 
3  ec  to  clennsenn  ajj  hiss  lif, 

purrh  so]?fasst  annd^setnesse, 
Off  all  jjatt  iss  onnjaeness  Godd, 

J  weorde)?)?  ohht  te  sawle. 
All  jjiss  wass  uss  bitacnedd  wel 

purrh  }?att  Judisskenn  chesstre, 
patt  sannte  Marge  ferrde  till 

pser  itt  wass  i  )?e  munntess; 
Forr  }?att  gho  wollde  lutenn  }>ser 
*  ^  leflftenn  hire  lahre, 
Aflfterr  jjatt  gho  wass  hofenn  upp 

To  wurrj^enn  Godess  moderr. 
3  jho  bilaef  ]?reo  monef>f>  )?3er, 

Forr  ]?att  itt  shoUde  tacnenn, 
patt  Godess  )?eoww  birr)?  habbenn  her 

K%%  sof)fasst  laefe  o  Criste, 
3  so}?fasst  hij,  -]  hope  onn  himm, 

^  so]?fasst  lufe  o  baf>e, 
O  Drihhtin  ^  onn  iwhillc  mann 

I  )3ohht,  i  word,  i  dede. 
Forr  wha  sitt  iss  Jjatt  wsepnedd  iss 

Wijjf)  J^ise  f>rinne  mahhtess, 

*  Col.  67. 


patt  illke  mann  iss  stixhenn  wel 

Upp  inntiU  hejhe  munntess, 
^  he  ma^  stanndenn  wel  onnjaen  2785 

pe  deofell  wi)?J>  swillc  waepenn. 

Son  summ  )?e  laflfdij  Marje  comm 

Till  Zacarijess  bottie, 
^  space  f>aBr  wi)?)?  Elysabaejj, 

Forr}>rihht  tejj  waerenn  baf>e  2790 

Off  Grodess  Gastess  halljhe  witt 

purrh  heore  chilldre  fiUedd; 
^  tatt  uss  tacne}?)?  opennlij 

purrh  )>ej3re  baj>re  bisne, 
patt  Drihhtin  jife)?)?  hali^;  witt  2795 

pa  menn  f)att  wel  himm  folljhenn. 
patt  tatt  Elysabae)?  space  jjser 

Till  Sannte  Marje  j  sejjde; 
Rihht  aflfterr  )?att  tin  greting  word 

Wass  cumenn  i  min  sere,  2800 

Min  child  i  blisse  sone  onngann 

To  blissenn  i  min  wambe, 
patt  wass  swa  summ  jho  sejjde  jjuss 

WiJ)J)  opennlike  spaeche, 
Son  sunun  )?u  gann  to  gretenn  me  2805 

WiJ))?  )?ine  milde  wordess, 
Min  child  tatt  i  min  wambe  li]? 

Bigann  itt  te  to  )?annkenn, 
Fori  he  bigann  forr)?rihht  anan 

To  stirenn  j  to  buttenn;  2810 


•]  tatt  forr)?i  )?att  he  wass  gladd, 

Laffdij,  forr  f>att  tu  come, 
■3  ec  forr  )?att  he  wollde  swa 

AUmahhtij  Drihhtin  hejjlenn 
patt  nu  li)?,  alls  he  wat  full  wel, 

I  ym  unnwemmedd  wambe. 
J  tatt  Elysabaejj  space  )?aer 

Till  Sannte  Marje,  ^  sejjde; 
J  tu  full  aedij  wurr)?enn  arrt, 

Forr  )?att  tu  mihhtesst  trowwenn; 
patt  wass  swa  summ  j^ho  sejjde  })uss 

WiJ))?  all  full  openn  spaeche, 

pin  seollf)e  iss  all  unnsejjenndlic, 

*  Forr  Jjatt  tu  toe  wif>f>  trowwf>e 

patt  word  tatt  Godess  enngell  f>e 

O  Godess  hallfe  brohhte; 
"3  bettre  arrt  tu  f)ann  ure  preost, 

patt  nohht  ne  mihhte  trowwenn 
patt  word  tatt  himm  J^urrh  Gabrisel 

Wass  sejjd  o  Godess  hallfe, 
Forr  whatt  himm  wass  hiss  spaeche  anan 

purrh  Drihhtin  all  biraefedd. 
3  tatt  Elysabaejj  space  f>aer 

Till  Sannte  Marje  ^  sejjde; 
Forr  all  shall  filledd  ben  i  J^e 

patt  word  tatt  Godd  te  sejjde, 
patt  wass  swa  summ  jho  sejjde  J^uss 

Wi}?J5  all  full  openn  spaeche, 

*  Col.  68. 


All  \2l\X.  shall  filledd  ben  i  ))e 

purrh  Godess  hall^he  mahhte,  2840 

patt  Godess  enngell  Gabriael 

pe  sejjde  o  Godess  hallfe 
Off-]?att  tu  sholldesst  ben  jjurrh  Godd 

Oflf  Halij  Gast  wij))?  childe. 
Her  majx  mann  sen  full  opennlij  2845 

patt  Zacarij^ess  macche, 
patt  gode  wif  Elysabae)?, 

Off  Godess  Gast  wass  filledd, 
patt  sejjde  till  )?e  laffdij  )?aer 

Off  hire  miccle  seoll)?e,  2850 

patt  Drihhtin  haffde  sennd  hiss  word 

Till  hire,  ^  tatt  itt  shollde 
Ben  filledd  all  Jjurrh  Drihhtin  Godd 

Inn  hire  j  Sannte  Marje, 
Jet  tanne  naffde  sejjd  rihht  nohht  2855 

Till  hire  off  swillke  )?inge. 
purrh  Godess  Gast  j  nohht  jjurrh  mann 

gh^  unnderrstod,  j  wisste 
Hu  Sannte  Marje  wurr}?enn  wass 

Off  Godess  Gast  wi}?}?  childe .  2860 

patt  ure  laffdij  Marje  wass 

preo  monef))?  i  j^e  munntess 
Wi}?)?  hire  mejhe  Elysabaef), 

patt  wass  forr  }?att  jho  wollde 
Seon  hire  childenn  hire  child,  2865 

Forr  )>att  wass,  wiss  to  so)>e, 
pe  maste  }?ing  forr  whatt  jho  wass 

patt  time  cumenn  )?aere. 

.  I.  L 


J  all  swa  birr]?  }>att  illke  mann, 
patt  Drihhtin  hafe})}?  be6ldedd 

3  strengedd  ohht  J)iirrh  Halij  Gast 
To  folljhenn  hejhe  mahhtess, 

A^  birr])  himm  habbenn  hope  o  Godd 
J  so]>fasst  lufe  3  trowwQje] 

t  .     .     .    i  clene  unnwemeddnesse; 
ForrJ)i  J)att  Jesu  Cristess  bird 

Iss  clene,  j  all  unnwemmedd 
Inn  hire  troww)?e  towarrd  (Jodd, 

^  ec  inn  hire  lare. 

Itt  sejj)?  )?att  Jossep  wass  rihhtwis, 

J  talt  iss  tunnderrstanndenn 
Forr  jjatt  hiss  trowwjje  wass  full  go^^ 

patt  Godess  sune  shollde 
Ben  borenn  i  )?iss  middellaerd 

Off  majjdenn  )>weorrt  ut  clene. 
3  tekenn  )?att  he  wass  rihhtwis, 

He  wass  aedmod  j  milde, 
I  )?att  tatt  he  ne  wolldenohht 

Unnshaf)ij  wimmann  wrejhenn; 
Forr  ejj})err  birrjj  wij)}?  o)>err  ben, 

gifF  jjatt  itt  Godd  shall  cwemenn^ 
Forr  aj5  birr)?  rihhtwisnesse  ben 

purrh  mildheorrtnesse  temmpredd, 

*  Coll.  69 — 76  wanting.  f  Col.  77* 



Swa  )>att  itt  summ  del  nesshe  be 

To  )?olenn  ^  to  drejhenn;  2895 

J  mildheorrtaesse  birr)?  ben  a^j 

purrh  rihhtwisnesse  strengedd, 
Swa  J)att  te  millce  nohht  ne  be 

To  soffte,  ne  to  nesshe; 
Forr  mann  majj^  sket  to  soffte  ben  2900 

33en  )?a  )?att  Drihhtin  wrajj)?enn, 
purrh  J>att  Josaep  wass  hojhefull 

J  mikell  ummbej^ohhte, 
Off  whatt  himm  waere  bettst  to  don 

Off  J)att  himm  wass  bilummpenn,  2905 

Off  J)att  hiss  macche  wurrjjenn  wass 

Wi)?})utenn  himm  wi)?}?  childe, 
paer  )?urrh  he  gaff  ^uw,  laewedd  folic, 

Full  opennlike  bisne, 
patt  ^uw  birr]>  nimenn  mikell  gom  2910 

To  jemenn  jure  macchess, 
patt  tejj  ne  falle  nohht  i  gillt 

purrh  jure  jemelseste. 
^  ec  Josaep  uss  jaff  )?urrh  J>att 

Full  god  J  halsumm  bisne,  2915 

patt  Godess  )?eoww  himm  jeorne  birr)? 

Bi}>ennkenn  j  bilokenn. 
Off  all  J>att  tatt  he  wile  don 

3  tatt  he  wile  maelenn, 
Swa  }>att  itt  Drihhtin  cweme  be,  2920 

J  halsumm  till  hiss  sawle. 
purrh  J)att  he  wollde  stillelij 

Fra  Sannte  Marje  shaedenn, 



pser  ]?urrh  wass  sene  ]7att  he  wasa 

Rihhtwis  ^  milde  baj)e.  « 

Rihhtwis  he  wass,  )?att  witt  tu  wel, 

0  )?att  hallf,  }7att  he  noUde 
Nohht  haldenn  wi]?}?  ]>att  illke  ]>ing 

patt  he  nohht  oflf  ne  wisste; 
He  sahh  f^att  jho  wi]?]?  childe  wa3S, 
*  J  nisste  he  nohht  whgeroflfe, 
3  wisste  )?att  jho  clene  wass 

Off  alle  menn  onn  eorJ?e, 
J  forrf)i  woUde  he  fleon  J>att  f>iag 

patt  he  nohht  oflf  ne  wisste, 
Swa-J>att  he  waere  giUtelaes 

Biforenn  Godess  e^hne. 
3  milde  he  wass  onn  o})err  hallf, 

1  f>att  he  nollde  wrejenn 

patt  wimmann  ]>att  wass  giUtelaes, 

patt  jho  ne  wsere  stanedd. 
3  forr  f>att  Jossep  sohhte  raj> 

Swa  lannge  inn  hise  J>ohhtess, 
Oflf  whatt  himm  waere  bettst  to  don, 

patt  he  ne  felle  i  sinne; 
ForrJ?i  comm  himm  J?att  he  wass  wurrj) 

patt  Godd  himm  sennde  hiss  enngell, 
To  rajjenn  himm  f)e  bettste  ra}> 

Oflf -whatt  himm  wass  to  donne. 
J  tatt  me  doJ>  full  opennlij 

To  sen  j  tunnderrstanndenn, 

•  Col.  78. 


paU  jiff  fiatt  ice  amm  hojheftill 

^  mikell  ummbeljennke, 
WhiUc  gate  ice  raujhe  cwemenn  Godd 

I  }>ohht,  i  word,  i  dede, 
Drihhtin  me  jifej)  witt  ]  milnht 

To  for|)enn  wel  min  wille, 
patt  I  shall  cunnenn  cwemenn  Godd 

■]  wel  itt  mughenn  forjjenn , 

patt  Godess  enngell  coram  o  nihht 

Till  josiep  fjffir  he  sleppte, 
patt  uss  bilacnefjjj  fiatt  tan  mann 

Iss  Drihbtin  lef  i  dere, 
patl,  i  fiss  lifess  fieossterrlejjc, 

Forrjetejjlj  ]  foiTwerrpe()f) 
To  jeomenn  affterr  weorelldjiing 

purrh  ainnruU  gredijnesse ; 
Forr  pihhl  all  swa  sumra  ice  amm  fi 

Fra  weorelldf>inge5S  lusstess, 
A  whil  fall  ice  amm  i  min  bedd 

purh  slzepess  bandess  bundenn, 
Rihht  swa  Jie  so[3e  lufe  off  Godd 

Birrf>  bindenn  all  min  heorrte, 
patt  ice  be  (jweom  ut  all  sc  fre 

Fra  sinnfull  gredijnesse, 
Swa  |>att  ice  weoi-elldjiing  forrs«u 

To  winnenn  ohht  wijjj)  sinne . 

Iss  wel  tiurrh  nibhl  bilacnedd, 


Forr  all  J>iss  weorelldlif  iss  full 

Off  sinness  )>eossterrnesse . 
*  ^  sinne  iss  opennlike  inoh 

purrh  }?eossterrnesse  tacnedd, 
Forr  sinne^  giff  )?ut  lufesst  ohht, 

FoiTblendef>f>  all  )?in  heorrte, 
Swa-)>att  itt  litell  nime)>}>  gom 

Hu  mikell  pine  itt  foUjhejo)). 
•3  tatt  tatt  Godess  enngell  space 

Till  Josaep  jjaer  he  sleppte, 
3  seggde  }?att  hiss  macche  wass 

Off  Halij  Gast  wi)?)?  childe, 
patt  birrf)  uss  lokenn  whatt  itt  iss 

3  whatt  itt  wile  seggenn; 
Forr  uss  birr)?  unnderrstanndenn  wel 

3  so)>fasstlike  trowwenn, 
patt  Godess  Gast  iss  so}?fasst  Godd 

3  Allmahhtij  wi}?}?  alle, 
;)  Godess  Gast  iss  karite]> 

3  so)>fasst  lufe  nemmnedd; 
3  tatt  wass  all  ]?urrh  karitej> 

1  Jjurrh  so}>  lufe  for)?edd, 
patt  Godess  Sune  AUmahhtij  Godd 

Warrf)  mann  off  Sannte  Mai^e. 
3  tatt  he  sejjde  )?att  jho  wass 

Off  Halij  Gast  wif)}?  childe, 
patt  sej2^^  ^^  wiss  forr  }>att  jho  wass 

purrh  karitef)  wi}?)?  childe; 
Forr  Godd  warr)?  mann  )?urrh  carite{> 

•]  )?urrh  sof>  lufe  onn  eorf>e. 

*  Col.  79. 


^^r              HOMILIES. 


purrh  so|5fasst  lufe  wass  itt  don, 

30  ro 

Forr  ure  Drihhtin  haffde 

Swa  mikell  lufe  towarrd  uss, 

Forr  whatt  he  woUde  uss  lesenn 

Ot  off  f)e  lajie  gastess  hannd. 

]  brinngeno  uss  till  heoffne . 


Forr  juw  biiTl>  imrderrstanndenn  wel 

3  so|)fassUike  trowwenn, 

pan  nass  jho  nohht  wi])])  childe  ^a 

Off  Hali;  Gast  latt  wise, 

patt  Halls  Gast  wass  wurr|3en.n  mann, 


Nass  jho  nohht  swa  wijjj)  childe; 

Forr  Godess  Gast  ne  warrfi  nohht  mann 

piss  birr})  uss  alle  trowwenu. 

Ace  Godess  Sune  AUmahhtis  Godd 

Warrf)  mann  off  Sannte  Marje . 


-\  tatt  he  sejjde  Jiatt  jho  wass 

Off  Haiij  Gast  vi\\>\>  childe, 

patt  sessde  he  wiss  forr  fatt  in  wass 

purrh  Godess  jife  wurrjieim ; 

Forr  Halij  Gast  iss  sofifasst  Godd 


1  Godess  sife  nemmnedd ; 

■]  all  fiurrh  Godess  jife  itt  wass 

■]  all  fiurrh  Godess  wille, 

patt  jho  wifjf)  chiMe  wurrfwnn  wass 

WiJ^tiutenn  iwhillc  macche. 


pe  Goddspell  sejj])  fiall  Godess  word 

Warrf)  mann  off  Samite  Marje; 

Ton-  Godess  Sune  Jesu  Crist 

lu  Godess  ajhenn  kinde, 


104  ORMULUM. 

3  Grodess  word,  ^  Godess  witt, 
-]  so}?  Godd  inn  himm  sellfenn 

*  patt  Godess  enngell  sejs^^  f^er 

Till  Josaep  }>uss  wi)?}>  worde; 
pu  nemmnenn  shallt  tatt  Hike  child 

Jesumm  ]?att  jl^o  shall  childenn, 
Forr  ]>att  he  shall  hiss  ajhenn  folic 

Off  J^ejjre  sinness  haelenn, 
patt  illke  word  wass  cwiddedd  aer 

Till  ure  laffdij  Marje 
purrh  Gabriael,  )?aer  }>3er  he  conim 

Till  hire  o  Godess  hallfe, 
To  ki}>enn  Jjatt  jho  shoUde  ben 

Off  HaUs  Gast  wi)?)?  chUde . 
Jesusess  name  nemmnedd  iss 

Haelennde  onn  Enngliss  spaeche, 
J  forrjji  birrde  itt  cwiddedd  ben 

Till  ej5j?err  kinn  onn  eor})e, 
Till  weppmann  ^  till  wifmannkinn, 

Forr  jjatt  he  woUde  ba]?e 
Weppmenn  j  wifmenn  h»lenn.her 

Off  l?e jjre  sinness  wunde . 

patt  Godess  enngell,  f>aer  he  space 
Wif>)>  Josaep  )?3er  he  sleppte, 

•  Col.  80. 



Droh  fit  off  Ysayjess  boc 

Wittnesa  off  Cnstess  come, 
pall  dide  he  forr  he  wollde  uss  swa 

FuH  wel  don  tunnderrstanndenn, 
pall  ba|)e  droshenn  all  till  an 

Off  Jesu  Cristesa  come, 
pe  Judewisshe  follkess  boc, 

■\  Goddspellbokess  lare, 
■)  ec  forr  )>ait  he  wollde  swa 

Full  ope  unlike  shrewenn, 
patt  nass  itt  nohht  faerlike  don 

patt  Godd  warr])  mann  onn  eorfje, 
Forr  fiatl  ill  wasa  forr  manig  dajj 

Jlr  cwiddedd  ]jiirrh  prophetess . 
]  ec  he  droh  Jiatl  wittness  Ibr)j 

Off  Ysayjess  fare, 
patt  JosECp  shollde  fiess  te  bell 

Trovvwenii,  fjatt  Sannte  Marje 
Wass  wiss  (latt  illke  raajjdennmann 

patt  witess  haffdenn  cwiddedd, 
pan  Vsayaa  haffde  segjd 

]  writenn  uppo  boke, 
patt  majjdenn  shollde  berenn  child 

WiJ>)>utenn  macchesa  msene, 
^  tall  ill  shoDde  nemmnedd  ben 

Emanuel  onn  eorjie, 
pall  wass  inoh  all  an  wi))|)  jjart 

patt  Godess  enngell  sesxi^e 
Till  Sannte  Marjje,  ]3air  he  space 

Kire  o  Godess  haUfe; 


Forr  J?3er  he  sejjde  wel  J?att  jho 

An  sune  shollde  childenn,  \% 

patt  shollde  nemmnedd  ben  Jesus 

"3  Godess  Sune  onn  eorJ?e; 
Forr  Godess  Sune  iss  soJ?fasst  Godd 
*  Hiss  faderr  efennmete, 
^  tatt  iss  Jesu  Crist  tatt  iss  3^** 

Hiss  faderr  efennmete; 
Forr  Crist  iss  Godess  Sune  ^  Godd 

Inn  ure  mennisscnesse, 
3  tatt  wass  J?urrh  Emmanuael 

Full  witerrlig  bitacnedd;  V^ 

Forr  jifF  f)U  willt  Emmanuael 

Till  Ennglissh  spseche  turrnenn, 
Itt  sejjj?  f)att  Godd  iss  her  wij?})  uss 

Inn  ure  mennisscnesse . 
Josaep,  forr  J?att  he  nollde  nohht  ^^'^ 

Onn  ane  wise  gilltenn, 
All  woUde  he  shaedenn  fra  f>att  ]?ing 

patt  he  nohht  off  ne  wisste; 
J  Godd  ne  keppte  nohht  off  J?att 

Off  f)att  he  shollde  shsedenn,  ^"* 

Forr  J?a  mann  munnde  trowwenn  wel 

patt  jho  forrlejenn  wsere, 
giff  f)att  jho  waere  stillelij 

Forrlaetenn  ^  forrworrpenn . 
^  her  mann  unnderrstanndenn  majj  ^^ 

purrh  }?iss  Josaepess  bisne, 

»  Col.  8i. 


patl  mann  birrfj  lokenn  allre  mast 

A5J  til]  hiss  ajhenn  sawie  ; 
Forr  birr|>  me  nowwjierr  hellpenn  |)e 

To  lif,  ne  to  \>c  sawle, 
Swa  f>att  ice  ohht  forrgillte  me 

22Bn  Godd  onn  ani^  wise  - 
Ace  all  J>all  ice  111355  gengenn  ))e, 

Swa  jialC  I  nohht  ne  gillte, 
All  birr))  me  b!I})elike  don 

Forr  heofennlike  mede, 
]  nohht  ne  birrf)  me  gengenn  J>e 

Forr  eor)jli5  loff  to  winnenn . 
Jo  step  all  nnnderrstod  full  wel 

patt  Godess  enngel!  sej^de,  ; 

-]  ras  himm  upp  off  slsepe  anan 

purrh  sojjfasst  herrsuramnesse, 
^  dide  all  alls  himm  bedenn  wasa, 

-\  toe  wel  wifjf)  hiss  macche ; 
Forr  ftatt  he  wisste  ))a  Jjurrh  whail 

gho  wurr()enn  wass  wi]if>  childe  .  , 
]  wel  bilimmpe{i}3  fiatt  itt  sejjjj 

patt  he  ras  upp  off  slsepe, 
Forr  he  wass  (la  brohht  ut  off  all 

Onlrowwjje  ■]  orrra);nesse, 
Son  summ  he  wisste  in  oh  (lurrli  whali 

Hiss  macche  wass  wifif)  childe; 
Forr  );att  wass  jjurrh  wanntrowwf)ess  slEp. 

patt  he  wass  off  hiss  macche 
All  orrraf)  whalt  he  mihhte  don. 

Off  patl  jho  wass  wi)>)}  childe. 


-}  taer  he  ras  upp  off  Jjatt  sleep 

paer  Godess  enngell  sejjde, 
O  whillke  wise  hiss  macche  wass 

WiJ?J?utenn  himm  mpp  childe; 
Forr  sif>J?enn  toe  he  smpe  wel 

WiJ?J?  hire  onn  alle  wise, 
"3  toe  to  J?eowwtenn  hire  anan 

WiJ?J?  f)3ew  att  alle  nede. 
J  swa  bilaef  jho  f>a  wij?f)  himm 

Inn  Nazaraejjess  chesstre, 
J  jede  p2L  wiJ?J?  childe  ]?aer 

All  all  se  fele  mone)))), 
Alls  iff  itt  wsere  an  o)>err  child 

patt  wsere  onn  hire  streonedd, 
*  ForrJ?i  J?att  ure  Laferrd  Crist, 

patt  wass  inn  hire  wambe, 
Wass  wurrj?enn  all  Jjweorrt  fit  soJj  mann 

I  bodij  "3  i  sawle, 
Wi}?J?utenn  J?  att  tatt  he  wass  wiss 

All  f)weorrt  St  clene  off  sinne. 
:)  forr  }?att  he  wass  wurrjjenn  mann 

Off  hire  flaeshess  kinde, 
All  all  swa  jede  jho  wij?))  himm 

Till  hire  rihhte  time, 
Alls  iff  he  waere  anoJ?er  child 

patt  W3ere  onn  hire  streonedd. 

*  Col.  82. 



Annd  hire  mejhe  Elysabfef* 

Wa53  gladd  inoh  -\  bli|)e 

(T  hire  dere  child  Johan, 

]  leflij  jho  himin  fedde; 
'■]  swij)e  wel  he  wex  ■]  firaf, 

■]  Drihhlin  wass  he  cweme; 
Forr  affterr  fjatt  te  Goildspell  sejjji, 

patt  ^weorrt  ut  nohht  ne  lejhejjjj, 
Wisslikess  fiingess  Godess  hannd 

Wass  wi]>f!  Jiait  child  onn  eor|>e  . 
-\  latt  wass  uppcinn  all  hiss  lif 

Full  opennlike  sene ; 
Forr  son  summ  he  wass  waxenn  swa 

purih  hise  freordess  fode, 
patt  he  |ia  mihhte  himm  sellf  beii  wel 

Hiss  ajhenn  heJIpe  ■]  hirde, 
-\  taU  he  cu)je  himm  ane  ben 

■y  lokenn  till  himm  sellfenn, 
Forrjjrihht  anan  he  Sash  awejj 

Fra  fadecT  -y  fra  moderr, 
]  Bseh  bimm  inn  till  wesste  land 

Iter  itt  wass  all  unnbiggedd, 
]  shadde  himm  all  jjweorrt  St  fra  menn, 

Forr  Jjatt  he  wollde  himm  jemenn, 
Swa  Jiatt  he  fiurrb  an  idell  word 

Ne  shoUde  himm  nohht  forrgiUtenn . 
F    la;r  he  ledde  himm  ane  hiss  lif 

Fra  jjatt  he  wass  fuU  Utell 
''1  })ait  he  waxenn  wass,  ^  neh 
Off  frittis  winnlerr  elde  . 


Hiss  claj?  wass  off  ollfenntess  haer, 

Swa  summ  J?e  Goddspell  kif)ef)J>, 
Hiss  girrdell  wass  off  shepess  skinn 

Abutenn  hise  lendess, 
Hiss  drinnch  wass  waterr  agg  occ  ajj, 

Hiss  mete  wilde  rotess, 
;)  jifif  he  mihhte  findenn  ohht 

Oflf  hunig  i  J?att  wesste . 
piss  lif  to  ledenn  he  bigann, 

Whann  he  wass  gSt  full  litell, 
-y  ajj  he!  held  full  wel  anan 

Till  f>att  he  jafF  hiss  ende. 
*  Swillc  lif  wass  tacnedd  J?urrh  Jjatt  lac 

patt  all  wass  brennd  till  asskess, 
Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd  juw 

Biforenn  o  J?iss  lare; 
Forr  J?u  ne  mihht  nohht  ledenn  her 

Nan  bettre  lif  onn  eorJ?e 
pann  iss,  f>att  tu  ))weorrt  ut  forrse 

■3  all  f)weorrt  ut  forrwenpe 
All  weorelldlike  lif  ^  lusst, 

^  fleo  fra  menn  till  wesste, 
^  tser  wif>J?  hard  ^  halij  lif 

Be  jeormfull  Crist  to  cwemenn ; 
Forr  swillc  lif  iss  all  J?weorrt  St  daed 

Fra  weorelldshipess  lusstess, 
;)  itt  iss  all  f)urrh  halig  fir 

Off  sof>fasst  lufe  o  Criste 

*  Col.  83. 

HOMILIES.  1 1 1 

Turmedd  till  asskess  ^  till  dusst, 

Forrjji  f>att  swillke  leode 
A3X  folljhenn  soj?  meocnessess  sloj?, 

patt  iss  )>urrh  asskess  tacnedd. 
•3  Sannt  Johan  bigann  swillc  lif  3240 

Whann  he  wass  jet  full  litell, 
-^  ajj  he!t  held  full  wel  anan 

Till  f>att  he  jaff  hiss  ende. 
•;)  swa  birr)?  illc  Crisstene  mann 

patt  geornej?)?  affterr  blisse,  3245 

Ajj  himm  birrj?  gode  dedess  don 

Whil  f>att  hiss  lif  himm  lasstej?]?; 
Forr  mann  ne  majj  nohht  borrjhenn  ben, 

Swa  summ  sof)  boc  uss  kij?ej?j?, 
pohh  mann  biginne  god  to  don,  3250 

Butt  iff  mann  wel  itt  ende. 
Uss  birr]?  biginnenn  god  to  don, 

^  haldenn  a  }?3eronne, 
^  uss  birr))  endenn  ure  lif 

Inn  ure  gode  dede;  3255 

^  ta  shall  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

Att  ure  lifess  ende 
Uss  jifenn  ure  swinnkess  laen, 

WiJ))?  enngless  eche  blisse;* 
J  Godd  Allmahhtij  gife  uss  swa  },2(yo 

To  cwemenn  Crist  onn  erj^e 
Swa  ]?att  we  motenn  wurrjji  ben 

To  bnikenn  hefFness  blisse.     Amaen. 

112  ORMULUM, 

Nu  wile  ice  here  shaewenn  juw 

Off  ure  laffdij  Marje, 
Off  hu  gho  ban*  \>t  Laferrd  Crist 

Att  hire  rihhte  time, 
Swa  J?att  gho  f)ohh  J>aer  aflfterr  wass 

A  majjdenn  J?weorrt  lit  clene;- 


Exiit  edictum. 

An  Romanisshe  Kaserrking 

Wass  Augusstuss  ^^ehatenn, 
;)  he  wass  wurrjjenn  Kaserrking 

Off  all  mannkinn  onn  eor]?e, 
^  he  gann  f)ennkenn  off  himm  sellf, 

J  off  hiss  miccle  riche . 
-)  he  bigann  to  f)ennkeim  J>a, 

Swa  sum  f)e  Goddspell  ki]?eJ>J>, 
Off  J?att  he  wollde  witenn  wel 

Hu  mikell  fehh  himm  come, 
Jiff  himm  off  all  hiss  kinedom 
*  lUc  mann  an  peninng  gaefe . 
~)  he  badd  settenn  upp  o  writt 

All  mannkinn,  forr  to  lokenn 
Hu  mikell  fehh  he  mihhte  swa 

Off  all  \>t  weorelld  sammnenn, 

♦  Col.  84. 

^^f               HOMILIES. 

i>3    ^^H 

purrh  t)att  himm  ahollde  off  illc  an  ma 


An  peninng  wurrjieiin  reccnedd. 


■]  ta  wass  seit  latt  iwhillc  maun, 


WhEer  Bumm  he  wasre  o  lajide, 


Ham  shoUde  wendenn  to  jjatc  tun 

in°    ^^^1 

patt  he  wass  borenn  mne, 


]  tatt  he  shotlde  Jiasr  forr  himm 


Hiss  hEfeddpeninng  reccneim, 


Swa  |jatt  he  jten  J>e  Kaserrking 


Ne  fdle  nohht  i  wTte. 


1  i  ))atl  illke  lime  wass 


Jossep  wijijj  Sannte  Marje 


I  Galilew,  ■]  i  Jjalt  tun 


patt  Nazara:Ji  wass  nemmnedd. 


]  ta  )3ej5  bafie  forenn  ham 

3300    ^^^H 

TiU  Jjejjre  bafire  kinde; 


Inntill  Jje  land  off  ^errsalaem 


Pejx  forenn  samenn  baj^e, 


^  comenn  inntUl  BeJDlsleEm 


TiU  Jjejsre  bajjre  birde, 


pser  wass  hemm  ba])e  birde  to. 


Forr  fiatt  tegj  bajie  WEerenn 


Off  DaviJ;})  kingess  kinness  menn, 


Swa  summ  )>e  Goddspell  "tl^^W . 


]  Davi))]j  kinjess  birde  wass 


I  Bejjleasmess  chesstre; 


^  hemm  wass  ba]>e  birde  jjser 


purrh  Davijip  kinjess  birde  ; 


Forr  fjalt  tejj  bafje  wserenn  off 


I)avi])ess  kin  3  sibbe. 

J3T5                       1 

a     ' 


114  ORMULUM. 

^  Sannte  Mar^ess  time  wass 

patt  ^ho  )>a  shollde  childenn, 
J  tser  jho  barr  Allmahhtig  Godd 

patt  all  ))iss  weorelld  wrohhte, 
"3  wand  himm  sone  i  wiimdeclut, 

"3  lejgde  himm  inn  an  cribbe; 
ForrJ?i  J?att  jho  ne  wisste  whaer 

3bo  mihhte  himm  don  i  bnre. 
^  tohh  f>att  Grodd  wass  borenn  Jwer 

Swa  daernelike  onn  eorJ?e, 
J  wundenn  J?aer  swa  wrecchelij 

WiJ?]?  clutess  inn  an  cribbe, 
Ne  wollde  he  nohht  forrholenn  ben 

pohhwheJ?J?re  i  J>ejjre  clutess, 
Ace  wollde  shsewenn  whatt  he  wass 

purrh  heofennlike  takenn. 
Forr  sone  anan  afFterr  Jjatt  he 

Wass  borenn  f)aer  to  manne, 
paer  onnfasst  i  )5att  illke  land 
*  Wass  sejhenn  mikell  takenn . 
An  enngell  comm  off  heoflfness  aerd, 

Inn  aness  weress  hewe, 
Till  hirdess  f>3er  J^ser  J?egg  J>att  nihht 

Biwokenn  f>exjre  faldess, 
patt  enngell  comm  ^  stod  hemm  bi 

Wi}?j3  heofFness  lihfit  ^  leome. 
^  forrJ?rihht  summ  J^ejj  sse^henn  himir:^ 

pej5  wurrdenn  swij?e  ofFdredde; 

*  Col.  85. 



^^H                HOMILIES. 


-J  GodeSB  enngell  hemm  bigaiui 


To  frofrenn  ]  to  beldenn. 



■]  sej;de  hemm  jjuss  o  Godess  hallf 



VViJi[)  swijie  milde  epaeche ; 



Ne  beo  je  nohht  forrdredde  off  me, 


Ace  beo  ;e  swijjc  blij^e, 


Forr  ice  amm  sennd  off  heoffness  aerd 



To  kijjerin  Godess  wiUe, 


To  kijjcnn  juw  |jait  all  folic  iss 


Nu  cumenn  mikeU  blisse. 


Forr  3UW  iss  boreno  nu  to  da^j 


H»lennde  off  jure  sinness, 



An  wennchell  fatt  iss  Jesu  Crist, 


patt  wite  je  to  soJjc. 


-J  her  onnfasst  he  borenn  iss 


I  D3viji|;  kingess  chesstre, 


Patt  iss  xehatenn  Bej^JjIe^m, 



I  J)is5  Judisskenn  birde. 


■]  her  iec  wile  sba3weim  juw 


Summ  )jLng  to  witerr  takenn; 


gc  shulenn  findenn  tenne  child 


I  winndeclutess  wundenn, 



~\  in  iss  inn  a  cribbe  lejjd, 


T  Uer  jet  mu^henn  findenn. 


T  sone  anan  se  |>iss  wass  seggd 


purrh  an  off  Godess  enngless. 


1        X  mikell  here  off  enngleljeod 



1           Wass  cumenn  ul  off  heoffne, 


1        ]  all  fa»  hirdeflocc  hemm  salih 


L          J  herrde  whatt  legj  sungenn. 


i  " 


1 1 6  ORMULUM. 

pe^2  alle  snngenn  senne  sang 

Drihhtin  to  lofe  ^  wurrj>e, 
^  tuss  )>e22  sungenn  alle  imaen, 

Swa  summ  J?e  Goddspell  kij>ej>j>. 
Si  Drihhtin  upp  inn  heoffness  serd 

WurrJ?minnt  j  loflf  ■]  wullderr, 
^  upponn  eor]?e  grij?})  ;]  frij?}?, 

purrh  Godess  mildheorrtnesse, 
Till  iwhillc  mann  ]^att  habbenn  shall 

God  heorrte  ^  agj  god  wille. 
"3  sone  anan  se  )>iss  wass  ]:>aer 

purrh  Godess  enngless  awwnedd^ 
pejg  wenndenn  fra  ]?a  w^emenn 

All  ut  off  J^ejjre  sihhjje. 
pa  hirdess  tokenn  sone  J?uss 

To  spekenn  hemm  bitwenenn; 
Ga  we  nu  till  J?att  illke  tun 

patt  Bef)J?leaem  iss  nemmnedd, 
^  loke  we  J?att  illke  word 

patt  iss  nu  wrohht  onn  eorjje, 
patt  Drihhtin  Godd  uss  hafe]?J>  wrohht 

J  awwnedd  f>urrh  hiss  are. 
J  sone  anan  J)ej2  jedenn  for}? 

Till  Bej3f>leaeniess  chesstre, 
"3  fundenn  Sannte  Marje  f>aer 

"3  Josaep  hire  macche, 
^  ec  J^ejj  fundenn  f)3er  J?e  child 

paer  itt  wass  lejjd  i  cribbe- 

*  Col.  86. 


^  ta  f)e25j  unnderrstodenn  wel 

patt  word  tatt  Godess  enngless 
Hemm  hafFdenn  awwnedd  off  )5att  child, 

J)att  tejj  J?aer  haflfdenn  fundenn;  3405 

^  ta  J>ejj  wenndenn  hemm  onnjaen 

Wi}?f)  rihhte  laefe  o  Criste, 
■3  tokenn  innwarrdlike  Godd 

To  lofemi  ^  to  J^annkenn 
All  J>att  tegg  haffdenn  herrd  oflf  himm,         3410 

■3  se^henn  Jjurrh  hiss  are. 
■3  sone  anan  Jjejg  kiddenn  for]? 

Amang  Judisskenn  }?eode 
All  Jjatt  te^  haflfdenn  herrd  oflf  Crist, 

■3  se^henn  wel  wi]?]?  ejhne;  3415 

^  iwhillc  mann  Jjatt  herrde  itt  ohht 

Forrwunndredd  wass  Jjaeroflfe, 
^  ure  laflfdij  Marje  toe 

All  J?att  jho  sahh  -3  herrde, 
^  all  ^h^  held  inn  hire  )>ohht,  3420 

Swa  summ  f>e  Goddspell  kijjej?}), 
1  lejjde  itt  all  tosamenn  agj 

I  swijje  ]7ohhtfull  heorrte, 
All  J>att  gho  sahh  j  herrde  oflf  Crist, 

Whas  moderr  gho  wass  wurr))enn.  3425 

Annd  o  )>att  illke  nahht  tatt  Crist 
Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 

Wass  he  jet,  alls  hiss  wille  wass, 
Awwnedd  onn  oJ?err  wise. 


He  sette  a  steorme  upp  o  J>e  lifft 

Full  brad,  ^  brihht,  ^  shene, 
Onn  sest  hallf  off  J^iss  middells»:d, 

Swa  summ  ]7e  Goddspell  ki]:>e}>}>, 
Amang  ]:>att  folic  ]:>att  cann  innsihht 

Off  manij  f>ing  f)urrh  steormess, 
Amang  )>e  Calldeowisshe  ]7eod 

patt  cann  innsihht  o  steormess. 
^  tatt  I)eod  wass  hae]?ene  }>eod 

patt  Crist  jaflf  J?a  swillc  takenn; 
Forr]?i  ))att  he  J^ejjm  wollde  J>a 

To  rihhte  laefe  wendenn. 
;)  son  se  }>eg25  ]?att  steormeleom 

p3er  saejhenn  upp  o  liffte, 
preo  kingess  off  J?att  illke  land 

Full  wel  itt  unnderrstodenn, 
^  wisstenn  witerrlij  J?3er})urrh 

patt  swillc  new  king  wass  awwnedd, 
patt  wass  so))  Godd  j  so})  mann  ec, 

An  had  off  twinne  kinde. 


All  f)iss  Jjejj  unnderrstodenn  wel 

FoiT  f)att  itt  Godd  hemm  u))e, 
*;)  comenn  samenn  alle  ))reo, 

^  settenn  hemm  bitwenenn, 
patt  illc  an  shollde  Jjrinne  lac 

Habbenn  wij?))  him  o  lade, 
J  tatt  tejj  sholldenn  farenn  forJ> 

To  lejjtenn  ^  to  sekenn 

*  Col.  87. 



patt  newe  king,  fatt  borenn  wass 

Amang  Judisskenn  |)eode. 
■]  sone  anan  Jiejj  forenn  for}> 

Illc  an  wifift  firinne  lakess, 
Forr  fiatt  ta  lakess  sholldenn  uss 

Well  mikell  god  bitacnena, 
■3  tejjre  steorme  wass  wifjf)  hemm 

To  ledenn  hemm  Jie  wejje, 
Forr  ajs  ilt  fl^t  upp  i  fie  lifft 

Biforenn  hemm  a  litell. 
To  taechenn  hemm  fiatt  wejje  rihht 

patt  ledde  hemm  towarrd  Ciiste . 
Ace  fra  J>att  Kalldewisshe  land, 

patt  tesf  fia  comeim  offe, 
Wass  mikell  wejje  till  jsatt  land 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne ; 
^  forr]>i  wass  hemm  ned  to  don 

God  fjrajhe  to  patt  wejje, 
Forr  rihht  onn  hiss  ))rittende  dajj 

pesj  comenn  till  J)att  chesstre, 
pffir  ure  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  lo  manne ; 
puss  wass  f)e  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Awwnedd  o  twinne  wise 
Fotrjjrihht  anan,  i  f)att  tatt  he 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 
Fotr  patt  menn  sholldenn  cnawenn  himm 

^  lofenn  himm  3  wurrpenn, 
■]  cumenn  till  pe  Crisstenndom 

]  lill  pe  rihhte  l^fe, 


^  winnenn  swa  to  cumenn  upp 
Till  heofennrichess  blisse. 

Her  endenn  twa  Goddspelless  f)uss, 
^  uss  birrf)  hemm  ]?urrhsekenn, 

To  lokenn  whatt  tejg  Iserenn  uss 
Ofif  ure  sawle  nede. 

FoiTj?rihht  anan  se  time  comm, 

patt  ure  Drihhtin  woUde 
Ben  borenn  i  J)iss  middellaerd 

Forr  all  mannkinne  nede, 
He  chaes  himm  sone  kinness  menu 

All  swillke  summ  he  wollde, 
;)  whser  he  wollde  borenn  ben 

He  chaes  all  att  hiss  wille. 
^,  alls  hiss  lefe  wille  wass, 

Hiss  moderr  Sannte  Marge 
Comm  rihht  inntill  J?att  illke  tun 

;)  till  f)att  illke  bottle, 
patt  he  wollde  inne  borenn  ben 

;)  awwnedd  her  onn  eorJ?e. 
^  forrf)i  J?att  maj^J^hadess  lif 

Iss  hejhesst  allre  life, 
Forrf>i  chaes  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

An  majgdenn  himm  to  moderr, 
Forr  J?att  he  lufej?]?  alle  J?a 

patt  soj?  claennesse  foUghenn. 

*  Col.  88. 


;j  forr  J>att  he  wass  borenn  her 

Sahhtnesse  ^  grij>})  to  settenn  3515 

Bitwenenn  Drihhtin,  heoffness  king, 

•]  mannkinn  her  onn  eorJ>e, 
Forrjji  chaes  he  to  wurrj>enn  mann 

O  J>att  Kejjseress  time, 
patt  held  wij>})  mikell  gri})J>  •]  frij>})  3520 

Hiss  kinedom  onn  eorbe. 
3  forr  J>att  he  wass  wurrjjenn  mann 

To  ^ifenn  menn  onn  eor})e 
Hiss  a^henn  halljhe  flsesh  3  blod. 

So})  braed  to  })ejjre  sawle,  3525 

Forr})i  chaes  he  })att  illke  tmi 

To  wurrj>enn  borenn  inne, 
patt  wass  jehatenn  BeJ>})leaem, 

ForrJ>i  J>att  itt  bitacnej?}) 
patt  hus  }7att  braed  iss  inne  don,  3530 

J  tatt  iss  Cristess  kirrke; 
Forr  Cristess  flaesh  ^  Cristess  blod 

Iss  hall^hedd  inn  hiss  kirrke, 
Forr  J>aer  to  wiirr})enn  lifess  braed 

Till  alle  Cristess  J>eowwess.  3535 

3  all  all  swa  se  ]7a  wass  sett 

purrh  ]>att  Kaseress  haese, 
patt  illc  mann  shollde  cumenn  ham 

Inntill  hiss  a^henn  birde, 
Forr  J>aer  to  reccnenn  till  J>e  king  3540 

An  peninng  forr  himm  sellfenn, 
3  tatt  mann  shollde  hiss  name  })aer 

Att  bame  o  write  settenn, 

122  ORMULUM. 

All  all  swa  bidde})]>  ure  king, 

pe  Laferrd  Crist  oflf  heffne,  i 

patt  illc  mann  shule  cumenn  ham 

Inntill  hiss  ajhenn  birde, 
patt  iss  inntill  rihht  Crisstenndom, 

•]  inntill  rihhte  laefe, 
Inntill  ]>att  so})fasstnessess  ham  3: 

patt  mann  wass  shapenn  inne, 
3  reccnenn  himm  ]>att  peninng  J>aer 

patt  tacnej?})  rihhtwisnesse ; 
■3  he  shall  writenn  alle  J>a 

patt  cwemmdenn  himm  o  life 
Onn  eche  lifess  bokess  writt, 

To  brukenn  heoffness  blisse. 
•3  ec  Jjurrh  })att  tatt  Josaep  conmi 

Wi})})  ure  laflfdij  Marje 
Till  Be)?)?le3em,  Davifjess  burrh, 
*  Forr  sillferr  J)3er  to  reccnenn 
Forr  Marje,  ^  forr  himm  sellfenn  ec, 

Affterr  jje  kingess  haese, 
purrh  )?att  we  mujhenn  sen  full  wel, 

patt  Jesuss  nohht  ne  wollde 
Ben  borenn  nowwhar  i  J>e  land, 

Butt  inn  hiss  ajhenn  birde; 
Forr  ure  lafifdij  Marje  wass 

patt  illke  kingess  mejhe, 
Forr  jho  wass  ofif  Davi)?ess  kinn 

patt  Drihhtin  wass  full  dere. 

•  Col.  89. 


]  hire  sune  wass  himm  lie 

O  fele  kinne  wise; 
Forr  Crist  wass  Strang  wijjj?  hannd  inoh 

To  werrpenn  dun  jje  deofell,  3575 

;j  Crist  wass  aefre  swillc  to  sen 

•]  a  beo})  butenn  ende, 
patt  gode  jeormdenn  himm  to  sen, 

:)  aefre  shulenn  jeormenn. 
3  tiss  iss  J>att  uss  opennlij  3580 

DaviJ)ess  name  tacnef?}?; 
Forr  itt  uss  tacnej?})  Strang  wij?)?  hannd 

•]  luffsumm  onn  to  lokenn, 
3  Crist  iss  ba})e- Strang  wi)?}?  hannd, 

•]  luffsumm  onn  to  lokenn.  3585 

3  Crist  iss  all  se  Davi})]>.  wass 

Shephirde,  3  king,  ^  kemmpe, 
Forr  Crist  iss  allre  kinge  King, 

3  alle  shaffte  Laferrd. 
;j  Davi})})  king  sloh  Goliat,  3590 

Haejjene  follkess  kemmpe, 
;j  Crist  band  uss  J>e  laj>e  gast. 

All  hellewaress  strennc)?e. 
;j  DaviJ>J>,  whanne  he  Jung  mann  wass, 

pa  wass  he  shepess  hirde,  3595 

3  Crist  iss  hirde  off  hise  shep. 

Off  hise  dere  jjeowwess. 
3  Crist  wass  hirde  god  inoh 

patt  jaff  hiss  ajhenn  sawle. 
To  lesenn  hise  shep  jjaerwi)?]?  3600 

Ut  off  })e  deofless  walde . 

124  ORMULUM. 

pa  gode  menn  ]>att  lufenn  Crist, 
3  hise  la^hess  haldenn, 

pejx  alle  sinndenn  Cristess  shep, 
Forr  })att  tejg  sinndenn  alle 

^ddmode  ^  meoke  -3  milde  menn, 
All  affterr  shepess  kinde. 

•3  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 
patt  time  ]>att  hiss  moderr  wass 

I  Jjeowwdom  unnderr  laferrd, 
patt  dide  he  forr  to  shaewenn  swa 

Unnsejjenndlij  meocnesse, 
To  taechenn  J>urrh  himm  sellfenn  swa, 

•]  jjurrh  hiss  halljhe  bisne, 
patt  juw  birr})  berenn  blijjelij 

peowwdom  ofif  jure  laferrd; 
■3  ec  forr  jjatt  he  woUde  swa 

purrh  hiss  fjeowwdom  utlesenn 
Off  deofless  fjeowwdom  die  J>a, 

patt  wel  himm  sholldenn  folljhenn. 
3  tatt  te  lafifdij  Marje  warrj) 
*  I  Nazaraejj  wi}?})  childe, 
J  tatt  jho  comm  ofif  Galileow 

Till  Be)?)?leaemess  chesstre, 
patt  time  )?att  jho  Jesu  Crist 

To  manne  shoUde  childenn, 

*  Col.  90. 



^^r                 HOMILIES. 


patt  iss  nu  fiUedd  illke  dajj 

pmrh  Jesn  Cristess  Jieowwess, 

Forr  Nazarie|)  onn  Ennglissh  iss 


Alls  iff  f)U  nemmne  blosstme, 

3  Galileo w  bitaciie];J>  wheoj, 

Swa  summ  sa^  boc  uss  kijiej))), 

^  Bejijiieaem  tacnef)f>  Jjatt  bus 

patt  lifess  broed  iss  inne, 


]  Godesa  jseowwess  blomenn  ajj 

Inn  alle  gode  fjEewess, 

Her  i  Jiiss  middellasrdess  lif 

part  ))urrb  \e.  wheol  iss  tacnedd. 

Forr  all  (liss  middellEerdess  |jing 


Aj3  Curmefjfi  her  ^j  wharrfefjjj 

Nu  upp,  nu  dun,  swa  summ  fie  wheol, 

^  nobbt  ne  stannt  itt  stilJc . 

]  Crisiess  Jjcowwess  353  occ  a^j 

Forrhojhenn  ]  forrwerrpenn 


All  weorelldshipess  fule  lusst. 

-\  alle  fule  )>jewess, 

1  cumenn  ut  off  Galileow 

Casllike  0  swillke  wise, 

^  cutnenn  inntill  Bef)>lejenj, 


patt  tacnet>l>  Cristess  kirrke. 

patt  Cristess  fl^sh  0  Cristess  blod 

pc  sawle  brasd  iss  inne . 

^  Jesu  Crist  iss  borenn  peer 

Swa  summ  itt  wa;re  off  moderr, 


purrh  fiatt  tatt  hisc  peowwess  pEr 


Wipp  speU  off  Godess  lar« 




126  ORMULUM. 

Don  Isewedd  folic  to  sen  summ  del, 
^  don  hemm  tunnderrstanndenn, 

patt  Crist  iss  Godd,  *]  Crist  iss  mann, 
An  had  off  twinne  kinde . 

ForrJ>rihht  anan  se  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  borenn  off  hiss  moderr, 
gho  wand  himm  sone  i  winndeclSt, 

■3  lejjde  himm  inn  an  cribbe.  i^i 

Ace  uss  birr]>  witenn  J>att  he  warrj>, 

All  wi})})  hiss  a^henn  wille, 
Unnorne  ^  wrecche  ^  usell  child 

Inn  lire  mennisscnesse, 
Forr  J>att  he  wollde  inn  heoffness  aerd        3^7^ 

Uss  alle  makenn  riche. 
•3  he  jjatt  all  })iss  middellaerd 

Onn  alle  wise  shride]?}>, 
He  wollde  wimdenn  ben  forr  uss 
*  I  wrecche  winndeclutess,  3^75 


Forr  J)att  he  wollde  shridenn  uss 

Wif)})  heofennlike  waede. 
^  he  )?att  all  })iss  weorelld  shop 

•]  alle  shaffte  stere)?}?, 
He  let  himm  ba}?e  bindenn  her 

Wi)?}>  bandess  fet  3  hande, 
Forr  )?att  he  wollde  unnbindenn  uss 

Off  hellepiness  bandess . 

♦  Col.  91. 



3  heofihe  -\  lifft  ■]  land  ]  see 

WifjJ)  Goddcnnndnesse  filleji}) 
patt  illke  child,  tatt  tcer  wass  lejjd 

Inn  an  fuU  nam  cribbe, 
Forr  J)alt  he  wollde  jifenn  uss 

All  heoffness  rume  riche  . 
■J  he  fjatt  fedefi])  ennglefieod 

•^  alle  cwike  shaffte, 
He  lajs  all,  alls  hiss  wille  wass, 

Biforcnn  asse  i  cribbe, 
Swa  summ  he  wsere  jifenn  himm 

To  wuirjienn  himm  to  fode, 
Forr  })att  he  wollde  brinngenn  uss 

Upp  inn  till  heoffness  blisse, 
]  jifenn  us3  himm  sellfenn  Jj^r 

Wij^f)  enngless  cche  fode . 
puss  Godess  Sune,  Allmahhtij  Godd, 

Wass  wrecche  mann  onn  eorjie, 
Forr  swa  to  brinngenn  manntinn  onn 

To  jeornenn  affterr  litcU, 
Forr  f>a«  he  lufef!]?  alle  ])a 

patt  hise  lajhess  haldenn, 
■3  lufenn,  forr  jie  lufe  off  himm. 

To  libbenn  her  onn  eorf)e 
Full  wrecchelike  inn  uselldoin 

Off  raetess  ■]  off  clajjess . 
■J  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  lejjd  inn  asse  cribbe, 
pait  tacne]jj»  uss,  Jjatt  he  comm  her 

To  wurrj>enn  mann  onn  eor()e 

128  ORMULUM. 

Wi})})  mannkinn  }>att  wass  stunnt,  ^  diU, 

^  skiUlaes  swa  summ  asse. 
3  asse-})ohh  itt  litell  be, 

Itt  hafej>})  mikell  afell 
To  berenn  upp  well  mikell  saem, 

giflf  mann  itt  doJ>  jjaeronne . 
3  swa  wass  neh  all  folic  })att  da^ 

patt  Crist  comm  her  to  manna, 
Neh  all  itt  wass  }>a  Strang  inoh 

To  })eowwtenn  laj>e  gastess, 
To  berenn  upp  })att  laj>e  saem, 

To  don  alle  J>ejjre  wille. 
3  })urrh  })att  Godd  wass  wurrj>enn  mann 

Forr  ure  miccle  nede, 
purrh  J?att  wass  he,  J>att  witt  tu  wel. 

All  wi)?J?  hiss  lefe  wille 
Ni)>J?redd  •]  wannsedd  ^vomnderrlij, 
*  :|  lajhedd  inn  himm  seUfenn, 
Forr  o  ]?att  hallf  ]?att  he  wass  mann, 

Mann  mihhte  himm  fon  ^  pinenn 
Wi})})  hat  •]  kald,  wi})})  nesshe  ^  harrd, 

Wi})})  pine  off  })risst  ■]  hunngerr, 
3  cwellenn  himm  mann  mihhte  wel 

Inn  ure  mennisscnesse . 
•3  Godd  wass  wurr})enn  swa  forr  uss 

Jet  lasse  })ann  an  enngell; 
Forr  mann  ne  majj  nohht  enngell  sec 

Ne  tSikenn  himm  ne  bindenn, 

•  Col.  92. 

HOMILIES,  ^  1 29 

Ne  pinenn  himm,  ne  cwellenn  himm, 

Forr  he  ne  deje}?})  naefre. 
Ace  Drihhtin  Godd  warr}>  her  forr  jje 

gSt  lasse  J>ann  hiss  enngell,  3745 

•]  lah^hre  inoh,  forr})i  J>att  he 

pe  wollde  jifenn  bisne, 
patt  te  birr})  ajj  J>e  sellfenn  her 

purrh  so]>  meocnesse  la^heniiy 
3  laetenn  swi})e  unnornelij  375® 

•]  litell  off  J>e  sellfenn . 

patt  hirdess  wokenn  o  })att  nahht 

patt  Crist  "wass  borenn  onne, 
patt  wass  swa  summ  hiss  wille  wass, 

Forr  })att  itt  shoUde  tacnenn  3755 

patt  he  forrjji  wass  wurr)>enn  mann, 

Forr  J>att  he  wollde  sammnenn 
An  flocc  off  menn  till  Crisstenndom, 

J  till  )>e  rihhte  laefe, 
patt  sholldenn  wurrjjenn  hise  shep  3760 

purrh  heore  unnshaj>ijnesse, 
;j  sholldenn  habbenn  oferr  hemm 

Bisscopess,  preostess,  daecness; 
Forr  J>att  tejj  sholldenn  hirdess  ben 

To  jemenn  hemm  •]  gaetenn,  3765 

3  ec  forr  )>att  he  wollde  ben 

Himm  sellf  utnumenn  hirde, 
Swa  J>att  he  wollde  hiss  ajhenn  lif 

Forr  hise  shep  forrlaetenn. 
^t.  I.  N 

130  ORMULUM. 

patt  Godess  enngell  comm  o  nihht, 

Swa  summ  ]>e  Goddspell  ki})e]7]>, 
To  spekenn  wij?})  })a  wakemenn 

patt  wokenn  heore  faldess, 
J  tatt  he  comm  })att  nihht  till  hemm 

Wijjjj  heofFness  lihht  ■]  leome, 
•]  tatt  tejj  waeremi  forr  J>att  lihht, 

3  forr  J>att  emagless  sihh]7e, 
Forrdredde  swij>e  fasste  anan, 

Swa  summ  \t  Goddspell  ki]?e]?}), 
•3  ec  J)att  Godess  enngell  toe 

To  frofrenn  hemm  wi}?})  worde, 
*  All  })att  wass  don  })urrh  Jesu  Crist 

Forr  mikell  })ing  to  tacnenn. 
Itt  tacne})]?  uss  )>att  ure  Godd 

Well  ofFte  sennde})})  enngless 
Inntill  ]7iss  middellserd,  tatt  iss 

All  full  off  fjeosstermesse, 
patt  iss  off  all  })att  ifell  iss 

Inn  alle  kinne  sinne . 
Itt  tacnej?}>  J)att  he  sennde]?}>  hemm 

Inntill  )?iss  )?eosstermesse, 
To  frofrenn  J)a  jjatt  wakenn  wel 

Onnjgeness  lajje  gastess, 
^  stanndenn  inn  to  shildenn  hemm 

Fra  deofless  swikedomess. 
^  all  }?att  flocc  J)att  hemm  iss  set 

To  jemenn  -^  to  gsetenn, 


*  Col.  93. 



^^V              HOMILIES. 


To  frofrenn  swillke  sennde]!{>  Gotid 

EnnglesB  3  halljhe  sawless, 

I  ass  I'^SS  cumenn  dun  till  {ja 



Wijtjj  heoffness  lihht  ]  leome, 


patl  iss  wifjfi  wilt  *]  god  innsihht 


Inn  alle  kinne  jjinge. 



Forr  Drihhtin  "s^ey^  her  hiss  fieoww 



God  witi,  ■]  mahht,  ]  wiUe, 



To  ataimdenn  j^n  f)e  lajje  gast 


-\  x^n  ali  >att  he  l3ere()|i . 


Ace  azx  t«5X  sinndeno  fjohh  swa  Jiehb 


Well  swi]je  sare  offdredde 


Off  domess  dajess  starrke  dom. 



■]  off  J«  Demese  irre. 



All  all  swa  Bumm  j^a  w5kem«nn 



Well  swijje  offdredde  wierenii 



Off  heoffness  brihhte  lihhl  ^   leom, 


]  off  [jalt  enngless  sihhfiej 



Ace  hihht  -y  hope  0  Drihhdii  Godd 


1  onn  hiss  mildheorrtnesae, 



patt  rrofrejjlj  hemm  ]  beolde)>l>  hemm 



To  foll^henn  Godess  lare, 



To  fandenn,  jiff  Jjejs  mujhenn  swa 

,..=  1 


pe  Demess  arc  winnenn . 


^  tatt  wass  uss  Wtacnedd  wel 



purrfi  ()aU  tall  Godess  enngeU 


Toe  sonc  anan  wififi  aiildc  word 


pa  waketnenn  to  frofrenn. 



Forr  Jjatl  he  wisste  wel  Jjatc  tejj 


1        Off  himm  forrdredde  wrerern; 



132  ORMULUM. 

Forr  Godess  enngell  frofre})})  mann, 

3iff  ]>att  he  seo})  himm  faeredd ; 
Forr  Godess  enngell  iss  full  meoc, 

^  soffte,  ;j  milde,  ^  blij>e, 
3  deofell  iss  all  full  off  nij>, 

*]  full  off  grammcunndnesse, 
3  full  off  hete  towarrd  mann, 

3  full  off  modijnesse, 
3  Jiff  he  seo}>  }>e  mann  forrdredd. 

He  wile  himm  skerrenn  mare, 
-3  raefenn  hinun  hiss  rihhte  witt, 

■3  shetenn  inn  hiss  heorrte. 
*  Ace  whas  itt  iss  J>att  waepnedd  iss 

Wi}))>  fulle  trowwJ>e  o  Criste, 
pohh  J>att  he  grisslij  deofell  seo, 

Niss  he  rihht  nohht  fonfaeredd. 
patt  enngell  sejjde  J>att  he  wass 

pa  cumenn  forr  to  ki]>enn, 
O  Godess  hallfe,  })3er  till  hemm 

An  swi)>e  mikell  blisse, 
patt  shoUde  ben  till  all  J>e  folic; 

patt  sejjde  he  forr  J>att  tanne 
Wass  cumenn  i  jjiss  middellaerd 

Full  mikell  blisse  -^  sellj>e, 
Till  alle  f)a  ]?att  shoUdenn  wel 

O  Godess  Sune  lefenn, 
O  Jesu  Crist  tatt  borenn  wass 

patt  illke  nahht  to  manne. 

*  Col.  94. 


He  sejjde  J>att  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne 
Nohht  o  })e  nahht,  ace  o  J>e  dajj, 

Forr  mikell  })ing  to  tacnenn; 
Forr  dajjess  lihht  bitaenef)J>  uss  3860 

All  eehe  lifess  blisse, 
3  nahht  bitacne]>}>  all  }>att  wa 

patt  iss  inn  hellepine. 
3  Crist  wass  borenn  i  J>iss  lif 

To  lesenn  uss  oflf  helle,  3865 

Forr  J>att  he  woUde  jifenn  uss 

Wi})})  enngless  eehe  blisse. 
3  tatt  wass  uss  bitacnedd  ec 

purrh  })att,  tatt  Godess  enngell 
Wass  awwnedd  till  J>a  wakemenn  3870 

Wi})J>  heo£fness  lihht  -^  leome; 
Forr  Godess  Sune  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  wurr}>enn  mann  onn  eorJ>e, 
To  jifenn  heoflfness  lihht  •]  leom 

patt  folic  J>att  shollde  himm  folljhenn.      3875 

patt  Godd  Allmahhtij  wurrfjenn  wass 

^ung  child  inn  ure  kinde, 
3  wrecche  child  off  wrecche  kinn, 

patt  do)?  uss  tunnderrstanndenn 
patt  uss  birr}?  mikell  lufenn  Crist,  3880 

•]  lofenn  himm  j  wurr]?enn, 
Off  })att  he  wollde  himm  sellfenn  swa 

Forr  ure  lufe  lajhenn, 

134  ORMULUM. 

J  off  jjatt  he  warr)>  wrecche  mann 

Forr  uss  to  makenn  riche, 
Wi]7]>  enngless  upp  inn  heoffness  aerd, 

Wijjjjutenn  ende  i  blisse. 
Annd  }>uiTh  ]>att,  tatt  tser  awwnedd  w; 

An  here  off  Grodess  enngless, 
patt  time  J>att  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 
purrh  }>att  wass  uss  don  ])8er  full  wel 

To  sen  3  tunnderrstanndenn, 
patt  enngless  stanndenn  ajj  occ  ajj 

To  lofenn  Godd  ■]  wurr]?enn. 
*  3  )?urrh  )>att  illke  wass  uss  ec 

Don  full  wel  tunnderrstanndenn, 
patt  uss  birr})  lofenn  Drihhtin  a^ 

Wif)})  innwarrd  heontess  tunge, 
3  ))annkenn  himm  })att  miccle  god 

patt  he  do}>  uss  onn  eorJ>e. 
•3  }?urrh  ))att  illke  wass  uss  ec 

Don  full  wel  tunnderrstanndenn, 
patt  Crist,  all  enngle}?eode  king, 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 
Alls  iff  he  jaen  )>e  la)>e  gast 

WiJ?}>  here  wollde  fihhtenn, 
To  winnenn  Adam  -3  hiss  kinn 

Ut  off  ))e  deofless  walde, 
J  settenn  enngless  oferr  hemm 

To  jemenn  hemm  3  gaetenn, 

*  Col.  95. 


^H                HOMILIES, 

13;  ^^H 

^  forr  to  shUdenn  hemm  onnjasn 


pe  deofless  lafie  wiless. 


Anud  Godess  enngless  wrerenn  })a 


WeU  swijie  glade  wurr>enn 

.19'.^    ^^H 

Off  Jiatt,  talt  Godd  wass  wurrjjenn  mann, 


Forr  j)att  lej^  wisstenn  allc, 


Patt  lejsre  genge  ahollde  ben 


Wifjf.  gode  sawless  ekedd, 


1  wuiT|>edd  ec,  -\  ail  forrfji 

3<)20        ^^^H 

pejs  wserenn  swifjc  blijie, 


]  all  forr[)i  fiejj  sungenn  ];a 


piss  sang  wi{)()  mikell  bliss«, 


Si  Drilihtin  upp  inn  heoffness  serd 


Wurrjisiiipe,  ]  ioff,  ]  wullderr, 

.V)'5    ^^^H 

-\  upponn  eor)>e  gri»  -y  frijifi, 


purrh  Godess  mildlieorrtnesse, 


Till  iwliiilc  mann  {latt  habbenn  shall 


God  iieorne  ■]  ajj  god  wilie , 


piss  suncenn  fiess,  foiT]>i  jiact  1655 

.19.1°  ^^^^1 

Full  wel  jjser  unnderrslodenn, 


patl  lejjre  genge  sholSde  ben 


purrh  halljhe  sawless  ekedd, 


purrh  whatt  biforenn  Drihhlin  Godd, 


giff  patt  itt  waxenn  mihhte, 

v-m   ^^^^k 

Wurr])shipe  3  wuUderr  shollde  ben, 


Sua  suram  itt  waxenn  ware, 


]  ec  forr  [latt  tejj  wisstenn  wel 


patt  Godd  comm  her  to  raamie, 


Forr  {latt  he  wollde  %r.\\  ^  frijif) 

;.'N0    ^^H 

■]  soj"  sahhtnesse  settenn 




136  ORMULUM. 

Bitwenenn  Drihhtin,  heoffness  king, 

-]  mannkinn  her  onn  toi}ptj 
patt  mannkinn  shollde  mu^henn  wel 

Upp  cumenn  inntill  heoffne, 
patt  heoffness  here  mihhte  swa 

purrh  hall^he  sawless  waxenn, 
purrh  whatt  biforenn  Drihhtin  Godd 

Wurrf)shipe  waxenn  shollde, 
J^iff  f>att  himm  mihhte  waxenn  ohht 

*]  wurrf)enn  bettre  *]  mare, 
patt  grif)f)  wass  sett  till  alle  f)a, 

Swa  summ  }>e  Goddspell  kif)ej>}>, 
*  patt  sholldenn  wurrf)enn  gode  menn, 

-^  habbenn  ajj  god  wille 
Till  f)a  f)att  sholldenn  unnderrfon 

WiJ?f)  blisse  Cristess  come, 
^  nohht  till  J?a  f)att  sholldenn  himm 

Forrhojhenn  ^  forrwerrpenn; 
Fori  niss  nohht  Godess  grij?]?  wif)f)  f)a 

patt  wi]?J?renn  Godd  onnjaeness, 
Ace  hellewawenn  iss  till  f)a 

All  affterr  J^e^jre  wrihhte. 
^  her  mann  unnderrstanndenn  ma^, 

Whillc  mann  iss  Drihhtin  cweme,  39^ 

patt  illke  mann  iss  Drihhtin  lef 

patt  hafeJ)J?  gode  wille; 
Forr  whase  itt  iss  f>att  illke  mann 

patt  hafef)f)  ajj  god  wille, 

*  Col.  96. 


patt  illke  mann  ne  sinnjhejjj?  nohht,  3970 

Ne  gilltef)f)  hise  J?annkess, 
Ne  towarrd  Godd,  ne  towarrd  mann, 

Jiflf  )>att  he  maj^  himm  lokenn . 
J  jifF  Jjatt  iss  f)att  he  missdoj? 

Onn  anij  kinne  wise,  3975 

Itt  reowe]?]?  himm,  "3  sone  anan 

He  stannt  itt  inn  to  betenn. 

patt  Godess  enngell  comm  o  nahht 

Wif)J>  heoflfness  lihht  onn  eor}>e, 
patt  tacnef)f)  J^att  tiss  middellaerd  39^0 

Wass  full  off  Jjeossterrnesse, 
purrh  illkess  kinness  haef)enndom 

Inn  iwhillc  unnclaennesse, 
patt  time  f)att  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne,  3985 

To  jifenn  heoflfness  lihht  ^  leom 

patt  folic  f)att  shollde  himm  cwemenn . 
3  tatt  tatt  enngell  nohht  ne  comm 

Till  kingess  ne  till  eoriess, 
Ne  till  f>att  laj)e  riche  flocc  399° 

patt  folljhej))?  modijnesse, 
patt  do]?  uss  tunnderrstanndenn  wel 

patt  Drihhtin  Godd  forrwerrpe]?]? 
All  modijlejjc,  -3  gredi^lessc, 

3  irre,  ^  gluterrnesse,  3995 

3  all  f)att  folljhef)J?  horedom 

3  swikedom  onn  eorJ?e, 


patt  mann  ma^  findenn  allre  mast 

I  )?a  )?att  sinndenn  riche . 
patt  Godess  enngell  awwnedd  wass 

In  aness  weress  hewe, 
patt  wass  forrjji  ]>att  enngell  majj, 

WiJ?J?  hiss  Drihhtiness  wille, 
Himm  awwnenn  alls  he  waere  a  mann 

I  manness  limess  alle, 
I  bodij  ]?att  he  do]?  himm  inn 

Off  heofennlike  kinde. 
^  Godd  wij)f)  enngless  jife  uss  I 

To  brukenn  heffness  blisse. 


•  •  •  •  •  • 

t  ;j  forrJ?i  wass  itt  upponn  himm 

purrh  Drihhtin  firrst  bigunnenn, 
Forr  J^att  itt  shollde  ben  onn  himm 

Till  himm  full  witerr  tSkenn, 
patt  he  wass  Drihhlin  swijje  lef 

purrh  trowwjjess  rihhtwisnesse . 
;]  itt  wass  ec  f)urrh  Drihhtin  sett 

To  wurrj?enn  himm  to  takenn, 
patt  Drihhtin  hafFde  jifenn  himm 

Swillc  blettcinng  -^  swillc  sellf)e, 
patt  he  wijjf)  all  hiss  rihhte  streon, 

patt  shollde  hiss  trowwj^e  folljhenn, 
A  butenn  ende  shollde  ben 

WiJ?]?  Godd  inn  heofFness  blisse . 

*  Coll.  97 — 104  wanting.  f  Col.  105. 

HOMILIES.  1 39 

^  itt  wass  sett  Jjuirh  Godd  onn  himm, 

Forr  |?att  itt  shollde  himm  tacnenn,  4025 

patt  alle  ]7a  ]>att  sholldenn  himm 

Wijjjj  trowwJ?e  *]  dede  foUjhenn, 
Well  jeome  birrdenn  clennsenn  hemm 

I  bodij  ;)  i  sawle, 
Jiff  ]?att  tejj  woUdenn  habbenn  lott  4030 

Wif)f)  himm  inn  eche  blisse. 
3  itt  wass  sett  onn  himm  J?urrh  Godd, 

Forr  J)att  itt  shollde  himm  tacnenn, 
patt  Godess  Sune  Jesu  Crist 

To  manne  cumenn  shollde,  4035 

J  wurrjjenn  borenn  off  hiss  kinn 

Inn  ure  mennisscnesse, 
To  clennsenn  her  f)urrh  Crisstenndom, 

purrh  fuUuhht,  ^  Jjurrh  laefe, 
An  flocc  J?att  shollde  lufenn  himm  4040 

•3  hise  lajhess  haldenn, 
patt  shollde  risenn  upp  off  daej> 

O  domess  dajj,  J?att  wise 
patt  tanne  shollde  itt  lesedd  ben 

Fra  daej?ess  jocc  Jjurrh  Criste,  4045 

;)  all  Jjweorrt  ut  ben  clennsedd  ta 

Off  flaeshess  unntmmmnesse, 
Swa  f)att  itt  shollde  ben  wi]?]?  Crist 

A  butenn  ende  i  blisse. 
3  itt  wass  ec  ]?urrh  Drihhtin  sett,  4050 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  soj^e, 
Forr  }>att  itt  shollde  clennsenn  hemm 

Off  all  Adamess  sinne. 

140  ORMULUM. 

All  all  se  fulluhht  clennsef)}>  nu 

pa  ]7att  itt  uimderrfanngenn . 
Forr  all  swa  sejjde  Drihhtin  ]>a 

Till  f)att  Judisskenn  J?eode, 
All  swa  summ  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

Sejjde  till  hise  J>eowwess, 
Affterr  f>att  he  wass  wurrf)eim  mann 

*]  space  wij)f)  menn  onn  eor]>e. 
Forr  }>anne  sejjde  Drihhtin  f)uss 

Till  f)att  Judisskenn  J>eode; 
patt  illke  mann,  wha  snmm  itt  iss, 

Amang  weppmanne  genge, 
patt  ummbeshorenn  onn  hiss  shapp 

Ne  reckejjf)  nohht  to  wurrjjenn, 
patt  illke  mann,  wha  summ  itt  iss, 

Forrdo]?  hiss  ajhenn  sawle. 
^  ure  Laferrd  sejjde  J)uss 

Till  J>att  Judisskenn  f>eode, 
Aflfterr  f)att  he  wass  cumenn  her 

"3  wurrj>enn  mann  onn  eor]?e ; 
*  Wha  summ  itt  iss  J)att  mann,  f)att  niss 

Nohht  off  to  wurrjjenn  fullhtnedd, 
Ne  majx  f)att  mann,  wha  summ  itt  iss, 

Nohht  cumenn  inntill  heofFne. 
Nu  mihht  tu  sen  Jjatt  ta  wass  sett 

Amang  Judisskenn  ]?eode 
To  wurrj?enn  ummbeshorenn,  swa 

To  clennsenn  hemm  off  sinne, 

•  Col.  io6. 

^^m                HOMILIES. 

141       ^^J 

All  swa  sumin  nu  iss  sell  to  ben 


Fullhtnedd,  to  dillshetm  sinne. 


pes5  ummbeshierenn  fejjre  shapp, 


Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shiewedd, 

4°S5      ^^H 

A  liteU  off  l>e  feU  awess 


Biforenn  all  abutenn, 


Swa  summ  ill  baffde  Drihhtin  sell 


Onn  Abrahamess  lime . 


^  Abraham  itt  toe  onn  himni, 

40'p          1 

-^  ec  onn  hise  chUldre, 


]  ec  onn  all  )jatt  weppmannkinn 


patt  wass  inn  hise  walde ; 


^  itt  wass  baldenn  sijjpenn  355 


Anan  till  Cristess  come, 


Amang  Jiatt  Judewissbe  folic 


patt  Crist  wass  borenn  offe. 


■}  forr  fe  maj^dennchild  wass  sell 


purrh  DrihhtJD,  fiatt  mann  shoUdc 


Oifrenn  onn  allterr  hire  lac, 


To  clennsenn  hire  ~\  lesenn 


Off  })att  missdede  Jjatt  wass  don 


purrh  Adam  ^  ]jurrb  Eve ; 


Forr  ))att  wass  sett  Jjurrh  Drihhtin  jsa 


Amang  Judiss'^enn  feode 

4103    ^^^1 

To  clip  pen  n  swa  fc  cnapess  shapp, 


;)  tofftenn  lac  forr  majsdenn, 


Forr  f>au  itt  shoUde  lesenn  hemm 


Ot  off  Adamess  sinne  ; 


■]  all  se  mikell  hallp  ill  hemm 

4'<a                     1 

\         To  clennsenn  hemm  off  sinne. 


k.       . 


142  ORMULUM. 

Alls  uss  do}>  o  )>iss  time  nu 

pe  fuUuhht  unnderr  Criste. 
Ace  nohht  ne  mihht  itt  oppnenn  hemm 

pe  ^ate  o£f  heo£fness  blisse;  4115 

Forr  Crist  nass  nohht  ^et  cumenn  jxi 

Ne  wurrjjenn  mann  onn  eorJ>e, 
patt  shollde  itt  oppnenn  }?iirrh  hiss  dae]? 

Jsen  alle  gode  sawless. 
Forr  swa  }>e  firrste  manness  da^  4"<^ 

Anan  till  Cristess  rode 
Wass  Paradisess  jate  spend 

Jsen  all  mannkinn  onn  eoij)e, 
Ace  itt  wass  efft  J>urrh  Cristess  daj? 

Oppnedd  jaen  gode  sawless,  4"5 

38£n  }?a  )>att  t^enn  Crisstenndom 
*  3  endenn  wel  jTaerinne . 
patt  cnif  wass,  }>att  witt  tu  full  wel, 

Oflf  Stan,  3  nohht  off  irenn, 
patt  hemm  wass  to  }?att  wikenn  sett  '♦^^*' 

purrh  Godd  Allmahhti^  sellfenn, 
Forr  tummbesherenn  shapp  J)aerwi)>j> 

Off  J>e^re  cnapechilldre, 
Forr  to  bitacnenn  uss  }?aerj>urrh 

Swillc  }>ing  oflf  ure  nede,  ^'^ 

patt  uss  •]  all  Crisstene  jjeod 

BirrJ?  fiUenn  all  "j  forjjenn. 
Forr  f)e  birr}?  ummbesherenn  her 

Awejj  all  fra  }?in  wille 

*  Col.  107. 



All  jjatt  tatt  sefre  iss  Drihhlin  laf), 

I  fjohhi,  i  word,  i  dede ; 
-\  te  birrf)  clippenn  itt  awesj 

purrh  Stan ;  ■]  tail  bitacne])^, 
patt  le  birr])  alle  sinness  flen 

Forr  sojifasst  lufe  o  Criste. 
Forr  Crist  wass  tacnedd  jjurrh  fiatt  stan, 

patt  witt  W  wel  to  sofie, 
Forr  Crist  iss  Strang  ^  siedefasst 

~\  findij  ■]  unnfakenn, 
-\  iefre  he  wass,  ^  sefre  he  beojj, 

An  allfuUfremedd  helipe 
Till  alle  jia  {lalt  cwemmdetin  himm, 

]  tatt  himm  shulenn  cwemenn . 

pejj  ummbeshierenn  Cristess  shapp, 

Swa  summ  f>e  boc  hemm  tahhte, 
Rihht  o  fiatt  dajj  [latt  he  wass  her 

Off  ehhte  dajhess  elde, 
Forr  to  bitacnenn  o])eiT  whatt 

patt  uss  iss  ned  to  troww«nn, 
Swa  )jali  itt  mujhe  ^ergenn  uss 

To  berrjhenn  ure  sawle. 
giff  )>u  )ie  sellf  wel  nitnesst  gom, 

pu  aest  ^  unnderrstanndesst, 
patt  all  fiss  raiddcllairdess  Hf 

Bi  seofTne  dajhess  eomejjj) 
pe  sexe  dajbess  sette  Godd 

HisB  ibUc  to  )K22re  wcrrhcsSt 

144  ORMULUM. 

pe  sefennde,  }>e  lattste  da^j, 

He  sette  \>t%%xa  to  resste; 
3  itt  iss  nemmnedd  Sabbatumm 

Amang  Judisskenn  lede; 
3  itt  iss  ajj  heh  messedajj 
^  Att  here  wukess  ende. 

;)  jifF  J)u  tunrnesst  Sabbatumm 

Inntill  Ennglisshe  spaeche, 
Itt  sejxj?  f)att  itt  iss  Resstedajj 

Off  all  |?ewwlike  dede, 
To  don  uss  tunnderrstanndemi  wel, 

patt  uss  birrf)  wel  uss  jemenn 
O  messedajj  ^  illke  dajj 

All  fra  f)ewwlike  dede, 
patt  iss,  fra  sinnfull  word  3  werrc, 

Fra  sinnfull  J)ohht  3  wille, 
giff  J>att  we  wilenn  cwemenn  Godd,  . 

^  addlenn  hefFness  blisse. 
pe  sefFnde  dajj  iss  Resstedajj, 

Swa  summ  ice  hafe  shaewedd, 
AfFterr  ]?att  tatt  te  wuke  ga)> 

Amang  Judisskenn  lede, 
3  tacnej?):>  all  f>att  resste  3  ro 

patt  halljhe  sawless  brukenn 
Inn  o}?err  werelld,  i  )?iss  fresst, 

Whil  f)att  tiss  werelld  lasste}?]?. 
Nu  seost  tu  wel  f)att  all  f)iss  lif 

Bi  seoffne  dajhess  eornejjj? . 
pehhtennde  dajj  beoj?  Domess  dajj, 

pann  all  mannkinn  shall  risenn 


Off  cUe]je,  ]  cumenn  to  Jje  dom, 

-\  takenn  f'ejjre  mede; 
^  whase  Jianoe  wurrjjij  beo^ 

To  takenn  eche  biisse. 
He  beoj;  all  ummbeshorenn  jia. 

Swa  fJweiTt  ut  wel  wi}j}>  alle, 
]  clennsedd  all  jjwerrt  ill  swa  wel 
*  Off  iwhillc  imnclEBimesse, 
palt  Dfefre  ma  ne  shall  he  ben 

O  nane  wise  filedd, 
Ace  S  wijjjjutenn  ende  he  shall 

Wi)j}j  enngless  ben  i  biisse . 
^  jure  preostess  feowwtenn  nu 

Biforenn  Godeas  allterr. 
Off  illc  an  mikell  messedB^s 

Aj5  ehhte  dajhess  fulle, 
To  lacnenn  swa  {>alt  halljhe  lid, 

patt  Cristess  folic  shall  brukenn 
Wi)3jj  enngless  affterr  Domess  dajj 

A  butenn  ende  i  biisse . 
■^  all  swa  summ  (jesj  settenn  ])a 

pe  name  o  jjejjre  chilldre, 
pall  dajs  [)att  lej;  fie  cnapechild 

Hiss  shapp  himm  ummbe&hserenn, 
]  latt  dajs,  )>att  forr  maj^dennchild 

Wass  offredd  lac  Onn  allterr, 
AU  swa  l^in  child  biss  name  onofo]> 

palt  daj3  fatt  itt  iss  fullhhtnedd. 

146  ORMULUM. 

pejj  ummbeshaerenn  Cristess  shapp 

All  alls  himm  sellf  itt  wollde, 
3  he  wass  o  f)att  illke  dajj 

Oflf  ehhte  dajhess  elde; 
;)  tatt  da^x  iss  New  Jeress  dajj 

Mang  Eimglejjeode  nemmnedd. 
;)  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist, 

patt  all  wass  clene  off  sinne, 
Toe  onn  hiss  ajhenn  bodij  swa 

patt  aide  follkess  hellpe, 
patt  hemm  wass  sett  Jjurrh  Drihhtin  })a 

To  clennsenn  hemm  off  sinne, 
patt  dide  he  forr  he  wollde  swa 

Uss  alle  ^ifenn  bisne, 
patt  uss  birrf),  affterr  ure  mahht, 

Ajj  stanndenn  inn  to  foll^henn 
All  J>att  uss  hafe}?]?  Drihhtin  sett 

Till  ure  sawless  hellpe. 
^  tatt  tejj  ummbeshaerenn  swa 

pe  shapp  off  cnapechilldre, 
patt  wass  hemm  swa  J^urrh  Drihhtin  sett, 

Forr  ]?att  itt  shollde  tacnenn, 
patt  uss  birrf)  clippenn  all  awejj 

pe  flseshess  fule  wille, 
patt  allre  werrst  ^  allre  mast 

WerdeJjJ?  f>e  wrecche  sawle, 
purrh  all  Jjatt  fele  kinne  gillt 

patt  i  J)a  limess  rixslej?]?, 
I  weppmenn  ^  i  wifmenn  ec, 

Inn  junge,  "3  ec  inn  aide. 


pejj  ummbeshaerenn  Cristess  shapp 

Wif)J?  Stan  forr  cnifess  ^%%ty 
^  he  wass  o  J>att  illke  dajj 

Jesus  bi  name  nemmnedd, 
All  aflfterr  J>att  itt  cwiddedd  wass  4260 

purrh  Gabriael  hehenngell, 
*  Biforenn  |?att  he  cumenn  was§ 

I  Sannte  Marjess  wambe. 
3  wel  J?att  enngell  se^jde  whi 

He  shoUde  swa  ben  nemmnedd ;  4265 

He  sejjde  }>att  he  shoUde  ben 

Jesus  bi  name  nemmnedd, 
Forr  f)att  he  shollde  hiss  ajhenn  folic 

Haelenn  off  sinnes^  wunde; 
Forr  Jesuss  o  Grictisshe  mal  4270 

Onn  Ennglissh  iss  Haelennde. 
3  Crist  iss  nemmnedd  swif)e  rihht 

Haelennde  onn  Ennglissh  spaeche; 
Forr  he  comm  her  to  laechenn  uss 

Off  all  |?att  dsejjess  wunde,  4275 

patt  Adam  haffde  ^ifenn  uss 

purrh  hiss  unnherrsummnesse . 
Forr  }>aerto  comm  J>e  Laferrd  Crist 

To  wurrj>enn  mann  onn  eor|?e, 
Forr  |?att  he  wollde  lesenn  menn  42 So 

Ut  off  )>e  deofless  walde, 
purrh  f)att  he  wollde  Jjolenn  daej> 

WiJ?f)Utenn  hise  wrihhte, 

*  Col.  109. 
o  2 

148  ORMULUM. 

^  turmenn  menn  till  Crissteimdom 

3  till  }?e  rihhte  laefe,  4385 

3  fullhtnenn  hemm,  -^  clennsenn  hemm 

Off  all  Adamess  sinne, 
patt  haffde  ben  till  all  mannkinn 

Full  grimme  da&)7ess  wunde; 
Forr  }?urrh  Adamess  gilltess  diiint  4290 

Wass  all  mannkinn  }>u]Thwimdeddy 
J  fallenn  inn  till  eche  dae]? 

Inn  helle  wif)J>  f)e  deofell. 
J  Crist  comm  dun  to  wurT]>enn  mann, 

Forr  ]7att  he  woUde  uss  hsdenn  4295 

Off  all  l^att  wunde  ]7att  uss  jaff 

Adam  J^urrh  hiss  missdede, 
3  forr)?i  ma^j  f)e  Laferrd  Crist 

Wei  nemmnedd  ben  Haelennde ; 
Forr  mannkinn  hseledd  wass  ]7urrh  himm      4300 

Off  sinness  grimme  wunde . 

"5  tiss  name  off  }>e  Laferrd  Crist, 

patt  je  nemmnenn  Haelennde^ 
Iss  writenn  o  Grickisshe  boo 

Rihht  wij?]j  bocstafess  sexe;  4305 

-^  itt  iss  nemmnedd  lESOTS 

Affterr  Grickisshe  spaeche; 
3  iwhillc  an  bocstaff  J?att  iss 

Uppo  J)iss  name  fundenn 
TacneJ?):>  an  t^le  rihht  full  wel,  4310 

Swa  summ  ice  shall  nu  shaewenn. 


pe  firrste  staff  iss  nemmnedd  I 

^  tacnef)]>  t&le  oflF  tene; 
patt  o]7err  staff  iss  nemmiiedd  £ 

-3  tacnef)f)  tale  off  ehhte;  4315 

pe  }>ridde  staff  iss  nemmnedd  S 

-3  tacnef)}?  twejjenn  hunndredd; 
pe  feor|?e  staff  iss  nemmnedd  O 

•3  seofenntij  bitacnef)f) ; 
pe  fifte  staff  iss  nemmnedd  T  4320 

3  tacne}?J?  fowwerr  hunndredd; 
pe  sexte  staff  iss  nemmnedd  S 
*  3  tacnefjf)  twej^enn  hunndredd . 
;]  ^iff  }?u  ]?ise  taless  kannst 

Inntill  an  tale  sammnenn,  4325 

pu  findesst  wiss  wij)f)utenn  wen 

Rihht  ehhte  si]?e  an  hunndredd, 
3  taertill  ehhte  sij^ess  an, 

•]  ehhte  sij^ess  tene. 
;]  all  }?iss  ))rinne  taless  hsep  4330 

Iss  haepedd  ajj  wij)f)  ehhte; 
Forr  }33er  iss,  alls  ice  sej^^de  nu, 

Rihht  ehhte  sif)e  an  hunndredd, 
;]  taertill  ehhte  si}>ess  an, 

;]  ehhte  si}?ess  tene;  4335 

Her  iss  }?reo  sijjess  opennlij; 

pe  tale  off  ehhte  nemmnedd. 
-^  tale  off  ehhte  tacnef>):>  uss 

All  J)att  orrmete  blisse, 

#  Col.  110. 

i5o  ORMULUM. 

patt  mannkinn  unnderrfeng  J?urrh  J>att 

patt  Crist  ras  upp  off  daej^e, 
patt  ras  rihht  o  |?ehhtennde  da^ 

Affterr  }?e  wukess  ende, 
Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shsewedd  her 

Biforenn  o  }?iss  lare. 
Forr  J?att  dajj  wass  f)ehhtennde  dajj 

patt  Crist  ras  onne  off  dsef)e, 
Affterr  }>att  tatt  te  wuke  gaj? 

Amang  Judisskenn  |?eode; 
Forr  Saterrdajj  wass  halij  dajj 

O  ]?att  Judisskenn  wise, 
J  ajj  wass  Jjejjre  wuke  gan 

All  ut  tatt  dajx  att  efenn. 
-^  forrjji  wass  J^ehhtennde  da^j 

patt  dajj  f)att  comm  }?3eraffterr; 
Forr  seffne  dajhess  brinngenn  ajj 

pe  wuke  till  hiss  ende, 
-^  tatt  dajj  iss  J^ehhtennde  dajj 

patt  cume]?f)  affterr  seoffne; 
^  swa  comm  ure  Sunenndajj 

Affterr  J^att  wukess  ende; 
3  tatt  dajj  iss  J^ehhtennde  dajj 

patt  Crist  ras  onne  off  dae}>e, 
-^  jaff  uss  her  J)urrh  Crisstenndom 

To  risenn  upp  off  sinness, 
Swa  f>att  we  mujhenn  risenn  upp 

O  Domess  dajj  off  dae}>e. 
To  brukenn  upp  inn  heoffness  serd 

WiJ?f>  enngless  eche  blisse. 


J  wel  iss  Cristess  name  sett  4370 

All  i  )>e  tale  off  ehhte ; 
Forr  he  ras  o  J>ehhtennde  dajj. 

To  rejjsenn  uss  off  sinne. 
^  wel  wass  J>urrh  J>e  firrste  staff 

pe  tale  off  tene  tacnedd,  4375 

*Forr  firrst  uss  birrj>  wel  fillenn  her 

pa  tene  bodewordess, 
patt  Drihhtin  sette  till  hiss  folic 

purrh  Moysaesess  hande, 
3  si]>]>enn  shall  ]>e  Laferrd  Crist  4380 

Uss  jifenn  ure  mede, 
All  affterr  J>att  we  fillenn  wel 

pa  tene  bodewordess. 

3  her  ice  wile  shaewenn  juw 

pa  bodewordess  alle,  4385 

Affterr  )>att  little  witt  tatt  me 

Min  Drihhtin  hafeJ>J>  lenedd . 
pe  firrste  bodeword  wass  sett 

purrh  Godd  forr  J>ine  nede, 
patt  tu  )>weorrt  ut  all  haejjenndom  4390 

3  haej>enn  godd  forrwerrpe, 
■^  lefe  onn  an  Allmahhtij  Godd 

^  hise  lajhess  halde; 
Forr  J?u  ne  mihht  nohht  borrjhenn  ben, 

Ne  winnenn  eche  blisse,  4395 

*  Col.  III. 

152  ORMULUM. 

Butt  iff  J?u  Jjwerrt  fit  hae)>enndom 

J  haejjenn  godd  forrwerrpe, 
^  lefe  onn  an  Allmahhtij  Godd 

-3  hise  lajbess  halde. 
patt  oJ?err  bodeword  wass  sett  ^ 

purrh  Godd  forr  fine  nede, 
patt  tu  ne  take  nohht  wij>)>  skam, 

Wijjjj  haejjinng,  ne  wij?]?  idell, 
pe  name  off  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

patt  forr  J?e  swallt  o  rode;  44^5 

Forr  J?u  ne  mihht  nohht  borrjhenn  ben 

Ne  winnenn  eche  blisse, 
Jiff  Jjatt  tu  nohht  ne  kepesst  her 

Noff  Crist,  noff  Cristess  moderr. 
pe  Jjridde  bodeword  wass  sett  44'*^ 

purrh  Godd  forr  Jjine  nede, 
patt  tu  stannde  inn  }?e  messeda^ 

To  freoUsenn  wel  ■]  halljhenn, 
Swa  f>att  illc  an  unnclene  lusst 

^  illc  an  ifell  wille  44'3 

Beo  tredenn  dun  }?urrh  lufe  off  Godd,'" 

^  cwennkedd  i  }?in  herrte, 
Swa  J)att  tin  herrte  beo  Jjatt  bedd 

patt  Godd  himm  resstejjj)  inne; 
Forr  J)u  ne  mihht  nan  messedajg  44'° 

Drihhtin  tocweme  freollsenn, 
Jiff  f>att  iss  }?att  tin  herrte  iss  }?eoww 

Off  anij  ifell  wille. 
pe  feorjje  bodeword  wass  sett 

purrh  Godd  forr  J?ine  nede,  44^5 


patt  tu  beo  milde  ^  meoc  onnjjiaen 

pin  faderr  3  tin  moderr, 
^  raedij  mann  to  don  hemm  god 

Ajj  aflfterr  |)ine  fere; 
Forr  J>u  ne  mihbt  nohht  borrjhenn  ben        4430 

Ne  winnenn  eche  blisse, 
Butt  iflf  Jju  beo  full  god  wij?|?  hemm 

To  lif  ^  ec  to  sawle  ;- 
pe  fifte  bodeword  wass  sett 

purrh  Godd  fon*  J?ine  nede,  4435 

patt  tu  ne  file  nohht  ti  lif 

purrh  ful  forrlejermesse ; 
Forr  whase  lij>  inn  boredom 

He  sla}7  hiss  a^henn  sawle. 
Butt  iff  he  mu^he  betenn  itt  4440 

Onn  ani^  kinne  wise;* 
pe  sexte  bodeword  wass  sett 

purrh  Godd  forr  J?ine  nede, 
patt  tu  ne  sla  nan  o}?err  mann 

WiJjJ)  hande  ne  wi}>]5  herrte,  4445 

giflf  J?att  he  nile  cwellenn  }?e 

Forr  Crisstenndom  to  cwennkenn. 
Whi  sejjde  ice  nu  )?att  tu  nan  mann 

Ne  cwelle  wi}>}>  Jjin  herrte? 
Maj2  anij  mann  slan  ojjerr  mann  4450 

^  cwellenn  himm  wijjj)  herrte? 
Ja  full  wel  sejjjj  }?att  Latin  boc 

patt  jjwerrt  fit  nohht  ne  lejhe}?)?; 

*  Col.  112. 

154  ORMULUM. 

Forr  jiflf  J>u  beresst  hete  ;j  nij? 

Jaen  anij  lif  ■]  sawle, 
Swa  J?att  tu  wolldesst  blijjelij 

Sen  ifell  ende  off  baj>e, 
Himm  haffst  tu  sla^enn  witerrlij 

WiJ>]5  hente  j  nohht  wij?}>  hande; 
J  tu  ne  mihht  nohht  borrjhenn  ben 

Ne  winnenn  eche  blisse, 
Butt  iff  f)u  mujhe  oflf  hete  ^  nij? 

All  clennsenn  wel  J>in  herrte. 
pe  sefennde  wass  sett  J?urrh  Godd 

^  all  forr  Jjine  nede, 
patt  tu  J>e  loke  wel  J>att  tu 

Ne  stele  nohht  ne  raefe; 
Forr  pfF  J)u  skajjesst  anij  mann 

pu  skaj?esst  firrst  te  sellfenn, 
J  jifF  J)u  raefesst  me  min  f)ing 

pu  raefesst  Godd  tin  sawle ; 
J  tu  ne  mihht  nohht  borrjhenn  ben 

Ne  winnenn  eche  blisse, 
Butt  iff  }5U  cweme  Drihhtin  wel 

WiJjJ)  Jjin  unnshajjijnesse . 
pehhtennde  bodeword  wass  sett 

purrh  Godd  forr  Jjine  nede, 
patt  tu  }>e  loke  wel  fra  man 

Inn  a}>ess  j  i  wittness, 
patt  tu  ne  swere  nan  mana}> 

Forr  lufe  ne  forr  ejje, 
Ne  f>att  tu  nohht  ne  cimie  forr]? 

WiJjJ)  woh  to  berenn  wittness; 


*Forr  J?u  ne  mihht  nohht  borrjhenn  ben 

Ne  winnenn  eche  blisse,  4485 

Butt  iff  J?u  wel  wij?}>  soj?  j  rihht 

pin  Drihhtin  mujhe  cwemenn. 
pe  nijhennde  wass  sett  f)urrh  Godd 

Ace  all  fori  J>ine  nede, 
patt  tu  nan  operr  manness  wif  4490 

Ne  jeome  nohht  to  nehjhenn 
Wipp  unnclaennessess  fule  lusst, 

To  filenn  swa  junnc  bape; 
Forr  baf>e  gilltenn  grimmelij, 

^iff  itt  junnc  bape  likepp,  4495 

^  bape  shaedenn  swa  fra  Godd, 

^  cwellenn  junnkerr  sawless, 
Butt  iff  jitt  mujhenn  betenn  itt 

Onn  anij  kinne  wise; 
Ace  witt  tu  patt  itt  niss  nohht  lihht  4500 

To  betenn  hefij  sinne, 
;j  forrpi  birrp  pe  shunenn  ajj 

To  fallenn  ohht  taerinne . 
Ace  whase  majj  forrwerrpenn  itt, 

^  blinnenn  itt  to  folljhenn,  4505 

;j  innwarrdlij  bireowenn  itt 

patt  itt  wass  aefre  forj^edd, 
3  gannjenn  unnderr  preostess  dom 

To  betenn  itt  wipp  shriffte, 
3  stanndenn  inn  to  winnenn  wel  4510 

Hiss  bodi^  forr  hiss  sinne, 

♦  Col.  113. 

156  ORMULUM. 

Forr  }>att  he  wile  clennsenn  himm 

Oflf  all  hiss  unnclennesse, 
patt  mann  J>iirrh  Godess  hellpe  majj 

Wei  betenn  all  hiss  sinne,  \ 

3  cwemenn  Godd  wij?}>  halij  lif, 

■]  winnenn  wel  hiss  are . 
pe  tende  bodeword  wass  sett 

purrh  Godd  forr  J?ine  nede, 
patt  tu  nan  oJ?err  manness  J>ing  4. 

Ne  jeome  nohht  to  winnenn; 
Forr  gredijnesse  iss  hefig  lasst 

Biforenn  Godess  ejhne, 
^  itt  forrbindejjj?  all  Jjweorrt  fit 

3  blendej))>  manness  heorrte,  45 

patt  itt  ne  ma^;  nohht  habbenn  mihht 

To  foUjhenn  Godess  wille. 
Nu  habbe  ice  here  shaewedd  juw 

pa  tene  bodewordess, 
patt  waerenn  Jjurrh  J?e  firrste  staff  ^^' 

Off  Cristess  name  tacnedd, 
^  jifF  }>u  Cristess  bodeword 

AfFterr  f>in  mahhte  fillesst, 
pa  shallt  tu  ben  o  Domess  da^ 

purrh  Cristess  name  borrjhenn. 


^  wel  wass  Jjurrh  f>att  ojjerr  staff 
pe  tale  off  ehhte  tacnedd; 

Forr  tekenn  }?att  tatt  ehhte  ma^S 
Full  opennlike  tacnenn 

^^M                 J/OM/U£S. 

>57                1 

4.^4"                       1 

•  ])au  Crist  ras  onne  off  <ix])e, 


Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shffiwedd  her 


0  fjiss  Goddspelless  lare, 


pser  tekenn  majj  itt  tacnenn  wel. 


•J  tacnel^lJ  wias  to  aofje 

4S4S                    T 

pa  mahhtess  {)att  te  Laferrd  Crist 


Uss  sette  forr  to  folljhenn. 


-J  jafF  uss  bisne  hiinin  sellf  jjarto, 


To  flilenn  hemm  -f  foUjhenn. 


-J  whase  wile  tellenn  hemm 

455°      ^^^H 

Bi  tale  he  fiiidep\>  ehhte, 


]  foirlii  sinndenn  Jjc^j  full  we! 


purrh  tale  off  ehhte  tacnedd . 


-}  lise  mahhtess  aile  imasn 


Arrn  hsefedd  mahhtess  ehhte. 

4S5?       ^^^B 

■J  sinndcnn  wxpenn  god  -j  Strang 


gffin  hsefedd  sinness  elihte, 


5asti  gluterrnessess  lajie  lasst, 


■J  pen  galnessess  hste, 


]  %xa  jittsunng  ^  gredijlejsc, 

45fo                    J 

gsen  grimmeles5c  ^  hra.p\,e, 


5sn  unnlusst  -}  forrswundennlessc, 


5Een  erfilis  kare  ]  serrjhe, 


Jsen  rosinng,  ;]  jaeii  idell  jellp, 


3Een  modignessess  wEpenn  . 


1       3  ajj  iss  sett  an  hajfedd  mahhi 


■^^femjien  an  hxfedd  sinne, 




158  ORMULUM. 

3  ajj  majj  wel  an  haefedd  mahht 

Cwennkenn  an  haefedd  sinne, 
Inn  iwhillc  mann  J?att  folljhe}?}?  rihht 

pe  mahhte,  Crist  tocweme. 
J  whas  itt  iss  f>att  folljheJ>}>  wel 

3  fillef)))  Jjise  mahhtess, 
patt  illke  mann  shall  borr^henn  ben 

purrh  Cristess  name  onn  ennde; 
Forr  Cristess  name  Jjurrh  an  staff 

BitacneJjJ)  tale  off  ehhte, 
ForrJ>i  Jjatt  Crist  shall  ben^henn  J?a 

patt  folljhenn  J>ise  mahhtess. 
^  her  ice  wile  shaewenn  juw 

Bi  tale  ]?ise  mahhtess, 
Forr  J?att  je  shulenn  J?ess  te  bett 

All  fillenn  hemm  ^  foUjhenn. 
An  hsefedd  mahhte  iss  mett  ^  mae)> 

Inn  all  Jjatt  te  birr]?  foUjhenn,  4 

I  word,  i  werrc,  i  mete,  i  drinnch, 

J  ec  i  }?ine  clajjess, 
I  lusst  to  winnenn  eorJ?lij  J?ing, 

I  swinnkess,  ^  i  resstess. 
piss  mahhte  tredef>f>  unnderrfSt  ^' 

•]  cwennkejjj)  glutermesse, 
3  all  Jjatt  iss  att  oferrdon 

Itt  drife}jj>  fra  }>in  herrte, 
Jiff  }?att  iss  )?att  tu  lufesst  itt, 

■]  folljhesst  itt  ^  fillesst. 
Claennessess  mahht  iss  witerrlij 

An  oJ>err  haefedd  mahhte; 



giff  {)u  clEennesse  folljhesst  rihht 


Wijjji  bodi3  3  wi]3]i  herrte, 

pu  foUshesst  ta,  )jatt  witt  cu  wel, 

4000   ^1 

An  halij  hcefedd  mahhte; 


^Jpu  )>uiTh  fiiss  mahht  shall  majjdennmann               ^H 

^Hfiehlike  wurrj^enn  borrjhenn, 


^^nreddedd  were  -3  weddedd  wif 


^^K|  fviddwe  shall  itt  berrjhenn; 

4<V>.i             ■ 

^^BiT  maggdennhad  -}  widdwesshad, 


^B^ff  jiatt  itt  tss  rihht  dene 


^Tfin  all  jjatt  to  fie  bodij  \i]>, 


-J  ec  i  {.ejsre  wille, 


3  meoc,  ^  daffte,  ]  sedefuU 

4610 ] 

^^■I  }i:ewess  -}  i  lusstess. 


^^■Iko})  hehlike  witerrlis 


^^pPurrh  so{)  cliennesse  borr^benn. 


[     7  X'ff  I'a"  weddedd  were  ^  wif 


ft        Hemm  lashelike  ledenn 


1    Bitwenenn  hemm  forr^lufe  off  Godd, 


1       pa  folljbenn  ]>e%%  clsennesse, 


B'-]  in  shall  mujhenn  berrjhenn  hemm 


H     Act  beore  lifess  ende . 


^Bpuss  birr]]  all  Jesu  Cristess  bird. 


^B    pan  iss  0  pTeo  todseledd, 


^Vuss  birjj)  itt  foUshenn  so>  clcenlesjc 


^H  ^iff  put  itt  shall  ben  bon^benn ; 


^^krr  majjdennhad  ^  widdwesshad 


^H:)  weddlac  hinp  ben  clene, 


^H            •     119. 


i6o  ORMULUM. 

^  ]>urrh  claennesse  cwemenn  Godd, 

Illc  an  onn  hire  wise; 
Forr  all  J?att  folljhej?]?  unnclaenlejjc 

All  iss  Drihhtin  unncweme. 
Her  speke  ice  off  unnclene  menn  4 

^  off  unnclene  gastess; 
■]  boredom  iss  Drihhtin  la}3i, 

^  deofell  swij?e  cweme, 
Forr  deofell  iss  unnclene  gast, 

•3  lufe}>J)  unndaBnnesse .  4^ 

piss  mahhte  tredej?]?  unnderrfSt 

Galnessess  la]?e  strennc}>e, 
3  all  J?e  lusst  off  horedom 

Itt  drifej)])  fra  ]?in  herrte, 
Jiff  Jjatt  iss  Jjatt  tu  lufesst  itt  4^ 

^  foUjhesst  itt  wijjj?  dede. 
pe  {jridde  mahht  iss  haefedd  mahht 

patt  tu  Jjweorrt  ut  forrwerrpe 
To  jeomenn  affterr  weorelld])ing, 

To  winnenn  itt  wif>J>  sinne.  ^ 

Wijjjj  Jjiss  mahht  mahht  tu  witerrlij 

Wei  foUjhenn  Cristess  posstless, 
giff  Jju  forrwerrpesst  gredijlejjc, 

3  folljhesst  Cristess  wille; 
Forr  f)ejj  forrwurrpenn  all  }>weorrt  ut         4^ 

To  winnenn  ohht  wij)]?  sinne, 
^  stodenn  inn  to  folljhenn  Crist 

All  att  hiss  lefe  wille. 
Jiff  Jjatt  tu  jeornesst  weorelldJ)ing 

To  winnenn  ohht  wif]j  sinne,  4 


pa  jeornesst  tu  J?att  weorelldJ>ing 

Onnjaen  Drihhtiness  wille, 
3  mare  iss  }>e  j^aeroflf  J?att  J>ing 

pann  off  Drihhtiness  wille, 
J  bett  tji  laetesst  off  J?att  J>ing  4660 

pann  off  Drihhtiness  wille, 
^  mare  lufesst  tu  J?att  J?ing 

pann  ohht  off  Grodess  wille, 
Jiflf  J>e  iss  lef  to  winnenn  itt 

Onnjaen  Drihhtiness  wille.  4665 

Loc  nu  }>e  sellf  hu  ferr  )>u  gast 

Ut  off  f>e  rihhte  wejje, 
Jiff  }>att  tu  lufesst  weorelldJ?ing 

To  winnenn  ohht  wi}>J>  sinne; 
Forr  jiff  f>u  winnesst  weorelldjjing  4670 

Onnjaen  Drihhtiness  wille, 
pa  turrnesst  tu  J?e  frawarrd  Godd, 

^  towarrd  eorjjlic  ahhte, 
•^  swa  forrwerrpesst  tu  f)in  Godd, 
*  •]  haldesst  wif>J)  {jatt  ahhte .  4675 

Loc  nu  jiff  J>att  tu  narrt  rihht  wod 

■)  all  wittess  bidaeledd, 
patt  willt  forrlesenn  {jin  Drihhtin 

■]  all  }5e  blisse  off  heoffne, 
Forr  Jjatt  tu  mujhe  winnenn  her  4680 

WiJjJ?  sinne  summwhatt  littless; 
pohh  Jjatt  tu  mihhtess  winnenn  her 

All  middellaerdess  riche, 

♦  Col.  116. 

L.  I.  P 

l62  ORMULUM. 

Ne  biirde  J>e  nohht  jeomenn  itt 

Onnjaen  Drihhtiness  wille . 
Loc  nu  whatt  witt  itt  iss  i  J>e, 

To  winnenn  summwhatt  littless 
Onnjaeness  Godess  wille  swa 

patt  tu  f>aer  Godd  forrlesesst. 
Tacc  J>e  nu  till  Jjiss  halljhe  mahht 

Wi}>J?  Jesu  Cristess  posstless, 
All  }?werrt  ut  to  forrwerrpenn  her 

To  winnenn  ohht  wi}>J)  sinne, 
^  beo  }>u  jeomfuU  nihht  j  dajj 

To  folljhenn  Godess  wille. 
piss  mahhte  tredef>}>  unnderrf8t 

gittsunng  j  gredijnesse, 
3  make}?J>  }?e  full  kisstij  mann 

Off  whattse  Godd  te  lenejjj), 
gifF  f>att  iss  }>att  tu  lufesst  itt 

-]  foUjhesst  itt  wif)J)  dede. 
pe  feorf>e  mahht  iss  hsefedd  mahht 

3  halij  mahht  wijjj?  alle, 
patt  tu  beo  Jjwerrt  fit  milde,  ■]  meoc, 

3  sofFte,  J  stille,  j  lij)e, 
J  }>werrt  fit  clene  off  grimmcunndlejjc 

J  Jjwerrt  5t  clene  off  bra])])e . 
piss  iss  an  swi}>e  mikell  mahht 

J  Drihhtin  swi}?e  cweme, 
3  jiflf  Jjatt  iss  f>att  tu  }?iss  mahht 

Mihht  habbenn  rihht  ^  foUjhenn, 
pa  witt  tu  wel  }>att  Halij  Gast 

Himm  resste}?}>  i  }>in  herrte, 


3  tohh  J>e  birrjj  ben  harrd  wij?jj  skill 

Onnjaeness  alle  sinness,  4715 

Fori  J>u  mihht  sket  to  nesshe  ben 

*g3en  J)a  }>att  Drihhtin  wra}>J)enn. 
piss  mahhte  tredejjj?  unnderrfSt 

All  grimmelejjc  ■]  brajjjje, 
•3  hete  J  nij)  j  awwerrmod  4720 

Itt  drifej?])  fra  f>in  herrte, 
Jiff  Jjatt  iss  jjatt  tu  lufesst  itt 
*  ■]  folljesst  itt  wi}>J)  dede ;         • 
Forr  whase  iss  J?werrt  fit  milde,  "]  meoc, 

3  soffte,  ^  stille,  j  lijje,  4725 

All  he  forrwerrpef>}>  giimmelejjc, 

^  hete,  J  nij),  3  brajjjje. 
pe  fifte  mahht  iss  haefedd  mahht 

^  halij  mahht  to  folljhenn, 
patt  tu  beo  swinncfull  att  tin  mahht  4730 

Inn  alle  gode  dedess, 
Ajj  att  rihht  time,  3  ajj  wij?}?  skill, 

Swa  }>att  itt  Godd  beo  cweme; 
Forr  clene  dede  "]  clene  swinnc 

Iss  Drihhtin  swi}>e  cweme,  4735 

^  himm  iss  idellnesse  laj) 

■]  all  forrswundennesse ; 
Forr  idelllejjc  iss  haefedd  plihht 

J  wij)j)rejj}>  wi}>J)  }?in  sawle, 
;]  forrjji  birr}>  Jje  ben  swinncfull  4740 

Inn  alle  gode  dedess 

*Col.  117. 
p  2 

164  ORMULUM. 

Ajj  att  rihht  time,  j  ajj  att  hof, 

Forr  J?att  iss  Drihhtin  cweme . 
piss  mahhte  trede}?]?  uimderrfSt 

All  Jjwerrt  fit  idellnesse, 
J  unnlusst  ^  forrswundennlejjc 

Itt  drifej?}?  fra  }jin  herrte, 
Jiff  ]7att  iss  ]7att  tu  lufesst  itt 

J  foUjhesst  itt  wi}?]?  dede. 
pe  sexte  mahht  iss  haefedd  mahht 

3  Drihhtin  swij>e  cweme, 
patt  tu  rihht  nohht  dreri^  ne  beo 

Forr  nan  eorj^like  unnseoll)>e, 
Ace  take  blifjelij  J>aerwi}jJ), 

3  ]?annke  itt  Godd  wi}>J>  herrte, 
J  folljhe  swa  J>e  gode  Job 

patt  wass  an  king  onn  eor]7e, 
3  all  wijjjjutenn  gillt  forrlaes 

Onn  an  da^^  all  hiss  ahhte, 
^  jet  tar  tekenn  mare  inoh 

patt  mare  wass  to  menenn; 
Tenn  menn,  an  allfiillwaxenn  flocc 

Off  suness  3  off  dohhtress, 
Forrlaes  }>e  gode  Job  f>att  dajj, 

get  tekenn  all  hiss  ahhte. 
J  jgt  bilammp  himm  oj^err  wa 

patt  mare  mihhte  himm  ejjlenn, 
giff  f)att  he  naere  waepnedd  wel 

purrh  {jild  onnjaen  unnseollj^e. 
He  warrjj  all,  alls  uss  sejjj?  soJ>  boc. 

Full  hefijlike  secnedd. 


Swa  swi)>e  J>att  hiss  bodij  toe 

To  rotenn  bufenn  eorjje 
All  samenn,  brest,  j  wambe,  ^  J?es, 

^  cnes,  ^  f§t,  ^  shannkess,  4775 

J  lende,  ■]  lesske,  ^  shulldre,  3  bacc, 

^  side,  "3  halls,  "j  hafedd. 
All  Jjiss  wass  utenn  wiJ>J)  unnhal 

purrh  swi)>e  unnride  unnhsele, 
^  all  he  toe  forrjjrihht  anan  4780 

To  rotenn  "3  to  stinnkenn, 
:i  war  :)  wirrsenn  toe  anan 

U t  oflf  hiss  lie  to  flowenn . 
Her  wass  unnseoll}>e  unnride  inoh 

Till  an  mann  forr  to  drejhenn;  4785 

^  jiff  Jjatt  he  Jjurrh  so}>fasst  J?ild 

Waepnedd  full  wel  ne  waere, 
He  munnde  ben  full  drerij  mann, 

J  serrhfuU  inn  hiss  herrte 
Off  J>att,  tatt  himm  wass  all  hiss  J)ing  4790 

Biraefedd  butenn  gillte, 
-^  off,  }>att  he  forrlaes  hiss  streon 

Onn  an  dajj  all  bidene, 
Tenn  menn,  swa  summ  iee  sejjde  nu. 

Off  suness  j  off  dohhtress,  4795 

patt  waerenn  samenn  inn  an  hus, 
*  ^  etenn  }>aere  ^  drunnkenn, 
-]  taer  fell  dun  Jjatt  hus  }?urrh  wind, 

J  oferrfell  hemm  alle, 

♦  Col.  118. 

1 66  ORMULUM. 

■^  ec  off,  J)att  he  wass  himm  sellf  4' 

Full  hefijlike  secnedd 
Onn  all  hiss  bodij  her  -^  taer 

purrh  an  full  atell  adle, 
He  munnde  ben  full  drerij  mann 

-\  serrhfull  inn  hiss  herrte,  4^ 

Jiff  l^att  he  naere  waepnedd  wel 

purrh  sojjfasst  Jjildess  waepenn. 
Ace  he  wass  waepnedd  wel  J)urrh  Godd 

Onnjseness  illc  unnseoUJje, 
purrh  whatt  he  space  wislike  ^  wel  4^' 

Inn  all  hiss  miccle  unnsellf)e, 
Ne  se^jde  he  nohht;  unnselij  mann 

Amm  ice  onn  eorJ?e  wurrfjenn, 
Forr  whatt  iss  Drihhtin  me  Jjuss  wra)>, 

Forr  whatt  amm  T  forrworrpenn  ?  4^ 

Ne  sej^de  he  nohht  off  f>isg  forr  himm 

To  wanenn  ne  to  menenn, 
*         Ace  sejjde;   Drihhtin  jaff  me  J?iss 

All  wi)?)?  hiss  lefe  wille, 
3  Drihhtin  take}) J?  itt  fra  me 

All  wi)?)?  hiss  lefe  wille, 
^  all  )?iss  iss  bilummpenn  me, 

Swa  summ  itt  Drihhtin  like  J?]?, 
3  Jjannkedd  wurr})e  min  Drihhtin 

All  }?att  tatt  he  me  senndej?}), 
^  blettsedd  wurrj?e  hiss  name  nu 

^  aefre  a  butenn  ende; 
Jiff  )?att  we  takenn  blij?elij 

Att  Godd  all  f>att  iss  selljje. 


pa  birrf)  uss  takenn  bli})elij  4830 

Att  himm  whattse  iss  unnsellf)e. 
puss  space  Drihhtiness  kemmpe  Job 

Inn  all  hiss  miccle  unnsell})e; 
•]  te  birrj?  takenn  bisne  att  himm 

To  f)annkenn  Godd  wij?f)  herrte,  4835 

*  All  Jjatt  he  sette)?]?  uppo  f)e 

Off  selljje  J  off  unnsellj?e, 
Swa  Jjatt  tu  dreorij  nohht  ne  beo 

Oflf  nan  eorJ?like  unnseoUJje, 
Ace  take  blif)elij  })aerwi)?J?,  4840 

J  })annke  ttt  Godd  wi)?J?  heorrte, 
Forr  J?iss  is  swij?e  mikell  mahht, 

J  Drihhtin  swi})e  eweme; 
3  beo  })U  sikerr  Jjatt  he  shall 

pe  jifenn  eehe  blisse,  4845 

Onnjsen  all  f>att  wanndraj?  ^  wa 

patt  te  bilimmpej?)?  here, 
giflf  Jjatt  tu  forr  })e  lufe  oflf  himm 

Itt  blijjelike  drejhesst. 
piss  mahhte  trede)?f)  unnderrfot,  4850 

^  drifejjj?  fra  J?in  herrte, 
All  flaeshlij  care  ^  serrjhe  ^  sit 

Oflf  illc  eorJ?like  unnseollf>e, 
3ifF  J?att  iss  f>att  tu  lufesst  itt 

^  shaewesst  itt  wif>)?  bisne .  *  4855 

pe  seoffnde  mahht  iss  hsefedd  mahht 

J  halij  mahht  wif>J?  alle, 

*  Col.  119. 

1 68  ORMULUM. 

patt  tu  well  swijje  unnomelij 

Ajj  oflF  J)e  sellfenn  laete, 
^  halde  \>t  forr  hinnderrlinng,  4^ 

"5  forr  well  swijje  unnwresste, 
^  forr  ))att  mann  Jjatt  litell  majj 

^  litell  cann  to  gode. 
piss  illke  mahht  iss  haefedd  mahht 

3  halsumm  forr  to  foUjheim.  4* 

3  ure  Laferrd  Crist  himm  sellf 

Uss  jaflf  heroffe  bisne, 
paer  Jjaer  he  sejjde  himm  sellf  whilimim 

pmrh  hiss  prophetess  tmige; 
Ice  amm  an  wumu,  •]  nohht  nan  maun,     48 

Uppbrixle  menn  bitwenenn; 
Ice  amm  Jjatt  J)ing  f>att  nohht  ne  daeh, 

patt  ejjwhaer  iss  forrworrpenn, 
3  whaerse  ice  amm  bitwenenn  menn 

Ice  hutedd  amm  -^  ))utedd,  4 

3  all  onn  hsejjing  ^  o  skam 

Off  me  gaj?  ejjwhaer  spaeche. 
puss  space  f>e  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

purrh  hiss  prophetess  tunge, 
Oflf  Jjatt  tatt  he  forrworrpenn  wass 

Amang  Judiskenn  f>eode; 
Forr  Godess  Sune  Allmahhtij  Godd, 

patt  all  \>t  weorelld  wrohhte, 
WarrJ?  an  unnome  j  wrecche  mann, 

Forr  ]?e  to  jifenn  bisne, 
patt  tu  well  swijje  unnomelij 

Ajj  oflf  f>e  sellfenn  laete, 


3  halde  )>e  forr  hinnderrling, 

3  forr  well  swij?e  unnwresste, 
*]  forr  J^att  mann  ])att  litell  ma^^  4890 

3  litell  cann  to  gode, 
^  forr  J>att  mann  J>att  all  wi]?))  rihht 

Birr})  hutedd  ben  ^  Jnitedd. 
*  piss  illke  mahht,  tatt  witt  tu  wel, 

Iss  hali^^  mahht  to  foU^^henn;  4895 

Forr  swa  J)u  laetesst  lasse  off  ))e, 

Swa  laetej))>  Drihhtin  mare, 
^  swa  f>u  tellesst  werre  off  ))e, 

Swa  telle})})  Drihhtin  bettre. 
piss  mahhte  tredej?]?  unnderrfot  4900 

J  cwennke})]?  i  f>in  herrte 
All  rosinng  -^  all  idell  jellp, 

Forr  })att  iss  haefedd  sinne, 
To  jellpenn  off  |?in  duhhtijlejjc 

^  off  })in  gode  dede,  4905 

To  rosenn  off  Jjin  hajherrlejjc, 

^  lejhenn  off  f>e  sellfenn . 
^  jiff  })u  tellesst  all  f>in  mahht 

;]  all  |?in  witt  unnwresste, 
All  idell  jellp  j  idell  ros  4910 

pu  cwennkesst  i  })e  sellfenn. 
J  jiff  J?att  iss  |?att  tu  mihht  tuss 

All  idell  jellp  forrwerrpenn, 
pa  foUjhesst  tu  f>aer})urrh  })att  stih 

patt  Cristess  f>eoww  birrj?  foUjhenn;  4915 

*  Col.  120. 


Forr  Cristess  })eoww  birr))  fillenn  wel 

All  J)att  te  Goddspell  beodef>f>, 
^  whanne  he!  hafejjf)  filledd  all 

puss  birrj)  himm  Jeanne  seggenn; 
Ice  amm  an  allforrwurrj^enn  Jjeoww  4 

J  all  unnitt  j  idel, 
patt  tatt  iee  hit  Drihhtin  wi]?f)  word 

Ne  fiUe  iee  nohht  wif)J)  dede . 
puss  birrJ)  himm  all  forrwerrpenn  her 

To  jellpenn  off  himm  sellfenn,  45 

Jiff  J?att  he  wile  ewemenn  Godd, 

3  winnemi  eehe  blisse . 
pehhtennde  mahht  iss  allre  mast 

Off  alle  Jjise  mahhtess^ 
^  tatt  forrJ?i  forr  J?att  itt  iss  49 

Moderr  off  alle  )?o})re, 
patt  tu  forr  so)?fasst  lufe  o  Godd 

So)?fasst  meocnesse  folljhe . 
piss  mahhte  iss,  alls  ice  se^^de  nu, 

Moderr  off  alle  J)6)?re;  49. 

Forr  alle  mahhtess  springenn  ut 

Off  sof>  meoenessess  rote; 
Forr  niss  nan  mahht,  tatt  ohht  iss  wurrf, 

All  shadd  fra  soj?  meocness^; 
Forr  ajj  birrJ?  so)?  meocnesse  ben  ^^' 

Wi)?)?  iwhillc  mahht  onn  hellpe, 
Jiff  j^att  itt  shall  J?e  gengenn  ohht 
*  To  winnenn  eche  blisse . 

*   Col.  121. 


piss  illke  mahht  iss  Jjwerrt  fit  god 

To  berr^henn  })e  f>in  sawle,  4945 

Jiflf  })att  tut  folljhesst  })weorrt  fit  wel 

WiJ?})  bodij  ^  wij^f)  herrte. 
piss  halljhe  mahhte  majj  f>e  don, 

gifif  Jjatt  tu  rihht  itt  folljhesst, 
Leflij  to  Jjeowwtenn  ojjre  menn,  4950 

To  lutenn  ]?ine  lahjhre . 
piss  hall^he  mahhte  do})  )?e  wel, 

giflf  f>att  tu  wel  itt  folljhesst, 
To  wurrf>enn  e^jwhaer  alle  menn, 

get  forrjjenn  f>ine  lahjhre.  4955 

piss  haefedd  mahhte  dof)  J?e  wel, 

giflf  itt  iss  i  })in  herrte, 
To  shunenn  derewurrf)e  shnid 

^  derewurrjje  maeless. 
piss  halljhe  mahhte  doj?  })e  mann,  4960 

giflf  itt  iss  inn  hiss  herrte. 
All  to  forrjifenn  oj^re  menn 

Wi]?f>  word  J  ec  wif>J?  herrte 
All  Jjatt  tejj  hafenn  ska)?edd  himm, 

J  shamedd  himm  ;)  shendedd .  4965 

;j  ure  Laferrd  Crist  himm  sellf, 

Swa  summ  J?e  Goddspell  kij?e})jj, 
Till  hise  posstless  sejjde  f)uss 

OflF  sof)  meocnessess  mahhte; 
Lernef)f>  att  me  Jjatt  ice  amm  wiss  4970 

Rihht  milde  ;)  meoc  wij?)?  herrte, 
3  swa  je  mujhenn  resste  j  ro 

Till  jure  sawless  findenn; 

172  ORMULUM. 

Forr  niss  nan  mahht  tatt  bettre  majS 

pe  winnenn  eche  blisse 
pann  allre  mahhte  r6te  ma^, 

J  allre  mahhte  moderr. 
piss  mahhte  trede))))  unnderrfot 

All  modi^nessess  strennc)>e, 
Jiff  })att  iss  ]>att  tu  lufesst  itt 

^  folljhesst  itt  wiJ)J)  herrte. 
Nu  habbe  ice  here  shaewedd  j^w 

Rihht  ehhte  oflf  haefed  mahhtess, 
patt  waerenn  all  forr  ure  ned 

purrh  ))att  bocstaflf  bitacnedd, 
patt  uppo  Cristess  name  stannt 

Rihht  allre  nesst  te  firrste. 
^  jifif  je  folljhenn  J)werrt  fit  wel 

pe  sloj?  oflf  Jjise  mahhtess, 
pa  shule  je  ben  witerrlij 

purrh  Cristess  name  borrjhenn. 

pe  })ridde  staff  bitacne})})  uss 

pe  tale  oflf  twejjenn  hunndredd, 
3  tale  oflf  twejjenn  hunndredd  ma^ 

patt  fuUe  lufe  tacnenn 
patt  birrjj  ben,  alls  uss  sejg))  so})  boc, 

Twifald,  jiflf  itt  shall  hellpenn; 
Forr  })e  birrj?  lufenn  Godd  j  mann, 

giflf  Jju  willt  wurrjjenn  borrxhenn, 
Ace  nohht  onn  ane  wise  })ohh, 

Swa  summ  J>e  boo  uss  kiJ)e))J); 

HOMILIES.  1 73 

Forr  }>e  birrj?  lufenn  Drihhtin  Godd 
*  3  lofenn  bimm  j  wurrf>enn 
Wijjf)  all  fdn  witt,  wif>f)  all  ))in  lusst, 

WiJ?})  all  ))in  bodij  mahhte,  5005 

WiJjJ)  all  J)in  gast,  wi})f>  all  })in  ])ohht, 

J  mare  })an  ))e  sellfenn; 
Swa  })att  tu  nohht  ne  stannde  onn^aen 

pin  Godd  o  nane  wise, 
Ne  J?urrh  ))in  witt,  ne  Jjurrh  ))in  lusst,  5010 

Ne  Jjurrh  J)in  bodij  dede, 
Ne  ))iuTh  J>in  gast,  tatt  tu  J)in  Godd 

Ne  wra]?}>e  ))urrh  })in  wille, 
Ne  ))urrh  J)in  fohht,  tatt  tu  f>in  Godd 

purrh  ifell  f>ohht  ne  wraf>J)e .  5015 

puss  birrj?  J>e  lufenn  ))in  Drihhtin 

J  mare  j^an  J?e  sellfenn; 
;]  tatt  iss  swif)e  mikell  rihht, 

Forr  Godd  iss  god  wijjj?  alle, 
;i  tu  J>e  sellf  narrt  rihht  nohht  wurrj?  5020 

Wijjjjutenn  Godess  hellpe, 
^  ant  an  f>ing  J?att  nohht  ne  daeh, 

giflf  })att  tu  Godd  forrleosesst ; 
^  forrjji  birrj?  J?e  lufenn  Godd 

get  mare  })an  ]?e  sellfenn ;  5025 

I^orr  all  ]?in  hellpe  ;)  all  ]?in  hald 

Iss  uppo  Godess  are, 
J>att  majj  })e,  jifif  himm  f>innkef>J)  god, 

Dun  inntiU  helle  werrpenn, 

*  Col.  122. 

174  ORMULUM, 

J,  pfF  himm  f>innkef>f>  god,  he  ma^ 

pe  jifenn  heoffness  blisse. 
3  te  birr})  lufenn  iwhillc  mann 

patt  lifejjj?  her  onn  eorf>e, 
patt  wise  Jjatt  tu  lufesst  te, 

patt  iss,  to  wurrjjenn'borrjhenn; 
Judisskenn  mann  ^  hae|?enn  mann 

puss  birr})  }?e  lufenn  baf>e, 
patt  ejjj^err  turrne  himm  towarrd  Crist 

Swa  f>att  he  wurrf)e  borr^henn. 
puss  birr})  )?e  lufenn  ec  })att  mann 

patt  hateJ?J?  J?e  wif>f>  herrte, 
patt  wreje})f)  J?e,  ]?att  shendef)f>  J)e, 

patt  rsefej?)?  })e  })in  ahhte. 
puss  birrj)  \>t  lufenn  alle  J?a, 

giflf  )?att  tu  willt  te  berr^henn, 
patt  illc  an  bete  hiss  sinne  swa, 
*  patt  illc  an  wurr)?e  borrjhenn ; 
Forr  )?u  ne  mihht  nohht  borrjhenn  ben 

To  brukenn  eche  blisse, 
gifF  )?att  tu  currsesst  anij  mann, 

J  hatesst  himm  wij?)?  herrte, 
Swa  )?att  tu  wolldesst  bli)?elij 

Off  himm  sen  ifell  ende; 
Forr  mann  iss  Godess  handewerrc, 

J  an  full  a)?ell  kinde, 
~]  Godess  onnlicnesse,  j  all 

Full  god  inn  all  hiss  kinde; 

♦  Col.  123. 

HOMILIES.  1 75 

;]  forrJ?i  birr})  f>e  lufenn  mann 

pe  bodij  J  te  sawle, 
Forr  Jjatt  iss  Godess  handewerrc,  5060 

J  god  J  af>ell  kinde ; 
Ace  f>e  birr})  hatenn  upponn  me 

All  Jjatt  tatt  aefre  iss  sinne. 
All  Jjweorrt  ut  all  swa  summ  J?e  birrf> 

Itt  hatenn  o  })e  sellfenn .  5065 

;j  forrjji  darr  mann  hatenn  wel 

All  Jjatt  tatt  aefre  iss  sinne, 
Forrjji  J)att  sinness  la)?e  lasst 

Niss  nan  oflf  Godess  shaflftess, 
Ace  iss  J?att  daej^ess  laj?e  sed  5070 

patt  deofless  aefre  sawenn 
Inn  ure  flaeshess  lusst,  ;)  ec 

Inn  ure  sawless  wille. 
^  all  ))att  aefre  iss  god  inn  me 

Oflf  kinde  ^  ec  oflf  dede,  5075 

All  birr})  })e  lufenn  itt  inn  me, 

All  swa  summ  i  ]?e  sellfenn ; 
Forr  ))e  birr})  lufenn  all  J)e  god, 

J  hatenn  all  })e  sinne, 
pwerrt  ut  inn  iwhillc  o})err  mann,  50S0 

All  swa  summ  i  })e  sellfenn; 
^  te  birr})  ec,  })att  witt  tu  wel, 

I  gode  dedess  hellpenn 
^  fiiT})renn  iwhillc  o})err  mann, 

All  all  swa  summ  })e  sellfenn.  .^085 

Nu  birr]?  })e  nimenn  mikell  gom 

Oflf  })iss  j?att  I  J>e  shaewe, 

1 76  ORMULUM. 

Off-J?aU  ice  segge  Jjatt  te  birr)) 

All  all  swa  lufenn  ojjre, 
3  hatenn  of>re,  ^  hellpenn  hemm, 

All  all  swa  summ  \>t  sellfenn. 
Ne  segge  ice  ))e  nohht  tatt  te  birr)> 

All  all  se  mikell  hellpe, 
3  all  se  mikell  lufe,  "3  ee 

All  all  se  mikell  jemsle, 
pwerrt  fit  onn  iwhillc  of>err  mann 

Alls  o  jje  sellfenn  leggenn; 
Forr  Drihhtin  f>e  ne  bidde))))  nohht 
*  All  all  se  mikell  hellpe 
Don  upponn  oJ)re  alls  uppo  ))e; 

Ace  o  }?att  illke  wise 
Wi\>\>  oJ?re  he  bideJ)J)  J)e  don  wel 

patt  tu  dosst  wij)}?  J)e  sellfenn; 
Forr  )?e  birr]?  lufenn  ojjre  menn 

;)  lufenn  ec  \>q  sellfenn, 
Ace  mare  )?e  J)ann  of>re  menn 

pu  lufenn  mihht  wi]?J)  lefe, 
^  god  te  birrj?  don  of>re  menn 

;)  god  don  ec  J)e  sellfenn, 
Ace  mare  J)e  )?ann  oJ?re  menn 

pu  mihht  don  god  wij?f>  lefe . 
^  te  birrj?  jeornenn  dajj  ^  nihht 

patt  all  folic  wurrf)e  borrjhenn, 
3  tohh  J?e  birr))  jet  allre  mast 

pin  ajhenn  berrhless  jernenn . 

*  Col.  124, 


puss  mihht  tu  lufenn  alle  menn    . 

All  an  swa  summ  ]?e  sellfenn, 
;j  hellpenn  forrjjenn  alle  menn 

All  all  swa  summ  })e  sellfenn, 
-^  lufenn  })ohh  -^  hellpenn  Jjohh  5120 

Ajj  allre  mast  te  sellfenn. 
puss  birr))  ))e  lufenn  Godd  ;)  mann, 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shseweSd, 
-^  forr  ))att  te  f>iss  lufe  birr}) 

O  twejjenn  hallfe  fiUenn,  5125 

ForrJ)i  wass  itt  bitacnedd  wel 

purrh  tale  off  twejjenn  hunndredd. 
3  forr  J)att  ejjjjerr  himndredd  iss 

Full  tale  all  Jjwerrt  ut  filledd, 
-^  swa  fuUJjiifenn  J)att  itt  nohht  5130 

Ne  maj55  na  mare  waxxenn, 
Forr))i  wass  ejjjjerr  tale  sett 

Full  opennlij  to  tacnenn, 
patt  te  birrj?  ejj))err  lufess  mahht 

Fullfremeddlike  fillenn  5135 

Swa  wel,  ))att  ejjf>err  filledd  be 

All  ))werrt  fit  wel  wiJ)J)  alle . 
J  te  birrj?  lokenn  J)e  f>att  tu 

Ne  do  nan  ifell  dede 
Forr  lufe  off  nan  lifisshe  mann,  5140 

Forr  Godd  itt  te  forrbedeJ?f> 
To  giUtenn  ohht  onnxseness  himm, 

Forr  anij  mann  to  cwemenn; 
Forr  jiff  f>u  dosst  Jjatt  ifell  iss, 

^  opennlike  gilltesst  5^45 

VOL.  I*  Q 

178  ORMULUM. 

*  Forr  lufe  oflF  anij  o))err  mann, 
paer  hatesst  tu  junnc  ba]?e, 
purrh  ))att  tu  dosst  junnc  ba))e  Jjaer 
To  gilltenn  Godd  onnjseness. 

Nu  mihht  tu  seggenn  her  to  me  51 

piss  word,  jiflf  ))att  te  })innke)))), 
Whi  birr))  me  lufemi  Godd  ^  mann, 

Whi  birr]?  me  lufenn  ba))e? 
Inoh  iss  me  to  lufenn  Godd, 

p3er))urrh  ma^  ice  ben  borrjhenn.  51 

OflF  ))iss  wile  ice  annswerenn  ))e 

patt  tatt  ice  unnderrstannde, 
Aflfterr  Jjatt  little  witt  tatt  me 

Min  Drihhtin  hafe})))  lenedd. 
giflf  J)att  tu  mihhtesst  lufenn  Godd  51 

Swa  f>att  itt  waere  himm  cweme 
WiJ?J)utenn  lufe  ofif  iwhillc  mann, 

pa  mihhtesst  tu  ben  borrjhenn 
WiJ)J?utenn  lufe  off  iwhillc  mann 

purrh  lufe  off  Drihhtin  ane;  51 

Forr  jiflf  J)att  tu  mihht  cwemenn  Godd, 

pa  mihht  tu  wurrjjenn  borrjhenn . 
Ace  J?e  birrj)  wltenn  witerrlij 

patt  Godd  niss  nowwf>err  cweme, 
Ne  J)att  tu  mikell  lufesst  himm,  51 

Ne  f>att  tu  ^eorne  himm  Jjeowwtesst, 

*  Col.  125. 


^ff  ])u  ne  lufesst  alle  menn 

All  all  swa  siinrni  fie  sellfenn. 
■]  Crist  ne  lufesst  tu  nohht  all 

Inn  jdl  hiss  twinne  kinde, 
Jiff  fiatt  tu  nohht  ne  lufesst  mann, 

An  lot  off  Cristess  kind-e ; 
Forr  Crist  iss  Godd,  ]  Crist  iss  mann, 

An  had  off  t^vinne  kinne. 
-\  jiff  fiu  lufesst  Drihhtin  ohht, 

0  mcnn  [le  birr]?  itt  shsewenn; 
Forr  (le  birr])  forr  J3e  lufe  off  Godd 

Wei  iufenn  menn  ^  hellpenn; 
Forr  Jju  ne  mahht  nohht  iufenn  Godd 

^  hitenn  menn  ;]  werdenn. 
^  Cristess  posstell,  Sannt  Johan, 

Uss  writ  off  f>iss  -J  scjjde, 
Jiff  )3U  sejxst  tatt  tu  lufesst  Godd 

1  hStesst  menn  ]  werdesst. 
pu  lejbesst,  ■]  biswikesst  swa 

pin  ajhen  wrecche  sawle ; 
Forr  fu  ne  mahht  nohht  Iufenn  Godd 

-\  hatenn  menn  ~\  werdenn. 
Helyas  wass  an  liaiij  mann 

^  an  wurrjjfull  prophete 
Onn  aide  dajhess,  mikell  fresst 

Biforenn  Cristess  come. 
■3  wijj})  himm  wass  an  o]>eiT  mann, 
*  Hiss  mann  forr  himm  to  jieowwtenn, 

l8o  ORMULUM. 

J  he  wass  hatenn  Helyseow, 

^  he  wass  Godd  full  cweme, 
3  ta  comm  time  to  ))att  Godd 

Hemm  wollde  onn  erj?e  shsedenn, 
^  takenn  all  wi))})uteim  dae)) 

Helyamm  ]?e  prophete, 
3  brinngenn  himm  all  ut  fra  menn 

Till-f>aer  he  shollde  libbenn 
Wi)>J?  resste  ^  ro,  wi})f>utenn  swinnc. 

Till  Anntecristess  come. 
^  Helyseow  hiss  mami  wass  warr 

patt  tejj  J?a  shoUdemi  shaedenn, 
3  he  f>a  toe  to  clepenn  omi 

Helyamm  })e  prophete, 
J  cwajjj? ;  lef  faderr,  jeld  me  nu ' 

Forr  all  min  swinnc  rihht  mede, 
Fori  J?att  ice  hafe  folljhedd  te 

Do  me  summ  god  onn  ende. 
;)  ta  jaflf  himm  anndswere  Jjuss 

Helyas  f>e  prophete, 
Whatt  willt  tu  }?att  ice  jife  j^e 

Forr  all  J?in  swinnc  to  mede? 
;)  Helyseow  f>a  sejjde  f>uss; 

Lef  faderr,  ice  Jje  bone, 
Jiff  me  nu  f)att  twifalde  gast 

patt  i  j?in  herrte  himm  resste})f>, 
patt  itt  beo  nu  forrf>warrd  inn  me 

All  all  swa  wel  wi]?))  alle, 
All  alls  itt  hafef>})  ben  i  })e 

*^urrh  })in  Drihhtiness  hellpe. 


Whatt  god  wass  |)att  twifalde  gast 

palt  Helyseow  fiser  ^eorrnde? 
Sofi  lufe  Jjatt  birrjj  ben  twifald, 

Swa  Bunim  ice  habbe  shsewedd ; 
FoTT  f)e  birr]!  lufetin  Godd  "J  inann 

giff  }>att  tu  willt  ben  boirjhenn . 
He  badd  hiss  inajjstre  fillstnenn  himm 

Towarrd  Drihhtin  wiji|3  bone, 
patt  Drihhtinn  jsefc  himm  wille  ]  mahht 

Sojj  lufe  rihht  to  folljhenn ; 
AJ!  alls  he!  haffde  jifenn  aer 

Hiss  majjstre,  ))iss  he  jeorrnde, 
-\  he  wass  wis,  forr  he  sahh  wel, 

]  wisste  wel  to  sojje, 
patt  all  Drihhtiness  bodeword 

■]  all  Goddspelless  lare 
I?s  fiUedd  jjurrhutlike  wel, 

giff  fiatt  so]i  lufe  iss  filledd ; 
Forr  lufe  off  Godd  -\  lufe  off  mann, 

Jiff  fiatt  tu  rihht  itt  haldesst, 
Iti  do]j  ])e  don  i  word,  i  werrc, 

All  {latt  tu  mahht  to  gode, 
*  ^  itt  te  do]j  affterr  j^in  mahht 

All  ifell  to  forrbushenn; 
■3  tier  iss  all  Jiatt  te  birr|3  don, 

1  all  {)e  bode  iss  filledd, 
giff  |jatt  tu  lufesst  Godd  ]  mann, 

]  forr  ))e  lufe  off  bajae 

1 83  ORMULUM,    " 

Dost  all  to  gode  }>att  tu  mihht^ 

•]  ifell  aU  forrw^rpesst. 
-^  her  ]7U  mibht  nu  sen  full  wel  5260 

patt  lufe  iss  all  i  dedess; 
Forr  majj  na  lufe  berrjhenn  j>e 

Wi}?}?utenn  gode  dedess; 
Forr  jifF  )?u  lufesst  Godd,  te!  birrj> 

Wif>f>  gode  dedess  shaewenn^  5265 

3  jiff  f>u  lufesst  mann,  f>e!  birr)> 

Wi}?J>  gode  dedess  sha&wenn, 
pa  mihht  tu  Godd  ^  gode  menn 

Cwemenn,  3  wurr}?enn  borrjhenn^ 
3  ure  Laferrd  sejjde  f>uss  5270 

Till  hise  Leorningcnihhtess ; 
patt  iss  min  bodeword,  tatt  je 

guw  lufenn  swa  bitwenenn 
Rihht  alls  ice  hafe  lufedd  juw. 

Her  ma  J  J  mann  unnderrstanndenn  5275 

Whillc  gate  me  biri^  lufenn  })e, 

^  illc  mann  lufenn  of>err; 
patt  illke  wise  badd  he  J^ejjm 

Hemm  lufenn  hemm  bitwenenn, 
patt  illke  wise  J>att  he  f^ejjm  5280 

Hiss  lufe  shsewedd  haffde . 
Nu  birr})  me  shsewenn,  jiff  I  kann^ 

O  whillkess  kinness  wise 
pe  Laferrd  Cristess  lufe  wass 

Onn  hise  posstless  sene,  5285 

1  tanne  shallt  tu  mujhenn  sen 

O  whillkess  kinness  wise 


^H    H 

pa  sellf  birrji  lufenn  of>re  menn, 


To  follshenn  Cristess  bisne. 


Crist  jaff  hiss  ajhenn  lefe  lif 

5190     ^1 

To  |)olenn  daej)  o  rode 


Forr  hise  posstless,  3  forr  )3e, 


1  forr  all  follke  nede, 


Forr  swa  to  lesenn  all  mannkinn 


Ot  off  |)e  deofless  walde  . 

5^95              ■ 

■)  te  birrjj  foUjhenn  Cristess  slo)), 


3  te  birrf)  wilenn  sweliteiin 


Forr  Cristess  [leowwess,  jiff  mann  hemm 


All  saccless  wfle  cwelleim, 


Forr  swa  to  cweiinkenn  Crisstenndoni, 

=.100                J 

■J  Cristess  lajhess  dilljhenn,. 


Jiff  jjatt  mann  wDe  CrissLenndom 


1           ■]  Cristess  name  dilljhenn, 


I      pa  birrf)  fie  slanndenn  Jiser  onnsKO, 


1         ■]  werenn  Cristess  Jjeoivwess, 


1     -J  Cristess  name,  ]  Crisstenndom, 


1         Whil  {)att  tin  lif  ()e  lasstef)]). 


1    ;]  forr  fjc  so)>e  lufe  off  Crist 


B       ^  ec  off  Cristess  Jieowwess 


B  JJe  birrfi,  jiff  fiatt  le  fallejifi  swa. 

53  "^^^1 

H     Full  blt|>elike  swelltenn  ; 


Hn  ta  l>u  foiljhesst  opennli^ 


^B     pe  Lafcrrd  Cristess  bisne, 


^Vatt  forr  mannkinne  lufe  STvallt 


^^  Full  bti^eliUe  0  rode; 





184  ORMULUM. 

3  ec  }>u  folljhesst  opennlij 

pe  Laferrd  Cristess  posstless, 
patt  forr  f>e  so}>e  lufe  off  Crist 

3  ec  off  Cristess  )?eowwess, 
3  forr  to  rejjsenn  Crisstenndom, 

Full  blif>elike  swulltenn. 
3  te  birrj?  witenn  sikerrlij, 

Forr  Goddspellboc  itt  kif>ef>J>, 
patt  whase,  forr  J>e  lufe  oflf  Crist 

^  ec  oflf  Cristess  )?eowwess,  ^^ 

GaJ?  for)?  to  swelltenn  bli)?elij 

Forr  Crisstenndom  to  rejj^senn, 
pe  maste  lufe  he  shaewej?)?  )?3er 

patt  anij  mann  ma^  shaewenn; 
3  forrj^i  jedenn  blijjeli^ 

purrh  marrtirdom  to  swelltenn 
Off  Godess  Jjeowwess  miccle  ma 

pann  anij  mann  majj  tellenn. 
piss  twafald  lufe  off  Godd  ^  mann, 

patt  uss  birrj?  alle  shaewenn, 
I  word,  i  werrc,  uss  awwnedd  wass 

Wei  Jjurrh  ))a  twejjenn  hunndredd, 
patt  waerenn  Jjurrh  J?e  J?ridde  staff 

Oflf  Cristess  name  tacnedd . 
3  jiflf  f>u  mahht  te  lufe  oflf  Godd 

-]  ec  oflf  mann  rihht  fillenn, 
pa  shallt  tu  Jjurrh  f>e  name  oflf  Crist 

Ben  borrjhenn  att  tin  ende. 

HOMILIES.  18.5 

3  wel  wass  jjurrh  }>e  feorJ>e  staff 

Off  Cristess  name  tacnedd  5345 

pe  fulle  tale  off  seofenntij, 

Off  seofenn  sif>e  tene; 
Forr  tale  off  seoffne  stannt  o  boc 

Forr  mikell  f>ing  to  tacnenn; 
Forr  tale  off  seoffne  tacnef>f>  uss  5350 

patt  seofennkinne  bene, 
patt  o  J?e  Paterr  Nossterr  stannt 

patt  Crist  himm  sellf  uss  sette; 
Forr  all  )?e  Paterr  Nossterr  iss 

WiJjJ?  seoffne  boness  endedd,  5355 

;)  wij>)?  }5a  boness  bidde  we 

pe  Laferrd  Cristess  hellpe 
Off  all  J>att  aefre  ned  uss  iss 

To  lif  ^  ec  to  sawle . 
;]  ec  )?e  tale  off  seoffne  majj  5360 

pa  seoffne  jifess  tacnenn 
patt  Godess  Cast  uss  jife)?)?  her, 

giff  )?att  we  rihht  himm  cwemenn; 
Forr  all  J?att  sefre  ned  uss  iss 
*  All  Godess  Gast  uss  tiJ?ef>J>  5365 

purrh  seoffne  jifess,  jiff  f>att  we 

Wi)?J?  halij  lif  himm  cwemenn . 
*]  ec  f>e  tale  off  seoffne  majj 

pa  seoffne  seoUJjess  tacnenn, 
patt  ure  Laferrd  Crist  himm  sellf  5370 

Space  offe  to  }>e  leode, 

*  Col.  129 

1 86  ORMULUM, 

Summ  sljje  j>aer  he  talde  hemm  spell 

Off  heofermrichess  blisse . 
He  sette  himm  seness  onn  an  munnt, 

Swa  summ  J?e  Goddspell  ki)?e)?]?, 
3  mikell  folic  wass  )?3er  wif>f>  himm, 

Forr  himm  to  sen  ^  herenn, 
3  forr  to  takenn  haele  att  himm  ^ 

Off  iwhillc  unntrummnesse . 
3  taer  he  talde  hemm  alle  spell 

Off  aedijnessess  seoflfne, 
patt  halljhe  weress  folljhenn  her, 

Drihhtin  Jjserjjurrh  to  cwemenn. 
Nu  mihht  tu  sen  Jjatt  mikell  }?ing 

purrh  tale  off  seoflfne  iss  tacnedd; 
Forr  itt  bitacne)?)?  opennlij, 

Swa  smnm  ice  hafe  shaewedd, 
Rihht  sefFne  bedess  Jjatt  mann  finnt 

Uppo  ))e  Paterr  Nossterr, 
^  seoflfne  jifess  Jjatt  man  fo}? 

Oflf  Halij  Gastess  hellpe, 
^  5et  itt  tacne))}?,  tekenn  f>att, 

Rihht  sedijnessess  seoflfne, 
patt  halljhe  weress  foUjhenn  her, 

Forr  Drihhtin  swa  to  cwemenn . 
pe  firrste  bede  f>att  mann  bitt 

Uppo  Jje  Paterr  Nossterr 
patt  iss,  Jjatt  Godess  name  beo 

Rihht  lofedd  her  ^  wurr})edd; 
Forr  whase  Godess  name  majj 

Rihht  lofenn  her  3  wurrf>enn. 


He  winnejjji  swa  fjatt  he  shall  ben 

purrh  Godess  name  borrjhenn . 
pait  ofierr  bede  [jatt  mann  bin 

Uppo  fie  Paterr  Nossterr 
pait  iss,  Jiatt  Godess  kinedom 

SkSt  mote  wurrjieiin  awwnedd, 
AU  all  swillc  i  J3iss  middellserd 

Alls  itt  iss  upp  inn  heoffne . 
piss  illke  bede  fiUedd  beoj) 

Att  Domess  dasjess  ende; 
Forr  f>a  shall  Godess  kinedom 

All  all  swillc  beon  onn  eorjje, 
Alls  itt  iss  upp  inn  heoffness  Erd 

To  dasj  wij){)  Godess  enngkss. 
^  tiss  uss  wffire  swifjc  god 

patt  itt  uss  cumenn  ware, 
gi£f  jjatt  iss  jjatt  we  cwemenn  Godd 

Wijif)  fjohht,  3  word,  ■]  dede . 
pe  l^ridde  bede  ]jatt  mann  bitt 

Uppo  Jie  Paterr  Nossterr 
•  patt  iss,  l^att  Godess  wille  beo 

All  filledd  her  onn  eorfie. 
All  all  swa  summ  itt  filledd  iss 

Inn  heoffne  i  Godess  enngless; 
Forr  whase  majj  wijj])  woxd  ]  weorrc 

Her  fillenn  Godess  wille^ 
He  winne]j[j  her  ]jatt  he  shall  ben 

purrh  Godess  wille  borrjhenn . 


1 88  ORMULUM, 

pe  feo4>e  bede  }>att  mann  bitt 

Uppo  J?e  Paterr  Nossterr 
patt  iss,  )?att  Drihhtin  nu  to  daj^ 

Uss  jife  Jjurrh  hiss  are 
Ure  alire  dajjwhammlike  braed; 

piss  braed  iss  Godess  hellpe, 
3  itt  iss  fode  to  )?e  lif, 

^  fode  to  J?e  sawle, 
3  Godd  itt  sifej?)?  alle  )?a 

patt  hise  lajhess  haldenn . 
pe  fifte  bede  J>att  mann  bitt 

Uppo  J?e  Paterr  Nossterr 
patt  iss,  f>att  ure  Drihhtin  uss 

Forrjife  jjurrh  hiss  are 
All  Jjatt  we  gilltenn  himm  onnjaen, 

I  Jjohht,  i  word,  i  dede, 
patt  he!  forrjife  uss  all  rihht  swa, 

Summ  we  forrjifenn  oJ?re 
All  Jjatt  tejj  gilltenn  uss  onnjgen 

Onn  anij  kinne  wise. 
Loc  nu  Jjatt  tu  foirjife  wel 

All  folic  all  wraf>f>e  ^  laj>j?e, 
3iff  ))u  willt  habbenn  off  f>in  gillt 

Att  Godd  forrjifenesse . 
pe  sexte  bede  j?att  mann  bitt 

Uppo  J?e  Paterr  Nossterr 
patt  iss,  f>att  Godd  ne  Jjole  nphht 

Ne  f)afe  laf)e  gastess 
To  winnenn  oferrhannd  off  uss 

purrh  heore  lajje  wiless; 


Forr  whase  winnef>f>  oferrhannd  5460 

3  sije  off  lajje  gastess, 
He  shall  ben  cmnedd  fmrrh  Drihhtin 

Inn  eche  lifess  blisse. 
pe  seoflfnde  bede  }?att  mann  bitt 

Uppo  f>e  Paterr  Nossterr  5465 

patt  iss,  )?att  ure  Drihhtin  Godd 

Uss  lese  jjiirrh  hiss  are 
(Jt  off  all  J?att  tatt  ifell  iss 
*  Wi}?f>  lif  ^  ec  wiJ>J>  sawle ; 
Forr  mann  ne  majj  nohht  unnderrfon  5470 

patt  god  Jjatt  iss  inn  heoflfne, 
Butt  iff  f>att  he  be  clennsedd  all 

Off  ifell  3  off  sinne . 
Her  habbe  ice  shgewedd  nu  till  juw 

pa  seoffne  bedess  alle  5475 

patt  wserenn,  alls  ice  hafe  sejjd, 

purrh  tale  off  seoffne  tacnedd. 

•]  her  ice  wile  sone  anan 

pa  seoffne  jifess  shgewenn, 
patt  Halij  Gast  uss  jife)?)?  her,  5480 

giff  jjatt  we  rihht  himm  {jeowwtenn . 
pe  firrste  jife  iss  witt  3  skill 

Inn  heofennlike  }?ingess, 
purrh  whatt  mann  unnderrstanndenn  majj, 

Hu  mann  birrj?  aefre  jeornenn  5485 

♦  Col.  131. 

190  ORMULUM. 

Affterr  ]>att  j^ing  ]>att  lasste]>]>  S, 

3  all  iss  full  off  blisse . 
piss  %\it  sife)?}>  Halij  Gast 

pa  menn  J?att  wel  himm  cwemenn; 
Forr  ajx  hemm  langej?)?  hejjennwarrd,  5- 

3  upp  till  heoffness  blisse; 
Forr  }5att  tejj  imnderrstaimdenn  wel 

Hu  wicke  itt  iss  onn  eorjje, 
Wif>}>  )?att  itt  iss  inn  heoffness  aerd 

Biforenn  Godess  sihhj>e.  5^ 

An  o)?err  jife  Godess  Gast 

Her  sife)?f>  hise  f>eowwess 
patt  iss,  )?att  he  }>ejjm  5ife)?}>  her 

All  full  wel  tunnderrstanndenn 
Off  all  f>e  boc  i  Godess  hus  5; 

pe  deope  dijhellnesse, 
Swa  )?att  tejj  mujhenn  shaewenn  juw 

All  whatt  itt  sesjj)  ^  menej?]?, 
^  all  hu  mann  birrj?  foUjhenn  itt 

Forr  Drihhtin  rihht  to  J?eowwtenn,  55 

Swa  f>att  je  mujhenn  alle  imaen 

patt  rihhte  wejje  folljhenn, 
patt  lede}?f>  J^a  till  heoffness  aerd 

patt  Godess  lajhess  haldenn. 
pe  f>ridde  jife  Godess  Gast  5: 

Her  jifejjj?  hise  }>eowwess, 
He  gifejjj?  hemm  himm  sellfenn  her 

Swa  forr}?errlike  onn  eorJ?e, 
Swa  j?att  tejj  cunnenn  ra}>enn  rihht 

Hemm  sellfenn  3  ec  o|>re,  55 




191  ^^J 

•  Off  aJl  Jiatt  jefre  iss  owwjjerr  ned 


To  lif  -y  ec  to  sawie  - 


pe  feor]>e  jife  off  Hali;  Gasi 


Iss  strennc}ie  jsn  jse  deofell ; 


Strennc)je  to  filihtenn  stall wurrlij 

55'°    .^^J 

Onnj^en  f)e  flEeshess  lusstess; 


Strenncfie  f)att  jifefit)  lufe  ■]  lusst 


pe  bodij  forr  to  pineiin 


Wi[)Ji  swinnc,  wij3)>  hunngerr,  3  wij)})  jjrisst 


Wi)jl>  chele  i  wkke  elaj^ess, 

hhn   ^^^H 

WiJjJ)  cneljnng,  3  wifjj)  bedesang, 


WiJ)])  swinginng;,  -y  wi]j]j  wecche  ; 


Strenncjjc  to  Jjolenn  rihhl  wi})))  skill 


lUc  seoUlje  :)  illc  unnseoDJ^e, 


1  35s  '0  Jiannkenn  innwarrdlij 

5.S30   ^^^1 

Drihhtin  all  \ziX  he  seiinde[3[) ; 


pias  strennclje  sifej))!  Halij  Gast 


pa  menn  ))att  wel  himm  cwemenn. 


pe  fifte  Sife  iss  shoed  ]  skill 


I  weorelldlike  Jjingess, 

5535  ^^^1 

purrb  wbatt  mann  unn  dc  rr  s  tan  nd  >;))[)  wel 


]  seof)  wifjfi  heorrtess  eghe 


All  whatt  iss  rihht,  3  whatt  iss  wo 


Biforenn  Godess  ejhne. 


-y  wbatt  bilimmpet)]}  to  ))e  lif, 


]  whatt  gaj>  to  J^e  sawle ; 


:j  all  hu  maim  birrjj  \veoreUd))ing 


Nittenn  ]  tohh  forrwerrpenn ; 

■Col.  ij:. 



192  ORMULUM. 

^  hu  J>e  birr]?  jsen  ifell  mann 

3  ec  jaen  god  mann  baj>e 
Swa  ledenn  j?e  wif>J>  skill,  }?att  tu 

Ne  gillte  nohht  jaen  owwj?err, 
Ace  f>att  hemm  baj>e  beo  J?e  bett 

Off  f>att  tejj  neh  J>e  biggenn; 
J  hu  j?e  birr}?  uppo  }>in  frend 

Swa  lufenn  lif  ^  sawle, 
patt  te  birr}?  hatenn  j?ohh  onn  himm 

All  whattse  iss  woh  ^  sinne; 
3  hu  J?e  birr)?  uppo  }?in  fend 

All  hatenn  woh  ^  sinne, 
Swa  })att  te  lufenn  birr)?  onn  himm 

pohhwhe)>J>re  lif  3  sawle . 
Swillc  shaed  ^  skill  i  weorelld)?ing 

All  hu  mann  shall  himm  ledenn, 
Her  sette)>J>  Halij  Gast  o  )>a 

patt  lufenn  himm  3  cwemenn. 
pe  sexte  jife  off  Halij  G^st 

Iss  an  rihht  god  reowwsunnge 
patt  Godess  J>eoww,  whasumm  itt  iss, 
*  Her  berej))?  inn  hiss  heorrte . 
Himm  reoweJ>J?  off  hiss  ajhenn  woh 

^  oflf  hiss  ajhenn  sinne, 
-]  ec  oflf  oJ)err  manness  woh, 

Oflf  ojjerr  manness  sinne  , 
Himm  reowej?)?  J>att  he  nafeJ?J>  nohht  51 

All  haldenn,  alls  himm  birrde, 

*  Col.  133. 

^^F                 HOMILIES. 


pe  Crisstenndom  wi(){)  word  ;j  weorrc, 

:j  wijif)  |)e  rihhte  Isefe, 

All  afflerr  ]jan  he  Godd  bihel 

patt  daj5  Jialt  he  wass  fullhtnedd. 


Himm  reowejiti  Jiatt  he  dwelle))))  her 


Swa  swi})e  lange  onn  eor>e 


patt  all  iss  fiill  off  bete  -\  iu{>, 

]  full  off  alle  sinness. 


Himm  reowej!))  })att  he  nafef[)  nohht 


Off  Paradisess  riche 


patt  himm  wass  ^airkedd  fjurrh  Drihhtin, 


To  brukenn  S  w}t]j  blisse  . 

Himm  reowefjj  jiatt  he  nohht  ne  majj 

Himm  jememi  all  fra  sinne, 


pohh  fatt  he  nohht  nc  kepe[){3  her 

To  gilllcnn  hise  fannkess  . 

Himm  reowe]))>  ))att  he  nohht  ne  majj 

Swillc  halij  bisne  shKwenn, 

Alls  himm  hiss  heirte  bere>I>  to, 


I         Jff  })att  het  mihbte  forfjenn . 

Hinim  reowejjji  ec  off  alle  Jsa 

f          patt  foUshenn  deoSess  lare. 

Oflf  t)att  hemm  (iwerrt  Gt  nohht  niss  off 

To  betenn  here  sinness . 


SwiUc  reowwsnnng  jifefj))  Hali^  Cast 


pa  mcnn  jiatt  rihht  himm  cwemenn. 


pe  seoffnde  jife  Godess  Gast 


Her  jife{>f)  Godess  J-eowwess 


J>att  iss,  to  drsdenn  Drihhtin  rihht 

Bfioo                  1 

^I})ohht.  i  word,  i  dede. 


194  ORMULUM. 

piss  drsedunng  iss  j^att  rodetreo   * 

patt  Crist  himm  sellf  space  ofife, 
3  sejjde  to  )?e  leode  J?uss, 

Swa  summ  j?e  Goddspell  ki|>e}>f>,  5" 

patt  mann  })att  wile  foll^henn  me 

•]  winnenn  eche  blisse. 
He  t^e  hiss  rode,  3  bere  itt  rihht, 

3  folljhe  swa  min  bisne. 
^  rihht  draedunng  oflf  Godd  ma^  wel  5 

purrh  rodetreo  ben  tacnedd; 
Forr  rihht  draedunng  oflf  Godd  te  do)> 

All  bindenn  swa  J?in  herrte, 
3  all  f>in  bodij,  swa  )?att  tu 

Ne  darrst  nohht  Drihhtin  wra}>]>enn,  s 

Ne  )?urrh  )>in  )?ohht,  ne  )?urrh  Jnn  word, 

Ne  Jjurrh  )?in  bodij  dede; 
^  swa  \>M  folljhesst  Cristess  slo}? 

purrh  rihht  draedunng  all  bundenn. 
Alls  iflf  J?u  waere  bundenn  all  5 

O  rodetreo  wif>f>  bandess; 
piss  draedunng  sifej>f>  Halij  Gast 

pa  menu  J?att  rihht  himm  J^eowwtenn;* 
Her  hafe  ice  shaewedd  nu  till  juw 
*  pa  seoflfne  jifess  alle,  5 

patt  halljhe  weress  unnderrfon 

purrh  Halij  Gastess  frofre. 

*  Col.  134. 



3  her  ice  wUe  wif.)'  -^  wif.f> 


pa  seoffne  seolljjess  shEcwenn 


patt  wasrenn,  alls  ice  hafe  scjsd, 


purrh  lale  off  seoffne  tacnedd. 


-]   her  ice  wile  reccnenn  hemm 


AU  o  ))ati  illke  wise, 


All  alls  hemm  sette  o  Goddspellboc 


Majjeow  (ic  Goddspellwrihhte . 


pe  Grrste  seoll])e  iss  >att  tu  beo, 


All  wijjji  ))in  ajhenn  wille, 


All  wrecche  i  wsedle  i  usell  mann, 


Forr  lufe  off  eche  blisse. 


piss  aeoUJje  shall  jje  winnenn  her 

..640         1 

He!i  kinedom  inn  heoffne, 


Swa  summ  |)e  Goddspellwrihhte  8655^1, 


patt  ])weorrt  ut  nohht  ne  lejhe{){) . 


patt  ojjerr  seoUfie  iss  fiatt  tu  beo 


^dmod,  1  soffte,  ^  milde. 

5645        1 

1       All  forr  }>e  BO>e  lufe  off  Godd, 


1          All  vA\\  })in  ajhenn  wUle . 


B      piss  seollt>e  aU  beoffness  serdess  land 


H         pe  winnenn  shall  ■]  ahnenn, 


H     Swa  summ  |)e  Goddspcll«Tihhie  sejsfi. 


H        3iff  }jatt  tu  wel  itt  follshesst . 


H    pe  );ridde  seoll>e  do]}  ^e  mann 


■       Wepenu  wif-jj  skill  ^j  wanenn 



^^      Ne  forr  eor]?like  unnseall>e, 


^H|^-cc  forr  hiss  ajheiui  sinne,  ]  ec 


^^B    Forr  o}>err  manness  sinne; 


196  ORMULUM. 

Forr  Godess  J>eoww  her  wepe}>]>  t 

Forr  oJ>re,  j  forr  himm  sellfenn. 
He  wepe]?]?  her  forr  alle  J)a 

patt  wepenn  her  wi]?}>  sinne, 
He  wepej>]>  ec  forr  alle  ]>a 

patt  lah^henn  her  wi]>]>  siime. 
Nu  mihht  tu  fra^^nenn  whillc  iss  )>att 

patt  wepe]?J>  her  wi}>}>  sinne, 
Whatt  mann  se  itt  iss  ]>att  wep^]>  her 

Forr  lire  off  eorJ>like  ahhte . 
-y  tu  mihht  firajjnenn  whillc  iss  ]>att 

patt  lahjheJ)J>  her  wij>]>  sinne, 
*  patt  mann  ]>att  late]>]>  modilij 

Forr  hiss  eorJ)like  seoll]>e. 
Nu  wepej)}>  Godess  J)eoww  forr  J>a 

patt  wepenn  her  wi}>l>  sinne, 
;)  he  shall  att  hiss  endeda^ 

purrh  Drihhtin  wurrjjenn  frofredd 
Off  all  hiss  wop  ^  aU  hiss  wa, 

Swa  summ  J)e  Goddspell  ki}7e]>]> . 
pe  feorJ)e  seoUJje  iss  J)att  tu  beo 

Forr}?risst  -]  ec  forrhunngredd, 
Nohht  aiFterr  mete,  naflfterr  drinnch, 

Ace  afFterr  rihhtwisnesse . 
piss  hunngerr  ;)  tiss  ]7risst  iss  a 

I  Cristess  ]?ewwess  herrte; 
Forr  aj3  occ  ajj  he  stannde}>]>  inn 

To  rexjsenn  rihhtwisnesse, 

♦  Col.  135. 

^^r                 HOMILIES. 



■^  ajx  to  tredenn  unnderrfSt 


All  whatlse  iss  woh  -y  sinne; 


3  all  hiss  hunngerr  ^  hiss  )>risst 


Shall  ben  Jnurh  Drihhtin  sleckedd; 


Forr  he  shall  att  hiss  endedajj 



purrh  hiss  Drihhtiness  fod« 


At!  filledd  ben  off  iwhiUc  god, 


Swa  summ  }>e  Goddspell  kijjejjjj;- 


pe  fifte  seoUfie  nemranedd  iss 


Forrjifenesse  ]  are, 



^  Cristess  jjeowwess  hente  iss  all 


Full  off  })iss  halljhe  seolljie, 



Axs  to  forrjifenn  innwarrdlij, 



Wi])j)  so{)fasst  millce  ]  are, 

All  Jjatt  mann  gilltejit)  himm  onnjKn 


Onn  alle  kinne  wise, 

■]  Drihhlin  ait  hiss  endedajj, 

Swa  summ  Jje  GoddspeU  kit)ef.fp, 

Shall  arenn  himm  ^  miUcenn  himm, 

■]  brinngean  himm  till  heoffne;- 


pe  sexte  seoUfiess  Kdijlej^c 

Iss  clene  :i  lutlerr  herrte, 

patt  aJl  Jiin  herrte  beo  ^iwerrt  tit 

Att  tin  wittshipe  clene. 

patt  tu  ne  w!te  nan  wi))}>  \e 


Ne  lasse  gilit,  ne  mare . 

Swillc  herrte  nisa  forrblendedd  nohht 

purrh  alihtess  gredijnesse, 

Ne  fvurrh  nan  ojjerr  flseshess  lusst, 

I         Ne  Jjurrh  nan  modinesse, 



198  ORMULUM. 

;)  forr)7i  ma^^  itt  sen  to  gan 

Wi}?}>  all  J>att  rihhte  wejje 
patt  lede)7]>  menn  till  heoffness  serd, 

To  sen  Drihhtin  wif)J)  ehne; 
* ;)  whase  itt  iss  |>att  hafe]>]>  her 

Swillc  herrte  all  f)werrt  fit  clene, 
He  shall  wi|>|>  blisse  seon  Drihhtin, 

Swa  summ  J>e  Groddspell  ki]>e}?J?. 
pe  seoffnde  seollJ>ess  aedijle^c 

Iss  grif)J>  i  manness  herrte, 
Swa  ]?att  illc  an  unnclene  lusst 

3  illc  an  ifell  wille 
Beo  trededd  dun  }>urrh  lufe  off  Godd, 

•^  cwennkedd  inn  hiss  herrte, 
Swa  )>att  hiss  bodi^  wi]^  hiss  gast 

Sammtale  -^  sahhte  wurr}>e, 
Swa  Jjatt  tej5  ba}>e  jeornenn  an 

3  folljhenn  an  wif)}?  wille. 
Inn  all  }?att  J>ohht  "j  word  ^  werrc 

patt  all  iss  Drihhtin  cweme. 
-^  ec  Jjiss  seolljje  do}?  f)e  mann 

A55  sof)  sahhtnesse  folljhenn 
Wif)))  god  mann  ;j  wif)})  ifell  mann, 

Inn  all  ]?att  niss  nan  sinne; 
Forr  himm  ne  birr]?  nohht  beon  all  an 

Wi))}?  nanij  mann  i  sinne; 
Forr  he  ne  majj  nohht  sinndses 

Beon  bli}?e  off  anij  sinne, 

*  Col.  136. 

HOMIUES.  -  199 

Ace  himm  birr|>  J>raepenn  ajj  wi|>|>  skill 

Onnjaeness  alle  sinness,  5745 

J  shaeweim  |>ohh  sahhtnesse  ^  gri}>}>, 

Swa  summ  ice  hafe  speUedd, 
get  forrjjenn  towarrd  ifell  mann, 

Inn  all  )7att  niss  nan  sinne. 
^  jiflf  J>iss  halljhe  gri}>}?  iss  wel  5750 

WiJ>J>innenn  i  J>in  herrte, 
^  ec  wiJ>J>utenn  towarrd  menn, 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd, 
pa  shallt  tu  wurrj>enn  sikerrlij 

An  off  Drihhtiness  chilldre,  5755 

Swa  summ  )7att  Goddspell  ki)7e)))7  uss 

patt  Crist  himm  sellf  uss  se^^de  ;• 
Her  hafe  ice  shaewedd  nu  till  juw 

Rihht  aedi^nessess  seoifne, 
patt  waerenn,  alls  ice  sejjde  juw,  5760 

purrh  tale  off  seoffne  taenedd; 
Forr  tale  off  seoffne  stannt  o  boc 

Fori  mikell  |>ing  to  tacnenn; 
Forr  itt  uss  tacne)))?  opennlij, 

Swa  summ  ice  hafe  shaewedd,  5765 

pa  seoffne  bedess  }7att  mann  finnt 

Uppo  J)e  Paterr  Nossterr, 
^  seoffne  jifess  J>att  mann  fo|> 

Off  Halij  Gastess  hellpe, 
^  seoffne  seollf)ess  J?att  mann  her  5770 

Forr  lufe  off  Drihhtin  foUjhe))}? . 
^  all  wass  |>urrh  }?e  feorJ?e  staff 

Off  Cristess  name  taenedd; 

200  ORMULUM. 

patt  feor]?e  staff  iss  nemmnedd  O 

J  lit    •        •        •        •        • 

An  off  }?a  fowwre  iss  Saimt  Ma]7)7ew, 

;)  he  wass  ec  an  posstell . 
An  oJ)err  Goddspellwrihhte  wass 

Marcuss  by  name  nemmnedd, 
;)  he  wass  Goddspellwrihhte  god. 

Ace  he  ne  wass  nan  posstell. 
pe  }>ridde  Goddspellwrihhte  wass 

Lucas  by  name  nemmnedd, 
3  he  wass  Goddspellwrihhte  god, 

Ace  he  ne  wass  nan  posstell* 
pe  fer}?e  Goddspellwrihhte  wass 

Johan,  "3  he  wass  posstell. 
Her  hafe  I  nemmnedd  nu  till  juw 

pa  fowwre  Goddspellwrihhtess, 
patt  wserenn  uss  bitacnedd  wel 

purrh  tale  off  fowwerr  hunndredd; 
Forr  J^ejjre  lif  fuUfremedd  wass 

Inn  alle  gode  dedess, 
All  swa  }?e  tale  off  hunndredd  iss 

FuUfremedd  tale  nemmnedd. 
3  tise  fowwre  waerenn  ec 

purrh  fowwre  der  bitacnedd, 
patt  Godess  J)eww  Ezechyel 

Sahh  ]7urrh  gastlike  sihh]7e  • 

t  Coll.  137 — 144  wanting. 


piss  illke  Ezechiel  wass  an  5800 

WiirrJ>full  ;]  heh  profete 
Full  mikell  fresst  biforenn  J>att 

patt  Crist  comm  her  to  manne; 
J  he  sahh  aeness  fowwre  der 

purrh  Halij  Gast  inn  heiFne  5805 

Abutenn  Drihhtin  heflfness  king, 

pser  he  satt  onn  hiss  saete; 
Forr  }?att  tegj  shoUdenn  tacnenn  uss 

pa  fowwre  Goddspellwrihhtess, 
patt  writenn  off  J>e  Laferrd  Crist  5810 

Goddspell  o  fowwre  bokess. 
patt  an  der  oflf  |>a  fowwre  der 

Wass  mn  an  manness  like ; 
Forr  |>att  itt  shoUde  tacnenn  uss 

Ma|>|>ew  J>e  Goddspellwrihhte,  5815 

patt  wrat  uss  onn  hiss  Goddspellboc 

Oflf  Cristess  mennisscnesse ; 
Oflf  jjatt,  tatt  Crist  wass  wurrj^enn  mann 

Forr  all  mannkinne  nede, 
Swa  J>att  he  wass  sof)  Godd,  •]  ec  5820 

So|>  mann  i  lif  "j  sawle; 
3  ec  oflf  all  J>att  halljhe  werrc, 

patt  Crist  onn  erf)e  wrohhte 
'nn  ure  bodij  f»att  he  toe 

Oflf  Sannte  Marjess  kinde.  5825 

^.n  ojjerr  der  wass  sejhenn  J^ser 

Inn  an  leuness  like ; 
Porr  J?att  itt  shollde  tacnenn  uss 

Marrcumm  f)e  Goddspellwrihhte^ 

202  ORMULUM. 

patt  wrat  uss  onn  hiss  Goddspellboc, 

Hu  Crist  ras  upp  off  daej>e 
Onn  uhhtenntid  te  J>ridde  dajj 

Fra  }?att  he  swallt  o  rode. 
;]  tatt  wass  rihht  tatt  le  wass  sett 

Onnjaen  }?att  Goddspellwrihhte, 
patt  wrat  oflf  hu  J)e  Laferrd  ras 

pe  J>ridde  dajj  off  daej>e; 
Forr  leness  whellp  J>aer  }?aer  itt  iss 

Whellpedd,  taer  li|>  itt  stille 
pre  dajhess  alls  itt  wgere  daed, 

Forr  Cristess  dae}>  to  tacnenn; 
"3  o  }?e  J?ridde  dajj  itt  iss 

Waccnedd  off  slaep  ^  rejjsedd, 
purrh  f)att  te  faderr  ga|>  |>3erto 

;j  stire))}?  itt  ^  waccnef)}>, 
All  all  swa  summ  J>e  Laferrd  ras 

pe  J)ridde  daj^j^  oflf  daej)e 
All  }?urrh  hiss  Halljhe  Faderr  mahht, 

;)  Jjurrh  hiss  aj^henn  mahhte . 
pe  Jjridde  der  f)att  he  Jjger  sahh 

Wass  inn  an  kallfess  like; 
Forr  Jjatt  itt  shollde  tacnenn  uss 

Lucam  J^e  Goddspellwrihhte, 
patt  wrat  uss  onn  hiss  Goddspellboc 

Off  Cristess  daef)  o  rode, 
paer  he  wass  offredd  lac,  forr  uss 

To  lesenn  fit  off  helle. 
;)  tatt  wass  rihht  tatt  calif  wass  sett 

Onnjaen  |>att  Goddspellwrihhte, 


patt  wrat  oflf  hu  jje  Laferrd  Crist  5860 

Wass  oifredd  uppo  rode; 
Forr  kallf  wass,  wiss  to  fuUe  sof), 

An  lac  amang  )7a  lakess 
patt  waerenn  offredd  Drihhtin  Godd 

Biforenn  Cristess  come.  5865 

pe  feorJ>e  deor  |>att  he  Jjger  sahh 

Wass  inn  an  semess  like, 
Forr  |>att  itt  shoUde  tacnenn  uss 
t  Johan  J>e  Goddspellwrihhte, 
patt  wrat  uss  onn  hiss  Goddspellboc  5870 

OflF  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse, 
OflF-hu  |>e  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Inn  hiss  goddcunnde  kinde 
Aj3  wass,  -3  iss,  -3  sefre  beo)? 

Hiss  Faderr  efennmete,  5875 

Allmahhtij  •]  Allwaeldennd  Godd 

patt  alle  shafifte  wrohhte, 
WiJ>J)  Faderr  3  wiJ)J)  Halij  Gast 

All  an  i  Goddcunndnesse. 
^  tatt  wass  rihht  tatt  aern  wass  sett  5880 

Onnjaen  }>att  Goddspellwrihhte, 
patt  mast  wrSt  onn  hiss  Goddspellboc 

Off  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse; 
Forr  i  |>att  tatt  he  wrat  off  swillc 

He  flseh  upp  inntill  heoffne,  5885 

t)urrh  J>att  he  wrat  her  i  }?iss  lif 

Off  Godess  depe  kinde, 

♦  Col.  146.  t  Col.  147. 

204  ORMULUM. 

3  taer  wass  he  full  lie  wi}>]?  aem 

patt  flejhe}?}?  upp  full  he^he. 
puss  waerenn  }>urrh  }?a  fowwre  deor  [ 

pa  fowwre  menn  bitacnedd 
patt  writenn  off  }>e  Laferrd  Crist 

Goddspell  o  fowwre  bokess. 
;j  tise  fowwre  gode  menn, 

Wi}>}?  heore  fowwre  bokess,  5 

Sinndenn  gastlike  i  gastlij  witt 

An  waj^jn  wi|>}>  fowwre  wheoless, 
patt  beref)}>  i  |>iss  middellaerd 

Drihhtin  fra  land  to  lande; 
Fori  wide  "j  stde  spelledd  iss  '" 

purrh  heore  fowwre  bokess 
Oflf  ure  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist, 

;)  hu  mann  birr})  himm  }>eowwtenn. 
-}  whaere  o  lande  summ  itt  iss 

patt  mann  oflf  Goddspell  spelleJ)J>, 
Hu  mann  birr))  J>eowwtenn  Jesu  Crist 

^  lufenn  himm  ^  drsedenn, 
paer  iss  }>e  Laferrd  Crist  himm  sellf, 

3  tiderr  iss  he  wajjnedd 
Uppo  }?att  halljhe  wa^^n  }?att  ga}> 

O  fowwre  Goddspellwheless . 
piss  wajjn  wass  }?urrh  an  kingess  wajjiT^ 

Inn  aide  dajhess  tacnedd. 
Full  mikell  fresst  biforenn  }>att 

patt  Crist  comm  her  to  manne, 
-}  he  }?att  king  bi  n^me  wass 

Amminadab  jehatenn, 


^^f                HOMILIES. 


-\  he  Jjatt  illke  Aminiiiadab 

Wass  boretm,  to  bitacnetin 

Crist,  Godess  Sune,  Jjurrh  hiss  wajjn 


^  )junh  hiss  name  baf>e . 

Hiss  name  wass  Amminadab, 

■]  upponn  Ennglissh  spteche 

Itt  tacnejjfj  uss  ]>alt  mann  fiatt  do}> 

God  werrc  wi))]j  innwarrd  herrte, 


W^jjj  mikeU  iusst,  wijif)  all  hiss  mahht, 

Wi])))  all  hiss  fuUe  wille . 

•^  tatt  mann  iss  Sponntaneuss 

0  Latin  spieche  nemmnedd. 

patl  dof)  wi|3|j  innwarrd  herrte  god 


-^  all  wif.>  fuUe  wille; 

■3  swa  wass  Crist  sponntaneuss 

Inn  all  hiss  hall^he  dede. 

Forr  all  Jjatt  he  to  manne  comm 

To  wnrrl^enn  mann  om,  erj^e, 


]  latt  himm  ummbeshorenn  wass 

Hiss  shapp  0  Jialde  wise. 

-]  late  he  rihht  full  herrsumm  wass 

Till  Sannte  Marje  hiss  moderr, 

patt  he  wass  fullhtnedd  i  J)e  ftumm 


Att  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste, 

;]  latt  he  sijifienn  affterr  fiatt 

Held  Fasste  i  wilde  wesste, 

■]  tatt  he  fJUTfh  J^e  laj^e  gast 

Wass  sijjjjenn  fandedd  JirisjesB, 


]  tatt  he  dide  mikell  god 

1 Wifj))  larspell  3  wi|j{j  dede. 


2,o6  ORMULUM. 

^  tatt  he  sif)}>enn  t^enn  wass 

All  gilltelaes  •]  bundenn 
•]  najjledd  uppo  rodetre, 

3  tatt  he  swallt  o  rode, 
-^  tatt  he  ras  |>e  J>ridde  dajj 

Oflf  dae}>ess  slaep  to  life, 
"3  stah  upp  inntill  heffness  aerd; 

All  dide  he  }?att  onn  erj>e 
Wi}?J>  innwarrd  herrtess  lufe  •]  lusst, 

Wi}?}?  all  hiss  fulle  wille; 
^  forrJ>i  wass  he  full  wel  J>urrh 

Amminadab  bitacnedd, 
patt  tacne]?)?  uss  }>att  mann  )7att  do]> 

God  werrc  wi}?J>  innwarrd  herrte, 
Wi))}?  all  hiss  mahht,  wi|>}>  mikell  lusst, 

Wi}?f)  all  hiss  fulle  wille. 
;)  }?urrh  Amminadabess  wajjn 

Wass  Cristess  Goddspell  tacnedd, 
patt  iss  o  fowwre  bokess  sett 

purrh  fowwre  Goddspellwrihhtess ; 
-^  taerfore  iss  Cristess  Goddspell, 

All  Cristess  halljhe  lare, 
Alls  iff  itt  waere  Cristess  wajjn 

O  fowwre  Goddspell  wheless. 
;j  ure  Laferrd  Crist  himm  sellf 

Inn  ure  mennisscnesse 
Wass  tacnedd  Jjurrh  }?a  fowwre  deor, 

patt  we  nu  spaekenn  offe . 
Forr  he  wass  mann  forr  ure  ned 

To  lesenn  uss  off  helle. 


•J  he  wass  tacnedd  ]>urrh  \>e  leo; 

Forr  J>att  he  ras  onn  er}>e. 
All  alls  hiss  lefe  wille  wass,  5980 

pe  J)ridde  dajj  oflf  dddpe . 
3  he  wass  tacnedd  }?urrh  J>e  calif; 

Forr  he  wass  uppo  rode 
All  alls  hiss  lefe  wille  wass 

Oflfredd  Drihhtin  to  lake.  5985 

-}  he  wass  taccnedd  Jjurrh  }?att  aern; 

Forr  he  stah  upp  till  heoifne 
O  ]>att  daj^  }7att  upponn  Ennglissh 

Iss  Halljhe  purrsda^j  nemmnedd. 
paer  wass  he  tacnedd  wel  }>urrh  sera;  5990 

Forr  aern  majj;  hejhe  flejhenn. 
-3  illc  an  hali^;  mann  }>att  rihht 

Drihhtiness  lajhess  halde))}> 
Iss  tacnedd  Jjurrh  }>a  fowwre  deor, 

patt  we  nu  spaekenn  oflfe.  5995 

Forr  god  mann  foUjhe})}?  witt  -3  skill 

•3  m]>\>  wissdom  hinun  lede)?)), 
\  iss  swa  tacnedd  punh  pBXt  deor 
patt  wass  i  manness  like; 
on  mann  birr}>  folljhenn  rihht  tatt  witt      6000 
patt  Godd  himm  hafejjj?  lenedd, 
pflF  he  nohht  ne  foUshe)))?  witt, 
\cc  unnwitt  all  m]>p  wille 
all  }>att  iss  onnjaen  Drihhtin, 
m  alle  kinne  sinne,  6005 

*  Col.  148. 

2o8  ORMULUM. 

pa  niss  he  nohht  haldenn  forr  mann 

Biforenn  Godess  ehne; 
Forr  niss  na  tale  inn  heoffness  aerd 

Bitwenenn  Godess  hall^henn 
Off  ifell  mann,  ]>att  ifeU  iss 

All  wi}?}>  hiss  fuUe  wille, 
Butt  all  swillc  tale  alls  iss  off  hund, 

Forr  e2j}?err  iss  unnclene. 
•]  god  mann  risej>]?  ajs  uppwarrd 

Inn  alle  gode  dedess, 
:j  gode|>}j  ass,  ^  heshe))J>  ajs 

Biforenn  Godess  ehne, 
-^  jiff  he  gillt^J)  anij  gillt 

Itt  iss  all  yen  hiss  wille, 
3  nile  he  nohht  t^rinne  lin. 

Ace  risejjj)  upp  J>urrh  shriffte, 
^  bete))))  sone  anan  J>att  gillt 

patt  he  wass  fallenn  inne. 
He  risejjf)  upp  "j  sahhtle}?]>  himm 

Wi}>))  Godd  J>urrh  rihht  daedbote, 
^  iss  swa  tacnedd  |>urrh  J>att  deor 

patt  wass  i  leoness  like, 
patt  risef)))  o  Jje  |>ridde  dajj 

Affterr  Jjatt  itt  iss  wheollpedd. 
■3  god  mann  stannde}?J>  ajg  onnjaen 

Kiss  flseshess  fule  wille, 
;)  cwennke}?}?  ajj  wi}?J>  all  hiss  mahht 

Hiss  flaeshess  fiile  lusstess, 
;)  offre))J>  swa  biforenn  Godd 

An  lac  well  $wi|>e  dere, 


Hiss  ajhenn  bodij  'vi'iyp  hiss  gast 

Sammtale  inn  alle  gode, 
-]  iss  swa  tacnedd  })urrh  fiatt  der 

pan  wass  i  kallfess  like ; 
Forr  kallf  wass  offredd  Godd  to  lac 

Biforenn  Crbtess  come, 
*  Amang  fiatl  Judewisshe  Jieod 

patt  ta  wass  Godd  full  cweme . 
■]  god  man  georne):)])  ajj  Occ  33s 

Affierr  hiss  lifess  eode, 
^  aj;  himm  Unge}^)?  hejjennwarrd 

■]  upp  till  heoffness  blisse  ; 
Forr  all  hiss  lufe  ~]  all  hiss  lusst 

Iss  najjledd  upp  inn  heoffne, 
Swa  Jjatt  be  fiwerrt  3t  all  forrseo)) 

piss  weorelldjiingess  sellfie, 
-^  all  hiss  herrte  fleshefjjr  upp 

-]  all  forrwerrpefij)  eorjjc, 
■]  iss  swa  tacnedd  jjurrh  ^att  deor 

patt  wass  inn  lemess  like  ; 
Forr  sem  majj  flejhenn  i  jje  liffl 

Full  hejhe  towarrd  heoffne, 
-y  tacnejijj  wel  |)att  gode  mann 

patt  5eornefi(i  upp  to  Criste . 
puss  waerenn  jjurrh  }ja  fowwre  deor 

pa  fowwre  menn  bitacnedd, 
Patt  writenn  off  |je  Laferrd  Crist 
^■^^oddspell  o  fowwre  bokess . 

•  Col.  149. 


3  Jesu  Crist  himm  sellf  wass  ec 

purrh  alle  fowwre  tacnedd, 
3  illc  an  halij  niann  }>att  rihht 

Drihhtiness  la^hess  halde)7]> 
Wass  tacnedd  Jjurrh  |>a  fowwre  deor, 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shsewedd. 
^  alle  wserenn  tacnedd  uss 

purrh  tale  off  fowwerr  hunndredd, 
patt  waerenn  jjiirrh  }>e  fifte  staff » 

Off  Cristess  name  tacnedd; 
Forr  all  J>att  tatt  ta  fowwre  deor 

Uss  haffdenn  to  bitacnenn, 
All  wass  itt  rihht  fullfremedd  )7ing 

3  |>werrt  St  god  wi}?J>  alle, 
All  swa  summ  illc  an  hunndredd  iss 

Full  tale,  "3  all  fullwaxenn 
*Swa  J>werrt  fit,  tatt  itt  nohht  ne  majj 

Waxenn  ne  wurrj>enn  mare. 
"3  whase  itt  iss  )7att  mann  }7att  tiss 

Fullfremeddnesse  foll2hef)J>, 
patt  uss  full  wel  bitacnedd  wass 

purrh  tale  off  fowwerr  hunndredd, 
patt  uss  wass  f)urrh  ))e  fifte  staff 

Off  Cristess  name  tacnedd, 
patt  mann  shall  ben  wurr}?i  to  beon 

purrh  Cristess  name  borrjenn;* 

pe  sexte  staff  bitacnef)f)  uss 
pe  tile  off  twejjenn  hunndredd, 

♦  Col.  150. 


3  twejjcnn  hunndredd  i 

pa  twejjenn  halljhe  Itfess, 
palt  Cristess  bird  i  Crisstenndom 
Wi>ti  Cristess  heUpe  foU^helfif) . 
■3  2WW  birrjj  wilenn,  |)att  tatt  an 

Off  Jjjse  twejjenn  lifess 
BiKmmpeJjfi  to  )jatt  halljhe  swinnc, 

patt  foUjbe))))  Godess  wille, 
To  swinnkeim  affterr  mete  ]  claf> 

Wi)>J)  soJ>  unnshajjinesse, 
Swa  Jiatt  tin  swinnc  be  clene  swinnc 

^  att  rihht  time  swunnkenn, 
1  as5  att  hof,  ■]  ajj  wijjf)  skill, 

Swa  |)att  ttt  nohht  ne  wra}»})e, 
Ne  weorde  nan  lifisshe  mann 

Affterr  fiatl  ta  cannst  lokenn , 
puss  mihhi  tu  swinnkenn  halij  swinnc 

;j  swinnkenn  Godd  tocweme, 
1  luss  liu  mihht  te  weorelldjjing 

Wi}>{3  Godess  lefe  winneiai, 
3  sone  summ  itt  wunnenn  iss, 

pet  birrfj  wislike  niltenn 
Uppo  jjc  sellfenn,  3  o  fja 

patt  Uttnenn  to  ^in  fode, 
■Wip}?  mett  ]  masp  i  mete  •\  drinnch, 

]  ec  inn  jure  dajjess. 
pe  birr})  fiin  rihhte  swinnkess  winn 

Upponn  juw  alle  nittenn, 

•  Col.  151. 

212  QRMULUM. 

30  )iia  Godd  fiiQ  bli)>eliQ; 

pe  bin})  )>m  ahhte  oittenn. 
Off  all  )iatt  god  tatt  o  ))e  jer 

Iss  ekedd  to  )>m  ahhte^ 
Off  all  ]>att  god  te  birr]?  )an  Godd 

pe  tende  dale  brinngeim, 
3  all  )>e  birr))  bitaechenn  itt 

pe  preost  o  Godess  hallft^ 
Onnjaetn  ))att  be  shall  dirifenn  Jie 

3  huslenn  ec^  '^  herenn, 
3  biddenn  forr  ))e  da^  ^  n^^ 

^  brinngenn  ))e  till  eo^ . 
^  tekenn  all  ])e  tende  latt, 

jSt  binj)  )}e  bpnngenn  mare; 
Forr  ])e  birr]?  doa  )>in  heHpe  to 

A^  afiterr  })ine  f)§re, 
To  findenn  all  ]>att  sefre  iss  oed 

Abutenn  Godess  allterr. 
*;}  te  birr})  cnelenn  to  ]>in  Godd 

^  lutenn  himm  3  lakenn, 
■3  te  birr))  lufenn  wel  })in  preost 

3  lutenn  himm  3  leffitenn, 
Jet  forrl^enn  ]7ohh  he  nohht  ne  bee 

Swa  god  mann  summ  himm  birrde. 
-;}  Iqc  ))att  tu  ne  taele  himm  nohht 

pohh  ]7att  he  beo  to  t»lenn; 
Forr  jiff  f>e  preost  mi^dof),  het  shall 

WiJjJ)  Cristess  hellpe  betenn, 
1  jiff  ))att  h^  ne  bete})})  nohht 

Itt  drajhe})])  himm  till  belle. 

^^f              HOMILIES. 

Z13    ^^1 

3j  jiff  J)jn  preost  missdo)),  }>e  birr}) 

61S0   ^H 

Full  innwEirrdlike  biddenn. 


patt  Drihhtin  jife  himm  wille  -\  mahht 


To  betenu  hise  sinness; 


Forr  %\S  ))u  biddesst  forr  })in  preost. 


pu  biddesst  forr  }>e  sellfeon, 

^155  ^^^1 

:j  cwemesst  Godd  {jurrh  (latt  tatt  tu 


Swa  biddesst  forr  sunnc  ba)je. 


]  te  birr))  ec  f-in  rihhle  winn. 


Axs  an  te  nede  nittenft 


get  forrfienn  uppo  fremmde  mcnn. 

€160    ^^H 

patt  nedeim  to  |>in  hellpe; 


Forr  |)e  \ysfp  fedenn  humigrij  maim 


^  Jirisstij  gifenn  drinnte; 


■]  te  binj)  clajjenn  nakedd  mann 


*  1  sec  mann  |je  birrf)  frofrenn, 

6165  ^^H 

]  himm  |3att  iss  herrberrjhelsea 


pe  birrjj  herrberrshe  findenn. 


]  himm  Jiatt  i  cwarrterme  li}» 


Forrbundenn  ]  forrf)rungenn. 


Himm  birrf)  [ae  fillsmenn  wi)>]3  ))in  fc 

6170       ^^^H 

To  lesenn  himm  off  bandess. 


-y  355  fje  birrf)  f)e  sellfenn  rihht 


■]  lajhelike  ledenn 


Towarrd  illc  an  lifisshe  mann, 


patt  ohht  wijj))  jie  shall  da:lenn . 

A'^s   ^H 

pin  laferrd  birrj)  J^e  buhsumm  beon 


— giold^trigg:,  trow^e. 





214  ORMULUM. 

pin  macche  birr]>  ]>e  lufenn  wel, 

Jiff  }>att  ^o  Drihhtin  drede)>)>, 
^  tu  mihht  foll^henn  hire  will 

Inn  all  ]>att  niss  nan  sinne, 
Inn  all  ]7att  ^ho  ^^ome]?]?  wi^]>  skill, 

To  junnkerr  baj^re  gode. 
3  ^iff  })att  iss  })att  ^ho  iss  all 

Wittlaes,  ^  wac,  ^  wicke, 
All  birr]>  ]7e  don  ]7in  mahht  tserto, 

To  gemenn  hire  ^  gaetenn, 
Swa  })att  jho  mu^he  borr^henn  been 

Att  hire  lifess  ende; 
Forr  jiff  f>att  jho  iss  g«telaes, 

^  eggelaes  ^  wilde, 
Jho  gillte})J>  sket,  ^  jiff  J>iS  wast, 

"3  te  niss  nohht  taeroffe, 
pa  narrt  tu  nohht  all  sinnelses 

Off-}>att  jho  lij>  i  sinne. 
"3  giff  |)in  macche  iss  wis  ^  god, 

"3  tu  wittlaes  ^  wicke, 
pa  birrjj  J>in  macche  gaetenn  {>e 

All  J>att  jho  ma252  fra  sinne; 
Forr  ejjjjerr  birr|)  j>uiTh  oJ>err  beoa 

Hollpenn  to  wurrj>enn  borrjhenn, 
^  jiff  jitt  ba})e  foUghenh  rihht 

^  lufenn  Godd  ^  draedenn, 
*"3  haldenn  junnkerr  Cristenndom 

Wei  affterr  junnkerr  mihhte, 

♦  Col.  153. 


Swa  f>att  jitt  ba^e  ledenn  juntic 

Clennlike  junnc  bitwenenn, 
pa  foll^he  3itt  tart  narrwe  stih 

part  ledeli}>  junnc  till  heoffne, 
Jiff  ))ali  jitt  endenn  junnkerr  lif 

All  affteiT  Cristess  wilie, 
WiJ)})  all  Jje  rihhte  l«fe  o  Godd 

^  ail  i  gode  dedess, 
Wifjf)  lufe  towarrd  alle  menn 

WiJ)[)  husell  3  wi>[)  shriffie. 
■J  junnc  birr|)  nimenn  mi^ell  gom 

To  fiffiwenn  junnkerr  chilldre, 
3  junnc  birrfj  jeome  Ia.'renn  hemm 

To  lufenn  Godd  ]  drEedenn, 
giff  Jjatt  siK  nilenn  wrajijienn  Godd 

puirb  sinnfull  ^emelxste . 
1  junnc  birr}>  junnkerr  lejhemenn 

Rihht  iajhelike  ledenn, 
Swa  |3alt  jitt  nohht  art  hofelaes 

Ne  nede  (lesjm  to  swinnkenn; 
FoiT  junnc  birr)j  witenn  swijje  wel, 

■]  innwarrdlike  trowwenn, 
patt  niss  bitwenen  junnc  ■]  hemm 

Nan  shsed  i  manness  kinde, 
;j  tatt  te35  mujhenn  gode  beon 

Biforeim  Godess  ehne; 
]  tatt  jitt  niushenn  wraf)f>enn  Godd 

Jiff  5itt  hemm  oferrbedenn  . 
1  heore  lejhe  birr]>  hemm  beoti 

Kasdij,  ]>ann  itt  iss  addledd; 

2l6  ORMULUM. 

Forr  )>att  ies  Godess  bodeword, 

Loc  ^iff  })u  iinllt  itt  follsheim, 
patt  heore  da2;;^whaminUke  swinnc 

Beo  da^whammlike  hemm  goldeim. 
3  hemm  birr)>,  ;^iff  ]>att  hemm  iss  la]> 

Full  hefi^li^  to  gilltenn, 
Beon  ar  3  l^tc  o  ;5unnkerr  weorrc 
;  ^  jeormfull  ajg  })aeromie; 

Forr  giff  fjc^S  wirrkenn  ^^umikerr  weorrc 

Forrwurrl^ennlike  ^  ille, 
pa  gilltemi  }>e22^  ftdl  hefi^li^ 

Jaen  Godd  ^  jaen  junnc  ba]9e. 
Ne  birr]>  ]>e  shendemi  nani  mann 

Ne  weordenn  ))ine  )>annkess^ 
3  tohh,  jiff  Jjatt  tu  gilitesst  ohht 

Wif>)>  anig  iriami  o  life, 
pe  birr)>  itt  betenn  blij^elij, 

J  wurr})enn  himm  wi|)J>  bote. 
3  ^iff  ]7att  iss  })att  ani^  mami 

pe  shendej?!?  o})err  werdej>]?, 
pe  birrj)  himm  biddenn  don  j>e  rihht 

J  lajhe  l^aer  onnjaeness, 
^  jifF  he  doJ>  j^e  lajhe  ^  rihht, 

pa  wurrjj  he  |)3er  |)in  broJ>err, 
gifF  J>att  itt  iss  wif>J>  herrte  don, 

3ifF  ejjj^err  lufe}?)?  oJ>err. 
3  jiflf  }>att  he  |)urrh  orrjhellmod 

ForrhogheJ?)?  f>e  to  wurr})enn, 

♦■^  nile  nowwf>err  don  }>e  rihht 

Forr  lufe  ne  forr  ejje, 

*  Col.  154, 


patt  tnann  isa  wiss  Jie  deofless  fieoww 

purrh  nifi  -\  tnodignesse ; 
]  tu  beo  meoc,  swa  summ  )3e  birr)?, 

Onnjjen  hiss  modisnesse, 
^  forr  f)e  lufe  off  ]jin  Drihhtin 

Forrjife  himm  wrafijje  ^  lafjje, 
■]  all  forrwerrp  \\x  towarrd  himm 

To  sekenn  affterr  H'rseche ; 
Forr  fiu  mihht  cwemenn  swa  jjin  Godd 

^  ofeiTcumenn  deofell, 
giff  }>att  tu  shsewesst  sofi  meoclesje 

OnnjEeness  modijnesse, 
]  ;iff  }5u  nillt  nohht  hatenn  himm 

patt  hatejjjj  pe  wip))  herrte  . 
pusa  mihht  tu  ledenn  her  patt  lif 

Rihht  wel,  wipp  Godess  hellpe, 
patt  foUjhepp  al!  patt  halijhe  swinnc 

patt  iss  wipp  Godess  lefe; 
■]  itt  iss,-  alls  ice  sejjde  juw. 

An  off  pa  twejjenn  lifess 
patt  wserenn  purrh  pe  sexte  staff 

Off  Cristess  name  tacnedd, 
puirh  patt  tatt  staff  bitacnepp  uss 

pe  tale  off  twej^^in  hunndredd. 

patt  operr  lif,  patt  tacnedd  wass 
purrh  tale  off  twejjenn  hunndredd, 

Iss  fundenn  binnenn  muneclif 
I  pa  patt  sinndenn  gode. 

2l8  ORMULUM. 

patt  lif  })att  iss  i  muneclif 

Iss  shadd  fra  ^ure  swinnkess, 
^  itt  iss  all  an  6\ptn  lif 

^  hehhre  lif  ^  bettre; 
Forr  jiff  j^att  itt  iss  haldenn  rihht 

Itt  addle})})  mare  mede;* 
*\^\X.  mann  })att  ledenn  shall  ]>iss  lif 

patt  we  nu  mseleim  umbe, 
Himm  birr})  beon  inn  hiss  herrte  meoc, 

3  soffte,  3  stille,  ;]  milde, 
^  buhsum  till  hiss  aldemnann 

patt  hafe})})  himm  to  gsetenn. 
To  follghenn  all  hiss  will  })werrt  St 

Inn  all  })att  niss  nan  sinne; 
Forr  niss  nan  herrsummnesse  sett 

purrh  Godd,  ne  }jmTh  hiss  lefe, 
To  foUjhenn  ani^  manness  will, 

Inn  anij  kinne  sinne; 
Forr  birr})  })e  noww})err  sinne  don 

Forr  lufe,  ne  forr  ejge . 
3  taeroff  comm  }?e  niarrtirdom 

Bitwenenn  Godess  hallghenn; 
Forr  3er  \>t%%  woUdenn  })olenn  dse}) 

Wi})})  alle  kinne  pine, 
-^r  })ann  \>ti%  wolldenn  gilltenn  ohht 

Onnjaeness  Godess  wille. 
3  himm  })att  ledenn  shall  })iss  lif 

patt  we  nu  maelenn  ummbe, 

*  Col.  155. 

^^f              HOMILIES. 

219  ^^H 

Himm  birrlj  all  weorelldshipe  fleo. 


■]  all  Jjwerrt  flt  forrwerrpenn ; 


•y  himm  birrji  all  hiss  flEeshess  lusst 


Forr  lufe  off  Crist  fomverrpeiin ; 


1  tatt  iss  swijie  Strang  ^  harrd 


To  for|3eiin  her  onn  eorjie, 


]  foiTjii  witt  tu  wel  fjatt  itt 


Iss  hehhre  lif  -\  bettre 


To  libbenn  rihht  i  muneclif, 

6330  ^^^1 

Swa  summ  Jiasr  iss  to  libbenn, 

'  ^^H 

pann  iss  to  ledenn  jure  lif 


Wijif)  weddlac  ]  wi)j>  ahhte; 


Forr  himm  birrj)  beon  full  clene  mann, 


^  all  wili|)uteiin  ahhte, 

6335  ^^^1 

Buttan  fiatt  mann  himm  lindenn  shall 


Unnome  mete  -y  WKde. 


]  tser  iss  aU  jjatt  eorjilix  jjing 


patt  minnstremann  birrfj  ajhenn 


Wi)3f)utenn  cnif  y  shK|3e,  -y  camb. 

<>34°     ^^^1 

■y  nedle,  jiff  he!  jeome)3]5 . 


]  all  Jjiss  shall  mann  findcnn  himm 


•y  wel  himm  birr})  itt  jemenn ; 


Forr  birtf)  himm  nowwfierr  don  JjEeroff, 


Ne  jifenn  itt,  ne  sellenn. 

634s  ^^H 

y  himm  birr})  lefre  stanndenn  inn 


To  lofenn  Godd  y  wurrjienn. 


■J  ajx  himm  birr})  beon  fressh  }5Eerto 


Bi  dajjess  y  bi  nihhtess; 


■)  tat  iss  harrd  y  Strang  ]  tor 

6350  ^^^H 

^  hefij  lir  to  ledenn. 


220  ORMULUM. 

3  foiT)n  biiT]>  wd  dam  w&Uciiijtih 

Onnfaniigenn  mikeO  mede 
Att  hiss  Drihhtm  Allwaddouid  Godd, 

Forr  whamm  he  mikeD  swimik^^  ^ 

*And  all  hiss  hente  3  aD  puss]  hast 

Birr})  a^  beon  towarrd  heoffiie» 
3  himm  birr|>  jeometm  a^  )iatt  an. 

Hiss  Drihhtin  wd  to  cwemenn 
Wi]7]>  da^sang  ^  wi]7]>  nhhtennsang,  ^3^ 

Wi]>]>  messess  ^  wi|>|>  beness, 
^  wi]>|>  to  letenn  swingenn  himm 

pe  bodig  swa  to  pinemi, 
Wi)>|>  fasstimig  forr  )>e  lufe  off  Godd, 

Wi|)J>  cneling  ^  wi}>]>  iipecche.  ^3^ 

3  himm  birr}>  beon  aedmod  1  meoc 

J  god  wi|)J>  hise  bre}>re> 
^  all  swa  towarrd  o]>re  memi 

Inn  ail  }7att  niss  nd,n  sinne; 
Forr  he  ma^  sket  to  milde  beon  ^^^ 

Wif>f>  himm  ))att  iss  imnj>sewedd. 
piss  iss  l^att  of>err  lif  off  J>a 

patt  wserenn  uss  bitacnedd, 
Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shsewedd  ;^uw, 

purrh  tale  off  twejjenn  hunndredd 
patt  waerenn  ]mrrh  J>e  sexte  staff 

Off  Cristess  name  tacnedd. 
^  tise  lifess  waerenn  uss 

purrh  twejgenn  susstress  tacnedd, 

♦  Col.  156. 




^^r                 HOMtUES. 


Wen  inikell  &esst  biforenn  f>aic 


patt  Crist  comm  her  to  manne, 

Pa  sus3tres3  -  {)att  witl  tu  full  wiss, 

Werenn  Labaness  dohhtress. 

■]  Laban  wass  an  righe  mann 

I  werelldfiingess  sellfw, 


]  hise  twesjcon  dobhtress  uas 

Tacnedeiin  twejsenn  lifes3, 

pa  lifess  fiatt  ice  habbe  juw 

Summ  del  nu  spelledd  offe, 

Aflfterr  jsatt  little  witt  tatl  me 


Min  Drihhtin  hafe]))*  lenedd . 

palt  an  wass  swi|3e  fajjerr  \Bif, 

^H|  wass  Racbiel  sebatenn 

t .       .     ledenn  hemm  [>e  wejje  rihht 

Tai  himm  jiatt  tejj  fiEr  sohhteno . 


1  tes5  ()a  comenn  to  |)e  king^, 

^  he  j^ejpn  ^^^^  to  rune, 

•^  toe  henffli  })a  full  JiEmelis 

To  frajxtienn  off  fait  steorme, 

Whillc  dajj  itt  wass  hemm  altre  firrst 


To  takenn  sett  o  liffte, 

]  tejs  himm  ses^denn  witerrlis 

Whillc  dajj  itt  wass  hemm  awwnedd. 

^  he  pejjm  semide  sone  for}j 

TiU  Bef.>leaem  -^  sejsde; 


•  CoU.  IS7— ife.  wanting.                +  Col,  161. 



aaa  ORMULUM. 


Nu,  laferrdinngess,  farej>})  for}?, 

^  seke})]?  swij>e  jeome 
patt  newe  king  \>2Xt  borenn  iss 

Her  i  ]>iss  land  to  manne, 
3  sone  summ  ^e  findenn  himm, 

Whger  summ  he  beoJ>  onn  eor|)e, 
Wi}?})  gnre  maddmess  lake}?)?  himm 

^  bujhe})})  himm  ^  lute}>J>, 
3  cumef>J>  eflft  onngaen  till  me, 

3  wite})})  me  to  seggenn 
Whaer  ice  me  mughe  findenn  himm 

To  lakenn  himm  3  lutenn. 
3  ^^SS  1^^  wenndenn  fra  })e  king 

Till  }>e22re  rihhte  wejje, 
■3  tejjre  steome  wass  hemm  }?a 

Full  raedij  upp  o  liflfte, 
To  ledenn  hemm  J>att  wejje  rihht 


patt  lajj  towarrd  tatt  chesstre 
patt  wass  jehatenn  Bef>f>le3em, 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne. 
3  off  l^att  tatt  tejj  sseghenn  eflft 

patt  steorrne  J^att  hemm  ledde, 
pejj  waerenn  blij^e  sone  anan 

purrh  swif>e  mikell  blisse. 
^  tejjre  steorne  ledde  hemm  rihht 

Till  Bef)}3le3emess  chesstre, 
paer  ure  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne; 
3  forrf)rihht  whanne  itt  cumenn  wass 

Till  Be})f)le3emess  chesstre, 


Itt  stod  all  stille  upp  o  ]?e  lifft, 

Swa  summ  f>e  Goddspell  ki})e}>)>, 
Rihht  taer  abufenn  Jjser  ))e  child 

Wass  inne  wij)})  hiss  moderr 
patt  fedde  himm  wi}>)>  ]>att  illke  millc  6440 

patt  comm  oflf  hire  pappe, 
All  alls  itt  waere  an  of>err  child 

patt  J>3ere  onn  hire  streonedd. 
*)  taer  wass  sene  J>att  jho  wass 

Sol^like  Godess  moderr;  6445 

Forr  naffde  ^ho  nan  millc  till  himm, 

Jiff  J>att  jho  naere  hiss  moderr ; 
Forr  jho  wass  majjdenn  }?anne,  ^  ger, 

*)  aefre  ))weort  fit  clene. 
T  sene  swa  })att  steorme  stod  6450 

pa  kingess  wel  itt  sse^henn, 
^  gedenn  |)3er  inntill  f>att  hus 

patt  Jesu  Crist  wass  inne, 
*^  fmidenn  J^att  tejj  haffdenn  sohht, 

*)  waerenn  swi})e  blif>e.  6455 

pejs  fundenn  m-e  Laferrd  Crist 

3  ure  laffdig  Marje, 
3  nohht  ne  sejj})  }3e  Goddspellboc 

patt  Josaep  wass  f>3erinne, 
p3er  m-e  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist  6460 

Wass  fundenn  wif>f>  hiss  moderr; 
■3  tatt  wass  don  f>urrh  Godd  tatt  he 

Ne  wass  nohht  ta  f>3erinne, 

*  Col.  162. 

224  ORMULUM. 

pa  ]>att  uimcu)>e  folic  comm  inn, 

To.  lefenn  nppo  Criste .  ^ 

pe^  fundenn  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

^  fellenn  dun  o  cnewwess, 
To  bujhenn  ^  to  lutenn  himm 

Wif>J>  haefedd  ^  wi})]?  heorrte. 
^  illc  an  king  oppnede  ]?ser  6 

I  Hiss  hord  o£f  hise  maddmess, 

3  illc  an  ^aff  himm  ]>nnne  lac 

To  lakenn  himm  ^  wurrjjenn. 
An  lac  wass  gold,  te  Goddspell  sejs)^, 

An  o]7err  lac  wass  recless,  ^ 

pe  ]7ridde  }>att  te^^  S?^f^i^  himm 

Wass  an  full  deore  sallfe, 
3  itt  iss  o  \>Q  Goddspellboc 

Myrra  bi  name  nemmnedd. 
^  her  iss  litell  oJ>err  nohht  ^ 

I  }>iss  land  off  JDatt  sallfe» 
Ace  i  \>t  Kalldeowisshe  land 

Mann  ma^^  itt  summwhaer  findemi. 
patt  lie  })att  smeredd  iss  J)3erwi))J> 

Biforr  f)att  mann  itt  dellfej?!?,  ^• 

Ne  ma^^  itt  nohht  afifterr  }}att  da^ 

Lihhtlike  wurrj)enn  eorJ>e ; 
^  itt  wass  Jjejjre  j^ridde  lac, 

Swa  summ  }>e  Goddspell  ki})e]?]?. 
3  afFterr  f>att  tegj  haffdenn  Crist  ^ 

W\\>}p  heore  maddmess  lakedd, 
pejj  tokenn  nihhtess  resste  \>2St 

I  Be})j3le3emess  chesstre; 


^  Drihhtin  ^aff  hemm  sware  o  nihht 

pser  }>e;5X  o  bedde  slepptenn,  6495 

*]  radde  hemm  ]>att  te;^^  shoUdenn  ham 

WiJ>J>  o))err  wegge  wendemi, 
]|  till  Herode  king  onnjaenn 

He  }>es;m  forrbsed  to  turmenn. 
*)  wel  J>e33  wisstenn  Godess  raj>,  6500 

3  wel  Jjejj  alle  itt  heldenn, 
Forr  alle  samenn  forenn  ham 

Wi}))?  all  an  oj^err  wejje, 
*)  forenn  inntill  I^ej^re  land 

Wi]>f>  fulle  laefe  o  Criste.  6505 

^  all  J>att  jer  Herode  king 

Bad  aflfterr  }>ej3;re  come, 
*  To  witenn  giflf  f>e22  haffdenn  Crist 

Owwhar  onn  eor))e  fundenn; 
Ace  l^ejx  ne  comenn  nohht  himm  to;  6510 

^  tatt  wass  Godess  wille, 
Forr  f>att  he  wollde  cwellenn  Crist, 

Jiff  }>att  he  mihhte  himm  findenn . 
Her  endef>})  nu  })iss  Goddspell  }>uss, 

^  ice  juw  wile  shaewenn,  6515 

Hu  mikell  god  itt  laeref>)>  juw 

Oflf  yxit  sawless  nede . 

Herode  king  bitaene})]>  uss 
pe  laf>e  gast  off  helle, 

•  Col.  163. 
'^.  I.  T 

226  ORMULUM. 

;]  he  ma^^  wel  bitacnenn  himm 

Whamm  he  stod  inn  to  folljhenn; 
Forr  all  hiss  word,  -^  all  hiss  werrc, 

;3  all  hiss  la]?e  troww]?e 
Wass  full  off  iwhillc  hae]7enndom. 

All  affterr  deofless  wille. 
;3  ta  ]7reo  kingess  tacnenn  uss 

patt  flocc  ]?att  Drihhtin  lede})}), 
patt  flocc  ]?att  foUjhe]?]?  Crisstenndom 

;j  uppo  Criste  lefe}?]?, 
patt  folljhef>J>  heoflfness  lihht  ^  leom, 

patt  iss  Groddspelless  late, 
;j  Cristess  lajhe,  3  Crisstenndom, 

3  rihhte  laefe  o  Criste, 
patt  lede]?)?  hemm  ]?e  wejge  rihht 

Till  Drihhtin  upp  inn  heoffne. 
All  all  swa  summ  )?att  steorrneleom 

Rihht  ledde  )?a  ]?reo  kingess 
Towarrd  tatt  illke  burrjhess  tun, 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne. 
^  )?urrh  ]?att  tatt  Herode  king 

Wass  drerijmod  3  dreofedd 
Off-f>att  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 
paer)?urrh  wass  uss  bitacnedd  wel 

Wif>f>  all  full  openn  bisne, 
patt  all  })e  la]?e  gastess  flocc, 

All  hellejjeod,  wass  dreofedd 
Off'-)?att  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 

^^y               HOMILIES. 

227        1 

Forr  Jsatt  be  woUde  lesenn  ut 

f'hb°                    1 

Maimtinn  off  hellepine . 


•y  tatl  te  Laferrd  Jeau  Crist 


Wass  borenn  het  to  manne 


Rihht  i  fie  land  off  gerrsalasm. 


]  tatt  he  {jser  wass  fundenn. 

Hii    ^^H 

patt  tacnel>}j  uss  well  mikell  Jjing 


Off  ure  sawless  nede; 


Forr  witt  m  well  }>atE  gerrsalsem 


Bitacne{)f)  grijiess  sihhjjc. 


^  ure  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

6360           1 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne, 


Forr  jjatt  he  wollde  settcnn  grijjjj 


Bitwenenn  Iicoffne  -y  eor]je; 


]  whase  itt  iss  jialt  lufefjjj  grif;)) 


•  1  folljhef-t)  wijjf.  hiss  herMe, 

*^-M  ^^H 

patt  mann  sbaU  findenn  Jesu  Crist 


To  beon  wi[>]j  himm  i  blisse. 


patt  ta  freo  kingess  turrndcnn  hemm 


Ct  off  J)e  rihhte  we^je, 


^  forenn  till  Herode  king 


To  witenn  whatt  he  wollde. 


patt  uss  bitacnejjjj  witerrlix 


purrh  all  full  openn  t^sne. 


patt  sume  off  ure  little  flocc 


patt  lefe{j|3  uppo  Criste 

'^375  ^^H 

Hemm  wendenn  ojietr  stand  fr*  Crist, 


;]  fra  ]}e  rilihte  we^e, 


\ •  Col.  164. 




228  ORMULUM. 

J  turrnenn  till  ]>e  la}>e  gast 

purrh  fele  depe  sinness. 
1  tatt  ta  kingess  sone  anan 

Forrlurenn  }>e^re  ste(»mey 
Affterr  ))att  te^^  hemm  turmdenn  ih 

OflF  jje^jre  rihhte  wej^e^ 
patt  uss  bitacne]?})  opexmli^ 

purrh  all  full  witerr  bisne, 
patt  he  JTatt  turme}>}>  himm  fra  Crist 

purrh  hefi^  haefedd  sinne 
Forrleose]?})  sawless  so}>e  lihht^ 

patt  iss  Goddspelless  lade, 
7  Jesu  Cristess  hellpe  -y  bald 

1  all  hiss  hall^he  millce, 
3)  iss  all  alls  he  wa&re  bHnd 

;j  orrra]?  butenn  lade, 
Ajj  whil  }jatt  «fre  himm  })innke]7]?  god 

To  lin  um  haefedd  sinne. 
3  tatt  ta  kingess  turmdenn  eflft 

Till  Jjejjre  rihhte  wejje, 
Towarrd  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist, 

-1  fra  be  king  Herode, 
3  saejhenn  efFt  forrJjrUiht  anan 

pe  steorrness  brihhte  leome 
To  ledenn  hemm  ]?e  we^e  rihht 

Till  Be]?)?le3Bmess  chesstre, 
patt  uss  bitacne}?}?  witerrlij, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  so}>e^ 
patt  sume  off  ]7a  })att  wserenn  ser 

All  turmedd  frawarrd  Criste, 


Hemm  tarmenn  efil  full  wel  onnxsn 

Fra  (>e3Zre  depe  sinness, 
3  tiumeim  fra  f>e  1:^  gast 

3  turmenn  bemm  till  Criste, 
•  purrh  |«H  te5;5  takenn  blj))ellj 

Rlhht  shiifFte  off  )>e;^  siimess, 
3  iedenn  si}>}>eiin  hali^  M, 

3  folljlienii  Cristess  lare, 
3  foQsIieim  heoffness  libht  ;]  leom 

Inn  alle  gode  dedess, 
3  winnenn  Cristess  hellpe  ^  hald 

^  Cristess  miUce  3  are. 
All  all  swa  summ  ^a  kingess  e£ft 

I  feXZ™  rifahte  wesjc 
Fundenn  for^>rihlit  tatt  steormeleom, 

patt  ledde  henun  rihht  to  Criste. 
■^  all  }>at^  tatt  Herode  king 

Badd  ta  ^reo  kingess  sekenn 
patt  junge  king,  -y  lakenn  hinun, 

3  bu^enn  himm  o  cnewwe, 
3  cumenn  eSt  onn^sn  till  htmm 

3  vitenn  himm  to  seg^enn, 
^ff  ^att  tejs  baffdenn  fundenn  hinun, 

Whaere  i  )je  land  be  wsere, 
FoiT  }>att  he  wollde  himm  cumenn  to 

To  lakenn  himm  3  lutenn, 
AH  {>att  badd  be  jjurrh  swikedom 

3  all  t^urrh  iUe  wiless; 

•  CoL  i6s. 


%y>  ORMULUM. 

Forr  jiff  he  mihhte  findenn  hhnm 

Ne  woBde  he  nohht  himm  lakenn. 
Ace  woUde  himm  swi]7e  bli)>eli2 

WiJ){)  swerdess  t%^  cweUenn . . 
^  off  {>iss  lat)e  swikedom 

Ne  wisstenn  nohht  ta  kii^ess 
patt  comemi  off  Kalld^aland, 

To  sekemi  Crist  Skxi  gode; 
Forr  affterr  ]7att  uss  Latin  boo 

purrh  hali^  lare  shsewe]?^), 
patt  mann  iss  fox  ^  hinnderrjaep 

3  full  off  ille  wiless, 
patt  hald^]?  wi]?})  ]>e  la{>e  gast 

3  folljhe]?|)  deofless  wille; 
3  swa  niss  nohht  tatt  illke  mann 

patt  folljhe]?J>  Cristess  bisne, 
Niss  he  nohht  hinnderr^^p  ne  pratt 

To  folljhenn  ille  wiless. 
Ace  iss  shepisshe  3  bilewhit. 

All  clene  off  ille  {)ohhtess . 
pa  kingess  {>att  swa  comenn  forJ> 

To  lutenn  Crist  3  lakenn, 
P^SS  gs^enn  Ixsne  off  Crisstenndom, 

patt  uss  birr]?  alle  foUjhenn; 
Forr  uss  birr})  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

patt  illke  wise  lakenn, 
3  uss  birrj>  J>urrh  ]?a  J)rinne  lac 

Drihhtin  gastlike  lakenn, 
3  uss  birr)?  foUjhenn  ]?ejjre  sl(^ 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste 



Rihht  swa.  summ  jjejj  furrh  fiessre  lac 

Use  didenn  tunnderrstanndenii . 
pejx  gaefenn  Drihhtin  gold  forrjii 

JJatt  itt  bitacnemi  shollde, 
*  patt  tejs  hiram  beldenn  witeirlij  6' 

FoiT  King  oflf  alia  kiagess ; 
]  tatt  was3  hajheirlike  don, 

FoiT  fatt  tejj  wel  itt  wisstenn 
patt  mann  birrj>  lakenn  eorjilij  king 

Wifif)  gold  ^  ec  wijj]?  siUf-err.  & 

]  Jiurrh  fiatl  tatt  tejj  jasfenn  himm 

An  ojierr  lac  off  reckss, 
pEerfjurrh  jjejj  didenn  uss  full  wel 

To  seon  -^  tunnderrstanndenn, 
patt  tejj  himm  heldenn  foir  so}?  Godd         fi 

Inn  ure  mennisscnesse, 
]  tatt  mann  birrde  bujhenn  himm, 

^  lutenn  himm  ^  lakenn ; 
■]  tatt  wass  hajherrlike  don, 

Forr  fjatt  tejj  wel  itt  wisstenn  fi 

patt  mann  birr])  Jieowwtenn  Drihhtin  Godd 

Wif)[)  recless  att  hiss  allterr . 
;]  furrh  j)att  tatt  lej;  jsefenn  himm 

patt  deorewmrjje  sallfc 
patt  mann  do]j  o  Jje  dsede  lie,  6 

pejj  sejsdenn  uss  wifi)j  dede, 
patt  Godess  word  wass  warrjjenn  mann 

^^■^O  fiolenn  das]?  c 
^^H^  ■  Co 


Forr  uss  to  lesenn  ]7urrh  hiss  dae]? 

Ut  off  }>e  deofless  walde . 
patt  sallfe  J^att  te^j  ^sefenn  himm, 

patt  iss  Myrra  jehatenn, 
Itt  iss  full  bitten*  ;j  full  be^sc, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  soJ>e, 
Forr  ]7att  itt  shollde  tacnenn  uss 

patt  dsej^ess  bittermesse 
patt  Godess  Sune,  Allmahhti^  Godd, 

Wass  wiUT]7enn  mann  to  dre^henn 


Nu  birr}>  uss  sAle  foUjhenn  well 

pa  Kalldewisshe  kingess 
Wi]>}>  hali^  lifess  gasdij  lac, 

-^  ec  wi]?f>  ure  trowwjje; 
Forr  uss  birr]?  lefenn  wel  }jatt  Crist 

Iss  King  off  alle  kingess, 
^  swa  we  mujhenn  offrenn  himm 

Gastlike  gold  to  lake; 
^  uss  birr]?  lefenn  ]?att  he  iss 

Sof>  Godd  i  mennisscnesse, 
;3  swa  we  mujhenn  offrenn  himm 

Gastlike  lac  off  recless; 
•3  uss  birr}>  lefenn  ]?att  he  wass 

Sof>  mann  i  lif  j  sawle, 
Forr  ]?att  he  wollde  Jjolenn  daej> 

Forr  all  mannkinne  nede, 

*  Col.  167. 



-\  swa  we  mujhenn  offrenn  himm 

Gastlix  |)att  illke  sallfe 
palt  mann  dojj  o  jie  dtede  lie, 

Swa  suDira  56  littter  herrdenn, 
■]  111  mihht  lakenn  Jesu  Crist, 

palt  witt  tu  wel  to  so|je, 
Wif)>  alle  Jiise  Jjrinne  lac 

purrh  Jjine  gode  j^sewess. 
Jiff  Jiatt  lu  foUghesst  witt  ^   skill 

■]  so]j  wiasdomess  leome, 
pa  lakessc  tu  jje  Laferrd  Crist 

Wi|if)  gold  i  ]3iiie  jsKwess  j 
Forr  rihht  all  swa  sumin  hord  off  gold 

Mang  menn  iss  horde  deresst, 
Rihht  swa  iss  a.llre  deresst  lac 

Biforenn  Godess  ehne, 
^iff  (latt  we  foiljlienn  rihht  tatt  witt 

patt  follshe})})  Godess  wille, 
patt  halljhe  witt  tatt  tere})])  uss 

To  berrjhenn  ure  sawle . 
]  jiff  f)u  cwemesst  tin  Drihhtin 

Wijjfj  bedess  ■]  wi}){)  wecchess, 
pa  lakesst  tu  )jin  Drihhtin  swa 

Alls  itt  wif)})  recless  WEere  ; 
Forr  rihht  all  swa  summ  recless  smec 

Iss  god  1  swet  to  dowwncnn, 
All  swa  iss  halij  ttedesang 

Full  swet  biforenn  Criste . 
^  jiff  fjatt  tu  )3in  flffishess  will 

■3  hire  fule  lussless 

234  ORMULUM. 

Wi}>]7Staimc[esst  ]7urrhutlike  wel 

3  cwennkesst  wel  -^  cwellesst, 
pa  slast  tu  swa  ]»n  ajhenn  flsesh 

•3  hire  fdle  wille, 
;j  ofFresst  Godd  )?urrh  halij  J>«w 

patt  derewurr]?e  saUfe 
patt  mann  do]?  o  \t  daede  lic^ 

purrh  J>att  tu  slast  ^  cwennkesst 
pin  ajhenn  flaeshess  fule  lusst 

;3  hire  fule  wille. 
puss  birr]?  uss  alle  foll^henn  wel, 

purrh  }?aewess  '^  ]?urrh  troww}?e, 
pa  kingess  ]jatt  wi]?]?  ]jrinne  lac 

Comenn  Drihhtin  to  laj^enn; 
;3  tuss  birr]?  uss  ]?urrh  halij  lif 

Drihhtin  gastlike  lakenn, 
Swa  }>att  we  motenn  cwemenn  himm 

J  berrjhenn  ure  sawle. 
pejj  brohhtenn  Drihhtin  ]?rinne  lac 

To  don  uss  tunnderrstanndenn, 
patt  ure  Godd  iss  f>ripell  Godd 

Inn  AUmahhti^  ]?rimmnesse, 
Faderr,  3  Sune,  3  Hali^  Qast, 

An  Godd  all  untodaeledd, 
*  patt  sefre  wass,  3  iss,  -j  beoj) 

Wi}?}?utenn  ord  3  ende, 
3  all  J?att  wass,  3  iss,  "^  beo]?. 

He  shop,  3  ah,  3  steore)?f>. 

»  Col.  168. 

^^V                HOMIUES. 


^  lefemn  wel  -]  trowwenn. 

part  mikell  flocc  off  o{ire  menn 


Comm  for))  wifif  f)a  fireo  kingess 

Ct  off  jje  KaUdewisshe  land 


Till  Bel5()!e£emess  chesstre  . 


Ace  Goddspellboc  ne  spekej^fi  nohht 


Off  all  fiatt  ojierr  genge, 

ersg    ^^^ 

Ace  opennlike  ^  wel  itl  ubs 


Off  )7a  J>reo  kingess  telleftj*, 


Forrl>i  Jjatt  tser  wass  {lurrli  ]ja  |)reo 


pe  Crisstenndom  bigunnenn 


Bitwenenn  all  hsefieiie  folic 

6iy>     J 

patt  )iun-h  |)reo  menn  wass  streonedd. 


Affterr  Jiail  latt  all  raannkinn  wasa 


puirh  Nofiess  flod  offdrunncnedd ; 


Forr  all  folic  wass  (jurrh  No>e9s  flodd 


0  Nofjess  time  drunncnedd. 

^7W$                     1 

1  efft  furrh  No>ess  sunesE  fireo 


Wass  hEJjenn  |3eode  slreonedd, 


3  all  hfflfiene  folic  wass  >Er 


purrh  |ja  ))reo  kingess  awwnedd; 


Forr  Jjurrh  J}a  ()reo  J?alt  comenn  for|i 

6Soo                      1 

pe  Laferrd  Crist  to  lakenn, 


purrh  hemm,  swa  summ  ice  habbe  sejjd, 


Wass  Crisstenndom  bigunnenn 


Bitwenenn  fatt  hsefene  [leod 


pact  (jurrh  |)reo  menn  wass  streonedd . 

68-5         ^^B 

pe  twejsenn  \yEerenn  Siem  j  Kam, 


1        -^  Jafteth  wass  })e  t^ridde, 


2^6  ohmulum. 

patt  waerenn  No}>ess  }>rinne  baem, 
Forr  No}>  hemm  haffde  strenedd 

pa  hirdess  off  Judisskenn  menn 

patt  sohhtenn  Crist  wij)]?  troww]>e, 
patt  nakht  tatt  he  wass  borenn  her 

Bitwenenn  menn  onn  eor]>ey 
pejj  waerenn,  }>att  witt  tu  full  wel, 

An  wajhe  oflf  Cristess  kirrke, 
Oflf  Cristess  flocc,  Crisstene  flocc, 
*  patt  Cristess  la^hess  halde}>}> . 
^  tatt  flocc  oflf  hsejjene  menn 

patt  sohhte  Crist  wi}>]>  lakess, 
pej2  waerenn,  Jjatt  witt  tu  full  wel, 

Rihht  alls  an  o}7err  wa^he. 
*]  Jesu  Crist  tatt  drohh  till  himm 

patt  twinne  kinne  genge. 
He  wass  himm  sellf  ]7att  himestan 

patt  band  ta  twejjenn  wajhess. 
^  all  f>att  folic  }?att  trowwe}>J>  nu 

^  lefef>J>  uppo  Criste, 
All  comm  itt  oflf  Judisskenn  J>eod 

-^  oflf  haej)ene  leode; 
^  all  itt  wass  bigunnenn  J^aer 

I  Bef>f>leaemess  chesstre, 
paer  f>a  twa  gengess  comenn  till. 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste; 

*  Col.  169. 


;)  all  itt  wass  bigunnenn  J^ser 

purrh  hirdess,  ^  ]>urrh  kingess;  6835 

;j  tatt  wass  don  Jjurrh  Jesu  Crist, 

Forr  ]7att  itt  shoUde  tacnenn 
patt  lire  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Iss  ha}je  King,  ^  Hirde; 
Forr  Crist  iss  King,  Jmtt  steoreI>)?  uss,  6840 

3  Hirde,  }>att  uss  fede}?]?; 
1  jiff  J>att  tu  ]?urrh  Crisstenndom 

3  ]?urrh  |)e  rihhte  Isefe 
Willt  folljhenn  ure  Laferrd  Crist, 

pe  birr}>  beon  king,  ;}  hirde;  6845 

pe  birr}>  beon  king,  }jatt  witt  tu  wel> 

To  steorenn  rihht  te  sellfenn, 
;)  ec  to  steorenn  alle  ]7a 

patt  arm  i  J^ine  walde, 
patt  tejj  ne  dra^he  nohht  hemm  onn  6850 

To  folljhenn  ille  Jjsewess; 
3  ec  ]>e  birr}>  beon  hirdemann 

To  fedenn  hemm  ;j  fosstrenn. 

patt  ta  }>reo  kingess  comenn  forr}> 

All  wif>J>  })e  rihhte  wejje  6855 

Anan  inntill  Judealand, 

patt  newe  king  to  sekenn, 
patt  wass  forr  J>att  tejj  haflfdenn  herrd 

purrh  Balaamess  lare 
patt  Godess  Sune,  Jesu  Crist,  6860 

paer  shollde  borenn  wurrjjenn. 

238  ORMULUM. 

piss  illke  Balaam  wass  an 

Full  namecund  proph^te 
Onn  aide  da^hess,  mikell  fresst 

Biforenn  Cristess  come. 
^  tatt  Kalldealandess  folic 

patt  comm  forr  Crist  to  lakenn, 
Itt  wass  off  Balaamess  kimi 

3  cu}7e  well  hiss  lare, 
;)  haffde  redd  upponn  hiss  boc, 

patt  Godess  Sune  shollde 
Beon  boremi  i  Judealand 

3  off  Judisskenn  moderr. 
To  lesenn  mannkimi  &t  off  dae]> 

3  St  off  deofless  walde. 
3  forr)?i  comenn  J>e^  himm  firrst 

To  sekenn  i  J?att  ende, 
Forr  f>att  te^  haffdenn  herrd  tatt  he 
*p2er  shollde  borenn  wurrj^enn; 
J  tatt  te^  i  Judealand 

Forrlurenn  J>ejjre  steorme, 
patt  wass  forr  f>att  te^  sohhtenn  ]wer 

Eorf>like  witt  '^  lade, 
purrh  J)att  tatt  te^  bigunnenn  J)ser, 

Amang  Judisskenn  leode, 
To  fra^nenn  hemm  whser  )?e^jre  king 

Wass  borenn  hemm  bitwenenn; 
Forr  whase  lejj^H'  upponn  mann 

Hiss  hope  3  all  hiss  hellpe, 

*  Col.  170. 



Himm  biiT|>  forrlesenn  all  \v\yp  rihht 

Drihfatiness  hald  *]  hellpe  . 
■]  whase  sekejifj  ried  ^  run 

^  witt  att  deofless  (wowwess, 
Drihhtiness  lare  -y  ned  ■]  ran' 

pa,tt  illke  mann  forrleose^]> . 
Herode  woUde  blifjclix 

patt  junge  king  offcwellenn, 
Forr  fiatt  he  woilde  211^61111  all 

Hiss  ashenn  sune  hiss  riche, 
]  forr  he  wollde  jemenn  himm 

pact  he  ne  wsere  wrejedd 
Biforr  {le  Romanisshc  king 

patt  wass  hiss  oferrlaferrd ; 
Forr  jifF  he  lete  waxenn  Jjcer 

Awihht  off  wij)errslrennc))e 
OnnjEen  hiss  ajhenn  oferrking, 

Itt  birrde  himm  wel  abiggenn, 
-]  forr[)i  wollde  he  cwellcnn  Crist, 

Jiff  jjatt  he  mihhte  himm  findean, 
patt  he  ne  felle  i  WTa]3)>e  onnjffin 

pe  Romanisshe  leode. 
]  tatt  he  toe  swa  stillelij 

pa  Kalldewisshe  kingess, 
To  frajjnenn  hemm  all  dEernelij 

Off  l^esxre  newe  sieorrne, 
patt  dide  he  forr  he  noUde  nohht 

patt  anij  mann  itt  wisste, 
Forrjji  {latt  be  wass  ]3a  forrdredd 

Off  hiss  Judjsskenn  leode. 

240  ORMULUM. 

Off-}>att  tejs  )>exsre  rihhte  king, 

giflf  J>ejj  himm  owhar  wisstenn, 
Swa  munndenn  hidenn,  ]>att  he  nohht 

Ne  shoUde  himm  mujhenn  findemi> 
-]  forr]?i  nollde  he  nohht  tatt  tej^j 

Ohht  herrdenn  off  ]?e  sterme, 
Noff  }jatt  he  wollde  cwellenn  himm, 
*  giff  ]?att  he  mihhte  himm  findenn 
Forr  ]?att  he  wass  forrdredd  tatt  tejj 

Himm  sholldenn  smnmwhser  hidenn. 

patt  Jossep  nass  nohht  i  \>dXX,  hus 

Wi]?J>  Sannte  Mar^e  fundenn, 
paer  J)a  J^reo  kingess  comenn  inn 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste, 
patt  wass  full  wel,  ;j  tatt  bilammp 

All  affterr  Godess  wille. 
'^  itt  wass  baf>e  god  ;)  ned 

Till  ]?att  Kalldewe  genge, 
patt  haffde  foUghedd  ajj  till  }>a 

Illc  haef>enndom  3  dwilde, 
-^  naffde  nsefre  nmnenn  gom 

Noff  Godd,  noff  Godess  lare; 
Forr  jiff  f>a  Kalldewisshe  menn 

Haffdenn  Jjatt  time  fundenn 
Josaep  ]?3erinne  wij?J>  J>e  child, 

-]  wi}?)?  J>e  childess  moderr, 

•  CoL  171. 




pejs  munndenn  trowwenn  ))att  le  child 

Josaepess  siine  WKre, 
-]  latt  hiss  modeiT  wKre  wif, 

^  nohht  majgdenn  full  clene; 
All  (jiss  f>ej3  munndenn  trowwenn  sket,        6951 

FoiT)ji  fatt  tejs  Jiatl  time 
Jet  unnderraiodenn  iittlesswhatt 

Off  all  (le  rihhte  trowwjie, 
^  all  forrfji  wass  swifie  wcl 

patt  Josjep  wass  awejje,  695 

patt  all  fjatt  genge  mihhte  Jjser 

Rihht  lefenn  uppo  Criste . 
■]  latt  wass  )ie  Jiritlende  dajs 

Off  Jesu  Cristess  elde, 
patt  he  wass  onne  i  Be)3]3lea?m 

purrh  [)a  fireo  kingess  lakedd . 
^  Jiinnke  juw  nan  wunnderr  off 

patt  ta  {)reo  kingess  comenn 
Fra  Kalldea  till  BeJ>])lejem 

Uppo  Jirittene  dajjess ; 
Forr  ])ati  folic  ride))])  onn  a  der 

patt  iss  Dromeluss  nemninedd, 
patt  onn  a  dajj  wij;f)  hefi;  ssem 

EmeJ3))  an  hunndredd  mile ; 
^  forr|)i  mihhlenn  Jjejj  full  wel 

Binnenn  [irittene  dajjess 
Uppo  f>att  der,  f)att  iss  swa  swifft, 

Full  mikell  wej^e  for|jenn. 
patt  steorrne,  jjatt  hemm  awwnedd  wass 

To  ledenn  hemm  Jje  wejje, 

'DL,  I.  V 




24^  ORMULUM. 

Warr}?  all  to  nohht  fbrr]?rihht  anan 
Affterr  })att  Crist  wass  fundenn. 

Ma})ew  }>e  Goddspellwrihhte  se^}) 

patt  Crist  comm  her  to  manne 
I  Be})f)le3em  Jude,  fbrr  swa 

To  don  uss  tunnderrstanndenn, 
patt  twejjenn  burrjhess  waerenn  })a 

pa  Crist  comm  her  to  manne, 
An  i  })e  land  off  Galile 

I  Zabuloness  majjjje, 
An  ojjerr  i  Juda  nohht  ferr 

Fra  gerrsalaemess  chesstre, 
1  ejjjjerr,  wiss  to  fulle  soj), 

Wass  Bejjj^leaem  jehatenn. 
^  ec  he  segjj?  })att  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne 
Upponn  Herode  kingess  dajj, 

To  don  uss  tmmderrstanndenn 
patt  Jesu  Crist  wass  witerrlij 

patt  illke,  off  whamm  profetess 
HafFdenn  forrlannge  cwiddedd  aer, 

patt  Issraaele  })ede 
A35  sholldenn  habbenn  alldemnenn 

^  kingess  off  hemm  sellfenn, 
K%%  till  f)att  Godess  Sune  Crist 

To  manne  cumenn  shollde; 
Forr  })att  wass  filledd  opennlij 

purrh  Jesu  Cristess  come, 


patt  comm  upponn  Herodess  da^^ 

To  wurrfjenn  mann  onn  er})e;  7005 

Forr  ]?att  unnfaele  Herode  king, 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  unnderr, 
Ne  wass  nohht  off  Judisskenn  ]?ed 

Ace  off  hae]?ene  })ede . 
^  })urrh  J)e  king  off  Romeburrh  7010 

Himm  ^ifenn  wass  ]>att  riche, 
J  he  wass  all  hae]?ene  king 

Amang  Judisskenn  ]7ede, 
patt  time  l^att  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne.  7015 

patt  tun  wass  nemmnedd  Be]?}7leaem 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  ine, 
^  itt  wass  nemmnedd  Effrata 

Biforenn  })att  forrlannge, 
Forr  uss  to  tacnenn  mikell  J^ing  7020 

patt  si}7]?enn  shoUde  wurr]>enn; 
Forr  Be]?})le8em  bitacne]?]?  uss 

patt  hus  ))att  brsed  iss  inne, 
^  Effrata  bitacne]>]7  uss 

Shaewerme  onn  Ennglissh  spaeche.  7025 

^  ba]7e  tacnenn  opennli^ 

pa  g5de  menness  herrtess, 
patt  nittenn  eche  lifess  braed 

Till  J^ejjre  sawle  berrhless, 
pe  Laferrd  Cristess  flaesh  ^  blod  7030 

All  affterr  Cristess  lare, 
^  sen  ^  shaewenn  )nirrh  innsihht 

^  ))urrh  ]>e  rihhte  laefe 

u  a 

^44  ORMULUM, 

Off  Godess  kinde,  off  Godess  mahht, 

Off  Godess  eche  wullderr, 
All  )?att  tatt  er}>li2  mann  ma^^  sen 

purrh  clennsedd  sawless  ejhe. 
^  gode  menness  clene  lund, 

^  gode  menness  herrtess, 
pejj  sinndenn  }?att  halljhe  gessthus 

patt  Crist  iss  borenn  inne; 
Fbrr  Cristess  resste  j  Cristess  ro 

J  Cristess  swete  slaepess 
Sinndenn,  J?att  witt  tu  wel  forr  soJ>, 

I  gode  menness  herrtess; 
^  gode  menness  clene  lund, 

^  gode  menness  herrtess, 
Tihhtenn  j  turmenn  hsej^enn  folic 

^  ec  Judisskenn  lede, 
purrh  halij  bisne  j  halij  spell. 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste, 
To  sekenn  Crist,  to  lutenn  Crist, 

To  lakenn  Crist  o  cnewwess, 
All  swa  summ  Judewisshe  led 

^  Kalldewisshe  comenn 
Till  Effrata,  tiU  Be)?}7lesem, 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste. 
pe  Kalldewisshe  folic  comm  forJ> 

To  sekenn  Crist  wij>]>  lakess, 
^  sejjdenn  till  Judisskenn  folic, 

Swa  summ  J>e  Goddspell  kij>e))j?, 
Whaer  iss  J>e  Judewisshe  king 

patt  borenn  iss  nu  newenn? 


Forr  ]>att  lejj  wolldenn  don  hemm  swa 

To  sen  ;)  tunnderrstanndenn,  7065 

patt  tejj  pe  la})e  Herode  king 
Ne  comenn  nohht  to  sekenn, 

patt  ta  wass  winntredd  mann  j  aid, 
^  nass  nohht  borenn  newenn  . 

Ma)3j>ew  )3e  Goddspellwrihhte  sejj})  7070 

patt  ta  Kalldisskenn  kingess 
patt  comenn  forr  to  sekenn  Crist 

Waerenn  Magy  jehatenn, 
J  Magy  sinndenn  alle  ]>a 

patt  folljhenn  defless  craflftess,  7075 

Dri^menn,  weppmenn  j  wifmenn  ec, 

patt  foUjhenn  wicche  crafFtess  . 
Ace  p^,  })att  sohhtenn  Jesu  Crist 

Waerenn  Magy  jehatenn, 
J  nserenn  }?ejj  nohht  tohh  drijmenn  7080 

To  folljhenn  wicche  craflftess, 
Ace  waerenn,  J>att  witt  tu  full  wel, 

Ufjwitess  swij>e  wise, 
patt  hafifdenn  dep  innsihht  j  witt 

Oflf  file  kinne  })ingess,  7085 

•^  unnderrstodenn  mani^^whatt 

purrh  snoterr  gyn  bi  stermess, 
3  waerenn  oflf  an  land  tatt  wass 

Paersa  bi  name  nemmedd . 
J  taer  iss  i  ]>att  illke  land  7090 

An  ae  Saba  ^^hatenn, 

246  ORMULUM. 

^  all  ]7att  land  iss  ec  Saba 

Affterr  }>att  waterr  nemmnedd, 
J  itt  iss  i  Kalldealand 

^st,  taer  ]7e  siine  rise]>]>  . 
^  ta  ]?att  comenn  off  J^att  land 

To  sekenn  Crist  wij>)3  lakess, 
pejj  wisstenn  wel  })att  Crist  wass  Godd, 

purrh  j^att  te^  saejhenn  heffne 
Bu^henn  till  himm,  to  ]?ewwtenn  himm 

Wif)}?  new  ^  unncu}?  sterme, 
patt  forrjjrihht  shapenn  wass  J)urrh  Crist, 

To  taechenn  whaer  he  wsere, 
^  forr  to  tacnenn  Crisstenndom 

^  all  fje  rihhte  laefe, 
patt  shoUde  ledenn  hae])enn  )>ed 

Upp  inntill  heffness  blisse, 
Swa  summ  J>att  sterme  ledde  forJ> 

patt  Kalldewisshe  lede 
Till  Effrata,  till  BeJ?J?le3em 

Patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne  . 
New  sterme,  j  all  unncuj>  wass  wrohht, 

Forr  })att  itt  shollde  tacnenn 
patt  newe  Adam  j^att  cumenn  wass 

All  unncuf)  her  to  manne  . 
Kalldisske  fjed  comm  forJ>  j  cwaj)}? ; 

Whaer  mujhe  we  nu  findenn 
piss  Judewisshe  follkess  king 

patt  iss  nu  borenn  newenn? 
^  tatt  wass  sejjd  alls  iff  J>ejj  f)uss 

Wif)f)  of)re  wordess  sejjdenn, 


Ne  telle  himm  nohht  Herode  king 

Forr  king  off  Godess  lede, 
Forr  nass  he  nohht  })urrh  Godess  folic 

O  Godess  hallfe  crunedd,  7125 

Ne  nohht  niss  himm  kinde  to  ben 

King  off  Judisskenn  j^ede  ; 
Ace  wlte  je  to  fiille  sof), 

patt  her  iss  borenn  newenn 
An  child  off  J?iss  Judisskenn  }?ed  7130 

All  affterr  Godess  wille, 
patt  shall  ben  )?iss  Judisskenn  king 

All  }>urrh  rihht  a}>ell  kinde » 
J  forr})i  cume  we  nu  forj? 

To  lakenn  himm  wi)?}?  maddmess,  7135 

^  forr  to  lefenn  upponn  himm 

^  bu^henn  himm  o  cnewwess, 
Forr  fjatt  we  sen  full  witerrlij 

purrh  hefennlike  takenn, 
patt  he  to  manne  cumenn  iss,  7140 

So})  Godd  off  Godd  ankennedd  . 

Majjfjew  J>e  Goddspellwrihhte  sejjj? 

O  }?iss  Goddspelless  lare, 
patt  tatt  unnfsele  Herode  king 

Wass  gramm  ^  grill  ;)  bolljhenn  7145 

Forrfrihht,  son  summ  himm  awwnedd  wass 

Off  f)att  Kalldisskenn  genge, 
patt  cumenn  wass  inntill  hiss  land, 

An  new  king  forr  to  sekenn, 

248  ORMULUM. 

To  lutenn  himm^  to  lakenn  hinmi^ 
To  bu^henn  himm  o  cnewwess  . 
J  wen  iss  )>att  he  wass  forrdredd 

^  serrhfull  inn  hiss  herrte, 
Forr  ]?att  he  wennde  ]9att  tatt  folic 

Upponn  himm  cumenn  waere 
Wijjjj  strenncjje,  foir  to  ni)>J>renn  himm> 

To  wannsenn  himm  hiss  riche  • 
^  wel  itt  mihhte  ben  )>att  he 

Wass  gramm  ^  grill  ^  boll^henn 
All  forr  })e  naness,  forr  J>att  he 

Swa  wollde  don  hiss  lede 
To  ben  all  })ess  te  mare  offdredd 

Off  himm  j  off  hiss  ejje  . 
Forr  jiff  Jje  riche  mann  iss  bra}?^ 

J  grimme,  ^  t6r  to  cwemenn, 
Hiss  lede  )?att  iss  unnderr  himm 

Himm  drede)?)?  fjess  te  mare  ; 
^  tohh  swa  f)ehh  ne  till  f)e  folic, 

Ne  till  f)e  laferrd  noww}>err 
Niss  })att  nohht  })werrt  ut  god  inoh 

Till  I^ejjre  sawle  berrhless, 
patt  he  be  grimme  ^  ajhefull, 

^  bra})  ^  t6r  to  cwemenn, 
Forr  he  majj;  ben  swa  grimme  mann 

patt  he  bej>  laj?  hiss  lede, 
J  tatt  iss  ejjfjerr  himm  j  hemm 

Unnhalsumm  to  })e  sawle  . 
;3  forrjji  birr})  himm  stanndenn  in 

To  don  wi})J>  word  j  dede, 


patt  hise  lede  lufenn  himm  7180 

J  blettceim  himm  wij?})  herrte, 
Forr  }?att  iss  himm  ;)  ec  hiss  folic 

God  hellpe  to  J)e  sawle ; 
^  tohh  swa  })ehh  iss  ned  tatt  he 

Dredinng  ^  ajhe  sette  7185 

On  alle  J)a  Jjatt  lufenn  to]>]> 

^  woh  ^  unnsahhtnesse, 
To  don  hemm  foUjhenn  la^he  j  grij')' 

All  Jjejjre  aebaere  unnj?annkess, 
giff  }>att  tejj  ]>e^re  })annkess  griJ>J)  7190 

Ne  kepenn  nohht  to  folljhenn ; 
Forr  miccle  bettre  iss  to  fje  mann 

To  don  all  hiss  nnn}>annkess  god 

pan  ifell  hise  ]>annkess  .  7195 

^  ec  Herode  king  wass  grill, 

J  gramm,  ;)  breme,  ;)  boUjhen, 
Forr  ]?att  himm  wass  full  la}?  ]7att  Crist 

Wass  cumenn  }>a  to  manne ; 
Forr  ajj  })e  laf)e  gastess  })eww  7200 

Iss  gramm,  ;)  grill,  ^  boUjhenn 
Ajj,  whannse  he  sej>  })att  Godess  rihht 

^  Godess  lajhe  rise)>}> . 

Herode  let  himm  tsinngenn  to 

Bisshopess  off  dep  lare,  7205 

;3  jet  an  ofjerr  laeredd  folic 

patt  ec  wass  depe  laeredd ; 

250  ORMULUM. 

J  tejjre  wikenn  wass  forrf)i 

To  spellenn  to  }>e  lede 
Oflf-hu  )>e5j  mihhtenn  cwemenn  Godd         7J»j 

purrh  })aewess  ;)  )>urrh  dedess, 
^  )3urrh  }>e  rihhte  laefe  o  Godd, 

purrh  lajhess  j  Jjurrh  lakess  ; 
1  tejx,  j^att  witt  tu  fuli^wiss, 

Waerenn  Scribe  jehatenn,  7*^5 

Forrj^i  })att  tejjre  wikenn  wass 

To  writenn  lajhebokess, 
^  ec  to  spellenn  to  J>e  folic 

Off  lajhess  ^  off  lakess  . 
Kalldisskenn  folic  sejjde  J>att  Crist  7^* 

Wass  borenn,  wiss  to  so})e, 
;)  sejjdenn  ec  whatt  dajj  J>e^  firrst 

pa  newe  sterme  saejhenn, 
purrh  whatt  tej5  wisstenn  wel  whatt  dajj; 

Crist  borenn  wass  onn  er})e  ;  7"5 

Ace  whaer  o  lande  he  borenn  wass, 

patt  wass  hemm  all  unnawwnedd, 
^  forr]?i  wass  hemm  sterrne  sett, 

To  ledenn  hemm  })e  wejje 
Anan  inntill  J>att  illke  tun  7*3* 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne  . 
•]  tatt  Judisskenn  laeredd  folic, 

Bisskopess  j  larewess, 
patt  unnderrstodenn  all  off  Crist 

patt  wltess  hafFdenn  cwiddedd,  7'^ 

pass  sejjdenn  hu  Jjatt  illke  land, 

J  hu  ]7att  tun  wass  nemmnedd, 


pser  Messyass  so]?  Crist,  so]?  Godd, 

To  manne  cumenn  sollde  ; 
Ace  nisstenn  ]7e^  nohht  tohh  swa  ]>ehh        7240 

Whatt  time  he  eumenn  wollde  ; 
Ace  }7att  wisste  Kalldisskenn  folic, 

patt  he  wass  cumenn  )>anne, 
patt  wisstenn  ]?e2;s  ]7urrh  ])att  hemm  wass 

Awwnedd  tatt  newe  sterme  .  7245 

;j  swa  Jjurrh  })att  Kalldisskenn  folic, 

J  ec  Jjurrh  f)att  Judisskenn, 
Well  mikell  lermde  Herode  king 

Off  Crist,  ;)  off  hiss  come  ; 
Forr  ba]?e  he  lermde  wel  })urrh  hemm  7250 

Whatt  dajj,  -^  whaere  o  lande, 
patt  ^nge  wennchell  borenn  wass 

Off  fjatt  Judisskenn  lede, 
patt  shollde  ben  Judisskenn  king 

All  wij>]?  rihht  af)ell  kinde  .  7255 

^  sone  si]?]7enn  sennde  he  for]) 

patt  Kalldewisshe  genge, 
To  sekenn  ))att  Judisskenn  king 

I  Be})})Ieaemess  chesstre, 
Forr  J^att  he  wollde  cwellenn  himm,  7260 

Jiff  ]>att  he  mihhte  himm  findenn  . 
patt  burrh  wass  Davijjf)  kingess  burrh 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne; 
^  tatt  wass  ba])e  rihht  -^  wel 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  Jjaere,  7265 

Forr  Crist  wass  off  DaviJ^ess  kinn, 

^  King  off  alle  kingess  . 

252  ORMULUM. 

Kalldisskenn  lede  se^de  ]hiss 

Till  Issraaele  )>ede; 
We  sae^heim  aest  in  ure  land  7170] 

piss  newe  kingess  sterme. 
We  saejhenn  itt  fiill  brad  ^  brihht 

^st,  taer  ]>e  sunne  rise]>]> . 
3  dss  bilimmpe]7]>  wel  till  Crist 

Off  ]7att  he  comm  to  manne ;  7375 

Forr  Crist  sellf  iss  ]>att  stermelem 

patt  all  mannkinn  birr]>  foUjhenn, 
^  Crist  iss  ec  so]>  sonnebaem 

patt  aU  )>iss  werelld  lihhte)}]>, 
patt  sunnebaem  )>att  rise]>)>  a^  7280 1 

I  gode  menness  herrtess, 
purrh  ]7att  he  do]>  hemm  risenn  a^; 

Upp  inntill  he^he  mahhtess  . 
J  wunnderr  mikell  shame  wass 

Till  Issraaele  })ede  7285 

patt  haej^enn  folic,  Kalldisskenn  folic, 

Wass  warr  off  Cristess  come, 
1  tejj  Jjatt  haffdenn  lare  inoh 

Off}>att  he  cumenn  shollde, 
Naerenn  nohht  warre  off  }?att,  tatt  he  7^9° 

Wass  cumenn  })a  to  manne  . 
J  alle  })a  j^att  herrdenn  itt 

^  wisstenn  itt  off  sijjre, 
patt  he  wass  cumenn  sikerrlij 

Forr  all  mannkinne  nede,  7^95 

^  nohht  ne  kepptenn  ]x)hh  onn  himm 

To  lefenn  ne  to  trowwenn, 


Hemm  alle  be}?  o  Domess  dajj 

Binumenn  mu}?  ;)  spaeche 
patt  wise,  J>att  naefr  an  off  hemm  7300 

Ne  shall  )?aer  mu^henn  maelenn 
gaen  Crist,  forr  to  bitellenn  himm 

Off  -  }?att  he  shall  .till  helle, 
Forr  })att  tejj  wisstemi  wel  })att  he 

Wass  cumenn  her  to  mamie,  7305 

^  tohh  swa  })ehh  })urrh  hete  j  ni}> 

Himm  all  Jjwerit  ut  forrwurrpenn . 

Herode  king  let  sekenn  Crist, 

;3  sejjde,  })att  he  wollde 
Lefenn  onn  himm  ;)  lutenn  himm,  7310 

J  lakenn  himm  wi]7]>  maddmess, 
J  })ohhte  Jjohh  to  cwellenn  himm, 

Jiff  ]?att  he  mihhte  himm  findenn; 
;3  forrJ?i  nass  he  rihht  nohht  wmrj? 

To  findenn  Crist  tatt  time,  7315 

Ace  he  shall  findenn  Crist  inoh 

O  Domess  daj^ess  time, 
pa  Crist  shall  himm  wi}>]7  all  rihht  dom 

Till  hellepine  demenn  . 
^  he  bitacne}>}>  alle  j^a,  7320 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  sojje, 
patt  laetenn  J)att  tejj  lufenn  Crist 

^  hise  la^hess  haldenn, 
^  wilenn  ]7att  menn  haldenn  hemm 

Forr  gode  menn  3  clene,  73^5 

254  ORMULUM. 

-^  sindenn  ))ohh  biforenn  Grodd 

Unnclene  ;)  all  unncweme, 
I  daerne  unnclene  J>ohht  j  J>aew, 

I  da&me  unnclene  dede. 
pejj  laetenn  f)att  tejj  sekenn  Crist 

Biforenn  menness  ehne, 
Ace  ]7e^  ne  findenn  himm  rihht  nohht 

Till  J^ejjre  sawle  berrhless; 
Forr  Crist  forrweiTpeJ>J>  falls  ;)  flaerd, 

^  iwhillc  unndaennesse .  73l$| 

pe  sterme  comm  rihht  till  J^att  hus 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne, 
-]  flseh  itt  ta  na  forr]?err  mar 

Ace  heng  })aeroferr  stille  . 
^  tatt  wass  don  alls  iff  itt  tuss  ivfi\ 

Wi]?f)  openn  spaeche  sejjde, 
Her  i  }>iss  hus  iss  Crist,  so]>  Godd, 

patt  cumenn  iss  to  manne, 
patt  me  nu  newenn  shop  J)uss  brihht, 

Forr  Jjatt  I  shollde  ledenn  7345 

piss  Kalldewisshe  folic  till  himm, 

•]  taechenn  hemm  ]je  wejje  . 
pa  kingess  fellenn  dun,  itt  sejjj?, 

To  lutenn  Crist  ^  lakenn, 
^  taer  J)e^  gaefenn  swa  j^urrh  })alt  735° 

Off  so]?  mecnesse  bisne; 
Forr  niss  nan  mann  J)att  lutenn  ma^ 

Ne  lakenn  Godd  tocweme, 
Wif)]jutenn  himm  )>att  lakef)J>  Godd 

WiJ)})  lac  off  so})  mecnesse  ,  /355 


purrh  J)att  te  Kalldewisshe  folic 

Oppnedenn  J^ejjre  maddmess, 
Nohht  i  Jje  straete,  ace  i  fjatt  hus 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne, 
p3er})iirrh  wass  j^e  bitacnedd  wel  7360 

Hu  )>e  birr]>  Drihhtinn  lakenn  . 
Ne  birr}?  j^e  nohht  forr  erj>lij  loff, 

Ne  nohht  forr  menness  spaeche, 
Ut  i  })e  straete  oppnenn  })in  hord, 

To  don  fjin  allmess  dede  7365 

Biforenn  folic,  J)urrh  idell  gellp, 

Ne  }?uiTh  nan  modijnesse, 
Forr  swa  to  winnenn  erjjlij  loflF 

Wijjf)  allmess  J>att  tu  wirrkesst; 
Ace  J>e  birrjj  daerneUke  don,  7370 

WiJ)J}  innwarrd  herrte  j  clene, 
pin  allmess  dede  onn  aUe  ]>a 

patt  faafenn  ned  off  hellpe, 
J  te  birrj>  i  ])in  herrtess  hus 

Ajx  innwarrdlike  jeraenn,  7375 

patt  Grodd  Allmahhtij  eweme  be 

Whattse  }ju  dost  to  gode, 
^  tatt  he  jelde  J>e  }?i  laen 

Inn  heffne  }7urrh  hiss  are  . 
patt  hord  tatt  haldenn  wass  3  hidd,  7380 

;)  daeme  ^  all  unnawwnedd, 
A  whil  }>att  ta  Kalldisskenn  menn 

Amang  unnwiness  waerenn, 
patt  hord  wass  to  bitacnenn  uss, 

patt  uss  ne  birr]>  nohht  awwnenn  7385 

256  ORMULUM. 

Hu  mann  birr]?  lefenn  uppo  Godd, 

Ne  nohht  o£f  Godess  lare, 
Biforenn  }>att  unnfaele  folic 

patt  skirrpe)>)>  Jjaer  onn^aeness, 
Biforenn  ]7a  J^att  takenn  all 

Onn  haB}>inng  J?att  we  spellenn ; 
Forr  jiflf  Jje^S  herenn  ohht  oflf  Godd, 

;}  skirrpenn  J>3er  onnjaeness, 
pa  be]?  hemm  ^arrkedd  mare  inch 

;}  werrse  pine  inn  helle, 
pann  iff  }>e^  haffdenn  herrd  itt  nohht 

Ne  skaraedd  taer  onnjaeness, 
;}  forrjji  birrj?  }>e  lokenn  }>e 

patt  tu  till  hemm  ne  spelle, 
patt  hemm  ne  falle  }>urrh  J?in  spell 

pe  mare  wa  to  drejhenn  . 
Heroflfe  sejj)?  j>e  Goddspellboc 

patt  Crist  himm  sellf  J?uss  sej jde ; 
Ne  birr)>  )?e  nohht  nan  halij  }>ing 

Biforenn  hundess  werrpenn,  ; 

Ne  nohht  ne  birr)>  }>e  to  }>e  swin 

Werrpenn  marrgrotestaness ; 
Forr  }?a  }>att  laetenn  haej^elij 

Off  Godess  hallghe  lare, 
pegj  sindenn  wiss  hundess  ;}  swin  ; 

purrh  J^ejjre  la)?e  sinness  . 
^  Jjurrh  Jjatt  hord  tatt  oppnedd  wass 

;}  drajhenn  forj?  ;}  awwnedd 
purrh  J?a  J?re  kingess,  i  J?att  hus 

patt  Crist  wass  borenn  inne,  J 

HOMILIES.  2,57 

)>ser]7urrh  wass  uss  tacnedd  tatt  uss 

Birr})  awwnenn  Godess  lare 
Till  alle  Jm  J)att  lufenn  itt, 
-J  jemenn  itt  to  lemenn, 
Till  alle  J?a  }>att  cumenn  foij>  7420 

To  wurrjjenn  Cristess  }>ewwess, 
Till  alle  ]>att  i  Godess  hus 

purrh  so]?  mecnesse  turmenn 
Till  fulluhht  "5  till  Crisstenndom, 

^  till  J>e  rihhte  laefe,  7425 

Hemm  alle  uss  birr]?  i  Godess  hus 

WiJ}J)  soJ>  mecnesse  shaewenn  ^ 

Hu  }>e2jm  birr}>  lefenn  uppo  Godd, 

-^  hise  la^hess  haldenn  . 
pa  }?re  kingess  lakedenn  Crist  743° 

Wi]>J>  J?rinne  kinne  lakess, 
WiJ}Jj  recless,  ;)  mlpp  gold,  ;)  ec 

Wijjjj  myrra,  an  dere  sallfe, 
Forr  ]?att  tejj  wisstenn  ]?att  he  wass 

SoJ>  Godd  i  mennisscnesse,  7435 

^  King  oflf  alle  shafFte,  ^  ec 

So]?  mann  J^att  woUde  swelltenn  . 
^  ec  J?a  kingess  comenn  }>a 

Till  Crist  wij?]?  swillke  lakess, 
To  lihhnenn  }?att  laerede  folic,  7440 

patt  Jjurrh  dwallkennde  lare 
Tahhtenn  ^  turrndenn  lawedd  folic 

To  lefenn  wrang  o  Criste  . 
P^SS  gaefenn  Crist  recless  to  lac, 

Forr  Jjatt  tejj  wolldenn  lihhnenn  7445 

irOL.  L  X 


All  ]7att  lumfaele  laeredd  led, 

patt  dide  menn  to  trowwenn 
patt  nass  nohht  rlMit  to  brinngenn  lac 

Ne  toffrenn  ohht  till  owwJ>err, 
Till  Sune,  ne  till  Halij  Gast, 

Ace  till  J?e  Faderr  ane . 
Off  all  J>iss  laj?e  laeredd  folic 

patt  we  nu  maelenn  iimmbe 
Wass  majjstredwale,  an  defless  ]>eww, 

patt  Arriuss  wass  nemmnedd  . 
pejj  brohhtenn  Crist  off  myrre  lac, 

Forr  }>att  tejj  woUdenn  lihhneim 
All  }>att  unnfaele  laeredd  led, 

patt  dide  menn  to  trowwenn 
patt  Jesu  Crist  nass  naefre  daed 

In  ure  mennisscnesse  . 
Off  all  }>iss  laf>e  laeredd  folic 

patt  we        .        .         . 

pa  Jjreo  kingess  i  pejjre  f>ohht 
O  Drihhtin  haffdenn  bonedd, 

patt  he  t>ejjm  jaefe  ra)>  f>att  nahht 
*  purrh  Halij  Gastess  rune, 

giff  f>att  tejj  sholldenn  o]?err  nohht 
Efft  wendenn  till  Herode  . 

J  Godess  Gast  anndswere  hem  jaff 
Him  sellf  ^  nohht  Jjurh  enngell, 

*  Col.  172. 


patt  tejj  ne  sholldenn  nohht  ongaen 

Eflft  wendenn  till  Herode, 
Ace  fareiin  ham  till  here  land  7475 

All  wi]?]?  summ  oj^err  wejje  • 
All  ]?iss  hem  sejjde  Godess  Gast 

0  bedde  J^er  J^ejj  slepptenn, 
Forr  J)att  he  woUde  ]?urrh  }?att  slep 

Well  mikell  ]?ing  bitacnenn  .  7480 

Itt  tacne]?]?  uss  ]?att  alle  J^a 

Sinndenn  Drihhtin  full  cweme, 
patt  slsepenn  fra  J?e  weorrldess  lusst 

^  wakenn  ajj  wi)?J>  Criste  . 
;)  tatt  ta  kingess  forenn  ham  7485 

All  wif>f)  an  o)?err  wejje, 
patt  uss  bitacne]?}?  mikell  }>ing, 

patt  uss  iss  ned  to  foUjhenn  . 
.IJss  alle  birrj>  till  ure  land 

Wijjjj  o)?err  wejje  wendenn;  7490 

Ure  allre  land  iss  Paradis, 

Forr  }>e]?enn  fit  we  comenn  . 
Adam  ^  five  wserenn  don 

1  Paradisess  riche, 

To  libbenn  a  wij3}>utenn  dae)?,  7495 

^  aj;^  occ  aj5  i  blisse, 
Jiflf  Jjatt  ]?ejj  woUdenn  Godess  word 

^  Godess  wille  foUghenn  . 
Ace  Jjejg  forrlurenn  Paradys 

purrh  J^ejjre  baj?re  gillte,  7500 

purrh  J?att  tejj  Godess  bodeword 

Forrletenn  ;}  forrjemmdenn  . 

X  2 

26o  ORMULUM. 

J>e^  ba  forrhnreim  Paradis 

purrh  ]a]>  mmherisimiiiiTiesse ; 
3  11SS  biiT}>  cumenn  efft  csm^n 

purrh  luffsmnm  herrsimimiiesse ; 
Forr  uss  biiT]>  beon  fuUheirsmiim  folic 

To  foUjhenn  Godess  wiDe, 
-3  swa  we  mujheim  cumeim  efit 

Onnjaen  wi]>J>  o|>eiT  we^je . 
pejg  ba  forrlurenn  Paradys 

purrh  siimfull  gredi^esse; 
;}  uss  birr]>  weordldj^ingess  liisst 

Forrbujhenn  ^  forrwerrpenn, 
;}  uss  birr]>  ^[dl^heim  mett  ^  mae]> 

I  claj^ess  ;}  i  fode, 
Forr  swa  to  cumenn  efit  onnjsen 

Till  Paradisess  riche 
WiJ?)?  all  an  o)?err  kinness  lif, 

patt  iss,  wij?}?  o}>err  we^je  . 
pejj  ba  forrlurenn  Paradys 

purrh  hefij  modinesse  ; 
;]  uss  birrj?  foUjhenn  so)>  meodejjc 

Wif)J?  bodij  J  wi]?}>  herrte  . 
Uss  birr]?  laetenn  unnornelij 

^  litell  off  uss  sellfenn, 
^  laetenn  wel  off  o}>re  menn, 

^  lutenn  hemm  ^  leflftenn; 
3  swa  we  mujhenn  cumenn  efft 

Onnjaen  wi}?}?  of>err  wejje 
Till  ure  land  i  Paradys, 

purrh  so]?  meocnessess  lade. 


pe^S  ba  forrlurenn  Paradys 
*  purrh  sinnfuU  gluterrnesse, 
3  tu  Jjuirh  msej?  i  mete  ^  drinnch  7535 

Mihht  winnenn  efFt  tatt  illke ; 
Fori  mikell  mihhte  itt  hellpenn  uss 

To  winnenn  heoffhess  blisse, 
Jiif  J?att  we  woUdenn  takenn  ajj 

Unnorne  fode  j  litell,  7540 

^  jiflf  we  wolldenn  shunenn  ajj 

To  fiUenn  uss  wi)?f)  esstess ; 
Forr  swa  we  mihhtenn  folljhenn  Crist 

;}  hise  Leominngcnihhtess, 
patt  tokenn  ajj  wijjj?  mikell  maej?  7545 

J  ajj  unnome  fode . 
All  f)uss  we  mujhenn  cumenn  efft 

Till  Paradysess  riche 
Wijjjj  oJ?err  wejje,  jifF  J^att  we 

All  affterr  ure  mihhte  7550 

A55  foUjhenn  Godess  bodeword 

J  ajj  forrbujhen  sinne, 
Onnjaen  J^att  ta  twa  firrste  menn 

Ne  wolldenn  nowwf>err  haldenn, 
Ne  foU^henn  Godess  bodeword,  7555 

Ne  jemenn  hemm  fra  sinne . 
pa  kingess  aile  forenn  ham, 

^  come  J^ejj  na  mare 
Till  f)att  unnfaele  Herode  king; 

Forr  Jjatt  itt  shollde  tacnenn  7560 

♦  Col.  173. 


patt  whase  wile  borr^enn  beon 

-\  bnikenn  eche  blisse, 
Himm  bin)>  all  )>went  iit  wurr) 

Fra  deofell  ■]  fra  sinne . 
■y  ure  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Uss  sif'S  ^unh  hiss  are 
To  sh^edenn  uss  ira  sinne  swa 

^  Tra  ^e  deofiess  wille, 
Swa  ^tt  we  motenn  borrjhenn 

Att  ure  lifess  ende. 



Postquam  impleti  sunt  dies  purifical 

Forrjirihht  se  time  conun  (iserto 

patt  ure  laffdij  Mar^e, 
Affterr  Judisskenn  lajhess  boc, 

pe  minnstre  shoUde  sekenn, 
Menn  tokenn  hire  dere  child 

-]  baerenn  tiimm  to  kirrke, 
]  leddenn  liire  forjj  wi])))  bimm 

Swa  summ  j)e  boc  hemm  tal 
pe|s  comenn  intitill  gerrsalEem 

1  inntill  Godess  minnstre, 
Forr  Jiatt  tejg  shoUdenn  offreni 

pe  child  o  Godess  allterr. 


WiJjJ}  all  swillc  lac  alls  hemm  wass  sett 

purrh  Drihhtin  J?aer  to  brinngenn. 
patt  lac  }>att  taer  wass  brohht  wij?]?  himm     7585 

Wass  twejgenn  cuUfre  briddess, 
Swa  summ  \>e  Goddspellwrihhte  sejjj?, 

OJ?J?r  itt  wass  twegjenn  turrtless. 
^  taer  wass  cumenn  o  ]?att  dajj 

An  halij  mann  to  minnstre,  7590 

J  he  wass  hatenn  Symeon, 

Swa  summ  J?e  Goddspell  kij?e]?f), 
3  he  wass  full  off  Hali^  Gast 

patt  dide  himm  tunnderrstanndenn 
patt  tatt  wass  Godess  Sune  j  Godd,  7595 

patt  taer  wass  brohht  to  kirrke. 
J  he  wass  an  Judisskenn  mann 

Full  halij  i  )?att  time, 
*]  haflfde  ^eornedd  inn  hiss  }?ohht 

Ajj  affterr  Cristess  come,  7600 

*]  haflfde  jeornedd  ajj  psXt  he 
*  Swa  lannge  mosste  Hbbenn, 
patt  he  wijjj?  ehhne  mihhte  seon 

pe  Laferrd  Crist  onn  eorj^e. 
^  Drihhtin  haflfde  jatedd  himm  7605 

patt  bone  )?att  he  jeorrnde, 
^  haflfde  himm  sejjd  J?urrh  Halij  Gast, 

patt  nohht  ne  shollde  he  swelltenn 
Biforenn  ]?att  he  shollde  seon 

Crist,  Godess  Sune,  onn  eor}?e .  7610 

•  Col.  174. 

264  ORMULUM. 

J  he  wass  brohht  J^urrh  Hali^;  Gast 

patt  dajj  till  Godess  temmple . 
"]  son  se  Cristess  kinness  meim 

paer  brohhtenn  Crist  to  kirrke, 
patt  hall^he  were  Symeon 

Himm  toe  bitwenenn  amness, 
-]  sejjde  towarrd  Drihhtin  }>uss, 

Swa  summ  )?e  Goddspell  kij>e)>)> ; 
Laet  nu  Drihhtin,  lalt  nu  }>in  J^eoww 

Ut  off  I>iss  weorelld  wendenn 
WiJ?]?  gri]?}>,  swa  summ  }ju  me  bihet, 

liet  me  nu  newenn  swelltenn; 
Forr  her  I  seo  full  witerrlij 

pin  Haelennd  Crist  onn  eorj^e, 
patt  Jjurrh  ]?in  are  jarrkedd  iss 

Biforenn  alia  }>eode, 
Till  hae}?enn  Jjeode  lihht  j  leom 

Off  eche  rihhtwisnesse, 
J  till  f)iss  Judewisshe  folic 

Wurrjjshipe  ;}  eche  wullderr  . 

Jossep,  swa  summ  }>e  Goddspell  sejj}), 

J  Marje  Cristess  moderr 
Wundredenn  ba)?e  off  all  }>att  hemm 

Wass  cwiddedd  taere  off  Criste . 


;}  Symeon  J^att  halljhe  mann  7635 

gaflf  hemm  blettsinnje  ba}?e, 
1  sejjde  to  }>e  laffdij  }>uss, 

Swa  summ  J?e  Goddspell  ki)?eJ?J?, 
piss  chiid  iss  borenn  her  to  J^ann 

patt  fele  shulenn  fallenn,  7640 

;}  fele  shulenn  risenn  upp 

I  }>iss  Judisskenn  Jjeode . 
•]  tiss  child  iss  to  merrke  sett 

Bitwenenn  menn  onn  eor)>e, 
•]  manig  mann  J?iss  merrke  shall  7645 

Wijjjjstanndenn  ^  wi}?}?seggenn . 
•]  te  shall  I>urrh  }>iss  childess  swerd 

pmrhwundedd  beon  f>in  sawle, 
*purrh  whamm  shall  manij  daerne  Jjohht 

Beon  oppnedd  all  j  awwnedd .  7650 

•]  ec  J?3er  comm  an  widdwe  for}? 

patt  wass  Drihhtin  full  cweme, 
•]  jho  wass  full  off  Halig  Gast 

To  spekenn  J^aer  off  Criste, 
J  jho  space  J?aere  off  Crist  till  J?a  7655 

patt  jeorrndenn  Cristess  come, 
J  sejjde  hemm  whatt  tatt  wennchell  wass, 

*]  whatt  he  shoUde  forj^enn . 
patt  widdwe  wass  an  halij  wif, 

^  jho  wass  hatenn  Anne,  7660 

♦  Col.  175. 

266  ORMULUM. 

J  jho  wass  clene  majjdennmann 

patt  dajj  J^att  2^.ho  toe  macche; 
J  si}5j?enn  wass  jho  sefenn  2^er 

God  wif  wij?}?  hire  macche . 
J  tanne  comm  hiss  endeda^  7665 

J  jho  bilsef  o  life . 
J  afFter  J?att  tatt  he  wass  daed 

Ne  toe  jho  wij?]?  nan  o]?err, 
Ace  ledde  sijjj^enn  widdwe  lif 

Inn  alle  gode  J^aewess  .  7670 

^  jho  wass,  I>att  witt  tu  full  wel, 

Agj  sif)}?enn  att  te  temmple. 
To  Jjeowwtenn  Godd  wij?}>  bedesang, 

Wif)j3  fasstinng  j  wiJ?J?  wecche . 
^  ^ho  wass  sextij  winnterr  aid  7675 

J  fowwre  ■]  twenntij  Jeanne ; 
J  hire  faderr  Fanusel 

Wass  off  Asseress  majjj^e, 
;]  Asaer  wass,  J^att  witt  tu  wel, 

An  off  }?e  Patriarrkess  .  7680 

J  jho  space  off  f>att  little  child 

patt  taer  wass  brohht  to  kirrke, 
Off  f>att  he  wass  Allmahhtij  (jodd, 

;}  mann  i  lif  j  sawle . 
3  affterr  f>att  te  Laferrd  Crist  7685 

Wass  offredd  taer  wijjj?  lakess, 
-^  affterr  J^att  tej5  haffdenn  don 

All  Jjatt  te  boc  hemm  tahhte, 
pej5  wenndenn  ham  wif>J?  heore  child, 

■3  feddenn  himm  wi]?j3  blisse,  76jpr 



All  alls  hiss  lefe  ville  wass 

patt  menn  himm  sholldenn  fosstrenn  ■ 
]  tejssre  child,  te  Laferrd  Crist, 

Wei  wex,  ■]  wel  wass  frofredd  ; 
^  be  wass  full  off  Godess  witt, 

^  full  off  Godess  wille ;  ■ 
Her  endenn  twa  Goddspelless  Jjuss, 

^  uss  birr))  hemm  jjurrhaekenn. 
To  lokenn  whatl  tejj  Irerenii  uss 

Off  ure  sawle  nede  . 

Riliht  o  jiatt  da53  jiatt  Crist  wass  off 

Fowwerriij  da^hess  elde, 
Rihht  o  )jatl  dajj  Jjej^  brohhtenn  himm 

Wijjf)  lac  lUl  Godess  allterr; 
]  tatt  dajj  mang  Ennglisshe  menn 

Iss  Kanndeilmesse  nemmnedd  . 
3  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

pa  wollde,  )>att  hiss  modcrr 
Swa  shollde  to  JJC  kirrke  gan, 

•y  Godess  lajhe  fillenn, 
Swa  summ  gho  shollde  clennsedd  beon, 

gho  Jiatt  wass  fjwerrt  lit  clene, 
Jho  |3att  wass  clene  mas^denn  ]3a 

]  sififienn  butenn  enile, 
patt  dide  he.  forr  he  wollde  s 

purrh  himm  ]  }!urrh  hiss  i 
Uss  alle  samenu  brinngent 

I  lO  I 

To  follshenn  jjejsre  bisiu 

a68  ORMULUM. 

*To  folljhenn  Godess  lajhess  wel 

Ajj  aflfterr  ure  mihhte; 
Forr  J^att  iss  ure  Crisstenndom 

patt  shall  uss  alle  berrjhenn, 
gifF  f)att  we  Cristess  lajhess  rihht 

Wif>)?  innwarrd  herrte  folljhenn . 
patt  lac  I>att  offredd  wass  wij?)>  Crist 

Wass  twejjenn  cullfre  briddess, 
Swa  summ  }>e  Goddspell  telle}>J)  uss, 

Of)J?r  itt  wass  twejjenn  turrtless, 
patt  wass  J?att  lac  }?att  ta  wass  sett, 

Amang  Judisskenn  J?eode, 
purrh  Drihhtin  sellfenn  to  }>att  wif 

patt  usell  wass  j  wa&dle. 
To  riche  wif  Godd  haflfde  sett 

An  lamb  j  ec  an  cullfre, 
J  jiff  jho  naffde  cullfre  nan 

pa  toe  jho  lamb  j  turrtle . 
J  ajj  jho  brohhte  twinne  lac, 

Forr  Jjatt  itt  sbollde  tacnenn 
patt  her  iss  twinne  lufe  sett 

Bitwenenn  menu  onn  eorf)e; 
Forr  uss  birr)?  lufenn  Godd  ^  marni, 

Swa  summ  )?e  Goddspell  tgeche|){), 
Forr  swa  to  winnenn  resste  ■]  ro 

J  eche  lifess  blisse . 
pe  lamb  bitacne)?)?  uss  J^att  uss 

BirrJ?  ure  Drihhtin  cnawenn, 

*  Col.  176. 


3  lufenn  himm,  'j  follsheim  himm, 

J  herrcnenn  hise  spelless, 
J  iwhillc  an  birr)>  milde  beon 

-J  follhsumm  towarrd  open,  7750 

-}  swa  we  mu^henn  aile  imaen 

pe  lambess  bisne  folljhenn; 
Forr  lamb  iss  soffte  ^  stille  deor, 

-}  lijje  J  meoc  ^  milde, 
-}  itt  cann  cnawenn  swi}?e  wel  7755 

Hiss  moderr  J?aer  jho  blaete}jj>, 
Bitwenemi  an  j^usennde  shep 

pohh  Jjatt  tejj  blaetenn  alle. 
^  uss  birr]?  all  swa  cnawenn  Godd 

Bitwenenn  alle  shaffte,  7760 

■2  uss  birrl?  witenn  whatt  iss  Godd, 

-}  whatt  iss  Godess  shaflfte, 
^  all  hu  mann  birrj?  J?eowwtenn  Godd 

Himm  ane,  -}  nohht  hiss  shaffte  . 
piss  birr}?  uss  unnderrstanndenn  all,  7765 

patt  ure  nan  ne  fnirrfe 
Ut  off  pe  rihhte  wejje  gan 

WiJjJ?  dede,  ne  ynpp  trowwj^e. 
pe  laffdi^  lac  wass  litell  lac 

YoTTpi  J?att  jho  wass  waedle,  7770 

Ace  itt  wass  god  biforenn  Godd, 

Forr  jho  wass  Godd  full  cweme ; 
-}  itt  bitacne)?}?  mikell  J?ing, 

patt  uss       . 

•        •        •        •        • 
Cullfre  ne  lifef)}>  nohht  bi  flessh,  7775 

Ne  bi  nan  J?ing  J?att  dejej?}?, 

^^0  ORMULUM. 

■]  te  birr}>  jemenn  )>e  foil  wel 

Fra  dsede  werrkess  allc, 
Fra  depe  sinness  J^att  tu  mahht 

Wel  nemmnenn  dsede  werrkess  ; 
Forr  sinness  dra^henn  sinnfull  mann 

Till  helledaej?  onn  ende, 
Butt  iflf  he  mujhe  hemm  i  ]?ss  lif 

Birewenn  Crist  tocweme . 
•         •         •         •         • 

*j  murrcnenn  aflfterr  Drihhtin  Crist, 

J  foll^henn  swa  }>e  tuntle . 
J  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass,  alls  ice  habbe  shaewedd, 
Firrst  ummbeshorenn  onn  hiss  shapp, 

;}  sif>)?enn  brohht  to  kirrke, 
patt  uss  bitacnej?]?  witenrlij 

purrh  opennlike  bisne, 
patt  whase  wile  cumenn  inn 

Till  heofennrichess  kirrke, 
Himm  birr)?  all  ummbeshorenn  beon 

J  clennsedd  all  off  sinne ; 
Forr  all  )?att  cume)?J?  upp  till  Godd 

All  itt  iss  Jjwerrt  ut  dene . 

O  Moyssesess  la^he  stod, 
Swa  summ  itt  Drihhtin  sette, 

patt  all  j^att  hemm  wass  borenn  firrst 
Off  ahhte  Jjatt  wass  clene, 


pe  firrste  calif,  }>e  firrste  lamb, 

pe  firrste  kide,  ^  swillke, 
All  J?att  wass  dene  deor,  all  J?att  7805 

patt  mann  ma^  etenn  offe, 
All  shoUde  beon  to  Drihhtin  Godd 

Upponn  hiss  allterr  oflfredd. 
^  all  Jjatt  wass  unnclene  deor, 

Off  horrs,  off  asse,  off  swillke,  7810 

All  ]7att  mann  shollde  biggen  fit 

Wif)]j  fife  wehhte  off  sillferr. 
•^  tatt  wass  sett  Jjurrh  Drihhtin  Godd 

Forr  Jjatt  itt  shollde  tacnenn, 
patt  te  birr]?  seggenn  wij?]j  J?in  muj?,  7815 

^  ec  wij?]j  innwarrd  herrte, 
patt  all  f)in  clene  dede  iss  don 

purrh  Godd  ^  Jjurrh  hiss  hellpe ; 
^  swa  ]je  birr]?  itt  oflfrenn  Godd 

purrh  J?att  te  birr]?  wel  trowwenn,  7820 

patt  Drihhtin  settej?]?  i  ]jin  Jjohht 

God  dede  to  biginnenn, 
Swa  J^att  itt  all  bigunnenn  iss 

^  forjjedd  Jjurrh  hiss  hellpe  . 
^  te  birr]?  biggenn  ut  att  Godd  7825 

All  f)in  unnclene  dede, 
^  all  J?e  birr]?  itt  biggenn  ut 

Wi]j]j  fife  wehhte  off  sillferr, 
patt  iss,  J?att  te  birr]?  biggenn  ut 

All  f)in  missdede  j  sinne  7830 

purrh  rihht  dsedbote,  ]jatt  birr}>  beon 

O  fife  wise  forJ?edd. 

272  ORMULUM. 

Forr  whase  wile  clennsenn  himm 

1  yr^\  hiss  Godd  himm  sahhtlenn, 
Himm  birr]?  ofif  all  hiss  simie  beon 

purrh  fiffald  pine  clemisedd; 
Forr  himm  birr]?  forr  })e  lufe  off  Godd, 

^  forr  hiss  woh  to  betemi, 
O  fife  wise  pinemi  her 

Hiss  bodij  ^  hiss  sawle; 
Forr  himm  birr]?  lokenn  himm  J?att  he 

Ne  seo  nan  }>ing  wi]jf)  sinne ; 
;)  tatt  iss,  butt  an  wunnderr  beo, 

An  lott  oflf  hefij  shriffte . 
-^  himm  birr]>  lokenn  himm  J^att  he 

Ne  lisste  nohht  wi})J>  aere 
Till  naness  kinness  idelUej^c, 
*  patt  halig  mann  forrwerrpeJ>J> ; 
J  tatt  iss  wiss  an  o]jerr  lott 

Off  god  J  halij  shriflfte . 
^  himm  birr]?  lokenn  himm  full  wel 

Fra  luffsumm  aete  ;)  waete, 
J  himm  birr]?  takenn  fode  ;)  cla]j 

Unnorne  ^  litell  ba}>e; 
^  tatt  iss  wiss  J?e  ]?ridde  lott 

Off  god  ^  hefig  shriffte . 
J  himm  birr]?  lokenn  himm  ]jatt  he 

Ne  jeorne  nohht  to  dowwnenn 
Wif)]?  sinne  naness  kinness  }>ing, 

patt  hafef)]?  swete  stinnchess; 

*  Col.  178. 


J  tatt  iss  wiss  }>e  feorjje  lott 

Off  god  3  halij  shriflfte . 
-^  himm  birr]?  lokenn  himm  }>att  he 

Ne  gillte  nohht  wi]?]j  wille, 
Ne  Jjurrh  hiss  Jjohht,  ne  }>urrh  hiss  word,     7865 

Ne  Jjurrh  hiss  bodij  dede ; 
3  tatt  iss  wiss  ]je  fifte  lott 

Off  god  J  halij  shriflfte . 
puss  birr]?  himm  forr  J?e  lufe  oflf  Godd, 

•3  forr  hiss  woh  to  betenn,  7870 

O  fife  wise  pinenn  her 

Hiss  bodig  ;)  hiss  sawle, 
3  biggemi  fit  att  Drihhtin  swa 

All-  hiss  unnclene  dede 
purrh  rihht  shriflfte,  ]?att  birr}?  beon  J?uss       7875 

O  fife  wise  for]?edd, 
All  all  swa  summ  ]?e  la^heboc 

Badd  Issraaele  }?eode 
Ass  biggemi  fit  unnclene  deor 

Wi]?]?  fife  wehhte  oflf  sillferr .  7880 

O  Moysaesess  lajhe  stod, 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shsewedd, 
patt  ajj  ]?ej2  sholldenn  brinngenn  lac 

WiJ?J>  child  till  Godess  allterr, 
Wi]?]?  cnapechild,  wi]?]?  magjdennchild,  7885 

WiJ?]?  ba}?e  onn  ane  wise . 
pe  lac  wass  lamb  ^  cullfre  bridd, 

0]?]?r  itt  wass  lamb  j  turrtle ; 
t«.  L  Y 

274  ORMULUM. 

^  jiff  jho  wass  summ  wsedle  wif 

patt  lamb  ne  mihhte  winnenn, 
pa  brohhte  jho  wif>}>  hire  child 

Twa  cullfress  ojjerr  turrtless. 
All  J?iss  wass  sett  }>urrh  Drihhtin  Godd 

Forr  mikell  J?ing  to  tacnenn; 
FoiT  cnapechild  bitacnej?}>  uss 

Strang  mahht  i  gode  dedess, 
^  majjdennchild  bitacne]?]?  uss 

Wac  mahht  i  gode  dedess, 
Forr  sume  foUjhemi  i  Jjiss  Uf 

All  ]?werrt  St  gode  dedess, 
;)  sinndenn  Jjurrh  }>e  cnapechild 
*  Full  opennlij  bitacnedd ; 
Forr  cnapechild  iss  afledd  wel 

Affterr  weppmanne  kinde. 
•]  sume  sinndenn  i  Jjiss  lif 

Off  miccle  lasse  mahhte, 
J  foUjhenn  affterr  J^ejj^re  mahht 

pohhwhe]5})re  Godess  wille, 
^  sinndenn  J?urrh  J?e  majjdennchild 

Full  opennlij  bitacnedd  ; 
Forr  majjdenn  child  iss  all  unnstrang 

Affterr  wifmanne  kinde . 
J  aj25  wass  lamb  wi]?]?  ejj})err  child 

O  Godess  allterr  offredd, 
J  lamb  iss  all  unnska]7efull 

•]  stille  deor  ^  milde, 

»  Col.  179. 


^  whase  wile  lakenn  Godd 

WiJ>Jj  hise  gode  dedess, 
Himm  birr]?  beon  all  unnskaj?efull, 

3  soflfte,  -^  meoc,  ^  milde.  7920 

3  ajx  wass  cullfre  wij?]?  }7e  lamb 

Onn  allterr  -  ojjerr  turrtle; 
Forr  iwhillc  mann  birr]?  wepenn  her, 

3  sikenn  sare  "3  suhhjhenn, 
3  beon  well  swij?e  sare  ofFdredd,  7925 

patt  all  hiss  gode  dede 
Ne  mune  himm  nohht  beon  god  inoh 

To  berrjhenn  himm  fra  pine. 
3  wop  wass  uss  bitacnedd  wel 

purrh  cullfre  ^  turrtle  baj?e;  7930 

Forr  Jjejjre  sang  iss  lie  wij?}>  wop, 

patt  witenn  menn  inojhe . 
^  jiff  ]?att  jho  wass  waedle  wif 

patt  lamb  nc  mihhte  winnenn, 
pa  wass  J>e  lac  wiJ?J>  hire  child  7935 

Off  twejjenn  cullfre  briddess, 
Swa  summ  ]je  Goddspellwrihhte  sejjj?, 

OJjJjr  itt  wass  twejjenn  turrtless . 
•3  jiff  J?u  Drihhtin  nohht  ne  mihht 

jSt  lakenn  himm  tocweme,  7940 

Swa  summ  Jje  W3ere  ned,  wijjj?  lamb 

Oflf  so]?  unnsha]?i3nesse, 
patt  iss,  yS.  }>u  ne  mahht  nohht  jIt 

All  jemenn  \t  fra  sinne, 
pa  loc  J?u  }>att  tu  lake  Godd  7945 

Wi]?J?  twejjenn  cullfre  briddess, 


276  ORMULUM. 

patt  iss  -  wif)]?  twinne  kinne  wop 

For}>  wi]j]j  J?in  gode  dede; 
Loc  Jjatt  tu  wepe  daxxwhammlij 

Forr  all  J>in  unnclaennesse, 
3  wep  forr  Jjatt  tu  narrt  nohht  jSt 

Inn  heoflfne  inn  eche  blisse . 
puss  mihht  tu  wel  "wif)J>  twinne  wop 

Drihhtin  tocweme  lakenn, 
Jiff  ]?att  iss  }>att  tu  wepesst  rihht  . 

O  J?ise  twinne  wise. 
:i  te  birrjj  habbenn  twinne  wop 
*3et  onn  an  ojjerr  wise, 
J  tu  mihht  lakenn  Godd  taerwi]?]? 

Well  swi}>e  wel  tocweme, 
Jiflf  f)att  iss  }>att  tu  ]?werrt  St  wel 

Wepesst  onn  ejjj^err  wise ; 
Forr  ]?e  birr]?  beon  full  sare  oflfdredd 

Off  helless  grimme  pine, 
J  te  birrjj  jeorne  stanndenn  inn 

To  betenn  ]?ine  sinness, 
Wif)]?  serrjhe  j  sit,  wif>}>  bitter  wop, 

J  ec  wi]?]?  hefij  shrifFte, 
To  sahhtlenn  f)e  wif)f>  f)in  Drihhtin 

Forr  helle  to  forrbu^henn . 
J  affterr  f>att  tu  clennsedd  arrt 

Off  alle  J?ine  sinness. 
All  affterr  f>att  te  preost  te  badd 

patt  tu  f)e  shoUdesst  clennsenn, 

*  Col.  1 80. 


pa  siJ?J)enn  iss  f)in  hope  o  Godd  7975 

patt  tu  wif>]j  himm  arrt  sahhtledd; 
-^  si]j]jenn  jife}?]?  he  J>e  mahht 

To  lufenn  himm  yr^\  herrte, 
purrh  J^att  tu  didesst  all  }>in  mahht 

To  betenn  Jjine  sinness .  7980 

^  foxTj?i  Jjatt  te  Jjinnke}?]?  wiss 

patt  tu  wi]?]?  himm  ant  sahhtledd, 
Ofif  nan  J^ing  elless  niss  J^e  nohht 

Butt  off  J^att  an  J^ing  ane, 
To  stanndenn  inn  to  cwemenn  himm  7985 

Onn  alle  kinne  wise; 
Noflf  nan  J>ing  narrt  tu  ]ja  forrdredd 

Butt  ofif  J^att  an  \\n%  ane, 
Ofif  Jjatt  tu  shule  wraf)f)enn  himm 

O  sume  kinne  wise.  7990 

puss  mahht  tu  wel  wi]j]j  twinne  wop 

pin  Godd  tocweme  lakenn, 
giflf  J?att  iss  J?att  tu  wepesst  rihht 

O  Jjise  twinne  wise  . 

p3er  ure  Laferrd  Crist  wass  brohht  7995 

To  kirrke  wi}>}>  hiss  moderr, 
paer  comenn  forrj?  to  lofenn  himm 
An  weppmann  3  an  widdwe, 
*  •]  forr 

h      ...        he  wollde  litell.  8000 

*  Coll.  181 — 204.  wanting.  t  Col.  205. 

278  ORMULUM. 

J  forrjji  let  he  cwellenn  J?a 

pe  miccle  -^  ec  J?e  little, 
patt  Crist  ne  shollde  mu^henn  himm 

O  nane  wise  attwindenn . 
pa  chilldre  J>att  he  cwellenn  let  8005] 

Bitacnenn  all  }>att  genge, 
patt  fra  J?att  dajj  till  }>iss  for  upp 

purrh  mantirdom  till  Criste, 
patt  genge  ]?att  wass  milde  3  meoc, 

J  aedmod  all  se  chilldre,  8010 1 

;)  all  wi]?]?utenn  modijlejjc, 

J  all  wij>]?utenn  bra}?J>e, 
^  clene  off  hete  3  clene  off  ni]?, 

J  clene  off  gredignesse, 
•]  off  galnesse  skir  j  fre  8015 

J  all  off  ille  wiless, 
All  all  swa  summ  })e  gunge  child 

Iss  clene  off  swillke  sinness . 
J  tatt  ta  chilldre  swulltenn  Jjser 

Off  twejgenn  jeress  elde,  8020 

patt  uss  bitacnej?]?  opennlij 

patt  all  Jjatt  hallghe  genge, 
patt  borrjhenn  iss  ]?urrh  mantirdom, 

Flaeh  upp  wi]?f>  twejjenn  wengess, 
purrh  }>att  tejj  cwemmdenn  Jesu  Crist        8m5 

Wif)f)  spelless  ;)  wi}?)?  dedess, 
Herode  king  bitacne)?]?  uss 

pe  la})e  gast  off  helle ; 
J  he  maj5  wel  bitacnenn  himm 

Whamm  he  stod  inn  to  foUghe.  8030 


Forr  all  swa  summ  J^e  la]>e  gast 

Ajj  ni]j]?re}>Jj  Godess  genge, 
3  cwellef)]?  hemm  ^  wannse}?)?  hemm, 

purrh  hise  unnfsele  }>eowwess, 
All  swa  J>att  la}>e  Herode  king  8035 

purrh  hise  la}>e  }>eowwess 
Oflfcwalde,*  forr  to.  cwellenn  Crist, 

pa  gilltelaese  chilldre. 
3  }>urrh  Jjatt  tatt  Herode  king 

Lit  slsen  J^a  little  barmess,  8040 

p8er]7urrh  wass  uss  bitacnedd  wel 

All  onn  an  ojjerr  wise, 
patt  ifell  gast  majg  oferr  ]ja 

patt  foUjhenn  barmess  f>sewess 
Inn  illc  unnwitt,  inn  illc  unnitt,  8045 

Inn  segede  ^  i  lejjkess . 
Forr  Latin  boc  uss  sejjj?  full  wel 

patt  tatt  mann  iss  forrwarrjedd 
patt  iss  an  hunndredd  winnterr  aid, 

3  foUjhe]?]?  childess  gaeress.  8050 

^  off  Jjiss  illke  sejjde  j?uss 

pe  posstell  Sannte  Pawell ; 
Ajx  whil  Jjatt  I  wass  litell  child 

Ice  held  o  childess  Jjsewess, 
^  son  summ  ice  wass  waxenn  mann,  8055 

pa  flash  I  childess  cosstess. 
^  uss  birrj?  alle  samenn  wel 

Hiss  hall^he  bisne  foU^henn, 
^  aU  forrwerrpenn  illc  unnitt 

Oflf  aegede  ;)  off  lejjkess,  8060 

a8o  ORMULUM. 

3  uss  birrj?  beon  full  ho^hefull 

Abutenn  ure  sawless. 
Herode  king  ma^j  swijje  wel 

pe  la]7e  gast  bitacnenn; 
Forr  all  hiss  werrc  ^  all  hiss  will 

Wass  ifell  gast  full  cweme, 
^  onn  himm  sellfenn  wass  inoh 

Hiss  a^henn  sinne  sene ; 
Forr  wel  biforenn  J>att  he  swallt 

Wass  himm  J>att  wa  bigunnemi, 
patt  he  shall  drejhenn  ajj  occ  ajj 

Inn  helle  wif)]?  }>e  deofell; 
*  Forr  he  warrj?  seoc,  ^  he  bigann 

To  rotenn  bufenn  eorjje, 
^  tohh  he  toe  wi]?)>  mete  swa 

patt  nan  ne  mihhte  himm  fillenn, 
J  swa  he  stannc  f>att  iwhillc  mann 

Wass  himm  full  laf>  to  nehhjhenn; 
^  all  himm  waerenn  fet  j  ]?eos 

ToboUenn  ^  toblawenn  . 
pa  laechess  J?att  himm  comenn  to 

;)  himm  ne  mihhtenn  haelenn 
He  sloh,  J  sejjde  })att  tejg  himm 

Ne  kepptenn  nohht  to  berrjhenn  . 
J  he  toe  iwhillc  haefedd  mann 

Off  all  hiss  kineriche, 
^  let  hemm  stekenn  inn  an  hus, 

J  haldenn  swi]?e  fasste, 

•  Col.  206. 


3  badd  tatt  mann  hemm  shollde  slaen, 

Son  summ  he  shollde  de^enn .  8090 

He  j^ohhte  j^att  mann  munnde  beon 

OflF  hiss  dae}>  swijje  bli}>e, 
^  wisste  }>att  mann  munnde  }>a 

Forr  hemm  full  sare  wepenn, 
J  wollde  swa  }>att  all  l?e  folic  8095 

patt  time  shollde  wepenn, 
patt  mann  himm  shollde  findenn  dsed 

pohh  itt  forr  himm  ne  waere; 
Loc  nu  jiflf  he  wass  deofless  Jjeoww 

J  all  i  deofless  walde .  8100 

-]  he  jafif  hise  cnihhtess  J^a 

Fiflftij  bejjsannz  to  mede; 
Forr  Jjatt  tejj  shoUdenn  att  hiss  daejj 

pa  riche  menn  oflfcwellenn . 
Ace  whatt  forr]?i  nass  l^att  nohht  don  8105 

Aflfterr  hiss  la]?e  wiUe, 
Forr  nollde  nan  mann  cwellenn  hemm 

patt  daj5  }>att  he  toe  ende . 

3  2^^  ^^  ^^^^  mare  inoh 

Off  deofellshine  o  life,  8 no 

Mx  ]7ann  he  ^afif  hiss  fule  gast 

To  farenn  inntill  helle; 
He  wollde  himm  sellfenn  wi}>]5  an  cnif 

OfFcwellenn,  jiff  he  mosste; 
Loc  jiff  he  wass  inoh  bitahht  8 115 

pe  la}>e  gast  off  helle . 
He  badd  himm  brinngenn  senne  cnif 

An  appell  forr  to  shraedenn, 

282  ORMULUM. 

-^  se^de  |>att  himm  lisste  J^a 

Wei  eteim  oj0f  an  appell;  8i» 

;)  maiin  J?a  brohhte  cnif  himm  to, 

;)  he  ]ja  toe  itt  sone, 
-^  iechedd  himm  a  litell  upp 

J  wollde  himm  sellfenn  mirrjjremi, 
Ace  mann  grap  }>a  J^att  cnif  himm  fra       S125 

To  reddenn  himm  fra  dsejje, 
*•]  tokenn  alle  samenn  ]ja 

To  wepenn  ^  to  wanenn, 
Forr  }>att  he  wi}>]j  hiss  ajhenn  hannd 

Himm  sellfenn  wollde  cwellenn .  8^3<> 

•J  an  off  hise  suness  wass 

Anntipater  jehatenn; 
J  he  wass  i  cwarrterme  ]?a 

Onnfasst  te  kingess  bure, 
pser  he  wass  j^mrh  hiss  faderr  aer 

Wi]?)j  mikell  wra]?]?e  worrpenn. 
J  tejjre  wop  ^  tejjre  raem 

Comm  full  wel  till  hiss  sere, 
J  he  J?a  forr  hiss  faderr  daej? 

Wel  wennde  J?att  tejj  wepptenn, 
J  he  warrjj  swif>e  bli})e  }>a, 

J  toe  to  lahhjhenn  Ihude. 
J  mann  J?a  sejjde  Jjatt  te  king, 

•]  he  warrjj  wra]?  j  bollghenn, 
J  badd  tatt  mann  himm  sollde  anan  8i45 

Wif)]?  swerdess  t%%t  cwellenn; 

*  Col.  207. 




^  tatt  wass  Jeanne  sone  don 

To  forjjenn  himm  hiss  wille. 
^  twegjenn  haflfde  he  letenn  aer 

Off  hise  suness  cwellenn,  8150 

^r  }>ann  J^att  ifell  comm  himm  to 

patt  held  himm  J^a  swa  fasste . 
Hiss  feoirjje  smie  he  jaflf  }>e  land 

•]  sette  hinrni  Jjaer  to  kinge, 
^  he  wass,  J>att  witt  tu  full  wel,  8155    ' 

Arrchelauss  j^hatenn . 
^  2^^  ^^  haffde  smiess  ma, 

Ace  himm  he  ^afif  }>att  cnme. 
To  weldenn  all  hiss  kinedom 

Affterr  hiss  lifess  ende  ;  8160 

^  aflfterr  Jjatt  ta  wass  he  daed 

Inn  all  hiss  miccle  sinne . 
Ace  Jjaer  wass  mikell  oferrgarrt 

3  modijnesse  sh»wedd 
Abutenn  Jjatt  stinnckennde  lie,  8165 

paer  itt  wass  brohht  till  eorJ?e; 
FoxT  all  Jje  baere  wass  bilejjd 

Wi}>f)  baetenn  gold  3  sillferr, 
;)  all  itt  wass  ejjwhaer  bisett 

Wi]j}>  deorewurrJ?e  staness,  8170 

]  all  }>att  waede  ]?att  taer  wass 

Uppo  f>e  baere  fundenn, 
All  wass  itt  off  j?e  bettste  pall 

patt  anij  mann  ma^^  a^henn, 
-]  all  itt  wass  wundenn  wi]?}>  gold  8175 

J  sett  wijjj?  deore  staness, 

284  ORMULUM. 

J  all  he  wass  wurrjjlike  shridd, 

Alls  iff  he  waere  o  life, 
;)  onn  hiss  haefedd  waerenn  twa 

Gildene  cruness  sette, 
J  himm  wass  sett  inn  hiss  rihht  hannd 

An  dere  kinejerrde; 
^  swa  mann  barr  J?att  fule  lie 

Till  J>aer  he  bedenn  haffde . 
3  hise  cnihhtess  alle  imaen  8185 

For}?  jedenn  wif>]j  J?e  baere, 
Wi]?]j  heore  waepenn  alle  bun, 

Swa  summ  Jjejj  shoUdenn  fihhtenn. 
patt  o]?err  folic  all  jede  bun, 
*  Swa  summ  itt  birr]?,  wi})}>  like  .  8190 

;)  ec  }7aer  jedenn  wijjj?  J?e  lie 

Full  wel  fif  hunndredd  ]?ewwess. 
To  strawwenn  gode  gresess  }>aer, 

patt  stunnkenn  swi]?e  swete, 
Biforenn  Jjatt  stinnkennde  lie  8195 

paer  menn  itt  berenn  shoUdenn . 
J  tuss  j?ejj  alle  brohhtenn  himm 

WiJ>j3  mikell  modijnesse 
Till  f>aer  J?aer  he  pejjm  haflfde  sejjd 

patt  tejj  himm  brinngenn  sholldenn  •       8200 
Swillc  mann  wass  ]?att  Herode  king 

patt  let  te  chilldre  cwellenn, 
Forr  ]?att  he  woUde  cwellenn  Crist 

Amang  hemm,  jiff  he  mihhte . 

•  Col.  208. 


Ace  Cristess  time  nass  nohht  ^St  8205 

patt  he  jSt  woUde  swelltenn, 
3  forrjji  sloh  Herode  king 

All  rihht  forr  nohht  ta  chilldre. 
He  sloh  ]7a  chilldre  gilltelaes, 

-^  itt  hemm  comm  to  blisse,  83 10 

P^SS  g^efenn  heore  shorrte  lif 

Forr  eche  lifess  blisse  . 
Oflf  hemm  iss  writenn  o  Latin, 

patt  te^  inn  heofifness  blisse 
A  follxhenn  ure  Laferrd  Crist  8215 

Whatt  gate  summ  he  ganngef>f> ; 
^  tatt  iss  sejjd  forr}?!  }>att  tejj 

Himm  sinndenn  swif)e  like, 
Forr  Jjatt  tejj  ferrdenn  off  Jjiss  lif 

I  clene  unnwemmeddnesse  .  8230 

^  affterr  }>att  Herode  king 

Wass  witenn  fit  off  life, 
Wijjjj  all  swiUc  ende  alls  he  wass  wurrj? 

purrh  hise  depe  sinness. 
Hiss  sune  toe  forrj^rihht  anan  8225 

paer  aflfterr  himm  to  rixlenn, 
patt  Arrchelauss  nemmnedd  wass, 

Swa  summ  je  littlser  herrdenn. 
^  he  wass  Drihhtin  swi}>e  laf) 

•]  deofell  swif)e  dere  8230 

pmrh  haef)enndom,  j  f)urrh  hiss  lif 

patt  all  wass  full  off  sinness . 
^  he  wass  o  ]?e  tende  jer 

Fra  Jjatt.  he  toe  to  rixlenn 

a86  ORMULUM. 

Biforr  }7e  Romanisshe  king  h\ 

Full  hefilike  wrejedd, 
J  himm  wass  f>a  )>e  kinedom 

Forr  hise  gilltess  raefedd, 
J  he  wass  flemmd  ^  drifenn  ut 

All  afFterr  hise  wrihhte,  8^ 

purrh  Rome  burrhj^ess  Kaserrking 

patt  Augustuss  wass  nemmnedd, 
patt  flemmde  himm  fit  forr)>i  }?att  he 

Wass  ifell  mann  wif>)?  alle, 
•3  modij  mann  att  oferrdon,  8345| 

J  grimme  wif>)>  f>e  leode . 
J  he  wass  drifenn  fit  forr)?i 

Off  all  f>e  kineriche, 
J  he  flaeh  inntill  o)>err  land 

patt  nemmnedd  wass  Vienne,  W\ 

J  tsere  he  wass  unnomelij, 

•]  taere  he  toe  hiss  ende . 
3  loc  nu  jiff  Crisstene  king 

Birr)?  beon  rihhtwis  ^  milde, 
^  god  wif>f>  all  hiss  folic  f>att  iss  Siji 

Inn  all  hiss  kineriche, 
patt  he  ne  beo  biforenn  Godd 

Haldenn  ^  tald  forr  werrse 
pann  f>att  hsej^ene  Kaserrking, 

patt  draf  all  fit  off  lande  8360 

An  mahhtij  king  ^  riche  king 

■]  rihht  forr  nan  }?ing  elless, 
Butt  forr  f>att  he  wass  modij  mann 

J  grimme  wi]?)>  hiss  leode;. 


J  si)>]?enn  wass  pe  kinedom  8265 

*  O  fowwre  daless  daeledd, 
paer  i  ]>e  Judewisshe  land 

patt  Arrchelauss  haffde . 
^  Arrchelawess  bre]?re  ]?reo 

preo  daless  unnderrfengenn  8370 

Att  Rome  burrjess  Kaserrking, 

patt  taer  wass  oferrlaferrd ; 
pe  feorf>e  dale  wass  bitahht 

Pilate  Pontiwisshe . 
Herode  king  oflf  Galileo  8275 

Wass  Arrchelawess  brof>err, 
■3  himm  pe  land  off  Galileo 

Wass  all  bitahht  to  gsetenn . 
■3  an  Filippe  an  haefedd  mann 

Wass  Arrchelawess  brojjerr,  8280 

^  twejjenn  landess  waerenn  himm 

Bitahhte  forr  to  gaetenn, 
patt  an  land  wass  Yturea 

^  Trachonys  ]?att  of>err. 
^  Lysias  an  haefedd  mann  8285 

Wass  Arrchelawess  broJ?err, 
T  himm  wass  sett,  tatt  witt  tu  wel, 

To  j^emenn  ^  to  gaetenn 
purrh  Rome  king  an  land  tatt  wass 

^ehatenn  Abyline .  8290 

Judealand  ^  J^errsalaem 

Wass  all  bitahht  Pilate, 

*  Col.  209. 

288  ORMULUM. 

Ace  he  nass  nohht  ta  bre)7re  sibb, 
Ne  nohht  off  ]?ejxre  birde; 

Forr  he  wass  off  Ponntisske  land, 
Off  all  an  ojjerr  leode . 

0  I?ise  fowwre  menness  dajj 
£igann  Johan  Bapptisste, 

1  wesste  bi  })e  flumm  Jorrdan, 
To  fuUhtnenn  j  to  spellenn . 

0  )7att  Kaseress  dajs  }>att  wass 
Tyberiuss  jehatenn, 

Onn  hiss  fiftende  jer  fra  Jjatt 
patt  he  bigann  to  rixlenn 

1  Rome  riche,  toe  Johan 

To  ftillhtnenn  j  to  spellenn 
Off  Godess  Sune,  Crist,  tatt  he 

pa  shollde  cumenn  newenn, 
To  leosenn  mannkinn  }?urrh  hiss  dae]? 

fjt  off  f>e  deofless  walde,     * 
3  turrnenn  menn  till  Crisstenndom 

3  till  f>e  rihhte  laefe, 
3  tgechenn  hemm  ^  hellpenn  hemm 

To  winnenn  heoffness  blisse, 
purrh  sof)  ^  rihht,  Jjurrh  witt  ^  skill, 

purrh  mett  ^  so]?  meocnesse, 
purrh  clene  J?ohht  ^  word  ^  weorrc, 

purrh  lufe  ^  hope  3  laefe. 
3  o  J?a  fowwre  menness  dajj 

patt  tokenn  all  }?att  riche, 
patt  wass  birsefedd  Arrchelaw 

All  forr  hiss  modijnesse, 


O  Jjej^jre  dajj  wass  att  te  flumm 
Crist,  Godess  Sune,  fullhtoedd . 
3  hemm  wass  all  I?e  kinedom  8325 

O  fowwre  daless  daeledd, 
Swa  summ  )7e  Romanisshe  king 

Itt  hafFde  Jjanne  daeledd, 
patt  ta  wass  Kaserr  oferr  hemm 

^  oferr  fele  kingess  .  8330 

•3  off  f>a  fowwre  riche  menn 

patt  tokenn  )7a  to  rixlenn. 
Off  hemm  wass  an  Herode  king, 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd, 
J  he  wass  ifell  mann  inoh,  8335 

3  wel  itt  wass  himm  kinde. 
3  o  I?att  lattre  Herodess  da^ 

Wass  Crist  o  rode  pinedd, 
^  he  wass  att  tatt  illke  raed, 

Swa  summ  ]?e  Goddspell  ki)?e]?]j,  8340 

^  tatt  himm  comm  till  hefij  wa 

purrh  Godess  rihhtwisnesse  . 
^  Godd  AUmahhti^  ^ife  uss  swa 

To  foUjhenn  Cristess  lare, 
Swa  I?att  we  motenn  wuirj^i  ben  8345 

To  winnenn  Cristess  are. 

•    Amaen. 

OL.  I. 

290  ORMULUM. 


Defuncto  autem  Herode,  ecce  angelus  Domini  appar 
sompnis  Joseph  dicens,  Surge  accipe  puerum  et  matrem 
et  vade  in  terram  Israel.  ' 

Affterr  )?att  tatt  Herode  king 

Wass  endedd  inn  hiss  sinne, 
Drihhtiness  enngell  comm  anan 

Till  Jossep  inn  Egippte, 
J  taer  he  comm  till  himm  o  nahht 

3  fand  himm  )>anne  o  slaepe, 
^  taere  he  space  anan  wi]?]j  himm 

J  sejjde  ]?uss  wi)>]j  worde; 
Josaep,  ris  upp  ^  tacc  f)e  child, 

"3  tacc  ]?e  childess  moderr, 
J  fan  till  Issraseless  land 

Inntill  J?in  ajhenn  birde; 
Forr  alle  J?a  f>att  hafenn  sohht 

pe  child,  forr  himm  to  cwellenn, 
Nu  sinndenn  daede  j  farenn  fit 

Off  life  i  f>ej5re  sinness . 
^  he  ras  up  j  toe  f>e  child, 

•]  toe  f)e  childess  moderr, 
•3  for  till  Issraseless  land 

Inntill  hiss  ajhenn  birde . 
3  alls  he  comm  onnjaen  well  neh 

Inntill  hiss  ajhenn  birde, 
Mann  scj^de  himm  f>a  )>att  Arrchelaw 

Wass  hofenn  upp  to  kinge, 


To  rixlenn  i  Judealand 

Affterr  hiss  faderr  ende ; 
J  he  ne  durrste  nohht  forrf>i 

Inntill  ]?att  ende  lij?enn . 
•]  himm  wass  sejjd  o  slsepe  f)a  8375 

Onn  hiss  Drihhtiness  hallfe, 
patt  he  J?a  shoUde  wi}?]?  f>e  child 

^  wi]?]?  f>e  childess  moderr 
Inntill  f>e  land  oflf  Galileo 

Flittenn,  3  taer  bilefenn .  8380 

■j  he  for  ]?iderr  sone  anan 

^  comm  }?aer  till  an  chesstre 
patt  wass  jehatenn  Nazarae]?, 

•3  taer  bilsef  he  f>anne, 
To  fillenn  })att  tatt  cwiddedd  wass  8385 

Forrlannge  J?urrh  prophete, 
patt  Godess  Sune  shollde  beon 

Bitwenenn  menn  onn  eorj^e 
Nemmnedd  te  Nazarisshe  mann, 

Oflf  Nazarse]?ess  chesstre  .  8390 

Her  ende]?]?  nu  ]?iss  Goddspell  )>uss 

^  uss  birr)?  itt  Jjurrhsekenn, 
To  lokenn  whatt  itt  laere]?]?  uss 

Oflf  ure  sawle  nede. 

Rihht  o  ]?att  jer  wass  Crist  full  neh  8395 

Oflf  ehhte  jeress  elde 
patt  he  comm  oflf  Egippte  land 

Till  Nazarae]?ess  chesstre  ; 

z  2 

292  ORMULUM. 

Forr  sefenn  winnterr  haffde  he  beon 
*  Tosamenn  inn  Egippte, 
■3  he  wass,  ]?anne  he  Jjiderr  for, 

Neh  off  an  jeress  elde. 
patt  Jesu  Crist  comm  ^Qt  onn^n 

Inntill  hiss  ajhenn  birde. 
Son  summ  }pzXi  la)>e  Herode  king 

3  ta  \>2i\X  wi]?}>  himm  heldenn 
Inn  heore  sinness  fellenn  dun, 

•]  forenn  inntill  helle, 
patt  uss  bitacne)?]?  witerxhj 

purrh  all  full  openn  bisne 
patt  Cristess  bird,  Cristene  folk. 

Shall  farenn  inntill  heoffne 
3  inntill  Paradisess  aerd, 

Inntill  l^ej jre  a^henn  birde . 
Forr  aflfterr  f)att  te  laf>e  gast 

;]  alle  ]7att  himm  foll^henn 
purrh  Drihhtin  shulenn  worrpenn  beon 

Dun  inntill  hellepine . 
3  tatt  shall  beon  o  Domess  da^, 

Swa  shall  itt  tanne  wharrfenn 
Biiwenenn  Cristess  halljhe  Jjeod 

J  deofless  laj^e  genge  . 
Forr  Jja  shall  all  Jje  deofless  bird 

Till  belle  wijjjj  f>e  deofell, 
3  sij)})enn  shall  all  Cristess  bird 

Wif>f>  Crist  till  heoffne  wendenn  . 

♦  Col.  210. 


purrh  }?att  tatt  enngell  se^jde  f>uss 

Till  Josaep  J>aer  he  sleppte, 
Fan*  inntill  Issraaeless  land 

Wi)?)?  Crist  J  wi)>Jj  hiss  moderr,  8430 

purrh  ]7att  ne  mihhte  nohht  Josaep 

Inoh  wel  unnderrstanndenn 
Inntill  whillc  ende  off  all  {^att  land 

He  badd  himm  ]?anne  li]?enn  . 
"3  forrf>i  wollde  he  farenn  })a  «435 

Wi})]j  Crist  3  wi}?)?  hiss  moderr 
Inntill  J)e  land  off  Jerrsalaem, 

3  taere  he  wollde  biggenn 
Att  Godess  temmple  i  gerrsalaem, 

3  onnfasst  taer  abutenn;  8440 

Forr  })att  himm  Jjuhhte  mikell  rihht, 

patt  Godess  Sune  birrde 
Beon  att  te  temmple  ]?aer  J>aer  Godd 

Wass  lofedd  ajj  3  wurrj)edd  . 
Ace  whatt  forr]?i  ne  durrste  he  nohht  8445 

Inntill  f)att  ende  wendenn 
Son  summ  he  wisste  off  Arrchelaw, 

patt  he  J)aer  haffde  mahhte, 
*  patt  he  wass  hofenn  upp  to  king 

Inn  all  hiss  faderr  riche;  8450 

Forr  )>att  he  wisste  wel  inoh 

patt  Arrchelauss  munnde 
All  all  swa  mirr}?renn  J^ejjre  child, 

Jiff  })att  he  mihhte  himm  findenn, 

*Col.  211. 

294  ORMULUM. 

All  alls  hiss  faderr  hafFde  don, 

gifF  J)att  het  hafFde  fundenn ; 
^  he  wass  orra)?  f>a  summ  del 

Off  -  whaer  he  mihhte  biggenn . 
;)  Godess  enngell  coram  himm  to 

3  sejjde  himm  f>a  to  wisse 
Whillc  ende  off  Issraaeless  land 

He  shollde  f>anne  sekenn, 
To"  biggenn  })aer  all  stillelij 

Wi]?]?  Crist  ^  wijjf)  hiss  moderr  , 
patt  wass  J)e  land  off  Galileo 

patt  himm  wass  bedenn  sekenn, 
Forrjji  J?att  Arrchelaw  f>e  king 

paer  munnde  cumenn  seldenn  ; 
Forr  Jerrsalaem  wass  haefedd  burrh 

Off  Issraaeless  riche, 
J  taer  wass  f>e5^re  king  ajj  mast, 

■]  seldenn  owwhser  elless ; 
J  Galilew  wass  feorr  J?aer  fra 

Ut  inn  an  ojjerr  ende, 
■]  forr}?i  mihhte  Jjaer  f)e  child 

Full  dsernelike  biggenn, 
Swa  J?att  himm  Arrchelaw  J?e  king 

Ne  munnde  J?3er  nohht  sekenn  . 
patt  chesstre  J^att  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Comm  till,  forr  J?aer  to  biggenn, 
BitacneJ?)?  uss  f)att  little  flocc 

Off  f)att  Judisskenn  J?eode, 
patt  little  flocc  ]?att  toe  wij?]?  Crist 

J  wif>J?  ]5e  rihhte  laefe. 


3  wi]jf>  J>e  rihhte  Crisstenndom,  8485 

purrh  Cristess  Leorninngcnihhtess, 
Aflfterr  Jjatt  dajj  f>att  Crist  himm  sellf 

Wass  stijhenn  upp  till  heoflfne  . 
pe  Laferrd  haflfde  litell  rum 

Inn  all  J)att  miccle  riche  S490 

3et  tanne,  3  forr]?i  mihhte  itt  wel 

patt  little  flocc  bitacnenn 
patt  toe  to  lefenn  uppo  Crist 

purrh  Cristess  posstless  lare, 
Aflfterr  J?att  tatt  te  Laferrd  Crist  8495 

Wass  stijhenn  upp  till  heoflfne  . 
patt  Josaep  barr  }?e  Laferrd  Crist 

Wif>]?  Sannte  Marge  hiss  moderr, 
Firrst  ut  oflf  Issraaeless  land 

Inntill  hae]?ene  Egippte,  8500 

•3  tatt  he  barr  himm  eflft  onnjaen 

Inntill  hiss  aghenn  birde, 
Inntill  Judisskenn  J?eode  land 

Ut  oflf  haejjene  Egippte, 
patt  wass  don  ]?urrh  J)e  Laferrd  Crist  8505 

Forr  mikell  })ing  to  tacnenn  . 
Josaef>  himm  sellf  bitacnej?)?  her 
*  pe  Laferrd  Cristess  posstless, 
patt  baerenn  ure  Laferrd  Crist 

WiJ?J?  spelless  3  wijjf)  werrkess  8510 

Fra  land  to  land,  fra  tun  to  tun, 

Fra  wic  to  wic  i  tune  . 

*   Col.  312. 

296  ORMULUM. 

-y  allre  firrst  te^  baerenn  himm 

Ut  off  hiss  a^henn  birde, 
Ut  o£f  Judisskenn  ]>eode  land, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  soJ>e, 
Inntill  h£]7ene  follkess  land 

Aflfterr  Josaepess  bisne  . 
Forr  aflfterr  J>att  tatt  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  stijhenn  upp  till  heoflfne, 
patt  la}>e  Judewisshe  folic 

All  masst  forrwarrp  to  lefenn 
Onn  ure  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist, 

purrh  heore  depe  sinness  . 
3  forr  })att  tejj;  forrwurrpenn  Jja 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste, 
pe  posstless  forenn  sone  anan 

Till  hae}?enn  folic  to  spellenn, 
^  bserenn  swa  J)e  Laferrd  Crist 

Utt  off  hiss  ajhenn  birde, 
Utt  off  Judisskenn  follkess  land 

Inntill  hae]?ene  f>eode, 
purrh  )>att  tejj  taldenn  spell  off  himm 

^  off  hiss  Goddcunndnesse  . 
3  he  shall  ^et  beon  borenn  efft 

Inntill  hiss  ajhenn  birde; 
Inntill  Judisskenn  follkess  land 

Shall  Crist  jet  wurrf>enn  flittedd, 
purrh  J?a  f>att  shulenn  folljhenn  wel 

pe  slojj  off  Cristess  possdess. 
Forr  jet  shall  Issrasele  f>eod, 

purrh  f)att  mann  shall  hemm  spellenn, 


Beon  turmedd  till  }7e  Crisstenndom, 

^  till  )>e  rihhte  laefe  . 
Ace  ajj  fra  ))att  te  Laferrd  Crist  8545 

Himm  sellf  hemm  toe  to  spellenn, 
Ajx  sij>f>enn  fare}?))  all  Jjatt  folic 
.     Till  helle  }>att  taer  deje)?]?  . 
J  tatt  shall  lasstenn  a^^  occ  a^^ 

Till  f>att  mann  shall  hemm  tmrnenn  8550 

Till  fiilluhht  ^  till  Crisstenndom, 

J  till  Jje  rihhte  laefe  . 
•3  tatt  shall  beon,  J>att  witt  tu  wel, 

Onn  Anntecristess  time, 
patt  mann  shall  spellenn  to  ]?att  folic,  8555 

J  turmenn  hemm  to  Criste  . 
J  Crist  beojj  J>anne  borenn  efFt 
*Inntill  hiss  ajhenn  birde, 
patt  time  ))att  tatt  illke  folic 

patt  he  wass  borenn  ofFe  8560 

BeoJ>  turmedd  till  f>e  Crisstenndom, 

^  till  })e  rihhte  laefe, 
purrh  }>att  mann  shall  hemm  spellenn  ]7a 

Oflf  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse  . 
^  ta  ]?att  shulenn  ]?anne  onnfon  8565 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste, 
pejj  shulenn  habbenn  eche  lif 

Wi))]?  alle  Godess  halljhenn  . 
J  ta  }7att  shulenn  spellenn  hemm 

^  turrnenn  hemm  to  Criste,  S570 

♦  Col.  313. 

298  ORMULUM. 

pa  shulenn  beon  off  heore  kinn, 

3  off  f>att  illke  f>eode, 
^  forr]?i  shulenn  \>t%%  )?e  bett 

Till  )>ejjre  lare  lisstenn, 
^  turmenn  till  }?e  Crisstenndom, 

•3  till  J)e  rihhte  Igefe  . 
Twa  gode  menn,  f>att  waerenn  her 

Biforenn  Cristess  come 
^  jet  abidenn  i  J)iss  lif, 

Hemm  shulenn  Jeanne  spellenn, 
J  turrnenn  hemm  till  Cristenndom 

To  lefenn  uppo  Crista  . 
^  oiF  ]?a  twa  J)att  an  shall  beon 

Helyas  J)e  prophete, 
patt  of>err  off  f>a  twa  shall  beon 

Ejjnoc  f>e  patriarrke  . 
Ejjnoc  wass  an  full  halij  mann 

J  Drihhtin  swij^e  cweme, 
^  Godd  himm  ledde  awej^;  fra  menn 

WiJ?J?  bodij  3  wif>f>  sawle, 
I  fell  3  flaesh  wi]?J?utenn  dae]?, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  sof>e, 
Biforenn  J>att  tatt  all  mannkinn 

purrh  Nof>ess  flod  wass  drunncnedd; 
;]  he  iss  i  f)iss  middellaerd 

Whaer  summ  itt  iss  onn  eorf>e, 
paer  Drihhtin  Godd  himm  hafe]?J>  don 

To  libbenn  J?aere  i.blisse  . 
preo  hunndredd  winnterr  wass  he  aid 

•3  fife  *3  sextij  mare, 


patt  jer  j^att  he  wass  takenn  5t 

purrh  Drihhtin  Godd  fra  manne ; 
3  taere  shall  he  beon  J?3er  Godd 

Himm  hafef>]?  don  i  blisse, 
Anan  till  )>att  tatt  Anntecrist  8605 

Shall  borenn  beon  onn  eorJ?e. 
^  he  shall  f>anne  cumenn  for]? 

Wif>f>  Helyas  hiss  fere, 
To  fihhtenn  Anntecrist  onnjaen 

All  aflfterr  Godess  wille  .  8610 

Helyas  wass  an  hali^  mann, 

3  an  off  ]?a  prophetess 
patt  cwiddedenn  f»urrh  Halij  Gast 

All  f>att  tatt  wurrjjenn  shollde  . 
Twa  menn  he  dide  ]?urrh  Drihhtin  8615 

To  risenn  upp  off  daejje, 
Forr  he  wass  swif)e  duhhtij  mann 

^  Drihhtin  swi}?e  cweme  . 
;]  he  badd  uppo  Drihhtin  Godd 

patt  itt  ne  shollde  rejjnenn,  8620 

;j  ta  wass  wel  hallf  feorj^e  jer 

patt  comm  na  re^^n  onn  eorj^e . 
*  •]  ta  wass  i  Judisskenn  land 

paer}?urrh  full  hefij  hunngerr, 
Forr  Jjatt  te  land  wass  drijjedd  all  8625 

3  scorrcnedd  ]?urrh  ]?e  druhhj?e  . 
3  ta  comm,  i  f>att  hunngerr,  aid 

Helyas  I?e  prophete 


Col.  2i4« 

300  ORMULUM. 

Towarrd  an  mikell  burrjhess  tun 

patt  wass  Sareppta  nemmnedd; 
-^  att  tatt  burr^hess  ^ate  himm  comm 

An  widewe  tojaeness, 
;j  he  badd  tatt  jho  shollde  himm  )?a 

An  litell  waterr  fecchenn, 
■j  sejjde  Jjatt  he  wass  forr)?risst, 

3  tatt  he  wollde  drinnkenn  . 
;j  jho  J>a  wollde  sone  anan 

Himm  fecchenn  j^att  he  jeormde  . 
;]  he  badd  tatt  jho  shollde  himm  ec 

An  bite  braedess  brinngenn, 
J  jho  J)a  jaflf  himm  sware  onnjaen, 

^  sejjde  })uss  wi)?]j  worde; 
pin  Laferrd  Godd  Allmahhtij  wat, 

patt  wel  wat  alle  f>ingess, 
patt  nafe  ice  nohht  off  metekinn 

Till  me,  ne  till  min  wennchell, 
Wi]?f)utenn  mele  alls  itt  beo  rihht 

An  hanndfuU  inn  an  fetless, 
^  littless  whatt  off  elesaew 

Inn  elesaewess  fetless; 
3  her  I  gaddre  stikkess  twa 

Swa  summ  ]?u  seost,  lef  laferd, 
Fori  to  min  sune  j  foir  to  me 

To  jarrkenn  ]?att  to  fode; 
3  sij?f)enn  shule  witt  anan 

Off  hunngerr  de^^enn  baf»e. 
3  ta  jet  space  J)uss  hire  to 

Helyas  ]?e  prophete; 

HOMILIES.  30 1 

Ga,  laffdij,  for}>,  ;]  dred  te  nohht, 

Ace  do  swa  summ  })u  sejjdesst,  8660 

Ace  allre  firrst  mace  )>u  to  me 

paeroffe  an  litell  kechell, 
3  sijjjjenn  shallt  tu  makenn  junne 

To  fode  J)att  taer  lefe})})  . 
Forr  Drihhtin  sejj}>  J>att  te  shall  wel  366? 

pin  little  mele  lasstenn, 
^  tatt  te  shall  )>in  elesaew 

Lasstenn,  Jjohh  itt  beo  litell, 
Anan  till  )>att  tatt  Drihhtin  Godd 

Shall  jifenn  rejjn  onn  eor)>e  .  8670 

*  3  all  bilammp  })att  widdwe  Jja 

Swa  summ  ]>e  wite  se^de ; 
Jho  jede  *]  dide  )>att  he  badd, 

^  brohhte  himm  fit  an  kechell, 
^  si]5}>enn  fand  jho  mele  inoh  8675 

J  elesaew  to  fode, 
Anan  till  Jjatt  te  Laferrd  Godd 

GafF  rejjn  inoh  onn  eor}>e ; 
Ajj  summ  jho  mare  j  mare  toe 

Ajj  wex  itt  mare  ^  mare  .  8680 

J  swa  bilammp  J?att  widdwe  })a 

purrh  Helyasess  bene; 
Forr  he  wass  halij  mann  *]  god, 

^  Drihhtin  swijje  cweme, 
^  jho  wass  hire  sellf  full  wiss  8685 

God  widdwe,  ;]  Drihhtin  cweme, 

♦  Col.  215. 

;02  ORMULUM. 

purrh  whatt  jho  wass  wurrjji  to  beon 

purrh  Godd  oflF  hunngerr  lesedd  . 
3  forr}?i  }?att  tatt  halljhe  mann, 

Helyas  }?e  prophete, 
Att  Drihhtin  mihhte  winnenn  wel 

All  whattse  he  woUde  jeomenn, 
Efft  sone  he  badd  o  Drihhtin  Godd 

patt  itt  ta  shoUde  rejjnenn, 
^  ta  comm  rejjn  inoh  anan 

All  aifterr  Jjatt  he  jeorrnde  . 
^  Drihhtin  woUde  himm  habbenn  )ja 

Wi}?J?utenn  dae)?  fra  manne, 
Swa  J?att  he  shoUde  libbenn  a 

Till  Anntecristess  come; 
^  Drihhtin  sennde  an  karrte  himm  to 

paer  }?aer  he  wass  onn  eor)>e, 
An  karrte  J^att  wass  all  off  fir, 

3  horrs  off  fir  itt  drojhenn  . 
J  Helyas  forrf)rihht  anan 

paer  stah  innto  f>att  karrte, 
J  i  J^att  karrte  wass  he  brohht 

Till  -  f>ser  he  wunenn  shoUde, 
J  taere  shall  he  libbenn  a 

Till  Anntecristess  come, 
J  tanne  shall  he  cumenn  forf) 

Till  Issraaele  )?eode, 
Wif)}?  Ejjnoc  f>att  shall  cumenn  ec, 

Swa  summ  je  littlaer  herrdenn  . 
3  baj?e  shulenn  spellenn  }?a 

Till  J?att  Judisskenn  )?eode, 


patt  tejj  her  i  )jiss  middellaerd 

patt  time  shulenn  findenn, 
pejj  shulenn  spellenn  to  )?att  folic, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  so]?e,  8720 

Off  ure  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

^  off  hiss  Goddcunndnesse, 
3  off  -  Jjatt  he  wi}?}?utenn  gillt 

Wass  najjledd  uppo  rode, 
All  alls  hiss  lefe  wille  wass,  8725 

Forr  all  mannkinne  nede, 
To  lesenn  Jjurrh  hiss  halljhe  dae)? 

Mannkinn  off  hellepine . 
^  ta  shall  Jjatt  Judisskenn  folic 

purrh  f>ejjre  spell  beon  turrnedd  8730 

Till  fuUuhht  •]  till  Crisstenndom, 

^  till  }?e  rihhte  laefe  . 
3  Crist  beoj)  )?anne  borenn  efft 

Inntill  hiss  ajhenn  birde, 
Inntill  )jatt  Judewisshe  folic  8735 

patt  he  wass  borenn  offe, 
purrh  -  Jjatt  tejj  shulenn  turrnenn  hemm 

Till  himm  wi]?J?  fulle  laefe, 
^  lufenn  himm  j  for)?  wi)?)?  himm 

Hiss  deore  moderr  Marje  .  8740 

All  })uss  shall  })a  beon  filledd  all 

patt  uss  wass  aer  bitacnedd, 
paer  Josaep  barr  }?e  Laferrd  Crist 

Ut  off  hiss  ajhenn  birde, 

*  Col.  216. 

304  ORMULUM. 

Ut  off  Judisskenn  follkess  land 

patt  he  wass  borenn  inne, 
J  barr  himm  inntill  hae}>enn  land, 

Inntill  haef^ene  £gippte» 
J  si)7]7enn  barr  himm  efift  onn^aen 

Inntill  hiss  a^henn  birde, 
Inntill  Judisskenn  follkess  land, 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd  ;• 

patt  Jesu  Crist  wass  seofenn  jer 

Tosamenn  inn  Egippte, 
patt  uss  bitacne]7]>  mikell  )7ing 

patt  uss  ma^^  alle  frofrenn  . 
Itt  tacne)?)?  Jjatt  he  frofre)?)?  her, 

purrh  Halij  Gastess  frofre, 
patt  halljhe  flocc  )jatt  turmedd  wass 

Ut  off  haejjene  )jeode 
Till  Crisstenndom,  3  lufejjjj  Crist, 

3  hise  lajhess  haldej?]?, 
3  tatt  he  wile  jifenn  hemm 

A  butenn  ende  blisse  . 
patt  Crist  sellf  frofre}?J>  here  hiss  bird 

purrh  Halij  Gastess  frofre, 
3  shall  hemm  jifenn  eche  lif 

Att  heore  lif  ess  ende, 
piss  twinne  seoUJje  tacnedd  wass 

purrh  Jesu  Crist  himm  sellfenn, 
purrh  J?att  tatt  he  wass  seofenn  jer 

Tosamenn  inn  Egippte  . 


•3  her  ice  wile  shaewenn  hu 

All  )jiss  iss  tunnderrstanndenn  . 
pe  Laferrd  Crist  wass  seofenn  jer  8775 

Bitwenenn  hae}?enn  J>eode, 
Forr  })att  he  wollde  hemm  swa  Jjurrh  J>att 

Full  opennlij  bitacnenn, 
patt  he  ]5ejjm  wollde  frofrenn  her 

purrh  Halij  Cast  onn  eor})e,  8780 

jiflf  )?att  tejj  woUdenn  folljhenn  himm 

3  hise  lajhess  haldenn  . 
Forr  Hali^  Cast  iss  ful  iwiss 

purrh  tale  off  seoffne  tacnedd, 
Forr  Jjatt  he  si^e)?}>  her  hiss  )jeoww  8785 

Hiss  frofre  o  seofenn  wise  . 
He  jifejj)?  himm  innsihht  j  witt 

Off  heofennlike  })ingess ; 
*  3  innsihht  tunnderrstanndenn  all 

patt  mann  majj  unnderrstanndenn ;  8790 

3  witt  to  jifenn  ajj  god  raed 

Off  all  I>att  Drihhtin  like)?J>  ; 
J  witt  3  mihht  to  berenn  rihht 

lUc  seolljje  ^  illc  unnseoll}>e  . 
He  sife}jj>  hinmi  innsihht  ^  witt  8795 

Off  illc  eor})like  nede, 
Off  whatt  iss  soJ>  ^  whatt  iss  rihht 

I  weorelldlike  J>ingess; 
3  rihht  reowwsunnd  off  all  })att  iss 

Onn  eorjje  to  bireowwsenn;  8800 

♦  Col.  217. 
)L.  I.  A  a 

3o6  ORMULUM. 

•^  witt  "3  mihht  to  draedenn  Godd 

•^  hise  starrke  domess, 
Forr  to  forrbujhenn  }>ess  te  bett 

All  })att  tatt  Godd  forrwerrpe}?)? . 
Nu  majj  maim  unnderrstamidemi  her, 

pmrh  ]?ise  seofenn  mahhtess, 
Wi}?})  whillke  jifess  Halij  Cast 

Her  frofrejjf)  Cristess  {jeowwess; 
3  tatt  he  wile  hemm  frofrenn  her 

O  J)ise  seofenn  wise, 
patt  wass  hemm  wel  bitacnedd  aer, 

Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd, 
purrh  Jjatt  tatt  Crist  wass  seofenn  jer 

Amang  hae)?ene  J>eode, 
patt  si}?J>enn  shollde  i  Crisstenndom 

purrh  Halij  Grast  beon  frofredd  . 
3  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Shall  jifenn  hise  }>eowwess 
A  butenn  ende  inn  heoffness  aerd 

To  brukenn  eche  bUsse, 
patt  dide  he  J^ej^m  full  witerrlij 

To  witenn  Jjurrh  himm  sellfenn, 
purrh  Jjatt  tatt  he  wass  seofenn  jer 

Amang  hae)?ene  ]?eode, 
Amang  }?att  folic  }?att  shollde  himm  ^^t 

Full  wel  tocweme  f)ewwtenn 
I  Crisstenndom,  }?urrh  halij  lif 

^  J?urrh  }?e  rihhte  laefe  . 
Forr  tale  off  seoffne  tacnej)]?  uss 

All  })att  tatt  aefre  lasste}?)?. 


ForrJ>i  J>att  all  }>iss  weoixldess  aid 

Bi  seoffne  dajhess  eome)?J>, 
3  forr}>i  majj  itt  tacnenn  wel 

All  heofennrichess  blisse, 
patt  ajj  occ  aj5  shall  lasstenn  uss,  8835 

giff  Jjatt  wet  mujhenn  winnenn . 
^  forrjji  wass  he  seofenn  jer 

Amang  haej^ene  J>eode, 
For  }>att  he  wollde  hemm  swa  J>urrh  }?att 

Full  opennlij  bitacnenn,  8840 

patt  he  J>e2jm  wollde  jifenn  lif 

A  butenn  ende  i  blisse, 
giflf  )jatt  tejj  woUdenn  folljhenn  himm 

^  hise  lajhess  haldenn. 
^  aflfterr  )jatt  te  Laferrd  Crist  8845 

Wass  cumenn  off  Egippte, 
Inntill  })e  land  off  Galileo 

Till  Nazar3e}?ess  chesstre, 
pser  he  bilaef  wi]?)?  hise  frend, 

Wif))?  Sannte  Marje  hiss  moderr,  8850 

•3  wijjf)  ]5att  halljhe  mann  Josaep 

patt  himm  wass  sett  to  fosstrenn. 
■]  taere  he  wex,  j  )jraf,  3  wass 

Full  herrsumm  till  hiss  moderr, 
J  till  hiss  fossteixfaderr  ec  8855 

He  wass  buhsumm  j  milde. 
*  purrh  Jjatt  tatt  cwiddedd  wass  off  Crist 

Forrlannge  Jjurrh  prophete, 

*  Col.  218. 
A  a  2 

3o8  ORMULUM. 

patt  he  )>e  Nazarisshe  mann 

Jehatenn  shollde  wiin]>eim,  8 

purrh  l^att  wass  cwiddedd  wel,  ]mtt  he 

Onn  eor]7e  shollde  shaewenn 
Bitwenenn  menn  forr  Jjejjre  god 

Utnumenn  halipiesse. 
Forr  Nazarenuss  tacne]?})  sannt,  8; 

-3  hali^  mann  j  clene, 
•^  Jesu  Crist  wass  halij  Sannt 

Unnsejjenndlij  wijj}>  alle; 
Forr  he  wass  allre  shaffte  Grodd 

•^  mann  all  clene  off  sinne,  81 

Allhalij  mann,  all  J>werrt  fit  god 

Onn  alle  kinne  wise. 
•^  Godd  Allmahhtij  lefe  uss  swa 

To  for}>enn  Cristess  wille, 
^  swa  to  foUjhenn  Cristess  sloJ>  8i 

Ajj  aflfterr  ure  mahhte, 
Swa  )?att  we  motenn  alle  imaen 

Been  borrjhenn  Jjurrh  hiss  are. 




[n  factus  esset  IHC  annonim  xii  ascendentibus  illis. 

Affterr  J>att  tatt  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  cumenn  off  Egyppte  8880 

Inntill  }je  land  off  Galileo, 

Till  Nazaraejjess  chesstre, 
paeraflfterr  sejjj?  J)e  Gk)ddspellboc 

Bilaef  he  J>aer  well  lannge 
Wi}>J?  hise  frend,  tatt  haffdenn  himm  8885 

To  jemenn  j  to  gaetenn, 
WiJ?J?  Marje  jjatt  hiss  moderr  wass 

•3  majjdenn  Jjwerrt  ut  clene, 
1  wi}>J?  Josaep  ]5att  wass  himm  sett 

To  fedenn  ^  to  fosstrenn.  8890 

•^  illke  Lenntenn  forenn  }?e2j 

Till  jerrsalaemess  chesstre 
Ajj  att  te  Passkemessedajj, 

Swa  summ  })e  boc  hemm  tahhte, 
To  frellsenn  J>aer  }>att  hejhe  tid  8895 

O  J)att  Judisskenn  wise, 
Forr  })att  tejj  waerenn  gode  menn, 

3  Godess  lajhess  heldenn  . 
Annd  sij>}>enn,  o  Jjatt  jer  J>att  Crist 

Wass  off  twellf  winnterr  elde,  8900 

pejx  comenn  inntill  gerrsalaem 

Att  tejjre  Passkemesse, 


3  heldenn  ]>aer  ]>att  halljhe  dd 

O  ]>att  Judisskenn  wise . 
•3  Jesu  Crist  wass  Jjaer  wi)>J>  hemm, 

Swa  summ  ]>e  Goddspell  ki]>e)>]>. 
Annd  affterr  ]>att  te  dd  wass  gan 

pe^J  wenndenn  fra  l>e  teminple, 
•3  ferrdenn  towarrd  Nazarae}> 
*  An  da^ess  gang  till  efenn, 
3  wenndenn  )>att  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wif)}?  hemm  }?att  gate  come, 
3  he  wass  ]>a  bihinndenn  hemm 

Bilefedd  att  te  temmple; 
3  tatt  ne  wisste  nohht  hiss  kinn 

Ace  wennde  )jatt  he  come, 
•3  jedenn  heore  wejje  for)> 

Till  }?att  itt  comm  till  efenn, 
3  ta  ]?ej5  misstenn  J>ejjre  child, 

3  itt  hemm  oflferrjjuhhte, 
3  jedenn  till,  j  sohhtenn  himm 

Bitwenenn  sibbe  ^  cuj?e, 
3  tej5  ne  fundenn  nohht  off  himm, 

Forr  he  wass  att  te  temmple. 
3  tejj  )?a  wenndenn  eflft  onnjaen 

patt  dere  child  to  sekenn, 
J  comenn  eift  till  gerrsalaem. 

To  sekenn  himm  }?ser  binnenn . 
3  tejj  himm  o  J>e  )?ridde  dajj 

paer  fundenn  i  Jje  temmple, 

*  Col.  219. 


Bitwenenn  J>att  Judisskenn  flocc 

patt  laeredd  wass  o  boke; 
•J  taere  he  satt  to  fraj^nenn  hemm 

Off  Jjejjre  bokess  lare, 
•J  alle  )jatt  himm  herrdeim  }jaer,  8935 

Hemm  }?uhhte  mikell  wunnderr 
Off  J)att  he  wass  full  jaep  3  wis 

To  swarenn  3  to  frajjnenn. 
J  Sannte  Marje  comm  till  himm 

3  sejjde  himm  Jjuss  wijjj?  worde,  8940 

Whi  didesst  tu,  lef  sune,  )?uss 

WiJ)}?  uss,  forr  iiss  to  swennkenn? 
Witt  hafenn  sohht  te  widewhar 

Ice  3  ti  faderr  ba)?e 
Wijjf)  serrhfull  herrte  3  sarij  mod,  8945 

Whi  didesst  tu  }?iss  dede? 
3  tanne  sej^de  Jesu  Crist 

Till  bajje  )?uss  wi}?)?  worde, 
Whatt  wass  juw  swa  to  sekenn  me, 

Whatt  wass  juw  swa  to  serrjhenn?  8950 

Ne  wisste  je  nohht  tatt  me  birr)? 

Min  faderr  wille  for)?enn? 
Ne  Jjatt  me  birrj)  beon  hojhefull 

Abutenn  hise  {jingess? 
J  tejj  ne  mihhtenn  nohht  tatt  word  8955 

jSt  ta  wel  unnderrstanndenn ; 
3  he  J>a'  jede  for)?  wif>}?  hemm 

^  dide  hemm  heore  wille, 
3  comm  wi)?J?  hemm  till  Nazarae)?, 

Swa  summ  )?e  Goddspell  ki)je)?)?,  8960 

31  a  ORMULUM. 

3  till  hemm  ba}>e  he  lutte  ^  baeh 

purrh  soj^fasst  herrsummnesse, 
3  wass  wi}>J>  hemm  till  J>att  he  wass 

Off  }>ritti5  wimiterr  elde . 
3  ure  laffdij  Marje  toe 

All  Jjatt  jho  sahh  ^  herrde 
Off  hire  sune  Jesu  Crist, 

3  off  hiss  Goddcmmdnesse, 
^  all  jh^  held  inn  hire  )?ohht, 

Swa  summ  Jje  Goddspell  kij>ej>}>, 
3  lejjde  itt  all  tosamenn  ajj 

Inn  hire  ^ohhtess  arrke. 
"3  hire  sune  wex  3  )?raf 

I  wissdom  j  inn  elde, 
3  he  wass  Godd  3  gode  menn 

Well  swi)je  lef  3  dere; 
3  tatt  wass  rihht,  forr  he  wass  Godd, 

^  god  onn  alle  wise . 
Her  ende}?)?  nu  }?iss  Goddspell  J>uss 

3  uss  birrf)  itt  )?urrhsekenri, 
To  lokenn  whatt  itt  laereJ>J>  uss 

Off  ure  sawle  nede. 

patt  Jesu  Cristess  kinness  menn 
Aj5  forenn  to  )je  temmple 

Att  heore  Passkemessedajj, 
patt  halljhe  tid  to  freoUsenn, 

*  Col.  220. 


patt  wass  till  uss  god  bisne  inoh, 

Loc  jiff  wet  wilenn  folljhenn, 
To  sekenn  kirrke  bli)>elij, 

To  biddenn  uss  to  Criste,  8990 

Onn  iwhillc  halij  messedajj 

patt  uss  birr)>  alle  freoUsenn, 
Fori  Jjanne  birrj>  uss  Godess  hus 

Att  allre  laeste  sekenn, 
Forr,  jiff  we  mihhtenn,  illke  dajj  8995 

Uss  birrde  itt  geome  sekenn, 
To  {jingenn  uss  wi]?]?  ure  Godd 

purrh  bedess  3  Jjurrh  lakess . 
^  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  fundenn  i  J>e  temmple,  9000 

Bitwenenn  )>att  Judisskenn  flocc 

patt  laeredd  wass  o  boke, 
paer  J>aer  he  satt  to  frajjnenn  hemm 

Off  heore  bokess  lare, 
patt  wass  juw  bisne  god  inoh,  9005 

Loc  jiff  j^  wilenn  folljhenn, 
patt  juw  birr}?  geome  stanndenn  inn 

To  frajjnenn  jure  preostess, 
Off  all  hu  juw  birr)?  ledenn  juw 

•]  lefenn  uppo  Criste,  9010 

Hu  JUW  birr)?  foUjhenn  Cristess  slo}), 

^  Cristess  lajhess  haldenn, 
3  stanndenn  jaen  })e  la}?e  gast, 

^  winnenn  Cristess  are. 
Forr  JUW  birr]?  uppo  kirrkeflor  9015 

Beon  fundenn  offte  ^  lannge, 

314  ORMULUM. 

To  lisstenn  whatt  te  preost  juw  sejjj) 

Off  jure  sawle  nede. 
3  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Bilaef  himm  i  }>e  temmple 
Bihinndenn  hise  kinness  menn, 

^  let  hemm  all  hemm  ane 
Gan  Jjejjre  wejje,  all  swa  summ  he 

Rihht  nohht  off  hemm  ne  rohhte, 
patt  dide  he  forr  to  shaewenn  hemm 

3  uss  *]  alle  fjeode, 
patt  all  }?att  aefre  shapenn  wass 

Inn  alle  kinne  shaffte 
Birrjj  effnedd  beon  onnjaeness  Crist 

t .         .         .         .     derr  weddedd, 
•]  Cristess  faderr  rihht  inoh 

patt  wass  himm  sett  to  fosstrenn, 
pohh  }?att  he  streonedd  nohht  ne  wass 

purrh  himm,  ne  }?urrh  nan  o}?err. 
3  jet  forr  all  an  o)?err  whatt 

Sejjde  )?e  lafFdij  Marje, 
patt  Josaep  Cristess  faderr  wass, 

JhcJ  sejjde  wiss  to  so}?e, 
Forr)?i  )?att  jho  ne  woUde  nohht 

Ki)?enn  off  Crist  ne  shaewenn 
Nan  J?ing,  whatt  gate  he  borenn  wass 

Off  Halij  Gast  to  manne; 

Coll.  221 — 224.  wanting.  f  Col.  225. 


Ace  all  swa  summ  jho  wisste  wel 

patt  all  J>e  lede  wennde, 
Annd  all  swa  summ  jho  wisste  wel  9045 

patt  lajje  gastess  wenndenn, 
patt  hire  sune  Jesu  Crist 

Josaepess  sune  waere, 
All  swa  jho  space  rihht  alls  iff  he     - 

Josaepess  sune  waere;  9050 

Forr  )jatt  jho  nollde  nohht  off  Crist 

purrh  hire  sellfenn  sh^wenn, 
Butt  all  swillc  summ  J>e  la)?e  gast 

J  ee  ]5e  folic  wel  wennde, 
Swillc  durrste  jho  shaewenn  off  Crist;  9055 

^  all  forr)?i  jho  sejjde, 
Lef  sune,  ice  j  tin  faderr  })e 

Sohht  hafenn  mikell  ba)?e; 
Forr  Jjatt  jho  woUde  laetenn  wel 

Himm  sellfenn  off  himm  sellfenn  9060 

All  shaewenn  whatt  he  wass,  3  hu 
.   He  cumenn  wass  to  manne. 
3  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wass  herrsumm  till  hemm  baf>e, 
•3  aeddmod  ajj,  ^  bli)?e,  ;)  fus  9065 

To  folljhenn  heore  wille, 
patt  dide  he  forr  he  woUde  swa 

Uss  alle  jifenn  bisne. 
To  ewemenn  ure  faderr  wel 

3  ure  moderr  ba)?e,  9070 

To  lutenn  hemm,  to  lefftenn  hemm. 

To  serrfenn  hemm  well  jerrne, 

3l6  ORMULUM. 

To  findenn  hemm  ]>att  hemm  iss  ned 

Ajj  afFterr  ure  mahhte; 
Forr  jifF  J>att  tu  forrwerrpesst  her 

pin  faderr  3  tin  moderr, 
pu  best  forrworrpenn  att  te  dom, 

Butt  iff  J)ut  mujhe  betenn . 
Off.J>att  tatt  Sannte  Marje  toe 

All  J>att  jho  sahh  ;)  herrde 
Off  hire  sune  Jesu  Crist 

^  off  hiss  Goddcunndnesse, 
^  lejjde  itt  all  tosamenn  ajj, 

To  )?ennkenn  ]?aer  abutenn, 
Forr  J>att  jho  wisste  mare  off  himm 

pann  anij  mann  o  life, 
Off  J>att  ice  habbe  shaewedd  her 

Biforenn  o  ]?iss  lare, 
paer  )?aer  ]?e  Goddspellwrihhte  sejjj> 

Onn  hiss  Goddspelless  lare 
patt  hirdess  fundenn  Jesu  Crist 

I  Be})J?leaemess  chesstre, 
Uppo  Jjatt  illke  nahht  tatt  he 

Wass  borenn  her  to  manne; 
Forr  ]?aere  uss  sejj)>  J>e  Goddspellboc, 

■]  wel  uss  birrf>  itt  trowwenn, 
patt  ure  laffdij  Marje  toe 

All  Jjatt  jho  sahh  ^  herrde 
Off  hire  sune  Jesu  Crist, 

"]  off  \>2l  miccle  tacness 
patt  comenn  i  ]?iss  middellaerd, 

Son  summ  he  comm  to  manne; 


"^  tatt  ^ho  le^^de  itt  samenn  all 

To  )?ennkenn  ajj  )?3er  ummbe, 
Hu  jho  wi})}>  childe  wurrj^enn  wass  9105 

Wi)?]?utenn  iwhillc  macche, 
^  hu  jho  ban  ]?att  illke  child 

Wi})J>utenn  iwhillc  pine, 
Swa  J)att  jho  moderr  wurr}>enn  wass, 

^  wass  J>ohh  majjdenn  clene;  91 10 

^  tatt  te  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Wei  wex  3  J)raf  onn  elde, 
patt  wass  o  ]?att  hallf  j^att  he  wass 

So]?  mann  i  Goddcunndnesse ; 
-^  tatt  tatt  he  wass  swi)?e  wis,  91 15 

;)  Godd  3  menn  full  cweme, 
patt  wass  forr)>i  ]:)att  he  wass  Godd 

•3  god  onn  alle  wise . 
3  Godd  Allmahhtij  gife  uss  rihht 

To  foUjhenn  Cristess  lare,  9120 

Swa  ]:)att  we  motenn  alle  imaen 

Beon  borrjhenn  Jjurrh  hiss  are. 

Amaen  ;• 

3r8  ORMULUM, 


Anno  quintodecimo  imperii  Tyberii  Cesaris. 


Nu  cumeJ>J>  me  to  tellenn  for}> 

Off  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste, 
■]  taer  rihht  taer  I  let  off  himm  9 

paer  wile  I  nu  biginnenn, 
To  tellenn  ^  to  spellenn  juw 

Off  himm  ;)  off  hiss  lare . 
piss  illke  were  Sannt  Johan 

Wass  halij  mann  wi}?]?  alle,  9' 

Forr  son  summ  he  wass  waxenn  swa 

purrh  hise  freondess  fode, 
patt  he  })a  mihhte  himm  sellf  wel  beon 

Hiss  ajhenn  hellpe  j  hirde, 
J  tatt  he  cuj?e  himm  ane  beon,  9' 

^  lokenn  till  himm  sellfenn, 
ForrJ?rihht  anan  he  flaeh  awejj 

Fra  faderr  3  fra  moderr, 
■]  flaeh  himm  inntill  wessteland 

paer  itt  wass  all  unnbiggedd,  9' 

■]  shadde  himm  all  Jjwerrt  fit  fra  menn; 

Forr  }?att  he  woUde  himm  jemenn, 
Swa  Jjatt  he  }?urrh  an  idell  word 

Ne  shollde  himm  nohht  forrgilltenn . 

*  Col.  226. 

HOMILIES.  •  319 

-3  taere  he  ledde  himm  ane  hiss  lif  9145 

Fra  }>att  he  wass  full  litell 
Till  }>att  he  waxenn  wass,  ^  neh 

Off  J)rittix  winnterr  elde. 
^  sij)})enn  toe  he  }?9er  J>e  folic 

To  spellenn  ^  to  fuUhtnenn,  9150 

Forr  Jjatt  he  woUde  jarrkenn  hemm 

Onnjaeness  Cristess  come. 
•]  here  ice  wile  off  hiss  fulluhht 

-^  off  hiss  lare  spellenn, 
3  off  J)att  he  wass  sennd  ]?iirrh  Godd  9155 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
Rihht  allse  bidell  birrj?  beon  sennd, 

To  jarrkenn  ;)  to  grej5j?enn 
Onnjaen  hiss  Laferrd  Jjser  Jjaer  he 
*  Shall  cumenn  sket  to  tune;-  <)i6o 

pe  Goddspell  sejj})  ]?att  Sannt  Johan 

Bigann  off  Crist  to  spellenn 
Ot  i  )?e  wesste  bi  J?e  flumm, 

O  ]?att  Kaseress  time 
patt  wass  i  Rome  Kaserrking,  9165 

Tiberiuss  jehatenn. 
3  o  J)att  jer  }?att  Sannt  Johan 

Bigann  off  Crist  to  spellenn, 
O  J>att  jer  wass  J>att  illke  King 

Onn  hiss  fiftende  winnterr,  9170 

♦  Col.  227. 

320  ORMULUM. 

Fra  \>2Xi  tatt  he  wass  sett  to  beon 

Kasere  i  Rome  riche. 
-^  ta  wass  Romess  kinedom 

Full  wid  -}  sid  onn  eor}>e, 
;]  itt  wass  haefedd  kinedom  917 

Abufenn  o)?re  unnfaewe. 
■]  gerrsalaemess  kinedom 

Wass  i  Jjatt  illke  time 
Todaeledd,  J)att  witt  tu  full  wel, 

0  fowwre  feorJ>enn  daless.  9ito 
;]  twejjenn  preostess  waerenn  J>a 

1  gerrsalaemess  chesstre, 
patt  waerenn  oferr  Godess  folic 

Bisskopess  i  )?att  time; 
patt  an  wass  nemmnedd  Kajrphas,  9^^l 

-^  Anna  wass  Jjatt  oJ>eiT, 
patt  waerenn  oferr  Godess  folic 

I  gerrsalaem,  J?att  time 
patt  Cristess  bidell,  Sannt  Johan, 

Bigann  off  Crist  to  spellenn.  9^9^^ 

•3  he  bigann  to  spellenn  J>a 

Wiyp  fulluhht  off  daedbote, 
Off  })att  fulluhht  tatt  shollde  beon 

Forrjifenesse  off  sinness, 
Affterr  J?att  itt  iss  writenn  f)uss  9^95 

Onn  Ysayjess  lare; 
pe  rowwst  iss  herrd  off  aenne  mann 

patt  epeJ)J)  }?uss  i  wesste 
Till  illkess  kinness  folic,  gaj?  till, 

^  jarrkej)))  Godess  wejje,  9'°° 


Ga}»  till,  1  rihhtet){3  swijie  vcel 

Drihhtmess  narrwe  stijhess; 
Nu  sket  shall  illc  an  dak  beon 

All  hejhedd  upp  i  filledd, 
^  illc  an  lawe  ■]  illc  an  hill 

Shall  mj)))redd  beon  ^  lajhedd; 
■]  all  jjatt  ohht  iss  wrang  ^  cramb 

Shall  effnedd  beon  -y  rihhtedd . 
1  whaerse  iss  all  nnnsmejie  g5t 

purrh  bannkess  ■]  (jurrh  griefess, 
■y  sharrp,  ^  ruhh,  ^  gatelEes 

purrh  jjorrness  ]  J>urrh  breress, 
pier  shiilenn  beon  ridinngess  nu, 

3  effne  ;j  smefie  we^jess . 
•^  all  mannkinn  shall  seon  full  skct 

Crist,  Godess  Sune,  onn  eorfje, 
Hielennde,  -\  hellpe,  ^  god  upphald 

Till  {>a  fiatt  he  shall  chesenn. 
puss  toe  Joban,  Cristesa  derrlinng, 

To  spellenn  i  })e  wesste, 
FotT  he  wass  halij  mann  -\  god, 

■]  Drihhtin  swijse  cweme. 
Hiss  clajj  wass  off  ollfenntess  hser. 

Hiss  mete  wass  gresshoppe, 
■]  itt  wass  huni;  off  ))e  feld, 

Giff  (latt  he  mihhte  itt  findenn; 
Hiss  drinnch  wass  waterr  ajj  occ  ajj 
I  Swillc  allse  he  fand  i  wesste  ; 


322  ORMULUM. 

Hiss  girrdell  wass  off  shepess  skmn 

Abntenn  hise  lendess« 
^  forr  ))att  he  wass  )>weiTt  8t  god 

Onn  alle  kiiiiie  wise, 
Menn  wenndenn  ■]>att  he  wxre  Qist 

patt  tanne  cumenn  wsere; 
Forr  Crist  wass  i  J>att  time  jet 

All  unnci^  ^  all  daeme 
WiJ>J)  Samite  Marje  ]  wij)}>  Jossep^ 

I  Nazar8e]>ess  chesstre. 
3  Sannt  Johan  i  wessteland    . 

Wass  wiiiT]7enn  en]?  )>att  tfme, 
3  menn  himm  sohhtenn  fasste  to, 

Forr  himm  to  seon  3  herenn, 
All  (it  off  ^errsalsemess  land, 

Swa  smnm  }>e  Goddspell  ki)>e})^, 
;)  ec  ut  off  Judealand, 

J  off  ]7a  tuness  alle 
patt  waerenn  bi  J>e  flumm  Jorrdan, 

^  ejjwhger  J>aBr  abutenn . 
J  he  toe  Jj3er  to  spellenn  hemm, 
•    Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd, 
;)  fele  tokenn  shriffte  att  himm 
*Off  alle  J^ejjre  sinness* 
J  he  toe  f)a  to  fullhtnenn  }ja 

patt  tokenn  wif>f>  hiss  lare 
I  flumm  Jorrdan,  forr  itt  wass  Jj«r 

Himm  onnfasst  i  )>e  wesste. 

•  CoL  229. 



^^P                   HOMILIES. 


■]  he  sahh  cumerm  fiser  till  himm 

pier  till  (le  flumm  unnfewe, 

-y  off  Farisewisshe  menu 

■]  off  Saducewisshe, 


To  wurrf'enn  fullhtnedd  att  hiss  hannd, 

^  forr  to  takenn  shriffte ; 

^  he  toe  ]ja  to  spellenn  hemm, 

■]  sejsde  >uss  wifif  worde; 

3e  neddrestreon,  wha  tahhte  juw 


To  fleon  ^  to  forrbusbenn 

patt  irre  jiatt  to  cumenn  iae. 

^  Godess  wr3)j]je  ]  wrteche? 

Ga})  alle,  ;]  take|j|)  upponn  juw 

Rihht  shriffte  off  jure  sinness, 


-y  lokejpf)  wel  ]?att  jure  nan 

Ne  segge  Jjuss  wifijj  worde; 

We  sinndenn  Habrahamess  streon 

^  Habrahamess  chilldre. 

Ice  segge  juw  to  fuUe  so]:) 


patt  Drihhtin  hafef)|)  mihhte 

To  re^jsenn,  jiff  himm  ])innke]3)3  god. 

Rihht  here  off  ))ise  staness 

Rihht  afiell  streon  off  Habraham, 

Rihht  Habrahamess  chilldre. 


Forr  nujju  iss  bulaxe  sett 

Eihht  to  ]ie  treowwesa  rote, 

■y  illc  an  treo  })att  i  J^iss  lif 

Ne  bereJ5]3  nohht  god  wasstme 

Shall  hi  ]3e  grund  beon  hawenn  upp 


]  i  })e  fir  beon  worrpenn . 


ft      ■'■ 



324  ORMULUM. 

pe  folic  )>att  herrde  himm  spellenn  ])«r 

Space  }?a  till  himm,  ^  sej^de; 
Whatt  shule  we  nu  forrjjwarrd  don? 

^  he  jaflf  sware,  j  sejjde ; 
Whasumm  itt  iss  ]7att  Hike  mami 

patt  hafef)f>  twejjenn  kirrtless, 
Gife  he  ]7att  an  summ  o]7err  mann 

patt  iss  wi]?]7Utenn  kirrtell. 
3  puplicaness  comenn  )>aer, 

Att  himm  to  wurrj^enn  fidlhtnedd, 
J  se^^denn  )>uss  till  Sannt  Johan, 

paer  fjser  he  stod  to  spellenn; 
Lef  majsstre,  se^  uss  nu  ])in  ra]? 

^  sej^j  uss  nu  J>in  lare, 
Whatt  we  nu  forrjjwarrd  shulenn  don 

To  betenn  ure  sinness. 
J  Sannt  Johan  hemm  sejjde  Jjuss; 

Nohht  elless  ne  nohht  mare 
pann  }>att  tatt  ^uw  iss  sett  to  don 

Ne  do  je;  J>iss  ice  laere. 
J  ee  }?3er  comenn  to  }je  flumm 

pe  Kaserrkingess  enihhtess, 
To  leornenn  lare  att  Sannt  Johan 

Off  J>ejjre  sawle  nede, 
J  tuss  fjejj  sejjdenn  J>aer  till  himm; 

Sejj  uss  all  swa,  lef  laferrd, 
Whatt  uss  iss  nu  forrjjwarrd  to  don, 

To  berrjhenn  ure  sawless. 
J  Sannt  Johan  hemm  sejjde  Jjuss; 

Jiff  fatt  je  wel  juw  lokenn 


^^r                 HOMILIES. 


'Fra  clake  ■]  salte,  ^  fra  ]>att  to]jJ> 

patl  folIshe))|)  yfermesse. 

patt  hokf));  0  }ie  la^lie  leod. 

]  rippefj)?  hemm  ]  rsefejjfi, 


1  jiff  se  tellenn  forr  inoh 

patt  talt  te  King  juw  finde]>)>, 

pa  mujhe  je  wififj  dene  lif 

Wei  heilpenn  jure  sawless. 


puss  fiindenn  alle  att  Sannt  Johan 

93^5                    1 

God  lare  off  heore  nede ; 


3  talt  nass  wurmderr  jjwerrt  ut  nan 


patt  he  wass  wis  o  iare, 


Forr  he  wass  full  off  Halij  Gast 


^r  fian  he  borenn  wEre. 

92.1°      ^^^1 

Her  endejifi  nu  {)iss  Goddspell  Jiuss, 


-\  uss  birr])  itt  jjurrhsekenn, 


To  lokenn  whatt  itt  lEerefj))  uss 


Off  ure  sawle  nede . 

patt  Sannt  Johan  swa  swifie  jung- 


Bigann  Drihhtin  to  fjeowwteno, 

pat:  wass  god  bisne  fu!  iwias 

Till  ure  junge  genge, 

patt  hemm  birrjj  affierr  heore  mahht 

Biginnenn  Godd  to  cwemenn, 


Son  summ  t>e55  witcnn  hu  mann  majj 

Drihhtiness  wiUe  wiirkenn . 

•  Col.  >3o. 



326  ORMULUM. 

Me  mincj>}>  J>att  te  Goddspell  sejjjj, 

patt  Sannt  Johan  Bappdsste 
Wass  sennd  to  manne  )>urrh  Drihhtin 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 
To  jarrkenn  folic  onnjaeness  Crist 

WiJ)j>  fulluhht  ^  wiJ>J?  lare. 
3  tatt  wass  ned  tatt  he  wass  sennd 

To  spellenn  j  to  fullhtnenn. 
Ml  )jann  J>e  taferrd  Jesu  Crist 

Bigann  owwJ>eiT  to  donne . 
FoiT  jiflf  he  come  himm  sellf  J>»r  for}?, 

Faerlike  fori  to  spellenn 
Off  all  hiss  Goddcunndnessess  mahht 

3  off  hiss  deope  lare, 
Ne  munnde  nohht  tatt  illke  folic 

patt  Crist  comm  till  onn  eorJ)e, 
patt  haffdenn  ledd  aj5  J>ej5re  lif 

Affterr  f>e  flaeshess  wille, 
Ne  munndenn  J^ejj  nohht  habbenn  mihht, 

Ne  witt,  ne  forrjjenn  wille 
*To  turmenn  hemm  all  till  hiss  hannd, 

To  folljhenn  all  hiss  lare, 
"3  to  forrwerrpenn  all  J)att  lif 

■J  all  f>att  lajhess  lade 
patt  he  wass  sett  J)urrh  Drihhtin  sellf 

To  ledenn  3  to  foUjhenn. 
;]  all  forrJ?i  comm  Sannt  Johan 

Biforenn  Cristess  come, 

*  Col.  231. 

^^r                 HOMIUES. 


To  spellenn  to  |)e  folic  summwhatt 

Off  Crisiess  Goddcunndnesse, 

1  off  hiss  heofennlike  mahht. 

]  off  hiss  (lepe  lare, 

]  forr  to  shtewenn  hemm  J^att  Crist 

9J75                      1 

pa  shoUde  cumenn  newenn. 

^  forr  to  shxwenn  hemm  whillc  ned 

Itt  wffire  \ax  he  come, 

Ct  off  {)e  deofless  walde . 


All  Bwillc  1  swillc  comm  Sannt  Johan 

To  shffiwenn  ^  to  Idfjenn 

Biforenn  {)atl  Judisskenn  j^eod 

patt  he  wasB  borenn  offe, 


Forr  swa  to  meokenn  jjejjre  lund 

92S5  ^H 

■]  tejjre  modess  wille 


To  lakenn  wi|)l>  fe  Laferrd  Crist, 


^  wi|)))  hiss  deope  lare, 


patt  time  )jatt  he  come  for]j 


Himm  sellf  forr  hemm  to  Iscrenn, 

9394  ^^^1 

To  turraenn  hemm  till  Crisstenndom 


T  tiU^e  rihhte  Isefe. 


^  |)att  tin  ejhe  iss  all  unnhal 


Wijjfiimiemi  o  \t  sgne. 


Itt  8hune}>fj,  fiatt  tu  wast  te  sellf, 

9395    ^^H 

pe  sunness  brihhte  leome  ; 


'      ^  jiff  ]jatt  tu  mihht  hffilenn   itt 


Wiff  anis  kiimess  sallfe, 


pa  majs  ill  sifjjjenn  fjolenn  wel 


pe  sunness  brihhte  leome . 


328  OftMULUM, 

An  swa  wass  ofif  )>att  illke  folic 

patt  Crist  comm  till  onn  eorj^e, 
patt  haffdenn  ledd  ajs  }>esSf e  lif 

Affterr  J)e  flaeshess  willcy 
Ne  munndenn  )>e2S  nohht  habbenn  witt, 

Ne  mahht,  ne  forr]>enn  wille. 
To  t^enn  wi}>}>  J)e  Laferrd  Crist, 

Ne  wi]7]>  hiss  depe  lare, 
Jiff  ]>att  he  come  himm  sellf  till  hemm 

Fserlike  forr  to  ki}>enn 
All  whatt  he  woUde,  ser  ]>ann  itt  ohht 

purrh  o}>re  ware  shsewedd. 
Rihht  all  forr]?i  comm  Samit  Johan 

Firrst  wi)>)>  hiss  little  lare 
J  little  bisne  till  J>e  folic, 

Forr  Jjatt  he  wollde  hemm  strengenn, 
Swa  )>att  te^  mihhtenn  habbemi  m^ht 
*A11  f)ess  te  bettre  si)>}jemi 
To  berenn  Cristess  miccle  spell 

^  Cristess  miccle  bisne, 
patt  time  fjatt  he  come  himm  sellf 

Bitwenenn  hemm  to  spellenn. 
Rihht  swa  comm  ]?anne  Sannt  Johan 

Firrst  wij?]?  hiss  little  lare 
Alls  iff"  he  brohhte  laechedom 

■^  herrtess  ejhesallfe, 
To  sallfenn  ^  to  clennsenn  firrst 

pe  follkess  herrtess  ejhe, 

*  Cql.  23a, 


^^r                  HOMILIES. 


Swa  fiatt  tejs  mihhtenn  seon  Jie  belt 

pe  sunnesa  brihhte  leome. 


Off  Cristess  heofennlike  mahht, 

Off  Cristess  Goddcunndnesse, 

Off  Cristess  laress  brihhte  leom, 

Off  Cristess  halishe  bisne . 

-y  forr  J3att  Sannt  Johan  wass  sennd, 


Swa  summ  ice  habbe  sh^wedd. 

To  spellenn  off  Jjc  Laferrd  Crist 

patt  shoUde  cumenn  newenn, 

To  chesenn  off  Judisskenn  folic 

-y  off  hEfiene  }>eode 


An  folic  to  takenn  Crisstenndom, 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste, 

Forrjii  wass  writenn  witerriis 

■J  sesjd  jjurrh  Goddspell\vrihhte, 

Wha  wass  fiatt  time  Kaserrking 


I  Romess  klneriche, 

1  whillke  w;£renn  alldemnerm 

Amang  Judisskenn  (leode. 

palt  time  fatt  Johan  bigann 

To  spellenn  ■]  to  fullhtnenn. 


1  forrjii  ];att  hrejjene  )jeod 

pa  shoHde  wurrjjenn  newenn 

Sammnedd  togeddre  i  Crisstenndom, 

To  lefenn  uppo  Criste, 

To  wurrjsenn  Cristess  kinedom 


An  foUc  off  alle  }jeode, 

Forr}>i  wass  an  hsejjene  king 

-\  an  hasjiene  ricbe, 


330  ORMULUM. 

patt  timte  )>att  Johan  bigann 

To  spellenn  j  to  fullhtnenn. 
3  foiTj>i  fjatt  Judisskenn  folic 

pa  shollde  beon  toske^edd, 
purrh  Jesu  Cristess  lihhte  dom 

Forr  heore  depe  sinne, 
FoiTj)i  fjatt  tejj  }?urrh  hete  j  nif> 

Himm  sholldenn  all  forrwerrpenn, 
ForrJ>i  wass  Jjejjre  kinedom 
*Todaeledd  3  tobrittnedd 
purrh  Rome  richess  Kaserrking 

O  fowwre  feorj^enn  daless, 
patt  time  J»att  Johann  bigami 

To  spellenn  j  to  fullhtnenn. 
;)  forr}>i  }?att  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Iss  King  ofif  alle  kingess, 
J  Preost  off  alle  preostess  ec, 

To  berrjhenn  hise  f>eowwess, 
ForrJ?i  wass  writenn  witerrlij 

J  sejjd  J?urrh  Goddspellwrihhte, 
Ja  whillke  waerenn  kingess  J>a, 

3a  whillke  waerenn  preostess, 
patt  time  f>att  Johan  bigann 

To  spellenn  j  to  fullhtnenn. 
Anna  wass  Bisskop  o  J>att  jer 

Amang  Judisskenn  J)eode 
patt  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste  toe 

To  spellenn  3  to  fullhtnenn; 

*  Col.  233. 



]  Kayfass  wass  o  }jait  jer 

patt  Crist  wass  don  o  rode ; 
]  Jireo  bitwenenn  [lise  Iwa 

patt  illke  wikenn  haffdenn  ; 
Wijijiinnenn  ]3reo  jer  wasrenn  Jireo 

Bitwenenn  fiise  twejjenn; 
^  Crist  wass  o  ]ia  fowwre  jer 

Unnderr  Bisshopess  fowwre 
Bitwenenn  [lait  Judisskenn  folic 

patt  he  wass  borenn  offe, 
To  spellenn  ~\  to  lErenn  heimn 

OiT  heore  sawle  nede, 
]  wrohhte  wunndre  miccle  ma 

pann  ice  juw  majj  nu  tellenn, 
Fra  |jatt  dajj  [latt  he  fuUhtnedd  wass 

Till  jjatt  he  slab  o  rode . 
]  ta  wass  Kayfasess  jer 

pe  fifte  jer  bigunnenn, 
patt  time  [)att  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  najjledd  uppo  rode, 
patt  tatt  te  Goddspellwrihhte  se^j]?, 

patt  Sannt  Johan  Bapptisste 
Bigann  to  spellenn  to  fie  folic 

Wif)})  fulluhht  off  dsedbote, 
Off  Jiatt  fulluhlit  }>att  shollde  beon 

Forrjifenesse  off  sinness, 
patt  wass  alls  iff  be  sejjde  Jiuss 

Wif)|)  opennlikc  spa^cbe, 
He  toe  to  spellenn  to  Jie  folic 

Off  Jesu  Cristesa  come. 


332  ORMULUM. 

patt  shollde  hemm  gifenn  hiss  fulluhht, 

To  clennsenn  hemm  off  sinness; 
^  badd  he  jeome  clennsemi  hemm 

WiJ>J>  shriflfte  off  rihht  daedbote, 
To  gre^jjjemi  3  to  jairkenn  hemm 

3aen  Cristess  hall^he  come. 
3  tohh  ]7att  he  ne  mihhte  nohht 

Hemm  jifenn  J^urrh  himm  sellfenn 
Fulluhht  tatt  mihhte  clennsemi  hemm, 

3  lesenn  hemm  off  sinness, 
pohh  kidde  he  J^ejjm  full  wel  J?att  Crist 

Hemm  shollde  newenn  clennsenn 
purrh  fulluhht  3  J?urrh  Halij  Gast 

Off  alle  Jjejjre  sinness. 
3  forr  J?att  Sannt  Johan  wass  sennd 

Biforenn  Crist  to  grejjj^enn, 
All  allse  bidell  birrj?  beon  sennd 

To  grejjf)enn  jsen  hiss  laferrd, 
Forrf)i  toe  he  biforenn  Crist 

To  spellenn  3  to  fullhtnenn. 
J  sif)]3enn  comm  ]3e  Laferrd  Crist 

Himm  sellf  to  wurrf)enn  fullhtnedd, 
J  to  biginnenn  J^att  fulluhht 

purrh  hise  Leominngcnihhtess, 
patt  shollde  clennsenn  all  J?e  mann 

I  bodij  3  i  sawle 
Off  alle  sinness,  jiff  J^att  he 

Rihht  lajhelike  itt  toke; 

*  Col.  234, 


^^r                HOMIUES. 


1  ec  to  spellenn  to  [jatt  folic 


patt  he  wass  borenn  offe, 

To  turmenn  hemm  till  Crissteiindom 

]  till  Jje  rihhte  Isefe . 

^  sifjjienii  coinm  itt  get  tierto, 


patt  witt  tu  wel  to  sofje. 

SMO     ^^H 

patt  Sannt  Johan  Bapptiaste  for 


Biforenn  Crist  till  helle. 


Forrjji  l^att  he  wass  sennd  Jjutrh  Godd 


Biforenn  Crist  to  jarrkenn. 


All  ailse  bidell  birr>  beon  sennd 


To  jarrkenn  jsen  hiss  laferrd. 

3  ec  forrjji  wass  sejjd  off  himm 

Forrlannge  )>urrh  prophete. 

purrh  Ysayje  Godess  Jieoww, 

Swa  summ  Jie  Goddspell  ki]5efi|7 ; 


pe  rowwst  iss  herrd  off  senne  mann 

patt  epefifi  i  \z,  wesste . 

Forr  all  swa  summ  jje  reord  gaj)  ajj 

Biforenn  i  |)i  spseche, 

3  sij>|)enn  follshe]?])  355  jie  -word 


Swa  summ  fie  reord  itt  Iede()(i, 


Rihbt  all  allswa  coram  Sannt  Johan 


Biforenn  Crist  to  manne. 


Rihht  allse  he  wiere  rowwst  3  reord. 


■J  Crist  te  word  tasraffterr. 

9570      ^^^1 

■]  tatt  bilimmpe})})  wel  (latt  Crist 


Iss  })urrh  Jie  word  bitacnedd, 


Forr  Crist  iss  Godd  3  Godess  word, 


1  Godess  Sune  i  kinde;. 




334  ORMULUM. 

*  J  ribht  wass  J^att  Johan  bigann 

I  wessteland  to  spellenn, 
Forr  ))att  itt  shollde  tacneim  as, 

patt  he  wass  senn^  to  spellenn 
Till  Issraaele  })eod  tatt  wass 

All  wesste  j  all  forrworrpenn 
Neh  all  togeddre  att  Drihhtin  Godd, 

Forr  heore  deope  sinness. 
-}  tatt  he  badd  hemm  alle  gan 

3  jarrkenn  Godess  wej^je, 
patt  wass  alls  iff  he  sejjde  }>\is^  954 

WiJjJ?  opennlike  spaeche; 
ForrwerrpeJjJ?  all  J?att  ifell  iss 

"^  alle  kinne  sinness, 
J  turrnejjj)  guw  till  halij  lif 

Wi})J?  alle  gode  dedess,  959* 

^  jarrkejjj?  Godess  we^^je  swa 

patt  he  juw  mujhe  nehhjhenn. 
^  tatt  he  badd  hemm  alle  gan 

^  rihhtenn  Godess  stijhess, 
patt  wass  alls  iff  he  baede  hemm  gan  9595 

J  clennsenn  heore  J?ohhtess, 
Forr  clene  pohht  iss  Godess  bedd, 

^  tsere  he  wile  himm  resstenn. 
^  tatt  tatt  Cristess  J>eww  Johan 

paer  se^jde  to  J^e  leode,  9^ 

Nu  sket  shall  illc  an  dale  beon 

All  hejhedd  upp  ^  fiUedd, 

♦  Col.  235. 



-\  illc  an  lawe  ■]  flic  an  hill 

Shall  nijjlrredd  beon  ]  lajhedd, 

patt  wass  alls  iff  he  sejjde  ))uss 
Wi))))  all  full  opeim  spasche ; 

Nu  sket  shall  Godess  Sune  Crist 

Forr  her  to  nijjfrenn  alle  fia 

patt  modijnesse  foHshenn, 
]  forr  to  rejjsenn  alle  jja 

patt  fon^henn  soJj  meocnesse, 
Forr  Drihhtin  hatejjf)  modij  mann, 

]  lufejjf)  alle  meolce , 
^  tiss  mann  unnderrstanndenn  majs 

get  onn  an  o|)crr  wise, 
patt  Issracele  Jieod  alhnasst 
•  pa  shollde  beon  forrworrpenn, 
Forr  Jjalt  Ce^j  sholldenn  Crist  forrseon 

purrh  fwjjre  modi^nesse, 
patt  folic,  ]jatt  haffde  beon  till  jia 

Heh  folic  -\  rannc  onn  eorf)e ; 
Forr  Drihhtin  haffde  chosenn  hemni 

■]  heshedd  hemra  ]  it-urrfiedd 
purrh  |3att  latt  he  Jjejjm  haffde  sett 

Bisscopess,  preostess,  diECness, 
1  lajheboc,  -\  lare  inoh 

Off  all  fiatt  hemm  wass  Jjurrfe, 
]  wterenn  hofenn  upp  Jiurrh  fiatt 
^Abufenn  alle  )peodc, 

^^KAbulenn  i 

•  Col.  J  36. 

336  ORMULUM. 

All  all  dwa  summ  }pt  lawe  iss  heh 

Abufenn  oJ>err  eorJ?e. 
-y  forrjji  wserenn  \>t%%  full  rihht 

Bitacnedd  J>urrh  Jje  lawe, 
patt  shollde  sket  beon  worrpenn  dun 

-y  lajhedd  all  j  mJ>J>redd. 
Forr  all  J?e  Judewisshe  folic 

Well  ner  wass  all  forrworrpenn 
Aflfter  J?att  tatt  te  Laferrd  Crist 

Wass  cumenn  her  to  manne, 
Forrjji  J?att  tejj  forrwurrpenn  himm 

;]  Sannte  Marge  hiss  moderr, 
3  tatt  te  d^le  shollde  beon 

All  hejhedd  upp  ;]  filledd, 
patt  wass  sejjd  off  haej>ene  J?eod 

patt  shollde  J>a  beon  hejhedd, 
^  turmedd  till  J^e  Crisstenndom 

J  till  \>Q  rihhte  laefe, 
^  filledd  Jjurrh  })e  Laferrd  Crist 

Off  Halij  Gastess  frofre. 
^  })att  tatt  Cristess  })eww  Johan 

pser  sejjde  till  J>e  leode, 
^  all  J?att  ohht  iss  wrang  j  crumb 

Shall  effnedd  beon  j  rihhtedd, 
patt  sejjde  he  witerrlij  forrjji 

patt  ta  wass  cumenn  time, 
patt  woh  3  sinne  shollde  beon 

Till  rihhtwisnesse  wharrfedd, 
purrh  fulluhht  ^  J^urrh  Crisstenndom, 

J  Jjurrh  f>e  rihhte  Isefe. 



1  tatt  he  sejjde  (o  jie  leod 
pEcr  \^T  he  stod  to  spellenn, 

]  whcerse  iss  ruhh  ]  harrd  ■]  sharrp 
purrh  Jjormess  ]  Jjurrh  breress, 

pfer  shall  nu  newenn  grejjjiedd  beon 
Full  smejje  ]  soffte  wejje. 

t  Wass  wijJciTwaiTd  onnjasness  Godd 

-y  all  droh  towaird  helle ; 
Forr  (le^sre  trowwjie  iss  Drihhtin  lafi, 

Forr  Jjatl  tejj  alle  Irowwenn 
patt  manness  sawle  deje})))  |)ser 

Whser  swa  fie  bodij  dejej^)?; 
^  tati  iss  mikell  hrc]>enndom 

To  lefenn  -\  to  trowwenn, 
Forr  sawle  iss  swa  summ  enngell  iss 

WiJjJ)  ord,  ~\  butenn  ende, 
7  sawle  iss  Drihhtinlic  i  (ratt, 

patt  witt  tu  we!  to  so]3e, 
1  J>att,  tatt  jho  ne  de5ej>)j  nohht, 

Forr  Godd  ne  dejefif>  nsefre. 
1  tejjre  trowwjie  iss  Drihhtin  !a]j, 

Forr  nilenn  fiej;  nohht  trowwenn 
patt  mannkinn  to  )je  miccle  dom 

Shall  risenn  upp  off  dasfje , 
Ace  fonfii  f>att  te  !af>e  gast 

Hcmm  hafejj))  all  forrblendedd, 

•  Coll.  137—144-  V 

338  ORMULUM, 

pejj  seggenn  alls  itt  waere  soj?, 

ForrJ?i  J?att  te^  itt  trowwenn, 
patt  affterr  J^att  te  mann  iss  daed 

Ne  shall  he  naefre  libbenn; 
-^  tatt  iss  mikell  haej^enndom 

To  lefenn  j  to  trowwenn, 
Forr  all  mannkinn  o  Domess  dajj 

Shall  risenn  upp  off  daej>e, 
To  t^kenn  all  swillc  Isen  att  Godd 

Alls  illc  an  hafeJ>J>  addledd; 
Forr  he  J?att  hafeJ>J>  addledd  god 

Shall  takenn  heoffness  blisse, 
-^  he  shall  takenn  hellewa 

patt  ifell  hafejjf)  addledd. 
3  tej^re  lif  iss  Drihhtin  laj>, 

Forr  Jjatt  itt  iss  unnclene . 
pej5  ledenn  hemm  swa  dsemelij 

Biforenn  menness  ehne, 
patt  mann  hemm  hallt  forr  gode  menn, 

Forr  rihhtwise  ^  clene, 
^  sinndenn  J?ohh  biforenn  Godd 

Unngode  ^  unnrihhtwise, 
Forrf)i  f)att  te^j,  forr  idell  jellp 

:j  all  forr  menness  sp^che, 
Shaewenn  biforenn  oj^re  menn 

Claennesse  ^  rihhtwisnesse, 
;3  sinndenn  Jjohh  swa  J?ehh  i  Jjohht, 

J  ec  i  dseme  dedess, 
Biforenn  Drihhtin  fule  menn 

purrh  fele  kinness  sinness. 


^^f                 HOMILIES. 


■]  tejjre  nime  Jjohh  swa  jjehh 

Bitacneftjj  rihhtwisnesse. 

FoiT  Saduceow  bitacne))))  uss 

Rihhtwis  onn  Ennglissh  spseche, 


Forr|>i  J?att  wherrfedd  folic  hemm  hallt 

*Forr  gode  3  forr  rihhtwise. 

^  sinndenn  jjohh  biforenn  Godd 

Unnclene  -y  all  uimcweme . 

■3  forrjii  toe  Johan  wi}))>  hemm 


Full  bitterrlij  to  ma;lenn, 

To  shswenn  hemm  fiatt  hcore  lif 

Wass  Drihlitin  full  unncweme . 

pe5j  wffirenn  Drihhtin  lafjc. 


All  fait  prophetess  haffdenn  sejjd 

Off  jjatt  latt  cumerm  shollde, 

All  f)att  foiTwuirpenn  jje^j  j^weorrt  fit 

All  alls  itt  unnitt  wjere; 

]  tatt  wass  mikell  hEe[)enndom 

y735  ■ 

Till  hemm  3  hefij  dwUde, 

patl  tej2  forrwurrpenn  all  fiwerrt  ut 

To  lefenn  ]  to  trowwenn 

All  })att  tatt  Godess  ajhenn  Gast, 

purrh  hiss  profetess  tunge. 


Till  aU  folic  haffde  cwiddedd  wel 

Off  all  )!att  cumenn  shollde, 

All  })att  tatt  god  ■j  halsumm  wass 

^_Tm  all  mannkinne  nede. 




L  '' 


340        ,  ORMULUM. 

Forr  J?aer  J?aer  J^ejj  forrwurrpenn  all  9?45| 

patt  halljhe  wltess  sejjdenn, 
paer  Jjcjj  forrwurrpenn  Godess  Gast, 

■]  fellenn  inn  hiss  wraJ>J>e. 
Forr  swillc  ^  swillc  wass  Drihhtin  la]? 

Saducewisshe  leode,  975* 

;)  forrJ>i  toe  hemm  Sannt  Johan 

Deorrflike  to  bigripenn. 

J  ec  Farisewisshe  menn 

Bigrap  he  J>uss  wiJ>J>  worde; 
ge  neddress  streon,  wha  tahhte  juw  9755 

To  fleon  ■]  to  forrbujhenn 
patt  irre  J?att  to  cumenn  iss, 

J  Godess  wraJ?J>e  j  wraeche? 
An  kinness  neddre,  witt  tu  wel, 

Iss  Vipera  jehatenn,  97^ 

patt  slse]?  hiss  ajhenn  faderr  ajj 

purrh  }>ejjre  baf)re  kinde; 
J  off  Jjatt  illke  neddress  streon, 

-^  off  J?att  neddress  kinde, 
Space  Godess  ]?eoww  Johan  till  })att  97^5 

Pharisewisshe  genge, 
■]  till  Saducewisshe  menn 

;3  till  Judisskenn  leode, 
^  sej^de  hemm  opennlij  J^att  tejj 

I  fjejjre  sinness  waerenn  977^ 

*  patt  illke  kinness  neddress  streon, 

^  off  f)att  illke  kinde, 

*  Col.  247. 


^^r                   HOMILIES. 


purrh  ]jatt  te^j  haffdenn  r^efedd  lif 

pa  Jiatt  hetmn  haffdenn  streonedd. 

Profetess  all  wijijjulenn  giDt 


pejs  haffdenn  brohht  off  life. 

Well  fele  off  ]ja  fiatt  haffdenn  hemm 

I  faderr  stoke  streonedd. 

1  wKrenn  swa  (jatt  neddre  lie 

I  Jiejsre  depe  sinne, 


patt  slffijj  hiss  ajhenn  faderr  aj5 

Hiss  kirtde  forr  to  folljhenn  . 

1  furrh  Jjatt  tatt  V&ii  wserenn  ec 

All  fulle  off  grammcundnesse, 

-y  ec  all  fulle  off  attrij  lund. 


]  fulle  off  bitterr  spieche, 

1  fuLe  off  hete,  ■j  fulle  off  ni}). 

]  fulle  off  modijnesse, 

pffirjiurrh  Jjegj  wjerenn,  witt  tu  wel, 

pe  neddre  swijne  like. 


1  tatt  tatt  Cristess  l)eww  Johan 

pEer  sejjde  till  jjatt  leode. 

ge  neddre  streon,  wha  tahhte  juw 

To  fleon  Dribhtiness  irre? 

patt  wasa  alls  iff  he  se^jde  hemm  ]juss 


Wifji  all  full  openn  spseche, 

Ne  sinndenn  5e  nohht  tahhte  jet 

Hu  mannkinn  majj  forrbujhenr 

Drihhtiness  irre  o  Domess  dajj. 

psr  he  shall  all  folic  demenn? 


■]  forrjji  Jjatt  he  sahh  fatt  tejj 

Ne  wrerenn  jSt  nohht  tahhte, 



344  ORMULUM. 

He  tahhte  hemm  hu  ]?e^2  mihhtenn  fleon 

Drihhtiness  irre  ^  sejjde; 
GaJ>  till  -^  takeJ?J>  uppo  juw  < 

Rihht  shriffte  oflf  jure  sinness, 
J  clennse)7]>  juw  onnjaen  J)e  dom 

To  fleon  Drihhtiness  irre. 
Fori  whase  itt  iss  f)att  ma^^  3  cann 

3  wile  himm  jeorne  clennsenn, 
3  clennseJ>J>  himm  wij?J>  all  hiss  mahht, 

He  fleoJ>  Drihhtiness  irre. 
J  forr  J>att  tatt  Judisskenn  folic 

Wass  modij  folic  wiJ>J>  alle, 
3  allre  mast  oflf  })att  itt  wass 

Oflf  Abrahamess  chilldre 
^  all  oflf  Abrahamess  streon, 

Ne  woUdenn  \t%%  nohht  cnawenn 
Ne  ^atenn  })att  tej5  waerenn  ohht 

Sinnfulle  onn  ani^  wise, 
^  swa  J>ej5  letenn  wel  oflf  f)att 

patt  Abraham  henrni  streonde, 
Alls  iflf  })att  mihhte  berrjhenn  hemm 
WiJ?f)utenn  gode  dedess. 
*  3  tatt  wass  mikell  wherrfeddlejjc 
patt  dide  hemm  swa  to  wenenn; 
Forr  mihhtenn  J?ejj  nohht  borrjhenn  beor 

Ne  winnenn  eche  blisse, 
purrh  })att  tejj  Abrahamess  kinn 
Oflf  hise  chilldre  waerenn, 

♦  Col.  248. 


Butt  iff  Jjejx  mihhtenn  i 

purrh  Jiejsre  gode  dedess. 
]  all  forrjsi  forrbsed  Johan, 

patt  tej3  ne  shoUdenn  jellpenn 
purrh  modijaesse  off  fjejjre  kinn 

Ne  seggenn  Jiuss  wijif)  worde, 
We  sinndenn  Abrahamess  kinn, 

]  Abrahamess  chilldre . 
Forr  fatt  he  wolide  don  hemm  swa 

To  seon  ^  tunnderrstanndenn, 
patt  jiff  jjejj  woUdenn  habbenn  lott 

Wi)j)j  Abraham  inn  heoffne, 
pa  birrde  hemm  takenn  sedmodlij 

Deop  shriffte  off  tie^sre  sinness, 
~\  ledenn  sifjjienn  halij  lif, 

]  winnenn  Godess  are, 
■]  winnenn  lott  wi]j}3  Abraham 

Off  eche  blisse  inn  heoffne . 

■]  tatt  Utt  Cristess  jieww  Johan 

paer  sejjde  to  Jiatt  leode, 
patt  Drihhtin  haffde  mahht  inoh 

To  rejjsenn  off  Jia  staness 
Rihht  a)JeU  sireon  till  Abraham, 

Bihht  Abrahamess  chilldre, 
patt  sejjde  he  forr  to  don  hemm  swa  9855  J 

To  scon  1  tunnderrstanndenn, 
patt  Abrahamess  halljhe  streon 

Ifis  gastii;  tunnderrstanndenn, 

344  ORMULUM. 

Off  ])a  ]>att  foll^henn  Abraham 

^  Abrahamess  troww)>e, 
^  Abrahamess  halljhe  lif 

■]  Abrahamess  }>aewess. 
patt  flocc  iss  Abrahamess  streon 

'I  Abrahamess  chilldre, 
patt  foU^he}))?  Abrahamess  sloJ>  9^ 

Imi  alle  kinne  gode. 
pa  staness  J^att  he  space  J^aeroff, 

pejj  waerenn  rihhte  staness 
patt  stodenn  J>aer  onnfasst  te  flumm 

paer  he  stod  ta  to  spellenn.  ^l^^ 

;]  mami  majj  unnderrstanndemi  wel, 

patt  witt  tu  wel  to  soJ>e, 
patt  he  space  off  haejjene  menn 

paer  f)aer  he  space  off  staness, 
Off  summ  haef)ene  flocc  J?att  stod  9^7? 

paer  bi  f)e  flumm  wiJ>J>  oj^re. 
*  Forr  haejjenndom  j  haej>enn  lif 

J  haej^enn  follkess  herrte 
Iss  hand  j  starrc  all  allse  stan, 

Unnmeoc  j  all  unnmilde,  9^^ 

J  arelaes,  ^  grimme,  ^  grill, 

J  butenn  rihht  rewwsunnge, 
3  drijje,  ;3  all  wif)f>utenn  daew 

Off  Halij  Gastess  frofre, 
J  stunnt  J  stidij,  dill  j  slaw  9^^5 

To  sekenn  sawless  seollj^e, 

*  Col.  249. 

^^r                    HOMILIES. 

345    ^J 

■J  dumb,  3  dsef,  -j  blind  off  Godd 


To  cnawenn  -y  to  cwemenn, 


-]  wass  forrf)i  full  opennlix 


Bitaaiedd  purih  }ia  staoess 

98<ji>      ^^H 

patt  Cristess  bidell  Sannt  Johan 


Space  offe,  ]3ser  he  sej^de, 


patt  Drihhtin  haffde  mahht  inoh 


To  resjsenn  off  pa.  staness 


Rihht  ajjell  streon  till  Abraham, 

<}S95       ^^H 

Kihht  Abrahamess  chiUdre . 


Forr  >a  wass  cumcnn  to,  {jatt  Crist 


pa  shoUde  cumenn  newenn, 


patt  shollde  turrnenn  hrejienn  folic 


purrh  hise  Leorningcnihhtess 

99°°     ^^^1 

Till  fuUuhht  -J  till  Crisstenndom, 


^  till  ]>e  rihhte  l^fe, 


To  foEshenn  Abrahamess  Godd, 


•J  Abrahamess  trowwjje. 


■]  Abrahamess  hall3he  lif, 

99°5      ^^^H 

-J  Abrahamess  jJseweBs, 


To  wurrfienn  Abrahamess  streon 


Off  himm  gasthke  streonedd. 


To  winnenn  a3j  occ  ajj  to  beon 


Wif.J)  Abraham  i  blisse . 


-}  forr  {natt  Drihhtio  wel  mass  don 


All  Jiatt  himm  sellfcnn  likefl^; 


He  mihhte  makenn  cwike  meiin 


pter  off  pa.  same  staness, 


patt  siodenn  ]jKr  bi  Sannt  Johan 


1 par  he  space  to  pe  leode. 


34^  ORMULUM. 

paeroffe  he  mihhte  makenn  menn, 

giflf  )>att  he  makenn  wollde, 
1  jifenn  hemm  god  lif  anan 

3  witt,  1  wille,  "5  mahhte 
To  folljhenn  Abrahamess  sloj? 

Inn  alle  gode  ]>inge, 
To  wurr)>enn  Abrahamess  streon 

Ofif  himm  gastlike  streonedd. 
Ace  bettre  ma^j  mann  turrnenn  itt 

Till  hae)>enn  manness  heorrte, 
patt  all  iss  harrd  swa  summ  }?e  stan 

purrh  hete  ^  ni}>  3  irre, 
patt  Godd  ma^j,  son  se  himm  J^innke)))?  g' 

All  makenn  nesshe  "]  soflfte, 
3  mec  ;)  milde  3  allmessfull 

Afterr  hiss  ajhenn  wille . 

^  tatt  tatt  Cristess  J?eww  Johan 

paer  sejjde  to  f)e  leode, 
patt  nujju  wass  bulaxe  sett 

Rihht  to  f)e  treowwess  rote, 
patt  sej^de  he  forr  he  nollde  nohht 

patt  anij  shoUde  dwellenn 
Ne  drajhenn  nohht  fra  dajj  to  dajj 

To  betenn  heore  sinness, 
ForrJ?i  J?att  tejj  ne  wisstenn  nohht 

Off  f>ej5re  lifess  ende . 
All  folic  iss  tacnedd  f>urrh  f)att  treo 

patt  Saimt  ^oVva.iv  space  oflfe; 



-\  nre  Laferrd  Jesu  Crist  9^.15 

*Is3  tacnedd  ))urrh  })att  ase. 
Hiss  mennisscnesse  tacnedd  iss 

purrh  Jiait  bulaxess  hellfe, 
Forr  )3UTrh  J)att  lie  wass  wurrtjenn  mann 

pErJiurrh  mann  mihhte  himro  haldenn,       ygs" 
]  tierfjurrh  menn  himni  lokenn  her 

■]  henngdenn  hiram  o  rode . 
]  Criatess  Goddcunndnessess  mahht 

patt  bilejjj)  jmirh  rihlit  wxseche, 
Itt  iss  bitacnedd,  witt  tu  wel,  9955 

purrh  fiatt  bulaxess  irenn  . 
■]  all  folic,  alls  ice  habbe  sejjd, 

Iss  |jurrh  Jje  treo  bitacnedd , 
;]  Jesu  Crist  iss  nujju  sett 

Att  all  mannkinness  ende,  9960 

Forr  nujju  wat  he  well  all  hu 

He  shall  all  mannkinn  demenn , 
-\  illc  an  treo  (latt  i  Jiiss  lif 

Ne  herejjjj  nan  god  wasstme. 
Shall  hi  Jje  grund  beon  hEewenn  upp,  9965 

■]  i  ]je  fir  beon  worrpenn  . 
Forr  illc  an  mann  Jiatt  i  piss  lif 

Ne  do]j  nan  allmess  dede, 
Beojj  demmd  [)urrh  Crist  o  Domess  dajj; 

Inn  helle  fir  to  biernenn .  9970 

pe  treo  bitaenefjjj  all  mannkinn, 
■Swa  summ  ice  habbe  slisewedd ; 

^^■^wa  s 

•  Col.  J50. 

348  ORMULUM. 

3  forr  f>att  itt  iss  mikell  treo 

Itt  hafe}?f)  fele  bojhess. 
Ace  sume  gejjnenn  to  }?e  fir 

Forr  J>att  te^S  sinndenn  drijje; 
-}  swillc  iss  all  Judisskenn  folic 

•]  all  haej?ene  }>eode, 
ForrJ?i  }>att  te^s  ne  kepenn  nohht, 

Noflf  Crist,  noflf  Cristess  moderr, 
pejj  alle  shulenn  demmde  beon 

Inn  hellefir  to  baernenn. 
•]  sume  bo^hess  oflf  }?att  treo 

patt  we  nu  maelenn  ummbe 
Swa  sinndenn  grene  f)att  tejj  J?ohh 

Ne  berenn  naefre  wasstme; 
-^  swillke  sinndenn  alle  )>a 

patt  wirrkenn  gode  werrkess 
Nohht  forr  f>e  lufe  oflf  Drihhtin  Godd, 

Ace  all  forr  menness  spaeche, 
3  all  J?werrt  ut  forr  idell  jellp 

Forr  eorjjlij  loflf  to  winnenn, 
-^  sinndenn  fjohh  i  Jjej^re  J?ohht, 

3  ec  i  daerne  sinness, 
Biforenn  Drihhtin  fule  menn 

purrh  fele  kinness  sinness . 
*  Mann  halde)?)?  hemm  forr  gode  menn 

Forr  f>ejjre  gode  late, 
Forr  }?att  te^^  ajj  biforenn  menn 

Full  daflftelike  hemm  ledenn, 



Swa  suram  })ejs  wjerenn  o  fe  treo 

All  cwike  ^  grene  bo^hess, 
Ace  whatt  forrjji  Jjcjj  sinndenn  aj5 

All  Jjwerrt  ut  butenn  wasstme, 
Forr  ))e55  ne  shulenn  unnden-fon 

Nan  Diede  inn  heoffness  blisse, 
Off  J>aCt  tej5  didenn  her  sumni  god 

Biforenn  menness  ehne, 
All  forr  \e.  lufe  off  eorfilij  loff, 

~\  nohht  forr  lufe  off  Criste. 
^  hemm  beo|)  jarrkedd  hellewa, 

Jiff  ))e55  hemm  nohht  ne  clennsenn, 
Forr  (lait  lejj  sinndenn  dsernelij 

All  fulle  off  depe  sinness . 
-\  sume  bojhess  off  )>att  treo 

patt  we  nu  roailenn  umrabe 
Usa  berenn  wasstme,  ace  Uc  isa  all 

Full  besjsc  3  full  off  atteir; 
]  swillke  sinndenn  alle  |3a 

patt  spellenn  wrang  ~\  lejhenn, 
Swa  ^att  tejj  brinngenn  mikel!  folic 

Ut  off  \e,  rihhte  wej^e, 
3  all  to  trowwenn  wrang  o  Godd 

purrh  Jjejjre  fallse  lare . 
]  tejsre  wasstme  iss  [lejsre  spell 

Ace  itt  iss  ftiU  off  atterr, 
Forr  itt  iss  full  off  falls  3  flcerd 

3  full  off  hefij  dwilde, 
puirh  whatt  tejj  don  fie  Isewedd  folic 

O  Drihhtin  wrang  to  trowweira, 

350  ORMULUM. 

3  wrang  to  ledenn  l>e2;jre  lif, 

^  Drihhtin  wrang  to  J>eowwtenn. 
^  hemm  iss  jarrkedd  hellewa 

Forr  J^ejjre  bejjske  wasstme, 
But  iflf  )>ej5  raujhenn  bettre  don 

^  betenn  Jjejjre  sinness. 
gSt  sinndenn  o  J^att  miccle  treo 

pe  feorJ?e  kinness  bo^hess, 
patt  berenn  wasstme  swet  3  god 

^  halsumm  jaen  unnhaele; 
^  swillke  sinndenn  alle  J?a 

patt  fjeowwtenn  Godd  tocweme 
WiJ?]?  clene  J?ohht,  wif>}>  clene  word, 

WiJ?})  clene  trowwj^e  3  dede . 
■]  hemm  iss  jarrkedd  heoflfness  laen 

Forr  f>ejjre  gode  wasstme, 
gifF  f)att  tej5  nohht  ne  blinnenn  oflf 

To  folljhenn  Godess  wille. 
^  illc  an  treo  })att  i  J?iss  lif 

Ne  berej?)?  nohht  god  wasstme 
Shall  bi  f>e  gnind  beon  haewenn  upp 

■]  i  J?e  fir  beon  worrpenn. 
Her  uss  bitacnenn  J^rinne  treos 

pa  }?rinne  kinne  bojhess 
patt  nohht  ne  berenn  i  f)iss  lif 
*  Swillc  wasstme  summ  hemm  birrde, 
Swa  summ  ice  habbe  shaewedd  her 

patt  wise  J^att  I  cuj?e, 

*  Col.  25,2. 

^V                HOMILIES. 

351  ^H 

AffteiT  ))att  Utile  witt  tatt  me 


Min  Drihhtin  hafe]i]3  lenedd . 

looba     ^^^1 

]  mann  majs  unnderrstaondenn  })iss 


g^t  onn  an  o>err  wise, 


patt  axe  shoUde  \s.  beon  sett 


Rihht  att  te  treowwess  rote, 


-^  ec  j^att  illc  an  ifeli  treo 

io°6£      ^^1 

patt  ifell  wasstme  biere. 


pa  shoUde  wuiT]jenii  haswenn  upp 


3  i  jie  fir  beon  worrpenn . 


pa  Satmt  Johan  bigann  \t  folic 


To  spellenn  i  J>e  wesste; 

ioo;o     ^^^^1 

FoiT  Jia  waas  cumenn  to,  J^att  Crist 


pa  shollde  cumenn  newenn. 


■]  Jjmrh  himm  sellfenn  hiewenn  upp 


Wijjf)  bitell  wrKchess  axe. 


-\  werrpenn  inntill  hellefir 

i°°;5   ^^H 

To  bEemenn  butenn  ende, 


All  l^att  flocc  off  Judisskenn  folic 


patt  shollde  hinim  all  fomverrpenn 


1  all  forrseon  to  berenn  her 


God  wasstme  3  gode  dedess, 

looSo       ^^^H 

purrh  fulluliht  ]  ]5urrh  Crisstentidom 


3  fjuirh  Jje  rihhte  Ijefe . 


]  tatt  he  shoUde  itt  hswenn  upp 


Rihht  att  te  treowwess  rote, 


patt  iss  to  se^genn  opeiinlij, 


Rihht  att  tatt  folikess  ende; 


Forr  Jia  wass  cumenn  lime  to, 


patt  Godd  ne  shollde  kepenn 


352  ORMULUM. 

Na  mare  to  beon  )>eowwtedd  swa 

O  )>att  Judisskenn  wise,  1009*! 

And  shoUde  settenn  ende  o  J^att 

Judisskenn  preostess  wikenn, 
•]  shoUde  settenn  oJ?err  preost 

To  fjeowwtenn  oJ?err  wise, 
WiJjJ?  fulluhht  ^  wi)>}>  Crisstenndom  10095 

3  wi}?}?  l>e  rihhte  laefe, 
3  wi}?Jj  hiss  ajbenn  flaesh  3  blod 

■]  wij?}>  unnwemmeddnesse . 
3  forr  J?att  Sannt  Johan  wass  full 

Off  Halij  Gastess  mahhte,  loioo 

Hiss  spell  toe  mikell  stede  i  f)a 

patt  herrdenn  whatt  he  sejjde, 
■]  tokenn  sone  anan  to  beon 

Forrdredde  oflf  f>e2;jre  sinness, 
^  tokenn  J?a  to  frajjnenn  hiram  ioi°5 

Oflf  whatt  hemm  wass  to  donne . 
■]  he  J^e^jm  sej^de  sone  anan, 

Swa  summ  he  full  wel  cuf)e, 
Whatt  hemm  wass  swi]?e  god  to  don 

■]  halsumm  to  f>e  sawle,  lono 

He  sej^de  hemm  J?uss ;   whatt  mann  se  itt  iss     j 
*  patt  hafe]?})  twe^jenn  kirrtless, 
gife  he  }?att  an  J?att  illke  mann 

patt  iss  wi)?)?utenn  kirrtell. 
Her  droh  Johan  Bapptisste  wel  io»^5 

pe  leode  wif>J)  hiss  lare 

*  Col,  253. 



Till  karitefiess  halljhe  mahht 

To  wirrkenn  allmess  werrkess, 
Forr  {latt  he  wisste  swi|>e  wel 

pait  karitefiess  mahhte 
Iss  mikell  all  unnsejjjenndUj 

^  mast  off  alle  mahlitess, 
Forr  allmess  dedess  hafenn  mahht 

To  sleckenn  ]iine  smness. 
All  swa  summ  walerr  harejjj)  mahht 

To  sleckenn  tir  ^  cwennkemi . 
-\  Jjurrh  [natt  talt  he  jifenn  badd 

patt  an  off  twej^enn  kimless, 
purrh  })att  he  dide  })e  full  wel 

To  EGon.  ]  tunnderrstanndenn, 
palt  te  birrff  hellpeiin  iwhillc  mann 

patt  ned  iss  to  ^va.  hellpc 
WiJ3jj  all  jjatl  tu  mihht  spelenn  wel 

^  libbenn  {iser  wijifiutenn, 
Off  all  ]>att  weorelld)>ing  Jiatt  te 

pin  Drihhlin  hafejij)  lenedd . 
]  off  Jjiss  kirrtell  raabht  tu  jet 

DeoplikeiT  unnderrstanndenn, 
patt  te  birr]?  forr  ]>e  lufe  off  Godd 

Wijjj)  us  ell  wrecche  daslenn 
patt  illke  Jiing  fiatt  tu  ful!  wel 

Ne  mihht  te  sellf  nobht  |>arrnenn, 
All  swa  summ  Jiu  ne  mihlit  nohht  wel 

Beon  all  wi)3j>utenn  kirrtell, 
Forrjji  ))atl  itt  iss  neb  jje  lich 

-^  ha!cle])]j  warrra  fje  mare  . 

354  ORMULUM, 

3  Publicaness  comenn  forrf 

3  tokenn  himm  to  frajjnenn, 
Whatt  tejj  J?a  forrf>warrd  sholldenn  don 

To  betenn  J^ejjre  sinness.  *°'5° 

;)  he  forrbaed  hemm  alle  imaen 

To  folljhenn  gredijnesse; 
He  Jjejjm  forrbaed  to  takenn  ohht 

Forrf)bi  f)att  tatt  hemm  birrde, 
Forr}?bi  }?e  kingess  rihhte  fe  ^°^55 

patt  hemm  wass  sett  to  sammnenn, 
3  badd  hemm  letenn  iwhillc  mann 

Wei  brukenn  all  hiss  a^henn, 
3)  foUjhenn  lajhelike  ^  rihht 

patt  wikenn  }?att  X.t%%  hafFdenn,  ^°^^ 

■]  hellpenn  a^j  }?e  wake  leod 

Att  alle  kinne  nede, 
*]  cunnenn  swa  to  cwemenn  Godd 

To  winnenn  Godess  are . 
*  We  findenn  upponn  Latin  boc  ^°^  ^ 

Off  ]?ise  Puplicaness, 
Whatt  lif  f>ej5  leddenn  i  )?e  folic, 

*]  whatt  wass  heore  wikenn. 
pej5  haflfdenn  wikenn  off  J?e  king 

To  sammnenn  hise  jeldess,  ^°^^° 

purrh  whamm  }?ejj  durrstenn  bej^ienn  menn 

Forr  aef>elike  gillte, 
To  winnenn  ahhte  to  f>e  king, 

To  beon  himm  holde  ^  trowwe, 


Iinnenn  mikell  to  Jie  king, 
mare  till  hemm  sellfenn 
Jhirrh  gredijnesse,  -y  all  Jjurrh  woh, 

3  all  [jurrh  hefij  sinne, 
^  jiff  mann  brohhte  hemm   anlj  fe 

InntiU  ]je  kingcss  male, 
Ne  woUdenn  jje^j  nohht  laJtenn  in 

Butt  iff  mann  jKfe  i  mare ; 
]  tatt  wass  wiss  full  hefij  woh 

]  sinnfull  gredijnesse ; 
3  forrjii  badd  bemm  Santit  Johan 

Forrbujhemi  gredijnesse, 
]  sammneau  lajhelike  -^  rihht 

pe  kingess  rihhte  male . 
]  her  mann  unnderrstanndenn  majs, 

giff  mann  itt  ummbe}jennke})|?, 
patt  Sannt  JoLancss  spell  wass  full 

Off  hefennlike  mabhte, 
^pall  mihlite  turrnenn  swiUke  menn 
^^^^o  sekenn  sawlebote . 

"J  ec  )3Eer  comenn  to  ]je  flumm 

pe  Kaserrkingess  cnihhtess 
Till  3aniit  Johan,  to  frasjnenn  himm 

Off  Jiejjre  sawle  nede . 
■]  Sannt  Johann  hemm  sejjde  Jjuss  ; 

Jiff  JDatt  It  wel  juw  lokenn 
Fra  clake  ]  sake  3  fra  jsatt  Xoyp 

patt  foU^heJjJj  gredijnesse, 

356  ORMULUM. 

patt  holefjj)  o  J)e  lajhefollc, 

-}  rippe))|>  hemm  3  rs&feff ; 
*3  2iff  S®  tellenn  forr  inch  10205 

patt  tatt  te  king  ^uw  findej?!?, 
pa  mujhe  je  ))urrh  clene  lif 

Wei  hellpenn  jure  sawless. 
Her  he  forrbsed  te  cnihhless  ec 

To  folljhenn  gredijnesse,  10210 

To  sekenn  sakess  o  J>e  folic, 

To  rippenn  hejnm  3  raefenn. 
Forr  gredijnesse  iss  haefedd  plihht, 

;)  foUjheJ?})  helless  bisne, 
Forr  hellepitt  niss  naefre  full,  102 15 

Ne  gredijnesse  nowwjjerr. 
Forr  whase  itt  iss  J)att  gredij  iss 

To  winnenn  erf>lic  ahhte, 
A25  alls  he  mare  3  mare  gett 

Aj5  lisste  himm  affterr  mare;  10220 

;i  nohht  ne  majj  he  wurrj>enn  full 

To  winnenn  eorJ?lic  ahhte, 
Na  mar  )?ann  helle  majj  beon  full 

To  swolljhenn  menness  sawless . 
pe  cnihhtess  waerenn  waepnedd  folic,  10225 

To  fihhtenn  forr  J)e  leode, 
To  werenn  hemm  wi}>}j  wi))err}jeod' 

patt  wollde  hemm  oferrganngenn, 
3  jiff  }5ejj  haffdenn  lefe  till 

All  affterr  f>ejjre  wille  10230 

*  Col  255. 


To  takenn  off  J)e  lajheleod 

patt  tatt  tejj  sholldenn  nittenn, 
pej5  munndenn  fon  att  oferrdon 

purrh  sinnfull  gredijnesse . 
^  forrf)i  fand  hemm  f>ej5re  king  10235 

All  f)att  tejj  sholldenn  nittenn, 
patt  te^S  ne  sholldenn  nohht  te  folic 

purrh  gredijnesse  rippenn ; 
3  forrJ?i  badd  hemm  Sannt  Johan 

Forrbujhenn  gredijnesse,  10240 

3  letenn  iwhillc  o|>err  man 

Wei  brukenn  all  hiss  ajhenn; 
puss  fundenn  alle  att  Sannt  Johan 

God  lare  off  f>e jjre  nede . 
*]  tatt  nass  wunnderr  J>werrt  fit  nan  10245 

patt  he  wass  wis  o  lare, 
Fori  he  wass  full  off  Halij  Gast 

jEr  J?ann  he  borenn  waere, 
Swa  suram  J?e  Goddspellwrihhte  se^sl^j 

patt  J?werrt  fit  nohht  ne  le^he}?)?;-.  10250 

*  *]  Godd  Allmahhti^  lefe  uss  swa 

To  fiUenn  ^  to  folljhenn 
pe  lare  off  Sannt  Johaness  spell 

*]  all  hiss  halljhe  bisne, 
Swa  )?att  we  raotenn  borrjhenn  beon  1C255 

Att  ure  lifess  ende. 

Amgen  ;• 

*  Col.  256.